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The Blood Wars

Darth Vectis

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[SIZE="1"]The night air was still this evening, the moon hanging peacefully in the sky. The skyscraper they had all be called to tonight had a beautiful view of this moon-- no other buildings obstructed it?s line of vision. The assembled crew looked in awe at the surreal reflection of the moon against the building?s tinted windows-- it was magnified ten fold, and seemed to fill them with the moon?s radiance. Finally their concentration was broken with the buzz of the intercom.

[B]?You may now all come in.?[/B] The group sauntered in slowly, amazed by the grandiose of the room they had entered. It looked almost as if it had been embossed in gold and lined with exotic fabrics. Classic art from across that ages lined the central lobby. An elegantly dressed vampire glided down the stairs, and smiled honey sweetly as his eyes overlooked the guests.

[B]"My master has been waiting for you. He?s pleased that you all made it. He must attend to other matters tonight as well, so he kindly requests that you come up immediately. Follow me.? [/B]He led them to the most elegantly decorated and spacious elevator they had ever seen, and they traveled all the way up to the top floor. The opening elevator doors revealed a large, lightless room, illuminated solely by the glow of the moon. The figure standing in it?s light was beautiful and terrible, imposing and comforting, and instilled a complete sense of wonder and terror over all of them. The figure turned towards them, his face masked by shadows; he was undoubtedly smiling though, as his white teeth shined even in the shade.

[B]?I?ll make this quick-- the Harbingers threaten every single one of us in this room. They seek to disturb the sacred conduct of our races; they wish to upset the balance of the world by revealing to the humans what they do no wish to see. Should our existences have proven useful to them, we would have been exposed to them ages ago. Even if you do not care much for the established order, the Harbingers still pose a physical threat to the world.?[/B] he looked over to one of his guests in particular, a stern looking man with an athletic build, adorned in a counter rogues task force uniform. He smiled at the man kindly, who he could tell was attempting, with difficulty, to not snarl in disgust. That made the man laugh boisterously and return to his desk. He sat down in one swift motion, almost indistinguishable, than spoke once more, his tone more business-like than before.

[B]?Bring me the leader?s head and you will receive the opportunity to be a clan lord. One of his lieutenants will garner the chance to receive a large sum of money that will be requested by you. Be wary, however- this beast is not killed simply by losing its head. These Vampire are determined in their ways; if one leader falls, another will arise. He may be less adept than their current leader, but all they need is a force to rally behind to be a threat. You must eradicate all traces of them, diminish all chance of them uniting once more. The sum for that task will be $6.5 million. Now go out and preserve the ways of the dark, lest you should find yourself swallowed by it.?[/B]

With that, the people in the room quickly flooded out, leaving the man to his thoughts. He stared back out into the moon, his eyes filled with it.

[B]?Seraphim? You can?t escape me. I can?t have you running around, undoing the kingdom I?ve built up all of my life. I?ll take everything from you; your goals, your pride, your armies, your powers? and you?re most prized possession.?[/B]


Night was settling in and the people in the small towns would be calming down and the lights would start to turn down. In the cities the lights would be bright and the city would be alive, this worked well for The Harbingers. They wanted people to be awake, to be aware of when they struck their precious cities. If they were completely unaware and obstructed from seeing then the Harbingers cause would be for nothing. The plans were being laid out as the night was growing, his officers had their table laid out. The table itself was the lay out of the entire map of where they were going to be working. Simple touches on the screen either changed the size of the map or created a new marker on the table that designated a proper area that needed placement. Seraphim stood amongst his officers, his lieutenant stood on his left side with his hands placed on the side of the table. This sort of technology was easy to come by when you knew where to take it from, they did need to reprogram a few things, but it all came together pretty easily.

Seraphim watched carefully as his lieutenant mapped out for the other officers what was going to happen. He looked up and spotted Nemo remaining silent, he was in one of his moods that followed with his change in power. He observed the map carefully and made comments and adjustments as he heard the plan. Seraphim averted his gaze to the guards that were watching the inside of the small room, he could see their uncaring looks that showed they had little interest in what was going on. They would be part of the whole plan, but they only needed to do a small part to the whole thing. The major pieces would be left to his officers, they were the only ones trust worthy enough to enact his will in the proper way. He watched as the guards remained completely still, they had weapons at their sides and they were in the usual stance, at attention and ready for anything.

Seraphim moved away from the table and looked out the window toward the camp below him, they dare not light any fires so that they wouldn?t give themselves away. But, that was really necessary, every creature that was in his coven was not a regular human. He didn?t allow humans into his coven, they were too slow and many vampires would be tempted to feed on them. Being that close to your natural food source was too much of a distraction and he couldn?t afford such distractions at such critical times. He knew it was bad enough that there were occasional fights among the different species. Werewolves and vampires didn?t get along, sprites were there to break up the fights. Guards had to interject when the situation was getting to far out of hand, those situations sometimes ended with the death of one of the combatants. On occasion, Seraphim himself would become involved in the situation, he never was lenient with the two problem causers. If this was a repeated offense by either person, he had then executed for being a constant issue.

He had no time for people causing problems, and exile would ensure the Harbingers destruction if one of their own was caught in the enemies hands. He also needed people in his coven to know that he was not someone to be trifled with. He turned back from his window and called over one of the guards, he whispered in their ear and the nodded to him. The guard disappeared out of the room and Seraphim put his hands behind his back as he walked across the room, he placed his hand on small book that was on his nightstand. He traced the worn cover of it, it use to have a vibrant red color to the cover. But now, it was faded and the pages were wrinkled on the edges. He didn?t much care if the book looked ragged and old, this book had a lot of things inside of it. It was party his journal, partly prophecies he had collected over the centuries and in all, an instruction manual for his successor. The guard returned soon enough with someone behind him, he returned to his post as soon as the person was in and the door was closed.

Seraphim turned toward the person he had brought in, she was young one in his eyes. She had a shy and meek feel to her, but he could tell that with time she could be a great fighter. The shy ones could always be the most cruel and vicious of any, he knew, he use to be as she was. He stood before her, looking down at her with his cold expression. She was attempting to avoid his eyes, but she soon met his gaze and locked on to him.

[B]?I?ve seen you around the camp, you have been busy with the new recruits. They seem to respect you, that?s something I am looking for.?[/B] She looked at him curiously, not sure if she was to speak or if she was just to listen. The silence between them was awkward for her, he could see it in her face and in her body language that she was uncomfortable. He leaned over a little bit to talk to her quietly.

[B]?You may speak if there is something on your mind.? [/B]She straightened out a little bit and then took a deep breathe before she decided to finally speak her mind toward her leader.

[B]?And what, per say, are you looking for??[/B]

[B]?Why, I?m looking for someone like you to fill the position of my personal guard.?[/B] Her job physically dropped just a bit, he could see the entire reaction from her facial expression to her sudden change in body language.

[B]?Your personal guard??[/B] Seraphim nodded.

[B]?Yes, my personal guard. You need the experience of real combat, and we are going into the combat very soon. So, you will now be part of my personal guard.? [/B]She swallowed back her shock and let out a breath before she spoke again.

[B]?And who else will be part of this guard??[/B]

[B]?No one, you are the only one. So I am trusting you to do your very best.? [/B]She was verbally unable to express her shock, she just motioned with her hands of something that was not able to be shown. Seraphim turned away from her and she followed him as he started to walk toward the table.

[B]?Sir, I don?t think I am to your standards.?[/B] Seraphim held his hand out to her in silencing motion.

[B]?Do not question the position you have been granted, if you really feel you are unfit for the job then resign right now and never speak of what you heard in here. If you accept what I have given you, then you will have the pick of the entire coven, save for my officers, to be part of your team to be my guard. You will be their captain and you will only answer to me. Now what is your answer??[/B] She looked up at him as she considered the task she was given, she straightened out and put on a stern face and stood to attention.

[B]?Yes sir. I will take the task you have given me.? [/B]Seraphim nodded.

[B]?Very well then, you pick your fellow guards tonight. Once you have your team you return here and you will be informed of our plans. What is your name captain??[/B] She stood still for a moment before speaking up to him.

[B]?My name is Cora sir.? [/B]Seraphim nodded to her.

[B]?Very well, Captain Cora. Now, off with you. I need you here ASAP. Now go.? [/B]She saluted him quickly then bolted out the door . He turned back to the table and saw that they had finished with their plans, he looked to Nero. He had a small smile on his face, Nemo was looking from the map to the Seraphim. He walked up to the table and placed his hand on a specific spot on the map.

[B]?This is where we will strike first. Nero, send a scout with a message. My nomadic officer should be within the area within the next few hours. Make sure he knows where to be. Everyone, get your equipment prepared and be ready to move out in two hours. We have a lot of work to do and very little time. You have your orders, now move out.? [/B]All of his officers saluted him and disappeared from his room, he stood looking down at the digital map.

[B]?Now, the Blood Wars begin.?[/B] He closed down the digital projection and stood in the darkness, preparing himself mentally for the destruction to come.

OOC: All vampires will be planting a bomb in a location of their choosing, make sure it is a mundane location. Bounty hunters, you will be finding vampires doing this. I am looking for combat in this one. Have at it, and have fun.[/SIZE]
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[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial]Holt entered the elevator and pressed the ground floor button. The doors slowly started to close when a hand jutted through the opening making the doors reopen. A slender pale woman entered the elevator; she was wearing all black and was sporting a rapier on one hip and a whip on the other, her short white hair poked out from under her hat. She went to the button console and saw the ground floor button was already pressed. She moved awkwardly to the back next to Holt.

[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial]The elevator descend was dreadfully long and the silence between the two occupants continued. Holt made a few cursory glances at the woman who would from time to time do the same. He saw her eyes fall upon his gun. As if in response he rested his hand on the handle and looked her in the face. She looked up at him and their eyes locked, similar to when two dogs stare each other down. This proceeded for a few moments before she broke the silence.

[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial][B]?Alabaster,?[/B] She said in a low tone. Holt averted his gaze to the door.[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Navy][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial][B]?[/B][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial][B]My name is Alabaster.[/B][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial][B]?[/B][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial] Holt refused to give his name. He had a strong preference against vampires. And she reeked of one. Alabaster rolled her eyes seeing she wasn?t getting an answer and she too went to staring at the door.

[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial]Holt?s radio suddenly crackled to life. [B]?Captain, we have a problem.?[/B]
[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial][B]
?Go ahead lieutenant.?[/B] He responded holding a hand up to his earpiece.

[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial][B]?We have reports of vampires setting charges in the general area.?[/B]
[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial][B]
?How many??[/B]

[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial][B]?We have no way of knowing at this time sir, we have reports of a dozen or so, and more coming in.?[/B]

[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial][B]?Send word to H.Q. and have them send out strike teams, tell them to neutralize all hostiles and disarm all charges,? [/B] Alabaster was now curiously watching Holt. [/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial][B]?[/B][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial][B]Then meet me in the lobby and we will move out from there.[/B][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial][B]?[/B][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial]
[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial][B]
?Right away sir.?[/B] The radio then cut out.

[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial]After a few more moments the elevator dinged and the doors slid open with a metallic smoothness. Holt quickly stepped out of the elevator leaving Alabaster behind. The other elevators had reached the bottom as well and the other members of the meeting were also heading out into the night. Holt scanned the crowd and saw the garb of a fellow operative. His young faced lieutenant weaved through the exiting crowd.

[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial]He ran up and saluted his superior. [B]?Sir, H.Q. has been informed and is taking action, our team is assembled outside and is waiting for orders.?[/B]

[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial]A small smirk flashed on Holt?s face at his lieutenant?s eagerness. [B]?Well done Stephens, fast as usual.?[/B]

[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial]They made their way outside and to the side of the skyscraper. A large black van sat parked at the curve. They moved to the back and Holt threw the double doors open. His team sat on both sides cradling their guns eagerly. They all turned to look at their captain. The only all werewolf team in the whole force, Holt looked over his team then held out his hand. One of the occupants threw him his MP5. He caught it by it?s fore grip and checked the clip.

[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial][B]?Team, let?s go hunting.?[/B] He said shoving the clip back in. This was meet by a harmonious ?OO-RAH? from the team. Holt climbed into the van and the Stephens closed the door behind him. The van roared to life and took off. It was going to be a good night.
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[SIZE="1"]Hour and fifty minutes. He sat calmly. This two-hour wait was nothing compared to 5 centuries of imprisonment. If it he learned but one thing, that was patience. Nemo assessed his situation. He had his ?supplies,? a pair of sunglasses from his personal stash, an mp3 player that he had taken off some drunken Irishman last week outside of a bar, and a bit of a worried feeling. It was not for the humans that were to be harmed, for he cared not for the safety of humans. It was not of being betrayed. He had only trusted one other person in his long existence, and he could not remember them at all. But he knew that if he trusted a being, they were honest in their actions. He thought it might be for the bounty hunters, but he was told by Seraphim that the hunters were not to be feared, so long as he did his job. It could not be them.

