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Band of the Blood Moon (Mature)

Drizzt Do'urden

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[center][SIZE=4][I][U]Cast of Characters[/U][/I][/SIZE][/center]

[center][SIZE=3][B]Dean Remington[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]Played by [I]Drizzt Do'urden[/I][/SIZE]
A man with a past; whose goal in life isto take revenge on the evil in the world for taking away his family, his life, and his humanity.[/center]

[center][B][SIZE=3]Calil Nekoi[/SIZE][/B]
[SIZE=1]Played by [I]Knuckle's Girl[/I][/SIZE]
A lone woman whose motives areunknown to anyone but her. Death and pain are all she's ever known.[/center]

[center][B][SIZE=3]Dawner Augestine Nathanel Vernon Twuerte [/SIZE][/B][B][SIZE=3](The 4th)[/SIZE][/B]
[SIZE=1]Played by [I]Takuuya[/I][/SIZE]
A passionate young adventurer whose journey to find his birthright has taken him all across the globe.[/center]

[center][B][SIZE=3]Karyn Lox[/SIZE][/B]
[SIZE=1]Played by [I]Chibi-Master[/I][/SIZE]
A young girl whose life has been spent in the shadow of her full-blooded counterparts. She is out to prove to them that she is indeed stronger then any of them.[/center]

[center][B][SIZE=3]Sile Branimir[/SIZE][/B]
[SIZE=1]Played by [I]Nessaja[/I][/SIZE]
A woman with nothing left to lose. Her journey began with the loss of her parents, and the gift of her eye to a stranger.[/center]

[center][B][SIZE=3]Draco Alero[/SIZE][/B]
[SIZE=1]Played by [I]Dragons Wolfie[/I][/SIZE]
A stranger from the England's "New World". The death of his parents spur him onward, and keep him fighting.[/center]

[center][B][SIZE=3]Dunan Knute[/SIZE][/B]
[SIZE=1]Played by [I]Inuyasha Fandom[/I][/SIZE]
An immortal who has sought to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Knowing the danger, he set out to join the one group who may accept him as an ally.[/center]

[center][B][SIZE=4][U]Band of the Blood Moon[/U][/SIZE][/B][/center]

[LEFT]It killed Dean to think about what may happen now. Today was supposed to be the teams final training mission together, today was supposed to be the true test of their abilities. Instead, however, it would likely be the day they die....[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Dean waited in the main room of the mansion that was their base of operations. It housed the six members of the team itself, as well as about a dozen support personel whose job was to research all aspects of 'supernatural' lore, and invent the tools that the team needed to kill the things that go bump in the night.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]The team was comprised of a group of misfits, a few were searched out by Dean and Sile, others searched them out when the news of the group traveled through the occult channels and reached the right ears. They were the first official team of hunters ever heard of, what made them even more special was their backgrounds.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]On the team were two humans, who knew how to utilize the arcane arts, a werewolf, a werewolf hybrid, a human who was infused with the blood of both werewolf and vampire, and a human who had been to the dark side, and has seen just how strong and evil the hunger is. Of course that thought went to Dean himself, it still made him shudder to think of the hunger, the pain, and the torment he experienced during his years as a vampire.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]None of the team knew of the change in plans. They still thought the mission was going to be to take down a group of rowdy spirits that Gregory, one of the top researchers employed by Sile and Dean, raised just for the occasion. Instead however, they were hunting something real, and incredibly dangerous.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Dean almost cringed at the sight of the Oak stakes, the tips of which had already been submerged in dead man's blood. Dean could hear the different members of the team moving around in their rooms, preparing for the day. Sile had already fed him early that morning. The taste of her blood always made Dean gag, more so from the memories then the taste, but her blood was what allowed him to keep his vampire strengths, but minimal weaknesses. It was a sacrifice on her part, and one that Dean did not take lightly.[/LEFT]
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Karyn Lox was flooded by excitement. Nearly bouncing off the walls, she muttered to herself about the day to come.

"Finally! It's the last training mission! Those spirits Gregory raised are going [B]down[/B]! Yes, indeed! Then it will be time for the real deal! Big, bad Vampires and of course...those stuck up full-bloods. Yes...the ones that mocked me! Called me weak, they did! Well, I'll show them! I'LL SHOW THEM ALL!!! HAHAHAHAHAAA!!!" the energized 14 year old shouted, throwing jabs at an imaginary opponent. But Karyn's pep-up was interrupted by a loud knocking on her room's door.

"Karyn, please! It's too early for this hollering nonsense! You're making the windows rattle, for Pete's sake!" whined an irritated voice responsible for the knocking.

"Oh, be quiet, Dawner! Today's the last training mission! You should be just as happy!" Karyn retorted.

"I'd be so much happier if you didn't scream and yell so early in the morning! At least give the rest of us time to get as pumped up as you! You know I'm equally as hyper once I'm fully awake, so please just settle down and give everyone the chance to catch up!" Dawner yawned.

