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[font=Palatino Linotype][i]Since the dawn of civilization in the planet Earth, there have been gods and goddesses who have used humankind as pawns in their disputes. Taking countless forms, the deities have always found a way to enter the hearts of humans and persuade them to do their bidding. This has caused endless misery, wrath and pain to the mortals, yet they fear too much to doubt the almighty forces of the universe.

One god has remained neutral through this all, observing the actions of his brothers and sisters with his empty eyes. One day he decides that he has seen enough. Summoning the warring gods and goddesses, he organizes a fateful game of cards he calls The Ragnarok, or the Fate of Gods. The stakes are high, as the one deity who wins will rule over the mortal world. The others must succumb to him or her and leave the Earth.

The other gods and goddesses agree to participate in their brother’s game. He tells them that they must choose three souls, dead or alive, to represent them in the multidimensional gameboard. One by one, the deities must get rid of the souls representing their rivals, and try to save their own champions. They can do those things through the Cards of Fate, dealt to them by their brother, the God of Death. He will make sure that there is only one god left in the world when the game ends.[/i]

[center]~~~~~ [IMG]http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c323/SamSandy/Ragnarok/ragnarok-deathcard.png[/IMG][IMG]http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c323/SamSandy/Ragnarok/ragnarok-lifecard.png[/IMG] ~~~~~[/center]

Welcome to the fourth installment in the so called Death Card -series of RPG. The Ragnarok is preceded by [b]The Labyrinth[/b], [b]The Maze[/b] and [b]The Panopticon[/b], and will be quite different from them. In this game, you will play the role of both the gods and the souls they choose to represent themselves.

For those of you unfamiliar to the Death Card –series, here are the very basic rules:
[list][*] Each player creates several characters (in this case, souls) who are controlled by everyone participating in the game.
[*] Only the player and the gamemaster know which characters belong to him or her, and it’s essential that the secret is kept for as long as possible.
[*] The players try to kill off each other’s characters with [b]Death Cards[/b], and revive their own dead characters with [b]Life Cards[/b]. Additionally, there have been many other cards that affect the flow of the game during the series. They include (but are not limited to) [b]Creation Card[/b] where the player can add a new character to his or her roster, and [b]Teleport Card[/b], with which the player can instantly move one character from one location to another.
[*] Cards are dealt by the gamemaster in secrecy, and it’s up to the players to choose when to use the card given to them.
[*] The winner is the player whose character (or several characters) is the last one alive.[/list]

The previous installments have had chapters in them, and each player has usually had one Death Card to use per chapter. The Ragnarok does away with that system, and implements [b]Death Points[/b] and [b]Life Points[/b]. Here’s a rundown on how they work:
[list][*] I have a long, secret list of possible [B]actions[/B] that the gods can make the souls do. Doing those things in the post will award either Death or Life Points. Each player’s amount of points is visible at the start of the game thread.
[*] In general, doing [B]negative[/B] actions merits Death Points while performing [B]positive[/B] actions gives the player Life Points. Some actions are [B]neutral[/B], and can merit either type of points. However, Death Points [B]cancel[/B] Life Points and the other way around, forcing the players to consider their game strategy.
[*] However, when an action from the list has been [B]done three times[/B], it will be [B]removed[/B] from the list for the remainder of the game and doing it again won’t give any points.
[*] When a player reaches [B]10[/B] Death Points, he or she gains a Death Card (or some other negative card) to use, while with [B]10[/B] Life Points he or she gains a Life Card (or another positive card). So the players won’t have any Death or Life Cards at their disposal at the beginning of the game.
[*]When a card is acquired, the player's points drop back to [B]zero[/B].[/list]

