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[font=timesnewroman][center][size=5][b]Avatar: Conquerors of the Spirit[/b][/size]
[size=1]An 8Bit and Kitty Collaborative RP featuring...[/font]
Kitty as [I][COLOR="DimGray"]Kei Tiao[/COLOR][/I] of the Fire Nation
8bit as [COLOR="DimGray"][I]Louie[/I][/COLOR], a Swamp Nomad
Daren Hebret as [COLOR="DimGray"][I]Torin Yong[/I][/COLOR] of the Earth Nation
Omega as [COLOR="DimGray"][I]Allastor[/I][/COLOR] of the Fire Nation
Anomaly as [COLOR="DimGray"][I]Izoku[/I][/COLOR] of the Air Nation
Athena as [COLOR="DimGray"][I]Amaya Tso[/I][/COLOR] of the Earth Nation
and inwardscream as [COLOR="DimGray"][I]Liir Maotuo[/I][/COLOR] of the Northern Water Tribe.[/size]


[font=timesnewroman][center][i]Water ? Earth ? Fire ? Air[/i][/center]

[indent][center][color=dimgray][size=4][u][color=#ededed]oo[/color]Louie[color=#ededed]oo[/color][/u][/center][/size][/font][font=tahoma]Just as quickly as he had slipped from the real world, Louie awoke feeling quite different. Although he didn't know it, he was now in the Spirit World. He rubbed his eyes before opening them and took in his surroundings.

[i]Just a bunch of trees,[/i] he thought. Then he realized they weren't the swampy trees he was used to waking up seeing. He stood up and looked all around him. He was somewhere in the middle of a forest he had never been to before. How did he wind up waking up [i]here[/i]? Something was up.

That's when he noticed several other people waking up around him. Most of them seemed to be around his age, though there were a few that seemed to be fairly young. One girl seemed especially young and, judging by her short stature, Louie figured she was at most 10 years old. Suddenly Louie thought of his pet Gecko Bat and frantically reached one hand underneath his leaf hat searching for Euoo.

Sure enough his trusty winged lizard was fast asleep on his hair. Louie sighed with relief, he didn't know what he would do if he ever lost Euoo.

In regular Swamp Nomad fashion, Louie treated the other confused people with great kindness and friendliness. None of them knew how they all woke up in the same forest. Louie figured the best thing they could do right now was get to know each other and then come up with some sort of plan to figure out where they were.[/color][/font]

[size=1][b]OOC:[/b] And that's that! It's short, I know but I just wanted to get things started. If you need some inspiration on what to write all you need to be doing is trying to figure out where you are. If that means talking to other people then go for it. Feel free to use Louie if you'd like someone to talk to (just keep to his personality!).

If you're character isn't very sociable maybe they're just examining the environment to make sense of things. If someone wants to have a sudden epiphany and realize we're all in the Spirit World then go for it. ^o^

Kitty and I will be directing the way the story goes every once in a while but for the most part I want all of us to create the story collaboratively. [B]This will be the only OOC message I'll be posting here. From here on they'll be in the underground thread.[/B][/indent][/size]
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[COLOR=Navy]Disoriented Liir jumped to his feet ripping his warclub from behind his back and spinning around brandishing it in every direction. There were people scattered around him walking around trying to get there bearings. Liir stood rigid for a couple more moments before he saw that none of them were even paying attention to him. He slipped his club back into its sheath and started to examine where he was.

Apparently he was in a forest of some sort. The fact that he didn't know where he was, let alone how he got there, put him into a state of confusion that he cannot even begin to expand upon. Liir jumped as a hand grasped his shoulder. He spun around arms outstretched and hands balled into fists.

[B] "Jumpy fella' arn't ya?"[/B] A man wearing a leaf and bearing a rather large smile stood beaming at Liir. His hand shot out and Liir flinched again. [B]"Names Louie!" [/B]Liir stared at his hand for a second before jumping once again at a small screech that came from under the mans leaf, a Lizard Bat then poked it's head out from under the leaf.

[B]"I'm dreaming, that explains it! I'm imagining all of this forest,[/B][/COLOR][COLOR=Navy][B] and the man wearing the leaf and the lizard on his head.[/B][/COLOR][COLOR=Navy][B]" [/B]Louie stared at Liir not exactly knowing what to think of Liir's reaction to his greeting. [B]

"I'm just as real as you, I don't think you are dreaming."