Hour and fifty-five minutes. No, he thought, We are not worried for them. We are worried for ourselves. We can do this task easily. Any of us could. But, what if we were caught? Who would they fight? Anyone but our kindness, he begged. People passed him by on their way to bigger better things. At his point, he assessed his location. He had not realized this, but he had aimlessly walked around town, and had ended up in the old town. He sat at a small café, which was not too crowded for this time of night. He remembered little of how he got there. When he was in his energetic state, he really didn?t think of what he was did. He just did. But, now, in a calmer mind, he could think of his next move. He was within fifteen blocks of his target. He looked to the sky. The stars were oddly calming. He remembered laying in a field of grass, holding? something. He looked at the stars.

[I]?Beautiful, aren?t they??
?Beyond words.?[/I]

[I]?Beyond words.?[/I] He spoke aloud. These memories had been coming back to him ever since he had meet with Seraphim. They did not trigger them, per say. They merely gave him time to relax, with out trying to find a place to reside without human interference, like this ?rent? thing. What kind of money could we make doing what we want, he thought. He had found a place to rest. And with rest, comes sleep. And with that, dreams. He had only had two so far. One of the night he was created. He could see no faces, smell no scents, feel no surfaces. He only remembered the voices.
[I]?Who is he??
?He looks weak, father.?
?That he does, but give him time.?
?Can I go play now??
?Yes, yes. Go on and enjoy.?
?Father, I don?t know about this. He looks like he?ll only get in our way.?
?You think that of everything, my daughter.?
?Eh heh, you speak the truth Father.?
?Do not fret. He will grow strong. He will save us.?[/I]

Hour and fifty-seven minutes. He thought it odd that he dreamed. Sprites do not need to dream. Perhaps, we sleep so we can remember, he thought to himself. He picked up the suitcase, and left his seat for the door. Pulling the glass door, he made his was out of the café, looked around, and headed west, towards his target. The streets were just as busy as any other night or day. People had places to be and people to meet.
[I]?They must learn how to wait.?[/I] Nemo whispered. Passing the pedestrians, he passed quickly and unseen. As he resembled a teen, he could maneuver easily thru crowds. It took him only two minutes to make it too his target. The Artisan Theater. A place to view movies. Many of the teens came here to enjoy the films, company and debaucheries. He made his way to the ticket vender.
[I]?One for ?With the Dead?,?[/I] he asked.
This movie was one about vampires. He thought it only appropriate to place the ?supplies.? No humans will ridicule our new comrades without punishment, he thought as the acne-ridden female vender gave him his ticket. He headed for the door, just as it opened. A group of teens came out, ready for a night out on the town. They had the look of ?rockers? about them. Band t-shirts, chains on their belts, the works. But one caught Nemo?s eye. He could not think of why, but he could only look at her with awe. She had dark black hair, hazel eyes, and a pale complexion. The group passed him by. He looked at the ground and pondered, who was that? He had never meet her in his life, but he knew thing about her. Her hair wasn?t black, it was platinum. One of her eyes was brown. He had never seen her before, but he felt like he knew her. He looked back at his watch.

Two hours and two minutes. Damn, he was running late. Thou, he didn?t need to be on time, but he still felt like he owed it. He went to his theater, 12, took a seat in the back, placed the case, and left. He walked out of the theater and crossed the street, heading towards a bench. As he crossed the street, he felt a familiar change. He sat upon the bench and spread out. Taking a relaxing position. He was to report back to Seraphim, but he felt like watching the place burn. Watching the beginning of this war. But then he felt an odd feeling. He stiffened up and became more alert, as well as agitated. He could feel something was coming. Coming to stop him. He couldn?t help but smirk.
[I]?Come, let us begin. I hate to be kept waiting for a fight.?[/I]
With that, he faded into the crowd, to await his enemy.[/SIZE]
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The smell of the city was most vile. Only humans could stand to live in a pile of their own disgusting stench and trash. Placing the flower to her nose, Aurora inhaled deeply and smiled. *That's more like it. I hate the city. Too bright, I can't even see the stars here.* Sighing sadly, she strolled down the sidewalk. Walking past a group of oddly dressed humans, she noticed them staring at her wide-eyed. Stopping, she scanned herself and smiled. *Having green skin always makes city scoping so much more interestng.* Smelling the air, a familiar scent drifted past her. Perking up, she outstretched her hand and caught the scent, raising it to her nose, she closed her eyes. * Another sprite, here. Most of us can't stand to go near the city. Why is there another one here? Wait...[I]sniff[/I]...I know this one.*

Running to a nearby puddle, she placed her hand in, and dropped a few peddles. *I wonder...* Mumbling quietly under her breath, she hooked on the scent. Watching the water shift into an image, she gasped. Sitting on a bench, was someone she hadn't expected to see. *Nemo! What the hell is he doing here? By the looks of things, I'd say he was up to something that grin is all to familiar. [I]Blushing slightly, she smiled.[/I] Although, I did always have a crush on his fiery side. He's so cute when he's angry...wait...stop it... your working* Snapping out of it, she watched Nemo run off, and stepped away fro the puddle. The image disappeared, leaving a normal puddle once more.

After walking a while, she discovered an old park. It seemed so lonely...as if no one cared for the earth anymore. Happily walking down the path through the park, she noticed a young couple kissing on a bench. Starting to glide past them, she paused as the scent of blood filled her nostrils. She looked over to the couple once more, this time realizing the boy was completely limp. The girl was feeding on his crimson lips hungrilly. Glaring at the girl, she stomped up to the vampire angrilly and ripped her off, throwing her into a nearby tree. The girl hissed and lunged at her. Dodging the attack easilly, Aurora smirked extended the spikes on her boots and knuckles. The silver gleamed in the moonlight, desperately waiting to be smeared with fresh blood. Jumping into the air, her boot landed hard against the young vamp's skull. A river of ruby water gushed from the wound, causing the girl to stumble backwards. Picking up the girl by her soaked blonde hair, she dragged her to a nearby stream and stuffed her head in. Yanking it out, she screamed at her.

" Where are they?!"

" What? You think I'm afraid of water? Ha!"

"No, but I'm sure you won't like this too much. " Dropping another peddle from her flower into the stream, she mumbled again and smiled. The water quickly started to bubble. Shoving the girl's head in the now acidic water, she screamed, her flesh quickly melting away to the bone. Ripping her parshally desinigrated head she asked again.

" Ok... They're scattered throughout the city, planting bombs in highly populated areas, but that's all I know. I swear!" She tried to get up, but was still held down. "Wait, I thought you were going to let me go if I talked."

Smiling evilly she replied. "When did we make that arrangement?" Laughing, she held the girl down in the acid. Her screaming was faint now. Once the head was copletely gone, she removed the peddle turning the stream back to normal. She placed the peddle on the vamp's torso and left.


Arriving at the rave club, she easilly got in. The club was full of lights and painted humans, all dancing and twirling to the electric beat. Smiling widely, she shoved her way to the back, looking up she noticed a vampire with a briefcase enter a private room. There were highly armed guards blocking the entrance, this was a problem. She thought for a moment and noticed the guards letting one of the dancers into the room. It was a girl she had noticed dancing in a cage earlier. Grinning, she got an idea. Making her weay to one of the cages, she yanked the drunken girl out and climbed in. She was always the center of attention whenever she had to the seasonal dances in the forest. Especially when it rained. Locking the cage, she waited for the right beat and started moving. Her body swayed to the music perfectly, though she needed something more to grab attention. Releasing one of her spikes into the sprinkler abover her, it immediatley started spraying. The shower quickly got attention, everyone started to watch her, mesmerized by her body's foreign movements. The humans were in her grasp now, it was impossible for a human to resist a sprite once seduced.

She gleamed at the guards seductively, motioning for them to come to her. They came to her without thought. Hopping down from the cage, she motioned for them to start dancing. In a trance-like state, the humans complied. Making her way through the entranced crowd she saw a very cute human boy, grabbing him by the wrist she kissed him passionately, releasing him from his trance. " Your cute, come with me." Leading him upstairs, she entered the private room. Several men were sitting in lounge chairs, a few were vampires, while the rest were naive humans. They were talking to the vampire she noticed earlier. He had set his briefcase under one of the small tables next to each chair. He looked at her cautiously and got up to leave. She grabbed her human and whispered in his ear. " Get the briefcase and meet me outside." The boy seemed a little confused but obeyed.

Immediatley following the vampire out of the club, she found herself facing him in an old allyway. The vampie starred at her with no emotion.

" Alright little girl. Why are you following me?"

" You've been a naughty boy..." Smirking seductively, she extended her rose into a whip. "This will be quick." Whipping the whip around his neck, she laughed and yanked it back. Dark blood splattered the walls as the thorns grinded through his throat, instantly decapitating him. " You new born are so easy to kill."

Walking out of the ally, she ran up to the rave boy and kissed his cheek, taking the briefcase." Good job. I think I'm going to keep you rave boy."

"Um...my name is Brian."

" Nope. Your Rave now." Taking his wrist, she pulled him down the street.
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[SIZE="2"][FONT="Book Antiqua"]A youngish messenger was driving in a jeep to the agreed location. "I was told he would be here..." He spoke to himself. "But, alas-"

"Greetings comrade!" The Disembodied Voice shook the messenger slightly. Silvester dropped from a tree, balancing momentarily on the front bumper befor losing balance and stepping off. Getting in the passenger seat, he turned and smiled expectantly for his message. "what?" The young one said shiflting uncomfortably in his seat. "You [I]are[/I] a messenger." He processed this then spoke, hastily. " Oh, bombs, we, bombs. Hold on." He collected himself. "We are planning to set charges around the city at multiple crowded, yet disconnected sites." "Cool.", K, returned. Then the messenger went on to say, as they continued their drive. "The Master expects there to be bounty hunters, ETC. so you have access to his armory if you wish. And you may gather a few recruits to organize an attack." "Interesting." The younger was a little put off by his one-word answers, but showed no sign of it.

Thet sped on, through the rubble of the next town, and then over the dirt roads of the peacful county as dusk began painting the sky with fire.

They pulled up to where the safe-house was located. Moved through a bit of a labyrinth of alleyways, then hallways and finally arrived at a small arms depot. The messenger flipped a light on and Silvester helped himself. Grabbing a combat knife and an ankle sheath. "For fun." And a Jericho 941. "For security." They left quickly, prompted by Silvester, "There is much to do!" They next stopped at an old apartment building which served as barracks. He threw open the door with playful urgency, "I require five of you recruits, preferrably five with some minerals. We've got some good stuff in the works and if someone goes and screws up my symphony, you'll be my next meal." He smiled as four stood up quickly, and one not so much. "Sit you ass down." He mandated to the meeker one and turned to the messenger, "You in?" Taken aback he straightened out as barked. "Yes sir!" "Cool."

Pipe bombs, they were large lead pipes that were modified with an electronic detonator, that, when activated, would explode, spraying hundreds of nails and hommade napalm. And if any of those bounty hunting nuisances decided to show up and try to disarm it, upon removing the detonation device, they'd set it off by scraping a flint and metal component together and igniting the black powder. Nice.

They gathered in the hotel room that K had checked out for the next two days. He stood before the five cadets, each holding a charge. "Go into the shopping center down a block and put them near entryways, where a crowd of humans would bottleneck, and in plazas where they would congregate. Those nails won't fly too far, but shit, I'll be damned if they are gruesome fun." "Sir!" They began to exit the room. "Oh, and guys," K called, "Don't drop those, or you are fucked." They dispersed.

K moved to the mini-refrigerator, placed a coin in the slot and withdrew a soda. "Ah, caffeen. If these humans are good for one thing." He spoke to himself. He soon found himself walking down the street, it was about midnight now. He found a deserted sidewalk cafe to rest and muse at. Leaning back in chair he surveyed the sky. Only a few of the brightest stars stuck out past the light-pollution. "Maybe I should hav gone to the old-town district." Then a scream cut the silence. His mild irritation at this disruption quickly subsided as he noticed it was a waitress exiting the backdoor of the cafe. And a mugger. "Well, it has been a while since I ate last."

