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In a cozy town against a river, the warm town of Benista, there's a quaint toy shop. Run by the kind Mr. Grinner, the shop is a town landmark, the only building to have survived a catastrophic fire during the 80's. Now, 20 years later, it stands as a reminder to the townsfolk of their past. But, Mr. Grinner, for all his warmth and gentle loving nature, has a secret.

He always loved children. That's why he started up the toy shop. Hand carved wooden puppets, sewn dolls and books containing lullabies and bed time stories line the walls. Toys from every day and age, from modern robotic action figures that respond to voice back to a marionette dangling from the ceiling, Mr. Grinner has them all, and he's well loved by the town. However, there are toys no one ever purchases. When asked about them, Mr. Grinner merely smiles and says they have too much sentimental value to sell.

There's a bit more to it then that...but surely, you guessed that right away, didn't you?

Let's begin our story...when everything went wrong.
((Welcome to the Doll Shop children. Here, you will take up the role of being a Cursed during a time when something strange is happening in the town of Benista. People disappearing, the sound of a little girl giggling heard in a shadowed corner. People are starting to get freaked out, and it's about to get much worse.

What is a Cursed: A Cursed is someone who had the misfortune of picking up one of the Curse toys. You now bear whatever curse the toy brings, which is whatever you decide the curse to be.

How do you cure the Curse? You have two options. Option A is to kill off another Curse and use their soul to feed your toy, thereby freeing you. The other option is to find where the Curse originated, and destroy the source.

There is an upside however. With the Curse comes an ability, something that lets you fight other Curses. Each one is unique, and while it's nothing amazingly powerful, it does give you an edge. What this power is I leave entirely to your discretion, but if it's overpowered or there's no way to counter it, I will ask you to change it.

Also, if you have a buddy, and you guys want to enter with a tandem story, feel free to do so. You don't need to be a Cursed if you're playing as someone's close friend and they're Cursed. I encourage intertwining story lines.

You will NOT start as a Cursed, you will find your toy in the RP during an incident. Kapish?

Now, if you managed to understand all that garble, here's the sign up. If you got confused, feel free to ask me to explain a bit more coherently, and I shall do so.))
Age: ((No limit, short of regular human lifespan))
Gender: ((Male or Female))
Physical Appearance: ((Good description or a picture, either one is good.))
Curse: ((What is your curse? Be creative, I want you guys to make some spectacular ones here! It has to ACTUALLY be a Curse as well, something that will kill you if left unchecked, just veeery slowly))
Curse Toy: ((What toy are you bound to? Give a good description!))
Ability: ((What power does the Curse give you?))
Personality: ((What are you like?))
Background: ((Short and sweet, don't give me a novel here. Tell me your current situation, if you're a native to Benista or if you moved there, etc etc))

Name: Bryan Bornes
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance: 6'5", Bryan is a thickly built guy. Weighing about 220 lbs, he's a little out of shape, but still healthy. With a thick mop of light brown hair topping his head, the bangs hanging down just above his greenish blue eyes, Bryan tends to stand out in a crowd. He wears black rimmed rectangular glasses and often wears jeans and t-shirts. He has a normal skin tone, and a fairly deep voice.
Curse: The Laughing Curse - Bryan's soul is slowly leaking into the toy he is bound to, and he's steadily losing control of his body. Becoming clumsier and weaker, he'll soon be trapped entirely into the Clown. As he gets weaker, the sound of bells jingling begins to accompany him and he begins to hear laughter, like that of a clown.
Curse Toy: A Clown Doll. About 3 feet tall, with an oversized black top hat. The face is a polished gold colored mask with a huge grin and black crescents for eyes. The doll has a huge black and gold ruffle around it's neck, and wears a black suit with yellow trimmings. The boots are curled at the end, and have small bells on the tips. The left shoe is gold, the right is black.
Ability: Bryan's curse gives him the ability to send out powerful screams that can shatter glass and even break stone if held long enough. The shrieks have a strange giggling undertone.
Personality: Bryan is a sarcastic guy whose prone to mood swings. Generally, he swings from neutral to annoyed rather quickly. Usually, he's a mellow nice guy who doesn't really talk that much. When approached, he gives polite conversation, and depending on how he likes the person, may keep it simple or pursue the topic further.
Background: A native to Benista, Bryan has lived there his whole life. He moved there after the reconstruction was completed after the fire. He lives with his mom and dad in the newer part of town, alongside the river. Fairly well liked by most of the town, though most people find him a little arrogant. He's often seen walking his dog around the markets, window shopping.
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Name: Eden Primevera

