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RPG The Solkudorians: Return Home


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[CENTER][B]The Solkudorians: Return Home[/B]
[B](Rated M: For language, blood, death, and other stuff!)[/B][/CENTER]

It had been 9 months since she crash landed on earth. The small ship had run into several different issues along the way, and Avian spent most of her time repairing the ship. On her spare time she researched earth, its cultures, the way people spoke to one another, and on some occasions she spent many hours practicing a lot to her, and conversing with the ship. A few times the ship made a few comments that made Avian want to pour water on the console but she had to ration the supplies she had, and she didn?t want to crash on some airless rock because the ship insulted her.

Upon entering the atmosphere of earth, the ship began to have multiple failures, so a crash landing was all Avian could do. The gear was fried, so she couldn?t land and hide the ship like she had planned. Once it crashed in the forest outside of a small city, she took her hand held equipment and fled the ship. Once far enough away she started the self destruct sequence. She remembered the heat and the crater left behind. Not a trace of the ship was left behind. Such was the technology her planet had.

She remembered walking down the street the next day and watching a TV in a window. It was far less advanced as her own gear, which she had hidden in a backpack she found by someone's house with a free sign in front of it and a bunch of junk. The TV news reporter made comments about a large explosion outside of town late last night and how investigators were looking into it, and they didn?t think it was an attack or anything.

Avian sighed. It had been 9 months since then. She felt the weight of her failure, she came in hopes of gather others like her, yet in the entire time she was here she could not sniff out anyone like her, plus, without a ship what would be the point of wanting to go back. They had no way off the planet.

The van pulled to a stop in front of a small run down duplex. It was obvious to her which side was hers, since she had paid for renovations, fresh paint, repairs and every thing else she knew the nice looking side was the one she so much money into. The other side looked the opposite, cracked paint, broken trim, dirty cracked windows, dead lawn and trees in the yard. It was a dump. It was good enough for her though, so she pulled herself out of the van and instructed the men, who followed in another van, where to put her stuff. She didn?t have a lot. Just furniture and a few boxes of personal effects she had collected over the months on earth.

As the men finished getting the appliances where she wanted them she paid them and sent them on their way. Her boxes sat on the small creaky wood porch. She picked up a box and hauled it inside. She could smell some very strange things and couldn?t quite put her finger on it. It was familiar, yet it wasn?t. She deducted it was the freshly dried paint that she smelled and went outside to get another box.
Two guys met her on the front porch; both were making odd glances at the very few boxes on the porch.
"Dude... For someone so rich, she didn?t bring that much stuff...."

"Maybe this is like a vacation home or something..." The other guy said quietly...

"Dude you get vacation homes in Hawaii or ... Malibu or something, now run down, down town."

"Ahem!" Avian coughed slightly, "I got this place because it was quieter around here, less traffic, and close to work and it was cheap. Who might you two be?"

One of them was clearly older; he had black short hair that was gelled up into a Mohawk. He wore a black shirt with a band name on it and skater jeans. He leaned against one of her boxes and gave her a fancy grin. "Well, My name is Charles Spier, that?s SPY ER, and you cute stuff, can call me Chuck. Everyone else does."

Avian ignored his idiotic comment and took note of his name. She needed to document and keep a close eye on her neighbors. The quiet one looked at her with deep grey eyes. She could sense he was nervous, she could smell his fear. He was sweating a little bit but suddenly he threw an arm up, "Hi!" He said with a smile.

"Oh for crying, Ok Miss, This silent mess over here is Zumiah Withro, Just call him Zum. He gets all nervous around cute girls. He will get used to you being around eventually. You can torture him in the afternoon's when he isn?t at school." Chuck was still leaning on her boxes and then he eyed her up and down again, "So... What?s your name?"

Avian was growing impatient with this Chuck guy, his comments and looks were making her rather anxious. "My name is Avian Torain...now if you-"

Chuck interrupts her, "My that?s a fine name... Hey... You?re kinda hot and I was thinking..."

Avian took no more, She grabbed the box he was leaning on and yanked it out from under him, as he fell downwards she caught that strange scent again. She suddenly knew what it was, and she saw, as he caught his balance and pulled himself upright again, that he smelled her too.

He looked more shocked than she was, she glanced at the other guy, the young boy, and she realized..."I have to go." She said really quickly before taking the box in her arms and entering her home and shutting the door. She locked it and stared blankly into space.

"Nine months of looking, I give up and find a good place to live, and there they are, TWO of them... and they are idiots! Well one of them anyways..."

She yanked her tablet computer out of the box she was holding and took note of their location.

Meanwhile outside both of them still stood. Chuck, a little shocked and almost sure he was imagining what he smelled, but his keen nose argued the point. He looked to Zum, "Do you...??

Zum nodded, "I agree. Now what?"

Chuck shrugged. He was used to running into odd people like himself, and this was just another one. He glanced down at the boxes still left on the porch. "Guess she isn?t used to running into others... Or she doesn?t like the smell of wolves... Im not sure if I should laugh, or be insulted..."

Zum coughed, "Maybe it was my scent that..."

Chuck laughed, "No! You always smell like flowers, it?s to annoying to be shocking..."

ooc: Ok here we go, for the first bit, just have your characters go on with their normal lives...
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For weeks after the call from the landlord stating a new neighbor was to be moving in soon both Zum and his room mate Chuck were anxiously waiting to see who it was and what they were like. Zum was mor curious as to see what kind of human it was going to be, and chuck was more worried if she would fall for his charm or not.

The renovations took a while, looks of crashing, thudding, banging, and poor Zum's sesitive ears could barely stand it. Not long though did the actual building stop and the finer touches began. The paint smell bothered Chuck more than Zum and zum had to put up with his continous whining when he wasnt at school.

Today was a day off, It was a grand day, no stress from school, no girls to immobilize him, just him and his upstairs bedroom and his painting supplies. Part way through a project he heard Chuck return from work. The sound of chuck's heavy footsteps up the stairs told zum that chuck had something to talk about...

"Yo Zumster! It looks like all the trucks are gone! So soon the smell of paint wont make me want to gag every time i go outside. Hey what you painting there?"

"You....sort of...." Zum said quietly.

"I dont have horns there..." Chuck said as he eyed the picture carefully. It was almost correct. "I only have one set, not two."

Zum frowned, "Yes but I got bored, its supposed to be art anyways, it is what I want it to be... Anything else?"

"Yeah, the school called me at work, You skipped gym again."

Zum twitched... "Yes well..."

"I thought I gave you tips on getting over your fear of girls in short shorts! Come on! Grow a backbone! Girls are good!

Zum sighed, "It isnt just that, they have us run outside alot, in the sun, You know im sensitive to the sun and i cant very well carry an umbrella during gym. Plus, they have never cared before if i skipped.... And since when are YOU the one to talk about not skipping classes?"

"Oh no by all means skip, i dont care, Just so long as they are the boring classes like history, math, science, stuff like that... But when you can occasionaly eye down the pretty girls you should take every chance you get!"

"Yeah well..."

Before Zum could finish his comment Chuck stopped him, "Someone's in the house...."

"How do you know?"

"I can smell someone in the house..."

Zum sighed, "No, Its next door. The new lady must be moving in today. I have better hearing than you and It is deffinitly downstairs and next door."

"Well then, lets go check it out!" Chuck was already halfway down the stairs.

Zum followed, more in hopes to keep chuck out of trouble than anything, but as he stepped down his foot missed the next step by just a little bit. He toppled down the stairs like a ragdoll. He crashed into a pile of boxes that hadnt been unpacked yet from chucks last shipment of things he needed for his shop. Wheel's, boards, and screws scattered everywhere.

"Im ok... I ment to... do that!" Zum shouted as he struggled to stand back up again.