"Fine." Karyn pouted. But deep down, she was just as energized about the mission as she was before the interruption...
I tried! I'm sorry if I did bad, please tell me if I messed anything up.:animedepr
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Calil stepped out of her room and both of the younger hunters fell silent.
"Both of you should be quiet, I would have a lot less of a head ace if you did."
She stepped past them and headed down the hall, she stopped and looked over as Dean's door opened and he appeared in the door way.
She simply nodded at him and headed down the hall towards the wide room at the end of the hall where they all usually ended up before they were about to go some where. She sat down and crossed her legs waiting patently. She watched the room intently waiting for the others, she was usually the first one there and she didn't mind. It gave her a chance to look over her weapons one last time which she took the liberty of doing now. Looking her pistol over she nodded happy that it was in great condition. She looked up as Dean entered the room. She let the right side of her mouth raise in a small but sure greeting smile. Nodding to him it was gone as fast as it had shown up. She went back to looking her pistol over. Dean had been the first of the hunters she had met, and the first person who had not cringed at what she really was. It made her feel comfortable and at home. Though she would never tell anyone that the fact that she was still there and that she stayed there no matter how annoyed she seemed to get was enough to let them all know she liked them well enough.

*Realized I never gave an appearance of Calil so there is one at the bottom*[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Even though Draco was the last room down the hall he could still hear the two like their where right near him. This always happened when they wake up for a mission. Its annoying and gives him a headache. He mumbles some curses about his hearing being so great and got up and put on is normal cloths. A dark red and black leather jacket overcoat with a hood sown into it for his head. Black leather pants with a hole for his tail, a belt with sword from the mysterious Japanesse samurai, and steal and leather boots that where made just for him. He also has a trinket hanging around is neck from his parents.

The young hunters made fun of him for not being either human nor were-wolf. Walking down the hallway his shoes made loud thumping noises. It wasnt because they where heavy, just that he woke up to two little brats soo early in the morning that he was mad.

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "Do you think for just one mission that you, Ms. Lox, could wait till everyone gets up before you start yelling at the top of your lungs?"[/COLOR]

Draco stands 7' tall and is naturally built do to his hybrid status.

[COLOR="Purple"]Karyn: "Im just soo exicted about this being the last training mission that I can't contain myself."[/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "Well do it outside so that way I can't hear you. I'll be in the cafeeria."[/COLOR]

Not even waiting for a reply from the 14 year old Draco runs to the cafe at near deamon speed. Stoping just 3' in front of the door, smelling the food. Same as every other day, slop. Then the smell of gun powder came from inside.
She must be in their everyday due to the two alarm clocks that shout every morning for a mission.

He was wondering if he should go in and get his food then sit by himself or sit by her.
He had this strange feeling that she was something special than a mere a human. He felt safe and somewhat happy just being around her. He dicided just to get a loaf of bread and walk the grounds untill it was time to meet up with Gregory to do this final training mission. He hopes he won't enter his berserker state again.

He doesnt want to hurt his friends but cant control his self. But he said that they are just low level gouls that he raised since they formed and started training together.

Draco walks into the cafe and grabs a loaf of bread.

(PS: Draco has a problem with his extreme anger also known has Berserker state. Were-wolves have complete controll and can enter it when ever they want for a limited time. Also heres a pic of my characte has well.)
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I got to go with what I read.

Dunan stood amidst the chaos of the aftermath of battle. Blood sprinkled everything, bodies littered the ground. Holding a frightened vampire close, Dunan smiled, revealing all of his teeth.

"Shush,now, it will be over quickly."

"Please! Please spare me!" The poor bastard pleaded for his life, but to no avail. Dunanran his fingers through the man's hair, smiling ever still.

"You know, I already showed my mercy. I gave you the chance to run. Now, that time has passed." Cocking the vampire's head back, Dunan licked his lips. "Vampire blood is a rare treat, like a rare steak sprinkled with salt and pepper. Any last requests?"

"Spare me! Please, show mercy....."

"You cornered me, and wished to kill me, you and your cronies. I'm afraid I'm all out of mercy. It's on my grocery list, right next to compassion and cookies. Now, I'm sorry I can't grant your last request. Say good-bye to life, [I]moi cheir[/I]" Dunan's hand trailed the man's neck, before moving to the hack of the neck. "And say hello to the devil for me. Tell him I'll be there soon, to join you." Dunan's words are a cruel joke to torment a victim who deserved no mercy.

Dunan opened his mouth wide, yanked the vampire's head back, and bit deep into his neck.

Till death do they part.

On finishing, he drops the last vampire, and looks to the mansion, where he had heard that they were training to fight that which goes bump in the night. He wished to join them, but he didn't think showing up covered in blood would be a wise idea, whether it was human or not. Sighing, he flexed his body, and with a motion like he was thrusting double doors apart, the blood on him was flung off.

And thus did he make his way to the mansion. He knew he smelled like a vampire, but also there was no scent of human blood on him. He hadn't drank human blood in nearly two and half centuries. Even still, he WAS a vampire. Not many organizations welcomed his kind with open arms.

Slowly, he walked up to the mansion, and saw the armed guards posted at the entrances. The early morning sun was beginning to bother him, and his supernatural abilities were beginning to dwindle some. Daylight made him weaker, but it wouldn't kill him. Thank god or that, at least.

"Alright, I guess I'm not going to get an invitation inside...Might as well make one." Turning on the charm, he walked up to one of the guards. He smiled brightly, a very different smile that the one the vampire had seen a few minutes ago. This one was a genuine, freindly smile.