He withdrew the knife and sauntered up behind the mugger, seamlessly put one hand over his mouth has he tilded the man's head back and slid the fresh blade over his throat. He didn't even have time to react as he fell to the ground spewing blood and making the most insuffrable gurgling sound. "My god, man." Silvester pulled the .44 from his breast holster and put one in the would-be mugger's forehead. He then turned his attention to the young woman. "Run," He urged, raising his eyebrows, "I'm not the good guy." She just shivered, unable to scream, petrified by what she just witnessed. "Too slow, sweetheart." And he was upon her. Sinking his fangs into her pale neck. After a minute or so of stunned shaking and feeble atempts to break free, she fell limp. Unconcious from hypovolimia. Unfortunately He was full and couldn't finish this meal. He dragged the two bodies to a nearby drainage pipe and inserted them there in a hole where corrosion got the best of the metal.

He then wiped his mouth and returned to his chair at the cafe.[/FONT][/SIZE]
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Cora swung the case she held as she made her way around the city. She moved around the crowds of people towards her destination. But while she walked her mind wasn't on the mission, it was on the conversation that had gone between her and Seraphim. He was the last person she would have figured to notice her, much less offer her a position of power.

?[B]Hey![/B]? A human male, snapped at her when she accidentally hit him with the case.

She ignored him, her . She quickened her pace a small bit, and left the angered human behind. She was nearing her target, while this late a night it was bound to be closer to empty than during the day, it was still a larger building and would cause some damage.

?[B]Ma'am? We will be closing soon.[/B]? And older woman said near the entrance.

?[B]That's okay. I will be real quick. I just have to drop my friends case off.[/B]? She said with a smile.

The woman thought for a few seconds before waving her inside. Cora gave her a quick nod and calmly walked inside towards the middle of the building. She walked to the middle, set the case underneath a table and walked calmly away.

Because of how secluded it was inside, no one paid any attention to her. The only person that ever looked at her as she left was the old women, whom she gave a smile to.

?[B]Well that wasn't so hard, which means something will happen.[/B]? Cora muttered as she left the building.

She kept her guard up as she crossed the street, she wanted to be at least two blocks away before the bomb blew. Farther than that if she could manage, back to the camp would be better. Maybe she would have the recruits for her new mission by the time she got back.
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[FONT="Garamond"][I][U]Earlier that evening?[/U][/I]

Nero had been somewhat disheartened by not being able to deliver Seraphim?s message directly to K, but, alas, there were things he needed to tend to. Most prominent of his chores was finding a place that he could blow up, while causing the least amount of human casualties. Unlike his vampire brethren, he treated the humans with a good deal of respect and preferred, if possible, to let them live any chance her got. That, of course, seems somewhat contradictory to the purpose of setting a bomb. Nero chuckled slightly at that as he walked back to his dwelling to gather the numerous explosives he had on hand.

In all fairness, his goal wasn?t entirely unviable or ridiculous-- so long as he could attract a mass amount of humans to a single area so that they would bare witness to the massive explosion and suffer minimal damage, the mission would be a success; and the bounty hunters would just assume that his obviously ?inferior? vampire logic had simply caused him to detonate the bomb at the wrong time. He laughed again, this time a little harder than before, attracting the attention of some nearby vampires. They glared disgustedly at him, then went back to their conversation. Nero merely sighed.

He was used to that, the dirty glares and all. He did seem a bit un-vampiric. He didn?t enjoy feeding on humans, he would much sooner kill a vampire than a human, he wasn?t immortal and he was part werewolf. Probably the best combination a supernatural creature could have if he wanted to remain ostracized or potentially slaughtered by one of his teammates during the night. He quickly snapped back to attention, realizing he had finished packing the suitcases full of bombs and grabbing a myriad of grenades. He smiled as he tossed one back and forth between his hands.

[B]"Just because I?m not out to kill doesn?t mean I can?t cause some good ol? mayhem.?[/B] At that, Nero?s personal squadron came barging into the room, bowing to their master upon entry. Nero shook his head, amused, and turned to them, signaling for them to rise. He looked to the leader of his squadron, Azure Dragon. The members of his squadron, the Four Heavenly Kings, though commonly just called the Heavenlys, were named after the mythological creatures corresponding with the five elements: Azure Dragon Seiryuu was the leader of the squadron, a tall, thin, and handsome Japanese vampire with blue streaks in his hair; Vermillion Bird Suzaku was next, an attractive short and fiery red headed Spaniard vampire; then White Tiger Byakko, a beautiful, calm and reserved English vampire with wavy long black hair; and finally was Black Tortoise Genbu. A gorgeous, cheery, light skinned girl of African decent with shoulder length black hair and one single green streak in her bangs. Nero himself was the Yellow Dragon Ouryu.
?What?s the update Seiryuu??[/B] Azure smiled awkwardly, shaking his head in amusement as he handed his master the flyer in his hand. He spoke to him, attempting to stifle his laughter.

[B]?We handed out the flyers to the humans, Ouryu Nero.?[/B] Nero chuckled as he grabbed the flyer and looked it over. He had had his squadron make posters containing information about a sale occurring in the local mall in a nearby town, ensuring that there would be plenty of witnesses when the bombs detonated. The whole process of printing up fliers and posting them around town had been extraordinarily tedious, yet infinitely amusing for Nero and the Heavenlys. He crumpled up his flyer and tossed it into a nearby trash can, then motioned over for each of the Heavenly?s to grab a bomb. He had regained his composure and was once again speaking like their superior.

[B]?Make sure to set the detonators for five seconds after the bomb preceding it-- Seiryuu?s bomb first, then Genbu?s, then Suzaku?s, then Byakko?s. The moment you?ve positioned the bomb, quickly survey the perimeter of the area and alert me as to any possible hindrances or complications to our plan. Understood? Then go.?[/B] His squadron departed wordlessly, and he, too, fled into the night air.


Nero couldn?t help but laugh hysterically as he watched from a rooftop nearby as the mall security attempt to keep out rabid shoppers from the stores. The mall manager was attempting to yell at them something about the whole situation being a misunderstanding; unfortunately for him, no one was willing to listen to his explanation, and the crowd continued to rowdily demand that they be let in. Nero almost fell over when he saw one of the hopeful shoppers toss something heavy- the lady?s husband?s shoe, to be exact- at the managers head. Four rustles of air around him brought him back to attention, so he stood up and straightened himself out in front of the Heavenlys.

[B]?Report??[/B] Seiryuu bowed and began speaking.

[B]?The bombs are secured, my lord. However, there is something interesting you might worth noting. Remember that bounty hunter you?d heard so much about? A Ms. Alabaster Crowe? Well??[/B] Seiryuu motioned to behind Nero. Nero nodded with understanding, then quickly motioned for his team to disperse. A deep, feminine voice from behind him grabbed his attention.

[B]?Nero Egrias!?[/B] Nero spun around quickly to greet the woman, wearing a large and sincere smile as their eyes locked.
?Ms. Crowe! How nice for you to join us. Come for the fireworks? I do find these events to be dreadfully boring without a comp--?[/B] The sound of a whip hitting stone ended Nero?s sentence. A serious Alabaster drew her rapier on Nero, her words emerging cold and venomously.

[B]?You are a danger to the vampires and humans alike. I won?t rest until I?ve eliminated you and all of your scourge clan.?[/B] Nero sucked his teeth and crossed his arms, pretending to contemplate what she?d just said. He did so for a couple minutes, much to Alabaster?s chagrin, before looking down to his watch and grinning. He then swiftly drew his katana and assumed a battle stance.

[B]?You know, I?d much rather that we went out to dinner together. I mean, I?ve already prepared a show??[/B] As his sentence finished, the first explosion went off behind him, decimating a large amount of the block. He could hear the frenzied screams and cries of the humans and the second, third, and fourth bombs went off and they attempted to stay clear of the flying debris. Alabaster looked at Nero with disgust, then charged him vehemently. Nero smiled and readied himself.
?Have at it, then!?[/B]


[SIZE="1"][B]OOC:[/B] I hope you don't mind our characters having a confrontation, Nessaja.[/SIZE]
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[FONT="Century Gothic"]Alabaster tried to move in close with her rapier, but Nero gave her a couple of warning shots with his Beretta as he held his katana in his other hand. Alabaster ducked behind a pillar and soon emerged with her whip. She whipped it around Nero's gun arm, pulling on it to point his pistol to the ground. She then used this time to get in closer and slashed at him with her rapier. However, he blocked and parried her attack with his katana. Alabaster jumped back and put her whip to the side. Nero did the same with his Beretta.

"So, Ms. Crowe, this is how you prefer it? Well, it will be such a tragedy to scar a lovely lady like yourself, but if you insist I will help you out."

Nero slashed downward as Alabaster used her precognition skills to detect his attack and dodge it. A normal person would have a hard time fighting such a skilled user with a katana, when armed with a rapier. However, Alabaster was far from normal.

Their swordfight seemed to go on forever, however it was never more than a stalemate. Nero was a better fighter than Alabaster and given him credit for. She slipped up though, giving him an opportunity to get her against a wall. Alabaster looked him in the eyes as she waited for him to kill her. Their faces weren't very far apart.

"Well, Ms. Crowe, I guess this is goodbye."

However, Nero did not kill her. He just gave her a kiss and knocked her unconscious. When Alabaster came to, she swore under her breath. Nero was gone, and she was in a different place entirely. He must have moved her. But why? Why not just kill her when she had the chance? Stranger still, she still had her weapons at her side. She grabbed them and stood up. It was time to continue the hunt. Although it was very disappointing, since she had to start all over after getting so close.

"Well, that's life." She said to herself, as she continued on her way to look for more leads.[/FONT]

[B]OOC: Okay guys, I finally got a post in. Sorry for its shortness and the delay in posting, Endless. Also, I hope this was to your liking, Nero. If not and I didn't represent your character in a good way, let me know and I will edit this post. Thanks. ^^[/B]
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[SIZE="1"]The night had a cold embrace that was comforting to the undead, like Seraphim was. He looked out into the darkness, into the stray lights of the city from his hill perch. He could see people moving, they were but ants to him at his altitude, but they were people none the less. They were people that needed to see that damage that would be brought down upon them all, they needed to know who the real masters of this world were. Some of them were of the vampire population, but due to their reluctance to convert to his ideals, they would suffer from his Harbingers. He suddenly saw the explosions, from the eyes of anyone who looked at the plums, only saw a random pattern of destruction.

When in actuality, it was anything but random. The explosions had all been times out, random timings had been chosen by the carriers themselves. None had a time that was identical, and the place they were situated played a significant role in the grand plan Seraphim had. He was admiring the works for a bit longer, he had to wait to hear the screams reach his ears. The wind carried them well tonight, and soon enough, they would scream again. He would need to feed in time, but it was not yet prudent for him to show himself to the world. They needed to be brought up to speed gradually, even if becoming more aware of the hidden forces was by means of explosives. Seraphim reached up to his ear and tapped a small device and spoke clearly.
"Craven, did you and your team set up like I ordered?"

"Yes commander, the system is ready to go."

"Did your runners set up the speaker system in the city?"

"Yes sir."

"Good, broadcast now."[/B] A ways off from Seraphim, sat a typical looking RV that just seemed to be camping out in this wooden area. But within in this simple looking RV, was actually a mobile command center for the Harbingers. It was used quiet often due to the fact that the Harbingers had to remain hidden, and had to move position when it was getting to dangers or the coven got to comfortable in their current position. A sudden twitter came from Seraphim's ear piece, and then Cravens voice followed.
"Were broadcasting sir."[/B] Seraphim stepped closer to the edge of the hill, looking out into the fire and the running ants on the ground.
"The light reveals much to you people. It tells you when to get up, when lunch is, when its about to get dark, and it provides for you in many ways. Many of you waste it on gain a tan, others use it as a means to store energy. But all of you share a common trait when it comes to the sun. You all bath in its glory, in its purity. Its your saving grace."[/B] Seraphim paused for a little bit, watching the fires burned for a moment, seeing the people now standing still as they listened to his voice resonant from the speakers that had been set up around the town. Some were away from the blast sights, others were only a few feet away from the destroyed areas. They all just stood, like turkeys looking up into the sky with their mouths open when it rains.[B]

"But, you people think you own the night as well. This, is where you are wrong. We own the night, we own the darkness and we own the moon. The cold embrace of her is for us alone. You have been ignorant to think that we are mythical creatures. Their are several movies and stories written about us, plenty of that material was produced by us, centuries ago. Simply our ploy to fool you mortals into thinking we were just a fairy tale. Some of you, what is it they call you, goths, will understand what we are. You will understand what we are, and if you wish to embrace the dark gift, I'm sure you need only to look around you. Someone will be willing to change you into one of us."

"But, for those of you who don't understand what I am talking about. You will soon, you will see that glimmer of our fangs in the nights. And you'll only fully understand when our teeth have been sunk into yo........."[/B] The transmission was suddenly cut, Seraphim remained silent as he stared at the darkness. He saw vehicles moving through the streets now, ones that were out with a purpose. His expression remained cold, one that took centuries to learn properly. He heard the twitter on his ear piece again and Cravens voice spoke up.
"They cut our connection sir, they found the wireless transmitter."