Once both of them were on the front porch chuck spoke, "Dude... For someone so rich, she didn?t bring that much stuff...."

"Maybe this is like a vacation home or something..." Zum said quietly...

"Dude you get vacation homes in Hawaii or ... Malibu or something, now run down, down town." Chuck argued back.


The was the last real thing Zum heard... Once he saw the tall lightly tanned girl with the brown hair with unusual highlights he went into panic mode. He couldnt think, he couldnt speak, and he couldnt move. He ignored the conversation between Chuck and the girl, whos name he did catch, avian, it was a nice name. Suddenly they were talking to, or about him. He paniced thought about introducing himself but the only thing he could bring himself to do was raise his arm up and wave real fast. "Hi!" Was the only thing he could say.

Once she went back inside Zum realized the situation was much different. Chuck had just recovered from almost falling on his face and Zum knew why he looked puzzled. He could smell over the paint, and the grass, the everything, somthing far different than normal humans could catch onto. It was how Zum knew chuck was like him, when they first met.

He looked to Zum, "Do you...??

Zum nodded, "I agree. Now what?"

Chuck shrugged. He was used to running into odd people like himself, and this was just another one. He glanced down at the boxes still left on the porch. "Guess she isn?t used to running into others... Or she doesn?t like the smell of wolves... Im not sure if I should laugh, or be insulted..."

Zum coughed, "Maybe it was my scent that..."

Chuck laughed, "No! You always smell like flowers, it?s to annoying to be shocking..."

Shortly after he said that small drops of water began to darken the wodden porch. "Uh what about her boxes..."

"Well... Wouldnt want her stuff to get ruined, I guess well take them into our side for now, Plus it gives her a reason to come over to our side and talk some more... Now that the initial shock of meeting me is over. She cant help but come back for more."

Zum said nothing, his comments were lost anyways. He grabbed a few boxes and chuck grabbed the last few and they headed inside, away from the impending thunder storm.

[CENTER]------[/CENTER]ooc: Hope I got chuck right... You told me more about Zum than chuck...
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Ira slowly removed her robe and stepped out of the bathroom. She walked over to her closet and looked at her dresses. She had many, but none seemed right for tonight. Azazel was taking her out for their 2 year anniversary dinner, tonight they would finally be alone. No bodyguards, henchman, or parties, just the two of them.

A pair of soft hands grasped her waist, and pulled her back. She smiled and Azazel gently kissed her, slipping a diamond necklace around her neck. "Happy Anniversary Baby." He smirked and licked her neck. "Actually, I need to talk you."

"About what?" She turned around and hugged his neck.

"I know we were supposed to have dinner tonight, but...something came up."

"Figures..." She frowned and sat on the bed.

"Hey, don't get mad. Actually, I want you to come with me."


"Well, J. just found out that Kevin has been laundering money from the old man. So Pops wants me make an example out of him. What do ya say?"

Ira stood up and walked up to him. "Your going to blow off our dinner to torture somebody?"


"Great! I hate fancy rich person shit anyway." She laughed and ran to her closet quickly slipping on her leather pants and tight black t-shirt. She smiled and grabbed her leather jacket."Lets go!" She pulled his arm and lead him down stairs.
Blood splattered across the wall as the man fell to the floor, a large gash quickly draing him of life. He slowly crawled backwards and cried, pleading forgiveness. "P..p..please...i'm..ss..sorry.."

Azazel laughed and swiftly kicked him in the jaw, making his head pound into the ground. The man groaned and laid there. Ira walked up and smiled. "Finish him off Azazel, he's pathetic."

Azazel turned towards her and smiled. "I want you to."

"Finally..." She smirkerd and pulled out one her short swords attatched to her belt. Slowly walking over to the wounded man, she knelt down next to him and whispered in his ear. "Don't worry Kevin. I'll make it quick."

She quickly stood up and thrust the sword between his eyes, instantly killing him. She pulled the sword from his skull and wipped it clean with Kevins shirt. An eerie smile crossed her lips, and she slipped it back in its hilt.

Azazel kissed her cheek and pulled her outside. "Boys, clean up this mess." The men shook their heads and started cleaning. "I have a surprise for you."

"Ooh...I wander." She slid into the back of the limo and closed the door.

After a while, they arrived at a private beach. The full moon shown brightly over top of them as they walked along the shoreline. Azazel suddenly stopped and embraced her. He pulled out a small box and opened it. A small diamond ring shone against the moonlight, and gleamed in her eye. "Marry me?"

Ira's eyes widened and she grinned closing the lid. "Only if you catch me first." She laughed and ran down the beach. Azazel smiled and ran after her.
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Tetra was on one of her walks she took every so often. She watched the cars roll by as she walked down toward the duplex like she always would.

She smelled something unusual today, a scent she hadn't smelled outside her home. She looked across the road and saw the one kid who always skipped gym. [I]Him? But I never smelled that scent on him before... and who's that guy with him?[/I]

She crossed the road as it started raining. "Haven't I seen you before?" While she spoke, she noticed that other guy had that scent as well. She could smell one more, however, she just couldn't see them.

[I]This scent... could it be that my dream is coming true...?[/I]
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As Zum was headed in with the box he heard someone speak, It was a girl and he hesitated for a second, then dropped the box inside, not to nicely, and returned to the porch.

It was a girl he recognised from school. He wanted to start talking yet that immobolizing fear hit him again. It was rather annoying. Chuck returned outside to check what whats taking Zum so long and then he noticed the girl. Knowing full well how illegal it was he made no comment towards the girl, despite how cute he may have thought she was.

"Zum? Is this a classmate of yours? Now I can see why -" He stopped there, catching his idiocy before it got too out of hand, "So whats your name?"

Tetra was confused but simply answered, "Tetra..."

Zum broke his own silence, "Shes in my science class, My art class, and my gym class..."

Chuck laughed, "Like you would know who was in your gym class! Anyways sorry about Zum, hes kinda strange like that, its completely harmless! So what brings you to this part of the neighborhood, and In the rain I might add!"

Zum glared at chuck, "You are stupid, It just STARTED raining, I doubt she planned to take a walk through the rain, though thats about the only time id take one..." He trailed off, glad the sun wasnt beating down on the porch anymore. " But yeah, what brings you to this area Tetra?"
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Avian could smell another one, Flowers, canine, and a similar smell now. She peeked through the curtains of her front window and noticed chuck and zum talking to a girl. She frowned, She wanted to find some but so many all at once, ones an idiot and two are young. This was not what she had in mind.

"But maybe its been so long since the last escape that... there arent any older ones really left to find... If thats the case ill have to take what I can get I suppose, wait what am I saying!? I have nothing to take them back in!" She said quietly to herself.

She turned on her handheld screen again and took pictures of all three of them and noted the area of town they were in, and traits. She wanted as much details as she could before she decided what to do next.

Once all the information was logged in is proper space the computer hummed up, "Hey why not build another ship... With the money you have, finding a secret place to build it, buying supplies, and building meterials should be to hard..."

She frowned down at the computer, "It has been almost a whole year and NOW you tell me to build another ship! Why have you waited so long!?"

The device beeped a couple times and pulled up a picture of a hard rocky blue substance. "Because of this..."

Avian sighed, "Your right, Earth doesnt have Shizray..."

The computer made some beeps that almost seemed like laughs, "Iv been doing my research on earth too! There are all kinds of things they use for power. If we tweak a ships blueprints enough I am sure I can find a way to integrate the proper meterials from earth to run the ship, we would have to bring maybe two sepret power cells though. Earth technology doesnt last as long as Solkudorian power cells do."

"Been busy I see. No more secrets ok?"

"Alright, If I think of a single detail I will let you know immediatly."

"No no! You think to much, Id be getting messages from you all day! Log them and send them once a day to my earth 'email' I can catalog them there."

