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[font=felix titling][B][U][CENTER]Prelude to the Summer[/CENTER][/U][/B][/font]

The trees became full again, the grass was now green and the flowers were in bloom once more. The beginning of spring looked so good, an amazing picture for something so deceiving. The season was looking good, but the world wasn’t feeling good. Mortals can’t feel the earth’s pain or hear it’s words; however there are some who can. Well, only once in a few thousand years can they hear the planet.


That time is know as the Blood Red Summer. During this time, the earth slows down the process of restoring itself. While doing this, the earth can save up energy for when it is really needed. However, the last time this happened a whole civilization was wiped out. Drought, famine and depression caused wars. Countries battled over land and sea, just to gain control over the economy.

The magic that bound humans together, was now used to pull them apart. Fire, water, earth and air was used to destroy each other. Darkness laughed at the world, and light found no sympathy for the humans. But the planet’s cries went unnoticed.

But even after such things were over, the country’s of the world still had troubles. The death’s of millions caused much despair. Empty voids where happiness once sat were stretched to their limits. Towns, cities, and villages fell, and even more death was dealt with. But those that could hear the planet’s suffering, wanted all this to end.

So a council was formed. A council that would bring an end to the torture, and rebuild the world. The Praise, a group dedicated to the earth, formed a union in every country. But how could they bring back the order of the world? By betraying the whole world, and using it’s magic against itself. They were dedicated to the earth, so dedicated that they sought to destroy all life, and leave no one to harm mother nature.

But the planet was fed up with it all. It decided to use it’s power to destroy and rebuild the earth. Almost in a instant the planet returned to the way it was before the Blood Red Summer. And so the planet would wait until he earth was advanced enough to deal with the changes. Light and Darkness agreed to let the earth slumber, and so humanity went on with life. Unaware of what would become of the earth… someday.


Underneath the ground, the worms wiggled and squirmed. In the forests the animals ran frantically. Yet, the city of New Rome was doing the same it had for the past fifty years. New Rome is a city located in New York State. The United State fell apart, and joined the Earth Alliance, a group of countries who decided to get past their differences to find piece. However, New Rome was also the capital of the American Side of the world.

There have been two sides for as long as New Rome has existed. The Americas and the Australian Side. Australia was a neutral country for some time. But after the war of 3027, they decided to take action. With the help of the Country Alliance. They were able to take control of the eastern world. All laws have changed, and the almost the whole world is now in a democracy.

However, this peace seems almost too fantastic. With every good, there is an evil. Many countries have decided to become either communist, or dictated. These country’s are known as the Confederate-Countries of the world, or CCW for short. Soon a war will arise between them and the allied country’s. this is however, not a good time, for the Blood red Summer, is approaching. And when earth awakens, it won’t be happy.


[B]The War of 3027 -[/B] Fed up with peace, an unknown enemy used nuclear weapons against the world. The country or countries responsible were never discovered. But this caused much grief. Everyone blamed each other for the attacks, and soon the world became engulfed in hate.

[B]The Great Divide -[/B]A scientific project that is trying to look into the earth’s past. The importance of this project was brought to life by the UCA (United Country Alliance). Not much is known because this project is relatively new.

[B]Apollo Omega -[/B] before the earth’s spirit lay dormant, earth asked the gods to create a group that would awaken it in the year 3029. But due to years of waiting, the group became power hungry. Now all the good intention were tainted, and they intend to use earth as a weapon. However those who just want to awaken the earth formed a new group called Apollo Alpha. They will wake the earth soon.

[B]Magic -[/B] A force that was brought back to the modern world in 2977. It wasn’t a cause of war, but it had something to do with it. Magic was used as a weapon to fight other countries. Now it can be used for defense, and home purposes. Spells can be made by fusing together symbols found in ancient text, which could be translated into Latin.


Blood Red Summer tells the tale of gifted people that can hear the earth. When Apollo Alpha wakes the earth using magic, those people will also awaken. By that, their powers will come forth. Each one different from another. But the earth will soon face the imminent threat of extinction as The Praise will return to the masses as well.

This RPG will be done as chapters. These sign-ups themselves are kind of a prologue in a sense. Each chapter will have a different point, or a point continuation from the last chapter. Some may be short, some may be long. Each post is called an episode.

I will be taking more control than usual with this RPG. when a new Chapter is up, I will tell you what's going on.

