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Fairy Tail

Created by: Mashima Hiro
Published: 06/23/06
Style: Fantasy/Fighting/Magic/Adventure/Humor

Main Characters -

Lucy: A stellar spirit mage she uses keys to summon spirits of various abilities. Lucy is an aspiring author.
Natsu: A flame mage who's goal is to find his foster parent and teacher Igneel. Gets motion sickness easily and doesn't know the meaning of take it easy.
Happy: A cat who is Natsu's partner. Happy has the ability to use magic and speak. He also has the same temperamant as Natsu helping add to the trouble caused.
Makarov: The guild leader of Fairy Tail a titan mage. Can use most magics and is a bit of a lecher.
Gray Fullbuster: An ice mage who likes to butt heads with Natsu his elemental opposite. Has the odd habit of disrobing randomly.
Erza Scarlet: Her magic consists of armor and weapons. She is the disciplinarian of the group and one of the strongest members of the guild.

The storyline so far takes place in the land of Fiore and is up to chapter 53/54. I just started reading this recently as I came across references of it being a One Piece rip off and such. Seeing how Natsu was drawn I thought people may have been right but then I read through the first volume and realized the two series were alike but in a good way not a bad. The similarity in appearance and attitude between Luffy and Natsu's faces is pretty much where the comparisons end. Sure they are both in the same category Pirates(Nakama)/Devils Fruit users vs Guild Members(Nakama)/Magic users it may seem to be alike but this is a whole new adventure with a different flavor.

I've read to chapter 51 so far and come away with a good feeling the series is moving along steadily and the supporting cast of characters seem to be coming along great with a good plot outlined. I feel if given a chance this series will grow on a lot of OP fans. Mashima Hiro all ready has one long lived manga under his belt in Groove Adventure Rave/Rave Master and I think has the means to create a stronger story and world this time around.

Currently at chapter 69 the last arc has been wrapped up. I can't wait to see where the next arc will take us.
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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Mega bump.

You know, after marathonning this series over the past few days, I've begun to loathe the word "Nakama."

But who cares, this manga is great! It's a bit like [I]One Piece[/I], with similar humor and themes. The artwork resembles it, too. However, it's unique enough to keep you interested without making you feel like you're reading the same story with different characters. Natsu himself is a bit tamer than Luffy. He's not quite as much of an idiot, but he has his moments. They both feel strongly about their friends and can get extremely angry when someone hurts a comrade.

As of now, the arc in progress is probably about to end. [spoiler]Natsu and Luxus' fight is really starting to get interesting. I don't know what kind of random powerup Natsu's going to pull off for this one, but Mashima hasn't disappointed me yet. Another thing I love about this series is the fact that it seems to come up with more plausible powerups than most of the others and manages to allow them to be unlocked mid-battle pretty successfully. The closest series to have come to this recently has been One Piece, with Luffy's Gears, created outside of battle.

Also, Mistgun is another Gerard lookalike. He'd better not actually be Gerard this time. That was a cool reveal, but it's bound to only work once.[/spoiler][/FONT]
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Like Soul Eater, Fairy Tail is another one that's been popping up as of late.

Anyway, I'm only on chapter 4, and I have noticed some of the similarities between Fairy Tail and One Piece, mainly through Natsu and Luffy at the moment. I suppose, like One Piece, this is not going to hook me instantly during this 1st arc? One thing I see that Fairy Tail has going for it is the artwork. It's a lot better than how One Piece started out, with the quirkiness and whatnot.

Anyway, as stated, Natsu definately has Luffy's personality, but he (Natsu) has [spoiler]Ace[/spoiler] written all over him.

The other cast of characters are intriguing. I'm curious to see how these Gray and Ezra people fight. (Going by the description by the TC)

I look forward to seeing how this is going to turn out.
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[size=1]So I've gotten back into the groove of reading this, and as of now I'm currently reading chapter 25. While I've yet to get that hooking moment yet, there have been some impressing moments. All revolving around Erza [spoiler]and her weapons and armor changing. It seems a bit pervertish because she's showing skin (somewhat) but her speed in changing and to continue on the attack[/spoiler] is quite something. If you can't tell she's become my favorite character at the moment.

I don't really know if I like Natsu. (It took Luffy a while to grow onto me too) This whole "reckless nature" type of character is becoming increasingly tiresome, especially for main characters. What won me over with Luffy was his dedication to his crew. And while Natsu carries that same trait, I've yet to see it really shine, and at the same time I don't know if I can put up with stupidity over so many arcs again. Yeah, this [spoiler]stealing of the "S" class job[/spoiler] has gotten a bit under my skin.

