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Odin M Yggdrasi

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[url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=58877]RP in progress, it is located here.[/url]
[url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=58912]Backstage Thread[/url]

[b]~Inner Universe~[/b]

Foreword: This is a significant departure from all the RPs I have been in, in that each player will get to create their own universe, connected by the real world as a common universe or “Outer Universe” I will define additional rules for that, while most of the RP will take place in the main universe I define.

Storyline: (Earth, Year 2008. Mid Pacific Ocean)

The Village of Mt. Angelica appears to a casual tourist as an ordinary resort island town, somewhere in the pacific. All the things one would expect of a reasonable sized town can be found on short notice, while the more adventurous can attempt to climb Mt. Angelica, the dormant volcano that composes the island.

Students go to school, Lovers sit at the beach or in the park, merchants sell their wares, and working folk hurry about trying to make a living. It is a popular tourism spot, attracting wealthy and celebrities from around the world in addition to ordinary people

However, there has been a disturbing series of events recently. People have begun to disappear for hours at a time, then suddenly reappear and tell tales of adventures that could only have happened inside a fantasy universe. To date nobody knows why, but it seems that there is something about Mt. Angelica, something that only those with an imagination could have ever thought possible. It could only be a power that nobody could explain without seeing it themselves. Something that many would say was just a dream.

1. NO GODMODDING. I don’t know how many times I’ve called that. Your characters will get hurt in a fight; it is inevitable. But too powerful too soon is another common godmod that I have called in the past.
2. NO controlling another character without permission. This includes combat; you cannot hurt another character without permission to cause damage.
3. NO drastically changing the plot or the main universe. While I will be allowing a lot in this RP because of all the inner universes, the main universe and it’s works still has to obey real world terms.
4. These characters are designed to be high school students, tourist or not. I will permit a limited number of adults such as teachers or people from town, but you must notify me in advance if you want such a position or it will be rejected.
5. Limit of 4 characters, exceptions will be made if you contact me and prove that you can manage more than that.

Bios: Note that there are actually two bios for each character, one is their real-world the other is their inner universe. Also please note that while everyone in the real world is human, inside the inner universes anything goes as far as races and abilities.

[b]Gender: [/b]
[b]Age:[/b](be reasonable. We are human here, and most of us are in high school)
[b]Real World Appearance: [/b](Haruhi Anime style school uniforms when in class, use this space for what they wear when not in class and also for details like hair style/color and body type)
[b]Year and Class: [/b](Should be standard, such as year 8 class 3)
[b]Personality: [/b](Should be consistent with the nature of the inner universe such as a dark and cruel person having a similar inner universe)
[b]GPA: [/b](What are your grades like)
[b]Character History:[/b] (If you want to give it, your character’s past.)
[b]Significant Item:[/b] (This is an item of sentimental or functional significance to your character, it will be relevant later in the series as a means to enter the Inner Universe. This item may change during the course of the series, however not often.)

[b]Inner Universe[/b]: (Describe their inner universe. How the world of that is like. It should be a manifestation of their personality, and how they would like to see the world. Also give the history of your inner universe, but remember that while at the start of this RP nobody will have gone to an inner universe yet the inner universes can know about the outer universe (outer universe aka real world) The means to enter an inner universe will be described in the RP itself, my current game plan involves the first few entries being done through actual dreams while later a more convenient method will be used as the inner universes become more important.)
[b]Inner Universe Appearance [/b]: (be creative here, this is how your character sees themselves and how they appear when in an inner universe)
[b]Inner Universe Races [/b]: (Races used in an inner universe. Note that while a person can be a different race in their home universe, all other universes they are human by default unless you describe how you see yourself to the person who’s inner universe you are in, the easiest way being to simply go there so they can see you in your inner universe)
[b]Inner Universe Age[/b]: how old are you in your inner universe.

