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RPG Adventure of Space Bounty Hunters


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[CENTER]Out beyond far reaches of any law biding system lies a enormus ship that was just finished and was being run by the building crew to a planet on the outer rim. Equiped with the most advanced weaponry, high quality space ships, high quality armor, self sustaning onboard systems incase of critical systems failure, capabile of manufacturing mostly anything it will ever need. Bascially its never needs to dock for most of its supplies besides fuel, food suplies, and new crew. It is a small colony thats isnt a station nor a planet. Its a moble colony capable of defending and attacking anything. Onboard this monsterous vessel never before seen is a bounty hunter with a name that installs fear into any one in any system he alone has visited or inspires leagues of bounty hunters, smugglers, and transporters to follow him.

Alone he sits in the command deck of the ship with only a monitor infront of him. 4 people's files from his own privit source where on the screen. Staring at each one for a long period of time. Their are many bounty hunters that where either more famus or well equiped than them but those are just obtainable things. Individual talent that showed through their looks, their style, through their personalities. Thats what shows in his eyes. Thats why he sent very advanced Combat Droids to deliver the message to each of them.

"Lafeil, how long before we reach nearest world with a space port?" He said even though he was alone, or so you would believe.

"We are approximently 3 days away at maximum speed." Lafiel said to the bounty hunter.

"Adjust speed to match an arrival date of 7 days. That should give them enough time to make it back with the droids. Don't you think so?" He said with a laugh. A laugh that he hasnt made in a long time.

"Adjusting speed, star drive engaged. Yes, It would seem likely." Lafiel siad.

"Falerious, thats the nearest planet. Thats where It all begane for me. This should be enteresting. Lafiel, when we arrive. Keep us out of range of the planets sensor gride and prepare Mako 10 for transport to the surface." He said.

"Yes sir. Logged and creating sub-routen for that date." Lafiel said.

Its been 9 years in the making, this ship, and he couldn't be happier. The building crew can have shore leave and pick up others to fully staff the ship. He already has a league of followers of the bounty, smuggling, and transporting jobs but that wasnt the crew he wanted. He would be employing 100,000+ others from every job lines from cooks, janitors, and maids, to engineers and weapons experts. His dream is finally coming into fuition.

Hopefully others would show as well.[/CENTER]

"Sir, we have on active pod on route to Falerious. The others should be reaching their targets within 5 hours." Lafiel-ship AI.

"Who is in the escape pod?" Wolfie.

"The Lion-Hybrid, Furacao "Fury" Heartwell. He seems to be an interesting breed."

"Open the com channel to the pod. Audio only please." Wolfie.

"Yes, Wolfie, coms open sir." Dalio-Coms master operator.

"Attention Mr. Heartwell, Please stop pressing the buttons on the helm. They are locked." Wolfie.

"Who is this and how do you know my name?" Furry.

"This is Alphatan Odtotio Walfenken, owner of that pod your in. Please, take a seat." Wolfie.

"What do you want with my bounty and me?" Furry.

"Your bounty wasnt worth the effort you went through. If you eject him into space, I''ll offer you a place to stay, a job, and anything else you want. Plus, for getting ride of that low life, I'll pay you 10X more than you would get from the guy you took the job from. I'm only interested in you." Wolfie.

"Your joking right?" Furry.

"I've already transfered the funds into your account. (A low beep indicates credit tranfers into a storage device for credits.) Your new to bounty hunting. I doubt you heard of my name but trust me. What I'm offering you is more than you can ever aquire hunting small fries. I'm offering you to hunt bounties worth your unique talent." Wolfie.

"Air lock has been activated." Lafeil.

"Ok, I've done that. Now what?" Furry.

"I will program a new point of arrival and pick you up on route to Falerious. It will take a few hours for both ships to meet. The comp is free for you to loook up on anything you need. I sugest you do some searches around my name. See you in a few hours Furry." Wolfie.

The audio com was turned off and a new destination was programed into the pods computer.

"Wolfie, The pod tracking a bounty hunter by the name of Shiala Kai'mae "Shiva" has located her. Your not going to believe your ears when you hear where she is." Lafiel.

"Let me guess, in the middle of the sun?" Wolfie.

"Oh haha, she is at Falerious. Apperently she has a crew along with her. She crash landed on a dead zone in the middle of now-where near a small town. I doubt that ship is space worthy at all." Lafeil.

"Tell the droid to land near the ship and find Ms. Kai'mae. I also doubt that she has any good grade weapons to scratch my droid up." Wolfie (hitting my own check).

"We'll see. (A minute later) The droid is making is decent onto the planet and is preparing departure." Lafiel.

"Good, now is the droid heading towards Edtarak arrived yet?" Wolfie.

"Yes, and is making his way through the city towards the resident of Nathan "Cross" Wolfwood. If caculations are correct, then he should reach his destination with in 30-50 minutes." Lafiel.

"Thats great. Notice me when the others have reached their targets too." Wolfie.

"Yes, sir." Lafiel.

"Dalio, I think its time we check the bar in the presidium you have been talking about." Wolfie.

I walk over to Dalio, puting my arm around his shoulders.

"Yeah, same hear. Lets get hammered! That is if you can get hammered." Dalio.

"Oh, I can but I can also clean my system in minutes instead of a night. I still cant get over hangovers." Wolfie laughed has they got into the turbo shaft to the internal transporter room.

"Thats one of the things I think no-one is able to master." Dalio.

OoC: Ok, the three that have auditioned already. You have or will meet a droid or talk with me by radio. The droids are the most advanced ones ever made. They are not easy to take down. Nearly impossible if you have crape weapons.