Gray is interesting, but he has really done much to impress me. I don't know if I really like Lucy at all. Speaking of not liking, I did manage to see an episode of Rave Master and saw that little thingy... [spoiler]When I saw Lucy summon that thing from the key[/spoiler], first impression was "WHY?!" I can't stand things like that.[/size]

Uh yeah, I just finished reading ch 135, and my opinion on the series as a whole has changed quite a bit, for the worst, unfortunately. It's not a bad series, it just has a lot of elements that turns me away. Fanservice being the #1 target. If I had to compare it to something, I'd say it's a light version of Tenjho Tenge. And like TT, it has that one character that stands out the most, but the fanservice ruins it for me. Erza still remains my favorite character, and the earlier chapters are my favorite moments of her. Each armor revealed more skin, and it's at the point to where I'm getting fed up.

Characters aren't really all that either. As I stated, Erza is my favorite, and Gray is up there as well, but there really hasn't been anyone else to really catch my interest outside of Mistgun, and, well, [spoiler]he pops up whenever[/spoiler]. Gazille is pretty decent too, although, I feel like he's going to have that Vegeta moment... (Broly) And I'd lose all respect for him if he does. Don't get me wrong though, none of these characters are bad at all. It's just these characters don't do anything to keep me interested. I expected a lot more from Gerard as well as Luxus. A lot of these characters are drawn to look bad###, but they just don't really live up to it for me. (No one really had that Itachi, Byakuya, or Hiei effect on me yet. And I'm 130+ ch's in, so yeah.) Erza and Gray can only do so much to keep me interested.

I wouldn't compare this to One Piece so much if it didn't look like it. And there are just too many elements here that are exactly like One Piece, and where One Piece truly excels at, Fairy Tail fails. And that is it's characters, for me at least.

One thing I will give Fairy Tail is that it moves at a nice pace. Flashbacks aren't long at all. Fights don't last forever. Everything just keeps going at a steady pace.

While I will continue to read this, I won't follow this as heavily as One Piece or Bleach. (Bah, now I need something new to read.)
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[quote name='Ace'][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Mega bump.

You know, after marathonning this series over the past few days, I've begun to loathe the word "Nakama."[/spoiler][/FONT][/QUOTE]

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Red"]You obviously haven't read "Monster Hunter Orage", another manga by Hiro Mashima. Nakama is used soooo many times, it's not even funny >_> Although Orage is only about 14 chapters long, so you don't have to deal with it long. From what I've read about Fairy Tail, the two are very similar- I wonder if they take place in the same universe...

Anyway. I've been meaning to read this for awhile now, but with the anime coming out soon, I think I'll wait. Although considering that the Rave Master anime only went through a third of the manga...I dunno >_>[/COLOR][/FONT]
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I agree with everyone that fairy tail is a bit of a rip from other mangas but i think it also has alot of cool new idea's. I read to about chapter 80 and throughout it it does have some irritating repetitive parts but also some fresher idea's (even though nearly all of them have links to other manga's or anime's.) In all i think its fair to say that fairy tail is a fairly good manga but its come a couple of years to late. What do other people think??

Oh i forgot to say that its also like a copy of his other manga's and some of the characters are stolen copied from other manga's. his first manga's were better (rave master)
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I feel the need to revive this mainly because of the recent events that's been taking place in Fairy Tail has been pretty good. [spoiler]Makarov looks like he's down for good[/spoiler]. Excluding now, the last time I actually read this was in 09. Anyway, I have some catching up to do big time.
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[color="#696969"][font="Tahoma"]So is anyone else still reading this manga? The latest chapter was quite a shocker. [spoiler]Go go Romeo?![/spoiler] I love how Fairy Tail always seems to be doing something predictable and then at the last second it throws you a curveball.[/font][/color]
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[quote name='Happy' timestamp='1318713299' post='709932']
[color="#696969"][font="Tahoma"]So is anyone else still reading this manga? The latest chapter was quite a shocker. [spoiler]Go go Romeo?![/spoiler] I love how Fairy Tail always seems to be doing something predictable and then at the last second it throws you a curveball.[/font][/color]

Haha yeah, I find myself reading it more and more everyday or so. And I kind of like the curveballs...keeps the story from being completely predictable.
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