This RPG is music inspired. Blood Red Summer is a song by Coheed & Cambria. I thought the name would be able to old a theme. I will be using references to other bands and songs as well.

And another note, this for this RPG I require very skilled players. If at any time you feel that you can’t do this, tell me and I will arrange something. If you do quit, your character will not be killed.

[B]Name: [/B](Anything is acceptable.)
[B]Age:[/B] (18-30)
[B]Gender: [/B](everyone knows this part.)
[B]Personality: [/B](How your character acts)
[B]Weapon: [/B](This is the future, but anything is acceptable. Just not too overboard.)
[B]History: [/B](your character’s past, and what’s been going on around him/her lately.)
[B]3 Magic Spells: [/B](You must have at least 1 support spell. Nothing too powerful.)
[B]Appearance:[/B] (If you use an anime or manga character, please make sure they don't have odd feature’s that normal humans wouldn't have.)
[B]Miscellaneous: [/B](Anything else that was not mentioned above.)

[B][CENTER]Acceptance List:[/CENTER][/B]
Thanx Lolita, if I can get some sign-ups, I can get more people. Glad you like my stuff too. You're accepted.

Lionheart, another one of my favorite Rpers, is accepted. He doesn't have a sign-up, I know. However, I know he has something good in store.

Metalcore, your character has to have 3 spells. Otherwise your sign-up doesn't cut it.

Dragoonreaper, I've seen you RP before, and frankly I wasn't impressed. So unless you can buckle down and get better, you won't be going anywhere in this RPG.

Oh, I forget to tell you guys that if you don't have good posting skills (grammer, unctuation, 3 paragraphs, etc) you will have 1 chance o improve. If you don't, your character is mine and your out of the RPG. [/COLOR]
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Name: Shaun
Personality: Shaun likes being around magic users and the outdoors. Gone for days even weeks at a time wondering the forest and old forgoten battle fields.
Weapons: Shaun carries only two weapons. A sniper cannon and a dagger.
History: Shaun has keept track of certain events while he is in his home but really just gets any news from his friends. He knows that a war is coming but not sure where his place might be.
Magic: Shaun uses a support spell that helps him steady his huge (its not giant) cannon, a low level lightning spell, and a low level water spell.
Appearence: Shaun dresses in boots, long blue jeans, a t-shirt with a dragon on it, and a back pack for things he finds or carries.
Miscellaneous: Shaun doesnt have many friends since he tends to disappear in the woods alot. So he only make friends who have the same exploration urge as him or just because their is something that caught his eye.
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I haven't been on awhile but I've seen this thread and kept reading over and over to see if I should join and now I am! I love all your threads Revolver!
Name:[/B] Sanagi Hana
Age:[/B] 19
Gender: [/B]female

[B]Personality:[/B] Sanagi has a very strange personality that would keep some people wondering what is wrong with her. She acts very sarcastic, annoying, and bossy around her apprentice but has a wise understanding of the human nature. She has a wildly eccentric personality in many respects. She also has a decidedly nasty streak, as evidenced by some of the humiliating tasks she frequently assigns to her apprentice. Yet she is also capable of showing affection for him as well. She is lazy and whimsical, carrying out her tasks in an off-handed manner much of the time and expressing little concern over what happens to her clients once her job is done. She is also fun-loving, witty and humorous. She has a great fondness for alcohol, which results in sending her apprentice to the pharmacy for hangover cures whenever she drinks too much. She also smokes when she isn't drinking. She may be two years underaged for drinking but she does it anyway.

[B]Weapons:[/B] a deck of tarot cards and two swords - long sword named Sohi and a regular katana named Hein.

[B]History:[/B] Sanagi has always been alone for some time until a boy "accidentally" stumbled upon her shop. He was in desperate search for a job and she gave him one as granting his wish, he became her house slave doing all the cleaning, cooking, and whatever other outrageous things that she could think up for him to do. She is kind to him since he has no family and let's him stay in her shop. He falls into trouble due to staying as an apprentice for her. She has a lot on her hands taking care of him when something of the supernatural come after him. Though he gets into lots of trouble and causes her trouble, she has no problem dealing with as long as he pays her back by doing house work.