As mentioned earlier, the players will play both as gods and as mortal souls chosen by the gods to represent them. While the souls (or characters) can be controlled by any player, the gods are player-specific, and they of course won’t be affected by any cards. They act merely as your avatars in this game. Each god will also have one unique [b]Power Card[/b] that they can use on the souls to give them special powers. Here’s the rules specific to this card:
[list][*]The Power Card must relate to the god's own power, but using it shouldn't be deadly to the characters on it's own.
[*]The power can help the soul to survive, or send it to an early grave. For example, the power of flying can be used to allow the soul to escape a dire situation, or to make it suddenly plummet to it’s death (by using a Death Card on the character).
[*]When the soul with the Power Card “equipped” is killed, the card will be [B]returned[/B] to the god to be used on a different character. The god may also opt to suddenly [B]remove[/B] the Power Card from the soul and give it to someone else.
[*]One character may have [B]several[/B] Power Cards invested to it, but there is only one Power Card per deity, so one power cannot be shared.[/list]

To be able to join this game, you will have to create a god or a goddess for yourself. I will choose which players make it in to the game according to them. After the player has been approved in, they will send me the [B]three souls of their choice by a private message[/B], but I’ll get back on them when the time comes.

Just to make things clear, the actual RPG takes place in contemporary time, but in an imaginary place created by the God of Death for the game’s purposes.

Now, here’s the sign-up sheet for the gods:
[INDENT][b]Immortal Name:[/b] the name the deity is known in the godly realm (must be fictional)
[b]Mortal Names:[/b] the names the deity is known in different mythologies down at the Earth
[b]Area of Godhood:[/b] the specification of the deity (note that there can be only one of a kind, for example one God of Death, one God/dess of War, one God/dess of Sea etc.)
[b]Manifestations:[/b] the physical forms the deity prefers to take (no pictures, please)
[b]Power Card:[/b] the unique power that the deity possesses (see the rules on Power Cards above); also include a 100x100 pixels large image for the card[/INDENT]

To give you insight on what I’m looking for, here is my god, the judge of the game:
[INDENT][b]Immortal Name:[/b] Paraxis
[b]Mortal Names:[/b] Thanatos, Mors, Shinigami, Grim Reaper, Baron Samedi, etc.
[b]Area of Godhood:[/b] God of Death
[b]Manifestations:[/b] To his brethren he appears as the Pale Prince, a beautiful youngster with empty eyesockets wearing white robes and a crown of red thorns. His most popular form on Earth is a skeleton in a black robe wielding a large scythe.
[b]Power Card:[/b]
Makes the mortal soul carrying it immune to all cards, including Death Card, but also make it’s flesh start to rot.[/INDENT][/font]
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[COLOR="DarkRed"][B]Immortal Name[/B]: Treisleilai (Tres-lay-lah)
[B]Mortal Names[/B]: Satan, Asmodai, Beelzebub, Lucifer, Mephistopheles
[B]Area of Godhood[/B]: God of Sin
[B]Manifestations[/B]: Mortals have an infinite number of imaginations for Treisleilai?s appearance, most commonly defining her as the ruler of hell and evil within the hearts of all men. Her most common manifestation is a young girl of charcoal-black skin with eyes and mouth that billow black spoke. The girl has long, fiery-red hair and wears a ragged dress as black as her skin.
[B]Power Card[/B]:
[B]BloodLust[/B]: Magnifies the Mortal Soul?s sense of desire to the point that they ignore reason in favor of lust and greed. [/COLOR]
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^Why am I not surprised at your entry DB. lol Anyway...

Seeing that Survivor is coming to a close, this is perfect timing actually. Heh. Anyway, here's my entry Sandy. This should be fun since it sounds more involved than simply waiting to use a death card. ;)

[B]Immortal Name:[/B] Celesta
[B]Mortal Names[/B]: Isis
[B]Area of Godhood:[/B] Goddess of Life
[B]Manifestations:[/B] She appears as a young woman with long flowing black hair and wears a golden crown with a sundisk symbol on the front. Her garments are a pure white sleeveless dress gathered at the waist with a belt made of pure gold. She wears simple sandles on her feet. She appears like this whether it's before the other gods or humans.
[B]Power Card:[/B]
[B]Heal:[/B] Grants the user the ability to heal all but the most mortal of wounds. Poison, curses, all fall before this power making the wielder a powerful healer.