"I know Craven. I'm more surprised they let me go on that long. The humans will find out more about us in time. Pack up and move out Craven, leave the speakers and all that equipment behind. Did you rig them like I asked?"

"Yes sir, detonation will occur in four minutes."

"Good, patch me into everyone out on the field."[/B] His ear piece squealed and made electronic noises as his team adjusted the frequency to the universal ones they were using for this mission.
"Ready sir."[/B] Seraphim tapped the ear piece again to issue his orders.
"Everyone out in the field, retreat to the base. Make sure that if anyone is being tailed that you lead them away, cut them off from their back up and then signal us any way you can. We'll come take care of the problem if you haven't handled it already. I expect to see my lieutenants and my person guard in my quarters when I return."[/B] Seraphim pulled the ear piece out of his pocket and then tossed it into the woulds, letting it transmit its signal in case anyone from the other covens were tracking him.

Seraphim walked through the woods quiet a distance away, he needs to walk the woods. To feel the cold embrace of his only mistress, the only thing in this world he could ever submit to. The darkness that surrounded him, the essence of night herself. He bathed in the glow of the moon and found a place to stand, outside of the tree line where he could enjoy the glory of it all. Of a world that he, and his Harbingers, were going to change forever.[/SIZE]
[B]OOC: Ok guys, i know this thread feels like it died. But, I would prefer we didn't let it die. And I will personally make sure to be on top of this more. I just hope that enough of you are still interested in this as I am now.[/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE="1"]EDIT: Harbingers; Back to base and interact. Discuss the mission and other things that come to you.
Mercenarys and Task force: Return to your headquarters and report the disaster. Await for further orders and do what you do while not hunting rouges.

Everyone let out those personal prejudice's toward other races (If you have any grievances). Other wise, wait for Seraphim to return and for the Vampire leader to summon you all. Any fights still going on, finish them up and return home.[/SIZE]
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"Fools.... All of them." Xen snorted as he watched from his vantage point. His lip curled as he watched the plumes of smoke rise from the ashes of the destruction.

"If only there was a way to destroy all of them in one go..." Xen pitied the poor humans who had met their end, they had not deserved it.

"Perhaps it is best that I begin to move." Xen caught whiff of a vampire's scent. This one was foolish, he only knew he had found the day walker. But, he was young, fool hardy.

This one would be quick to fall.

"Tracking me, are you?" Xen calls out, knowing his vantage point was comprimised. "I'm surprised they sent one so young. But, then again, I'm the day walker, so I guess they think I'm not that powerful."

"I'm gonna take you out."

Xen shrugged.This one was so oblivious, it was pathetic. He had muscles bulky enough to squash TVs, but strength was determined by age, and purity of the blood. This one was an african male, and with a vicious streak. The scent of human blood was present, he reeked of it.

"I don't feel like dealing with you. Would you go away, if I tossed a stick?"


"Apparently, brains aren't a major concern to you. No matter. You either leave, or die. Your choice."

The boy lunged, and Xen ducked, bringing his hand up and through the poor bastard's chest.

"You die, then.I did show mercy, I gave you the chance to run."

Xen yanked, removing the idiot's heart. He fell, lifeless.

"Too bad." Xen turned around, and jumped off of the building. He feel four stories, before landing on his feet. He opened the door to a bright red sports car, and turned the key. It roared to life, and then he sped off into the high rise neiborhoods, to his own condo. He closed the door, and sat down in a plush chair. He opened the bottle next to him, pouring a glass for him self consisting of a thick red liquid. "Ah.... well.... at least I know no one will be coming after me... sunrise is in a few hours...."

"You's gonna die!
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[FONT="Arial Narrow"][COLOR="Gray"]Bars...a great place to pick up men or loose women, depending on your prefence. But it was also the perfect place to find vampires looking to score their next meal which made them extremely easy to catch. Generally speaking Firenze enjoyed the chase and kill method of hunting her food, but she had grown so bored with the hunt. Powerful vampires were becoming harder and harder to find. And recently all she could think of was Seraphim. She hadn't seen or even smelt him since that faithful first encounter. She needed him....craved him beyond anything she had ever felt.

A rumble rosed her from her current victim, a century old twit that fell easily into her grasp. Her muzzle was drenched in his sweet, yet lacking blood as she approached the end of the alley way. Fire and smoke errupted into the air as another explosion followed shortly after. The rank smell of burning debri filled her nose and then another more pleasant smell attacked her.

"Oh my..." she mumbled to herself as she slid back into her human form. "What does my lovely nose find for me?" She wiped her mouth clean with a piece of cloth that she had torn from her victim as she strolled down the side walk, her nose leading the way.

She rounded a corner to find a very lovely sight indeed. A rather handsome mix breed standing over a fair girl with a whip. She ducked back around the corner and waited for him to come out. She followed after him and swung her arm around his shoulders playful.

"Nero...Nero! How do you do my dear precious Nero?" She playfully teased at his ear with her words.

"Do I know you?" he tried to shrug her off while still being polite.

"Of course you do!I'm the [I]big bad wolf[/I] who ate two little piggies and red riding hoods grandma." She danced about in front of him.

"Then aren't you suppose to be dead?"

She stopped in front of him, a very stern look on her. "Those are fairy tales told to keep little kids happy. I never die."

"So what does the big bad wolf want?"

"I want you to take me to sweet delicious Seraphim. No worries precious Nero...I want harm him none."[/COLOR][/FONT]
[SIZE="1"][COLOR="Black"]OOC: Sorry it took me so long Afro.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[SIZE="1"]Nero returned the mysterious figure’s playful smile, but carefully and quickly analyzed her. As if her reference wasn’t clear enough, her smell revealed her to be a quite powerful Wolf, and one that had just fed, no less. She seemed perfectly amiable, and her well applied balance of playfulness and sternness had won Nero over immediately. But something about her seemed off…

The fact that she had to establish, right away, that she meant Seraphim no harm irked Nero somewhat. And the fact that she knew his name was equally unnerving. It was clear that she was well associated with the Harbingers, but how? And why didn’t he remember her? The female wolf smiled at him and cocked her head.

[B]“Well? Are you going to bring me to him, my dearest Nero?”[/B] Her tone was an odd mixture of anxious hostility and playful irritation. Nero sighed heavily and shrugged his shoulders, walking up to her and wrapping his arm around her. He summed up his inability to remember her with having met her, possibly, before the last time he had transformed. He’d still keep an eye out on her, but there was no need to regard her as a foe. Not yet.

[B]“I don’t see why not, Ms. Big Bad Wolf. Or do you go by another name?”[/B] The wolf smiled and moved her face a little closer to his, staring him squarely in the eyes.

[B]“Firenze. So shall we?”[/B] Nero raised an eyebrow, flashed his fangs, and then was gone. Firenze smiled coyly and transformed, chasing after Nero. Nero thought over the situation as he bounded through the city and into the forest. It was, of course, ill-advised to bring anyone to the Harbinger HQ, but the chances of her being able to escape were… Well, there wasn’t any chance of that. And he was sincerely interested in discovering what exactly it was she desired his leader for. Nero stopped abruptly at a river bed and took a drink of its cool water. Firenze stopped as well, transforming immediately back into her human form. Nero looked up at her and grinned.

[B]“Impressive. Most can’t transform at will, and even fewer can change so rapidly.” [/B]Firenze nodded appreciatively, but was obviously beginning to lose her patience with Nero.

[B]“Are we close?”[/B] Nero looked up at her, incredulous, and overdramatically pranced around her.

[B]“We’ve just run miles, my dear. Miles! Normal humans would probably take at least a day to travel what we just traveled in roughly thirty minutes. I don’t why we need be in such a hurry.”[/B] Firenze sucked her teeth and began pacing around, waiting for Nero to finish his drink. Nero drew another long drink from the stream, when his pocket began to vibrate. He reached into his pocket, drew out his phone and looked at the name. He motioned over to Firenze and smiled.

[B]“Yours truly.”[/B] He answered the call and brought the phone to his ear.

[B]“On your way back, Nero?”[/B] Nero nodded instinctively, his eyes flittering over to Firenze as he responded.

[B]“Almost there, my lord. And I’ve encountered someone most interested in holding an audience with you.”[/B] He could almost hear Seraphim’s indifference over the phone.

[B]“Who?”[/B] Before Nero could answer, Firenze snatched the phone away and spoke sweetly into it, casually pushing away Nero.

[B]“It’s me, my dear. Firenze. Or have you forgotten?”[/B] And before she could say anymore, a blinding flash of lightning struck her hand and knocked the phone into the air. Nero, now at her side, quickly snatched it out of the air. He hear Firenze whisper impressive… under her breath as he began speaking again.

[B]“She seemed adamant about seeing you, my lord, and I thought there no harm in bringing her along.”[/B] Seraphim stayed silent for a time, then responded curtly.

[B]“Very well. You and Firenze hurry back to base. I suppose I have business with the both of you now.”[/B] The click on the other end of the line indicated that Seraphim had nothing else to say. Nero pocketed the phone and looked back to a smiling Firenze. Without a word, he took off again, deeper into the forest and Firenze followed suit.

[CENTER][B]† ♥ †[/B][/CENTER]

[B]OOC:[/B] I hope I portrayed your character properly, demonchild781. I tried to combine her playful attitude from your post with the way you described her in your sign-up.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE="1"]Nemo made his way thru the dark alley?s of the city, making his way to the main streets, where the confusion, that was so recently chaos, was most prevalent. He would lose his pursuer in the masses. Something that had saved him in the past. This wouldn?t have worked if he was like his comrades, werewolves and vampires. They gave off a scent that was distinct of the unnatural. Elementals gave no such scent, for the most part. He did, but only if he used his powers. Seraphim once told him that the scent varied as Nemo would. Smokey with his anger, damp with a calmness, bitter with his excitement, and sweet with his lighter side.

Nemo made his way towards the front of the crowd he used as cover to view the flame. It appeared to be a bar that was the target. It was in an inferno. Nemo found it beautiful, almost beyond words. Firefighters had not yet responded to the calls to put it out, so the fire was out of control, as humans would call it. But it was quite the contrary. The fire was in control. He feel it around him. The people stood and gawked at the dance of heat energy. It was in control of these onlookers. It?s beauty and destruction had a captive audience. They were under it?s spell. Thou he knew better, he couldn?t blame them. Fire was the perfect unison of chaos and majesty.

[I]?Son,?[/I] a man?s voice spoke to Nemo. He looked up to see an older human man, maybe in his 60?s. [I]?This isn?t a good place to be. You should go home to you?re family.?[/I]

Nemo was in a calm state. He respected this human. Looking out for his fellow man, as best as he could. The elderly seemed to be the only type of human that he could stand. They were wise and caring for the most part. And those that weren?t were just humorous in his opinion. He looked back at the elderly man, sunglasses still on and complied with his request. [I] ?Yes, of course we will. Thank you, sir.?[/I] He began to head out of the crowd. This would be for the best, he thought. He might even be able to ditch those that had been on his trail for the last couple of minutes.

He had only made it almost half way across the block when they attacked him. A werewolf, young, male, lunged at him from an alley to his right. The wolf made contact, grabbed him, and threw him into the alley, quickly making his way back into the alley. Nemo hit the ground hard. He managed to get to his feet quick enough to fight back. But the wolf was standing, apparently blocking his way out in that direction. Then, from the other side, a woman descended, from what appeared to be the roof. A vampire in any sense of the word. She wore a very gothic outfit, leather, strapped, zippers everywhere, and boots that made her five inches taller. Nemo looked back at the Lychan, to see his attire. All this one was wearing was a pair of ripped jeans. No shirt, no shoes, all fur. These two were what humans viewed their races as. Stereo types in stereo.

[I]?Well, we?ve got you, you little punk.?[/I] Nemo turned to see the vampire was speaking to him. [I] ?Looks like Aurora was wrong about him. He?s not too scary. Or attractive in anyway at all. Hell, I think I could take him myself.?[/I] She looked at Nemo and scoffed. [I]?But that might ruin my outfit, or worse. My hair! So, I think I?ll let my friend here take care of you.?[/I] At that, the werewolf dashed at Nemo. He was unprepared. The tackle swept him off his feet, into the air for what seemed like a minute, and then slammed into the ground. Nemo?s sunglasses were knocked off at the impact with the ground. His eyes emitted a blue light. He looked up at the lychan and pressed his hands up against it?s chest. Then, he emitted a beam of light onto his attacker that launched him off. The wolf-man hit the ground and started to shake around, trying to remove the ice that had been blasted onto his chest. Nemo stood up. But his eyes had changed. Now, instead of the blue light, there was yellow.