My characters:

[b]Name:[/b] Odin M Yggdrasil

[b]Gender:[/b] M

[b]Age:[/b] 16

[b]Real World Appearance:[/b] 6’0” 150 lbs, short blonde hair that hangs towards left eye but does not cover it. Blue eyes, fine build with slightly noticeable muscles. Usually wears a t-shirt and jeans when not in school, and a leather apron when in the workshop.

[b]Year and Class:[/b] Year 10 class 2

[b]Personality: [/b]Usually silent and withdrawn as if in his own world, when something that interests him is brought up he suddenly becomes very talkative and will discuss it until it is completely explained. Will not do work unless you make him want to do it, which always causes problems with the teachers. Has expressed interests in medieval times and futuristic materials, in addition to real world metalworking and electronics.

[b]GPA:[/b] Cs and Ds, due to a zero-homework policy that gets him in trouble a lot. He insists on attempting to pass a course exclusively by exams without any homework.

[b]Character History:[/b] He moved to the island when he was 10, and lives on a farm midway up the mountain, 4 miles out of town. Because of this, and combined with his very unusual personality, he was picked on a lot, and eventually withdrew from society, hiding on the hill except for class and getting materials for his projects from the store. Last year he started talking for a brief while, but following another round of picking by his classmates once again withdrew from social life. While he does get picked on a lot, the few who have dared to physically bully him have regretted it- those nerdy arms and legs of his have remarkable strength inside.

[b]Significant Item:[/b] A steel ring forged by his own hands, and engraved with his name and the name of someone he once loved.

[b]Inner Universe:[/b] The world of Ironaya, where the forces of light (elves, humans) and the forces of darkness (demons, vampires) are fighting for control of the planet. The elves and humans just want to survive, and in doing so protect the outer universe (although they do not know of it’s existence) while the demons and vampires want to take over the planet and eventually find their way into the outer universe, so that they might take over all of the inner universes and the outer universe too. Some features of Ironaya are the crystals known as wing stones, if one is mounted in a crest on the neck that only an elf or vampire can properly attach to a body, the body’s abilities become enhanced, and high level users of these can call forth angel or bat wings (Depends on if the stone was set by an elf or a vampire. Elves get angel wings; vampires get bat wings.)

There are also legends of a great forge where the universe was made, and constant power struggles and searches to find it. Even most blacksmiths will dismiss the idea as folly, but the promise of power to the one who tames it still has sent many to their deaths.

[b]Inner Universe Appearance:[/b] Similar to his real world appearance, except his hair is knee length, he wears dull gray pants and a simple cloth shirt with the same leather apron that he wears in his real world workshop. He is also a known Half-Elf, and has a wing stone attached.