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Physical Appearance: [URL="http://media.photobucket.com/image/bloody%20tears/VioletWitch/1177483604-916-3.jpg?o=445"]http://media.photobucket.com/image/bloody%20tears/VioletWitch/1177483604-916-3.jpg?o=445[/URL] She wears a black corset with a see through black bell-sleeved under shirt, a black knee high layered skirt with ripped stockings, and combat boots.

Curse: [I]Bloody Mary[/I]- Eden starts bleeding from orifices of her body starting with her face. It starts with the eyes and moves down the body over time. As it gets lower, her lungs fill with blood, causing her to consistently cough up blood, or drain while she's talking. This also reopens any wounds and tears new ones, which is quite painful and messy. The wounds can clot over however, but they will be consistently reopened. Eventually she will either bleed to death, or drown in her own blood.

Curse Toy: [URL="http://media.photobucket.com/image/diego%20the%20bat/idioticpie/Skel-Diago.jpg?o=16"]http://media.photobucket.com/image/diego%20the%20bat/idioticpie/Skel-Diago.jpg?o=16[/URL] It's Skully Bat!!

Ability: She has the ability to transfer her wounds to someone else, with this she can also use herself like a voodoo doll, so whatever she does to herself will happen to them.

Personality: Eden is sarcastic and smart. She can't stand immature people, and hates conformists. She believes in individuality and free spirits. Strong and independent, she's used to fending for herself, but cares a lot for others. She usually puts others before herself, and tends to get the short end of the stick in most situations. She also learns from other people mistakes, so she doesn't have to learn the hard way. She usually finds most people quite naive and stupid do to their bad choices in life, yet she tries not to judge them on their past, hoping they won't make the same mistakes in the future.


Eden moved to Benista when she was fourteen, after her parents died in a car accident. She came from the big city, so when she was sent to live with her aunt in Benista, she was quite disappointed. Though over the years she learned to accept the town as her home. Her aunt was rarely ever home, so Eden learned to take care of herself. She had already had some experience since her parents were always working, so it wasn't hard to do.

Taking a large interest in art, she got a job working for a local studio, even selling a few of her pieces. Her greatest love however, was for bats. She loved bats. She would wonder late at night, searching the skies for her fury friends, and made several bat houses in her aunts backyard. Once in a while, she would actually get the opportunity to play with them in their houses. She enjoyed this very much. Most the time she can be found in the local library, bat scoping, or painting (Usually not during the day much, she's a night person).
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[b]Name:[/b] Phedre LaFontaine

[b]Age:[/b] 21
[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Physical Appearance:[/b] Phedre stands about five foot even, slender, small-breasted, but toned and athletic. She has a pixyish face with pointed chin, rosy cheeks on porcelain skin, spattered heavily across the nose with freckles. Her eyes are dark, almost black, and sort of round and childlike. She has extraordinarily long eyelashes. She often accents her eyes with heavy eyeliner and smoky lids, a rosebud, pouty mouth brightened with dark red lipstick. Her hair is no longer than her shoulders, but is tightly curled and dark red (both natural). She often wears it loose. She can usually be seen wearing grey skinny jeans and a dark blue corset-top with a white peasant blouse underneath. She favors silver jewelry, and always wears her silver cross around her neck. Her shoes range from Nikes to Carlos Santana heels.