However, just as the power grants great healing capability, it also exacts a toll proportionate to the level of healing done. From simple tiredness to collapsing and requiring extended rest from healing more severe wounds.
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[COLOR="DarkRed"][FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"]Whee! Time for more of the death card goodness! Hehehehe! :catgirl:

[B]Immortal Name:[/B] Bellanna
[B]Mortal Names:[/B] Aphrodite, Kypris, Cytherea and Venus
[B]Area of Godhood:[/B] Goddess of love, lust and beauty
[B]Manifestations:[/B] She has taken many forms, all of them one of great beauty. Bellanna always appears as woman with generous curves, though her skin as well as hair color will vary depending on where she appears. Her favorite form is one with white skin and long wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. She always wears a type of sleeveless Greek styled dress with a simple tie around her waist.
[B]Power Card: [/B]
[B]Passion:[/B] Makes the person so beautiful and desirable that none can resist them, even if pursuing them results in their own destruction. It?s so strong that the one targeted will often do anything the person requests. The one given this power has control over whether or not it?s active as well as whom the power is being used on.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[FONT="Tahoma"][color=darkslategray][b]Immortal Name[/b]: Raone (ray-own)
[b]Mortal Names[/b]: Balder, Apollo, Belisama
[b]Area of Godhood[/b]: God of Light and Truth
[b]Manifestations[/b]: The most well known and recognizable form of Raone is that of a silver and gold lightly armored judge with a hooded cloak. His hair a short silver color and his skin a light tan color with gold bands around his arms in multiple areas, and legs in multiple areas. He carries a large maul like weapon attached to his back which is rarely used for anything other than to punish those who would deceive the innocent. Stories vary only slightly, but the one thing that never changes a bit are Raone's glowing gold colored irises.

[b]Power Card[/b]: [img]http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b191/Bklynstyles/light.jpg[/img]
[b][u]Light of Axiom[/u][/b]: The mortal granted this power will have the ability to see the undeniable truth. Whether that be the ability to detect lies from others, see others for who they actually are, or recognizing their true intentions regardless of any facades or acts. This also allows the mortal to detect the truth in the atmosphere and realize when they are in precarious areas, though the possibility of prevention or choosing to face such situations are reliant on the mortal's natural capabilities. In exchange for the ability to garauntee one the knowledge of truth however, the mortal will progressively give up his or her memories until they are no longer in possession of the Light of Axiom.
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[COLOR="Indigo"][B]Immortal Name:[/B] Jachym
[B]Mortal Names:[/B] Poseidon and Neptune
[B]Area of Godhood:[/B] God of the sea
[B]Manifestations:[/B] He is often seen as a bearded, older man surrounded by seashells and other sea life. He is always holding a three-pronged trident and wears a simple kilt and crown of sea plants. In the immortal realm he appears the same only much younger with sea green hair.
[B]Power Card: [/B]
[B]Tsunami:[/B] Gives the soul the ability to control water. From small instances such as keeping the water away from one?s self to prevent drowning to creating a powerful Tsunami. However the later is done at great cost to the wielder of the power since doing so will exhaust them both mentally and physically, requiring time for them to rest and recover. The bearer of this power uses the greater abilities at their own risk.[/COLOR]
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Great stuff over night, people!

[B]DB[/B] got one thing right that I forgot to mention: the actual gender of the deity isn't dependent on it's earthly manifestations. So for example[B] Beth[/B] [I]could've[/I] had a male god of love who had appeared as Aphrodite, Venus etc.

Also remember that there are lots of other mythologies besides the ones in classic antiquity. [B]Kam[/B], for instance has a nice collection of names. ;D

One problem with your [B]Power Card[/B], Kam: your power [I]musn't be able to kill anyone immediately[/I]. That effect is only granted by the Death Card. It can injure and even lead to a possible death, but one would need a Death Card in order for that to happen.