"Can I go inside?"

okay, here is a pic of Dunan.....and his name is pronounced Doo-nan
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?Maybe I should not have yelled at Karyn like that? thought Dawner as he made his way back to his room. It was not Karyn?s loudness that woke him up it was her strong emotions of excitement that shook Dawner of a peaceful sleep. Once he realize it was not naturally his emotion he got angry, it was way to early to be so excited.

?I?ll make it up to her later? Dawner said as he slipped back into his bed. He owned the little amount of sanity he had to her. She was the first he took to when he came to the mansion a year and a half ago; it was so hard to be happy around the others some time. They were so gloom and doom which in turn affected Dawner due to his flawed empathy powers. But Karyn was a little ray of sunshine her cheery mood ignited Dawner naturally boyish elation which is why he loved being around her. Yep indeed he was going to make up yelling at he.

As Dawner closed his eyes to sleep he shot bolt upright as a strange feeling came over him.

?Someones here..? he never felt such an mixture of confusing emotions in a person.. ever.
He grab his wand and stuff it into his waistband, then got string to tie his hair back as he walk out his room.

Dawner didn?t know whether to tell someone or not but he had to make sure of this entity before rising alert, He manage to get to the front door and open it just as a man was about to knock.

?Uh? Bonjour ? Dawner put on a wary nervous smile as he tried to keep his nervousness contain yet his feeling swept through the mansion.

OOc: and my char... [IMG]http://i77.photobucket.com/albums/j61/takuuya/Flyff_Artoki__d_by_Artoki.jpg[/IMG]
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Draco was walking on the upper tower overpase when the smell of blood reached his noise. He dropped what was left of the bread for the morning birds and leaned over the wall. Their was a guy opening the doors ro the main hall and looks like one of the kids that where yelling this morning.

If he is dangerous and has come here to kill the team before our final test, then that kid is in grave danger but if he is here on more friendlier term then He might as well say hello. Draco jumps of the upper wall and lands behind the stranger with a umpth.

Jumping from that hieght was not avised by Gregory but He does it anyways to improve endurence. Draco is taller than the stranger but the stranger has a weird vibe to him. right before He hit the ground, he heared the stranger asking to come in.

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "Is their anything I can help you with stranger?"[/COLOR]

(OoC: I'll leave the reasponse up too you Inuyasha.)
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Dearn and Calil turned at once towards the sound of the commotion coming from the main foryer. "Damn, not already." Dean sprinted from the room towards the entrance, Calil's voice fading "Already what?" but Dean was already there.

Dean pushed past Dawner, grabed the man and yanked him inside. Pinning him to the wall, Dean was right in his face. "What do you want blood sucker?" Dean could not recall a moment when he was angrier. The man tried pushing free, but to no avail.

"Do you honestly think I wasn't prepared for you? You'll see that I've already had my breakfast for the day. That and the spells cast on this house keep you full-bloods powerless, which you would've already known...."

Dean's voice trailed off as he lowered the vampire to the floor. The nest that was to be the first test of the team had tried breaking into the mansion back when it was just him, Sile, and a few of the support persons. They knew of the spells on the house, this one wandered in unaware.

"Spells huh? Must be high level stuff you have here. You're right, I don't work with any vampires around here. I've come looking for you for other reasons. My name's Dunan, and I'm here to join you."

Dean felt foolish, though he wasn't sure why. Was it really so hard to believe that another vampire would choose the path he did? In fact it wasn't so long ago that he himself was one of them, a full-blood. And now look at what they had, a team full of the things many hunters wanted to kill.

Just maybe this guy would be of some help. "Dawner, Draco escort our friend to the living area. I'll go grab Sile and we'll discus this. If he tries anything though, remember take the head off."

"The head off? Sort've impersonal isn't it?" Dunan smiled as he followed the human and the werewolf towards the living area.

Things were interesting enough around here, and it looked like a new ally may have been made. Dean shook his head as he walked up the stairs, it was now he wished even more that the mission hadn't been changed. At least with the spirits there was room for error, and trust with the new guy could be made. Now they had to go kill a bunch of vampires with a vampire....oh boy.

[B]OOC: Feel free to get acquainted with each other, once Nessaja posts we'll get moving with the revelation of the mission [I]and[/I] the mission itself. (Nice first posts everybody)[/B]
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oops... edit edit edit.......

"Off with my head, huh? Sounds a bit too much like 'Alice In Wonderland' for my taste. Trust me, this isn't any fairy tale." Dunan says, on entering the living room.

"Why are you really here?" asked the boy who had been called Draco.

"I've come to employ my services, like I said. I find that, as the humans say, it is best to fight fire with fire, no? Besides, the younger crowd is better in bed. People my age are rather dull, and seemingly no fun at all. Most of them are the monsters you guys hunt. I can't say I have any sympathy for them, being killed. I'd rather kill the lot of them, too."

Dunan chuckles, and smiled at the baffled expressions on their faces. He had already proved to be nothing like the things they hunted.

"You know, I can't blame anyone if they are hesitant to trust me. But they can go ahead and check me out, all anyone around here has to do is take a whiff of me, I reek of vampire blood, it's all over my clothes. I must admit, I was hoping to be able to take a shower..."

"Maybe later you can." The boy called Dawner spoke up, peering cautiously at the vampire in front of him. "Um... can I ask you something?"

"Sure. If it means getting people to trust me, then go for it. Ask anything you like."

"How old are you?"

"I'm pushing 400."

"Wow. You're old."