[I]?Now, it?s our turn!?[/I] Nemo turned and shouted at the vampire. He shot a bolt of lightning out that hit her directly in the face, knocking her back a few feet. He then turned back to the wolf, smiled, and then ran at him at full speed. The werewolf had only just stood up when Nemo made a full and powerful impact into him, so much so that it took him off his feet. Nemo ran with the werewolf in his grasp into the street he had just left, right into a light post. The crowd that was once mesmerized by the large fire, was now focused on what had happened. Nemo backed up and stared down at the werewolf, who was trying to regain his footing. Nemo raised his hands to his head and spoke. [I]?All guards are??[/I] he shot his hands back out at the lychan, [I]?ENIMIES OF THE REPUBLIC!?[/I] At that, he began to electrocute the wolf. But, he was intercepted by the vampire. She swooped up from behind and kicked Nemo into the building in front of him. He hit the wall and then the sidewalk. He began to get up, cursing in Mandarin.

[I]?Damn you! What the fuck are you!?[/I] She was furious from the attack on her. Her face had a large mark made from the blot, going from her left cheek up to her forehead. The wolf had finally transformed back into his human form, out of exhaustion, thou he was still on the ground, trying to shake off the shock. Nemo stood, closed his eyes, cracked his neck, and opened his eyes back up, only to have them transformed again. His face had changed in attitude, from playful to a very stern anger.

[I]?Who are we? We?re the death of you.?[/I] Nemo then lunged at the vampire, lifting her up off the ground with one hand. Holding her there for a moment or two, she felt his hands burning. Then she caught a scent. Ash. Nemo turned to where the fire that was still raging on behind them and threw the vampire into it. She went into the inferno and screamed in pain. She flew out, still on fire, and back to the street. She began to roll around, trying to put the fires on her out. Nemo then went over to the werewolf. He placed his foot on the man?s chest, picked up the street light, and then impaled that man?s stomach with the light. The lychan began to spew blood from his mouth and gargled in pain. Nemo smiled and made his way towards the vampire. The lychan had died before Nemo had made his way to the vampire. Nemo bent down to the vampire, took her head, and in one, violent pull, removed her head with sheer force. He smirked as her headless body bleed out onto the street.

Nemo stood and looked up, feeling very satisfied. Then, he remembered the group of humans. He looked at them. They stood wide eyed at what they had just witnessed. They just saw what appeared to be a teenage boy impale a werewolf and tear the head off a woman. He looked at them and his smirk left his face. It was replaced by a scowl. He reached for his MP3 player, took the ear buds, put them in, and turned his music on. He closed his eyes as the music started. [I]?Take a Bow?[/I] by Muse. He opened his eyes again. Then, with no warning, he raised his hands to the crowd and emitted pure fire out at them. The onlookers were engulfed in flames almost immediately. They began to scream in pain. Nemo?s smile returned as he watch the elderly man struggle to put himself out with no success. He then began to make his way back to the alley to retrieve his sunglasses. The song continued. [I]?You?ll burn in hell, yeah, you?ll burn in hell.?[/I] Nemo responded out loud.

[I]?Yes. Yes they will.?[/I] He made his way to his sunglasses. After picking them up, he heard the sirens of the fire trucks. He made his way thru the alley to the other street. He had to congratulate the former owner of this MP3 player. He had good taste. Nemo knew what he had to do. Seraphim had told everyone to head back to the base. So was said, so must be done. Nemo wondered what would happen when Seraphim heard what had happened. Still, he was willing to take the punishment. Less humans were always worth it to Nemo.

He had a while to go to get to base. [I]?Good exercise,?[/I] Nemo said out loud, as he made his way thru the city, as it burned on into the night. This was only the beginning, he knew. And now that Aurora was feeding information to lesser beings, he knew that he would have to confront her soon enough. There was more, and better, to occur in the future. He made his way back towards the base, tunes blasting. His soul was on fire. The night embraced seemed to embrace this. He felt something he had felt something that he could only remember from when he met Seraphim. He felt complete.[/SIZE]
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Xen had begun to move, he walked into the chaotic city, to the fires. He could hear the mortal screams of panic, and of despair.

"Someone, help me!

"I don't wanna die like this!"

Such were the outcries. Xen closed his eyes, damning his sense of hearing. A little girl fell in front of him, panic in her eyes.

"Hey, hey, what's wrong?" On looking her over, he saw her clothes were dirty, and singed.

"My mommy...she's still in the fire!" she pointed to an older apartment building, and Xen looked up. His eyes became red as blood as he looked, he could tell that there was someone still alive in the building. But, who ever it was, wasn't moving.

"Alright, I'll get your mommy." Xen stood, and leaped up to crash through a third story window. A woman was unconcious on the floor, she had apparently hit her head on the coffee table. Flames roared mere feet from her. Grasping the woman, He jumped back out the window, and to the little girl waiting for him.

"Here, take your mommy. She's hit her head, call a hospital."

And with that, Xen spun around on his heel, feeling good, albeit the fact most of the cring and screaming had died out. But, he had saved at least one life, he was happy. He had made sure that the little girl wouldn't be left alone in the world.

And that made it all worth it.

Despite his jubilance, he paused, the scent of burning vampiric bodies was heavy in the air, mixed in with all of the other scents.

"So, the war goes on even here...." Xen became angry, and he sighed, pushing his anger away. "This is barbaric. Why must the ones who suffer be the innocent?"

Xen punched a wall, putting his fist through it. "This is enough..... I've had it! This stupid god forsaken war of theirs knows no price, all of the innocent lives stolen because of it.... And they aren't wiping each other out."

Xen punched the wall again, his face contorted between rage and sorrow. "I'm tired of all of this. Now, Xen is involved." Xen flexed his fingers, looking rather animalistic.

He roared, his cry echoing through the night. But, his rage was not just vocal, it was sent out on a psychic note to all of the supernatural. Pain, misery, anguish, rage, sorrow and tears are all on his cry.
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[SIZE="1"][B]?So you see sire, if we were to cut costs in the ?private sector? you created and we then could easily triple our income.?[/B] The meek looking business man said as he pushed up his thin glasses up. His oily black hair glistened in the artificial lights as he held his retractable point in his hands. He straightened himself out as all of the men who sat at the large table looked from the man giving his presentation to the being that sat at the very end. He wore a black suit with white pinstripes, his hat rested on the table before him.

He had his foot resting on his knee as he was leaning back in his chair; he was also ticking something in his hands. It was string that held a large assortment of beads; many thought it was a rosary but those who knew better knew it would never be of anything of a religious aspect. Now, these beads were something all together different, and very few beings knew what they were about. The man with the beads had hair that was as black as night, and was about shoulder length. He had it tied back and a cleanly shaven face, he stood from his seat and walked to the window. He looked out at the masses of people out at this time, the nocturnal hours of the hidden creatures.

It was secrecy of the races that he had worked for before civilization started for all of these people. Before they had these luxuries of all these things, the modern builds electricity, running water, indoor plumbing, and even irrigation systems. He had been there, keeping them all in check, playing part in wars, in civilizations being born and being destroyed. His words were like an addictive drug to people, it was part of his special powers. He was the first one, after all, the first of his kind to ever exist. He flicked his beads casually, slowly, the light ticking noise followed as one after another struck the one before it. His cold, blood red eyes analyzed the world outside that pane of glass; he then turned back to the room full of corporate leaders. He focused his fierce gaze on the man who gave the presentations.

[B]?So, you are telling me that my business decision to create a private sector is effectively keeping this corporation from gain triple the amount of money we already obtain daily??[/B] The business man took a single step back from the menacing figure.
?Ye-Yes sire. That is what I am, in essence, saying.?

?I see. I take it then you are calling me an idiot then.?[/B] The man shook his head quickly.
?Of course not sire, it was just stating that..?[/B]
?Quiet yourself, you?ve lost your privilege to speak in my board room. You have just told me and thirty other members that my idea was moronic and preventing this company from succeeding. Even though I have created a multi-billion dollar company that effectively brought together to create our current corporation and by extension calling the other board members morons as well.?[/B] The man shook his head again, a little faster this time, trying to recover from this.
?Not at all sire, it was completely wrong of me to question your wisdom my lord. It will never happen again, I swear it.?[/B] He looked at the business man, his eyes penetrating his very soul and seeing the fear he inspired and the dominance he held over him, the power he had over all these people. He clicked his beads as he looked at the man.
?No, you won?t.?[/B] A sudden knock came from the door, they creaked open and a young, pale woman walked in. Her eyes were on the floor and she held a box in her hands, he looked at the servant as she stopped before him and bowed on her knees. He reached down and touched the box, it was polished to the point he could see his reflection, and the reflection of some of the board members. It was black with a white symbol on the box; the symbol was a triangle with three arrows coming out of the bottom.

It was surrounded by a circle, and held an image of fire inside of the triangle itself. He lifted the cover of the box and reached into it, removing a small white bead. He gestured for her to leave, she closed the box and walked out the door quickly, she never looked up. When the door had firmly shut, the man looked at the white bead. He turned to the business man as he walked slowly towards him.
?Do you know what this is??? [/B]
?Bruce.?[/B] Said the business man. The other nodded to him.
?Do you know what this is Bruce??[/B] He shook his head; the other was only a foot away from him now.
?It looks like a bead sire.?

?Well, it is a bead. But, this is a specially crafted bead Bruce. This one bead took fifty man hours to make. It not only required constant work, it also required a hint of magic for it to come out perfectly. That white color you see.?[/B] He held it up to his face, almost touching him with it.
?That is the magic?s doing, it originally starts out clear, but with the addition of magic it becomes pure white. This is true magic in its purest form, before it is casted by any user of magic. This is before even a thought has been created on what It will be used for. This is very difficult to do, and very difficult to come by.?[/B]
?Why would you need pure magic inside of a bead my lord??[/B] The man smirked, revealing a sharp fang.
?This is the only way to contain a soul, the only means of forever maintaining it within a closed space without it passing on. It is essentially a prison for the soul, a cage for the spirit.?

?Why would you need that my lord??[/B] Bruce knew what it was for, but he hoped he could redeem himself before it was used.
?This one, this one bead, is meant for you Bruce.?[/B] The man was suddenly only a few inches away from Bruce?s face. The man breathed in slowly, pursing his lips a little, Bruce tried to move away but it was too late. He felt his essence being pulled from his body, being sucked from his very being. A white mist leaked out of his mouth, it went into the man as he breathed in. The mist took a shape as it was being sucked in.

It was human looking enough for all to know what it is; all knew that was the Bruce?s soul being pulled away from him. The soul let out a scream as it vanished into the other man, Bruce slumped to the ground soundlessly. The other stood tall for a moment, and then exhaled into the bead. It suddenly darkened and turned blood red. He held up his beads and added the newest one to his collection. He thumbed through them again once the newest one was added. He turned to the board members and straightened his purple tie.
?Gentlemen, we will discuss business later. I must meet with my newly hired associates; they will have much to tell me.? [/B]The men stood from their chairs and exited out of the room, avoiding the body and completely ignoring that anything had actually happen. He walked back to the end of the table and hit a button on an intercom.
?Josephine, will you please send in the others.?

?Yes my lord.?[/B] She said in a silky voice. Within a few moments the room flooded with creatures and the people he had hired only a day ago. He smiled as they all came in, they took seats amongst the large table, and many of them stepped over the body. Others looked at, a little confused, but decided it really didn?t matter that much. He reached down to the intercom again.
?Oh and Josephine, remove the body and feed it to my dogs. They haven?t had a good meal in a long time.?