Also, I did the graphics on Paint (can't you tell, heh). It's not hard: just take a piece of a picture and slab some text and borders to it. ;D

Anyway, keep them sign-ups coming, since I'm open to all types of deities at this stage. ;D
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[indent][size=1][b]Immortal Name:[/b] Illyria
[b]Mortal Names:[/b] Loki, Puck, Coyote
[b]Area of Godhood:[/b] God of Madness
[b]Manifestations:[/b] Illyria's true form is that of a plain-looking asexual figure of average height and build. The one remarkable feature about Illyria is that he/she has no mouth. It is impossible to know for certain whether this is Illyria's true form, or yet another illusion.
[b]Power Card:[/b]
[b]Madness:[/b] The wielder gains the power to control others' perceptions and manipulate them at will. It may lead to something as simple as a wrong turn, or it may cause lovers to become mortal enemies. This card also manipulates the perceptions of the wielder, wearing away at their sense of reality until they are truly insane.[/indent][/size]
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Please, allow me to revise then. ;)

Immortal Name: Iah

Mortal Names: El, Buddha, Melchizedek, Allah, Tetragrammaton, Wotan, Great Spirit

Area of Godhood: God of Righteousness

Manifestations: He normally appears as a benign old wanderer. Most often regard him as crazed, but to those that honor him, he has shown himself in many forms. Most often, a blinding celestial warrior, a raven, a hooded serpent, unquenchable flame, and an adorned monkey.

Power Card:


Holy Fire- It gives the user invulnerability to all negative effects. But it [b] causes temporary madness to[/b] [i]any[/i] souls (to include party members) in the user's immediate vicinity when activated.


Lil' better?
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Yes, it's better now. ;D

I do hold the right to rephrase each of your card's descriptions for the game's purposes, but I promise not to change their effects.

So far we have seven gods, so if more still emerges, I'm going to have to cut the number of souls from three to two, to avoid crowding the game. More on how to create the souls will come when I close the sign-ups.
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[SIZE=1][B]Immortal Name:[/B] Telumas (Tay-loo-mahs)
[B]Mortal Names:[/B] Coyolxauhqui (Aztec), Camma (Celtic), Rhiannon (Welsh), Chang'e (Chinese), Bendis (Thracian), Gleti (African), Thoth (Egyptian), Artemis (Greek), Diana [I]or[/I] Luna (Roman), Abaangui (Guarani), Soma (Hindu), Coniraya [I]or[/I] Mama Quilla (Incan), Ix Chel (Mayan), Sin (Mesopotamian), Pinga (Inuit), Amanikable [I]or[/I] Mayari (Phillipine), Tsukuyomi (Shinto), Cislobog [I]or[/I] Dziewona (Slavic) just to name a few...
[B]Area of Godhood:[/B] God/dess of the Moon and the Hunt, and protector of the wilderness. (Especially wolves)
[I]Manifestations:[/I] Telumas is typically in female form, wearing a white, long, toga-style dress with a turquoise shawl and her bow and quiver of arrows strapped around her back. She also wears several golden bangles and necklaces. Her hair is long and brown, but it is usually up, and she has deep brown eyes. Her face is very beautiful and sometimes she is seen with transluscent angel wings. While hunting, she sometimes like to take the form of a beautiful gray wolf.
[B]Power Card:[/B]
[B]Sure Shot:[/B] Whicever mortal soul possesses this card, has a sure shot death in their pocket. Once a death card is attained, they may use it on whomever they wish, without fear of protection from any type shielding card, should they be introduced.[/SIZE]
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Darren, there's a techical issue with your Power Card (although I love the sign-up otherwise). The Death Cards aren't dealt to the mortals, but used by the gods, so the effect of the power card can only apply to deaths caused [I]directly[/I] by the one carrying it. Hope you understand what I'm saying.

An example: "Brian" has the Sure Shot Power Card. "Laura" has a protection against Death Cards. Now if the goddess you're playing (Telumas) wants to kill off Laura, she would have to make Brian do it himself in order to make his power effective. Any other means to kill Laura would fail (because only Brian has the power to pierce through the Death Cards).

Is this okay, or do you want to change the description in your Power Card?

I also think your card might be a bit overpowered, but so seems to be the case in all of the cards, heh. XP You should probably add in a harmful side effect (something like the person carrying the card growing horns or whatever).
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[FONT="Tahoma"]My card is more of a story based card since the effect allows for interesting story telling rather then having anything to do with the flow of how the game is played (i.e effect a user or a char or a death), same with SunfallE and Indifference, etc. Where as other powers like your own and Darren's involve the actual cards or possibility of winning or losing.