"Oh..."[/B] Liir said immediately throwing away the harebrained theory.

[B] "I guess you people in the Water Tribe haven't really heard much of us Swamp Nomads?" [/B]Liir shook his head with a bit of a crazed look on his face. [B]"Well I'm not to sure where we are but you acting crazy isn't going to help us find out, take a deep breath." [/B]Liir nodded and took a deep breath.
"My name is Liir."[/B]
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[size=1]Amaya's eyes flickered open to be met with a blinding, but soothing whiteness. Groaning, she sat up and rubbed at her eyes. As they focused, her hearing started to clear from a dull ringing to sounds she recognized; birds, locusts, frogs, and voices.

[i]Voices?[/i] Amaya thought, climbing to her feet. Her weight shifted as she sunk into the soft, moist forest floor. Shaking her cloak free of leaves and twigs, Amaya stepped down the small hill she woke up on. The voices got louder before she found herself among a group of other young men and women.

One of which was wearing some sort of leaf, or loin cloth, smiled kindly at her. Cocking one eyebrow, Amaya dug her fingers into her thick hair to find her sleep had captured not only strange dreams, but a few more twigs.

[b]"Man, must have fallen or something,"[/b] she groaned and looked around.

The forest had a familiar feeling, but looked so foreign. Everything was green. Everything seemed to breathe. The trees and bushes around them seemed to be just as curious of these strangers as they were curious of the forest. There was rustling, but Amaya couldn't see a single creature except for the winged lizard the leaf boy carried. The air was sweet and cool, and there was a soft whisper floating in the soft breeze. Amaya looked down the trail the group gathered on only to see a shimmering mist.

[b]"Where are we?"[/b] a strong, but subtly demanding voice rose above the chattering.

Amaya turned her attention to the dark, young man. His eyes pierced her gaze. [i]He must be Fire Nation with that aura..[/i] she smirked.

[b]"I am not sure, but I want to go take a look further up the path,"[/b] Amaya stated as she made her way past them.

[b]"Don't go alone! You have no idea what's out there! You could get lost, or eaten by some uknown MONSTER!"[/b] the boy, who was obviously Water Tribe with his blue robes, waved his hand.

[b]"Well, someone's gotta do it. And seems to me we don't have time to sit here and flap our gums,"[/b] Amaya planted her hands on her tiny waist.

[b]"Who died and made you leader of this pack?"[/b] he shot back, folding his arms tightly across his chest, [b]"You're like, 11?"[/b]

Amaya's face heated up and she tightened her fists into balls, pulling up two spheres of rock under them.

[b]"I am 14, thank you very much!"

"Calm down, you two. We're in difficult position, and we should be making friends with one another, not enemies,"[/b] a girl, with soft brown braided pigtails, stepped in front of the earth bender.

Amaya huffed, letting go of the spheres. The boy sighed and offered his hand in apology. Hesitantly, Amaya took it and gave him a quick shake; nearly taking his arm off.

[b]"Ow, geeze, I was trying to apologize!"[/b] he grunted.

[b]"Sorry...I guess I don't know my own physical strength,"[/b] she smiled. Her eyes trailed up into the tree canopy,[b]"Okay, does anyone else get the feeling we're being watched?"[/b] [/size]
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[FONT="Georgia"]Izoku sat up, very relaxed, and pulled out her pipe from an inner pocket in her robe. She knew before she had even opened her eyes that she wasn't at home, but a habit was a habit and she was desperate for a smoke. She inhaled slowly, enjoying the feeling of the tobacco entering her lungs.
[B]"Aahhhh."[/B] feeling relieved, Izoku now took the time to examine her surroundings. A cushiony forest floor sat her quite comfortably, and a leafy green canopy stretched overhead. As her head cleared, she could make out excited chattering.

[B]"Well, I suppose I should go greet my.. hosts?"[/B] Izoku sat up gingerly, dusted herself off and quickly let down her hair to brush it out, before pulling it back up into a loose bun held by a clip. She stepped out from behind the clump of brush she had been laying behind and into the clearing where the group had gathered. The talking ceased and she was greeted with stares; not necessarily hostile ones, but a stare was a stare. Izoku smiled lazily at them and made a half wave.
[B]"Uh.. hey. I'm Izoku."[/B]

She was greeted by nods.

[B]"I don't suppose you know how or why we're here?"[/B] inquired a boy in blue robes.