"Roger Roger!"

"No Star Wars Quotes!"
ooc: Just need a mage to post but ill give him a day or so, then ill get the gathering going, I have an interesting idea to bring in certain people who havnt met yet :D
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OOC: My apologies for the lateness, have Laryngitis and was knocked out for a good 3 day healing. Getting better now though ^_^

The bright light seemed to goo to be true as the sun's rays pierced through Chance's bedroom windows, illuminating the clean environment. The sleeping giant tossed and turned on his mattress, his body was in torment from the drinks he had last night but Chance did not want to get up yet. He knew he would have to deal with a pounding headache and upset stomach through the whole day, but his body won the fight as Chance opened his eyes slowly to see his St. Bernard dog staring at him on the bedroom floor.

"Hey Scubbles.....grab me a beer would ya..." Chance moaned as he forced himself to sit upright on his bed. He slept in his jeans from last night and shirtless, showing off his whip lashed body to his familiar room. The large dog left the room for a moment, only to return with a juice box in his mouth as he placed in on the mattress. "You're the best" Chance smiled. Scubbles barked as he left the room once again, Chance got up from his bed and did his morning ritual of cleaning himself before returning to his room, he sat down at his computer and began his work like he does every day. The phone rang while Chance was logging in.


"Hey Chance, it's Ian. Listen we're doing lots of bulking this month and I wanted to make sure you're stretching a lot before and after your work out sessions. Did you do some last night?"

"Errr..." Chance tried to remember if he did or not or what to say, not only was IAn his work out buddy, but he was also his AA sponcer. "Not really bud, I kinda had a drink at Cassidy's last night...." There was a silence after Chance spoke.

"Did you have just one?" Ian asked.

""Maybe two.....or *cough* nine *cough* but the numbers really don't matter" Chance frowned a bit.

"CHANCE! You know you cant control yourself after having one, this is what the program is all about....I don't even think you told me the real reason you began to drink and you said you would one day."

"Yeah......I know, hey listen I gotta finish these medical records before our workout tonight, we'll talk then" Chance pressed the speaker button to end the call before his friend could reply back. As Chance continued to work on his computer, his wolf's tail popped out without him feeling and it swayed from side to side on a floor, like a cat's tail would. From time to time he would take a break away from his work to grab some food or do some stretches, Chance looked like a well muscled tank every time he looked in the mirror; he would get hit on by both genders from time to time. But the lash marks that covered his body always made him wonder....where did they come from, and how did Chance not remember something important like them. The sun began to set once again, 6pm rolled around and Chance was preparing to go to the gym once again, grabbing his clothes and gym bag he left the apartment and continued to his car.

"Hey Chance!" A group of kids waved at the giant coming towards them.

"Hello little ones, how was school?" Chance smiled as he knelt down in front of the group once he was closer to them.

"Fine, we learned how to make pottery today and tomorrow we'll be able to color it" They smiled and laughed.

"Hey neat-o! You'll have to show me tomorrow then."

"We will" With that the small group of kids walked off to their respected homes in the apartment complex. Chance smiled as he put on his sunglasses and got into his black Mazda, leaving his complex he got onto the highway and sped off.
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ooc: Perfectly fine :) No worries! Now i can get Ava's brain workin :D And lookie, a look at avians face, or faces in my banner mwahahahaah i mean...... wow i suck

Avian left the window, what was going on outside was none of her buisness and now she had part of plan figured out. The only problem was finding the right supplies and not seeming suspicious about it. Planning to build a ship was one thing, but actually building it was another. They needed a building, a big building. She needed the meterials too but buying to much of a particular thing would seem suspicious to most people.

Why would a young girl, just out of her teens, with all the money she needed, why would she need tons, literally tons, of metal and materials. She had to think of a reason, or perhaps a way of getting the supplies through many different people, and using different names and pay sourses. She had her work cut out for her.

Opening her cell phone she dialed a number, It was time to check on her best source of income. It rang a few times and some girl answered, "Hello?"

Avian sighed, The desk again... Always someone different answering the phones, she seriously needed to find reliable workers without attitudes. "Yes I need to speak with Smith..."

"Im sorry.... Uhm.... Mr. Smith isnt available at the moment, I could route you to-" The girl clearly wasnt trained right.

Avian sighed, "No, I must speak to Smith, as in now."

The girl was getting impatient, Avian could invision her sitting there at the desk with a horridly bored look on her face while she filed her nails. "I'm very sorry but I cant do that."

"Listen miss... -"
"Listen miss, whoever you are, I know you want to speak with him but I JUST CANT do that, hes asked me to not send him any calls unless they were important buisness!"

"If you want to keep your job, or you want Smith to keep his I reccomend you putting me through to him..." Avian was done playing games.

"Excuse me?"

"This is Avian Torain, Head honcho there where you are supposedly supposed to be working, now put me through to his office or I may rethink your paycheck!"

There was a beep and click and the phone was ringing again. "Dear god angel I told you no calls, ugh whatever," he coughed as he brought the phone up to his ear, "Yello' Mr Smith speaking."

"Denying me calls now are we?" Avian grinned as the dead silence let her imagine his shocked face...

"My no! Miss Torain, I didnt know, I told her to give me the important calls, I figured she would actually ask what the caller needed..."

"Yes well... I have an Idea and I need you to help me fix it. You know I just moved to the downtown area and I have a splendid Idea!"

"Oh no...."

"Oh yes! Send me the best list of what YOU think are the best places to open up a club..." She paused for a moment, "And im starting a new project so look into large warehouses that arent being used."

"Dont you have internet access too?"
"Of course I do, However I need your opinions on the best places to draw in a new crowd, and it wont have the same name. As for the warehouse i cant very well google it and find quality buildings. Plus you know how to get things cheap."

After some details were shot back and forth Avian hung up.
"What is this about a club?" Her computer piped up suddenly.

"Im thinking, If I want to find other units like myself, that are not to young, I think Ill open up club and bar. Something that can please and draw in a veriety of people. With me playing a waitress ill be there when its open and scope out who is who... I might get lucky."

"Think of any good names for it yet?"

"Oh something with the word Beast in it... Subliminal messages help you know... If someone has an inner beast they might be drawn to place they can drink party and let off some steam, and ill be there to take note on who is who..."

"Sounds fun, to bad my programming doesnt include minor emotions like that... Incoming email and phone call."

Avian flipped open her phone before it could ring, "Hello? Torain speaking."

"Avian... We have some unfortunate news. This is the hospital donw on Rocker street. That girl you brought in, You know the ones who's parents were shot..."

"Taylor, Yes I remember..."

"Both of her parents died , one last night, and the other this morning. She has no immediate family and requested we call you."

Avian's face went white, The girl was too young for that... But then again avian had no parents so she wasnt quite sure what the girl would be feeling at the time either... but with nowhere to go... "I will come down there and see what we can arrange..."

Once she hung up she told the computer to store the email for later. She headed out the back door into the shared yard which obviously had seen better days, at least the other half did. Her side was nice and detailed, something she spent well over 2000 dollars to have done. She went to the alley way off to the side. The rain was slow but she ignored it as she got into her car. With the turn of the key it roared to life and way she went.

On her way down the road she remembered the girl, something seemed odd about her but it wasnt the smell, all Avian could smell on Taylor was blood, and lots of it... Maybe it was just her own shock and grief that Avian's animal traits picked up on, she wasnt sure...

She pulled her cellphone out and dialed smith again. This time he answered, "Avian here, Smith I need you to get adds out, Tv internet busses benches magazines newspapers I dont care, that a new club is hitting the down town area. Make it hot alright, make it wild... Oh and mention the name of course..."

"Which would be?"