Happy posting and watch your spelling please.
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[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Cross stepped off the brow of his small ship. He looked back as a computer's monotone voice echoed into his ear. "Sir, your orders?"[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Cross smiled as he shook his head. "Maria, listen. Your in charge. Make sure all repairs are completed upon my return. Also, check the security of this city. I want to know what details and or what jobs are open. And let me know which ones are even worth my time will you?" He gave a wave as he walked through the space port, making his way twards the city.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Understood, sir. And please be careful." With that the computer's comlink was cut off, leaving Cross to himself.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"So, lets see here. What is there to do in this hell hole of a planet?" The smile on Cross' face grew larger as he gripped the strap on his gun. He glanced back at it and then nodded, content with its wrapping.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Master Wolfwood, we weren't expecting you. I am afraid that we do not have any acomodations prepared for you at the moment. If you would, please enjoy yourself around the city while your room is prepared." An elderly man, hunched over due to age and wear stood in front of Cross, a small smile etched into his aged face.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Don't worry about it, K'liak. I understand that it was a spur of the moment thing. I don't mind the wait. Tell me, is there anything that I should know about here while i make my way around town?" The old man shook his head and let out a sigh as Cross laughed loudly.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"There should be no problems, Master Wolfwood. We had a small run in with a group of thugs, but some local bounty hunters took care of them with out delay. Other than that, nothing."[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Thats good to hear. Oh yeah, while I was coming into orbit, there was a pod that was fallowing me. Tell me, should I be worried about it?" The old man looked at Cross with a smal look of confusion on his face. He shook his head slowly. "I see. You don't know anything about it, do you?" Cross reached into his pocket and pulled out a pack of smokes. He took one from the pack and then brought it to his mouth. A moment later he pulled a lighter, then lit the cigarette. He inhaled deeply then blew the smoke out, away from K'liak.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Umm, Master Wolfwood. If you would like, we can do a scanner search for the pod and its inhabitants." Cross smiled and shook his head.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Don't worry about it. I have a feeling that I will meet the owner in due time." Cross pulled on a strap that loosened the wrap on his gun. "And, I suggest, K'liak, that you move you and your men away from here as soon as possible unless you would like to be killed." Cross turned around as a metal machine stared down at him, no more that fourty feet away.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Nathan 'Cross' Wolfwood. You are my target." The machine raised its arms, which housed twin barrel machine guns. Oh its side, for quick grasp, was a beam gun. Cross smiled as the wrap on his gun fell to the ground, revealing a silver cross. The larger length of the cross housed a gatling gun, while the oposite side housed a small grade rocket launcher. The bar going across from one side to the other house small handguns, five on each in case of emergencies.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Ya don't say? Well if thats the case, before I dismantle you, will you tell me who sent you?" Cross flicked the cigarette but to the ground and then stompped on it, smuthering the cherry.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[SIZE="1"][COLOR="navy"]"All you need to know Cross, is that Wolfie would like to meet you, one way or another." Within the blink of an eye, the machine began to fire upon Cross, unleashing it sentire fury of bullets.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Cross grunted as he whipped his gun around and began to use it as a sheild. "This isn't gonna work like you want it to, my little robotic friend." A moment later, Cross rolled to the left, bringin his gun with him. He rolled behind a metal plate to be used as a sheild as he began his counter attack.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]It was Cross' turn, he began to fire at the machine, unleashing his own barage of bullets. "Take this, ass hole." Cross let go of the trigger after two minutes. He looked up to see the machine still standing, tossing its guns to the side and reaching for its twin beam guns. "Shit, this isn't good." Cross ducked back down as beams started to pulverise the metal plate he was hiding behind.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Cross, traditional rounds will not be enough to stop me." The machine bagan to take small steps forwards tward Cross.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Ya don't say. If thats the case." Cross spun his gun around and then stood up. He claped his hands togeter, then pulled the trigger once more, sending a rocket at the machine. It hit, creating a giant cloud of smoke.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]As the smoke fadded, the machine stood, undamaged by the rocket. "I tried to warn you." The machine looked around and saw the cross standing on its end. "The end is now." The machine fired once, knocking the cross to the ground, revealing that here was nothing behind it. "What is this?"[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Your right about this being the end, my metal friend. Sorry about this." Cross looked down at the machine as he was standing on its back. He held two of his emergency pistols. He fired ten times, five rounds per gun at the back of the machines head, destroying its nervous system, causing it to fall to the ground in a lifeless hump.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Cross jumped off the machine and let out a sigh. He grabbed another smoke and lit it, puffing out a cloud of smoke. He looked back at the machine as a hologram of a man appeared.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Congratulations, Mr. Wolfwood. I would like it if you would come onboard my ship so we can have a nice discusion." Cross looked at the man and smiled as he exhailed another cloud of smoke.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="Navy"][SIZE="1"]"Well, if it isn't the legendary Wolfie himself. Concidering who this request is coming from, it seems like I don't have much of a choice now does it?" He smiled as he picked up his gun and put the wrapping back on it. He fastened it down and then looked from the machine to the hologram. "I guess I will see you when you get here, won't I?" The hologram nodded as Cross began to laugh.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Furacao did not trust the mystery voice, and the only reason he tossed his bounty was because the bills were going to be back up if the ransom wasn't enough up front when he brought his bounty in. Before ejecting Avantes, Fury made sure to quickly dress him in a space suit and make sure the oxygen supply was at maximum capacity, eventually someone would fine him. Who knows? Fury was certain this mystery voice didn't have hidden cameras on the escape vessel he was on. The proud cub sat down on his chair as he rested his paws on the computer console, typing up codes to get into the systems main computer system. The technology on the vessel was unlike anything Fury has ever seen, or even hacked in his lifetime, but it still enticed the lion to continue to crack the codes.

"It bothers me that he knows more about me than anyone else does....but how much does he know?" Fury talked to himself as he continued to probe the system, his quick typing speed could only be matched by the more advanced humans on the Lemur Space Station back at Jupiter, and even they barely matched up. Fury's tail swished from side to side as a smirk danced across the hybrids face. A small ding tone broke the silence in the vessel. "That was harder than I expected, but it was no match for me. Now then, let's find out who this generous mystery man is, shall we?" Fury continued his research as the escape pod came closer to Falerious. Upon looking at the archives of the ship he managed to find the main information about its owner, the well known Bounty Hunter Wolfie. All his records were listed: arrests, kills, exchange routes and transport affiliates both good and bad. But the most intriguing bit of information that Fury was interested in was the ship he now operated.

[I][COLOR="SeaGreen"]"Approaching Falerious within 2 minutes, automated landing sequence activated. Homing beacon, Activated."[/COLOR][/I]. The red flashes of light from inside the vessel brought Fury out of his reading daze.

"What? Oh man, I wasn't finished!!" Fury quickly planted his feet firmly and tried to operate the vessel manually again, but he was booted out by a stronger system safe guard and the helm's console locked up again closing the information screen. "DAMMIT" Fury roared as he pounded at the console. The escape pod cleared the atmosphere and flew on its own towards a vacant location, the smooth landing surprised the hybrid as they came to a complete stop on the ground. The side hatched bursted open, Fury stood up and quickly extended his claws as he saw a mechanical man walk into the vessel like he owned it.

"Furacao Heartwell?" The droid question expecting to see a human, his mechanical arms almost matched the mass and width of Fury's.

"Call me Fury, are you Wolfie?"

"Negative, my master will be upon us shortly, but you will not live to see that" The droid moved like llightning as he suddenly appeared underneath the lion hybrid and dealt a powerful blow to Fury's stomach, causing the hybrid to fly back towards the main screen of the vessel, breaking the helms console as he flew by. On his knees, the lion huffed and puffed for air holding one arm around his stomach while the other one on the ground. Fury could hear the droid walking towards him.

(Just a little.....closer.....and...NOW) When the droid prepared to hammer his fist down on Fury's head, it was halted as Fury's tail completely wrapped around the mechanical arm and running along its artificial neck. With that, the lion hybrid stood up tall and enraged as he lifted the droid up by his tail alone. The mechanical fighter wiggled in the air as it tried to free itself from Fury's tail, the muscular lion only smiled as his claws came out of the sheaths of his paws.

"My turn" the view from outside showed the escape pod moving violently from side to side the the echoes of loud roars filling the air, finally the dismantled and disfigured droid was tossed out of the pod onto the hard ground, the light from its eyes flickered before going totally black. Fury hopped out of the pod and began to walk towards the nearest town he saw about a mile away, the hybrids PDA started to beep suddenly, almost scaring the lion. Fury retrieved it from his back pocket and saw he had an incoming call. "Hello?"

[COLOR="Red"][I]"Congratulations on a steller performance Mr. Heartwell, your combat skills along with technological knowledge have peaked my interests, that's very hard to come by. Up ahead in the small town of the foul and most despicable souls, you'll find an ally who passed his own test before you landed. I would highly advise you meet with him and stick together until I arrive. He goes by the name of Nathan 'Cross' Wolfwood, "Cross for short."[/I][/COLOR]Wolfie's voice almost scared the proud hybrid.

"And if you don't mind me asking, why should I meet up with someone I don't know? He could be a murderer for all that I'm well aware of" Fury continued to walk until he made his way into town, lots of shade humans and aliens gave him evil glares as he made his way down the main street.

[COLOR="Red"][I]"If you read my profile a little more quickly before being disconnected, you would know more about my tastes young one. Oh, and next time do be quicker with your hacking, my subordinates were commenting that they could repair a antimatter containment unit faster than you could hack a system"[/I][/COLOR]With a light chuckle, Wolfie's voice disappeared as Fury was left standing in his place gritting his teeth.