[b]Inner Universe Races:[/b] Humans, Elves, Vampires, Demons, and hybrids of these four.
[b]Inner Universe Age:[/b] 21
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[SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana][B]Name: [/B]Drake Historan[/FONT][/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana][B]Gender: [/B]Male[/FONT][/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana][B]Age:[/B] 18 [/FONT][/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana][B]Real World Appearance: [/B]Drake stands at an utterly average 5'8" tall, and is of a medium athletic build, weighing in around 160 lbs. He keeps his dark brown hair reaching his shoulder blades, usually pulled back into a ponytail. His eyes are a very pale blue, almost white from a distance. Having grown up on military bases, Drake has grown accustomed to military clothes, and has a fondness for BDUs (various camos and solid colors) and bomber jackets. If not in BDUs, he's generally in a well-fitting black t-shirt with a saying of some sort and torn jeans, either in combat boots or in black high-tops.[/FONT][/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana][B]Year and Class: [/B]Drake recently graduated from a Colorado high school.[/FONT][/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana][B]Personality: [/B]Drake is a relatively upbeat person, especially for someone who has never been able to hold onto friends for more than 2 years (although e-mail makes that a much smaller problem than it could be). A hard worker, Drake has no intentions of staying at the bottom of the barrel in life. While not insanely intelligent, he is above average, and his dedication to learning allows him to keep up with more intelligent people (he remembers everything once he learns it, but can take a bit of work to commit anything to memory).[/FONT][/SIZE]
[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1]Drake is very well-disciplined, thanks to martial arts and a military upbringing. He is not shy, easily striking up conversations with strangers (something you just have to learn to do when you move often). He is exceedingly protective of family and friends, and does not tolerate people who give them trouble.[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1]Tactically-minded, Drake is something of a fanatic for war games, a trait his mother finds exceedingly odd, considering his lack of interest in the military itself. Drake believes that the government forces too many restrictions on things, and hampers the scientific progress that would otherwise be possible. As something of a sci-fi freak, that's just not a good thing.[/SIZE][/FONT]
[SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana][B]GPA: [/B]Drake graduated with a 3.96 GPA, but he worked for it, and hard.[/FONT][/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana][B]Character History:[/B] Drake is a military brat. His father was an Air Force pilot and his mother an air traffic controller, which is how they met. Drake's life has been fairly normal for the most part, aside from the mess that comes with being re-stationed every couple of years.[/FONT][/SIZE]
[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1]When Drake was 9, almost 10, his father was selected to test pilot a new plane. The tests were being done near Mt. Angelica. His father was there for about 3 months, with tests going just fine, when they received news from the military. His father had gone for an evening walk and never returned. They could find no traces of him, and he was labeled MIA, though no one could be sure what may've happened to him.[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1]Drake recovered well enough, though he had many questions, and continued on in life. He worked very hard in school, and usually played on the school baseball teams as a pitcher. He also joined the base shooting teams, and developed quite a bit of skill with numerous firearms.[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1]Drake has been doing martial arts since he was 5. His father thought it would be a good way for him to meet new people when they changed bases, and he was quite right. Drake, after some initial trepidation, found that he enjoyed the feel of a dojo immensely, and found the physical exertion of martial arts satisfying, and has stuck with it since.[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1]Now graduated, Drake has no intentions of joining the military (a fact his mother is disappointed in). He has no exact plans for his future (though he will likely go to college for something Aerospace related), but has decided to travel to Mt. Angelica to look into the incident with his father (even if it was nearly 10 years ago).[/SIZE][/FONT]
[SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana][B]Significant Item:[/B] Drake is never without a silver pocket watch, the last item he received from his father. It was his birthday present when he turned 10. The pocket watch is the folding kind, and the outside of the watch has a F-22 Raptor on it. Inside, the upper half is digital, displaying the time and date, while the lower half is analog and only displays the time.[/FONT][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana][B]Inner Universe[/B]: Called Lyrien, Drake's inner universe is the definition of the concept "All sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Very few people in Lyrien have any real jobs, instead zipping about in hovering cars and jetpacks. Wars are fought with powersuits that absorb most of the damage, meaning the real people just keep coming back for more (which makes for some long wars).[/FONT][/SIZE]
[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1]Currently, Lyrien is at 'peace', but there always seems to be a country or two waiting to change that as they rebuild there war machines. At the current time, the countries most likely to break into war are Aslyrin and Tretlo, bordering nations who until recently had allied with another against the constant threats. Both governments have grown a bit big for their britches, however, and a territorial war appears likely.[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1]Some scholars in Lyrien are aware of the Outer Universe and other Inner Universes, but most people in Lyrien are either unaware or do not believe in them. Many of these people deny it simply because the technology to access them does not appear to exist. Technology is so rampant within Lyrien that many people ignore anything that technology can't do as utterly unimportant.[/SIZE][/FONT]
[SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana][B]Inner Universe Appearance [/B]: Within Lyrien, Drake still looks effectively human. He wears a gunmetal grey skin-tight bodysuit that appears to have connectors for parts of some sort. (Think Centurions exoframes, but on a less bulky frame, and smaller connectors - Drake's is far more customizable.) His hair is pretty much the same length, but it has noticeable red highlights. His eyes are pure white, but are cybernetic (his real ones having been damaged beyond repair in battle). Within Lyrien, the exoframe is expiremental, and Drake does not know of anyone else with one.[/FONT][/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana][B]Inner Universe Races [/B]: Human, Some Cybernetic Expirements[/FONT][/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana][B]Inner Universe Age[/B]: 27[/FONT][/SIZE]