"Untamed Beasts. A bar and club where you can get wild! Something like that, I dont pay you rediculous amounts of money to write stupid ads so i know you will think of something." She hung up and kept driving. Hopefully getting the word out might perk up peoples attention.
ooc: Again normal lives, i seem to make HUGE posts and ill knock it down a little, dont wanna kill your eyes to soon. Notice adds or something, I dont care, because with Avian's resources the club will be open in no time...

I THINK itll work here, you know with a raging alcoholic, and a wild girl at night, A night club sounded like a good idea *evil grin* So yeah, anyways... oncei get everyone to meet maybe ill actually post a post thats KINDA shorter than this, and get the ball rolling :) upon posting this i realized just how horribly long it was, i promise ill try to never do it again.......
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"I was taking a walk like I usually do to think about things..." Tetra licked her lips, which she normally didn't do due to the forked tongue. [I]Gah! Stupid! You licked your lips! Now they're gonna reject you like everyone else![/I] "I hope you guys don't think I'm crazy, but... you smell a lot like... my family and myself..."

She normally didn't talk about a person's scent because it was the reason nobody was around her. Most people who wore cologne or perfume that got within ten feet of her normally heard her say that they smelled either terrible or wonderful.

"I also hear there's gonna be a dance after school tomorrow... are you thinking about going, because I can't think of anyone who'd go with a reject like me..." She had finally worked up the courage to ask [I]somebody[/I] to the school dance. [I]I'm so nervous... this is the first guy my age I've spoken to in years...[/I]
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Being a rejected student himself he felt for her, but thought nothing was odd when he saw her tongue and there wasnt anything wrong with her scent either. It clicked for a moment and he nudged chuck and whispered into his ear, "She is one of us man! The smell of her doesnt make me sick, meaning she doesnt have that smell of human blood!"

Chuck's expression didnt change much and he looked up at the girl waiting for a reply, "That doesnt matter right now, does it, this nice young girl has asked you an important question."

With his mind back on track he realized that she was asking him to... a dance. One of those crazy dances that happend every so often at his school, gatherings of everyone to loud music, food, and obviously dancing. He was torn, kill fear, buck up some courage and go, OR sit there and be a coward, hurt the girls feelings and stay home like a little work hiding from the birds.

He thought internally a little longer and grinded his fangs into his tonge for a moment, "Uh......." Again why was it every time he tried to talk to a girl he couldnt think of anything to say even if it was already in his head, "Yes... Sure Ill go..."

"WONDERFUL! ZUM HAS A DATE!" Chuck cheered causing zum to go bright red, which was very obvious against his extreamly pale skin.

"Chuck I swear, Im going to -" Ignoring his fear, he wanted to simply punch chuck's face in.
"Swearing is bad for a child of your age!" Chuck was having fun now tormenting the little guy.

"So when should I pick you up?" Chuck asked the girl. "I can drive you both to the dance tomorrow night if you like... Its better than walking in the weather we have been having!"
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"...and it's like I've been hiding something that I don't even wanna remember lately. Like something from my past is awakening on the inside, but I know personally that I don't want to have any part with because it brings me painful memories for some odd reason." Chance sighed as he kept his head tilted back on the reclining chair of his friends Ian's house, they had finished their workout for the evening and Ian invited Chance over to help discuss his issues. Chance relaxed in his recliner while Ian was in the kitchen making both he and his friend some "after work out dinner".

"I've only met you after your car accident, and I really don't know what could have hurt you so badly that even your own body doesn't want to remember. But, what I do know is that if you keep drinking like this it will catch up with your health. Even you know that you can't outrun a damaged liver or even something worse" Ian stated as he chopped up some romaine lettuce on the kitchen counter top. Chance simply rubbed his eyes slowly as he began to sit upright in his chair.

"I know that, but after having one I just get mellow. More just feel better after that" Chance got up from his chair to go over to the kitchen and be closer with his friend.

"I know the feeling, but eventually you will have to get rid of this addiction to something that won't pay your bills, give you company, or even love you. That's how I saw things eventually and now look. I got a gym to run, personal trainers and employees and a nice house. I didn't get that by sticking to the bottle" Ian smiled as he placed the food on separate plates and walked towards the dining table. Both he and Chance sat down and began to eat their meals.

"Well, maybe I should move out of the apartment complex and move somewhere not close to downtown. I know the location is great for me since I work at home and the gym is only 10 minutes away.....but there's too much temptation nearby" Chance laughed a bit.

"Well, I heard on the radio there's going to be a new club opening up soon. It's a new environment since there are mostly bars in the area. Maybe you should head over there for some dancing and LIGHT drinking. Who knows, you might find more than you would usually expect from a club." Chance thought about it, usually he just heads to one place to drink because they know him the best, maybe a change in scenery would be better.

"Hmmm.....who knows" Chance shrugged as he continued to chow down.
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"7:30 is fine. Thanks!" Tetra ran back home.

"So... why do you look so happy, sis?" said her 18-year-old [I]adopted[/I] brother.
"I finally got a guy to go with me to a dance!"
"Awesome! Y'know, there's supposed to be a new club downtown. want me to drop you off there when work's over?"
"Sure! Thands, Ricky!"

She had rushed to her room and began to look through her closet for the perfect dress. [I]Ah! My lovely black dress! It'll go perfectly with my recently dyed hair![/I]

She washed off that evening, much better than usual. She got to bed early to get plenty of sleep.

The next morning, she painted her nails black and headed out to school.

"Bye Mom! Bye Dad! Seeya Ricky! I'll be back after school!"


***So you know, she dyed her hair black.
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Zum was in his room again, painting like crazy when he glanced at the clock, He was such a night person he forgot there was school in the morning, and a dance after that... Wonderful.

He cleaned his brushes, put away his paints and went to sleep. In the middle of the night he heard a car door, no .... two car doors close just outside the duplex, he glanced out his window sleepily and noticed Avian and... some teen girl go into Avian's home.

"She doesnt look old enough to have a child..." Chuck said from the shadows.

Zum jumped so badly his ears had shifted to animal state and then back again. He has super hearing and yet he did not hear Chuck come up the stairs.

"I dont think its her kid..." Zum pointed out a few seconds after he caught his breath, No matter, what the hell are you doing in my room at this hour..."

Chuck sighed and stepped out of the shadows, the moonlight hit him and Zum realized what it was.

"You idiot! Its a damn good thing we dont live in an apartment complexe, what with you CHANGING and wandering around in your sleep! You would be the one to walk right out of our apartment and scare everyone in the area... Get your furry ass outta my room and go back to sleep!

The wolf creature sighed a bit and grinned, show all its sharp teeth, "Watch out kid, I might get hungry in the night!"

Zum ignored this and locked his door once chuck was gone. He drifted off into sleep and when hes alarm clock went off he fell out of bed to silence it. He was up and ready in no time and was headed off for school.

"Dont forget brat! You have a dance, and a date to go to!"

Zum stopped dead in his tracks, oh man how could he forget that kind of thing! He put it in his mind and headed off to school.
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It took hours to get things settled, The girl, silent from her loss, sat in Avian's care like a drone. Avian had to call in her lawyer and some other people just to get the hospital and child services OK with her taking the girl in. It was that or a foster home and silently the girl, Taylor, wanted avian to take her.

It was really dark by the time they returned to the duplex. Avian had picked up on a familiar scent on the way back, The blood smell was gone and it was aparent this young girl was actually one like herself. "Man I am just a magnet suddenly!" She remarked to herself about how all of the sudden shes finding them left and right.

She cleared some things out of her upstairs room, made a bed up for Taylor and the girl feel stright to sleep. Avian went downstairs and picked up the computer.

"Good evening, I am picking up , Eh... You have two new messages."

She silently dug through her inbox and pulled the first one up, a list of warehouses by the bay, a list of buildings in downtown that were up for rent and and a few stars next to ones that seemed like key ideas. She sent it to another folder for safe keeping and opened the other.

