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Sight and Sound?

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[FONT="Tahoma"][COLOR="DimGray"]Well, Sight and Sound is a bit more specific and actually relates entirely to the contents of the forum. Amphitheatre is a bit misleading considering you don't watch a movie or TV show at an amphitheatre and you don't talk about theatre or sports in the forum itself.

I like Sight and Sound... but what about Music and Media? :P[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[font=franklin gothic medium]Unfortunately I think this has probably been the most difficult forum to name!

Originally the names were based on the OB City idea, but that format doesn't always work well, because names are not always terribly clear.

There were quite a few good names we could have used, but the wide scope of that forum makes it difficult.

Amphitheater was something that we sort of painfully came across, but I don't think the staff were terribly happy with it the first time. Not only is it a bit of a mouthful (or er... a "handful" if you're typing it), but it's also not really a clear enough name.

So I don't favour going back to "Amphitheater". But if anyone can come up with a better name than "Sight & Sound", I would welcome it. [/font]
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[size=1]Well maybe we could have Theatre, with the different spelling... and the better spelling might I add =3.

I was thinking something to do with Communications, 'cause everyone else already said Media. Although it might be quite hard to see music fitting into there. Something like the Communication District perhaps?[/size]
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[quote name='Boo][size=1]I would suggest [b]Media Centre[/b'], but people would start arguing about the spelling, so I'll leave it be.[/size][/quote]My only argument would be to change it so it matches up with our current spelling of Theater. However altering the Theater to Theatre to match would be fine by me.

I don't really want to return to the previous one and out of all the current suggestions. I like this one the best for replacing Sight & Sound.
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