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Signature of the Week | Entries | Week 010


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[size=10][FONT="Times New Roman"]Signature Of The Week[/size]
[size=5]Week 0[u]10[/u][/FONT][/size][/center]

[size=1][b]Theme[/b]: [size=2][b][color=green]Freestyle[/color][/b][/size]
Because we are already in Week [u]ten[/u] (10), its time for an anniversary theme! Like the first SOTW, you can do anything you want with this theme, as long as it follows the rules! So, any style you want, any theme you want... you get the drill. Go full out with creativity on this one!

[b]Entries Deadline[/b]: [b][color=red][u]SATURDAY[/u] January 10th, 2009 @ 23:59 CET[/b][/color][/size]

[size=1][b]1st Place[/b]: 1st Place OtakuBoards Signature Of The Week "Winner" Medal (which will be added onto your profile under your username.)
[b]2nd Place[/b]: 2nd Place Naming in the Hall of eternal OtakuBoards Fame

[center][b][u]Rules For Entrants[/b][/u]:
[LIST=1][*][i]Always[/i] follow the Signature Of The Week theme.
[*]Only submit your own work. Absolutely NO PLAGIARISM.
[*]Only ONE (1) entry is allowed per person.
[*]You cannot enter the same signature in more than ONE (1) Signature Of The Week at OtakuBoards.
[*]Entries can be changed [b]BEFORE[/b] voting begins. Just edit your post with your new entry.
[*]The dimensions of your entry must not exceed 550x120 pixels. (OtakuBoards' limit)[/LIST][/center]

Note: No discussion in this thread please. If you have any questions or comments you can post them in the [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=59290][b][u]Discussion Thread[/u][/b][/url], but feel free to PM me or any other member of the staff.

This is a [b]Bi-Weekly[/b] contest. This will give entrants more time to complete and submit their art, as well as give more time for our fellow members of OB to vote for a winner. (And it secretly gives me as the moderator some flexibility in posting threads and everything)

Also, [b]everyone is encouraged to make and submit a signature[/b], whatever your skill level may be.

Have fun![/size]
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can i post my signature? :D

[color=green][size=1][indent][b]Boo -[/b] That's fine! Let me just add it in the post for the easiness.
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[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1][COLOR=dimgray]Although my signature is a [I]slightly[/I] different version than the one I last submitted, I'm not going to fight it.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

[SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana][COLOR=dimgray]And Mr. Blonde, it is clearly Stanley Kubrick's sci-fi classic, A Clockwork Orange.[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]

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[size=1]Yeah well, seeing as the URL is the same as last one, I sort of assumed that the picture itself would just be the same signature as the one I remembered you posted during the first SotW. :][/size]
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