Dunan blinked. "Why, thank you for most astute observation." he responded, mildly miffed at being called 'old' like that. "Keep in mind, I was only twenty-two when I became a vampire."
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[FONT="Century Gothic"]Sile faced a rude awakening, three times this day. First it was someone bouncing around excitedly, then it was voices down somewhere in another room, now it was someone trying to shake her awake.

"What?!" She yelled, throwing the arm off her.

She looked over and saw Dean. She could be kind of a bitch, ever since that ritual, but she did her best not to act that way towards him.

"Oh, I'm sorry Dean. I just haven't had much sleep. Do you need more blood already?" She asked.

Dean shook his head.

"No, it's not that. Come downstairs and see."

Sile got up and followed Dean. However, he seemed to forget she wasn't even dressed and she didn't care herself. It was too late though and she was downstairs with him already. He pointed out the newcomer to him. Sile frowned.

"Why is there a vampire here?"

Dean explained everything to her, including his feelings of uneasiness towards the new vampire.

"Well, maybe he is like you. But if not, it would be better to keep him here where we can keep an eye on him right? I just hope this isn't some kind of trap or something."

Sile pushed herself up on the railing at the top of the stairs and yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Hey, shit heads! Everyone meet up now!"

Sile turned back towards Dean.

"We should all talk to this guy if we let him stay or not, anyways." She said as she walked off to the living area.[/FONT]
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"My, the lot of you are interesting." Dunan found himself amidst the company of several people who he could tell they were...off. Though if they were crazy, he had yet to find out.

The female who had just entered the room smiled, and sat down next to him, ahe was still undressed. "So, you're a vampire and you want to join us, huh? Why should we let you?"

Dunan's demeanor didn't miss a beat. "Because I think that a vampire on your side might just be the secret weapon you people need." Dunan looked at each of them, they were looking at his clothes, and sniffing him out.

"I see. Why are you covered in blood? I note you've gotten most of it off, but there re faint stains all over you."

"A group of vampires intercepted me as I was making my way here. They had the intent of making sure I didn't make it here. I simply dealt with them. They failed in their task."

"Evidently. How old are you?"

"What is this, twenty questions? I'm almost 400, girlie. And Yes, I met some historical figures, and yes, I willingly became a vampire."

At this they freeze. "Why? How?"

Dunan looked down to the floor. He slumped slightly, his eyes narrowing as if he was looking into his own memories.

"I was only twenty-two. I was very sick, the doctors thought I wouldn't make it through the night. I had made a freind the prevous summer, and he came to see me that night."

One of the boys perked up."And he was a vampire?"

"Yes, though I didn't know it. He sat beside me, and red tears began to flow down his cheeks. he said,'Dunan, you're such a sweet boy, this is far too cruel for you. I can either end your suffering, or I preserve you for all eternity.... I can make it so other people for hundreds of years can know your love of life, your cheery self...I will give you the choice."

Dunan smiled again. "We talked for an hour, before he turned me into a vampire."

"If only all vampires were like you and him, we wouldn't have to hunt them. Where is he?"

"Dead. Killed by a much older, and much more powerful vampire." Dunan's face became a mask, his sadness tingling and making his eyes burn. "If you want me to join, I will. I think I might be more than a weapon, I'll be bait. You'll find that the longer I'm here, the more and more vampires will come seeking me. I already have quite a few enemies in the supernatural world, but then again, four centuries of fighting assholes will do that."

Dunan had smiled at the last part, but it now faded. "In all matters of truth, I want to protect the innocent. There's a lot of fighting going on between vampires, countless innocent people have lost their lives because of it. I feel.... that someone has to protect them. And even if you don't let me join, then that changes nothing. I will still fight to save them, I'll just keep doing it alone."
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Calil stood as they entered the living area and frowned slightly as she spotted Dunan. After Sile question him she moved up to him standing a foot away.
"You reek kid."
"Who are you calling kid, I'm pushing 400."
"You still act like a kid, therefor, your a kid. Who is he?"
She looked at Draco for this answer.
"Dean let him in, says he's here to join and help."
She frowned and walked up to him, she was shorter than most of them there, the experiments had stunted her growth after a while and she only came up to most of the guys chins but she was not all that short. She circled Dunan and took a deep breath through her nose inhaling his scent. Snorting she shook her head violently and frowned.
"God you smell, there are showers down the hall, you should wash, most of us have a sense of smell that's not that gentle and all we can smell...is you."
He blinked and stammered.
"Uh, yeah sure."
She watched him go and spun around as Dean and Sile walked in, she took a deep breath and sat down. Looking over the two she sighed inwardly and closed her eyes, hearing Dawner sigh she gave him a gentle kick as he blinked.
"Stop that."
"Sorry, not my fault if I can feel you emotions."
She rolled her eyes and put her chin in her hand.
"What ever."
She looked up as Dunan reentered the room smelling strongly of the shower he had just taken. Yawning she stretched and looked at Dean and Sile once more.
"So what's the deal, where are we going and what's our priority?"
The team looked at them now waiting or an answer.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Draco hears Sile Yelling for everyone to meet up now. He looked at Dunan and motioned for him to follow him. His ankle hurt a little bit from the jump and for some reason it really didnt bother him till now.