[B]"I was about to ask you that, so your guess is as good as mine."[/B] she replied, smiling. She took another puff from her pipe and examined the rest of the group casually. [I]'I think I'm the oldest one here.. how fun.'[/I] she mused to herself.

[B]"Were you watching us from behind those bushes before you came out?" [/B]asked a girl, obviously the youngest one there.

[B]"No, no... I came out as soon as I was awake and slightly more presentable."[/B]

[B]"I was hoping you wouldn't say that..."[/B] the girl groaned.

[B]"This means we either have more people on our hands, or some other sort of company." [/B]A boy in a loincloth of some sort, who didn't look all that much younger than herself spoke up.

They could all feel eyes trained on them now.[/FONT]
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[FONT="Tahoma"][COLOR="DimGray"][B]“So, should we like… appoint a leader?” [/B]said Liir, the young warrior of the Northern Water Tribe.

[B]“I don't care either way, to be quite honest."[/B] the newest member of the group, Izoku, spoke up. She relit her pipe and took in more tobacco, holding it in for a reasonable amount of time before breathing it out and continuing her thought.[B] “It seems quite trivial, in our situation.”[/B]
“Now, now I don’t really think we need a leader. We can do everything as a group,”[/B] Louie spoke out. [B]“Right now I think we just need to figure out where the heck we are!”[/B] A slight chuckle escaped from someone as Louie finished off the sentence with a very unique swamp accent.

[B]“I agree with leaf head,”[/B] said Amaya, the young earth bender. [B]“And I'm pretty sure I know where we are.” [/B]

[B]“And that is?”[/B] asked Liir.

[B]“Ever since I woke up here I knew this place was different. I can [I]feel[/I] it. We all live so far apart and yet in the time that we fall asleep and wake up again suddenly we’ve all been brought to one place? There’s no doubt about it. We are in the spirit realm.” [/B]She stated. Silence filled the air. People took in what they heard and thought about it. Someone was about to reply but was abruptly interrupted by a sudden rumbling of the earth. Everyone could feel that far down underneath them, something was moving. Amaya glanced at the other earth bender Torin. They could both tell what was coming.
“Everyone get ready,” [/B]Amaya said. [B]“Something big is coming up from the ground… And I think it knows we’re here.”[/B][/COLOR][/FONT]
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Guest Daren Hebret
The earth rumbled again, sending a shockwave through the group which knocked Liir off balance. He then gripped his warclub ready for anything.

[b]"It's here!"[/b] Torin shouted with terror on his face as the tremors ceased.

With an thundering crash, the ground erupted in a fury of earth and stone as the spirit of an enormous shape emerged. It was a grey beast with two black stripes across it's big shell of a body. It had four legs each with 3 large nails protruding; each sharp enough to rend the earth itself.

[b]"Golly, the critter doesn't look too nasty..."[/b] Louie said as he took a step towards the beast but Louie quickly stopped as it snarled through it's big and vaguely pointed nose in his direction. Meanwhile Euoo retreated to the safety of Louie's leaf hat.

[b]"I know what that is!"[/b] Torin declared, [b]"I saw a picture of something like it in an old earth-nation scroll. It's an armadillo-badger!"[/b]

[b]"Is that anything like the badger-moles?"[/b] Amaya asked, slightly intrigued.

[b]"I wonder why it's so angry..."[/b] Izoku though out loud as she took another puff from her pipe.
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[FONT="Palatino Linotype"]Allastor looked over at Izoku to respond to her comment.

[B]?Maybe it feels as if we?re intruding on its territory. I get the feeling that it doesn?t get many visitors like us.?[/B] She shrugged, indifferently, taking a puff of her pipe. Louie looked over at Allastor and frowned.

[B]?Well I?m sure if we just explain the sit?u?ation to the biggin, he wouldn?t mind too much.?[/B] Louie turned to the Armadillo-badger and smiled.

[B]?Hey there, critter! My name?s Louie, and these here are my friends. We don?t mean to be trespassin? in your part of the forest--? [/B]The armadillo-badger interrupted Louie?s apology? by swinging his massive arm down in Louie?s direction. Louie lazily evaded the large arm by water bending a nearby pool of water into a water whip to strike at the animal?s hand before it reached him. He scratched the back of his head, frowning.