"~Yo, Avian! Smith here! Took Into my own hands for you, You seemed pretty up for this so I been workin real late, I already got a lease with the biggest place in downtown, I left the warehouse to you since im not sure what you want to do with it, But the commercials, the radio spots, already up and running! Newspaper and mag stuff prints in the morning! The building used to be a resturant so it didnt take much fixing up! I had a team working on it all evening! I changed a thing though, Instead of a 21 and over only club and bar, I made it all ages above 13... It brings im more money you see... Plus i had the building sorta split up, theres the young peoples side, band dancing food NON alcohol drings and so on so forth, even a few video games.

Then theres the adult section, more music, more food, more drinks of all kinds, specially the beer, and dance floor and band stage! The bouncer, Freddy, is a friend of mine, hes a good guy, and very good at his job, he dont let ANYONE slip past unchecked, So he starts tomorrow. As for the decorations well was not sure what you wanted so the kids are is kinda decorated like partial jungle you know, you said untamed beast and I thought of a jungle, You can change it later if its not what you like. We open tomorrow, and your schedualled, as you requested, to be a waitress there tomorrow.

Much brother love
~Smith "

Avian groaned, This was great that it got started already but... A JUNGLE theam for the kids area? A KIDS AREA? Oh well, he was right, more money that way, but she wasnt focused on the money this time round. She didnt care what it looked like, if she got there tomorrow and it looked like shit, she would fix it quick and be done with it. What was she going to do now that she had taylor, what made her take Taylor in the first place. She had no time for kids, she was looking for fighters not whiners.

Avian sighed, "Reply to him for me would ya. Im going to sleep. Let Smith know ill be there at like.... early.... yeah. Ill be there to check things out , see if he did any of it legally, specially find enough booze over night.. I mean seriously, oh whatever, just tell him ill be there way before opening just so I can get things situated...goodnight."

The computer beeped and did its job while avian passed out on her couch.

She was woken up by Taylor glancing into the fridge. "You dont have any milk..."

Avian was on her feet in no time, "Oh crap! Oh uh... Milk hold on, I have some, just not in that fridge."

Avian yanked her keys from her pocket and sent to a door on the other side of the kitchen, she unlocked the door and went down the stairs into the basement. She didnt even turn the light on, she pulled a half gallon of milk out of the fridge and went back upstairs. Handing it to taylor she relocked the door.

"You lock your basement? Ok... Iv seen stranger things." She made herself some cereal and sat at the coffee table by the couch.

Avian crunched on a jerky stick. "Why talkin already? You were pretty silent last night..."

"I just lost both of my parents, my only family, how would you feel."

Avian frowned, "I never had parents, But I see what you mean. Sorry..."

Taylor had no expression on her face, "Did you know..." She said between a mouthful of ceral, "What you sleep with your tail out... And your hair gets all wierd."

Avian just about choked on the jerky... "Uh..."

"Dont worry about it, I do it too, My dad used to change in his sleep and raid the fridge, it pissed mom off so much, she had to go grocery shopping way more often than usual. She finally bought a fridge that locks. When I change the first thing that changes no matter what are my ears, and the tail... I wonder if its like that for most of the others like me."

Avian relaxed a bit, "Its actually normal to have one trait that changes before everything else, for me its the tail, and my hair stiffens into feathers... But its not the same for everyone."

"Wow you know alot about this abnormality..."

Avian laughed, "it is not abnormal... We were created this way, well... I was, you were born but that doesnt makeo ne bit of difference. You are different than normal people but ... thats a good thing. Now listen I cant enroll you into school today, we will do that tomorrow, for now you can play my computer, watch tv whatever, I have to go to work before it opens."

A few arrangements were made and Avian was gone before Taylor had finished eating. Taylor was just so open with her own secret it was disturbing, but maybe that was a good thing. Once at the new club she found that the kids area didnt look all that bad, and the adults area had neat neon lights, a light up dance floor, jungle theam wasnt so bad after all, Smith didnt over do it like Avian had thought. Going in the back she met Freddy, and two other waitress's. One for the kids area to deal with food and soda, and the other one to assist avian in the adults club.

"Ok, what about the bartender?"

Smith appeared , "For the first night, thatll be me! I was a bartender all through college!"

"Ok then, lets get the rest of the stuff set up and ready and we can open the doors this evening!"
ooc: sorry again for a horridly long post, im trying, next time ill split it up into two if i have to, anyways for now its like mid day or something, club and stuff open soon, so be prepared, what it looks like inside are up to you, Its large and stuff, so be creative, there are booth's theres the bar, the light up dance floor, go wild from there (dont forget to include the band on the stage )
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Chance finished his work out early today with his friends, everyone was getting ready to head to that new club that was making its grand opening tonight. Ian and Chance stayed the longest at the gym while their friends left early, they wanted to complete their workout for the month before moving onto the next project. Chance and Ian were in the showers washing off as they talked with one another.

"So, are you gonna head out to the Untamed Beast tonight? I heard it's an 13+ club, but they still have a section for adults to party. Don't wanna be caught messing around with a minor" Ian laughed as he scrub his hair with conditioner.

"Maybe....I dunno, I mean I like to dance and relax but I'm not that good in crowds, unless its on the dance floor then that's much better. Still, kinda debating on the idea." Chance washed the suds off his body before turning off the hot water, he grabbed for his towel to dry off before leaving to go to his locker. Ian followed soon after and they both began to change.

"I say go for it, lately you've been working and working out, then going to the AA meetings non stop. I'm impressed with you not drinking for a month already, you deserve to have some fun at least." Ian stated, Chance smiled at the comment. Both men left the gym and said their farewells to one another before going to their respected homes. Chance entered his apartment and sat down on his couch, sore and tired from the extreme workout he went through. His dog Scubbles climbed on the couch and layed next to his owner, Chance started to scratch his head.

"So what do you think boy? Go out tonight or should we watch a movie?" The dog mearly rolled onto his back and panted. "Go out......thanks" Chance took a short nap on the couch, he woke up right as the sun was orange and sinking into the streets. He went into his room and started to change, he grabbed his black sweat pants and his yellow hoodie from the closet for tonight. Once change he went into the living room to grab his keys, wallet and cell phone. "Hey boy....how were things in the old west?"

"Ruff" Scubbles responded.

"What grows on trees?"

"Bark" The dog responded again wagging its tail on the couch, Chance laughed as he headed out the door. Moments later he arrived at the club to see a line already being formed for the kids side, Chance parked and made his way to the adult side. He recognized the bouncer at the front door, it was his college roomate Freddy.

"Hey bruiser, hows it going?" Chance said as he walked towards his friend, the two talked and hugged one another for a bit.

"How's it going Chance? Man it's been ages and I see you've kept up with your workout, trying to aspire to be like me" Freddy laughed as he flexed his muscles.

"Yea whatever" Chance showed his I.D and was let in, the music was loud and it was already crowded. Chance stood around admiring the neon lights and how large the club was, there was also a large lit up dance floor and bar to match. There were booths and table stands with high chair for people to enjoy their drinks. The servers were dressed nicely and looked busy. Chance decided to sit at one of the tables. A female waitress came over to him quickly after talking with the bartender.

"Welcome to Untamed Beast, what can I get you to drink handsome?"

"Just a water and a double shot of vodka on the rocks please." Chance showed the female his I.D card but he didn't look at her. He was still stunned on how hip the place was, so much that he didn't realize his drinks were already on the table. "Oh......thank you miss" Chance turned to view the woman, she was tall and had piercing yellow eyes to match......but when Chance gazed into her eyes his blood froze. He smelled a scent dangerously familiar to him and her mere presence shook the muscular giant. "Have......have we met before?"