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "Hey our leader wats to meet up with the group in the main hall. So make your way down the hall and third giant door on the left."[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Blue"]Dunan: "Arent you going to escort me down their?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "No, I twisted my ankle when I landed behind you earlier. I need to go get something for it. I trust you, so go."[/COLOR]

Draco pushes him down the hall in the direction he told him to go. Draco hated meetings when Sile was mad. His twisted ankle wasnt even bad. Just hurt slightly and besides the cafe was all to himself since he didnt really get any food this morning.

This would be the best time if any to eat considering that the food is stil warm.
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A woman brought a tray of foodstuffs into the room, all the makings of a breakfast fit for a king. Or rather, a bunch of adolescents.

"Mmmmmnnnn, yummy." Dunan grabbed a breakfast sandwich and shoved half of it in his mouth. Realizing everyone was staring at him, he swallowed.

"What? Can't a guy eat with out all the stares? Jesus Christ, people." Dunan hastily finished off the sandwich, before grabbing a plate and some pancakes. He smothered them in syrup, and began eating ravenously, like he hadn't eaten anything in days.

"We've never seen a vampire eat actual food..."

"Well, now you have. Wow, you guys have a lot to learn about vampires, don't you? Good thing I'm here.." and with that, Dunan begins to scarf down the pancakes, they were delicious. "Well come on, I can't eat all of this myself.
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Karyn was the last of the group to enter the living area. She immediately jumped back a couple feet.

"DEEEAN!!! Th-there's a vampire on our couch! And he's- Oh! Are those pancakes?" Karyn smiled, snatching one of the plates and a couple pancakes.

"...And I suppose [I]she's[/I] the brains of the group, eh?" Dunan remarked sarcastically. Dawner snickered, earning him a syrupy pancake to the face from Karyn. Then, the hyper-active half werewolf got a gleam in her eyes.

"Hey, you! You're strong, right?" she demanded.

"Oh boy, more questions. Yeah, I like to think so." Dunan replied. Karyn smiled.

"Good." she said "I HEREBY CHALLENGE YOU TO A PANCAKE EATING CONTEST OF GLORY!!! AND WHEN I WIN, IT WILL PROVE TO YOU, A FULL BLOOD, THAT I, A HALF BLOOD, AM JUST AS STRONG IF NOT STRONGER THAN YOUR "PURE BLOODED" KIND!!!" she shouted, striking a dramatic pose that left her fist in the air and foot on the coffee table in between her and Dunan. The vast majority of the group either sighed or facepalmed themselves. Dunan merely stopped chewing his pancakes and blinked a little.
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Dawner looked as if he would burst into laughter at the facial expression Dunan was making.

?And unfortunately this is Karyn, I think one of the maids let her out of her cage.? Said Dawner wiping the rest of the pancake of his face. Karyn chucked another at him but he was ready, in an instant his wand was out as he uttered ?Fracta!?. The pancake exploded instantly splattering everywhere. Then he pointed to the stack of pancakes Karyn was hovering over. ?Omnis Frac-? He stop mid-word as Sile shot him a stern look. He hastily put his wand back in his waistband.

Dawner sighed and leaned back allowing for the other to further question Dunan.
His eyes began intently gazing at Dunan, his story was so sad, noble and quite interesting. Dawner was even able to pick up feelings of sadness and remorse for a brief second until he was shut out again, but in that mere instant he believed Dunan could be trusted completely.

?He?s telling the truth, Dean.? Dawner said in a distant yet sure voice. His comrades exchanged brief looks (all except Karyn who was stuffing herself) of secrete understanding.

?Excuse us for a second Dunan, as we make our decision.? Said Dean as he concentrated on a certain feeling which Dawner clearly picked up as he jumped then got up to follow them.
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Dean motioned for everyone to follow him, he hadn't spoken a word since leaving Sile's room. He'd spent his time watching, trying to see how the team reacted to Dunan. So far everything had been going well, but once they learned of the mission they may end up singing a different tune.

Dean listened why Dunan commented on the artwork and decor, speaking of some of the artists of which me'd met centuries before.

"Where the hell are we going Dean?" Sile finally broke his concentration; still without a word Dean turned into a room that none of them even knew existed, because it had only been created the night before.

Inside was a massive table, built to seat everybody on the team in a half circle, one chair at the oppisite end today to be used by Dean for the briefing.

"Wow....this is nicer then our dinner table. This would be an AWESOME place for a pancake eating contest!" Karyn's voice boomed over the awe struck team.

Dean stifled a laugh and took a seat, the others followed suit.

"So what's up Dean? This isn't how we normally handle things." Calil chirpped up, apparently Dean's continued silence was starting to worry people, but he was trying his damndest to hide just how scared he was.

"Today was supposed to be our final training mission. THEN I was going to reveal this new room that Gregory and some of our other residents have been working on for sometime now. Unfortunetly they had to rush it, and finished it last night."

"Better keep it locked, otherwise Dawner and Karyn will have this place torn up before we get to make REAL use of it." Draco chimed in, drawing a laugh from everyone...well everyone except Dawner and Karyn.

"Seriously though, cut to it Dean." Sile cut everyone else off who was adding to Draco's insult. Dean could've killed her at that moment...

"Come in Gregory, it's time to tell them." The door opened and a white haired, frail looking old man entered carrying a bundle that looked far to heavy for him to be holding.

"I would've told you about the vamp. But since he came in the front door I figured you'd have it covered." He said glancing at Dunan.

