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Art Shibby McShib Productions [Videos]

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[CENTER][SIZE="4"]Shibby McShib[/SIZE]

[size=1]I've decided since this is the art studio and my main art passion is making movies, I should at least put them on here to see what you guys think. I've gotten better over the years, but we still mainly make crappy films for fun. With our limited amount of actors and resources (not to mention cheap equipment), we can only do so much. But it's all for the sake of improving.

[b]Shibby McShib Productions[/b] was founded by my friends Joel Rockey, Josh Stoddard, and myself (Gavin Brown), and it's been going strong since around my junior year of high school back in '04-'05.

So to start us off, here's our first "Shibby McShort," which is one of many small two-minute films about something random.

[indent][b]Shibby McShorts 1: Slapstick[/b]
[i]Starring:[/i] Gavin Brown, Josh Stoddard, and Josh Loenshal
Gavin (being me, yet a completely different character all together) learns a hard lesson about not listening to the Joshes.[/indent]
[center][YOUTUBE="Shibby McShorts 1: Slapstick"]Tii0zLw4YJg[/YOUTUBE][/center]

Comments, puhlease :] I'll put up more as we go.[/size]
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[size=1]Thank you, thank you. We're certainly a silly bunch :] And more is here.

[indent][b]At Every Turn[/b]
[i]Starring:[/i] Gavin Brown, Josh Stoddard, Tony Howe, Tara Babbit, and Scott Griner
One of our earlier films, we made it within one day and edited it within a few hours in time to turn it into the film festival it was created for. The film festival worked by giving us a random title (in which case we got "At Every Turn") and we had to make a ten minite or less film revolving around that name. Our result? A movie filmed with random television shows revealing how TV really is. Awkward...[/indent][/size]
[center][YOUTUBE="At Every Turn"]0KDFbqldExo[/YOUTUBE][/center]
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[size=1]Thank you :] The Feelings part was a good idea in our head, I thought, but it didn't come out too well. Due to being rushed so much to finish the project, we had to film and get out, so sadly we could not go back and film it again if need be. And turns out some of the clips were poorly done, and I edited them the best I could. Josh Stoddard and I have been talking about going back and refilming [b]At Every Turn[/b], perhaps editing out the lacking scenes and extending the better ones, but time just hasn't been on our side yet. We shall see.[/size]
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[size=1]Haha, I'd be very willing to make a video for OB. It's a shame now that school has been keeping me so busy, I haven't had the time to make any recent films. [b]Slapstick[/b] was the first film I've done in months.

And I'm back with something new. I've been busy film making lately and this is one I just made tonight for funsies. It's a cooking show :]

[indent][b]Screw The Recipe - Pizza[/b]
[i]Starring:[/i] Gavin Brown
Chef Brown tries his hand at making pizza. But much silliness ensues with pantry cats, babies, and wild dance moves to boot![/indent][/size]
[center][YOUTUBE="Screw The Recipe - Pizza"]SXKa-JYLiLc[/YOUTUBE][/center]
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