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[B]Name:[/B]Creedence "Kredion" Akimi(Real world) Quietus(Inner Universe)

[B]Gender: [/B]Male


[B]Real World Appearance: [/B][url] http://photobucket.com/mediadetail/?media=http%3A%2F%2Fi39.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fe200%2Fwallpaperboi%2FMale%2Fskateboarder.jpg&searchTerm=anime%20male&pageOffset=7[/url] As one can see he has a slim build, Spikey brown hair and Eyes and is about 5'6" he weights about 155 pounds. He generally sticks to Black, dark blues or greens for his wardrobe.

[B]Year and Class:[/B] Year 10 class 2

[B]Personality:[/B] Kredion is a quiet and Brooding person. His personality varies from time to time and rapidly changes when this happens. Generally Calm and Soften spoken he hides a temper that flares up and Appears to wish everyone to die.. His reasoning is mostly due to his betrayl by everyone in his life at one point so he aviods people in order to keep from repeating it happening again.

[B]GPA:[/B] 3.22 thus far making him a solid B's student. Mostly because he doesn't bother with schoolwork unless he has to which means he could do much better then he shows.

[B]Character History:[/B] Creedence Aka Kredion was Born in L.A. He spent a few years with both his Mother and Father before His father Cheated on his mother and Ran off with the women he cheated with. His mother in her grief commited Suicide Leaving his Brother and him to Live with his grandmother. However even this did not last very long as his Grandmother died of a heartattack a mere year later. With no other living family he was Forced through Childservices. They tossed him from Foster home to foster home for a number of years before he ran off to St. Angelica.. Only to be caught in the act of Pickpocketing a patron at a local church. The pastor of the chruch not having any family of his own took the young man in and raised him as his own dispite Kredion's past. Whether it was his faith or some belief in mercy it wasn't known but to this day he still lives with the old man.

[B]Significant Item:[/B] A nearly Transparent Moss Quartz Crystal.. The "metal" looking fragments in the crystal appear as a Slivery Green and is kept on a Black rawhide string. It was the only thing he has left of his mother.

[B]Inner Universe:[/B] Twiliania A universe where Humans are slaves and Spirits manifest freely in the worlds. The Undead, Demons and Monsterous Creatures walk freely among the ruins of a once thriving human paradise. That was before the Great betrayal. Once all life lived Harmonously together.. now it is a kill or be killed world and with no trust to be found. Greater Demons Control the Spirital enieties that in turn control the cities which the slave race humans live in. A few Humans still exist fighting alone with the rogue Mutations that either fight together or Bow before the power of the Demon lords. Fiends and Wraiths flock in the skys and over the surfaces and the once Majestic Advanced techonological Civilization now is used to feed the demon Lords with energy born of Sacrifies to themselves. Humans are a breeding Crop for this purpose and fighting between Lords is not unknown of.. for the Harvest of the Human crop. Aliens have a hand in this as the demons trade them Metals and Jewels for More Humaniod Crops for thier Soul harvesting Machinces. Genetic Maniplation, gladatoral arenas,Deception. Breeding Progarms, Incest,Drug, Rape by Man, Beast and by Greater beings is not unheard of. All of these things make up the universe in which Twiliania is now known for. Still A small hope is given from a Prophets words spoken before the Great betrayal and it is outlawed to even say it under penalty of death. The greatest detail is that the they will come through what is known as the Gate of Destiny.. A Artifact of great power and unknown location.

[B]Inner Universe Appearance : [/B][url]http://photobucket.com/mediadetail/?media=http%3A%2F%2Fi203.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Faa169%2Fcyberneticlabmouse%2FMale%2FShadowWarriorcopy.jpg&searchTerm=anime%20male&pageOffset=16[/url] Sometimes he will appear in a raggedly clothed form with Glowing Yellow eyes and Tribal marks over his body His left arm hosting a Sliver Metal braclet with a large green Stone set into it.