"Yeah about that, we're going to need you to adjust the spells to admit him in here without being invited." The old man nodded at Dean's request. He then unbuttoned the package he was carrying and spread the contents on the table. Turned and left the room in the same way he came in.

Dean allowed for everyone to see the stakes covered in blood in front of him. As he expected Dunan cringed away at the sight, it was unavoidable, and Dean couldn't help feel bad in a way.

"Dead man's blood. The only surefire way to take care of the vampires we're about to face." Dean said, covereing them up for Dunan's sake.

"The has obviously changed. Some intelligence has come down that in the city of Fairbreeze, about 20 kilometers south of here, has been completly overun by a nest of vampires and their familiars. Our boys say that out of the 500 citizens, 400 have been killed already. The others are being kept alive for future feedings."

"So what's with the bloody stakes? I thought that Beheading them was the only way to kill them?" Draco asked, a bit of disgust in his voice.

"Dead mans blood is a potent poison. It won't kill them, but it will paralyze them for hours at an end." Dawner answered.

"Exactally, so take 20 minutes and pack your things. Our carriage is outfront."


The trek to the town was uneventful, though uppon arrival the group could feel an omnious presence. The streets were completly deserted, and fires were still burning in places where houses once stood.

The only recognizable features the town possessed was a church, schoolhouse, and the town hall. Any, or all, of which could've been home to the vampires that were running the show.


"Okay guys, we're going to split up. Remember there are an unknown amount of vampires, but I'm guessing its small due to the size of this operation. They're most likely a group of elders, and if so they will pack a punch. What's worse is the familiars are supposedly great in number too, so don't trust anybody."

Dean removed a handfull of tailsmans from his bag, each one a pentagram sitting atop an ankh, and began dispursing them between the team members.

"These tailsmans will allow Dawners powers to be fully utilized. They will allow you to speak with him, and him to all of you. So when we split up, I'll still be in contact with all of you." Dean hated to split up, but with three giant buildings he couldn't risk anybody being hung out to dry.

"Dawner and me will take the church, Sile and Calil the School, and Karyn, Dunan, and Draco the town hall. Nobody engage anything until they're sure what it is, remember most vampires will seem purley human until they want to be. Report anything you see to Dawner, and if you get in trouble get out of there. Oh and Dunan, Dawner will be keeping tabs. If you even seem like you're acting strange Karyn and Draco will cut you down before you can blink."

"One last thing, stay out of the streets as much as you can. That's the last place we want to get in a fire fight."

[B]OOC: Sorry for the lengthy post, I wanted to keep us moving and sort've move us along, but got carried away. As most of you know I'm going to start doing similar posts like these every Saturday to keep us all on track. [/B]

[B]And btw great posts starting out, I had meant to send a pm out to everybody saying that but works been sort've hectic. [/B]
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[I]My god, everyone here is nuts![/I] Dunan thought to himself. Looking around the small town, and smiled. "Don't worry about me, Dean. I'm more than capable of handling a few lower vampires. I can smell them from here."

Dunan looked ver his shoulder, and noted Dawner eyeballing him.

[I]So, he's an empath huh?[/I] Dunan had never met one before. Dunan knew that this one couldn't read him all the time, Dunan was easily able to shut him out. But, Dunan liked him already, Dawner was a funny person.

Then, there was Karyn, Seemingly a little girl, and exteremely hyper. Apparently, she was the craziest out of the bunch. But that was ok, he liked crazy people. He was here with all of them, right? He had to be a little crazy himself.

Next person: Draco. He couldn't pass for human if he tried. But, he seemed like a well natured person, although Dunan was barely able to resist reaching out and touching Draco's ears. [I][I]That.... might end badly[/I][/I].

The others, he hadn't gotten quite a feel for. Dean was obviously the leader, and had a thing against most vampires. He couldn't blame Dean for their earlier tussel.

"So....Dean. Fearless Leader. Numero Uno. I can smell your fear. And It smells kind of like pineapples."

Dunan smiled, hoping his joke would relax Dean some. [I]A leader who is scared shitless won't be much good to anyone.[/I] Dunan really could smell Dean's fear, apparently, whatever they were going to have to face, it was bad, really bad, at least in his eyes. Dunan was completely unafraid, These vampires... their scent was everywhere. Curling his lip, he set out.

"Come on boys and girls, or I'll be having all the fun for myself." And with that, he about faced and started down an alley.

Town Hall was a pretty building, the history it must have had was evident in the structure. But, It wasn't all that inviting, blood stains on the white alabaster walls proved to be a better deturrent.

Leaping up to the second story, he peered into a window. Nothing. Whatever was going on inside, was being kept out of view. He dropped down, and sniffed the air. Furrowing his brow, he motioned for his companions over. "This is a sinch. Nothing to worry about here."

He moved to the front doors, and knelt down. He sniffed, and the scent of gunpowder came to him. But, there was something else, something... familiar. He knew it was a vampire, but he couldn't quite place it.

Vampire scents varied, but they were all reminicent of snake venom. It wasn't unpleasant, rather intoxicating, Dunan had used it many times, to coherse both human and vampire alike. However, this scent was nauseating, and smelled bitter. Judging from the scent, this particular vampire was strong, but Dunan was stronger still. Drinking the blood of other vampires had a pleasant side effect; for Dunan's age, he was much, much more powerful than he would have been otherwise.

