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[SIZE="1"][color=darkblue][b]Ecruteak City 4-11 1321 hrs[/b]

It was a masterpiece, really.

The number of troops wiped out in one fell swoop. The devastation he was able to bring upon Ecruteak in only a matter of days. It was beautiful, in its own horribly grotesque way.

Bugsy admitted it: he was proud of his work. But he would never say it aloud. He wasn't that kind of person. No, he would keep his thoughts to himself: he found that relations went a lot easier that way when all was said and done. Many times in the past, a slip of the tongue had earned him the ire of more than a few of his comrades, but his quick wit had easily smoothed it over.

It was amazing what idiots would believe.

But he wasn't so much focused on the thoughts of his fellow Federation Leaders at the moment. He was more concerned about his current objective: the complete destruction of Ecruteak and the capture of Morty. His original mission handed down from the Elite had nothing written about catching the alleged Leader of the Coalition forces, but Bugsy felt compelled to. He turned over the possibility for it many times. Was it because Morty was once his friend and a mentor to him when he was younger, before this horrible war began? Or was it because he needed a trophy, something to show off what he'd done to the quiet little city?

No, Bugsy thought with a slight smirk. It was just because he could.

He stood over his grid of the battlefield, a perfect representation of what was left of Ecruteak. Every station was marked with little figures representing his forces. They had already taken over 90% of the city. The only things left now were the Towers and the Gym itself. The Towers were to be left untouched by orders: Bugsy figured they would likely be searched for clues as to where the new rebel headquarters had been established after the siege was complete. But taking the Gym was proving to be somewhat of a challenge.

The small area in comparison to the city itself was far more easy to defend. Morty apparently had enough troops in reserve to have all possible entryways covered. His troops had been able to thin his ranks slightly, but those that were left were skilled. Spiritombs and Mismagi lined the main and rear entrances, formidable new Pokémon imported from the Sinnoh region that Bugsy had little experience going up against. They battled hard and had managed to injure quite a few of Busgy's men, but none had yet to die. Bugsy attributed that to Morty's bleeding heart tactic of not killing enemies. But that wasn't important. Bugsy needed a plan, the sooner the better. His desire to see Morty in shackles was growing stronger by the day.


Morty looked out over the expanse of the small battlefield that had been created in front of the Gym through one of the small windows in front. Pokémon corpses were strewn about everywhere: it had been a vicious battle. Morty only counted himself lucky that troops sent to the Sinnoh region had been able to send back these new Pokémon. Without them, the battle would have been lost a long time ago.

Haunter came through the wall from the battlefield looking the worse for wear, but still able to float around. He looked back somewhat mournfully at the battlefield, knowing that while he would gain some new brothers and sisters soon, had hoped it wouldn't have been quite that many.

"It's rough out there, Morty. Most of us are dropping like flies. Even with those new guys, I don't know how much longer we can hold out."

"Do you honestly think I don't know that?!"

Haunter looked slightly taken aback at the inflection in Morty's voice. In most of the time they've spent together, Morty had never really raised his voice at him. He knew that it was primarily from the stress of the situation, but still...

"Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap," Morty said, a look of sincere regret in his eyes. "But I do realize the position we're in. The enemy is strong. But we have to have faith that help will come."

"What if they don't?"

"...Then we fight with honor to the grave."

A large crash and the sound of shattering glass next to the both of them sent them scrambling for cover. Fully expecting a Voltorb bomb to greet them, Morty was shocked to see a bloodied Wingull picking itself up off the floor.

"G... Get this window boarded up, ASAP!" Morty yelled. Back-up troops scrambled to comply as Morty crawled closer to the bird, still somewhat confused.

"Is this thing crazy?! It could have killed itself coming through a window like that!" Haunter said, attempting to poke at the tiny feathered mess. It attempted to peck back, but it only led to a silly-looking match between the two.

"Would you both cut that out!" Morty finally said, frustrated at the show that would be amusing in any other circumstance. Both Pokémon immediately stopped and the Wingull looked as though it had just recognized Morty's existence. Staring at him as if to check over something in its mind, it casually hopped over to Morty and spat something at his feet. It then hopped around him, ate a small Berry it had tied around its neck that seemingly staunched the bleeding, took wing and sped off the way it had come, startling the trainers that had started repairing the window.

"That was...odd..." Haunter said, looking after the strange bird.

"Yes..." Morty picked up the item that the bird had dropped: An ocean-print mail. A small mile played over his face. Only one person would communicate using something so cutesy.


Morty quickly ripped open the note and poured over its content, a serious look coming over his face as he read. Haunter tried to get into a good position to read for himself, but the manner in which Morty held it made it somewhat impossible.

"Well? What's it say?"

He turned to his friend with a look of hope and newfound fire.

"Help is on the way."[/color][/SIZE]
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Timber looked over the troops carefully. Inspecting all of them thoroughly before moving out. The journey to Ecruteak was going to be long and vigorous. "I only hope Morty can hold on until we can get there..." He murmured to Volcano, who was standing next to him.

The troops looked good and the journey went by quick. Timber only had a few casualties but was soon outside Ecruteak City, preparing to help Morty. He wasn't going to let Misty or the Coalition down. The pokemon readied themselves, the warzone before them was waiting. "A group of many to Ecruteak, Morty waiting for backup... I think we have a chance."
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Aethon walked with his subordinates toward his target point. He was accompanied by three other psychic trainers, however he could tell they didn't have a connection to their pokemon like he did with his Gengar.

[I]"So... Gengar, what do you think about this mission."[/I] Aethon thought silently, looking at his shadow being cast ominously in front of him. [I]"I mean... We not only have to work with these subordinates, but there's this [/I]Captain Fox [I]character as well. I'm not about to disobey an order, but I would have perfered something different. I guess that's what I get for not speaking my mind a little more often."