"I don't think so?" She looked at him questionably. Chance's eyes turned a complete shade a milky white in an instant, he turned away quickly. "Thanks, another please" Chance's eyes still had a white glow to them, even the dancers on the floor looked at his direction and thought they were bright contacts, the waitress left still holding onto his I.D card, she was talking a lot to the bartender.

OOC: So I'll make contact with you Frankie just to speed things along a bit. Hope that's alright, nice club btw :D:D
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ooc: AHA A SHORT POST! YAY! Oh and thanks lol you dont play sims 2 for hours on end and not get a few ideas lol. AS for the contact, its perfect, nicely done... mwahah now its my turn.
The moment the doors opened the place got crowded, maybe they needed a few more helpers for tomorrow, but that was for later. Avian started first, making the rounds, checking id's, the sound systems, and of course serving drinks. She heard there was a line for the underage side and smiled when she heard that many kids were showing up after their school dance so she expected even more kids by late tonight. What a start! The place was new but people knew what to do there, they got in, got drinks and hit the floor. Dancing maniacs with no care of who sees them acting like fools. It was perfect.

Avian had served some people, taking note of their scent first and if it was abnormal she mentaly made note of them and investigated them while serving other people. She found a few people seemed quite odd but it turned out to be some strange perfume or cologne they were wearing. Untill that is... the one man sat down.

She walked up to where he was, "Welcome to Untamed Beast, what can I get you to drink handsome?"

"Just a water and a double shot of vodka on the rocks please."

He faded off into the details and she went to the bar, "Smith double shot of vodka on the rocks please!" She said this as she leaned over the bar for the water.

"Hey now thats my job!" He barked at her handing her what she had requested.

"Oh please! You were busy! Now play nice!" She took the drinks and returned to the mans table and he seemed surprised that they were there already. Then he looked at her for the first time. She instantly could tell, and she sensed he did too because he seemed far more shocked than she was meeting Chuck and Zum.

"Have......have we met before?"

"I don't think so?" She played it cool, didnt want to lie but didnt want to make it obvious she could tell what he was. He turned away really fast to avoid eye contact and thats when she chose to grin. First night and she had alreayd located one. Things were looking up!

"Thanks, another please" he said still turned away.

She returned to the bar with a happy look on her face and the mans ID in her hand still. "Sweet!"

Smith eyed her, "What get a phone number already? Sheesh and you want even give me yours..."

Avian rolled her eyes, "Smith please, you are the brotherly figure right now, no one gets my number. And this isnt his number, Its his ID."

"Gonna steal his identity?" He eyed the man shortly, "I dont think you can pull of that body, sorry..."

"No, The reason I am happy is of no concern just enjoy the night." She made sure to write all his information down on a slip of paper and shove it in her pocket before he or anyone else noticed. It was just incase she couldnt make full contact that night. A lot of people around to be talking about such a subject.

She returned to his table with his second round of drinks, It seemed he was concentrating on long looking at her... She gave him his drinks, and slid him his ID. She choose now to say something, while the music was loud and people were concentrated on other things.

"Dont worry Chance... Your secret is safe with me..." She said this and he took a split moment to look at her. She was smiling, her golden eyes matched the expression.

"SMITH! I'm takin a FIVE! Be out in the alley!" She took off for the back door. She moved past Freddy and went out to the side Alley. There she took a deep breath of fresh air and some silence.

"I kinda hopin he takes the bait... I mean If not I can at least give my sesitive ears a break..." She sighed to herself, he smelled similar to Chuck, perhaps... they had the same traits.
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School droned on by like a blur, he remembered talking to very few people and he didnt skip gym either. Eventually that last bell rang, and the kids left like crazy. Some shouting about an all ages club and some freaking out about the dance.

Zum returned home quickly, he was at least going to TRY this who dance date thing. He got ready and suddenly evening was upon him. Chuck knocked on Zums door, which was always locked now, and said it was about that time.

Zum crawled into the Chuck's kinda nice black two door car. He was ready to sit in the back so that Tetra could have the front seat, but then he worried about Chuck and hoped everything would be ok. They arrived at the right location and he knocked on the door. Someone answered.


Zum nervously spoke, "I-i-is Tet-tra here?"

"Oh how cute!" In a flash the person at the door was gone leaving the front door wide open. It was wierd he didnt even catch who it was. The whole house smelled far different than an avarage human.

"Tetra, your date is here!"

ooc: you can take control for the dance bit Tetra, I got a message from frankie stating that we dont have to meed up with her at the club we can just go for fun or something like that. Her character already knows about our characters and knows how to find them so yeah... its about fun at this point :D
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Chance tapped his index finger on the table as he thought about what that woman said to him before she left, so many things popped into his head and yet he knew she had answers to the questions he had. Chance shook his head for a moment until he focused on his new drink that she left, the pungent smell of alcohol would remain on him for the rest of the night. He was trying to behave, and this was only his second drink for the evening, but he was nervous. Quickly the man picked up the glass and sipped the contents until only the rocks of ice were left.

"She made her announcement quite loud to the bartender......did she want to speak to me in private?" Chance thought as he got up from his table and went over to the bar, he leaned on the counter top until the bartender came up to him.

"You seem to be popular with that server, she's a real firecracker bud"

"Yeah.....she's special alright. What's her name?" Chance asked.

"Avian, but I wouldn't go asking for her number on the first night ya know, she's the owner of this club. Give it some time so you can be a regular with her" He laughed while washing some more glasses.

"Heh yeah I guess. Give me a large Shiner Bock from the tap please" Chance turned around while the bartender went to get him his beer, the music seemed to get louder and the bass was more powerful. Other dancers walked past the muscled giant looking into his clear white eyes, some amazed and some scared.

"Here you go, enjoy!" The bartender left the glass in front of Chance. The man quickly chugged the beer down before setting it on the counter top empty.

"Start me on a tab, I'll be right back" Chance cleaned the foam off his upper lip as he made his way towards the back door. He left and looked around Avian, he walked past the clubs exterior to find her in a back alley just taking in the night sky. It was warm and there was a full moon out, it's light illuminated the darkness of the shadows. Avian did not notice Chance since she was facing the opposite way, so he quietly made his way towards her, his shoes clapping against the concrete floor as it echoed with every step. "You said you know my secret" Chance broke the silence, Avian turned around and looked up at Chance as he came in front of her. They could see one another clearly in the moonlight, he could make out her inhuman ears and she could tell the full moon was reacting with his body by the way his eyes were white as snow.

"Yes, your scent is familiar to others I've talked to, it shows that we have something in common. Something that you know makes you stand out from other humans, but I'm sure you know that" Avian gave a smirk, she went over to a nearby trash can and sat on the lid, still focused on Chance. "So, how long have you been on earth? Due to your age I would say quite some time"

"How long?? What are you talking about, I've always lived here....I think, some things are a blur but i know I'm from here" Chance squinted his eyes to think for a moment.

"Wait a minute, I know I'm not wrong to believe you are like me."

"That you're right of, I have the ability to change into a wolf with the combined features of a Rhino, but I don't know why I can. Or when it started, but I get these imaged of death and screams from time to time and it's been occure more often. Do you know that secret? Do you know something I don't?" Chance focused on Avian.

"A fighter?..." She thought for a moment, she believed he was used to kill before he came to earth. Somehow though he must have lost his memories about is past, but the thought of his combined powers was enough to conclude he was a fighter. She wondered what his elemental attacks were though. Chance suddenly became saddened when it seemed that the woman was ignoring him when she was actually in deep thinking.

"You know....nevermind, I probably shouldn't even talk about it. I don't talk about it with anyone, but for some odd reason I felt something deep inside when I looked into your eyes. It was a mistake I guess" Chance turned around and began to leave the alley.

