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The Blood Stone

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The Story

Along time ago on the planet of Elanor there was peace and prosperity. Humans got along with the Elves, the Elves ad Humans got along with the Fairies, etc etc. Then this peace was crushed when a planet far far away died and thats when THEY came. The Demons.

The Demons were ruthless and cold and they were brutal creatures and they enslaved all three races. The Generals that ruled the Demon race were ' Kai the cold-blooded' and ' Sakura the Greedy '. They ruled for over 500 years, until all three races came together and made a revolution.

Kai and Sakura were over thrown and they're Castle of Darkness was destroyed. They were taken to the gallows were they were to be hanged, but in order for them to truly die was to destroy the ' Blood Stone' which is said to be made by the blood of the first demon. Inside of the stone there is a liquid that remakes itself after every time it is drank. Kai and Sakura had drank the fluid from inside the blood stone and they were granted of never dying. If they were to die, they would be reincarnated.

They hung Kai and Sakura soon after they found the Blood Stone, but the Humans were greedy and wanted to use it for gaining immortality ignoring the fact that Kai and Sakura could be resurrected at any given moment. The Elves wanted to destroy the stone, and the Fairies wanted to use it as a power fueler for they're magic.

During the long war the stone was lost, no one truly knows what happened to the stone. Some people say that its with the body of the old Kai, which is also lost with the body of Sakura. Some people said that the stone was never even real and that the story of both wars was just made up to make a good story to tell.

Even if the wars existed or didn't existed each race shut each other out of their lives and demons still linger in the unknown. The Elves live in there shut off forest areas, the Fairies lived in the high mountains and Humans lived in Medieval looking towns and cities with a ten foot surrounding each town or city because of the demons lingering on the outside walls.

For the longest time, the demons have never interrupted any of the races but now for some strange reason their numbers are increasing and they're starting to attack each race...


Humans - weapon bearing, they cannot use magic unless they're a magician (one or the other please)

Elves - They use bows and healing magic

Fairies- Only uses magic

Demons - Evil creatures that vary in size and can look anything whatever you can imagine. They are strong, can use weapons and magic but they aren't invincible. They don't have very much health.

Main towns ( You can make up towns just post what they are here and I'll add them to the list)

Humans: Capital- Arcan

Fairies: Capital- Elysium

Demons: Capital- Hell's Core

( Some History: No this is not in the center of Elanor. All the races refer the crater from where the Demons came from as ' Hell's Core ' It is a very violent city of demons...Its more of a battle field then a city)

Elves: Capital- Auroras


Appearance (You can use a pic if you'd like):
Weapon (if any):
Magic (If any):
Other (If I forgot to add anything):

EDIT: There will be no controllingother characters without other peoples permission
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Name: Odin M Yggdrasil
Race: Half Elf- Human Elf 50%
Age: 20
gender: Male
Appearance: Mid length dark blonde hair, reaching roughly to his shoulders. Dark blue eyes, pale skin with freckles. Fine arms and legs that while they do have muscle it is hard to see it. He usually will switch between an elven robe and human working clothes (a dull color shirt and sturdy pants), depending on if he is resting or working.
Weapon: A hammer and a hatchet
Magic: Healing and holy lightning, though his abilities are more geared towards support and enchanting than combat.
History: Born to the granddaughter of the elven elder, he always different from the other elves- being slightly weaker in magic and expressing human-like quantities that others of his age did not have. When it was finally discovered that he was half human at age 13, the father that had taken in him and his mother due to the absence of this real father went into a violent rage, expelling him from the house and killing his mother (He would later be welcomed into the elder's home, but the offer was turned down because Odin wanted to get away from his stepfather. Acting on the elder's advise that was given when he refused to take up residence with the elder, he made his way to the human lands- where items produced using his elven crafting techniques were in high demand because of their quality. By the time he was 16, he had already built up a significant amount of money, and was operating a large shop while also working on one of the many tinkerings that he had become involved in since arriving in the human capitol. The result of his tinkerings was most peculiar- a steam powered wagon that was a complete traveling workshop. Eventually, his workshop in the town burned during a firestorm. Having lost his home again, he made his home in the wagon, and now travels from town to town selling his wares.
Over the course of his travels, he met up with Lily Flamberge, and now they are traveling together.
Other: Currently working as a traveling blacksmith.