[B]Inner Universe Races : [/B]Humans, Mutations, Genetic Experiments, Shapeshifters, Wraiths, Demons,Zombies, Skeletons, Darker Gods and Goddesses,Immortals, Spirits, Aliens and Many many more.

[B]Inner Universe Age:[/B] Since time in his universe passes faster. the ratio being roughly one Real World day for every six of theirs..Kredion/Quietus is ninety years of age.. and yet appears as if thirty
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[B]Name:[/B] Tommy Marks

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Age:[/B] 17

[B]Real world appearance:[/B][URL="http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e200/wallpaperboi/Male/RPC.jpg"][U]Tommys' real appearance[/U].[/URL] Tommy has a fairly slender build with a rather average outward appearance. Usually unkept and ungroomed, with the exception of the rarest of occasions. He tends to wear T-shirts and pants as his usual attire, usually of drab consisting of drab colors. He can sometimes be seen wearing a crucifix, but he himself is not a religious person.

[B]Year and Class:[/B] Year 11 class 4

[B]Personality:[/B] Tommy is what many refer to as a "lone wolf". Truth betold he dosen't always like being alone, but at the same time he doesn't feel comfortable around others either. He seems completely isolated within his own mind. He is a fairly open person and is willing to talk to just about anyone, provided they approach him first. He's not one to establish first contact in any situation. He prefers the night to the day and the moon to the sun.

Despite being quiet in nature he is far from submissive. He believes in doing things his own way. he doesn't like being told what to do and that is one of the few things that can truly upset him. He has no tolerance for bullies, regardless of who their target might be. he often gets in fights that have nothing to do with him and has made quite a few enemies with some less then savory people in his school.

[B]GPA:[/B] He holds about a 2.5, getting just enough work done to keep him passing at a decent level.

[B]Character history:[/B] Tommy never knew either of his parents since he had spent much of the early part of his life in the child welfare system. He was found in a trash can near a fire house and that's all he knows. The idea of his real parents just leaving him like that never really botherd him all that much. He spent his life essentially bouncing around the system from one foster home to the next. When he was about 9 he found himself with the Marks family who decided to legally adopt him. They consisted of Andrew, the "man of the house", Stephanie, his wife who really ran the house, and their dauther Sarah who was only a year old at the time.

His life went by rather uneventfully with the Marks family. He was happy with them, but when you've lived in the system as long as he had, it's hard to feel like you belong. Still, he always kept up apperances and always seemed to be happy. They sure felt like real parents. There for him when he needed help, scolding him when he got into trouble, which happend quite a bit these days. In an attempt to help relieve some of this stress, and hoping it would calm him down, the family has decided to go on a family vacation. Tommy doesn't know much about where he's going, but is still interested in the idea of going some place different none the less.

[B]Significant item:[/B] Tommy has an old pocket knife he carries with him just about everywhere. The handle on it had a fine polished wood and gold trim, that sadly had begun to fade with time. The blade is very rusty and he probably couldn't use it to cut paper, but it was first gift he ever recieved, so he keeps it anyway. (I'll get into that story as the RP progresses.)

[B]Inner Universe:[/B] This is land that has neither name, nor order. Nor needs if for that matter. It is a world where the moon shines and the sun never rises. A world of perpetual night. The trees and foliage seem to almost glow in the light of the moon in this world. No one could definitivly say that there was good and evil in this world. Rather, many shades of grey, some darker and lighter than others, but still. The creatures that inhabit this world live freely and move throughout this wilderness landscape that has almost no sign of human existence.

There are the shadowlings, creatures that live in the shadows of other lifeforms. they have no definite forms themselves, but make for rather intersting compainions to have. They are wise and ageless, so they tend to be an asset for those who will bother to listen to them. Then there are the lycanthropes. When most think of this powerful race, they think wolves, but truth be told they can come in virtually any kind of form or style. As mentioned earlier, they tend to be neither good nor evil, they all simply do what must be done to survive, nothing more. Lastly, of out dominant races we have the Reapers. If there was truly a ruling class of this world, they would be it. They are large behemoths wrapped in thick and heavy armor, some standing over 15 feet tall. They physical strength and short tempers make them a bunch to definitly be feared. They are only known to associate with other Reapers and are very secretive. Even the shadowlings know little about them.