[COLOR=Purple]"I kept telling you that you should have, but do you listen to me? No, of course not. Don't listen to the pokemon that protects you at night by hiding in your shadow." [/COLOR][/I][COLOR=Purple][COLOR=Black]Gengar replied sarcastically to his trainer.

[I]"You know, I didn't have to catch you [U]specifically[/U] when I was given my first pokeball. There were plenty of other Gastlys around."[/I] Aethon jested as he was begining to approach the Power Plant.

[I][COLOR=Purple]"That's not very funny you know, and besides. We've went over this before haven't we? I don't think any of those other Gastly wanted a trainer, and probably wouldn't have been willing to protect you the way I do." [/COLOR][/I][COLOR=Purple][COLOR=Black]Gastly retorted as Aethon came to a within a safe distance of the Power Plant.

"And now we wait." Aethon said under his breath.
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[COLOR="Green"][FONT="Palatino Linotype"][SIZE="1"]Fox did not care much for battle.

Not to say that Fox hated battle, or that he was not skilled at battle, he just preferred ? to avoid conflict. There was a reason behind Jasmine only having a small amount of experience during this hellish war, and Captain Fox was that reason. Rather than rush into a battle Charizard?s a blazing, Fox would rather swoop in unseen, complete his mission, and get out as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this was primarily not the way the Federation worked because of their vast manpower and ability to overpower the Coalition ten to one. The higher-ups of the Federation believed that the easiest way to victory was to completely obliterate their opponent, and although Fox wholeheartedly disagreed with those types of tactics, there was no much he could do about it.

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a slip of paper with his next objective on it. It was a letter from Commander Jasmine, blatantly telling him to meet a man named Elocine in Saffron City and accompany his forces to the power plant on the outskirts of Cerulean City.

?Well, easier said then done.?

Fox knew he would have no trouble making his way to Saffron City. Sabrina had been a member of the Federation?s forces long before he had even known a war was going on, and apparently this Elocine person was a well-known leader within her army. [I]Fair enough. He must have a decent amount of experience to lead an operation like this[/I]. Fox was actually quite clueless about Cerulean City and it?s surroundings, having not spent much time in the Kanto region. He understood why he was not leading this operation, and honestly, it really didn?t bother him that much. He had learned from his Intel that the power plant was heavily guarded by Coalition forces, although none of the actual Coalition commanders were known to be stationed there at this current time. If the power plant was only being guarded by grunts, Fox and Elocine would have no problem sweeping their troops in and taking command of the base.

[I]Time to get this show on the road then. Let?s go Skarmory.[/I]

He reached for Skarmory?s pokeball and lightly tossed it onto the ground, where it violently jerked for a few seconds. After a brilliant flash of blue light, Fox?s Skarmory stood by his side in all of it?s glory. It was becoming rare for a trainer to keep his pokemon in their allotted poke balls, but Fox still found it a quick and easy way to keep track of his comrades. He slung one leg over Skarmory?s back and then wrapped his arms tightly the pokemon?s neck, having no surface to actually hold on to due to the pokemon?s metallic base.

?Alright Skarmory, let?s head to Saffron.?[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
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Dart was getting up when he heard that Ecruteak City in Johto was being seiged by Federation forces. Feeling like a kid since he couldnt help while in training he decided to sneek out of mothers glare and go to Ecruteak City and help Morty. He climbed through a window in the bathroom.

Soon he was going through the town of Cerulian City and passed by Misty's Gym. Might as well stop by and see how she is doing. As he walked into the Gym, their was silence. Erry silence of no-one their. Or at least he thought no-one was their.

Walking through the gym he hears little movment in the water but thinks its just the fans in the building stirring the air. Taylor calls out for anyone but gets no reply.
Dart: "Thats weird, their should be some gaurd here incase the Federation attacks. This is starting to creep me out. Im leving a note. Gotta stop at the Pokemart for supplies before I start my trip to Ecruteak City in Johto."

"Dear Misty,

My name is Dart Taylor, Im from a small town near the Rock Tunnel. My mother as been training me to fight but I decided that Morty is in more need of help. From this moment on I join the coalition. Please tell my mom im sorry for disobeying her but I think their is more to learn than she can teach me in a home setting. I cannot stay and be taught in a room. Their are more things than a teacher can teach in this world. This is sort of my own test on the long road to Ecruteak City. Oh and have you been in your own gym by yoursef? Its scary and creepy.

PS: I left the appication and my home address where I live in the the envolope on the table. Peace and if any luck hope to fight beside you one day.

Dart Taylor."

Dart places the note where the gym leader would be and heads outside then to the Pokemart. Dart looks at the list of supplies he thinks he needs to make it to Ecruteak City. Dart: "Lets see, lots of healing potions, pokefood, pokeballs, spare cloths, rope, boots......." The list continued untill he hit the Pokemart's window. Stumbling back wards he lost his balance and fell on his butt.

Dart: "Ow, that was smart. Should of looked where I was going." Dart got back up and dusted himself off and went inside. He handed the list of items to the clerck and asked how much it would run him for the items. All the items totally depletted his money.

Dart walked over to the Pokecenter and had his pokemon healed before making his way towards Johto. Even though he was in the coalition he made sure no-one suppected him of it. Thinking that he might pass by Federation Troops sooner or later. He rather not get caught or worse killed before he had the chance to help anyone.
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Timber saw pokemon battling it out within the city. Air and ground troops circled him as he readied the signal to attack. He rose his left hand slowly, making sure everyone was watching him.

"Ready Volcano?" he whispered softly. The Charizard nodded before flapping it's wings and taking to the sky.