When she gets customers she makes sure that they wish they want gets granted but at a price. She may carry her tasks in an off-handed manner but once the job's done, she has little concern over what happens to them. She also has been up-to-date on whatever situation is going on outside her shop. She can sense the coming of the danger that had arrived once before. She is also able to see into the future but cannot do anything unless the will of someone wishes it.

[B]Magic:[/B] her magic is different since she uses tarot cards to transfer her magic. Some of the cards have attack spells, support spells, defensive spells, and some random-useless spell. Her spells are in the catagory of fire, water, earth, air, lightening, ice, light, dark, ane other elements. Besides her tarot cards, she has the power of forsight. She can see into the future and predict what the outcome would be if it were changed by a wish.
Appearance: [/B][URL="http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m5/key_of_darkness/everyday%20anime/Butterflies/moon_butterfly.jpg"]Sanagi Hana[/URL] stands at 5'9" and weighs 130lbs. She is blind in her right eye due to and accident that happened when trying to save her apprentice.[/COLOR]


[COLOR="DarkRed"][B]Name:[/B] Zero Hikari

[B]Age:[/B] 19

[B]Gender: [/B]male

[B]Personality:[/B] Zero's personality is very carefree. He's very nice and kind to everyone but complains a lot to his manager at the shop he works at. He has his moments when he gets serious but other than that he's carefree. He's always independent and can rely on himself most of the time.

[B]Weapons:[/B] he has a katana named Ginryu and a bow and arrows

[B]History:[/B] not much is known about his past except that he had lived alone since he was 4 due to the sudden death of his parents when they tried to save him. He's well organized and when he "accidentally" stubbles upon Sanagi's shop, everything in his world goes upside down. Since he entered her shop, he has been able to see the supernatural like spirits and ghosts. Since Sanagi granted his wish as to find a job, he works as her house slave. He lives with her so that he doesn't have to go back and forth between his apartement and her shop. The other reason why he stays at her shop is that she wants him to be safe and for him to cook breakfast for her. He's always informed about the world that goes on outside Sanagi's shop and soon learns about the danger that is approaching soon.

[B]Magic:[/B] Sanagi believes that he holds the power to control the oni and youkai that surround every area in the world.
Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m5/key_of_darkness/anime/D%20Gray%20Man/by_blueskyfish.jpg"]Zero Hikari[/URL] stands at 6' and weighs 149lbs. He has white hair and blue eyes if you can't tell from the picture.[/COLOR]

I'm sorry in advance if there's a lot of information and also I wanted to play a second character if you don't mind. If you have any problems with my sign up please feel free to pm me. Thanks!
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[COLOR="Blue"][SIZE="1"][B]Name:[/B] James Logan

[B]Age: [/B]18

[B]Gender:[/B] male

[B]Personality:[/B] his love one's deaths profoundly changed James, into a young man that cares for othes. One trait is James' concept of teamwork, which is displayed only half the time as most of the people James works with is too stubborn to even to try to work together. James also inherited a nack of chronic tardiness, due primarily to losing track of time during his frequent visits to his girlfriend's memorial site, where her's name is engraved.
He is fairly dispassionate compared to his subordinates, almost never showing emotion. He often says things that sound harsh but mean well, James' personal life appears to be as much of a mystery. He has no living family, or at least none he cares to acknowledge, and he's confirmed that everyone he loves is already dead

[B]Weapon: [/B]James use to be a fan of the japanese arts hwne he was a boy before his family died. When he turned 11, just after his parents died. He was given the 'Green Destiny'. An ancient blade that was passed down in his family.
The blade of the Green Destiny is thirty-three inches long and one and one tenth inches wide, engraved with green-enameled dragons along the length of the blade on both sides. It has an eight-inch hilt (long enough for two-handed use if necessary) the guard is 2.6 inches wide with seven rubies missing and seven-tenths of an inch thick.

Like most Japanese swords, the blade is very flexible and light, but at the same time is strong enough to parry the blows from other weapons. It is forged of an unknown metal, which is far stronger and more durable than steel. Because it is so thin and light, the Green Destiny is very maneuverable and extremely sharp. A light tap from the blade is enough to cause deep wounds, shown to be able to cut a ceramic pot in half with relative ease.

History: (your character?s past, and what?s been going on around him/her lately.)
3 Magic Spells: (You must have at least 1 support spell. Nothing too powerful.)
Appearance: (If you use an anime or manga character, please make sure they don't have odd feature?s that normal humans wouldn't have.)
Miscellaneous: (Anything else that was not mentioned above.)