?Yes my lord.?[/B] He looked to the wide variety of people in his board room. He sat himself down again and laid his bead on the table; he placed his fingers tips together and rested his elbows on the desk as he sat up straight.
?Now, I know you all have had an interesting night. But first, before you brief me on the night?s events, I would like to introduce myself as I had failed to when I first acquired your services. My name is Kain. I am the vampire lord of all the clans. I am the first vampire, and all of you in this room who are vampires as well, are by extension, created by me. And this building, this skyscraper is my castle, in a sense. And when in the castle, you will address me as Master, Sire, or Lord Kain. There are no other options when you are in my house, no exceptions to the rules. Do you all understand me??[/B] The crowd of people nodded to him, if not hesitantly. He looked at their numbers, seeing who he had cared to recognize, and who he thought might be useful. He noticed then that he was missing someone and his smile drooped a little as he growled a little.
?Where is Mitchell? He was told to attend this meeting; I would track him down myself if I wasn?t so busy with this Harbinger nonsense.?[/B] He groaned a little as he picked up his beads and thumbed through them again. He shook his head as he thumbed through the beads a bit faster, making the clicking noise louder.
?Now, I already knew the basics on the situation. That there have been bombs going off in the city, and not in any place of importance. But, people are still being killed; we cannot allow our business partners and our food, for some of us, to be murdered like cattle. I heard his message, their leader Seraphim; it was a bold move to speak during the carnage. I was just a little surprised myself when I was told he had setup an entire speaker system within the blasting area. We cut his connection but it was not quick enough. Personally, it is not a problem in my eyes. It is simply an annoyance. He provided very little information to them all and it will be easy to cover this up as a terrorist attack from another country.?[/B] Kain stood from his chair, his beads held firmly in his hand as he started to walk around the table, looking over each person as he passed by them.
?Now, you all will do as I command and you will obey. Failure to obey my orders will result in your execution; I will not have rouges under my employment.?[/B] He stopped in mid-stride; he let out a small laugh.
?That was an ironic choice of words, considering the situation. Now, I want you all to ignore these events. These bombings will matter nothing to us, they will simply be a tragedy that was unavoidable. You will go about your duties, do as you normally would, but I want you to sniff around as well. Find any traces of them, even rumors will suffice. Rumors have only ounces a truth, but if you can bring me the one who first spoke these rumors, I can make him talk.?[/B] He stopped when he reached his end of the table and turned toward the window again, staring out into the night. He looked over his shoulder at the newly employed.
?Now go and do your jobs, I have a business to run and precious time to run it.?[/B] He watched for a moment as they stood and left the room, many of them had hateful looks on their faces. They were all so not use to being told what to do, that they were being commanded and being threatened with death was yet another thing. But he didn?t care at all about them; they were merely pawns in all of this. They would provide a useful distraction at worse, and a powerful force at best. He stared up at the stars, thinking about what he had in store for the harbingers. And for Seraphim, more specifically.
?Soon Seraphim, soon this will all be over my apprentice. Soon, everything you valued will be mine. And I will watch you burn.?[/B] His eyes became intense as he thought about the day he would murder Seraphim Baracuss.

OOC: This post will be for the Counter-rouge force and bounty hunters. Seraphims post will come later.[/SIZE]
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[FONT="Arial Narrow"][COLOR="Gray"]Firenze danced about the room impatiently. Nero sat in a chair idly chatting with some sprite. Though his appearance was decieving, she knew he was much older than most of the immortals that occupied this bit Seraphim had called a base. She could never understand vampires taste in housing or clothing for that matter.

"Why don't you sit down and relax?" someone motioned towards a chair, but she snuffed her nose up at him.

"Pathetic," Firenze mumbled under her breath as she looked at the others. There was a peacoat dressed vampire who smelt some what fairly but nothing compared to Seraphim's sweet allure.

She cocked her head to the side suddenly when she noticed a fair female vampire sitting by herself at a small table. Firenze stalked closer, sliding into a chair across from this girl. This child.

The girl startled as Firenze sat down, looking about to try and figure out what was going on. Firenze leaned forward, her body almost fully on the table staring at this girl. She sniffed the air, the girl looking at her as if she was crazy.

"How long have you been a vampire a couple of decades?" Firenze growled at her, but the girl said nothing. "Why would Seraphim let a...[I]child[/I] like you into his ranks? Do you even know what you're fighting for?"

The girl dropped her head down into her lap. Firenze could smell fear trickling off her body. Firenze jumped up, frustrated and bored. She wanted Seraphim...

"Argh," she began to pace back and forth across the room, shifting from wolf to human form as she went.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[COLOR="Blue"]Cora sighed as she watched the others, she was seated with the everyone else, while she waited to report her mission.As usual she was seated alone, she never had the courage to try and join in with others. Even to her it was embarrassing, 200 years old and she couldn't talk to anyone. She had even had problems talking to her leader, although that wasn't much of a surprise. Most people in her situation would have reacted the same way.Or else run screaming out of the room in fear. She giggled softly, she had been tempted to do that as well. Which would have left a wonderful image of her in her leaders eye.

She mentally smacked herself. Once she had gotten back to the base she had forgotten about the task set before her by Seraphim. She had been planning on working out the list into finer details. She had a few people in mind. Now she only had to get the courage to talk to them.

OC: That was hard... My new goal is to make her talk to someone... I am glad the thread is back alive! Sorry it's short. I ran out of things to say...[/COLOR]
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?Is this all there is??
?I hope so.?
?? As do I.?
Nemo woke from meditation. He had pick up the technique when he ventured into China. He did not remember what he was doing there, but only a while after his ?rebirth,? as he calls it. When he was alone. He had found his way to a temple of Buddhists who agreed to teach him the ways of their calmness. It was here he also acquired his new attire. The monks had joked and said that he shouldn?t continue his journey the way he had begun it: naked. These were the only humans he had ever been able to get along with. They seemed to be at peace with him. Even with his more sporadic and energetic moments, they would simply help him, not control. They were the only ones he left alive on his way to Seraphim.

He stood up from his sitting position. He took a quick look around his room. Seraphim was kind enough to supply room and board for him after he had agreed to help in the grand exposition of the immortal races and the downfall of Kain. The room was medium sized, compared to the others in the stronghold. He had a simple desk, a couch, a computer, a body-tall mirror, speakers, and other random items a room required. On the desk was Nemo?s journal. He silently debated if he was going to write in it today. He decided not to. He didn?t have the time. Seraphim was going to talk to the werewolf Nemo had ran across on his way back, and he thought it would be best to be there with him. He looked at himself in the mirror. His eyes were white light. He straightened up a bit and began towards Seraphim?s office.

Neither Seraphim nor Nemo were keen on taking in new blood, thou Nero had brought that estranged woman with him. They carried a similar presence, but all werewolves had the same presence for the most part. The new blood he had encountered, however, was a bit different. He wasn?t like the other lychans he had encountered. This boy, this Dash, was new. Not just a new face, but new at everything. New with his powers. New with his immortality. He hadn?t had the time to gain the hubris that all the other had adapted over the years they had lived. Dash was new, afraid, and impressionable. Nemo had seen an opportunity to gain a better following. The boy seemed like he was looking for a cure more than power. He didn?t know if there was one, but if Seraphim had one, it would come at a price.

Nemo had made his way to the office. Waiting at the door, still, was Nero and Firenze, waiting for an audience, as well as Cora, a vampire which kept to herself, for some reason or another. After a moment, Dash made his way out of the office with his suitcase in hand. He looked at Nemo as he walked by, a bit shocked by his eyes. Dash had not seen him without the sunglasses on. His eyes were now blue. As Dash walked by him, he placed his hand on Dash?s shoulder. [I]?Welcome, young blood.?[/I] He let go and Dash made his was towards the door and to his new room. Nemo then turned back to the office. He made his way to the doors, entered, and closed the doors behind him. ?You wished to see us, Lord??

A phone was on the desk. Seraphim had not shown his presence since a few days before the missions took place. He kept in touch and made his meetings in this manner. [I]?Nemo. I have to thank you for finding that boy. He?ll prove to be most helpful. That is why you are here. Please, sit.?[/I] Nemo took a seat at the desk. [I] ?You?ve already been briefed on your next objective, but I?ll expect you to join the others when I give the announcement. You, I need to speak of for another matter. Thou I am fully supportive of your actions last night, I must say we need to keep ourselves unseen to our enemies. You did well, but I must take all caution when it comes to the security of this place. For that means, I have a new request of you. I want you to escort the youngling on his mission. I saw a bit of wandering in his eyes. He might be caught and he might talk. Go with him and show him the ropes, so to speak. But I want him to come back here after you?ve completed your mission. Get in, get out, and get here. Get it??[/I]
[I]?Yes, Sire. We understand.?[/I]
[I]?Good. Very well. I will see you in the next briefing.? [/I] With that, Nemo stood, made his way to the door, and left the office, closing the door on his way out.

Nemo decided he would try to sleep. Thou he didn?t need it, it might help him sort out these voices that have been reoccurring in his mind. He new they were memories, but they had no faces. No story. No relation. Maybe sleep might help.

There was nothing.
No walls.
No ground.
No sky.
No sound.
No light.
No smell, or taste, or feel.
He felt nothing.
[I]?My love, don?t give in. Don?t let the madness take over.?
?Not again.?
?Son, No!?

He awoke violently. The dream was too real. He felt emotions he believed he had lost for good. He felt? sad. He had to get his mind off such matters and feelings. He needed something to keep him occupied. [I]?We need to learn Jeet Kune Do.?[/I] He got up from the couch and made his way to his computer. He turned it on, opened up a file that had recently been placed there for his entertainment, and began to learn the style, thru watching the master: Bruce Lee.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE="1"]Seraphim sat on that rock, staring at the stars for hours. He could just look up into those shining lights and get lost in their transfixing light. They were something all together, magical. He turned away from that mindset, he couldn't day dream. He couldn't relax and he could not ever let his guard down. Hearing from Nero about Firenze had returned hadn't surprised him in the least, she was one of the best trackers he knew. It was really only a matter of time, and now that she was here, she could be far more useful than simply hunting him down all the time. He stood from his seat and made his way through the forest. During his walk he was hit with this signal, this message that was insignificant to him. He felt the pain and anguish and brushed it aside idly. Pain was a weakness that would get, whoever sent the wave, them killed.

He went from a walk to a sudden sprint; he needed to cover the distance to the camp as quickly as possible. Walking would have taken him hours, and he had already wasted plenty of hours staring into the sky. Now, it would only take an hour at the most to cover the distance. He stopped about a half mile short or the camp. He did this because of the scenery change, it was thicker here then most of the forest. The grass was taller, it brought back memories. One memory in particular; the one of Alexander Mitchell and the day he turned that boy into a vampire. He didn't understand, to this very day, why he hadn't killed him. Why he didn't just drink him dry and found another. But, there was something special about that man, besides the fact he had the guts to stab an immortal when the odds were clearly against him.

He would find out one day, it always came to him. And until then, he would keep searching in his dreams and whenever he could talk to those on the other side. But for now, he had other matters to attend to. He took off again, lunging into the darkness and to his base. He needed to consult with everyone that was a part of this revolution, part of his grand design for the final step for all creature of supernatural kind. He was going to put them on top, and they would become part of the known world. He had to stop for a moment when he received a phone call. It was Nemo and he needed to discuss a few things with him. He had found a new recruit, one that was painfully new to the world of the super natural. He made sure to inform Nemo that he watch out for the kid and make sure he didn?t give them away. It would be a shame to have to kill a new breed.

As he moved swiftly to the Harbingers camp he let his mind wander, it always wandered back to the same thing. It was actually one of the reasons he was in this war, why he had started it all. He started it for a past love, well, a past love that still followed him to this day. He still had that desire for her, that passion that would never leave him. He, however, would never admit it to another soul for he knew it would diminish his command. He needed to remain firm; he needed to keep this war going for the right reasons and not for his petty emotions. He had suppressed them so long that he had forgotten he had any, his indifference was key to his survival. Vampires would never be allowed to love freely or walk amongst people at their whims if he faltered now. He pushed away the thoughts and focused on his current objective.

He arrived just outside of the harbinger camp; he came to a stop and walked the rest of the way. He held his head up as he entered the camp and people recognized him immediately, bowing their heads, bowing at the waist, some even getting on their knees and bowing. He ignored them all, until he heard the rumbling noise of people. He made his way through the people and saw people gathering around a couple of young men fighting. He walked through the crowd, they parted as soon as they saw him, and those who didn?t move were forcibly shoved out of his way by another. He came upon the two who were fighting; he saw that a young werewolf now lay on the ground unmoving. The young vampire that was victorious was scratched and had bruises on him. He kneeled down and touched the young man?s neck, feeling for a pulse. His eyes narrowed as he felt nothing, this young being was now dead. He reached up and closed his cold staring eyes. He rose from the corpse and looked to the vampire slowly. The vampire grinned at him.
?Killed off that lycan scum, he was no match for the master race sir.?[/B] Seraphim remained emotionless, simply staring at the vampire. This sort of prejudice would only hinder his cause; only divide the races even more. It was hard enough for him to get werewolves to be part of his coven, sprits were rather whimsical about is sometimes. Others like Nemo searched for a purpose through his war. He looked at the spectators. They began to disperse; he quickly raised his hands into the air and called out to them.
?Do not leave yet, you all will learn something today.?[/B] The crowd suddenly packed in, more people from the camp crowded in; he knew the ones closest would spread the news of what was to happen after he set the rules. He turned again to the young vampire, his grin was half cocked now, he seemed unsure about what was about to happen. Seraphim took two steps toward him, he was only about three feet away from him now, and plenty close enough. He looked into the young ones eyes and spoke in a cold tone as he always did.
?What is your name boy??