[b]Curse:[/b] Phedre can spirit walk - the only problem is, she is nearly solid when she does, so most normal obstacles apply to her, and if she gets injured while out of her body, her body recieves the injury, too. Oh, and did I mention that the longer she is away from her body, the more the body fades away? If she stays out of her body for more than an hour and a half at a time, her body will die and she will disappear forever.
[b]Curse Toy:[/b] It is a hand-carved music box with a mirror on the inside lid, lined with silk, and a small toy ballerina that spins when the toy is wound up.
[b]Ability:[/b]She can astral travel/spirit walk - she can move from one place to another, and if she concentrates, move through solid objects. She has all abilities connected with spirit walking.

[b]Personality:[/b] Phedre is usually quiet and thoughtful, but provoke her and she has a temper like a mother grizzly. She isn't all that friendly, but once you've earned her trust, it takes an earthquake to shake her. She'll follow you to the ends of the earth.

[b]Background:[/b] Phedre is usually quiet due to the loss of her twin three years ago. Aoide (Eve) was the victim of a drunk driver, and was killed instantly. Phedre, once a perky, happy-go-lucky kind of girl, felt it the moment her sister died, and has been quiet since then. Not long afterwards, her fiance since the tenth grade - she grew up in a small town - left her for a blonde bimbo he met at a night club. This is why she has trust issues.

Phedre is currently an art student at a univeristy near Benista, she stays in one of the small local inns, hosted by one of the matronly women who work there. She is always happy to help out, so she is essentially on a work scholarship. Her biggest interests are woodcarving and music.

This sounds interesting. =]
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[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]I have to say, this does sound rather fun. So I'll give it a run.

Name:Geoff Knightley

Age: 24
Gender: Male



Everything about him screams typical male (average height, weight, athletic build, brown hair). However, his eyes are his distinguising feature. Due to ocular albinism, his eyes are a purplish color. Geoff tends to dress in jackets and slacks, with either a muscle shirt or plain T-Shirt underneath. Often seen with a cigarette in his mouth, which is one of his vices. Geoff doesn't fuss too much about his appearance, but indulges himself in sunglasses, which he boasts many different outlandish designs. Most often, he wears a pair of aviator sunglasses.

Curse: -The Fury- Geoff's curse gives him immeasurable strength, often enough to crush rocks or punch through cement walls, at the cost of losing his sense of sight. This can lead to Geoff accidentally committing to fratricide and as of late, the side effect of the curse has led him to lose his sight almost entirely.

Curse Toy: A hand-carved, wooden figurine of the god of battle, Ares. It is small enough that he keeps it as a small trinket attached to his belt loop. To invoke it's powers, Geoff grasps it and closes his eyes.

Personality: Brash and rather uncaring of others, Geoff likes to leap before looking. He doesn't care for planning or spending time contemplating. A very direct person, Geoff will speak his mind about anything and everything. His blunt candor often leads to clashes between him and others, to which his emotionally detached sentiments bubble to the surface.

Background: Born and forged in poverty ridden east side of Benista, Geoff had to learn how to survive without the guidance or love of a mother and father.His teacher was his friend Jonathan. Jonathan taught Geoff how to fight, steal and hustle people. Not really knowing anything else, Geoff wandered the streets, just out of the police's grasp. His reputation around the neighborhood as a child of the streets causes him to be very well-liked. He has earned the respect of many neighborhood citizens, due to his and Jonathan's rule over local gangs, until Jonathan's untimely demise at the hands of a rival gang. Now Geoff wanders the streets, looking for his friend's assailant.

Geoff currently lives alone in a run-down apartment near an abandoned shoe factory in east Benista. During the day, Geoff is normally asleep, but at night he is active and roaming the streets, often at local bars or gambling dens looking for clues to his friend's death.[/FONT]
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Name: Faye Fawn

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Appearance: Average height. Thin. Has long, wavy, black hair and bright green eyes. Has light pink, feathery wings when her curse is in use.