I'll do the rest later. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"] Name: Jeremy Constin
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Personality: Jeremy is very cut-off from most humans, he talks to himself both out loud and in his head.

Weapon: Jeremy weilds dual pistols at all times. Under his trench coat on his back he has an advanced broad sword that changes shape to fit his style of combat and the touch of a button.

History: Jeremy has been this way ever since the fall of his town not far from his home in Valecrom, Jeston a major city that played host to a highly productive oil refinery was taken over by light. Jeremy's parents high fighters in the town were sent by the mayor with a group of high fighting merits to the city there his parents died in battle.

So for the next 11 years of Jeremy's life he lived in an orphanage, there his mind went deeper and deeper into suclusion he'd spend hours sitting alone on a window sill hoping to see his parents walking towards the building to get him. When he wasn't at the window he would still be alone, the other children strode away from him saying he was weird and such. Accept for one Milie Strengthosh was the only one that gave him sympathy and love, she was the only one he ever opened up to. they fell in love the only love he ever had, but his condition at those times drove her away as well. Although she tried to stand by him and love him for the person he was she was eventually overwelmed and seeked someone else for her heart to subcide with. Time went on and the trust and relationship they had dwindled more and more, even so Jeremy loved her with every part of himself. He found her with her 'other' man which drove him deeper into phycosis. He spent more time alone now not eating and at night the children would hear him crying and screaming in his sleep about his parents, and about Milie. The care providers at the orphanage saught help and took Jeremy to a doctor, but found him normal.

Once out of the orphanage he took to drinking, never the best option although under age he had the looks of an old saddend man. He moved into his old house where the first eight years of his life were spent, there everything went from bad to worse he began seeing images slightly at first but soon his dreams of his parents return became real to him. To him they were there telling him what to do like everything was normal, but what they told him was trulley horrific. His father taught him how to gut and skin animals training him to be the hunter, and his mother taught him of human anatomy. Then his first kill came he went hunting with his father using his father's old sword and his mother's guns, only he wasn't hunting animals but the people that destroyed him in a sence. After doing his defiling deeds he left for the city this time to escape from his parents but that of course didn't happen for now they were in his mind, with his weapons at arms and phycosis in his head he unleashed on the city.

3 Magic Spells: Chain of destruction: his sword transforms into a link of spiky chain barb wire that wrap around the enemy tearing it apart.
Seed: Jeremy puts his blade into the ground enhancing his blades power from the power of the earth
BloodLust: all the blood on his blade powers it up even more causing the color to turn red.

Appearance: Jeremy has reddish golden hair that comes down to his eyes his hair is unkept, his face has the look of an aged man in his late 20's with slight aftershave. He stands at about 6 feet and weighs about 210 pounds, his clothes are tattered and badly tarnished accept for his trench coat which hides his weapons.
Miscellaneous: His first kill was also his first love.

You might not think i'm the best, but I think I can handle myself.
I wanted to add a phyco that does good into the mix, I hope it works out. [COLOR]
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[COLOR=red][FONT=Book Antiqua][B]Name: [/B]Aethon Elocine[/FONT][/COLOR]

[FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=red][B]Age:[/B] 21[/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=red][B]Gender: [/B]Male[/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=red][B]Personality: [/B]Aethon is quite and collected. He is often anti-social, but that's just because his outlook on people is that most of them are immature, ignorant, useless sacks of meat. If you manage to prove that you're not one of the above mentioned people, and get on his good side, Aethon can turn out to be a nice and interesting guy to talk to.[/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=red][B]Weapon: [/B]Aethon carries a huge zanbuto. (for those who don't know, think Cloud's Buster sword, and if I misspelled that word, I'm sorry.) He also carries a pistol with him for long range combat, but rarely uses it.[/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=red][B]History: [/B][/COLOR][/FONT]
[FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=#ff0000]Aethon grew up leading a fairly normal life. Always had the nessicities growing up, plus a little extra every now and then. He always liked to sword fight, even after growing past that age where kids normaly stop. He always wanted to become better. [/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=#ff0000]Eventually one day, his chance arose. He finally had his own money to do things with, so he decided that he'd go train at a local dojo. He started out using your average katana. He trained with it, however much he hated it however, only to hone his technique. Afterwards, he worked out alot, trying to build his muscles up to where he could even think about lifting a zanbuto. [/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=#ff0000]Finally came the day where he could both lift, and swing his mighty sword. He began to try as ahrd as he could with it, perfecting all the things he could possibly manage. He's still a bit slugish with it, but he is still a force to be reckonded with.[/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=red][B]3 Magic Spells: [/B][/COLOR][/FONT]
[FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=red]Sonic Boom- Aethon creates a small sonic boom, that is focused into a small area about the size a cannon ball, that he fires out from his out stretched hand. It causes small damage, but is deafening.[/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=red]Shockwave- Channeling his magic through his zanbuto, Aethon slams his giant sword into the ground, causing a massive shockwave to burst foward with tremendous strength. [/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=red]Sound Dampening- Aethon dampens all the sound in his general area, making it almost impossible to hear him.[/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=red][B]Appearance:[/B] Aethon is 6'1" and looks to have just enough muscle to lift his gigantic sword. He has medium length black hair with silver highlights, that he spikes back in the front, but puts into a ponytail in the back. He has hazel grey eyes. He wears a white t-shirt under a back zip-up hoody, with black Tripp pants with white stiching. He has chains attached to his pants, to give him that nice chain-gang sound, but to most people it's the sound of the Grim Reaper.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[COLOR="Magenta"]Name: Azmaria Azalea (Az for short or AA)

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Personality: Azmaria has a sweet and kind personality. She is also somewhat bipolar. One moment she's sweet then the next she'll be mean and complaining. When it comes to her good side she acts like a normal woman who loves to shop and sleep. Her other side is well a little bit more complicated. She is constantly complaining about the littlest things and screams when something doesn't go her way, only on this side. Her personalities are the opposite of each other but sometimes her anger does get the best of her and she'll go on a rampage. It's hard to change her back to her good side but soon enough she'll change back and won't know what happened.

Weapons: Az is old school and likes to use the normal bow and arrows when it comes to fighting long distant battles. For close combat she'll use her sword called Sidia.

History: Azmaria grew up only with her cousin, Zephyranthes. Zeph, for short, always took care of Azmaria ever since she was little. Az was so dependent on him. On the snowy evening she asked about her family. He had told her that her mother had left her and the her father died. Az was so young then that she didn't know what died meant. Her cousin would only come to see her when he was off from school which was once a month. Two years later and spring had arrived. Azmaria ran over to the station to welcome her cousin. But when she got there, he wasn't. She ran around yelling his name and then went back to the elder that she stayed with when Zeph was gone. She asked what had happened to him. The elder just looked at her with sad eyes and said that he would no longer be around. This was how she found out the meaning of death.

Apparently, Zeph was in a train accident and only a few survived. Zeph wasn't one of them. At the funeral, Az cried and cried until no more tears came out. This was where her bad temper side came out. Zeph was the whole world to her so Azmaria always got into trouble. She had hissy fits and would say that there was no one else she wanted to see except Zephyranthes. After her childhood she was able to keep hold of her other personality hidden. She would act like she was an angel of God and would smile and laugh like a girl should. But deep in her heart she had hatred and anger always building up inside her.

It was her 20th birthday that had reminded her of something. Azmaria went to go see the elder in a village far away and said goodbye to some of her friends. Once she arrived home, the elder was standing there waiting for her. She said hello and followed him back to the house where they lived before. It was that day when she saw Zeph. He stood at the front of the door with a patch over one eye and smiling like he used to. It had been over ten years since she's been back to the village and what a suprise for her to see him there. She dropped her bags and ran up to him. Azmaria thought that he was dead. The elder explained that before the funeral they noticed that his heart was still beating and that he was still breathing. He had been in the ICU until now. For the rest of her birthday she played and talked with Zeph about what's been going on for the last ten years.

Magic Spells: Spirit Flash- sends out a shot of lightning from the tips of her arrows (used only for her bow and arrows)
Holy Cross-(for sword) a magic attack the creates a cross shape on the ground and paralyzes those on the cross
Flower Dance-summons forth a variety of flowers that dance around putting a trance on them

Appearance: [URL="http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g172/Just_Be_Yourself/Celestial/celestial10.jpg"]Amaria Azalea[/URL] is 5'9" and weighs around 133

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