?My name is Jasper, my lord.?[/B] He bowed his head, Seraphim looked to the crowd. Making sure the eyes of his soldiers were focused in on them.
?Well, my young Jasper. Do you know what it is we fight for??[/B] He nodded
?We fight for freedom, to become known to the human races.?

?That is correct.?[/B] Seraphim?s tone got harder has he continued.
?Do you know what that sort of thing requires from us; from all the races seeking this same sort of thing??[/B] Jasper took a moment to think, then shook his head.
?Of course you don?t. It requires blood, it requires sacrifice, and it requires unity. We must work together or we will all die.?[/B] Jasper nodded his head in understanding.
?Yes, my lord.?[/B] He said in a meek tone now, his grin was gone and his eyes on the ground.
?And Jasper, look at me boy.?[/B] His eyes snapped upward, looking into Seraphim?s harsh gaze.
?Do you know my punishment for any crime committed in my camp, in my house?? [/B]He shook his head once. That was all he had time for; Seraphim drew his pistol in a flash and pulled the trigger, releasing the bullet from his ancient weapon and sending it straight into the heart of Jasper. Jasper stood in shock for a moment then feel over, his eyes still open in shock. Seraphim holstered his pistol, he looked to the crowd and then went to the body, and he heard a small groan. He kicked him on to his back and leaned over to look him in the face.
?Equality Jasper.?[/B] He rose from the dying boy and looked to the crowd once more.
?In my house, in my camp my word is law. You will all abide by my law or you will be executed, there are no exceptions.?[/B] He then focused his mind on getting to his office, he had much to hear and much to discuss with all of those waiting for him. He was in for a long night, and Firenze was going to make this hard on him, he would need to get her to calm down before he could speak to them. He walked into his office and held on to his presence, keeping that command he was use to having at this point. He saw all of his commanders sitting around, waiting for his return. He instantly saw her; he saw her shifting between wolf and human form. It was rather majestic to see her change forms; her instantaneous manor was something that made her hard to get rid of.

The moment she smelled him she turned on her heels and rushed him, she leaped into the hair and wrapped herself around him. Arms and legs were no tied around him and she squeezed tightly.
?Seraphim! Your back, I was going crazy without you! I couldn?t stand it anymore; I?m so glad your back.?[/B] Seraphim pushed her off of him.
?Please Firenze. We can talk after the briefing, alright??[/B] She looked up at him with her usual puppy dog eyes, she nodded her head slowly, and rather hesitantly.
?Do you promise my dear??[/B] She nodded again, this time more vigorously.
?Good, now. I need to hear what happened to all of you. Do not leave any details out soldiers.?[/B] He had walked over to his desk and seated himself as he started to hear the reports, hearing of the bounty hunters loose now, all of them looking to take his head and kill his commanders. The fantastic detail these reports were given gave Seraphim a vivid image of what was going on now. He had remained motionless the entire time, listening closely to each report. When the last of them had finished, he placed his hands together and placed his elbows on his desk.
?Very interesting, all of you. I appreciate the detailed reports from each one, now. I need you all to go about your duties. Check on the patrols, make sure that all our defenses are up-to-date and that our troops are in line. Some of the new recruits are getting riled up; I personally had to deal with a quarrel that ended poorly for both parties. I need one of you to attend to the proper burial of a young werewolf, find out his name and bury him several miles away from us. Somewhere protected where the young one can rest in peace. Also, burn the corpse of the young vampire, his name is not important and he matters nothing. Now go, I will summon you all as I need to.?[/B] They were all leaving when Seraphim called out to Firenze.
?You sit down; we need to talk about some things. I see it in your eyes, the rest of you leave.?[/B] He said normally, the others were filtering out when Nemo stopped and looked to Seraphim. As Seraphim was receding back into his mind, looking out the window for a moment. He suddenly heard a voice.
?Is there something on your mind my lord??[/B] Seraphim looked up at him, glancing momentarily at Firenze then to Nemo.
?No, do not worry yourself. It?s nothing young one.?[/B] Nemo turned and started walking out the door, Seraphim called out him suddenly, and he turned and looked at the vampire.
?Why do you ask Nemo??[/B] He simply shrugged his shoulders.
"I thought it might have been what we had on our minds. Someone we had loved." [/B]Seraphim was taken back by this, he didn?t show it physically, but he felt his mind suddenly come to a complete halt as he heard those words. Nemo turned and walked out the door. Seraphim stood from his chair and walked over to where Firenze was sitting; he sat before her and looked her in the eyes. A small smile touched the corners of his lips.
?Now, back to our business.?[/B] He said as he held her hand in-between both of his.

OOC: Alright Harbingers, interact and try to explore the camp while you go about your duties. After a few post, I will give them their objectives. And Demon child, your up.[/SIZE]
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[FONT="Arial Narrow"][COLOR="Gray"]His touch was cool against her hands and his eyes almost as cold. Her heart raced as his scent engulfed her. Bitter sweet memories flooded her mind. She was losing herself in him and everthing that was him. His power swirling around her like no other had ever done.

She pulled away from him, throwing the chair over as she moved away from him. She could feel him watching her, but the bitterness was rising in her. She growled low in her chest when she spun around to look at him again.

"I'm not an idiot Seraphim," she growled at him her form shimmering back and forth in small sections. "Do you think to trick me and go running off again? A thousand years I've been tracking your hide all over the world! I'll hunt you all over again for all of eternity! You can't hide from me!" She snarled at him as he stood.

"Firenze stop," he said coldly.

"How is he?" she softened, walking towards the end of the room.

"Strong, I'm sure you saw."

"And he knows nothing?" She turned to look at him. How she wanted to engulfed in his powerful embrace. To listen to his blood rush through his body with all the power she had ever desired to consume. He was hers and yet he was not.


She flew at him. He caught her as she reached forward, sinking her teeth into his shoulder and neck. A groan escaped his lips. She dug her nails into his back as she drew him closer.

"I will never let you go," she whispered into his ear as he slammed her against a wall.

He made no move to reply back as he ran his hand along her leg. His power pulsed in her head. His scent grew stronger, overwhelming almost all of her senses. Her control on her form faltered as he bit into her and she could feel his blood in hers. His hand ran over her shoulder and she felt him hesitate.

"Old wounds, Seraphim. Old wounds..."[/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT="Arial Narrow"][SIZE="2"]OCC: Hope that's ok Afro![/SIZE][/FONT]
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[FONT="Book Antiqua"][SIZE="2"]K. flowed along the boulevard. He dodged between the crowds of humans. He thought of everything and mostly nothing. He also thought of the cadets who fled quickly back to the base camp. He supposed that he would too. As he seemed to drift further into madness he required a distraction,

?Where?s Seraphim?? He wondered aloud. ?He?d know what to do. This bombing was a farce anyway. What was the point? To make humans afraid? They already are afraid. We?re afraid, well, the young cadets are, anyway. Really, the only thing that separates Vampires and Humans is that Vampires understand death and fear it (for the most part), whereas humans fear death, but don?t know why.?

?It?s a silly thing, really.? He continued down the sidewalk. A young man came into his proximity. K. disregarded him, and as the young man walked parallel to him, K. grabbed him by the back of his shirt collar. He yanked downward and the man?s upper back slammed the pavement. If he survives the crowds, he?ll live more for it.

?That was unkind.?

?I?m aware of that.?

?Where am I??

K. stopped and for the first time stopped ranting at himself and observed his surroundings. He righted himself. ?I almost lost you there for a second.? He commandeered the third car he saw.


He had abandoned the automobile and was feeling more in control. K. had been walking for a while now, he wasn?t sure how far. It was cold, cold and sobering. He really hoped to see Seraphim there, knowing full well that the Master would be busy and probably wouldn?t want to see him in return. He is the Master after all, even if he is one of the few others that he knows. He told himself to never mind. He told himself to observe the night instead.

And it was a beautiful night really, there wasn?t a cloud, only stars. There was a stillness in the air. All he could hear was his breath, and his steps crunching across the forest floor. He drew his gun, pointed it, then holstered it again. Something was bound to happen, happen soon. He spotted lights and movement in the distance, he had arrived.

He recognized the sprite, and an unfamiliar young man with him. K. made a bee line to the pair. ?Greeting,? he began, ?we haven?t met.? He made a somewhat ridiculous face for only a second.

?Yeah, I may have seen you in the city, you are???

?K.? K. appeared to have an awkward presence about him that Nemo wasn?t in any position to deal with.

?Anyway, I must be getting some rest now.? He began to slip past the stranger when he was suddenly stopped.

?Is Seraphim in his chambers??

?Yes, er, but he?s? indisposed.?


?There?s a woman? I believe. But don?t quote me.?

?Lucky man.? Nemo began to leave again, this time K. stopped the young man; leaning in close.

?What?? The younger one asked, become self conscious of the man scrutinizing him.



?The least willing yes I?ve ever heard.? He was silent. ?Well anyway, you have a name I presume.?



They both left. K. made his way to the Master?s quarters. He waited outside, and remained silent, boiling in his own thoughts.[/SIZE][/FONT]

OOC: I apologise for the lack of length. But I'm back now.
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[SIZE="1"]Seraphim held her against the wall, the rush of the past coming back to him. He remembered quite clearly the day he took his blade and stuck her with it. The scar on her shoulder was still there to this day, the blade he carried now was not the weapon that had pierced her hide that day. It was another weapon, a blade he had received from his mentor, centuries ago. He took it back when Seraphim had left the clans, it didn't really matter him that much. It had been purely a sign of his rank, of his strength. He had his blade on him now, and his one shot pistol that made many wonder if it still worked. Jasper had learned already its power.

He went back over the scar on her shoulder once more, he was recalling that battle that had lead to this mark. In those days, she was blood crazed, she was as wild as the wind during a hurricane. He was smitten with her the years that followed, well, more like the decades that followed. That day on the field though, she was another body in his way. One that simply didn't die, one that he wouldn't kill, not so much he couldn't have. To this day, he never regretted not killing her on that field. It had been a battle between vampires and the lycans. Humans had become heavily involved in their affairs at that point, it was impossible to have them not be part of their war. It mattered little to him, he had killed all equally. In the heat of battle, everyone was equal, even women who fought. They would kill and die just like anyone else, Firenze was different then the rest of those people.

Her need for blood, her need for his blood was at first simply a way for him to use her. But, that quickly changed when he realized she was far different then anyone he had met before. Even his wife in his mortal life compared nothing to the werewolf that had hunted him for and entire millennium. That was the sort of conviction he needed for this war, for his blood wars. He needed her by his side, now, at this time was most crucial. He looked in to her blue eyes, he could see her form falter a little bit. He could see the wolf inside of her, and it made his blood yearn for the ending of the war. To see the Harbingers become triumphant so their new world would be upon them. He kept his focus on her.
"I do not think you are an idiot Firenze.[/B]" He pulled her off of him and moved toward the window again. He looked out into the camp, looking for the one she spoke of. The one she cared about more then anything, except for Seraphim. He spotted him and then looked back at her.
"I left you to hunt me because I was an idiot. The rules of the coven forbid an impure union."[/B] She growled at him, at the words he spoke.
"Your pathetic covens rules forced me to spend a thousand years to find you. You made me look for you, you tossed me aside and left me to hunt for you![/B]" He could she was letting out a thousand years worth of emotions on him, feelings and more specifically, a thousand years of heart broken pain. And his face remained stern, his emotions in check. He just kept watching her, reading her body language and taking in her words.[B]

"I kept you from being killed Firenze. If the coven had known, if Kain had known then you would have been killed. I could not allow that. I could not let you just die."