"Go..." Volcano let out a stream of fire, signaling the attack before swooping in on Bugsy's men. Timber's troops rushed into battle confidentally. They began to tear through Federation ranks swiftly and harshly, making sure anyone taken down, stayed down.

Timber himself rushed to the Gym, looking for Morty. His troops as well as enemy troops were dropping like flies. "Morty?" he called once he made it inside. The room was quiet, he didn't see anyone but a lone Haunter and a couple of Gastly.
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[COLOR="DarkRed"][SIZE="2"]"Come on out Arcanine", Hario said as he gathered the last remaining supplies before his departure to Ecruteak. Arcanine was truly a sight to behold, being twice the size of a normal Arcanine, he stood at 7 feet tall and was the perfect vison of nobility and grace. "Okay Arcanine, when we get to Ecruteak, be on guard. Now Arcanine, teleport us to Ecruteak", with an affirming bark, they instantly arrived in the crumbling city, right beside the Ecruteak Gym. "What the hell......" Hario exclaimed with a look of disbelief on his face, "The city...it's just about destroyed...". The damage done to the city was immeasurable. Buildings were on fire, skyscrapers were half blown up, and war raged on as the cries of injured soldiers and Pokemon reigned throughout the area, and not too far from the gym's entrance, a Spiritomb was firing a Shadowball at the opposing troops, "Dammit...this place is like a second home to me...I gotta find Morty.", and with that being said, Hario and Arcanine quickly headed towards the entrance to the gym, and just when they approached the doors, a voice rang out,

"Morty?" Hario, with his stun gun out calmly said,

"Hands up where I can see them, now turn around slowly and state your business."

"Dont shoot!" the guy said with a slight hint of surprise in his voice, "I'm here to help Morty!" , and as the guy turned around, Hario saw the Coalition insignia on the sleeve of his left shoulder and immediately recognized him.

"Timber, glad you could make it...even though you were two seconds from having 10,000 volts pulsing through you."

"Yeah yeah" Timber replied in a knowingly way, "so where's you're leader?"

"I'm pretty sure he's upstairs waiting on us, follow me. Arcanine, stay down here and help these Gastly and Haunter secure the area!"

"Bwoof!" Arcanine agreeingly barked back.

"I swear he gets bigger every time I see him" Timber said as they ran towards the door that lead to the stairs. A loud explosion could be heard from outside.

"It's worse than I expected...we gotta hurry!" They finally reached the top and saw the troops guarding the door to Morty's quarters, and with a affirming nod, both Hario and Timber entered the room, "Need back up?"

OOC: Sorry about it being so short, I'll do better next post. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=indigo]"All right," Aesera said, "you've all done this exercise before, so you know how it works. There is a bit of a twist this time, though. After all, it wouldn't be much of a test if you knew exactly what was coming, now, would it?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]The current session of classes at the Academy was finishing up, meaning final exams were being administered. Some courses had strictly written exams, and some had what were referred to as field exams, where they were tested in action. This was the norm in combat-related courses, although they were often accompanied by written exams. Aesera's course was among those that usually used solely written exams, as her subject was considered entirely knowledge-based, with no real practical application. After all, legends weren't exactly of use in real life. But Aesera had her own ways of doing things.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]Aesera did use written exams, if only because knowledge of the stories about legendary Pokemon was part of the course. But Aesera used written exams solely to test knowledge of the specific stories, of people, places, and events in them. For testing knowledge of the legendary Pokemon thmselves, Aesera preferred more practical means.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]The written exams had already been completed. Today was the field exam. The exam consisted of various exercises designed to test the students' knowledge of the legendary Pokemon. This, the last exercise, was Aesera's favorite. It tested her students' knowledge of legendary Pokemon in a combat situation. Aesera obviously couldn't test anyone in battle against the actual legendary Pokemon, but she could do the next best thing; use other Pokemon to play the roles of the legendary Pokemon.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]For some of the legendaries, finding the appropriate substitute was easy; a Charizard, for instance, was the perfect choice to play the role of Moltres. A Charizard wasn't anywhere close to Moltres' power, and Moltres had a greater range of fire abilities, but a Charizard, a flying fire Pokemon, was as close as any real Pokemon came to Moltres. But other legendaries were harder. For instance, Zapdos required two Pokemon to properly imitate; a small electric Pokemon such as a Pikachu to produce the electric abilities, and a large flyer such as a Pidgeot or Fearow to carry the electric Pokemon and provide the capability of flight. Aesera almost always needed Pokemon other then the ones she had; fortunately, this was common enough that the Academy had various Pokemon available for instructors to use when needed. The history department didn't exactly make use of this often, but they were allowed to, just like every [/COLOR][COLOR=indigo]other department, and Aesera frequently took advantage of this.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=indigo]"You all know the rules," Aesera said, "but for the record, let me go over them. Your goal is to perform as effectively as possible. Victory is not a requirement, for the reason that vitory against any of the legendary Pokemon would be almost impossible. You will be graded on the effectiveness of your strategy as shown during the battle.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=indigo]"Since the Pokemon playing the role of the legendary Pokemon can't come close to matching the power of the legendaries, damage will be assessed by the same criteria we've used in these exercises previously. As usual, if you or any of your Pokemon fail to leave the testing area upon defeat, one of the Magemite along the side here will deliver a shock to you; a harmless one, but it will hurt.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]"This test will have two parts to it. You may have noticed that the testing area is substantially larger than the normal exercise area. That's because the first part of the test will be a group exercise. You will be expected to coordinate with your classmates as best you can to fight most effectively. Of course," Aesera smiled as she spoke, "you'll have to work that out on the fly, since you didn;t know about it until now. But like I said, it wouldn't be much of a test if you knew everything in advance, now, would it? The second portion of the test will be individual encounters, like we've done in class previously. Now, any questions?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]There were none, so Aesera moved the students into the testing area. "All right, then," she said, "the test begins right... now. Good luck."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]Soon after Aesera spoke, the ground began shaking under the students' feet. Aesera, of course, knew exactly what was causing it. Before class, a Dugtrio had dug a tunnel underground, and a Rhydon had moved into it. The Rhydon was forcing its way up out of the tunnel, right into the middle of the testing area. It was much larger than the average Rhydon, which added to the effect Aesera had wanted. The Rhydon, of course, was playing the part of Groudon, which most of the students figured out almost immediately.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]Aesera watched them spring into action. She could't follow everything, of course, but she had cameras placed around the testing area and would review the recordings later. Right now, she just observed the action. 'Groudon' had emerged right beside one of the students, and it went for her immediately. She reacted quickly, releasing one of her Pokemon, a Golduck. Golduck went straight for 'Groudon', and Aesera smiled as she watched.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]Trea was one of Aesera's better students, both in the classroom and on the field, and Aesera was pleased with her performance. She wasn't having Golduck try to win; a Golduck could take a Rhydon, but not a Groudon. Instead, Trea's Golduck charged Rhydon head-on, buying Trea time to get to a safer distance. Golduck kept 'Groudon' busy long enough for Trea to get away, then fell back beside its Trainer. 'Groudon' began to pursue, only to be hit by various other Pokemon, sent out by other students who'd gotten past their initial surprise. But Aesera had more than one surprise in store for them.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]Most of the students were preoccupied with 'Groudon', and thus didn't notice the approach of another Pokemon. But Kene, another of Aesera's best students did notice. The approaching Pokemon was an Arcanine, the obvious choice for the role of Entei. Kene was with another student, Seth, and he immediately grabbed Seth and spun him around to face the new opponent. "Warn the others," Kene said. "I'll keep this one busy."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]Kene did very well against 'Entei'. Like Trea, he didn't try to fight head on. Instead, he and his Pokemon began an excellent stragegy of confusion, meant not to fight but to keep 'Entei' busy until Seth brought backup, which he soon did. The battle neatly devided itself into two sections, the battle with 'Groudon' and the batle with 'Entei'. But Aesera wasn't planning on keeping things so simple.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]Aesera releaesed one her her own Pokemon, Gardevoir. Gardevoir was playing the role of Mew, and as Aesera watched her enter the battle, she wondered how quickly her students would figure it out. Bun no matter how quickly they figured it out, having 'Mew' enter the battle would make things very interesting. Aesera smiled in anticipation as she stood back to watch.[/COLOR]
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[color=darkblue][size=1]Morty sighed, both in relief and in anxiety. Help had finally arrived. But the enemy was strong, he knew that. Already, the fresh forces had taken casualties merely attempting a pincer movement to help fortify the base. Still, the new group had taken out some of the more problematic forces, so that was a plus.