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"The hand to hand combat droid you sent to meet with that Lion hybrid has completed his mission. Apperently, Furry can destroy things with his bare hands." Lafeil.

"Thats a good thing. His hacking is a bit slow but for his new kind. Its fast, I wonder if his AI in his phone would be more faster at hacking a system. Hmm, Lafeil, do we still have that one droid in repair bay?" Wolfie ask as he was looking on the screen.

"Yes, its still their. We had a problem getting the AI chip activated and have removed it for study." Lafeil bringing the droids specs on his screen.

"Good, instead of installing another AI chip, replace it with a blank one. I'd go nuts if I was trapped in a PDA. Wouldn't you?" Wolfie.

"I would go nuts in a combat droid Wolfie." Lafiel chuckling.

"I know, the ship fits you better. How about the droid sent to test Cross?" Wolfie looking on the screen.

"He also completed his mission. Both Combat Droids are self repairing and returning to the ship for more exstensive repair." Lafiel.

"Good, the self repair program is working then. Have them meet in the town where we are picking the others up but make sure they stay out of sight." Wolfie.

"Yes sir." Lafiel.

"What about the one going after the female hunter?" Wolfie flipping the TV channels.

"It is with in 30 minutes of its landing zone. Its halogram projecting is working and has disguised its self has one of her species." Lafeil.

"Dam tv. Nothing is ever good on. Cool, inform me when its mission is completed and when we arrive outside Falerious sensor grid." Wolfie rumaging through the movie files.

"Yes, Wolfie. What are you going to watch this time?" Lafiel trying to look with a camera.

"Ah, heres a clasic one. Terminator Salvation. It makes me laugh. Im more advance than any terminator in the movies." Wolfie laughing.

"Yes, a time when AI was feared. But the Earths Military continued their AI research and you came out of it." Lafeil pointing a halogrom finger at me.

"Yes, yes. Thats right. Im not soo bad. I wish I knew more about my past. Anyways, I'm going to watch this movie then I'm turning in for the night. You have the bridge Lafiel." Wolfie getting into the Turbo Shaft.

"Aye, aye sir." Lafiel saluting via halogram.
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A sudden crash alerted Derrick to the hangar he'd just left. Swinging around and bolting through the door he saw the new crewmember laying down, blood pooling around him. Rushing over to him, Derrick checked to see if he was still alive. Rolling him over the man was still breathing, though barely.

"What happened here?" Derricks hand was on a small cylindrical object on his belt.

"Thing...jump off pod. Attacked me..." The new guy coughed, sputtered in his own blood and died. Standing Derrick turned, looking down his ships small hangar, only 1 shuttle and 4 or 5 escape pods. It was then he noticed an extra object that seemed to be moving.

Suddenly a barrage of laser fire erupted from the object. Derrick dodged and was able to evade, but barley. The object rushed in his direction at an insurmountable speed.

Derrick planted a foot on the object and sprang into the air. Pulling out the object he was holding he pressed a button. The object extending from 1 ft to 6 feet long in only the blink of an eye. Pressing another button while still in mid-air an arc of energy erupted from the top making a scythe. Coming down Derrick hacked a large portion of the droid off.

It turned swinging it's one remaining arm in his direction. Ducking, Derrick flipped another switch that shortened the handle and adjusted the energy beam vertically turning it into an energy sword. Spinning he hacked the rest of the droid into two pieces, dropping it to the floor unmoving.

As Derrick placed his weapon back on his belt, a voice erupted from the mess of wires, circuts, and oil. "Congra...You passed...Meet...Wolfie...Falerious." the sparking voice finally gave out.

"Sir, we located the coordinates we believe the droid is heading too. It's..." Derrick cut off William's transmission.

"Falerious, it looks like we're to meet up with Wolfie. Keep a scan out for human vessels. I don't want to be near him if the earthlings finally locate him."

"Oh and William...please destroy the pod. They killed one of ours and can pay to replace their own pod."

-5 hours later-

"Sir I've located Wolfie's vessel, what are your order?" The bounty on Wolfie would most likely pay enough to allow Derrick to retire, but he didn't take contracts on good people. Only those who deserved it, plust money was never the reason he'd gotten into hunting in the first place.

"Hail him, I'd like to know what he wants before we dock in his...wait is that his ship?" Derrick pointed to the near planet sized vessel in the distance. "Hell I hope he doesn't mind if we dock....theres plenty of room in that damn thing for a hundred ships this size."
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[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Cross walked into a local pub and sat down at the bar. He raised his hand as the bartender walked right past him and started talkin to another patron. "Hey, umm, Mister Bartender Dude, can I get a glass of whiskey?" Cross smiled as the man eyed him then turned away.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"We don't serve your kind here, Newman. Get lost." Cross let out a sigh and then stood up. He shook his head then smiled once more.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Listen, bud. I'm gonna ask one more time. Will you please pour me a glass of whiskey. I really don't want to make this complicated." Cross lit another cigarette an then exhailed twards the bartender.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Fine then. Just don't mess my bar up will ya?" The man poured Cross a glass then set it in front of him.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"See, now that was easy, wosn't it?" Cross gave the man a big toothy smile and then settled back down in his chair. He took a sip from the glass then raised an eyebrow as the doors opened.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Look what we have here. Its a hybrid, interesting." Cross watched the lion walk around and finally sit down at his own table. "I wonder what his kind is doin in a place like this." Cross took another sip of his glass then set it down. He took up quickly, trying to attract attention from both the owner an the lion.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Lets see, how to go about this. I can tell that when i begin to walk twards him, his muscles will start to contract, he will be ready to pounce." Cross smiled at the lion and then walked twards him. "Got 'em."[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"What do you want, human?" He lion closed his eyes and turned away from Cross.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Oh, nothing in particular, i suppose. I just had some questions for you, if ya don't mind.: Cross gave him a good smile and then sat down in the chair oposite of the lion. "First, might I ask what your name is?"[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"My name? Its Fury. And you are?" Fury looked at Cross and then crossed his arms over his chest. Cross smiled at him with his big toothy grin. "Well, I'm waiting."[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"So, your name is Fury, huh? What an suitable name for someone like yourself." Fury raised an eyebrow as Cross began to laugh. "I mean, come one, Fury, furry? Its practacly the same. Does this mean I can call you furrball from now on?" Cross laughed louder as Fury ckenched his hands into fists.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"What do you want, bounty hunter? I know there isn't a hit on my head. And even if there was, I doubt someone of your calibur could take me all by his lonesome." Fury smirked as Cross doubled over in laughter. "Just who the hell are you?"[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="Navy"][SIZE="1"]"Oh man, this is too good to be true. I can't stop laughin. Your a riot there Fury. Wow, never would have though you would have such a comedic tone about you." Cross wipped away a tear next to his eye. "Ok, so, you want to know my name? Sure, why the hell now. The names Nathan 'Cross' Wolfwood, at you service." Cross extended his hand twards the lion hybrid.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Ok, so, you want to know my name? Sure, why the hell now. The names Nathan 'Cross' Wolfwood, at you service." Cross extended his hand twards the lion hybrid. Fury's ears popped up to life as they twitched a bit in the air, this was the same person Wolfie told to look for earlier. Either Fury's luck was on point, or someone likes him somewhere in the galaxy, either way if this guy was up for grabs it would be an easy bounty catch.