"I would die for you Seraphim! I would die for you."[/B] He couldn't stop the rush of anger flash through him, he grabbed on to the nightstand under the window and tossed it across the room.
"I won't let you die Firenze! Do you understand me! I watch as my mortal family died centuries ago while I lived on. I will not let you be killed off as well!"[/B] Firenze simply stood there as she watch this immortal, a clan lord, a creator, a commander of the Harbingers was showing who he use to be to his hunter. His anger subsided instantly and he recovered his cool exterior.
"You must understand Firenze. I am only so strong, and my powers have kept me and him alive for a very long time. And I can protect you too, I can keep you from dying senselessly."[/B] Seraphim looked into her deep blue eyes, he could see tear building up in them. Her emotions were getting the better of her, but then again, that's why he was drawn to her. He was controlled and hardly showed whatever emotions he had. She was wild and free with them, it often made her shape shift when they were extreme enough. He breathed in slowly.
"Firenze, say something. Please."[/B] He said in a softer tone. She took several moments before she spoke, she had her hands placed on her chest as she stepped a few steps closer toward Seraphim.
"Does he always forget Seraphim?"[/B] He nodded slowly, the tears rolled down her face even though she made no noise. He could see how this was something no mother could ever bear, their own child never knowing or ever remembering they existed. He let out a small sigh, he knew he only remembered him because he had been their for so long and a little magic of his own kept him in his mind. He suddenly felt Firenze bury her face in his chest and she gripped his vest and sobbed silently. He hadn't even noticed her close the distance between them. He simply put his arms around her and stroked her hair.
"It'll be alright Firenze. You're here now, you're going to be a bigger part of his life now. And like I said, he is a strong boy."[/B] She nodded as her tears started to subside, he held her just a little longer before he held her out to arms length and looked down into her blue eyes again.
"Now, I need you stay here with me while I call the others in. We need to assert your dominance in this pack. I'm going to call in one of the others first, then after a couple people, we will call him in. That way you have a little treat of seeing him and being able to talk to him outside of your meeting earlier."[/B] She nodded to him and he sat her down in his arm chair, he walked over and seated himself in his office chair and opened a drawer in his desk. He pulled out a wine bottle and glass, uncorked the bottle and poured the dark read liquid into the glass. He smelled the fresh blood before taking a swig of it. He felt the refreshing taste of it cool his blood, bringing him back to his commanding position. He picked up a small ear piece from his desk and started speaking into the mic of it.
"Someone retrieve Silvester K for me. Bring him to my office immediately, make sure to also collect Nemo as well. They both will be needed. Make it quick."[/B] He set the ear piece down and looked to Firenze , seeing her take on a cool complexion. He smirked and then instantly straightened his face as he sipped his glass of blood.

OOC: Alright, well, Bone Machine and Muuh Puar, you two are coming up. Be ready.[/SIZE]
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[FONT="Book Antiqua"][SIZE="2"]?Mr. K? Mr. K I need you to wake up. The Master wishes an audience with you.? K?s vision was blurred, becoming focused on a young scout.

?Mr. K??

?The one and the same.? K relied raising his eyebrows and smiling slightly. He looked behind him and saw that he was still sitting before Seraphim?s chambers. ?Well anyway, I suppose I?m in the right place.? The scout smiled weakly and said that indeed he was.

?You needn?t look so afraid. My wrath is for my adversaries, and there?ll be plenty of them to deal with in the time to come.? He stood up and put one arm around the young one?s shoulders. ?Get some rest, I?m sure you?ll need it.?

?Very good sir.? And the scout turned away towards his units quarters. [I]It has certainly been a while since I was in your very place. I am most grateful to you for that, my friend and leader[/I]. He about faced and turned the knob to enter the structure. He was now standing in a large foyer where a doorman, of sorts, had swiftly made his way across the room to meet him.

?You are?? The doorman inquired.

?You may call me K. Seraphim sent for me, I believe?? The doorman cocked his brow briefly at K addressing their leader by his name.

?The Master,? he emphasized, ?is currently entertaining a guest, you may wait for- ?

?That won?t be necessary.? The doorman jumped ever so slightly at the abrupt entrance of the voice from behind. ?I?ve been expecting him, though not quite this quickly.?

?Seraphim, I happened to be in the neighborhood.? K gave the Master a bizarre look. The doorman stepped back and bowed slightly to the two vampires before him. ?So, shall I wait?? K questioned.

?Not at all, we can begin right away. Actually, I am additionally waiting for Nemo, he?s a sprite-?

?I actually came across him on my way. Seems nice, but kind of in a hurry.? They both entered the main chamber. He took in the room. For an office in the middle of a forest, it was quite nicely adorned, but sacrificed none of it?s spaciousness. Classy.

?Silvester.? Seraphim noticed his aloof expression and brought him back. K?s eyes fell upon a beautiful woman seated back in the room on a generously upholstered chair. K gripped the top of his hat and raised it in salutation.

?Good evening to you madame.?

?This is Firenze Nuri. She will be joining our coalition,? He paused, ?at my side.? K. held out his hand. Firenze stood up and look at his outstreatched limb. Then firmly grasped it.

?Silvester K. I?ve been a comrade of Seraphim for some hundred years now.?

?He?s definitely carved out an indispensable position for himself.? Seraphim added. Firenze moved closer to K and sniffed the air clandestinely.

?You are a vampire.? She stated.

?That wasn?t a question, was it?? He said flatly, with a hint of caution. ?I am a vampire,? there was a pause, ?but you are not, are you??

?No, I am a werewolf.? The way she said it made it seem like ?werewolf? would have been capitalized. A Werewolf. ?Will that be a problem.?

?No.? Seraphim stepped in. ?He isn?t ignorant like some vampires or lycans, who believe we are enemies.? Firenze looked at him for a minute. Then nodded slightly.

?Now, to you, Silvester, I should welcome you back from your trip, I haven?t seen you since Europe. Did you find what you were looking for??

?Somewhat. I?m ready to be return to your side.? K moved across the room towards the window. He observed the movement, not the individuals, just the motion. His mind blurred the faces so there was only motion, so much of it. ?So, Seraphim, how has your? er, [I]son[/I] been??

?He?s grown much, he?s strong.?

?Strong? Your brand of strong??

?He?s capable, and very charismatic. [I]You?d[/I] like him.?

?How do you figure? I mean, I?m sure I will, but, why me specifically.?

?How do I put this. He resembles a certain dichotomy I see in you?? He paused and smirked. ?I will formally introduce you two soon.?

?Well, pleasantries aside, what will be our next move? I hate to say this, but as fun as the bombs may have been, I am capable of so much more.?

?I?m well aware of that, Silvester, and I will divulge that unto you momentarily. Nemo should be arriving soon. We?ve merely started. [/SIZE][/FONT]
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[SIZE="1"]Nemo sat at his desk, focusing, concentrating on every move made in this movie. He had been at this only for about 25minutes when a knock came at his door. He picked his face away from the computer monitor, looked towards the door, and, with a huge grin, ran for the door. Once there, he sung the door open at full force, scaring the messenger girl and making her jump up.
[I]?Um? Nemo, sir? I have a? a-?[/I]
The girl nodded in agreement. [I]?Yes, uh, sir. Lord Seraphim would like to have an audience wi-?[/I]
[I]?MEETING TIMES!!!?[/I] And at that, Nemo darted down the hall, leaving the girl confused and a little scared that the army she was a part of had someone like that high up in the ranks.

He had only made it halfway to the office before changing to his calmer state. He had now slowed to a walking pace, thou it was speedy to ensure that Seraphim would not be displeased. He made it to the hall leading to the office. Unlike his last venture, no one awaited an audience with the mighty vampire. There was, however, a guard at the door. As Nemo made his way towards the door, he went from calm to rather agitated. Before he reached the door, the doorman held his hand out, as if to stop him.
[I]?Sorry, but you need a meeting to get in.?[/I]
Nemo kept walking, pushing past the guard and opened the door. In the room, Seraphim sat at his office seat, to his side was the werewolf woman Nero had brought back, and across from the vampire, in a seat adjacent to the office chair, sat K. The doorman began to make his way to bring Nemo back out when he was stopped by Seraphim.
[I]?Do not worry, he is invited as well. Close the door upon exiting.?[/I] With that the guard exited the room and closed the door, as instructed.
[I]?You?re doorman needs better manners. Or a more efficient brain. What do you need us for, Sire??[/I] Nemo?s eyes were a simple red, showing that he was agitated, yet calm enough to settle whatever matter was at hand. He noticed Firenze sniffing the air, noticing a new scent. Her head cocked back in disgust.
[I]?Is that sulfur??[/I] she said as her face was scrunched up, investigating more.
Nemo looked at her, his eyes becoming a darker red. [I]?Yes it is. Now keep your lychan nose out of our shit, you feral beast.?[/I] Firenze had clearly become insulted and was ready to attack. But she was stopped by Seraphim.
[I]?Firenze, please calm down. Nemo, this is Firenze Nuri. She is to join our ranks at my side. She will be a commanding officer.?[/I] Nemo scanned her up and down, raising his lip in distaste, and replied, [I]?As you wish, Lord.? [/I]
[I]?My dear, please do not think much of this. Nemo here has a knack of being a bit blunt with some choice words. But, he is a valuable ally, and will serve both you and I well.?[/I]
Silvester sat in his chair, waiting for the confrontation to die down. Seraphim continued as Firenze had become calm enough and Nemo had learned that she was his superior. [I]?Now, we must attend to business. As you have seen, the charges that were place around the city got what I wanted: Kain?s attention. At this moment, he has sent out killers to search for me and those who have set the charges.?[/I]
K. scoffed a bit, adding,[I] ?Great. You?ve dragged me into the sights of the vampire overlord. This is wonderful.?[/I]
[I]?This is why,?[/I] Seraphim continued, [I]?I believe we should begin to move with force soon. This is a bold move, and I believe we have the forces to fight him in a battle in the city, but seeing as we don?t really want to risk that much, I say we lean the odds to our side. Before a war, the overlord of the Vampire Clans will hold a banquet. It?s tradition, and Kain will never break from tradition.? [/I] Firenze looked at Seraphim at this moment, to both monitor his plan and to acknowledge that he had made a discrete credit to their relationship. [I]?I want to ?crash? this party. I?ve set some more bombs for- Silvester, don?t give me that look. I know you hate bombs, but what must be done will be done. Besides, I have another plan for you before this time. Anyway, I want to destroy their moral. The bombs are more powerful this time, and seeing as they are so, they?ll be handled by those I truly trust. One, I want to be set in a biker bar, towards the slums of the city. This is a hangout for those vampires that have little, if any, class. The others? I want in the banquet. I want to hit Kain where it hurts the most. We will also be hitting a couple of main armories and training facilitates. Also, we?ve got reports of a day walker looking to avenge some humans. Thou not a main priority, he can be a threat. You two, I want to keep an eye out for him. Nemo, you will be carrying the present for our biker friends. Also, the new werewolf, Dash, will be going with you, in order for him to earn his colors. While out there, thou, keep an eye out for this Xen. He will be looking for anyone he thinks will have information on us. Including us. But, don?t kill him. I think it would be more fun to have a little plaything to fall back on once this war is won. Now, you will be setting out on my command. When I receive word of the banquet?s time, I will alert Nemo to take Dash to their target. K. I want you to head out as soon as you feel rested and start looking for this day walker. Remember, the light is his ally. With it, he can close any gap while we must lye in wait. Any questions??[/I]
[I]?We have one,?[/I] Nemo stated, in a polite and gentle manner. Firenze looked back at the sprite. She was a bit taken back at the fact that his eyes were no longer red. They had become a gentle whit light. He also wore a small smile. [I]?If we need someone to infiltrate the enemy base, might I suggest Cora? She seems kind and very capable of such a task.?[/I]
Seraphim looked at the werewolf beside him and took her hand. [I]?No, that will not be necessary. What I have planned will be? a bit less subtle.?[/I]
[I]?So, let me get this straight.?[/I] Silvester readjusted himself in his chair. [I]?We?re supposed to stalk a vampire that has it out for us, until you give us the que, and then we blow up some buildings??[/I] Seraphim nodded. [I] ?You haven?t changed at all.?[/I]

OC: Alrighty, I hope that was good enough to help others get their stories going. Just contact me if you don't think so.[/SIZE]
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Cora sat near the sidelines of the sparing ring. She was watching some of the new recruits practice. That was how she spent most of her time, granted it seemed like it would be boring to most, she loved it. It was one of the few things she knew she was good at.

"Hey Cora? Can you show us that one move again?" One of the young ones asked her.

She smiled and got her feet, "I suppose so. But seeing as this is the third time I have shown you... are you actually going to pay attention this time?"

He laughed, "Yeah, yeah."

She rolled her eyes and stepped into the ring, beckoning one of them forward, "I want you to attack me. Don't worry, you aren't going to hurt me."

The young one shrugged and lunged forward. She stood still while she let him wrap an arm around her neck. She let him keep his hand there for a few seconds before kicking his knee, forcing him to the ground. She then brought her foot into his Sternum knocking him back to the ground.

"That move works the best when their knee is, obviously, in an easy access area. And it is best to hit them in the sternum because even for a vampire this cause a bit of a shock. You will have better luck with this on a newer vampire, they tend to be slower. I wouldn't suggest trying this one me or the Master. But you get my point."

The group of young ones nodded at her, and moved back to their own sparring partners. She moved to the vampire that was still lying on the ground and yanked him to his feet.

"You weren't done in by a small kick like that were you?" She said smiling.

"You are a good teacher." He muttered, "Besides being very strong."

She laughed, "I am not that strong, just very old. I have learned a lot in my days."

"Why don't you fight more?"

"I don't know, I just never really fought that much before. Now go back and practice." She said shoving him back towards the others.

OOC: I hope that was good.... I had to rush it... my friend was treating me... with her big ole dog.
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