Curse: Flight for Breath Curse. Faye is granted the ability to fly, but when she does, she is unable to breath. So she can only fly for as long as she can hold her breath. If she loses control of the curse fully by exceding her limits, she will keep on flying until she dies.

Curse Toy: The toy is a stuffed animal. It is a pretty, white dove with a very tight, golden collar.

Ability: Faye is able to fly, and very quickly so. Fastest she can go is about 750 mph without breaking her limits and losing control of the curse fully.

Personality: Usually very calm and smiling. Not even remotely violent. Prefers to run away from any bad situations or problems. Does not crack easily, but when she does, she goes into a blind fit of screaming, crying and running. When she loses control, she will try to remove any obstacle in her way. She can even become extremely violent and murderous, the exact opposite of her usual personality.

Background: Has lived in Benista since birth, as have her parents. Her father was in charge of reconstruction after the fire, which killed her mother. Faye has a history of being bullied by her fellow classmates. Often goes to Mr. Grinner's shop. She considers him a close friend.
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The best part will be seeing who decides to destroy the source of his or her curse, and who decides to kill...:o

[B]Name:[/B] Nick Niffin

[B]Age:[/B] 20

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Appearance:[/B] Nick has thick, dark hair that sweeps down over his eyebrows and curls around his ears. In stark contrast, his eyes are bright blue. He is six feet tall and has a thin frame, but he is not scrawny. The length and sharpness of his nose give him a slightly hawkish appearance, while his high and defined cheekbones make him seem arrogant, even regal.

[B]Curse:[/B] [B]Rigor Mortis Chalybs[/B]. Nick's body- all parts of it- are slowly solidifying. His bones, intestines, and skin are all hardening to an almost steel-like state. If this curse is allowed to go unchecked, his body will collapse under its own weight. His blood will not be able to flow through his veins, and he will not be able to move his limbs.

[B]Curse Toy:[/B] A toy soldier, five inches high, dressed in revolutionary war battle garb.

[B]Ability:[/B] Given enough time, Nick's curse will cause him to die a slow, painful death. However, in the short-term, the curse has benefits. The curse seems to be solidifying skin in small patches, and delaying its attack on the skin around Nick's joints. This allows Nick to move freely, while having patches of tough-as-metal epidermis. Also, the portions of Nick's bones that have hardened are very close to unbreakable. Basically, until so much time elapses, Nick is like a tank peppered with soft spots.

[B]Personality:[/B] Nick is quiet, shy, and good-natured. He spends most of his time alone, in his single apartment, studying for his classes. He avoids large gatherings and social situations as well as he can. He is not a misanthrope, he simply prefers the solidarity of his own thoughts.

And even though he prefers to spend his time alone, Nick is not incapable of caring for others. When a neighbor has a problem, he timidly asks if he or she would like any help. Nick has a very close relationship with his family, which consists of his mother, father, and little sister.

[B]Background:[/B] Nick's family lives in a small town north of Benista. At school there, Nick graduated high school at the top of his class. Unfortunately, due to an injury that cost his father his job, Nick had no money to attend a far-off university. The best his family could afford was to send him to college in a Benista.