"I'm glad you're here. We really appreciate the help," he said running a hand through his short hair. "It's been rough."

"Yeah, I can see why. It's horrible..." said Colbert.

"Yes... But such is war. Anyway, now that we have reinforcements, we may be able to battle them back. We're planning a surprise strike on their supply base, which should force them to at least pull back long enough to get ourselves back in some sort of fighting shape."

"What will that include?"

"Most of my specialists risking their lives. The ghosts are going to be the primary strike force, but some of our bigger forces are going to need to protect them while they work in case things go wrong."


"Well, it's the best strategy we've got. I'll be in a conference with the captains planning the operation. You all go conduct the troops and help the injured," Morty said rising. "Good luck."[/color][/size]
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Dart Taylor was walking towards Saffron City which was Federation territory. Fearing that he would be caught or killed, Dart took off anything that might give him away as Coalition member. Dart had to change his entire outfit to cloths he brought as spares. After 30 minutes of changing and hiding the cloths in his bag so if it where searched it wouldn't be found.

Apon entering Safron City, Federation forces stopped him and asked why he was trravling alone and if He had papers athourizing him to travel. Dart said he didn't even know that papers and was just passing through on his way to Blackthorn City to catch wild dragon pokemon. They demanded to search his bag to make sure he wasn't a spy for the Coalition.

Needless to say Dart agreed to let them search so he wouldn't seem like a coalition member. Deffently after hearing they have a person who could turn even the strongest Coalition fighter to their side. Also the fact that they kill Coalition fighters on sight. After finding nothing they aloud him to pass through but told him to head to Saffron Gym to get proper papers.

Obviously Dart wont even step foot in that gym. Sabrina could sense that he was lying and have him captured, but the entrances to Saffron City where gaurded so sneaking out was not an option. Dart had only one option, go into Sabrina's Gym and ask for the papers. He hopes being a trainee might help him seem less of a threat as a flea on a dog.

Apon approaching the gym, he frooze. Being in enemy territory was frightning enough but to actually go into a Gym where the leader was psychic could stop anyone in their tracks. Dart takes a deep breath and steps in. Pass the main doors an erry feeling sets in. That feeling like someone or something was watching you. Giving Dart cold sweat as he nears the main part of the gym. The gym leaders room.