Recently, much unrest has begun to stir up in this world. The Reapers seem to be moving toward something and seem to be becoming a more and more common sight, which is odd considering since they were once considerd a rare occurence. No one is certain of their intentions, but most remain weary of there presence and try to avoid them as best as possible.

[B]Inner Universe Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k318/Jinsoku_Akai/WC3/Final%20Fantasy/81aac885.jpg"][U]Tommys' inner appearance[/U].[/URL] Tommy is of the lycanthropes and, as such, can shift between appearances. In his human appearance he has jet black hair that hangs to his mid back. He stands a a little over 6 feet tall. He cloaks himself in a red garb that covers him down to his ankles. Under the cloak he wears only a pair of black pants and no shirt.

[URL="http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd39/its_me_101/werewolf13pe1pk.jpg"][U]Tommys' transformed state[/U].[/URL] In this state he takes on the appearance of a wolf. Both his physical strength and agility are increased sevral times in this state. In this state he has gone from 6 to 8 feet tall. While he appears quite dangerous, he is still quite sane and very in control of his own actions.

[B]Inner Universe races:[/B] As mentioned above, Shadowlings, lycanthropes, and Reapers. But there are also, vampires, shadow birds(a race of bird people essentially), and humans, but humans are raely seen and rarely live long. There are a number of other species, but they are usually little more then prey for the larger, above mentioned species.

[B]Inner Universe age:[/B] In a world where there is no day, it's hard to say exactly how many years old he is, but if he were to roughly guess, it would have to be around 20 to 25.
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Name: Sue Momishin

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Real World Appearance: 5?4? 140 lbs, slightly over weight. She likes to wear dark clothing because she is ashamed over her overweight appearance even though it is only slightly. Her usual wear is usually a baggy black T-shirt and navy blue cargo pants. She has warm brown eyes filled with kindness, and chocolate brown hair to match her eyes.

Year and Class: Year 10 class 2

Personality: She is a cheerful, pleasant girl who loves to have fun. Although, she has a darker side that likes to appear from time to time since she can have extreme jealousy and can do the cruelest things to people, even her friends.

GPA: She usually is around B?s and B+?s

Character History: N/A (To be revealed)

Inner Universe: Her inner universe is a peaceful world where there are no wars and all the country?s live in peace and harmony. The world has three country?s which work in a circle of life. First there is Nifleheim, the country of war who buys from the rural country Asleigh who mostly works plantations and buys food while the county of Grandia is the country where is mostly towns and has few industries and buys from both countries and it sells clothing that is made in their country.

Inner Universe Appearance: 5?4 Shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes and is thin. She wears matching black armored chest plate and black armored shoulder pads with black gloves. She wore black pants with a belt with a pocket on the right side where she carries something, that is unknown. She also has to grand black angel wings sprouting out her back. She is a Succubus in the inner universe

Inner Universe Races: Succubus, Demons, Humans, elves, vampires

Inner Universe Age: 18

Name: Darc Vendetta

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Real World Appearance: 6?2? 152 lbs shoulder length jet black hair and green eyes. Darc is one of most popular guys at school and is a very good looking guy. He likes to mess with his uniform, he had ripped the sleeves off his school uniform. ON his spare time he likes to wear baggy black t-shirts that usually have to do with heavy metal bands and he likes to wear baggy blue jeans.

Year and Class: Year 10 Class 2

Personality: He likes to bully those who are unpopular and people he sees that are losers. He loves to mess with people?s heads and act like a complete jerk.

GPA: D?s and F?s

Character History: Not much is known about Darc, his personal history is a complete history which will be revealed later. He failed grade 10 once and was held back.