"Well Cross, it's your pleasure today" Fury smiled, showing his fangs and sharp teeth at the human across the table. "I was sent here to look for you, believe it or not by someone names "Wolfie" " Fury rested his large paws on the table as his tail brushed against the wooden floor of the bar, that piece of information caught the bounty hunter's attention a lot.

"So, he's contacted you as well? Well looks like he has good taste" Cross laughed as he took another sip of his drink, once finishing it he hailed the bartender for another glass. The bartender grabbed the bottle of Whiskey and went over to the table where the two sat, he was a bit more chubby looking that what the bar showed. Placing the bottle harshly on the table he murmered words underneath his breath.

"Stupid humans, bringing their pets into this joint......*murmers*" The voice trailed off as he angrily went back behind the bar. Fury huffed air through his nose in resentment.

"I'm not a pet" Grabbing the bottle of liquor he chugged some of the contents before slamming it down back on the table.

"Whoa there bit kitty, save some for me" Cross grabbed the bottle himself and poured another glass for his consumption. "You heard what he was saying? I couldn't hear a damn thing, but he sure did smell" The bounty hunter laughed as he took another swig, Fury just brushed off the comment and leaned back in his chair.

"So, who is this Wolfie anyways? Before I could find anything about the guy his computer booted me out and I landed here."

"Really? You haven't heard of him, he's a known legend across space and more. He's not a force to be reckoned with" Cross finished another glass and began to pour himself another. "Let me fill you in boy, you've got a lot to learn"
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"Sir! We are being hailed by a ship from the port side." Nale-Rookie first class tact officer.

"Nale, please act like a calm person. That ship couldn't even put a dent in the exaust manafold. Put him through." Wolfie sitting up straight.

"Yes sir. View Screen one, and.....conected." Nale.

*Transmission commencing*

"Oh, Mr. Derrek. I wasnt expecting you for another hour. I hope the droid gave you some sort of challenge?" Wolfie.

"That droid of yours crashed into my ship and killed a new crewmember. It lays in peices and the pod has been destroyed." Derrek.

"Really, We'll I'm sorry my droid killed a crewmember and the damage he has done to your ship. He was particularly interested in destroying things. I'll repair your ship but I want only you to meet me in my privit room. I have an opertunity for you and your crew. Nale grant them access to hanger 4, begin repairs as soon as they are off the ship, and send Derrek the access pass to my room." Wolfie.

"Yes sir. Captain Derrek. Please cut your sublight egines and be prepare for tractor beam pull into Hanger 4. I'm transfering you the access pass to Captain Wolfie's privit room." Nale.

"Ok, Thanks." Derrek.

*Transmission cut*

"Lafiel you have the bridge. I have some buisness to attend to. After Derreks ship is docked, comence star drive at maximum towards Falerious." Wolfe entering the Turbo Shaft.

"Yes Wolfie." Lafiel.
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Shiva groggily crawled out of bed. Her head pounding intensely from the overexertion of power used to stop the ship. "Hell...I need a new Medic..." Grabbing her Tiger-Heads (Chinese Hook swords or Twin Hooks) from the end of her bed, and strapping them to her back, she headed out the door. The ship had suffered greatly from their last fight, and it probably wouldn't be fixed very soon.

Walking into the engine room, she watched as Driver worked frantically to fix the damaged engine. " Whats the damage?"

Removing her goggles, she smiled and wiped her hands on an old rag. "Well, nothing to bad. Luckily her core wasn't hurt. Although, I may need some fusion plasma."

" You want glue?"

" Why not? It's cheaper...and it works."

" Fine, I was going out to look around anyway."

"Cool, but be careful. This region isn't very known in our database."

" Don't worry about me Driver. I've fought alot worse than what this little planet can throw at me."

"Whatever you say Captain..."

Chuckling under her breath, Shiva made her way out of the ship.

The planet seemed lifeless as she walked along the silent river. The peacefulness was soothing, but she knew it wouldn't last for long.

"Shiala Kai'mae I've been looking for you."

Eyeing the mysterious Makiarii, Shiva slowly removed her weapons. " What a surprise. I would have never thought to have seen one of you out here...especially alone."

"Ha! Don't act so confident Shiva. You might have gotten away from the assassin's, but you know they were going easy on you. Your mother isn't here to protect you this time." Revealing her pistols, she smirked wildly.

" Oh...How dare you bring that miserable witch into this. She has been trying to kill me for decades. I suggest finding an alternative excuse for your pathetic attempts at assassinating me."

The droid smiled as she started to fire rapidly at the Makiarii. Fortunety, Shiva's years of training made it easy for her to dodge the girl's predictable moves. After a few moments of dodging, she angrily weaved through the gun fire, charging the hologramed droid. Spinning rapidly through the air, her blades sliced swiftly across the girls torso. Stumbling backwards, the droid held her stomach and screamed. Shiva chuckled and stood over the girl, her blades lifted over her head.

" Aw...did that hurt?" Swinging the blades towards the girls neck, she was surprised when the droid caught the sword and laughed. "What the hell?"

The girl smiled and pulled a dagger from her sleeve, quickly plunging the blade into Shiva's thigh. " Not really, but my kind doesn't feel pain." Her image started to blur as the hologram disappeared, revealing a metallic droid.

*Dammit! My blades are shit against this thing. This will be interesting.* Hooking one blade to the other, she turned towards the droid and hooking the blade into its side. Yanking out the blade, along with some electronic innards, she kicked the droid into the river behind them. " Alright guys. I have a slight situation out here, I need the twins to bring out their rifles."

" Roger Captain...and by the way, we have names. I would prefer it if you would actually call us individually."

" Fine, Lucian and Xavier! Give me my damn rifle!"

"Thank you...were on our way."
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The two bounty hunters discussed thier mutual aquaintance "Wolfie" and more about his histroy during the hours waiting for his ship to arrive, Fury was told a lot of things, but he still did not tru the human, or AI, or whatever they thought it was. All the while, they continued to drink and the bar got busier by the minute, all the low lives and botom feeders came into the welcoming saloon as if it were their turf, and by the looks theygave Fury and Cross, it sure felt like it was. Still, the two conversed with one another without paying their guests a second thought.

"His ship is said to be as massive as 5....no 10 orbiting space stations, you can get lost in there and possibly never get out of there alive, if you choose to cross him" Cross reclined in his seat as Fury did before, the lion hybrid grabbed his PDA from his back pocket to check the time, it had only been an hour since he arrived on the planet and sure enough their host would be arriving as well.

"That is huge, I've heard stories about a ship like that, said to be unstopable even by the galaxy police. Though their only storied, truth be told, I'm more interested in how it all runs. I'm kind of a mechanic nut" Fury smiled as heis tail wagged harder on the wooden floor, it caught the eye of a group of gun weilding bottom feeders as they got up and approached the two at their table. Fury looked at the corner of his eye and address the group, without even turning his head towards their direction. "Can we help you?"

"You're tail boy, it's making 'n aweful racket" The group snickered as their leader talked, an average sized mand strapped with knives all over his body, some kind of hunter Fury would presume. "Ya know here we would skin ya alive just to hear the cries before slicking your worthless throat" With that the leader quickly grabbed a knife from his back pocket, before he could unsheath it Cross drew his gun and pulled back the hammer.

"Now now there cowboy, you're messin with two guys who don't take fightin words kindly. Now why don't y'all move along and take your stentch somewhere else? It's bothering my Whiskey time" Cross only smiled as he held his weapon firm while taking another sip of his drink, behind the bounty hunter was the shadow of another human about to attack, Fury's tail quickly wrapped around the humans neck and stopped him in his tracks. Surprised, Cross looked back for a moment. "So, I guess playing dirty is your game. Fury, up for some fun?"