Now Nick lives in the middle of downtown, in a single-room apartment. He earns extra money by tutoring and selling notes. Everyday on his walk to campus, he passes Mr. Grinner's toy shop, and feels a twitch of curiosity. Everything looks so interesting, so old, so historical...
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-reserved- Nessaja *you got one more day to get it in*
Mykul -- Nick Niffin
chibi-master -- Faye Fawn
Korey -- Geoff Knightly
Stephanie -- Phedre LaFontaine
cheesemaster -- Eden Primevera
ScreamSin -- Bryan Bornes

You're all accepted *some of you have some VERY unique Curses, which I love!* I'm sure you all understand this, but I'm just going to make sure, your Curse is [B][U][SIZE="3"]killing[/SIZE][/U][/B] you. Even if you don't use your ability, it's killing you slowly. No escape unless you cure it through one of the methods mentioned at the top. Just reiterating in case anyone didn't understand that. I will start the RP tomorrow, sign ups will remain open until then.
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[B]Name:[/B] Jasna Birger

[B]Age:[/B] 14

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Physical Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://img3.imageshack.us/img3/3611/jasna.jpg"]Jasna Birger[/URL]

[B]Curse:[/B] Harlequin's Laugh
The name of the curse is one that Jasna made up for it on her own, after her mother or any doctors failed to completely describe it. It all started after visiting that nice toy shop. A small spike made up of unknown materials (most doctors have suggested it was bone or cartilage,) started forming inside of Jasna's own body. A doctor tried to remove it for her in surgery, but before he could several more started forming and he told Jasna and her mother that it was not safe to try to take them out. They were far too close to veins and organs. Now other spikes are slowly forming as well. What's worse is that Jasna has uncontrollable laughing fits where her face is forced into contortions and she can't stop. This upsets her inner skin condition as well, threatening to cut veins or organs internally. Jasna's mother has all but given up on her so far.

[B]Curse Toy:[/B] Jasna's toy is a bit unusual, for her personality. Usually she prefers dolls or stuffed animals. Something she can squeeze and love. However, this one intrigued her and she had to have it. It is a little porcupine dressed as a harlequin and sitting at a table drinking tea.

[B]Ability:[/B] Jasna's laugh, while deadly to herself, can be deadly to others if she wants to risk using it. As soon as they hear her laughing, they'll be in her power. However, what happens after they hear her laughing varies from person to person. Some people aren't affected, others try to laugh too much that they choke to death, and others are susceptible to suggestions. However, it's a great risk to use since it worsens her condition when she does use it.

[B]Personality:[/B] After the accident, Jasna became very quiet and depressed. However, after the curse, she is now surprisingly more cheerful. Perhaps even more cheerful than before the accident happened. She doesn't know if it's an acceptance of death, or the forced laugh that has made her more cheerful, but whatever it is, she is glad to be back the way she once was. Although, she still feels she is a burden to her family members, so when she starts thinking that way she falls back into her quiet moods. Thankfully for her though, they still don't happen as often as they used to.

[B]Background:[/B] Jasna and her mother are both natives to Benista. However, after a nearly fatal accident, Jasna was never the same. She became much more quiet and never spoke to her mom. Then, her mother decided to take her to a toy shop to try to cheer her up. It worked. However, it was also how Jasna acquired her curse. So after sending Jasna away to hospitals, Jasna came back to find her mother gone and her cousin staying in her home. Now, she wonders how much of a burden she will be on her cousin too.
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Name: Derrik Warren
Age: 22
Gender: male
Physical Appearance: [IMG]http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee260/inufandom/Vampire-7.jpg[/IMG]
Curse: Unlife
Derrik's real body goes into a coma, his spirit housed in some kind of fake body made from the same substance as the geisha. If the curse is left unchecked, his real body will become weaker and weaker, untill it dies.
Curse Toy: A pretty little geisha doll made from an unknown substance, dressed in fine silks.
Ability: His new body feels no pain, and seemingly is indestructible. His senses are sharper, his strength increased. As his body shuts down, he will become stronger and faster, but when his body does die, he will die with it. However, like a doll, he can twist his joints around in impossible angles.
Personality: A bright boy, he's always cheerful. He's always trying to make people laugh. His fiery personality is quite evident, he's always energetic.
Background: He moved to Beniseta from New York City, and finds the town a little dull. His parents were killed in a horrible accident, so he moved in with his grandparents. His huge inheritance is used for him to go to the local college.
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