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Korn's Untitled New Album


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[*]Intro ? 1:57
[*]Starting Over ? 4:02
[*]***** We Got a Problem ? 3:22
[*]Evolution ? 3:37
[*]Hold On ? 3:05
[*]Kiss ? 4:09
[*]Do What They Say ? 4:17
[*]Ever Be ? 4:48
[*]Love and Luxury ? 3:00
[*]Innocent Bystander ? 3:28
[*]Killing ? 3:36
[*]Hushabye ? 3:52
[*]I Will Protect You ? 5:30

It's all thanks to my brother, He introduced me into music. And one of the first bands I listened to was, [B]Korn[/B]. I like Korn, but not that much. But after hearing [B]Evolution[/B], I'd like to check out the new album.

And of caorse, I have to come to OB for help. If anyone has this album, or has heard the whoe thing, can you tell me if it's worth the purchase? [/COLOR]
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[COLOR="DarkOrange"]Meh. I've never liked [B]Korn[/B] much at all, though I never necessarily hated them. I loved [B]Twisted Transistor[/B] back when it was their single - sang it all the time and had it stuck in my head. That might be the only song I ever liked by them though.

[B]Evolution[/B], in my opinion, is the worst song they've had out yet. It's boring, for one, and drags on too long, and in a lot of places it just sounds really sloppy. I couldn't help but feel like the bandmates were uncoordinated or something - just a trrible, terrible song. Even my little brother heard them playing it live and came to me saying 'wow, that song was particularly bad.'[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Korn is better when they sound trashy.

The first four songs for the album are pretty good - after that it gets quite depressing. The music video for Evolution is cool, and the song is really good in my opinion. But the rest of the songs on the album don't stand out particulary. They're not bad and they're not amazing, I hadn't heard Evolution when I got the new album and it's the only song that stood out. Though 'Do Whatever They Say' has a nice... drift to it... for lack of a better phrase.

A lot of people are probably going to spit out some **** about their older stuff being better, which gets on my nerves - bands change, they're not going back - better or for worse the new album is okay, but not like... ground breaking. The one song is probably the reason to buy it if you've got the money to throw around, it's catchy as ****.

(I never normally post in the music section but I thought I would because I'm a huuuge fan of Korn)[/SIZE]
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[COLOR="Magenta"]I bought the CD. I never buy CDs, but since I love Korn so much I decide to buy this one. It's very meh, not bad, but there's better music to listen to. The only songs I really liked were [B]Evolution[/B] and [B]Hold On[/B]. The rest is just OK. In my opinion, the debut album/[B]Follow The Leader[/B] were the best ever. But the untitled album was just kind of disappointing, not really worth the buy.[/COLOR]
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Guest Sirius Black
I Just happen to like the song coming undone,because,i sadly happen to think all the other songs are terrible.
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[COLOR="DarkSlateGray"]Well, I haven't had a gander at every song, but I have boughten the CD, and deespite what soem of you have said, I love it. And here's my review on some of the songs which appealed to me. I Will review the rest later so don't complain.

[1] [B]Intro [/B]- It's just the intro, however it sets the mood for the album, and the intro has some creepy music remenescent of a killer clown circus.

[2] [B]Starting Over [/B]- A great song to start of the album, what I liked most were the sounds produced. The lyrics were really good, especially the chorus. 8.5

[4] [B]Evolution [/B]- it's not the best song on the album, even though I really liked it. The lyrics are somewhat hard to understand. Bu the beat was oddly catchy, I just want to break out and dance or some reason. 7

[5] [B]Hold On[/B]- This song won't grow on you unil after the fifth time youlisten to it, but it's a pretty good song. And the lyrics are easy to remember once you hear it a few more times. Not much to say about the instrumentals though. 8

[6] [B]Kiss [/B]- Tis is one of the softest songs on this CD, and it is pretty easy to catch. It's about someone who's lover took away those important things from him. The end was a litle bit iffy. 8.3

[9] [B]Love and Luxery[/B] - The begining is odd, owever it made me laugh, mostly because of the laugh in the lyrics. "I read your little book and hahahaha," sounds dumb, but it made me chuckle. from how i interepreted the sogn it's aut somone in denial of the way he acts, being called calm, but for wome reason his alarm is going off. I loved the lyrics, yet I despize the fact that it's only about 3 minutes long. One of the song's stand outs. 8.9

[13] [B]I Will Protect You[/B] - This is "da uber best" song on the album imo. Nothing much needed to say but lusten to it, everythingwas good about it. And the durmmer, oh ho ho! Amazin! 9.5[/COLOR]
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