He looked to Draco and Karyn. "You two keep behind me. I have no idea what you two are capable of doing, and I'm not saying you two are weak either. But, I know I can survive an attack that might kill either one of you two. I would rather me get wounded than you."

He picked up a rock, and in a motion far too quick to catch by human eyes, he launched it through a window,and ducked out of sight, dragging his comrades with him. He listened, and heard something stirring inside. Footsteps. Peering from around a corner, he saw a man.

Dunan's eyes widened, he realised who he smelled. His face contorted in anger, he knew who the man was. It was a familiar, one belonging to the same vampire who killed Dunan's maker. But, Dunan was much more powerful now, centuries had passed since he had last seen the two that killed Vahn.

"Bastards." Dunan remeoved the ankh from his clothing. "We got problems, boys and girls. The Town Hall is rigged with explosives. And there's a powerful familiar here, he serves the vampire that killed my maker. I know I can take him, but I need to know what to do. I can't protect my team if I'm fighting this guy."
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[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "You say the place is boobytrapped but only the doors. So you can smell the powder as well. Well not to be a know it all but the windows are not rigged."[/COLOR]

Both Dunan and Karyn looked at him in supprise. They would expect that from Dunan or one of the smarter ones but Draco? The hybread were-wolf with the ears everyone wanted to touch.

[COLOR="Green"]Dunan: "So how do we get into the building without alerting anyone?'[/COLOR]

Draco staired at the windows for a bit. Then staired at the back door for servants to enter. Then looked at Dunan for a few seconds.

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "Well they dont guard the windows good but if they hear it break. So if we rigged something up to open the servant door down that way [COLOR="Black"](Draco points to the right)[/COLOR] that will explode causing them to investagate it then we enter threw the window on the opposite side undetected."[/COLOR]

Karyn was scratching her head and Dunan was nodding. Draco looked for a thing heavy enough to break the door but all he could find was some burnt out timber.
Then He looks at Dunan and tilts his head foward.

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "So you are faster than any human can be. Can you kick open that door and escape before the trap blows? Oh can you also stop starring at my ears?"[/COLOR]
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"Hey, new guy!" Karyn whispered to Dunan "If you make it through this mission alive, I'll let you touch [I]my[/I] ears [I]and[/I] my tail! C'mon, you know you wanna touch it!" she added, wagging her furry tail. Dunan blinked again.

"Anything else you want to add to that, nutty?" he asked sarcastically.

"Now that I think of it, yes. WHADAYA MEAN 'YOUR TEAM'?! Who says you're the leader?! You're a new guy that we don't know or fully trust yet! Dean's the leader! He's ALWAYS the leader! 'Cause he's stronger than me, but someday I'll beat 'im and-!" Karyn was cut off by Draco's hand clamping over her mouth.

"Okay, okay! I'll be the leader than, is that okay?! You trust ME, right?" Draco hissed. Karyn hesitated, wanting to be the strong leader, but deep down, she knew that she wasn't yet strong enough or smart enough to best Draco. She nodded her head. "Good. Now go, vampire. You CAN do it, right?"

"Of course I can!" Dunan answered confidently.
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"You know Karyn, you really should get a grip on that whole brain-mouth thing." Dunan said, smiling.

"PBBBBBBBBT!" she said, blowing a rasberry at him. "Meanie!"

Dunan side stepped around the building, his face a mask of concentration. He knew very well that they were waltzing right into a trap, he couldn't wait for anyone to contact him.

"Alright, I'm setting off the trap. Any way this goes, they're about to know they have company."

He moved up to the door, and used his sense of hearing to establish where the boms were.

"How do you like your vampire..." Dunan mumbled. "Original recipe or extra crispy?" He hiked his leg, and positioned himself to kick.This wasn't going to tickle. He was going to get burned regardless, even though he could move quickly enough to avoid becoming a piece of flame-broiled vampire.

"This... is going to suck." Lashing out with his foot, the door popped off it's hinges, and there was a tiny 'click' before a resounding BOOM! He leaned back, allowing the blast to hit him, managing to avoid most of the force from it.

Dunan is slammed against a neiboring wall, and for a moment, he sees stars. "Damn..."

He removes himself from the wall, realizing he's dislocated his shoulder. Slightly singed and his face slashed by debris, he darts around to the other side of the building. The other two have already smashed a window, and he jumped inside the gaping hole.

"Nice going." Karyn smirked. "I thought you were fast enough not to get hurt?"

"I was fast enough not to get killed, wasn't I?" Dunan retorted, the cut on his face closing up. "I need some help, here. I dislocated my shoulder when I hit a wall. Help me pop it back in." Clutching his shoulder, he motioned for Draco come closer to him.

Draco seized Dunan's arm, and there was a resounding POP as it was yanked back into place. Dunan grunted, but didn't yelp from the short spasm of pain. He flexed his arm, feeling the tingle s the muscles repaired the little damage they had incured.

"Ah. That's better. Thank you, Draco."

"You're welcome."

Dunan moved to the opposite wall, near the door. There were rushing footsteps moving to the other side of the building. "There's four of them."

"Only that many?" Karyn asked.

"Yes, but I know at least one of them. He's powerful, you two can't take him." His eyes moved to his companions. "Not that I'm doubting you two are strong, mind you." Dunan waited until the footsteps faded, before turning the knob on the door. He opened it, withdrawing his knife from his boot, then jumping out into the hall.