[B]?Well that wasn?t very nice??[/B] Allastor glanced at Louie with a mingled expression of humor and horror. That creature had been entirely ready to smash him, and he was barely phased. Allastor liked him already. The creature however, didn?t seem to share Allastor?s sentiment, and appeared to be more irritated than anything else by Louie speaking, so he affectionately swung his arm at Louie again. Instinctively, Allastor clenched his fists and shot a plume of white flame out at the armadillo-badger, which reared back in shock. A surprised voice from behind him caught his attention.

[B]?You can bend white fire??[/B] Allastor turned and noted that the voice belonged to the other fire-bender in the group, Kei. He had seen her around a couple times before in his town, but had never spoken to her- he had heard of, however, (and even on occasion caught a glimpse of) her impressive fire-bending skills. He had no time to comment back, however, because the armadillo-badger took the minor distraction as a chance to swing at Allastor and Louie again.

Luckily, the others weren?t exactly going to sit around and allow Allastor or Louie to be broken in half. Izoku sent a powerful gust their way, knocking the two back as the eart-benders Torin and Amaya erected an earthen wall to deflect the blow. Liir sprung over the confused armadillo-badger and whacked it hard over the head, before landing next to Louie. Kei walked up to Allastor?s right side and smiled at him.

[B]?Get ready!? [/B]Allastor raised an eyebrow at her, and then realized from her stance that they were going to perform a joint fire bending attack. Torin and Amaya nodded back at the two of them and lowered the wall. As it went down, the two fire benders spun around, pushed their arms against each other, and unleashed a massive white fireball out of their fists? Unfortunately, the armadillo-badger had turned around right as they performed the strike, and the fire merely rolled off of it. Izoku grinned and took a deep breath from her pipe.

[B]?Oh dear??[/B]


[SIZE="1"][B]OOC[/B]: I hope I portrayed everyone?s character correctly, and that nobody minds a teeny-weeny altercation with the armadillo-badger. :D[/SIZE]
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[size=1][b]"What?! What is this thing made of; fire retardant?"[/b] Kei huffed.

[b]"It's possible. Who knows? We are in the Spirit Realm, so it may be immune to certain attacks,"[/b] Torin suggested.

[b]"But you can't be immune to earthen attacks,"[/b] Amaya smirked and let down her fists, pulling them up slowly. Two lumps of dirt surrounded the creature's legs. Amaya clinched her fists together to force the dirt to form solid around the badger's paws.

Torin took the cue and slashed the ground with his foot. A small arsenal of rock disks floated in front of him for a second before he shoved them with his hands. They sailed like missles towards the immobile creature, striking him repeatedly on the top of his thick head.

[b]"Yes! It's working! He's getting tired,"[/b] Torin exclaimed.

[b]"Not really!"[/b] Amaya grunted, her little fists shaking, [b]"He's mustering up the energy. I'm starting to lose my grip on his ankles."[/b][/size]
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[SIZE="1"]Hopefully this hasn't completely died, otherwise I'm going to feel like such a newbie... ^_^;


His feet were wet...it was odd that in this situation, being torn from his relatively comfortable existence in the real world to this significantly less pleasant one in the spirit world, that his feet being wet was what annoyed Bai the most. Lazily closing his eyes for a moment, he could feel the heat evaporate away the moisture until he was left with once again dry toes.

The commotion coming from where he'd left the group of adolescents was getting louder. He'd slipped away before they'd woken up, a habit born from a later life of escaping people intent on seizing the bounty of his head.

Guilt. Bai supposed he felt a little of it for leaving them. From the looks of it though, only one couldn't bend, so they'd probably be fine. It wasn't his responsibility to look after lost children after all. Tremors ran through the ground, a sign the two Earthbenders were involved in whatever was making that racket.

"[b]They'll be fine.[/b]" He murmured quietly.

One of the easier things about life now was the ability to mostly stop caring for the people he came across. As a younger, more idealistic man, he'd likely be right there, gallantly defending the youths from whatever entity they'd come across. Such foolishness. Brushing two low branches out of his way, he continued on with at walking pace.

"[b]Sad that you learned so little from me...[/b]"

Spinning on his heel, Bai brought his hands up into a defensive posture, a pair of yellow flames flickering to life. There was nobody there... but, that voice, he was sure he'd heard it. Glancing around, he allowed his arms to fall down to his sides, the fire he'd gathered quickly extinguishing. There'd been nothing, he thought silently.

