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[quote name='AmnesiacKaiten']Because I dont make them all at once. And last time I made a sig thread, no one even posted in it -_-[/quote]
[FONT=Arial]That doesn't mean we're not around. [I]*creepy music*[/I]

It happens like that, though. Just depends on everybody else's mood. And of course there's those of us who just like looking but couldn't actually give you any decent C&C. We tend to lurk a lot.

(For my own part, I plan on fixing that shortcoming sometime ? but sadly it's not happening anytime soon.)[/FONT]
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[size=1]I don't care if you make more threads in this forum. I sort of like it. It almost looks like OtakuBoards like it used to be, but then with better grammar. :] You could try saving up a banner every now and then and post two or three per thread, though.

Anyway, about the banner, to keep on topic. Nice idea how the stock fades to the left and how that divides the right and the left parts of the banner. I'm not too fond of the pink colour. Not so much because I don't like pink, but because it really curses with the fancy yellow/gold-ish orange. I would've made more use of that colour instead. Plus, the glasses seem a bit too sharp for the rest of the banner, almost like pixel art glasses on top of a real photo, but while that would've been pretty awesome in a way, this just seems to clash. I'm digging the background though, especially the other colour. Oh and I love those fonts myself, too. X]

Overall, nice job, but the pink seems slightly out of place - especially when combined with the soft gold/yellow in the banner. [/size]
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