So some cards are bound to be more powerful than others, i was actually under the impression your card was the only one that could effect the actual flow of the game by giving immunity to death. Am I the only one that thinks that's better? If not then it's cool, but i figured cards that directly effect the game like giving immunity or causing garaunteed harm should be held a bit in special regard and maybe given rather than created throughout the course of the game, kind of like how the point system works for life and death cards.

Just a suggestion, not trying to run the game or anything.[/FONT]
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[quote name='BKstyles'][FONT="Tahoma"]So some cards are bound to be more powerful than others, i was actually under the impression your card was the only one that could effect the actual flow of the game by giving immunity to death. Am I the only one that thinks that's better? If not then it's cool, but i figured cards that directly effect the game like giving immunity or causing garaunteed harm should be held a bit in special regard and maybe given rather than created throughout the course of the game, kind of like how the point system works for life and death cards.

Just a suggestion, not trying to run the game or anything.[/FONT][/QUOTE]Well it may only be a suggestion... But I agree.

Also, in response to your comment about powers Sandy... They're Gods... It makes sense that the cards would be "powerful" However, in light of that I have tagged on a bit to my power giving it a restriction should you choose my goddess to be a part of it. I'll go on your judgment as to whether or not the limitation should be included.
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Yes, Sandy, that was what I was implying with the card... Of course, you described it better... And the reason I made the card so strong was because I was thinking that everyone else would do the same... I guess I was wrong, but at the same time, I was thinking along the lines, "They're immortals. It's only natural for them to be powerful."

Side-Effects would be good... How about The person holding the card slowly begins to transform into a wolf. They become enraged and vicious, and thus, are more compelled to use the power of Sure Shot.

Anyway, if there's ever a problem with the cards Sandy, you could always just re-word the cards to limit the power. But thanks for the input. And the card is showing up fine on my computer at home and at school. I'll try uploading it again, tonight.

P.S. If only certain characters are given the cards, wouldn't that give away which characters belong to someone??? Like if I gave "Brian" the card, and he happened to be mine, as he started to change into a wolf, or even when he used the card, it would be pretty obvious he belongs to me... Or is it all stategic? Can we give it to other characters that aren't ours?
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[quote name='Darren']P.S. If only certain characters are given the cards, wouldn't that give away which characters belong to someone??? Like if I gave "Brian" the card, and he happened to be mine, as he started to change into a wolf, or even when he used the card, it would be pretty obvious he belongs to me... Or is it all stategic? Can we give it to other characters that aren't ours?[/QUOTE]

Of course the power cards can (and should) be used on characters that don't belong to yourself. That's because the powers are both a blessing and a curse, and they can be taken from them at a whim. These gods sure are capricious... ;D

As for the power cards affecting gameplay, I don't see any reason they shouldn't do that, but of course they shouldn't be overpowered, or else they take the fun out of the game. Darren's card is really at the borderline, and my card is way over it (but I'm a neutral judge so it should be okay). You are free to modify your cards' powers for now, but I might have to change them then in order to keep the game balanced.
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[quote name='Shy'][size=1]Well how about you just tell us which cards you feel are overpowered, and then those players can try and modify them?


Because I already did that, heh. ;D The problem seems to be that some people's Power Cards affect storytelling, while others' affect the gameplay. I however see no reason why there can't be both in play. It's not likely that the people with cards affecting the gameplay would win automatically, since their characters are every bit as vulnerable as the others'.
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[size=1]My only concern with the cards is that I think the status-protection cards are going to be infinitely more valuable than the status-ailment ones. I'd also like to see a little more diversity with the card abilities, but I suppose nobody wants to make a generic 'I control plants' card or something, do they?