"Why not, these hick need to be schooled. This is no way to start a bar fight...this is!" With a flicker of his tail the trapped human behind Cross was sent flying across the table as he connected with the group of bottom feeders, sending them all to the floor. Cross stood up from his chair and flipped the table over to provide cover, within seconds they received gun fire and lazer fire from the group they were messing with. Cross returned fire as Fury took cover.

"You don't have any blasters?" Cross yelled through the loud barrage of bangs and zaps ans electronical hummings.

"I'm not a shooting kind of person" Fury replied, ducking his head as the table began to windle down to dust.

"What kind of bounty hunter are you then?" Cross ducked as well, one of the gang members began to rush the table from the side, throwing his body at Cross, but Fury extended his arm and caught the low life in mid air.

"This kind" Fury replied as he stood tall holding the gang member over his head with body hands, then tossing him across the bar and knocking down some of the others who were shooting. Simultaneously, both Fury and Cross rans towards the bar and jumped behind the wodden bartop for more cover, the fight continued with Cross returning fire and Fury knocking down humans as they came close to their hiding spot. Unknown to Fury though, his PDA in his pocket was beeping to the notice of an incoming ship, the one it hacked into while he was in space.
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(OoC: Drizz you need to put your audition post up.)

I dim the lights low enough to see where things where but still hid my true identity. A few seconds later the turbo shaft chimmed and opened. Derrick was standing inside of it.

"Come in Derrick. Don't worry, I won't shoot you." Wolfie laughing a little.

"Thats not worring me." Derrick finding a chair infront of me.

"I know, I won't shoot you because I don't kill just for fun." Wolfie.

"Really, so whats the reason why your droid killed my crewmember?" Derrick sounding very seriously.

"My droid was programed to only attack you. According to its memory banks, When it crashed into your cargo bay, the droid was not in its container and was tossed very violently. That caused the expermental matrix core to become unstabe. Causing it to attack anything. If you didn't stop it, I'm affraid to say what might of happened to you ship." Wolfie pointing out the droids schematics.

"What makes you believe that?" Derrick.

"You have been around the block a few times. I'm sure you heard of my reputation to engage only the target and nothing else. I avoid any unessecary casulties. Besides, If I wanted you dead, My ship would have killed yours in a nano second." Wolfie chuckling.

"Maybe your right and yes I have heard of you. I heard that you are a machine and an AI." Derrick.

"Thats true. I am AI and a machine. Are you going to turn me into the GP for demantlaling?" Wolfie.

"No, It would be a waste of technology." Derrick trying to see my real form.

I slowly turn the lights on, revieling my figure.

[IMG]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/5/59/HK-47-posing.jpg/250px-HK-47-posing.jpg[/IMG](OoC: Droid mode:The frame is more fine tuned than the pic meaning its alot skinnier! Underneath real flesh. The flesh isnt permenant like the T-800 and has to be reapplied in a bacta tank.)

(OoC: My character is curently in droid apperence mode.)
[IMG]http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e245/Yoishan/Anime/AnimeGuy2.jpg[/IMG](This what my character looks like with his flesh on. But has the other one told you, it doesn't last. Maybe 4-5 weeks at best.)

"Suprised aren't you? The Legenday Wolfie the Bounty Hunter is actually machine. I'm curently under a cycle. After our talk, I'll have to take a dip in the Bacta tank for an hour to be back in my human skin. By that time we should have reached outside Falerious Planetary Deffense Shield." Wolfie.

"So the rumors are right. IF your a machine why do you need to look human?" Derrick seemingly interested in me.

"I was found in a crashed escape pod with some of my human skin on. My arms and my legs skin was comlpetly burnt off. The man who found me thought I had artificial limbs and put me in a bacta tank to recover. After 3 minutes he noticed that real flesh was growing over the metal limbs. Thats when he decided to return to the crash pod and recover data from the black box. Their he found a messege to any who found me to keep me hiden from the Galatic Police. On it where names of researchers from Earth dated about 20 years before my pod crashed. My internal clock dates me about 149 years ago. My memory from before then is completly locked by intense matrix codes. I tried time and time again with no avail. I will return to Earth but not now. Now isn't the time." Wolfie giving a hint not to ask any questions.

"I agree, now isn't the time for anything like that." Derrick.

"Yes, back to the reason why you are here. First and formost. I apologise for my mistake and the death of one of your crew mates. I will repair your ship and perform ship wide upgrades and instales." Wolfie points to a monitor with a diagram of his ship and what are being done to it.

"I appreciate that but thats not why you sent that droid after me." Derrick obviously seeing right through my excuse.

"You got me. I want you to join me to form a bounty hunter, smuggler, and transporter band. I have 2 waiting on Falerious and another in a trial. If you accept my offer, your crew can live aboard this ship freely and leave when ever they wish to do what ever they want. Their will be no charge for anything you and your crew use. I will also offer bounties that are more to your liking." Wolfie puting his hand out in a hand shake symbolizing a deal.

"Thats a very good offer but its not going to bring my crewmember back." Derrick.

"I know, I can't force you to join. If you don't want to join, you can leave. I won't shoot you in the back and the upgrades done to your ship will stay. Everyone is titled to their own choice. Just let me ask you one thing." Wolfie still holding my hand out.

"What is it?" Derrick.

"If a machine asks what is its purpose, am I alive, what am I? Does that make it a living thing? I am self aware, I'm aware of my surrondings, and I have feelings. But because I am a machine, does that make me someones property?" Wolfie still holding my hand out.

"I'm not sure if I have the right to judge on that." Derrick.

"If you can't make that judgement then neither can the Galatic Government. I want you to join me. It would give you a chance to do some real good impact on the galaxy. I only employ people with certain skills and other things that spark me interest. Your noble ideal about only hunting bad people is rare and unique." Wolfie.

"I know, Ok, I'll join you but If I decide to leave for good. You must promise me never to come after me no-matter what." Derrick.

"You have my solid oath that I won't come after you as long as we live." Wolfie.

The two shook hands and stood up.

"Then we have a deal." Derrick sounding more happy.

"Good to have you and your crew aboard. Now, if you would excuse me. I need to get into the bacta tank and heal up. Meet me in Hanger bay 1 in 1.5 hours." Woflie.

"Ok, see you their." Derrick getting back into the turbo shaft.

"Catch ya later." Wolfie getting into a privit bacta tank.

Derrick activates the shaft and zoomes off to his ship maybe.

"Lafiel, in one hour I should be back to human. Drain the tank and get my cloths out. By then we should have arrived at Falerious." Wolfie slowly being lowered into the tank.

"Yes Wolfie. Should I also send out the auto shuttles to the industrial cities on falerious to pick up the other crew members for the ship?" Lafeil brining up a screen with about 200 shuttles capable of carring 400,000 people each.

"Yes, make sure their all filled to max capacity and do the same run twice. That should give use 18 million wokers and their families. Make sure they get their advanced pay as soon as they are aboard this ship. See you in an hour." Wolfie finally submerges below the bacta.

Lafiel nods and dissappears.

(OoC: This s what Lafiels hologram appears as.)
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[B]OOC: I'd already put my sign-up...up. I just edited my first post in the audition thread[/B]

[I]"Hmm...only an A.I. could see that my methods of taking my bounty down are excusable since the bounties themselves are deservent"[/I] Derrick chuckled to himself as he exited the tube into the hangar bay where his ship awaited him.

He marveled at the sheer size of the structure as he appraoched his No.2 William, who was sitting on a chair along with several other of this crewmembers.

