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[color=darkblue][size=1][CENTER][B]Welcome to the Rebellion.[/B][/CENTER]

This thread is the location for all questions regarding The Great Rebellion. You'll also need to come here for updates in the story, mainly status of the world. They'll all be organized here so you won't have to go slothing through the thread trying to figure out what's happening.

Presently, the RPG is in free-for-all format. There is really no need for an introductory post, so please feel free to dive in once you get an idea for what you want to do.

For everyone's convenience, here is a rundown of the current state of the Kanto and Johto Regions (this area will be updated as the RPG continues):


[B]Pallet Town:[/B] Presently a completely civilian town, heavily allied toward the Coalition. A known safe haven for all Coalition forces. Heavy patrols by Coalition forces have stopped all attempts by the Federation to destroy the town.

[B]Pewter City: [/B]Currently not suffering from casualties. Pokémon Research Lab in Pewter Museum is fully operational.

[I]Diglett's Cave:[/I] Currently sealed off by Coalition forces for unknown purposes.

[B]Viridian City: [/B]Presently uninhabited due to unstrategic advantage on both sides. All civilians were ordered to clear out by the former leader of the Viridian Gym, Blue, before his departure to look for Red. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

[B]Cerulean City: [/B]Currently not suffering from casualties. Construction of a medical hospital in the city is currently in development.

[B]Vermillion City: [/B]Presently recovering from a small air strike on the port three days ago. Heavy damage was suffered on the main pier, meaning supplies have to be brought in by lifeboat while boats are anchored slightly out to sea. Approximately 150 troops are working full-time to repair the damage. Repairs are presently 52% complete.

[B]Lavender Town: [/B]Neutral Zone.

[B]Celadon City:[/B] Presently not suffering from damage.
Saffron City:[/B] Presently not suffering from damage. All Silph Co. operations are continuing on schedule.

[B]Fuschia City: [/B]Destroyed in an all-out assault approximately one year ago by Federation Leaders Faulkner and Surge. The former leader of the Fuschia Gym, Janine, was confirmed dead at the site. Constant Federation patrols of the site have prevented re-establishment of the site by the Coalition.

[B]Cinnabar Island:[/B] Pokémon Research Lab currently recovering from sabotage by Coalition forces. All research data was corrupted and is presently trying to be restored via back-up. Restoration process is currently 21% complete.


[B]New Bark Town: [/B]Presently a completely civilian town, slightly allied toward the Coalition.

[B]Violet City: [/B]Presently not suffering from any casualties or damage.

[B]Azalea Town:[/B] Presently not suffering from any casualties or damage. A new group of recruits is set to graduate from the Azalea Academy in two weeks.

[B]Goldenrod City:[/B] Presently occupied by Federation forces. The whereabouts of the Goldenrod Gym Leader, Whitney, are unknown. All programming from the Goldenrod Radio Station is running under approval-basis and is heavily geared toward Federation recruitment.

Three weeks ago, a raid was launched on the Radio Tower, but was thwarted by Federation forces. It is believed that Coalition forces were responsible for the attack, but all knowledge of the attack has been denied from Coalition officials.

[B]Ecruteak City: [/B]Presently suffering from heavy casualties and damage from a full-frontal assault from Bugsy. Almost 75% of the city has been destroyed thus far. One of the few remaining buildings includes the Gym, where Morty is currently holding position and waiting for back-up.
Olivine City: [/B]Presently not suffering from damage or casualties.

[B]Cianwood City: [/B]Presently not suffering from damage or casualties.

[B]Mahogany Town:[/B] Status unknown.

[B]Blackthorn City:[/B] Presently not suffering from damage or casualties.


That's that. For those of you that are under a commander, you will receive missions in the coming days via PM. Should you have questions, feel free to ask.

A few of you have already asked when the RPG itself is starting. The scheduled launch date is either [b]tomorrow, Wednesday[/b] or [b]early Thursday.[/b] It's really not that easy to put something like this together by yourself, heh.

If anyone has any general questions, please post them in this thread or hit me up through PM/IM.

Have fun, everyone.[/color][/size]
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[FONT="Palatino Linotype"]I'm just letting everyone know that I'll be gone from today until Sunday morning, so if my character is essential to anyone go ahead and move the story along and I'll just pick up wherever it's left off. Peace.[/FONT]
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[COLOR="DarkRed"][SIZE="2"]Okay Kei, I have a quick question about your latest post. Since my character's a captain, does he stay behind with Morty, or go along with Timber?

