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Myspace Song History


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[FONT="Arial"]The title is pretty self-explanatory. If you have a myspace and have put music on it, you have a song history. So post it here.

Here's mine, starting from when myspace first gained that ability to now.

[*][B]Nectar of the Gods; "Under the Milky Way"[/B]
My band's cover of one of my favorite songs of all time. I wanted to promote us a little.

[*][b]Blaqk Audio; "Stiff Kittens"[/B]
I was absolutely obsessed with this one for a little while.

[*][B]The Academy Is; "We've Got a Big Mess On Our Hands Tonight"[/B]
I'm pretty sure this was up the moment I found out I could go to their concert, haha.

[*][B]Saosin; "You're Not Alone"[/B]
I just really really like this song.

[*][B]The Academy Is; "Down and Out"[/B]
I'm sure at the time it was up it was my favorite track from their Almost Here album.

[*][b]Crepusculum; "Anachronism"[/B]
This is an amazing guitarist that I found through myspace, whose music is very ambient. He didn't have my favorite song of his up, so I went with the next best.

[*][b]Circa Survive; "In the Morning and Amazing"[/B]
I believe this was up when I first got into them.

[*][B]The Blood Brothers; "Cecilia and the Silhouette Saloon"[/B]
I used to always skip this song if it came on shuffle, but one day I let it play. I LOVE the band's intro right after the electric one.

[*][B]Circa Survive; "Act Appalled"[/B]
My FAVORITE song of theirs, hands down.

[*][B]The Medic Droid; "Fer Sure"[/B]
My friend, who got me into The Academy Is and took me to see them AND AFI, made me and another friend listen to this song, and we had it stuck in our head for a week. It's awesome.

[*][B]The Sound of Animals Fighting; "Skullflower"[/B]
A friend sent this to me. I love Anthony Green a lot, hah.

[*][B]Rufiomercutiopistachioadagio; "Lucio"[/B]
I discovered this guy when I was looking for "Over It" by Rufio, I think. I listened to this particular song because it shares its name with one of the characters from my stories. I fell in love and put it on my myspace, where it stayed for at least five months.

[*][B]Erik Satie; "Gymnopedie No. 1"[/B]
This is a very pretty classical piano piece that reminds me of winter.

[*][B]Goo Goo Dolls; "Iris"[/B]
Another of my all-time favorite songs. Whenever I hear it I almost want to cry.

[*][b]Kiss Kiss; "Dress Up[/b]
I got their song "Machines" from a friend, and that was enough to make me buy the rest of the album. This song isn't my favorite (Machines is) but it's still a great song.

[*][B]Explosions in the Sky; "Welcome Ghosts"[/B]
Kevin told me to listen to this, so I did, and I promptly put it up.

[*][B]Vitamin String Quartet; "A Favor House Atlantic"[/B]
I was searching for a different string cover song, but I do like the original song and the string one sounded nice.

[*][B]Blur; "Girls and Boys"[/B]
I couldn't stop thinking about this song the other day, it's really catchy.

[*][B]Circa Survive; "Act Appalled (acoustic)"[/B]
As I mentioned, this is my favorite Circa Survive song. But this time it's acoustic, and absolutely amazing. Anthony Green makes it sound like a lullaby.

You don't have to talk about all of them like I did, but it would be nice if you expounded upon a list a little.[/FONT]
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[font=arial][size=1]Okay, I'll do this, I'm just sitting around anyway. o_O

I have a Project Playlist thing going on now, but before that (which was like a week ago) I had "Big Black River" by the more folksy side of Pygmy Lush. The band has a very bad idea of what their good songs are, and I actually had to go to their label's profile to get to this moderately good one.

Next was a song called "Cannibulimia" by The Apparati, I always wear their shirt and someone finally told me they have no idea who they are (and they're from PA, so he probably shouldn't have known!) so I told him I'd put up the song. They're pretty brutal, they were great live and their vocalist is a super nice guy. We talked about cheese steaks.

Next is "The Golden Path Just Got Shorter" by Fastest Kid in 5th Grade. They were playing a show and I was trying to get my friends to go so I put up one of their songs. They're incredible and underappreciated.

Next is "Living in the Skeleton of a Happy Memory" by Pageninetynine, it's made of epic and win.

Before that I had just changed my myspace design to a much darker theme and wanted darker music so I went straight to Sunn O))), really evil guitar and bass-only music.

