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Which style should I focus on?


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Hello, I'm just wondering your opinion on something;
I've found the time to focus on drawing. But there's one thing which I'm as of yet unsure of - what kind of style should I focus on?

- A style which is original & cute-looking, but not realistic (which I really enjoy doing, and am already quite good at.)
- One which looks grown up & far more realistic, and might look slightly cleaner (but which I would need lots of practice to perfect & rather dislike working at.)

I'd just like to know what you guys would do if you were in the position.
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[size=1]Well, if you really enjoy drawing original and cute-looking things, keep that up at least. Frankly, it is what I enjoy most as well, and after ages of drawing a lot of realistic stuff at the side, I found out that I much prefer drawing things that you would sooner find on a Halmark card than anywhere else.

Though I sometimes like to draw more seriously and realistic when I get a rush of inspiration, and I have the idea that I would do it more if I found the time and space to do so. (Cute-looking stuff appears to take up less time)

Also, I like to put reality to my hand, so the whole realism thing does not really work that well for me. I think that it is pretty much mandatory for any artist to be able to draw realistically at at least a fairly decent level. If you have control of reality, you can make out of it what you want, blub.[/size]
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This might sound odd... but what if you tried to mix the two :O possibly?
You can use a more realistic approach in things that you find to be cute.
You can keep working at both of them and see which one you like more, kinda what like Boo is saying :D.
You should probably work at what ever you enjoy, but something that also gives you a challenge so you can keep improving :3.

[SIZE="1"]wow i fail at advice XD haha[/SIZE]

But when you start drawing, post your work here!! I wanna see :D:animesmil
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[size=1]If drawing is only for fun, I would say stick to whichever you feel more comfortable doing. But if you plan on taking it on as a career, I would recommend focusing more on the realistic approach. But like Boo mentioned, youve got the know the rules to break it. Usually people start out focusing on their foundation, which is toward the more serious and realistic style. And then they start to branch out and create/develope their own style.

Well, that's what I would do. :][/size]
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which ever style you think you would enjoy drawing the most
even though some people may not agree with it, there are also people who would appreciate it as well :D so yeah its never a dead end~

but i would say, original and cutey~ hehe coz i like that kinda stuff
im personally not too fond of realistic anime. D; it can look scary sometimes. :animeswea
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to tell you the truth, i think it's important to be able to do a bit of both. Just because you pick one style, don't drop the other one O; continue on with it too!
since you said you're already good at the cute style, if i were you, i'd work more on the serious style-- or even just change the medium you're working with for a change.

if you want to keep to the cute style, try using different mediums-- pens, pastels, paint --acrylic/watercolour :) it's fun to mix things up once in a while
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