"Wait, don't go" Avian yelled, but Chance ignored the cries and went back inside to the loud music and dancing people. He was thinking about heading back to the downstairs bar, but since he found out from the bartender that she was the owner he might get cut off. He went up the side stairwell of the club to the second level and ordered his drinks from there. The lounge area was a nice a relaxing place to be, the music still played even up there. Chance went up to the bartender.

"Shots of Tequila, and keep them coming" Chance's mind continued to race as he took some of his shots, but he couldn't get Avian scent out of his mind.
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ooc: Ah wonders of wonders, she aint givin this up now not when his curiosity got him to take the bait the first time!

Avian frowned as the man returned into the bar, but she had an idea it was far from logical. It was downright insane in a place like this but... It might get his attention. She returned to the bar, seeing as how her five minutes were up. She couldnt find him any where and asked smith about it.

"Taken some real interest I see... He requesteda tab be started, I wasnt sure if I should authorize it, being the first night and all..."

"Authorize it, Premium account even, let the guy upstairs-" She paused "No ill let the guy upstairs know. Be right back."

She followed the scent she picked up and traveled up the stairs to the club lounge area, more mellow of an area for the drinker who wants a break for super loud music. She spotted Chance from across the room, so before she made herself visible she found one of her security men and kept their location in her mind before approching. This... COULD get ugly.... maybe.

She was next to Chance in a flash. She placed a hand on the bar counter right next to him and leaned in real close to his ear, she was quick, so quick hedidnt notice her untill she placed her hand on his shoulder and whispered into his ear.

"You know, Those memories of yours, I know exactly what they are, and I know what they are from... for I share the same ones, the only difference being I can remember them." Her eyes seemed to be glowing a fierce yellow and suddenly before he could even make a comment back an electric pulse went through his body. He was unable to move anything but his eyes. Avian took his drink and sat it on the bar.

"He should be back once im done ... talking with him, if not I will cover his tab for today."

She motioned for the large security guard to help move him to a back room, only for employees. it had a couch, a water cooler, and one door... A door that Avian locked the moment she got the security officer out of the room. It was her and chance all alone. Avian hoped that he would not freak out, change, and rip the place apart.

"Now Mister Chance, that little shock treatment will only last a little while so Let me speak before you fight to get your muscles moving again."

She saw his eyes follow her as she paced in the room. "Ok, You have memories but you dont know what they are from, memories of killing, memories of death. I lived those same memories, and when I questioned them, UNimaginable horrors were then commited against even myself."

She lifted up the back of her shirt,not taking it all the way off, just giving him a good view of her back. You would imagine lash marks but at close inspection they were actually deep claw marks. Deep white scars.

"They remind every day of the things I was forced to do. The innocent lives I was taking, and What would happen to me if I DIDNT do what I was told." She paused a moment.

"I know what you are, I know of your ORIGINS... You might not like to hear it but I know your soul and your animal soul want to know. Since I shouldnt force it on you like this anyways, Ill leave this room unlocked and let other employees to leave this room alone. Once you can move again you are free to leave, or head back to the bar, either choice is fine."

She pulled out a peice of paper and her pen, she started jotting information down and once she was finished she slipped it into his pocket. "That is my phone number, email, and address in case you want to learn more in a more private surriounding. Showing off my abilities in front of my own club wasnt even the smartest thing to do. Now ill end up sleeping like a rock tonight. That energy I pumped into doesnt come from nowhere." She stretched her arms.

"Now should you even think of your past, or me and what I know, please call me... or if it just cannot wait, find me downstairs, but I figured you would think this was enough surprises for one night and might just want to get drunk out of your mind and sleep it off untill later. Whatever you do, dont let your past go unchecked. You deserve to know, and I am the only person on THIS PLANET that has those answers for you."

She opened the door into the lounge, "I am sure I will be seeing you again Mister Chance, and please, try not to get too drunk." For a split second Chance could see her ears have an orange fuzz to them before her ears were as human as anyone elses, she shut the door behind her, and made sure it was unlocked, before she returned downstairs and resumed her usual work as though nothing had happend. Well at least she made som extra contact with one, maybe not the smartest way to do it, but it was done. Hopefully, with some time to cope with the idea, he would be curious enough to seek her knowledge. Of course if it was at home she would be able to give him all kinds of information from her computer but if not she had a compelling argument anyways.

ooc: OK! One has her info, the lucky guy! No one else has ever gotten that info! If smith knew.... HOO BUDDY! She was a bit tough, but I think she got the message across! Hmm contact with chance is pretty much set, I can get Zum and Tetra from Avian's home easily enough (and our secondary characts like chuck and taylor) the only mystery person left needs to make an apperance.
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"Coming!" Tetra yelled. she was finishing putting on a bit of black eyeliner. She came out to the front door and saw Zum.

"Whaddya think? I got this dress for my birthday."


She heard the intro to "Hangar 18" and made her way to the karaoke area to sing to the song. She had a habit of singing to rock and metal songs, especially ones she knew the lines to.

"Welcome to our fortress tall
Take some time to show you around
Impossible to break these walls
You can see the steel, it's much too strong
Computer Banks to rule the world
Instruments to sight the stars
Possibly I've seen to much
Hangar 18 I know too much

Foreign Life forms inventory
Suspended state of cryogenics
Selective amnesia's the story
Foreseen, foretold, but who'd suspect?
The military intelligence
two words combined that can't make sense
Possibly I've seen to much
Hangar 18 I know too much"

It went on to the half without lyrics and she stepped off the stage.

"You can give it a shot if you want. I do pretty good myself!"


*** I got the lyrics from [URL="http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/game/932565.html"]this guide[/URL], in case you want to use lyrics from some songs.
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Ira laughed and took another drink. "Are you serious? Why would I want to go to a kiddie club."

Azazel rolled his eyes and took the drink from her." Okay, I think you had enough. It's something new, we've been to all the other clubs already. Plus, I don't control this one yet." He looked out the window and lit a cigarette.

Ira sighed and sat on his lap. "Very funny. I haven't had nearly enough to be drunk. I guess your right. I'll go. No fighting though! I want to actually have fun, not watch you forcefully take over another business through violence and money."

Azazel smiled and kissed her cheek. Grabbing her wrist,he lead her to the silver corvet waiting in front of the mansion.


Ira sighed as she entered the club. It was very large, and a long line stretched from the "kids" section. She waited at the door for Azazel and walked up to the bouncer once he arrived.

"I.D. please."

She groaned and handed him her I.D. "Well, can I go in?" She smiled at him seductively.

"Well, your only 19, so no drinking. I'll tell the security guards." He smiled and handed it back to her.

Opening the door, they arrived on a large dance floor. Ira smiled. "Ooh! Lets dance." She grabbed Luthian and dragged him to the center of the dance floor and started grinding. It had been a while since they had danced, so this excited her. After about an hour they decided to go to the lounge to relax.

Azazel ordered a scotch on the rocks and Ira ordered a cocktail (non-alcoholic). Breathing deeply, Ira lightly started nibbling on his ear and neck. The light pounding music downstairs echoed through her ears, it was very relaxing. Almost too relaxing. Grabbing her drink from the wiatress, she siped on the cocktail. Suddenly, the music seemed to turn rabid in her head and an overwhelming atrocious smell filled her nostruls, then...darkness.
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Zum was scared out of his skin, was it possible for him to be even more pale, right now would be the moment he breeched that barrier. He gulped and decided why not, he would try it, if not hed never hear the end of it from chuck.

Well the moment he got up there and was ready he noticed just how many people were looking at him. He froze, as usual... He tried to follow the lyrics but the moment he went to say anything the only sound that escaped him was a high pitched noise that couldnt be understood. Suddenly overcome by anxiety her felt himself shifting and ran for the mens room.