Storming up Derrick kicked William out of his chair, "Why in the hell are you sitting here relaxing while there is work being done to MY ship. Now what if..." Derrick stopped as he heard the unique alarm going off in the weapons bay.

"Damn..." Derrick sprinted up the ramp of the ship and in seconds was at the door to the weapons bay where I frustrated crewman was attempting to hack the controls.

Laying one hand on his shoulder he whispered in the mans ear, "I suggest you stop where you are friend. If you wish to upgrade any software or external weapons such as the phasers you've already changed then I'm all for it. But the weapons of this ship are of my design and will only be accessed when I fully trust your commander. Now please, off with you."

Escorting the crewmember off the ship Derrick made his way back to William. "Since it was your fault you're staying here and ensuring that nothing is changed physically to the ship. The rest of the crew is free to explore, though be mindfull we're guests of our new employer and to be courteous to any and all crewmembers. Everybody's comm. units are to stay online, and once everything is explained to me I'll pass it along to you. Everybody but William is dismissed!"

As everybody filled out Derrick looked to the work being done on his baby...[I]"Time to go check this place out"[/I]
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[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Cross ducked behind the bar and let out a sigh. He lit up a cigareete and then inhaled deeply. He used the shattered mirror peices to look at the stupid hunters shooting at them. "Hey, Fury, I have a question." He let the smoke flow out of his nose.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"What is it?" Fury looked at him, an eyebrow raised[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"How do you handle explosives?" Cross smiled big as he lowered his gun. He opened one end and then pulled out one of his small rockets. "Because if we are lucky, we can take them all out at the same time." Fury grinned his toothy grin and gave a nod.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"I see. Sounds interesting." Cross handed Fury the rocket and then laughed. In the blink of an eye, both men stood up, Fury threw the rocket twards the largest group as Cross raised his gun and began to fire. After shooting ten rounds, one hit the rocket, causing it to explode.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Cross ducked as the ball of fire roared over the top ofthe bar. He looked over to Fury as the ball of flame fadded away. Cross began to laugh as small puffs of smoke came from Fury's head. "Dude, you hair, its like on fire." Cross laughed even harder as he stood up and fired off his gun, killing the last of the men.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"What the hell?" Fury started patting the top of his head, putting the smouldering hair out. He stood up and then glared at Cross, who was still laughing while wrapping his gun back up. "You didn't say that it was gonna be that hot."[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Cross laughed even harder, doubling over from the entertainment. "I swear man, I have a feeling that we are gonna be a great team. Can you hold this for a second?" Cross handed Fury his gun, which is about 200 pounds, Fury grabbing it with one hand.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Well, this isnt as light as I thought it would be. I'm supprised you can use this thing as easily as you can. Your not a normal human are you?" Fury smirked as cross put his cigarette out.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="Navy"][SIZE="1"]"Your right, I'm not a normal human. The easiest way to explain it is that I'm a newman." Cross smiled at him and took his gun back with one hand. He flung it over his shoulder and looked at Fury then smiled. "Yup, good partners."[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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"Wolfie, time to get out." Lafiels soft voice rings into my head.

The bacta drains slowly and reviels my naked human form. My firey red hair soaked by the liquid. The soft dimly glowing eyes underneath the hair. The tank disappears and I steep out.

"Holy shit! I forgot how could it is. Lafiel, raise the room temp to 75*." Wolfie grabing a towel and wrapping around my new waist.

"Yes, wolfie. Oh by the way, we are currently 5 minutes till we reach our disengagment from star drive and the droid testing Lady Shiva has engaged the target. The hologram mask has been damaged and is down." Lafiel said via hologram trying to get a peek at my human form.

"Good, infrom Derrick to beem to Hanger 1 and prepare for deparcher. Also start sending out the 200 Transports to pick the 16 million members off the different pick ups on Falerious." Wolfie putting on the left shoulder-arm armor then putting the gaunlets on both hands.

"Right away. You should get rid of the armor. They don't offer any protection." Lafiel.

"Na, I like it. Besides, you know how I like to work. Anyways, beem me outside the Mako 10." Wolfie standing straight up.

"5-4-3-2-1 beemed." Lafiel said standing in the hanger bay.

"Ok, *Tapping my temple* Derrick, are you recieving?" Wolfie.

"Yes, loud and clear." Derrick.

"Good, Its time we meet 2 of the other 3 people. I think by now they are fighting in Chole's Bar. Your about to be beemed in 5-4-3-2-1." Wolfie moving slightly to the right.

"Beeming from one area to the other area inside the ship?" Derrick.

A cylinder light appears and Derrick rematerializes.

"*Letting go of the temnple* Yes, internal transporters. They come in handy for alot of things. Emergencies mostly. Now, I'd like to introduce you to the Mako 10." Wolfie pointing to a ship that was oddly shaped.

"What is that?" Derrick confused yet intrigued by the monsterous machine.

"This is the Mako 10. It was an experimental multi-purpose craft. It has the ability to change from space fighter/bomber to a land based tank for terrain operrations to submerged activities. I built it myself 15 years after I left Falerious. I use this baby to do most of my hunts. I continually upgrade the hell out of it but he will hold its own up to your ship. Now, if you don't mind. I am on a time schedual." Wolfie gesturing towards the ramp.

"Ok, ok. Lets get the show on the road." Derrick smiling.

" Coms, Dalio." Wolfie holding his left temple.

"Yes, Wolfie?" Dalio.

"Make sure you keep Lafiel safe. Keep an orbit around the planet just outside the defense network." Wolfie sitting down in the helm flipping toggles and switches.

The huge craft slowly came alive and a low humming sound came from the middle of the craft.

"I will, she is in good hands." Dalio.

"I know that Dalio." Lafiel chimes in.

"Good, Mako 10 is ready to launch. Clear the hanger and open the doors. Derrick I sugest that you strap your self in. Its going to get a bit rough. The dampeners are a little old." Wolfie manuvering the ship out the hanger.

"Alright. Here we go!" Derrick.

"Mako 10 succesfully launched. *checking the gages* All systems green, entering uper atmosphere in 10-9-8...its about to heat up abit..4-3-2-1. Atmosphere enter complete, engaging drive to a safe speed and heading towards the targered area." Wolfie.
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Fury brushed off his shoulders, the blast from the rocket rose up dust and chunks of wood everywhere. Across the bar were the bodies of the gang members that attacked the two, and more that seemed to spring up out of no where during the fight, maybe poor fools who wanted a little piece of action. Cross walked around the clutter making sure not to step on a nail or sharp glass shard that would rip up his shoes.

"So Fury, shall we leave?" Cross smiled as he puffed smoked from his nose, that had to be his fifth cigarette so far since he's met up with the hybrid. The lion simply nodded and followed behind the human, shadowing his body with his own mass, outside the sun started to dim into the sky, but the night sky was well lit with what looked like a meteor shower.

"What are those??" Fury asked as he looked up, they seemed to be firing down on the earth, but had a mystic beauty thanks to the view.

"Hmmmm, who knows, maybe it's our sponsor finally come to get us" Cross withdrew his cigarette from his mouth and looked around the town, everyone was in awe at the sky. Some of the city folk though just went back inside their houses or continued on their way down the busy streets. Everything seemed to be much more lively during the night time, Cross looked back at Fury who was tapping at a small hand held computer in the paw of his hand. "Whatcha got there bud?"

"My PDA, it's been getting a signal from the original ship that "abducted" me and sent me the money....do you think this guy is nearby?" Fury showed the reading on his PDA to his ally, Cross merely shrugged as he adjusted his weapon on his shoulder.