"Coast is clear. Come on, let's go." Dunan raced down the hall, untill he spotted a sign on one of the doors, labeled 'Marice Buchanon, Mayor'

"Maybe we can get some answers..." Opening the door, he ventured inside, only to cringe at the sight of someone sitting behind the mayor's desk, his eyes vacant and clouded. His throat had been slashed, but there was almost no blood.

"Poor man... May you be at peace." Dunan reached across the desk, and closed the sunken eyes of the decaying figure. He had been dead for awhile. He turned around, to find his two comrades behind standing at the door.

"This is what these monsters do to humans, and once tried to do to me. This poor man was just another meal for them, and as you can tell, they like to play with their food." Dunan's eyes began to glow faintly, the hue the same color as human blood. His fury was beginning to show, and he placed his knife back within his boot.

"I'm beginning to grow hungry." He said, a cruel smile playing on his lips. "I think that, in the circumstances, it will be quite alright to kill and feast? After all, maybe these bastards need to feel what their victims did. It's their turn to be hunted."

He walked back out of the room, before cocking his head in the direction of their enemy. "You two might see a side of me not many live to tell about." He smiled, his teeth eerily shiny in the gloom, his eyes visibly glowing a deep crimson.

"May God have mercy on their souls."
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Karyn blinked at the thought that Dunan might actually be a cool guy. Sorta like an older brother type.

"Mercy?! What are you talking about?! We're a hunting group whose goal is to exterminate these kinds of monsters! There will be no mercy for any bit of these bastards! Not even their souls, if they have any!" Karyn corrected the fuming vampire before her.

"And don't talk as if you'll be the only one slaying these filthy creatures." Draco added with what Karyn could swear was a [I]teensy weensy[/I] smile. Draco smirked back at them both.
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He turned, his smile wide and toothy. All in all, not a reassuring sight.

"I have no intention of showing mercy, I'm merely asking God in heaven to forgive his foolish children."

Dunan walked down the hall, his footsteps deliberate, and echoing. He knew the other vampires knew they were there, like it mattered.

Life an death, a waltz that never ended. Dunan stopped, there was someone at the end of the hall.

"So, little boy. You've come again into our web."

Dunan merely cocked his head. "Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Do me a favor. Run away from me. You'll live a lot longer. Where's Malachai?"

"He's got better things to do than deal with you. I'm here, so let's play." Dunan wa ready for the man to attack, he sidesteped, and stuck his foot out. The man face planted into the carpet, and Dunan grasped his ankle, and violently twisted it. There were several sickining CRACK noises, and then he slammed the man around, before grasping the back of his head.

"You know, I'm much more powerful now. More powerful that you ever will be. I hope you liked killing, now you're going to die."

Dunan licked the man's neck, his perspiration salty. "Mercy... please..."

"Sorry, fresh out of mercy." With that, Dunan whipped around, and decapitated him.

"Damn it..... I never did like gushers.... They stain my clothes..."
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[B]OOC: Not trying to discourage anybody from posting, but let's try not to get to far ahead of the other teams. [/B]

The church was a looming old wooden church, apparently this town had forgone the decor of today's modern, gothic architecture, and elected for a more simple style. More like a log cabin then a church, the only distinguishing marker was the crucifix perched on the roof, over the door.

"Hey Dean?" Dawner spoke as the two eyeballed the church from the shadowy rubble of a house across the street. "I thought vampires had to stay away from holy ground?"

Dean looked up, a slight smile across his face. "Actually, that's a myth started by vampires several centuries ago. It was used to force small towns like these into the churches for easy harvesting. I thought an arcane expert like you would know that." Dean gave Dawner a playful punch and took off to the side of the church.

Dean watched as Dawner carefully made his way through the darkened street. He'd always liked Dawner, the boys passion for helping the people who couldn't possibly understand what was going on around them.

It always reminded him of the reason he and Sile choose to start the team years ago, and how they used it to make so many powerful allies. Most notably to him, Calil. He took to her beacuse like him, she didn't ask to be given her "gifts" as some would call it.

"I'll have you know that I am an expert, but I can only learn what I'm taught." Dawner huffed when he reached Dean's spot.

Suddenly Dawner's face grew pale. "Dean, we need to be careful. The town hall was rigged with explosives, Dunan's going to....

Then an explosion echoed throughout the small town in the direction of the town hall. That's the moment that all hell broke loose. The doors to the church flew open, and Dean and Dawner watched as a flock of humans flooded the streets.

"I hate familiars" Dean growled as he drew his Katana from the sheeth on his back.
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After Dunan took the first one down with out even breaking a sweat two others down the hall look towards him. Draco, who is about 2' taller than Duan, picked him up and put him by Karyn.

[COLOR="Blue"]Dunan: "What are you doing?"[/COLOR]

Dracos right ear twitched backwards toward Dunan.

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "Well you had your first wack at these guys today so its my turn. I may not be a vampire but you will be supprised at what I can do. Oh, Karyn, please stay where you are. I'll draw one close for you."[/COLOR]

Before he started to attack, he stopped. His ears twitched again but this time to the outside.

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "Hey, we might be in trouble with Dean. Karyn, use that thing Dawner has and see whats going on over at the church."[/COLOR]

Draco then bolted off down the hall towards the vampires.
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