Dart looks back behind him to make sure he wasnt being followed by something and continued onwards probally towards either captivity or certain death. If he was to ever avenge his father and help Morty and the Coalition maybe he was to become better than any rookie like Ash Catchem.
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[COLOR=indigo]"...but despite your rather good performance on the written exams, your field performance was sorely lacking, expecially your performance in the group combat exercise."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]Aesera was speaking to one of her students, Ryan. Ryan had an interest in legendary Pokemon, but he positively hated the way Aesera incorporated them into field exercises. And the fact that he sucked at them didn't help things. His performance during the exam had been typical of him, especially in the group combat exercise. He hadn't truly fought at all until near then end, when only a few students were left and avoiding the opponents was no longer possible. Throughout the rest of the exercise, he'd actively avoided any sort of action, clearly hoping that he'd get points for lasting for most of the exercise. This hadn't happened, and Ryan clearly wasn't pleased with his score. Which was why he was in Aesera's office in the first place. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]"What the hell are you talking about?" Ryan said. "I lasted almost until the end. Only three people stayed in the battle longer than I did."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]"Correction: only three people stayed in the testing area longer than you did. Everyone was in battle more than you."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]"What's that supposed to mean? I lasted longer than most, so why'd they all get better scores?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]Aesera sighed. "I made it perfectly clear that survival would not be a factor in the grade. It's not my fault you decided not to listen. Besides, your cowardly tactics were the only reason you weren't the first to go, and you know it. If there's one thing you've shown me in the field exercises, it's that you're no good in a fight."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]"Shut the hell up! Those 'fights' of yours are complete bullshit, anyways! You're just pissed that you're stuck teaching this instead of a 'real' class. If that's how you feel, fine, but leave the rest of us out of it."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]"If you don't like how I do things, you should've dropped my class. As it is, I am your instructor, and you will be graded according to my criteria."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]"What damn criteria? I'm the only one who didn't pass the exercise, even though I lasted longer then all but three others. I know as well as you do that you're failing me just because you don't like me."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]Aesera rose from her chair. "That is enough, Ryan. Your score is low because you've shown that's what you deserve. Your actions in field exercises are those of a coward. You did nothing but run away, even going so far as to shove othersbehind you as distractions. In a real fight, you'd be nothing but a hinderance. That is why you failed the field exams."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]"Oh, don't give me that crap. You're just looking to take me down for your own reasons. So quit your lying and-"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]"Shut up." Aesera moved out from behind her disk. "Do not question my integrity. Look at yourself, instead. You're a coward and a liar, and if you don't change that, then not only will you die in battle, but you'll get your fellow soldiers killed as well. If you want to be anything but a hinderance, I suggest you get your act together, and quickly. Now get out of here."[/COLOR]



[COLOR=#4b0082]Ryan wasn't happy, but he left as ordered, and Aesera sat back down. She certainly could've handled that better, but Ryan had tried her patience one too many times, and he deserved any ass-chewing he got. Aesera had no patience for people like him, and she wasn't the only one who felt that way. Ryan had been suspended on two seperate occasions following interactions with other instructors, and the only reason he hadn't been kicked out was because his father was a major financial contributor to the Academy.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]Aesera leaned back and sighed. She liked her job, but some of the students were almost more than she could handle at times. But such individuals were fortunately rare, and the job itself made up for the times when such people did show up. Not that it was perfect. [/COLOR][COLOR=#4b0082]Aesera shook her head as she looked again at her most recend orders. [I]What the hell are they thinking?[/I][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#4b0082]She'd been given additional assignments before, tasks she was expected to do with whatever time she had after meeting her responsibilities as an instructor. But this assignment was just crazy. Sure, it seemed fine at first, even enjoyable, since legendary Pokemon were a point of interest for Aesera. She was to research legends from the Sinnoh region, specificallythose about legendary Pokemon Palkia and Dialga.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]Being assigned this had seemed strange, so Aesera had asked for elaboration. More details would also be helpful to her, since it was obvious there was something specific her superiors were interested in. And she'd gotten her answer, but she'd never expected it, and she shook her head again. Her superiors were interested in the abilities of Palkia and Dialga and how to gain control of them. In other words, some idiot thought the legends were true and wanted the two Pokemon. Aesera's reply to this had been brief and polite, but she regarded the assignment as a big waste of time. But she'd still do it. And it was fortunate that the current session of classes was over, as the assignment would necessitate a trip to Saffron.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]Not many outside of Sinnoh had done much research of any kind in the region. In fact, the only major research there had been done by Silph. All obtained data was stored in the massive Silph database at the company's headquarters in Saffron, and Aesera had been authorized to make use of this. Which was good, because the Silph database was the only place outside of Sinnoh where substantial information on Sinnoh's legends would be found. So Aesera found herself preparing for a trip to Saffron, leaving what minor duties she had as an instructor between sessions to her aids. Hopefully, this would be over quickly, because as much as Aesera was interested in the legends of Sinnoh, thinking of them as real was just stupid.[/COLOR]
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As Dart walks towards the main part he freezes yet again. He turns around and walks outside and towards the towering Silph Building. After several minutes of riding in an elevator, Dart came to the roof of the building. The view was breath taking but still he had to get to Erueka City.

He might be able to access route 16 and slip into Veridian Forest towards Pallet Town. Then towards Putreit City where the Rock gym was. From their towards Victory Road. Then Blackthorn City to see Claire. Hopefully She can train him a little in dragon type pokemon.

Yet their was a snag. Crossing their was Federation territory. Which mean having that paper might come in handy. If he could get pass the fear of Sabrina's reputation, he might make it. Deciding on staying a day or so to get a map or two and to see Sabrina and get the permit (paper) needed to travel without hiding from Fed Forces. This would make it a lot more faster to get through Fed held towns.

On his way down the elevator, he was thinking on how he would obtain the maps for dirt cheap. Silph maps where incredibley accurate but cost way more than he had on him. Maybe some of the people living here might have some maps for cheap.

As he walked of the elevator he bumps into a lady who was coming in the elevator. This lady was pretty but didn't seem like the kind to piss off.
Dart apologizes for bumping into her and helps her pick up some items she dropped.