"Looks like it, I wonder if we should stay around or try going to find the main vessel where Wolfie is at" Cross tossed away his used cigarette bud and reached in his pocket for a new one, but before he could light it the human was tackled down onto the dirt road by Fury, being fully covered by the lion hybrids body. The bar where they left from suddenly exploded as innocent civilians and bystanders were blown away. "WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?!" The hot flames engulfed the air and shot towards the streets, Fury made sure to get as low to the ground as possible to avoid his hair being caught on fire again. "Whoa...thanks, see, I told you we'd make good partners"

"I can see that" Fury smiled as he rose to his feet, picking up Cross in the process, the towns people began start riots and fight one another in the streets, some even rushed towards Cross and Fury. "What's up with this place? Is there no order??" Fury knocked some male humans down as they got close to the two, Cross started to fire from his weapon.

"Doubt that, hey, try to find that darn signal and we'll head towards there." Cross evaded a rocket as it wizzed by the two, handing in someone's home and exploding it as well. Fury took out his PDA as his Tail held someone in the air by both his hands.

"This way" Fury yelled through the loud crowd, both bounty hunters didn't give a seconds thought as they ran down the violent street fighting their way pasts the mob.
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Derrick marveled at the worksmanship of the Mako 10 as the two traveled towards the planet. "My my, this is quite impressive Wolfie...I say I can't find a single flaw in it."

"You're searching for flaws in my ship?" Wolfie asked, a bit of suspicion in his voice.

"Oh relax, I hope you don't think I'm considering turning you in. It's just a bad habit of mine, trying to find the small imperfections that even computers miss and improving on them...or using them to take down bounties." Derrick continued his inspection.

"Sir, there is a problem with Cross and Fury. It appears they're engaged with some other hunters on the surface." Lafiels' tiny image appeared in front of Wolfie.

"Let's see what's going on" Wolfie seemed aggetated by the delay, his efficiency was a trait Derrick already respected in the man.

The image on screen changed from the approaching surface of Falerious to a scene straight out of one of those ancient human westerns Derrick had seen while doing some studying on the ancient cultures of the main races in the known universe.

There were two men, apparently the two they were to meet, running towards some cover as a third man set a rocket screaming towards them. Luckily his aim didn't seem very good as it missed wide left, striking a nearby building and sending it half tumbling to the ground.

"Better hurry Wolfie, it seems like the whole towns after them now." Derrick pointed to the group of locals equiped with weapons tailing after the two.
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"No, its not that. This part of Falerious is noted for its unstable local government and its night fights. Its way to hot during the day to be outside fighting. But you are right. We must hurry. Besides these people arn't hunters. Their malitia, I think they did something to piss the boss off." Wolfie.

"Malitia? Thats serious, they won't last for long." Derrick having a little smile on his face.

"Yeah, I feel sorry for the malitia. Anyways we are landing." Wolfie flipping the landing gear switch.

"Landing? In this riot?" Derrick.

The ship sets down right out side the city and the back ramp drops.

"Those rockets are not a threat to this ship. Besides, its to big to go into the city." Wolfie turning the ships engines off.

"I know that but I was talking about us. Are we going to kill them to get those two?" Derrick.

"Nope, Look in the cargo hold. Thats how we are getting them out." Wolfie still slipping switches.

Derrick gets out of his seat and walks over to the crago hold door. Inside was a 6 wheeled tank that resembles the Mako on Mass Effect but was more like the M1-A1 Abrehams Tank.

"Thats pretty impressive. Let me guess you built it?" Derrick obviously guessing.

"No, actually that was a gift given to me by Earth. Even though I've only been their once since I can remember." Wolfie getting out of my seat now.

"Did you save the president of earth?" Derrick looking at me.

"You guessed it. *opening the door to the hold* I was actually their to pick an old friend up as a favor when the Presidents space ship was attacked by raiders. I killed them and picked all the escape pods from the badly damaged ship. *entering a code on the back of the tank, it beeps and turns on* Can't say that about his ship. It exploded in the atmosphere. Yada yada yada, I got this new model light tank. It has enough seating for 4 comfortably, 5 if you want someone sitting in your lap." Wolfie laughing a little.

The door to the tank opens up and both walk inside. I seat in the front seat with the controls and Derrick takes on to the right of me.

"Interesting, You have been around." Derrick.

"Yes, I have. Been to every inhabited space fairing planet at least once. Its interesting to see thousands upon thousands of different worlds and species. Now, lets get those two out of their." Wolfie.
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Xavier mounted the rifle on the mound of earth beneath him. After adjusting himself properly, he peered through the scope, scouring the land for the droid. "I'm in position captain. Just give me the word."

"Finally, I've been trying to dodge this thing for what seems like hours. My blades don't do much, unfortunately, it heals itself."

"Then the rifle won't do much much either..."

"As long as you destroy it's chip it will work."

"Alright...[I]lets hope my shot has gotten better[/I]..."


"Nothing, just..err..trying to find a perfect shot."

"Well hurry the hell up!" Launching herself off the ancient tree, Shiva spun to the ground, holding her thigh from the recent impact from the droid's dagger. Diving behind an abandoned shack, she grasped her blades firmly. Breathing calmly, she closed her eyes, listening to the air quickly brush the leaves around her feet. The droid was coming closer, it's light frame barely making a sound as it stormed its way through the ever-changing field of trees. As it neared the wounded Makiarii, a sudden weightlessness erupted through its body, raising it over the trees and preventing it from moving.

"Aw, whats wrong? Anti-gravitational telekinesis got your tongue?" Chuckling, she slowly crept out from behind the shed, her eyes glowing a wild sapphire. Raising her hand and spreading her fingers, shiala smiled as the droids limbs creaked from kinetic force surrounding it. Exerting more energy into the strong pull, she quickly yanked the lifeless limbs from the mechanical bodes. Releasing the torso, she stumbled back holding her head. "Ok Xavier, blow her fucking head off."

Smirking, Xavier took his aim, pinpointing the back of the droid's head. After a moment of proper breathing, he squeezed the trigger. The burning bullet sped through the air with laser speed, piercing the skull and exploding on contact, leaving a metallic torso sizzling on the grass. " Bullseye..." Lifting the rifle from the ground, he ran back to the ship.

"Thanks X." Walking back to the ship, she headed for the medic room. Sitting on the large table, she began to remove her pants to inspect her wound.

" Your always getting into trouble Shiva." Thor returned from the back room with some supplies, and began to prep the wound. " I think you should take someone with you next time you decide to wonder off."

" Fine. There is a town nearby I was going to check out. I suppose you can come along, as long as you bring those hammers with you." After her wrappings were finished, she quickly pulled on her pants, and ran outside. Once Thor arrived, they headed towards the town.
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"Ok, the PDA that Furry has is moving towards our direction. *Pressing a holoscreen with Furry's Number on it* Hey Furry, you have Cross with you correct?" Wolfie.

"Yes, I do. What the hell is going on here?" Furry.

"I'm afraid that the local malitia thinks you are highly wanted criminals and want to catch you so they can claim the reward. Thats whats going on. Anyways, just keep runing and be prepaired to jump in the back of the tank." Wolfie.

"Right, you heard the guy Cross." Furry.

"Yea I heard partner." Cross.

"Derrick, I'm going to spin this tank around and when I do. Drop the ramp. After they are aboard, hit the emergancy ramp retraction button and get in a seat." Wolfie.

"On it." Derrick.

I literally had the tank turn 180* in a city street and Derrick dropped the ramp. Furry and Cross where running and taking cover from rockets and gun fire. If they didn't have cover fire, they wouldn't make it to the tank.