Name: Lily Flamberge
Race: Half Elf- Demon Elf 50%
Age: 17
gender: Female
Appearance: Shoulder length brown hair, warm brown eyes. Her demon blood is almost fully masked by her elven blood- the telltale being the wings that she will call forth from time to time. Pale skin, the interaction of demon and elven blood causes her to get a skin rash on the full moon, and during that time she becomes very sensitive of her appearance.She wears her outfits in a similar manner to Odin- working human clothes when at the forge, elven robes for leisure, and once in a while she will wear a demon's garb at night.
Relatively small, abnormal for both elves and demons, she stands only 5'5 and about 170 lbs, her body is plush and voluptuous, and yet harbors strength that is even greater than Odin's - though she only rarely is able to tap into it.
Weapon: Knuckle weapons and kicking plates, the one she normally has is formed by calling her shadow together and then hardening it, though when she is not in her best shape she uses a knuckle made of wrought steel, forged by her and Odin together. Her kicking plates are formed similar to the shadow knuckle, though she doesn't usually need them- her boots are more than ample to disable a male foe when she puts her strength into her strikes.
Magic: Shadow-supernatural, she is capable of projecting words into the minds of others and reading their thoughts back, she is capable of basic first-aid and several destructive shadow abilities such as dark sphere. There is also the direct shadow manipulation by which she formes her knuckle and greaves, though it is limited severly because at her current level the amount of shadow energy in her body is proportional to her shadow- at night it is easily much higher.
History: Born to an isolated elf that lives on the border of the demon lands, she was always afraid to enter the demon city because her elven mother had given her freedom, and was afraid that she would become assimilated into the demon's supposed hive mind structure if she got too close. Making her way towards the human lands, she met Odin when the hardships in her life had just about driven her to end it all, and he said what she needed to hear the most, in effect saving her. She now clings to him faithfully, learning and working the ways of the forge, and being an honest and loving companion.
Other: Currently living with Odin and working as a travelling blacksmith.
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Name: Rei Kuro
Race: Demon
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: A demon who could almost pass for one of the other races. He has medium length snow white hair, worn spiked backwards along his head. His eye colour changes depending on his mood or emotion. He has two fangs in place of the incisors in his mouth, giving him a weird smile.

He has slightly tanned skin, which is covered with a jet black tribal design. The edge of the tribal design is red, and glows slightly. Small spikes protrude from his back, along the spine. His build is muscular, but not large enough to constrict his movements, and stands around six feet tall.

His clothes usually consist of baggy black trousers, red fingerless gloves, and black boots, along with a silver chain with a silver fang on it. When he goes outside of hell?s core, he also wears a black jacket with the sleeves ripped off and a red flame design on the back to hide the spikes, and a scarf to hide his mouth.

Weapon (if any): Other then his unnatural strength, he uses no weapon. He prefers using his legs to his arms when fighting.

Magic (If any): Other then some basic magic used to boost his physical abilities, he has no magic.

History: An incredibly young demon, he was abandoned by his parents shortly after birth.

Rei was shunned by most of the other demons he grew up with due to his human like appearance. They even branded him with the nick name ?Halfling?, thinking he could actually be a half breed, considered almost as low as being one of the other races.

One day, he snapped after being teased, and lost his sanity briefly. When he came to, Rei found himself surrounded by the torn bodies of those who had teased him. Since then, he hasn?t had much trouble from most of the other demons.

After overhearing about the legend of the blood stone and the two generals one night, he has made it his mission to find the stone and resurrect the two generals himself, believing that it would return what he believed was rightfully the demons?.


Personality: Outside of battle, Rei is calm, quiet, and restrained, usually preferring to keep to himself rather then being part of a crowd.

In battle, he becomes heartless and brutal, continuing to fight with someone until they either die or are too injured to fight any longer, even if they have surrendered, before leaving to find another combatant. As he enjoys fighting, Rei sees no point in finishing injured people off, when he can find someone else to fight instead quicker if he just left the injured.

OOC: Anything i need to change or give more detail on?
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Name: Draco Oldago
Appearence: Bright fire red hair that is spiked up by its self, light sking, his build is medium. He has a scare on his right arm and face from his physical training he puts him self to. When Draco smiles the scare shows. It shames Draco so that he doesnt smile often. he also wears a hat covering his elf ears from most people.
History: Draco is a pure bred Elf but longed to be with humans. When he was 14, he ran away from the Rlven forest to the Human Capitol City. On his year long journy to the City, he put himself to rough physical to make himself look strong but not weak.
Weapons:Elven Long Bow, Twin Daggers, and a Long Sword.
Magic: Draco has 3 spells. A spell that gives him great pen point percission with bow and arrows. one spell gives him great speed over short distances (great for avoiding capture), and his third is a healing spell.
Other: Personality: Draco likes to be around humans and maybe a fairy time to time but he cant stay in the same room with another pure breed Elf due to past problems in his home which Draco doesnt tell anyone.
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Name: Darc Vendetta (Demon Lord Darc is what he prefers to be called or just 'Lord Darc')

Race: Demon

Age: ? (appears to be 19)

Gender: male

Appearance: 6"1 He has long jet black hair with crimson cold eyes and looks mostly human. He wears jeans, with a long black leather trench coat that goes down to his feet with a black tank top. He also wears sleek looking sunglasses, that are also black. There are also two gigantic black demonic wings coming out of his back, that have a dark purple aura around them sometimes. Darc (its more of a sketch then a drawing of him)

Weapon/magic: He uses an 6' in length katana sword covered in silver alloy that has a dark purple aura glow sometimes when combined with his dark powers. He also can use dark magic...