"[b]Nothing ? I hardly consider myself nothing.[/b]"

Impossible. He hadn't said it, only...

"[b]Only thought it...yes.[/b]"

It couldn't be. That voice, he knew it, but it had been so long...

"[b]Yes Bai. It's me.[/b]"

"[b]Sifu ?[/b]" Bai's voice was barely above a whisper.

"[b]Bai. I never believed you could disappoint me. I know you have faced challenges. But I never considered you a cold enough man to walk away when others need help.[/b]"

"[b]That was a long time ago.[/b]"

"[b]Yet you still wear the mark on your shoulder.[/b]"

Instinctively Bai touched the lotus symbol on his jacket. But shook his head.

"[b]It's not my fight.[/b]"

?[b]Oh ? A group of people are brought to the spirit world, and somehow you?re not involved with the rest ? My, you?ve become a dense man.[/b]?

There was a brief pause.

?[b]Bai. Please, help them.[/b]?

As the voice faded, Bai could feel himself unconscious pick up speed, heading back the way he came, towards the children. It was entirely possible that a spirit had assumed the voice of his master in order to push him into action, he knew that, but, somehow, it had felt like his master?s presence as well.

After a few moments, he caught sight of the group, the two Earthbenders were still trying to restrain the creature he didn?t recognise, but it seemed their control over it was lessening with every moment. Electricity surged in his open hands before striking outwards towards the strange animal. There was a terrible wail as the armadillo-mole retreated back into the underground, the smell of it?s singed flesh acrid in the air. Breathing out slowly, Bai watched the different expressions on the faces of the group. One, whom he recognised as a Swamp Nomad by his strange dress sauntered slowly up with a wide grin plastered on his face.

?[b]Thank ya kindly stranger. Name?s Louie.[/b]?

He watched as Louie?s hand extended out, grasping it with his own, Bai gave a single small shake before withdrawing it.


?[b]Did you see that ?! He bends lightning !![/b]?

The dark-haired firebender girl stared at him intently, her mouth slightly open in shock.

Great... Bai thought wearily, just what he needed, kids who?d want to learn how to bend lightning from him. By Iroh, he should have just used his normal firebending skills.

Slowly the rest of them introduced themselves, there was a brief look of disappointment in the face of the airbender girl Izoku he didn?t understand but of all of them, it was Liir who confused him the most, why was there a non-bender here ? Allastor and Kei continued to stare at him openly.

?[b]Yes ?[/b]?[/SIZE]
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[SIZE="1"](I'm just gonna jump in. No hard feelings.:animesmil)[/SIZE]

[SIZE="1"]Perched atop a thirty meter Pine, Shin rolled his eyes at the commotion below.

"[B]Of all the people to finally meet… I should have figured this racket would be from children[/B]," he muttered, yawning. Shielding his eyes from the sun, Shin gazed across the mountainous landscape. [I]This is sure to draw someone’s attention…[/I] Tree tops two kilometers away began to shake violently. [I]Yep, here she comes.[/I]

The tree he stood on lurched to the side, the thrashings of the armadillo-mole shearing it off at the base. With a backflip, Shin landed ten meters down, now with a clear view of the group below him.

[I]Oh[/I], he remarked. [I]I guess there is an adult with them[/I]. Directly below him, Bai lowered his arms, the final flickering of white leaving his fingertips. [I]And he has skill[/I], he thought. [I]Competition, perhaps?[/I]

A few moments of oo-ing and aw-ing over Bai’s lightning attack was all Shin could handle. "[B]Hey![/B]" he called to the group on the forest floor. "[B]Don’t you think you should get moving?[/B]"

Liir shrieked and pointed towards the voice. “[B]Talking hog-monkey![/B]”

Shin laughed, glancing at his animal-skin clothing. “[B]Not quite[/B],” he said slowly. Dropping to the forest floor, he motioned to the northwest. “[B]In about 45 seconds, a female elephant-lizard is gonna come crashing into this little tea party of yours. This is her territory and she doesn’t take well to strangers. If you wanna live to chit-chat another day, you should probably follow me[/B].”

“[B]Wait[/B],” Louie interrupted, stepping in front of Liir, who still pointed vigorously at the newcomer. “[B]Who are you again?[/B]"

Shin smiled. “[B]The name’s Shin. And I know how to bring back the Avatar[/B].”[/SIZE]
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