Once safely in the stall he jumped up on the lid, which he had closed, he let the panic attack consume him and his animal form take over, he shrank to the size of a skunk, and looked pretty much like a skunk, and once the transformation had occured, he calmed himself and changed back. Once he knew he was alright he left again.

"Are... You alright?" Tetra asked once she found him.

"Uh... I get... Not much of a crowd person, I think the singing idea was not the smartest, small panic attack... No worries its over now..."

ooc: were we at the dance by now or the club? I kept it pretty much unsaid... that way youcan specify later... :D
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Chance's muscles slowly relaxed themselves so he could move freely on his own, the little shock wore out his alcohol buzz, that was for sure. After moving his joints back and forward the giant got up from the couch and stretched more, taking in deep breaths as he did so. He couldn't help but keep the imaged of Avian's scared back, just like the one Chance had all over his body, except hers were more severe and deep looking.

(She....she knows about my past and what its like to hurt, can she shed more light on all the questions I have?) Chance though as he made his way out of the back room and back out into the lounge area. The bartender on that floor looked at Chance and smiled as the muscled giant came over to the counter top.

"Good news for you bud, our owner has given you premium access to the bar. What can I get for you lucky guy?" Chance sat down at the bar top and thought hard for a moment before answering.

"Just a Sprite please" The bartender looked a bit puzzled, but he shrugged it off and went to fetch the drink for Chance. The lounge area still remained a relaxed environment, that only remained until a group gasped as a woman collapsed on the floor. Her drink spilled on the carpet as he date knelt by her side shouting real loud over the music.

"Don't touch her you moron, give her some room!" He snapped at the innocent viewers who were only trying to help, the man picked up the woman in his arms and took her to the bathroom, the two passed the bar where Chance was able to get a clear look at the woman.....she was younger looking up close. Chacne took a drink from his cup, after taking one sniff from his nose made Chance shocked once again, like when he made eye contact with Avian.

"No way!" Chance choked on his drink as he spat some back out.

"Sir, are you alright??" The bartender asked. Chance only nodded as his eyes turned a bright shade of white, he excused himself from he bar top and went back downstairs on the dance floor. Some dancing should lighten his mood, and the music that was playing enticed the dancers into a trance. Chance was taller than most of the dancers as he looked over head to find Avian tending to a table, he ducked onto his knees and sucked in a good amount of air before howling into the air, it echoed though out the building as the dancers only clapped and smiled at the beastly roar. Chance stood back up to see Avian looking at his direction in shock, shocked that he actually howled in public. But she knew he wanted to talk to her, leaving her little serving trey at the counter top, she pushed and maneuvered her way through the crowd to get to Chance. Soon they were standing in the middle of the moving crowd of dancer, Chance grabbed the woman by her waist and brought her close to him, bending over a bit to tell her something in her ear.

"I want to know everything....I don't care how sensitive or horrifying, everything" He stated, Avian didn't resist as Chance held on tight she could see some security guards make their way to their position. "You don't know half of what I can do" Chance looked up and positioned his foot at the direction of the closets bouncer, with skill he stomped his heel on the floor and small tremor made its way towards that bouncer, knocking him down on the ground. The other dancers were only shook by the force. Avian looked up at Chance to meet his glowing white eyes and could tell he was serious.
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ooc: Well that momentraily takes care of Ira i guess lol / AND i thought it a bit unlogical for a 20 year old to own a bar and serve alcohol so I edited my sign up real fast to at least make her 21... i cant remember now (a whole four seconds later) if i put 21 or 22, either way shes of age now >_<; she doesnt look any different though

Avian was surprised by his sudden show of powers in the center of the dance floor. She was the least bit afraid of this muscular man, despite his behavior. She smiled and was quite impressed with his sudden need to know attitude, she was going to have to dissapoint him slightly though. She figured hed drink untill his brain hurt from all the info she had already givin him... but he had not. So now, she needed to arange things.

She just looked him in the eyes. "Ok... Ill tell you everything, On one condition."

She paused a moment and gestured to her guards and bouncers that the situation was under control and they wandered off to do other things, like work.

He silently nodded, " You have to meet me at my house tomorrow, I kinda have a club to run, unit's to sniff out, a bartender to keep sober and off the ladies. Anyways there are no fully private places to discuss all the details. Just... meet me at my place tomorrow. For now take advantage of the bar or perhaps dance, just no earthquakes please, just got this place together!"

Even though he wanted to know, he wanted the answers now, he had no choice but to agree. She smiled sweetly, and kind of felt bad to be letting him hang there knowing the information he wanted was right there, but still out of reach. She apologised for the wait with a sweet smile and kiss on the cheek. "Sorry, but tomorrow really is best..." She said as she pulled way, "Now enjoy yourself please... I made this place for people to enjoy themselves... I have to attend to some issues now."

She left him there in the center of the dance floor, he reached down into his pocket and glanced at the information... He would have to meet her there. "1197 Sandy Rd.... " He repeated to himself, "Avian Torain..."


Meanwhile avian had made her way upstairs to deal with the issue of the woman who passed out. She got info from the lounge bartender that she had passed out after drinking one of her drinks, and that her date and the security guard had headed for the restrooms to try and revive her.

"What the hell..." Avian sighed to herself... Then she caught the scent, "Well Ill Be Damned!"

She made her way to them and assesed the situation. The smell was obviously the woman, and not her date. She cleared her throat.

"This is not the place for her to be recovering."

"And what would a blasted waitress know about it!?" The date said.

Avian shook her head, "Im the owner of this club, Please, John, Earl please move her to the employee break room. The guest there has moved downstairs so it is free for her comfort."

Despite a few groans of dislike of the idea the date went with it. "So your the owner here huh?" He asked eyeing Avian carefully.

Avian eyed him, "Indeed I am. I own a club in the next town over, an advratising company, and a few shops aroud town. This is my newest project. What was the lady drinking?"

"Ira she...." He paused and remembered giving her the exact drink ," I think it was her second one when she passed out..."

Avian watched as Earl and John placed her carefully on the comfy couch in the break room. "See that these two are not disturbed, notify me when the girl wakes up, and keep at guard at the door please, No one in..."

Once they were outside the room where only the two of them could hear she also added, "Or out... A Few security issues need to be cleared up before those two leave, notify me instantly."

"Yes Miss Torain!"
ooc: Guess nevermind on that pm i sent you cheese master, things kinda went their own way :P lets see what happens now.
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Ira's eyes shot open, now a pale blue. Sitting up, she noticed the room was completely covered in ice, everyone frozen in time. Except her, she wasn't even cold. She ran to the door and kicked it, shattering it to hundreds of pieces. Looking around, she noticed she was back in the lounge, well an igloo looking lounge anyway.

"What the hell?" A tear fell from her eye and shattered as it hit the ground.

Searching the whole club, everything had been turned to ice, but how? Then it hit her. Something like this had happaned before when she was a little girl. Her whole town had been frozen over, in the middle of summer. She had randomly passed out before that ice age as well. Pulling a small mirror out of her wallet, she looked at herself, seeing her pale eyes and pointed teeth. "Wha...not again!" Throwing the mirror, Ira quicly ran back up stairs and found the iced Azazel. Closing her eyes, she slowly blew her breath at him, instantly melting the ice. Azazel fell to the ground gasping for air.

"Holy shit! What the fuck!!" He tried getting to his feet, but kept slipping on the sleek ice.

Ira looked at him and thought about how she had just been running all over, not coming close to slipping. Looking down at her feet, she noticed her shoes were gone, only furry cat-like feet remained. Her eyes widened and a screeching scream erupted through the air. Suddenly, everything started to crack and melt. Leaving the original in tact. Everyone was on the floor gasping for air on the now puddled floor.

Her eyes turned back to a dark green, and she was back to normal. Looking at everyone, she immediately ran out of the club, tears in her eyes. Azazel following close behind.
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