She looked like a teacher of some sorts and seemed to be battle hardened person.

Happy for some reason, probally from some student causing stress. Dart asks for her name politly as if their was no war have ever existed.
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Timber turned on his heel before walking out of the Gym. The battle was raging fiercly in front of him, ghost and bug pokemon, as well as him own troops, we're dropping like flies.

Volcano landed next to him with a roar. He gave a look of disgust at the battlefield before reporting. The battle was beginning to turn in their favor but with supplies running short it seemed it would still be quite a feat to accomplish.

"Alright." Timber said softly. Volcano roared once more before taking off. Fire spewing out of his mouth as he did. Timber took one last glance at the war before running to find injured troops.

He could feel the rush of the battle, his adrenaline was pumping harshly as he ran. He stopped in front of a group of ghost pokemon. Two Haunters and a Spiritomb layed on the ground.

He kneeled down to look at their wounds. One Haunter had a large gash, probably from the sythe of a Scyther on it, the other was dead. The Spiritomb awoke to the sound of him.

Timber looked at it compassionatly. "Don't worry, you're going to be fine."
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Damian and his loyal Zangoose come running through the woods and come across a group of Beedrill attacking a Ghastly.
"Alright Zangoose use slash attack now!" Zangoose starts running full speed at the group of Beedrill and slashes one right across the face knocking it to the ground with a critical hit. "Now use Fury Swipes to take the other two out!"
Zangoose starts slashing away at the remaining Beedrill untill they finally fall unconsious.
The Ghastly lay there in pain it could barely move."Everything is alright now,im gonna take good care of you" Damian says as he picks it up and holds it he pulls out a pokeball and puts it in.
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Flygon was flying at a leisurely pace through the clouds. His trainer was on his back, watching some show on a portable T.V. Flygon knew that Oliver had been sent as back up to some war zone and that they were landing in Ecruteak City, but Oliver didn?t seem that interested in going.

They had made three different stops on the way and where finally on the last stretch of their trip before they landed.

?Flygon I?ve had a change of heart, speed it up I want to get back to bothering Misty ASAP? Oliver didn?t even bother to look away from his show. Flygon nodded in agreement and flew as fast as he could.

With in a few minuets they where already descending on the destroyed city. Oliver turned off his Portable T.V. and looked down at the destruction. ?I love war zones, don?t you Flygon? the Pokemon looked confused ?all of the conflicting interests, the raging emotions, the chance to take out any inner frustration on people with out being called a murderer, its great isn?t it?? Flygon rolled its eyes and Oliver laughed. ?I was just joking? Flygon didn?t believe him one bit.

Oliver looked down and saw a familiar face. Some annoying little kid named Timber, he was one of the trainers under Misty, like himself, but he was young and weak, and definitely not worth sending to a war zone. Especially not when he was sent too. Maybe Misty knew that he would take his time, and sent Timber as immediate reinforcements, who knew, who cared, as would be well soon.

?Come out Beautifly? Oliver threw a pokeball and his Beautifly cam out. ?Beautifly I want you to go find me some eggs in the destroyed city, I?ll send Jynx to help you when we land.? The Beautifly nodded and flew off in to the ruins of the city.

Flygon landed right next to Timber, nearly scaring him to death. Timber looked up and the green dragon and at its owner. Timber and Oliver didn?t get along very well Oliver used his rank to make all of the trainers lower than him do ridiculous things, and he always gave Timber horrible jobs like cleaning the roof, or fishing up 100 Magikarp from the near by river.

?Hello friend? said Oliver as he jumped down and recalled his Flygon. ?How?s it been??

Timber looked angry ? You left way before I didn?t and you still arrived after I did, this is a war. What took you so long any way??

Oliver tilted his head a little and released his Jynx and told it to go find a frying pan then looked right at Timber and said ? I took the scenic route.?

Timber was getting flustered. ?What happened with this city anyway?? asked Oliver ?When people said war zone I didn?t know this is what they meant. Who is in charge of this regions wireless broadcasting anyway, all the shows I watched on the way here where horrible.?

Timber was about to say something when Oliver?s Pokemon returned with two eggs and a pan. ?Wonderful I haven?t eaten all morning, Jynx dear, could you put Charizard to sleep?? Jynx jumped up and used put the dragon to sleep before Timber had a chance to order it to do anything else.

?What are you doing, where on the same side? Timber was about to reach for an Awakening but Beautifly knocked his had away from his bag.

?I needed a fire to cook my eggs, gosh I didn?t know you where against my eating.? Jynx started to cook the eggs over Charizard?s flaming tail.

?So, who is in charge here?? Oliver asked with a grin.
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Damian and his Zangoose kept their pace up running through the woods hoping to reach Ecruteak City before its to late. They had been running for hours with no break and nothing to eat or drink.

Damian looked at Zangoose and Zangoose looked backat him."It's gettin late.What do you say we take a break for a while?" Zangoose nodded to agree.

They stopped and made a campfire and Damian Let all his Pokemon out to eat with them."Come on out guys!" Damian yelled as he threw the poke balls into the air.With a flash of light all his pokemon were standing in front of him.They all set quitely listening to the sound of the wind blowing through the trees. Zangoose set right beside Damian on the tree stump eating his supper.

"I wonder how Jade is doing right now." Damian said looking at up at the stars.Zangoose looked at him with a worried face and offered him his food. Damian chuckled "No thats alright Zangoos eat up. I'll be fine im just worried about her and i miss her." He got off the stump and went and layed down where he had set his sleeping back earlier.Zangoose got finished eating and went and layed down beside him."Goodnight Zangoose." He said as he petted his head.(Goodnight Jade) He thought to his self,(I'll see you soon)
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Timber growled at Oliver. "It should be obvious... Morty of Ecruteak Gym." He muttered angrily. He pulled out Volcano's pokeball and recalled him. "And all you can think about is getting something to eat. Deluge, go!"