That's as far as I'll go, if you would like to further stalk me, here's the band history page. [url]http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=songHistory&friendID=77297780[/url][/font][/size]
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Man that's a long list...I will just put in songs of note.

[B]Cassie Eats Cockroaches-Acid Bath[/B]
\My first song and the most bad *** song I knew of at the time.

[B]Blackest Eyes-Porcupine Tree[/B]
When I first started getting into prog rock.

[B]Vinum Sabbathi-Electric Wizard[/B]
When I first started getting into them.

[B]Enthroned by Winter-Elderfrost[/B]
When I first heard jakes band(still my favorite song from Elderfrost).

[B]A Wolf in Jesus Skin-Dog Fashion Disco[/B]
When I first started getting into them...

[B]Queen B-Puscifer[/B]
I wanted to support em...

[B]Singin in the Rain-Gene Kelly[/B]
After I saw a clockwork orange...

[B]The Unholy Spell-Torture Squad [/B]

Squortor-The Fastest Kid in 5th Grade[/B]
After GF's rec.

[B]Calling Dr.Love-Shandi's Addiction[/B]
Best cover EVAR!

[B]De Mysteriis dom Sathanas-Mayhem[/B]
The Outsider-A Perfect Circle[/B]
Current and sweet.
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[COLOR=Purple]My list is SO DAMN LONG. So I'm going to start... well... wherever I want to. If you absolutely MUST KNOW THEM ALL, (Who would? Really? Come ON.) they're on my profile. [/COLOR][URL]http://www.myspace.com/ckyhimfan2004[/URL]

[COLOR=Purple]Okay. Here goes. Starting with the oldest.

[B]Before Their Eyes - The Journey Down South
[/B]I really liked this song. I still do, really. I guess that's all?
[B]Combichrist -WTFIWWYP? (What the F**k Is Wrong With You People?)
[/B]I really, really like Combichrist, and at the time the rest of the songs on their profile were the only 3 songs by them I DON'T like.
[B]MC Devvo - Euronob
[/B]I don't know. I'm a big fan of fat-pie.com, so... yeah.
[B]Aqua - Candyman
[/B]I was obsessed with this song at the time, and it just seemed to fit my profile.
I'm going to skip a few because it's longer than expected...

[/I][B]Audio Bullys - Shot You Down
[/B]I like it, because it's an electronic twist on an old, old song that I like to begin with. I don't know why I changed it, I guess I got bored with it.

[B]Alice in Videoland - Radiosong
[/B]This isn't even my favourite song by them. So I have no clue. It's okay, I guess.

[B]A Perfect Circle - Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm of the War Drums
[/B]Just an awesome song. I changed it because I thought it was better suited to my other profile. But one of my favourite songs of all time.

[B]DJ Mangoo - Screw Me
[/B]I wanted a song with no lyrics, all electronic. So I found this.

[B]DJ Cammy - I'm Horny
[/B]My current song. Don't ask... just, don't ask.

That's all. :]

EDIT: I forgot I changed my song to Gimme More by Britney Spears. Yeah, laugh all you want.


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[size=1][color=#8B008B][B]Clurr[/B], darling, you always know how to make people talk about music.

As far as my music history goes, I've had a long list going on before they put up the "Music History" ability. Anyways, here's my list:

[indent][B]David Sides - Umbrella[/B]: At least I think it was [B]Umbrella[/B]. But anyways, I'm a sucker for instrumentals: guitar, piano, anything. It's why I love [B]Trans-Siberian Orchestra[/B], whom I was introduced to by the one and only [B]Clurr[/B]. =P

[B]Cupid - Cupid Shuffle[/B]: Heard this on a TV show and thought, "Hey that's catchy." So I put it on my MySpace.

[B]Mia Sable - Let It Go[/B]: I was going through my Friends List and found her. She's a MySpace artist but has a wonderful voice.

[B]The Hush Sound - Wine Red[/B]: Oh gosh, I have no idea how I got to them but when I heard them I thought they were amazing. They have an unorthodox style of vocals but are awesome.

[B]Yellowcard - Light Up The Sky[/B]: YELLOWCARD will always and forever be my love. They are A-FREAKING-MAZING and no matter what anyone says, they'll always be my favourite. =]

[B]Drunken Tiger - Good Life[/B]: Drunken Tiger is an old Korean rap group but they still rock it like none other. Even though you can rap easily in Korean, they know how to match the beat and flow really well.[/indent]

Well there's my list. A bit wordy, but oh well.[/size][/color]
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