History: N/A

Personality: He has never been kind to anyone, but by rumor there was only oe person he had ever shown compassion to but was ripped apart in the end.

Other: Not someone you'd wantto meet in an alley

Name: Sue Momishin 'Fallen Angel'

Age: ??? ( Appears about 18 )

Race: Succubus

Gender: female

Appearance: 5?1 Shoulder length brown hair, she has a blue horizontal marking on each side of her face. She wears matching black armored chest plate and black armored shoulder pads with black gloves. She wore black pants with a belt with a pocket on the right side where she carries something, that is unknown. She also has to grand black angel wings sprouting out her back. Sue

Weapon/magic: Twin swords with marks engraves into the blades and they are both about 30 cm long each. She is the master of the magic of fire and darkness.

History: N/A

Personality: Rebellious

Name: Trey Orithinis

Age: ??? ( appears 19 )

Race: Demon (Or so they say)

Gender: Male

Appearance: 5?6 He has dirty blond hair that goes a bit past his shoulders, has stunning blue eyes and wears a regular black kimono with a black shoulder pad with a single spike coming out of it. He has two big demonic wings coming out his back, they look and act the same just like Darcs and is rumored to be Lord Darc?s half-brother his fathers side. But that is just a rumor?

Weapon/Magic: He uses a heavy blade (imagine Clouds from FF7) and carries it on his back between his wings. His powers are darkness and lightning.

History: N/A

Personality: Compassionate, which is rather odd for a demon

Name: Jakal Arigawa

Age: ??? (Appears to be 26

Race: Unknown

Gender: male

Appearance: 6"1 He is a slightly built man, and is very good looking. He wears a tight black tank top with black pants with a big brown belt, also he has one random shoulder pad on his right shoulder. He also had two small belts crossing his torso.
Weapon/magic: Black magic, his weapon is currently unknown.

History: N/A

Personality: He's a smart ass most of the time, but there are moments where he can be completely obnoxious and the occasional good side that shows that wins over the heart of women and if he doesn't win the heart of a wman he likes, well then he just doesn't cares either way he gets his way.

Name: Sykes Evangelion

Race: Elf

Magic Affinity: Holy, elements (except dark of course)

Rank: Ambassador

Melee class: Heavy Swordsman

Age: 19

Appearance: He has dirty blond hair and marvelous hazel eyes. His jean pants were rather torn, baggy and loose, it seemed the only thing keeping them from falling off was the belt strapped around his waist. He wears a white tank top that was too long for him and a leather jacket. He also looked around the age of nineteen. Sykes

Gender: Male

Personality: He's seems to be kind all the time, but when it comes to his job he gets serious about his work

History: N/A

(All history will be filled in during the roleplay since saying the history tends to spoil all I have in store.)
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Name: Ashrah (Ash) Mai

Race: Human

Age: 19

gender: Female

Appearance (You can use a pic if you'd like): [URL="http://www.projet-area.net/images/tira-entier.jpg"]Ashrah[/URL]

Weapon (if any): Two sai's, and a kitana.

Magic (If any): None, but is very good at creating urbal healing remedies.

History: Ashrah was ten years old when her village were destroyed by a group of bandits, her home was burnt down and she saw her parents murdered. One of the bandits saw her passed out on the burning floor of her house, and decided to take mercy on her. He took her to their leader, and they decided to raise her as one of their own.

For the next five years they trained her in various forms of martail arts( including Ju jutsu, and Hop ku do), and helped her master her weapon of choice, the sai. She also had to learn the kitana as part of her training, and eventually they let her go on little missions. Once she turned fiteen her training was finished, and she was officailly part of the "Reapers". This did not last long though, once she realised her skills were greater than her companions she took the opportunity to "practice" on them. They were no match for her blades and she quickly sliced her way up the ranks of the guild. Her only real threat though, was her master Orinchi. She had become very close to her former master and felt pitty for him, so she left him wounded.

After her massacre, she left the camp and headed out into the world. Eventually, she decided to use her skills, and became an assassin. One night, while on a mission, she overheard an elf talking about the "Blood Stone" and decided to try and find it herself, after she killed the elf of course.

Personality: Ashrah is a bipolar, no nonsense kind of girl. At times she can be hyper, outgoing, and child like. Then a second later she's hot tempered, pestamitic, introverted, and very domineering. As long as you know what not to do, she won't kill you on the spot.
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