A Swampert appeared next to Timber. "I need you to help me carry any injured troops still alive to safety. Nurse Joy is waiting for them so she can treat their wounds." He said. The large pokemon nodded before running off into battle.

"They need our help Oliver" He said looking at the Flygon. [I]"So get off your lazy ass and get to work."[/I] He thought as he turned and rushed off in the opposite direction of Deluge and Oliver.
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?Me? help these poor useless trainers who couldn?t even hold their own in battle? He must be crazy? Oliver looked down at his half finished eggs and groaned ?Jynx, would you mind finding a flame to finish these eggs? then he looked down at his thin frame and then said ?Never mind, I don?t want to get fat, come lets find this Morty fellow? Oliver began to walk around the destruction looking for anyone wearing the Collation uniform.

He heard some rustling from behind a pile of rubble. ? Swalot, Dig? his pokeball opened and with a flash of light his Swalot appeared and burrowed underground. Oliver kept walking his path until he came to a crossroad of the city?s two major roads. He stopped and tried to read the signs, while he was busy trying to decipher the tarnished signs a Federation member burst from his hiding place accompanied by a Growlith.

?Growlith toast him, flame thrower attack? Oliver didn?t even bother to look at his attacker, his Beautifly got in the way of the blast and used a Protect attack, and countered with a powerful silver wind, blowing the trainer and his Pokemon off balance. ?Do you know the way to the gym in this town?? Oliver asked, he had now pulled out a map and was trying to figure out where he was, which was proving to be more troublesome that he thought.

?Why would I try to help Collation scum like you!?? the Federation troop was angry, his Pokemon was back on its feet and was launching another flame thrower. Again Beautifly got in the way and protected its master, but this time the barrier was breached and a wave of flame washed over the bug Pokemon knocking it to the ground.

?Wonderful, now I have to stop what I am doing to battle some wimp? Oliver rolled his eyes and put his map away. ?Jynx dear, what are you doing?? he looked over at his Pokemon who was arranging some of the wooden planks from the rubble into a nice pile, she then set down the frying pan with the half cooked eggs and put up her fists like she was ready to battle. His Jynx was an amazing Pokemon, even though he said he didn?t want the eggs, she knew that he was lying and brought them along anyway, she was the best.

?That Pokemon is part ice? the enemy trainer look excited ? and fire always beats ice! Flame thrower? his Growlith used it attack again aimed right at Jynx.

?Silly, you should have aimed it at me, you would have forced me to release another Pokemon, Jynx is pretty slow? Oliver mocked. With out being ordered to do anything, Jynx used a Confusion attack to redirect the fire onto the pile of sticks she had laid out, making a nice camp fire, She then took the pan of eggs and put it over the fire, levitating it with her psychic powers.

?Wonderful idea Jynx, I will get my eggs at last? Oliver pulled out his map and started looking at the ruined street signs again. ?Oh, you must have forgotten about him.?

?About wh-? before the trainer could finish his sentence Swalot burst from underneath him and swallowed the trainer whole. The opposing Growlith look mortified and confused. ?Jynx, freeze the pup in a block of ice? Jynx launched a powerful ice beam and froze the Growlith solid.
Oliver walked over to his eggs and pulled a fork out of his bag and began to eat them. ?Shatter it now.? Jynx used its psychic attack to shatter the block of ice, also ripping the Pokemon frozen inside it apart. ?Good thing it was frozen or that would have been a bloody mess? Oliver slipped the eggs down his throat, looked down at his stomach then remembered about the trainer his Pokemon had swallowed.

Swalot was a rubbery Pokemon, so you could see the trainer struggling to get out of Swalot?s belly. ? Don?t digest him now, you?ll need to spit him back up once we find this Morty character and find out what his policies for prisoners are.? With that Oliver recalled his Swalot (and its stomach contents) to its (their) pokeball. He started to walk off with his Jynx and he turned back and said ?Heal yourself already, I don?t remember the name of the technique? At once his Beautifly used its Morning Sun move and its burns where removed as it they where never there at all. After it was done healing its self it flew and landed on Jynx?s head and the three continued to search for the gym and Morty.
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Damian and the pokemon wake up the next morning and clean up the campsite. "WE slept a little longer than i thought we would buddy." looking down and rubbing Zangoose on the head.
"Well i guess we gotta be a little faster.Pidgeot go!!" He says as he throws the pokeball off his belt. Aflashing light came out of the ball and the bird appeared. "Lets go Pidgeot to Ecruteak City." Damian and Zangoose Jumped on his back and headed for the war zone.
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The fighting never seemed to stop. Sounds of battle still filled the air. Timber noticed something odd about it. It seemed quieter. The reinforcements had begun to back the enemy out of the City. Further away from the Gym. He guessed Bugsy was probably angry now.

He carried a young boy, about his age, on his back. His Tyranitar, Rampage, by his side. Carrying the boys Pokemon, a Quilava. They were currently on their way to the Tin Tower. Timber knew Nurse Joy was taking care of the injured within the secure tower.

Rampage growled softly as the approached the Tin Tower. "Please help me out Rampage. Deluge and I are working just as hard as you..." He said carefully taking the Quilava from his Pokemons burly arms.

"I want you to find more survivors and bring them this way." He turned away as he heard Rampage's footsteps fade away. Walking into the Tower, Joy immediatly sighed.

"Send in the calvary..." She mumbled with a smile. Timber smiled back before replying, 'This is war ma'am. Get used to it." she laughed. Timber put the boy on the ground slowly. "So, what's the damage?" Joy said.