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[FONT="Courier New"][COLOR="Green"][B]Immortal Name[/B]: Gui-mor

[B]Mortal Names[/B]: Morpheus, Hypnos Guifi, Remiel, Aislin, Darshana, Ramla, Ruya, Yerazig

[B]Area of Godhood[/B]: God of Visions/Dreams

[B]Manifestations[/B]: Among the people of Earth, Morpheus has no true image. He can be the dead lover of some wrecked man, the small little boy a mother lost at sea, or that strange tree that somehow is constant in all of your dreams. To his brethren though, he always appears the same, an old hobbling man with hooded, bloodshot eyes who does not walk, but rather floats around. Yet, whenever he stands still, he is always supporting himself on his yew staff.
Power Card[/B]:

The vision card gives the player who holds it precognitive abilities, that at sometimes happen immediately after he/she has the vision, to days later. Its main drawback is that in time, if the player relies too often on the the card abilities, they begin to think that every fantasy and image they see in their minds will become true, which may very easily lead to their own demise. [/COLOR][/FONT]
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Alright, the nine of you who have signed up this far are all accepted into the Ragnarok. Here's a compiled list for reference:

[SIZE="1"]2007DigitalBoy as [B]Treisleilai[/B], the Goddess of Sin ? Bloodlust Card
Rachmaninoff as [B]Celesta[/B], the Goddess of Life ? Heal Card
SunfallE as [B]Bellanna[/B], the Goddess of Love and Beauty ? Passion Card
BKstyles as [B]Raone[/B], the God of Light and Truth ? Light of Axiom Card
Kam as [B]Iah[/B], the God of Justice ? Holy Fire Card
indifference as [B]Jachym[/B], the God of the Sea ? Tsunami Card
Shy as [B]Illyria[/B], the God of Madness ? Madness Card
Darren as [B]Telumas[/B], the Goddess of Moon and Hunt ? Sure Shot Card
dMage as [B]Gui-Mor[/B], the God of Dreams ? Vision Card [/SIZE]

I will start accepting the character profiles for the mortal souls now. Please read the instructions below carefully before submitting.

So, you as a deity are entitled to summon [B]two[/B] mortal souls as your avatars in the game of Ragnarok. Their profiles must be sent to me [B]by a private message[/B], and kept secret from the other players.

There are certain requirements for the souls:
[SIZE="1"]1. The other must be a [B]male[/B] and the other a [B]female[/B]
2. The two must come from [B]different countries[/B] (their native language doesn't matter, for inside the Ragnarok everybody can communicate with each other)
3. One of them must be a [B]living soul[/B] from present day Earth (age does not matter), while the other must be a [B]dead soul[/B] from the past history (starting from the year 2006 and limited to the beginning of civilization, so I won't accept any cavemen or such)
4. I won't accept any famous people, celebrities or historical figures, so please stick to [B]original[/B] characters[/SIZE]

If I see something I don't like in the characters, I will ask you to change them.

Now, since all the souls are controlled by all the players, none of them will have a set personality or background stories to them. Instead, the profile sheet for the characters looks as simple as this:
[B]Picture:[/B] 100x100 pixels large realistic [I]photograph[/I] of the face of the character (no drawn images) with 1 pixel wide black border around it
[B]Name:[/B] first name and family name, fitting to the region and era the character is from
[B]Gender:[/B] male or female
[B]Age:[/B] in the case of dead souls, the age when the character died (please try to make other type of characters than teens and young adults as well)
[B]Origins:[/B] place (city & country) and year of origin (contemporary characters must all have 2007 as the year)
[B]Occupation:[/B] if the character is still a child or has retired from some job, mention that as well[/SIZE]

Do not put anything else into the profiles, as I will remove them if you do. It's important that the profiles are done in the same pattern to obscure any possibilities of recognizing which character belongs to which player through them. I hold the right to adjust the wording in the profiles for that same purpose.

Okay, have fun creating the characters, and when everybody's done, we can begin the journey to the Ragnarok.

[B]EDIT:[/B] I posted the discussion thread "Valhalla" to the Arena Underground, so further questions can be asked there.

[B]EDIT #2:[/B] The sign-ups are now closed. I'm still missing characters from three players: [B]BKstyles[/B], [B]Kam[/B] and [B]dMage[/B]. Please post them as soon as possible, or notify me if you have lost interest or time out of a sudden.
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