Inner Universe: His inner universe world has raging volcanoes and magma rivers, the world is corrupt and are at war with rebels. He is a Demon Lord of the World called Hell?s Gate and dictates it, and has a gigantic army. Its sky is completely black all year round because of the constantly erupting volcanoes. There is torture, slaves and meaningless slaughtering of whole families. The rebels are against Darc but rapidly failing since it is Darcs world.

Inner Universe Appearance: 6?2? He has long jet black hair with crimson cold eyes and looks mostly human. He wears jeans, with a long black leather trench coat that goes down to his feet with a black tank top. He also wears sleek looking sunglasses, that are also black. There are also two gigantic black demonic wings coming out of his back, that have a dark purple aura around them sometimes. He is a demon.

Inner Universe Races: Demons, orcs, humans, Vampires, Succubus?s
Inner Universe Age: 19
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Looks good so far, I don't see any problems.

Starwind, you aren't going to control people's characters without permission this time correct? At the very least leave an OOC note in a previous post if you want to for a scene, but preferrably arrange such events by PM or IM.

Likely this will start sometime this weekend, I do know there is one more person coming that PM'd me to ask me to save space, and any others that get their bios up before this starts are welcome to do so.
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[size=1]I am so sorry this is taking so long. I'm about to get out for Spring Break and I won't be back till sometime tomorrow because I'm going to someones house. Start without me, I should have computer access, and if I don't I'll just jump in when I get back. I give you permission to throw my character around - well, maybe not literally - until I do. :] Odin, that is.

[b]Name:[/b] Aniel Seteria McClough [Pronounced McCloud]
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Age:[/b] 18
[b]Real World Appearance:[/b] Aniel stands about 5?1?, with hair about to her butt in corkscrews, color wavering somewhere between black and dark brown. At school she usually has it braided or pushed back behind a headband, while out of school it?s usually loose or in two braids. Her eyes take up most of her pixie-like face, a dark blue that you could drown in. By her own personal standards, her nose is too small and her mouth too long. She has a heart-shaped face, with dimpled cheeks and a twinkle in her eye when she laughs. She?s kind of slender, and although she?s close to graduating, next to no curves.
[b]Year and Class:[/b] Year 12 Class 3
[b]Personality:[/b] Aniel is mildly shy, but it goes away when she?s talking about a subject she?s passionate about ? like music. Music is her world, and she can master just about any instrument you put in front of her. She loves to make friends, she just? has a hard time doing it sometimes.
[b]GPA:[/b] 3.64 currently
[b]Character History:[/b] As far as she can remember, Aniel has lived on the island her whole life; it?s been her and her mother since the beginning, living in this old house they inherited from her great grandmother. Through the course of her life she?s found numerous cool objects in the old rooms and basement and attic. A couple oftentimes she?s found secret passageways, which probably used to be slave corridors. Aniel has been told by her mother that she got her love of music from her father, but the girl was too young to remember anything more than a tall, comforting shape.
[b]Significant Item:[/b] An old set of shepherds pipes that she found in her attic one day. She carries them around in her pocket all the time, regardless of where she is. They?re like a good luck charm for her.

[b]Inner Universe:[/b] [I]Amhlaoibh[/I] ? This is a world of music, literally. Complete with background music and the occasional, random outburst that makes it seem highly like a musical. [TBA]
[b]Inner Universe Appearance :[/b] Almost the same except for a long, cat-like tail of black-blue fur, tufted cat ears, and her hair is blue-black.
[b]Inner Universe Races :[/b] All human ? except for the occasional furry.
[b]Inner Universe Age:[/b] 16