Oh and dragoonreaper if u need the names to the cities they're on this page...u had me a little confused for a sec bruh lol. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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I've got something to say to dragoonreaper, too. In your most recent post, you were hinting quite strongly that the woman in the elevator with your character is my character, Aesera. I'd just like to clarify that Aesera is still in Azaela Town. She hasn't even left for Saffron yet. I just wanted to make sure you knew that so you wouldn't mention her being in Saffron when she's not, as consistency is important.
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Darn... I started my opening post today, and had them arrive in Ecruteak City... Then I remembered that I said in my signup that they were to start out in Mahogany Town. ...So in the post I was working on, I had Merlin's location be unknown to my other characters for the past six months--I had my other characters head to Ecruteak in search of Merlin (and Morty as well). Whoops--that's not what my signup said!

Unfortunately, I don't have time to change my first post right now, so I'll probably come back tonight and post it.
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[SIZE="2"][COLOR="DarkRed"]Okay, I made it seem as if those of us with higher ranks know each other already from previous missions. I think it's only natural that we don't know many of the privates or new recruits, simply because they haven't made a name for themselves yet. But if any other ranking officer has worked with that private or recruit personally, then thats understandable.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[FONT="Palatino Linotype"]Okay ... I'm really sorry I haven't posted in a while guys. I honestly haven't had the time lately. I'm going to try to post either tonight or sometime tomorrow morning, but I don't think it should be any longer than that. If anyone could give me a brief summary of what's going on that would be awesome, because as of right now I've read all of the posts and I'm confused.[/FONT]
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[SIZE="2"][COLOR="DarkRed"]Well, according to the recent posts, this is how everything is.

Kei's character Morty needs reinforcements from the Federation troops that are looking for him, so he sends for help. Misty sends two guys to help out, PyrusDragon's character Timber, Lawliet's character Oliver and more NPC reinforcements. Not to mention, darknessdestroy's character Damian, who appears to have journeyed on his own to help out Misty, by lending a hand to Morty. Since Morty is my character Hario's leader, he gets the message as well, and also arrives on the scene. Both Hario and Timber meet up with Morty and recieve their orders to help the injured troops, and take out the temporary supply base along with Oliver's help.

Meanwhile, Roxas' character Aethon is at the Power Plant near Cerulean, awaiting your Charater, Captain Fox's, arrival. Next comes dragoonreaper's character Dart, who ran away from home and joined the Coalition under Misty's rule against his mother's wishes. He then takes it upon himself to go to Ecruteak, and offer whatever help he can, but apparently, gets side tracked and, he has to pass through Saffron City. Being told that he had to get certain papers to pass through the barrier protected town, Dart goes to the Saffron gym to get them, but changes his mind upon arrival and heads to Silph Co. where he is currently on an elevator with a woman. (His post is a little confusing...first he was going to Ecruteak, but suddenly decides to pass through Saffron to meet Clair in Blackthorn for training....I dunno.)

Then there's GuyYouMetOnline's character Aesera, who's still in Azaela town testing her students for graduation, when she gets an assignment about going to Saffron for research on controlling the legendary, and supposedly not real, Palkia and Dialga. After attending her student's graduation, she arrives on the outskirts of Saffron and is currently on the way there.

Last but not least is Nefertimon and her characters, Halberd, Warren, Merlin, Lupin, and Yamiko. This group are on their way to Blackthorn to check the city's current state, after being told by Morty that it may not be a good idea to attack the shipping supply ports in the towns of Olivine and/or Vermillion.

Hopefully I covered everything and got it right, but if not, please feel free to post whatever corrections that are needed.

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It's not your fault, don't worry. I haven't posted because I don't have anything to post, as I finished my objective and don't have a new one. I'd post anyways, but the RPG has shown signs of dying. Some of the participants have had poor post quality, which I know from experience can drive people away. Posts by anyone have become less and less frequent, and Kei seems to have abandoned the RPG. And that last one is the kiss of death. I've been in RPGs where the creator's lost interest, and although participants often try to keep it going, it never works, and the RPG dies within a few days.

So yeah, at this point I don't have high hopes for this RPG. If it continues, it would likely be just you, me, Kei, and probably M.Ali, which would be fine, since we're the four highest-quality posters and would be easily able to keep the RPG going, but unless Kei reappears, then not even that's going to happen. So although I want this RPG to keep going, I find it unlikely that it will.
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[color=darkblue][size=1]I apologize to everyone about not being a very good host with this. As a result of everything going on presently on my end, I've not thad the time to devote to this that I originally thought I would.

For that reason, I'm going to say that this is officially on hiatus. I don't want it to die, seeing as though a lot of people were really interested when this started and still apparently want to keep going, but since I can't really provide the appropriate amount of guidance, I feel it isn't fair to everyone involved.

So, I'll let you guys know when I plan on starting again. Whether or not you will still want to take part at that time is up to you.[/color][/size]
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[SIZE="2"][COLOR="DarkRed"]That sounds cool to me. I still have a lot of great ideas for this, so it would be sad to see it die completely. But when you do start it up again, just drop me a pm.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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