"This guy seems alright. He's got a bit of a burn on the right leg." He pointed to the leg. Quilava was set down next to the boy. "This guys a mess. He must've been pushed to the limit to get these kinds of wounds." The Quilava had a large mark running along his lower torso. "It's probably from a Scisor, or a really powerful Crunch attack."

Joy looked at him. "I'll handle it." She said turning to two Chansey with stretchers. They wheeled over quickly, placing the boy and his Pokemon on a separate bed. Timber smiled. "Good luck" He whispered before turning back to the battlefield.
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[COLOR=indigo]"Okay, Gardevoir, you remember the location, right?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]Gardevoir nodded. "All right, then," Aesera said, "I'm ready, so let's go."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]Gardevoir nodded again and teleported herself and Aesera. Aesera experienced the familiar distortion, then the wrenching shift as she was moved from one location to another. Then she bent over and threw up. Some people could handle being teleported without a problem, but Aesera wasn't one of them. But the effect passed quickly.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]Aesera returned Gardevoir to her Pokeball and began the walk to Saffron. Gardevoir couldn't teleport directly into the city, thanks to the psychic barrier, so Aesera'd had to settle for teleporting close to the city and walking the rest of the way. But she was pretty close to the city, and teleporting had saved a lot of time. Teleportation was impractical for sizeable objects or large numbers of people, so armies couldn't make too much use of it, but teleporting just one additional person was no problem for any decently capable psychic Pokemon. For Gardevoir, teleporting herself and Aesera was easy, provided she had a good enough mental image of the destination.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]Aesera hadn't been able to leave Azaela once classes were done. She'd had to wait a couple days, until after the graduation ceremony. All instructors were expected to attend if any of their students were graduating, and several of Aesera's were. And with the exception of Ryan, who'd been graduated simply to ensure his father didn't cease financial contributions, Aesera was pleased with all of them. So she'd stayed for graduation, but that was yesterday. Today, she would reach Saffron and begin her research. And however much she disliked the reason for the assignment, she was looking forward to getting underway.[/COLOR]
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they reach Ecruteak City and Damian tells Pidgeot to fly lower. So he did and Damian and Zangoose jumped off and Damian recalled his Pidgeot.
looking down at Zangoose Damian says "Look at this place Zangoose its horrible." Zangoose is looking all around and a Federation soldier jumps out of nowhere and tells his Houndoom to use flamethrower on them. "Zangoose jump out of the way and counter with fury swipes." Zangoose jumps back towards the Houndoom and starts scratching away."NOw follow up with a slash attack." and it sends the big dog like pokemon down to the ground.
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[COLOR="DarkRed"][SIZE="2"]"So what's the plan?" Hario said to the stress-worn gym leader.

"Well, it's just like I said. While the other reinforcements continue to help out the remaining troops, you're gonna get at least one other person to accompany you to the Federation's supply base."

"Great, so where exactly is the supply base located?"

"About two miles west outside the city." replied Haunter who seemed to appear out of thin air, "The base is a huge storage bunker that runs along route 38."

"That sounds a bit too trap-like....don't you think?" Hario asked Morty with a reluctant look on his face.

"Well, that's where the Gastly, and the other reinforcements come in. According to the letter I got from Misty, she sent Oliver too so find him and give him his orders. They're pretty much gonna be bait to get the base guards attention, and while they're distracted, you and your partner move in and plant the explosives in the proper places. Once they're planted, you guys signal Oliver, get everyone out, then everything goes boom."

"While we're doing that, what will you guys be doing?" Hario asked in a confused tone.

While staring out the window, Morty replied."Let's just say that, me and Haunter gots a date with Bugsy." With an affirming chuckle, Hario turned on his heel and headed for the ammunition room to get the bombs and detonators. As he made his way to the Gym's entrance, he called his massive Arcanine back to it's pokeball and began to think,

[i]"Now who am I gonna find at a time like this to help me out?"[/i] and with that thought, Hario looked up to only see a Tyranitar marching through the debris as if it was looking for something, but not far behind was Timber, who seemed to be the Tyranitar's trainer. [i]"Seems like I found my partner."[/i] Hario thought as he approached him. "Yo Timber!"


"Of course I'll come with you." Timber said as Hario finished explaining the assignment that Morty had given them.

"Thanks" Hario replied back, "I really aprreciate this. Oh, and I know that you're from Cerulean, so did Oliver just so happen to come with you?"

"Yeah, that asshole is around here somewhere ....why?"

"Because, we need him in order for the plan to work; he's our bait."

"Of course you need me," Oliver said as he emerged from the other side of a crumbled building. "After all, only someone as strong as me can pull this off"

"Whatever Oliver," Hario said while taking six pokeballs from his backpack and giving them to Oliver "These are the gastly that are gonna help you distract the guards.

"Ugh...why would I use those weaklings when I have my own brilliant pokemon?"

"You won't be using them. Morty already gave them their instructions, so when you get there just let them out of their out of the pokeballs. But you have to remember Oliver that you're gonna be the distraction, so don't wipe every single guard out okay? Just do what you do best and make all of them mad by being an ass.


OOC: Sorry it got kind of fuzzy around the end, but I'm gonna be late for class if I don't hurry. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Timber chuckled lightly at Hario and Oliver. [I]"I think I'm gonna enjoy this mission..." [/I] he thought with a smile. Timber looked over at Rampage. "Go and find Deluge, we're gonna need him for this mission.

Rampage nodded before taking off at a quick speed through the city. He could see Hario's somewhat astonished face, most people had never seen a Tyranitar as fast as Timber's. He simply chuckled once more.

"So, Hario, explain to me exactly where we are going to place the explosives."
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