Again, thanks![/size]
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[B]Name[/B]: Seita Endo
[B]Gender[/B]: Male
[B]Age[/B]: 18
[B]Real World Appearance[/B]: Seita dwarfs most people at a height of 6? 5? and has a slender frame. While he may be thin he is also well built, with compact muscles and calloused hands displaying years of labor. His bright green eyes are set high on a calm, almost expressionless, face that is framed by long black hair pulled into a tail at the back. Outside of class his normal attire is a mostly bland mix of blue jeans, a T-Shirt (of varying dark colors) and a black leather jacket.
[B]Year and Class[/B]: Year 12, Class 3
[B]Personality[/B]: On most days Seita is very calm and quiet, and very rarely seems to talk up unless spoken to first. The few people who he does talk to regularly only seem to describe him as ?just being himself? or ?just being a bit shy?. As to whether either of these is true he will not say. Randomly Seita has shown a heavy bursts of emotion of varying styles and degrees. There never seems to be a trigger to these outbursts, and most are short-lived, after which Seita is quick to apologize and excuse himself from the crowd. While few people talk about this openly it is a great concern to many around him. When distancing himself Seita can often be found in his garage working on his motorcycle.
[B]GPA[/B]: Heavily A?s and a few B?s, though his grades will drop on days when he has his outbursts
[B]Character History[/B]: Seita has grown up on the edge of the city most of his life, in a middle-class, average family. Most of his early life was spent running around playing in a happy manner, the same way many children do. He was well know to be a friend to nearly everyone, and was often the first one to greet newer children to the area and bring them into the fold. All of that changed around the age of 12 when a tragedy struck his family. No one in the town ever seems to talk about the even, other than the mention of ?six years ago it happened.? Since then Seita has become more distant, started to display the outbursts, and lost many of the friends he once had. Since then only a few people will ever approach him, and often times those who do, and who carry a form of understanding, have managed to become his friends.
[B]Significant Item[/B]: A silver (or at least crome-plated) locket in the shape of a Celtic cross. On the back is a round picture holder with a picture inside of a young (roughly 10 or 11), and vividly smiling, Seita with his arms around a smiling, blonde-haired, grey/blue-eyed girl around the age of 7 or 8.

[B]Inner Universe[/B]: There is no name for Seita?s inner universe. The four elements of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water form the basic structure of the land into a four-sided mass of the controlling element. Great lakes of lava and desert heat scorch the Fire realm, a cold snow and constant winds bear down on the high mountains of the Air realm. In the Earth realm sharp cliffs, towering plateaus and crystal towers dwarf all who enter, and an endless sea surrounds the sporadically placed islands of the water realm. In the center of it all is a massive crater with a single floating landmass. Resting upon this landmass is ?The Cathedral?, a mysterious building of unknown origin and purpose. The inhabitants of the inner universe are mostly elemental beings, consisting of animals formed from the elements themselves. Reigning above these common creatures are the elemental lords, the Sylph of the Air, Gnomes of Earth, Salamanders of Fire, and Undine of the Water. All An uneasy truce is held in effect most of the time, though random and short-lived wars break out. High above the land itself Angels of Light and the Demons of the Darkness vie for control of the sky, creating the uneven cycle of night and day in the universe. A single beacon on the highest tower of the Cathedral shows a reaction to the celestial battle by changing from a bright light to a cold void in the tower.
[B]Inner Universe Appearance[/B]: Seito?s inner universe self is a twisted amalgam of the four base elements. He stands at more than 7? tall, with an armored shell of solid Earth. Under the cracks in this shell, and in his eyes and mouth, are the glowing embers and lava (blood) flows of Fire. From the top of his skull to the middle of his back is an ever-flowing river of Water, which evaporates at the base and reforms at the top. His ?hair? parts in two spots, mid-back, where wings of Air can be seen by a close look and a careful observer.
[B]Inner Universe Races[/B]: Elementals (in the form of animals), Elemental Lords, Angels, Demons, and unconfirmed rumors of humans
[B]Inner Universe Age[/B]: Due to the state of his body it is impossible to tell if Seito has an age in his inner universe.

OOC: Odin, let me know if you feel that anything needs to be altered.
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[quote name='Momishin']Yay! :D I forgot to write into my my intro that Sue is having a secret relationship with Odin that no one knows about. (OdinM knows this and has agreed)[/QUOTE]

I don't think it will have made too much difference. Odin would have rejected any advances anyway.

Also, it's up.

[url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=58877]Inner Universe: It Begins[/url]
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