"Here catch Derrick." Wolfie tossing a small fire arm towards Derrick who caught it.

"What is this thing?" Derrick.

"Its an experimental self regenerating stun gun. Just shoot anything that isnt the big lion guy or the one with the cross on his back." Wolfie firing the mini gun that sounded like a howitzer firing.

Derrick shot his too and started hitting the attackers one by one. After a few minutes Furry and Cross made it aboard and Derrick hit the ERL and seated himself.

"You guys hurt?" Wolfie driving through the city back to the ship.

"We are fine. Thanks for the save. Another minute out their and we would have been toast." Cross says with a happy tone.

"I understand, fighting mercs that bounties hirer is one thing. Civilians are another. Anyways we have just one more person to pickup then its back to the ship." Wolfie passing his ship. When I passed the ship, I pressed a button and the ramp on the ship went up.

"Who are we picking up?" Derrick.

"Her name is Shiva, we might have to pick her crew up as well. I got a messege from Lafiel that the droid testing her suceeded in its mission. She is curently walking towards the town and we are picking her up. Its not nice to let a lady walk outside by her self." Woflie turning on foward lights.

"A female? Not many of them do this line of work." Cross.

"Agreed." Furry said.

"Furry, your PDA has an AI in it. Correct?" Wolfie.

"How did you know that?" Furry obviously disturbed by my knowledge.

"When you hacked the Pods link to my ships computer, I hacked your PDA. The AI seems more advanced than the ones outside the reach of Galatic Law. When we get back to Lafiel. We have to talk." Wolfie.

"So you are Wolfie." Cross.

"Yes, I am Wolfie. We'll have time for introductions later. Ah, their she is. I'll talk to her." Wolfie stopping the tank and stepping outside.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Shiva.

"I am Alphatan Odtotio Walfenken. The droid you faught was my droid, sent to test your abilities and you won. Clever of you to have its head shot off by your crew. You shouldn't be outside your downed ship after dark." Wolfie camly walking towards her.

"Alphatan Walfenken? The legendary bounty hunter? What the hell is with you? That droid almost killed me and I'll walk where I want to!" Shiva.

"Look, I'll be straight with you. I knew that you would win. I have searched from all over the galaxy for hunters with unique abilities. Their are 3 in that tank who also faced a droid from me. I offer you the same thing I offered them. Work for me and you'll have a place to call home, access to items you couldnt get with the money you make off those bounties, bounties that are worth the effort, and a new ship. If you don't want to join me, I will accept your decesion and repair your ship so you can return to your normal life." Wolfie offering my hand out.

"You said a new ship. What kind?" Shiva said with alot of interest.

"I have hundreds of ships aboard Lafiel you can choose or I can have a ship built for you. Either way, you get either a ship or a bran new ship. You won't have to worry about paying for it. And to top it all off, you can keep the ship if you decide to leave after a few months or years. Your crew are welcomed aboard and I won't ask anything about ships you attacked and looted. Nor your hiding places." Wolfie.

"Build me a new ship? Well I need to get my old one up so I can get data out of it and other things." Shiva, she knows how to extort a deal.

"So you are joining me?" Wolfie.

"Yes, I will." Shiva walks over and shakes my hand hard.

"Great! I'll have a repair team down as soon as we get back aboard Lafiel. If you would kindly hope aboard my tank so we can get back to my transport ship. We will be on our way." Wolfie.

"Fine. Just don't expect me to be treated like a weak girl ok?" Shiva.

"A weak girl? Oh no, other wise I wouldn't have gone through the effort to send the droid after you. Anyways, contact your crew and tell them a ship will land near them to repair your ship to space worthy condition." Wolfie.

"Right on it!" Shiva.

I back the tank into the Mako 10 and all of us moved to the ships cockpit. The Mako 10 lifted off and headed back to my ship.

(OoC: Sorry I have been off for 2 days. I lost my net.)
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Derrick glanced around at Wolfie's new "crew", what a bunch they all made. Apparently the ones named Cross and Furry were already making a great team, the girl seemed rather standoffish herself. Derrick doubted she'd be apt to introduce herself so he decided to take the route himself.

Approaching her he held his hand out clearing his throat, "The name's Derrick." He shot her a smile that wasn't returned. "Shiva" was all he got.

Returning to his seat he glanced at Wolfie who was piloting the craft expertly. "So I take it you already have a bounty or two ready, and judging by the way you're gathering pros up we you must be taking only top level 5 bounties eh?"

Smiling Wolfie turned to Derrick, and without nodding or insinuating anything he simply replied "I'll explain everything once we all get on the ship and begin getting acquainted."

[I]"Damn AI, impossible to read their facial expressions when they can control them so easily"[/I] Derrick thought to himself as he once again starred in awe at the giant ship they were approaching.
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Fury stared at the viewing screen like the others to see the huge ship they were about to board, it had to be the size of more than 20 space stations combines, how can something like this be called a ship Fury wondered.

"Whoa..." Was all that escaped the hybrids mouth as the Mako 10 maneuvered around to find the docking bay, Wolfie knew his way around but it seemed like he was showing off his masterpiece to his future crew members. The sparkling light from inside could be seen clearly as the small vessel got closer to its destination, everyone inside was just marveled.

"Well shoot, you should have said something earlier about living in a mansion" Cross rubbed the back of his neck and rolled his head a bit to get he kinks out of his shoulders, carrying around his weapon made him uncomfortable stiff from time to time. Wolfie smiled as he commanded the vessel to begin docking.

"A mansion, well, I guess you can put it like that if you feel comfortable with it." His chair turned around with a slight hiss from the electronic motion, Wolfie now faced the others. "When we dock you'll all go through processing, s small security check, physical and lastly....get your I.D cards" Wolfie smiled as he leaned back in his chair, the vessel began to speed up a little as the other passengers held onto their seats. It felt like a rollar coaster ride as the ship swayed from side to side, diving down sharply to get to it's access point. The vessel finally made it inside the docking bay, passing through the force field barrier that protected everyone in the shuttle bay from going into space. "Welcome to your new home everyone" Wolfie exclaimed as he stood up from his chair and made his way outside of the vessel when it landed. Everyone got up from their spots and followed close behind. Even the shuttle bay was huge, clean and very well staffed.

"Not bad" Shiva shrugged her shoulders.

"Very spiffy" Cross stated as he lit himself another cigarette, puffing the stick to help it get well lit.

"I wonder where the food is" Fury rubbed his stomach some as he looked around.

"So where to now?" Derrick asked as Wolfie was met by some of his staff members signing off on documents and reading charts on thier future bounties.

"All in good time my friends, go get process and make yourselves comfortable with your new home. Find your housing assingments and relax, I shall call you all to the bridge within the next hour or so when I have our latest bounty lined up." Wolfie didn't say bye as he walked with his subordinates out of the shuttle bay, the four bounty hunters were escorted by some androids to different rooms to get processed, inspected and watched. The whole cycle took about an hour before they were released into heart of the ship where the civilian population was held, it was a lively city of city's inside the ship. Fury got lots of looks since he was tall and because of his hybrid form, but everyone there seemed friendly.

"Let's grab some food while we're here guys, we can also get to know one another while we're eating" Fury commented as he stretched like a cat on the floor.

"Sounds like a plan to me, and we got some time to spare" Derrick stated as he began to walk one direction towards the market street, the strong aroma of beef and seasoned vegetables made it obvious food was to be found there. Shiva and Cross followed along as well, still looking around their surroundings.
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(OoC: I know that my RP is about bounty hunting but going into action tight after the team is put together is not a good idea. When everyone starts to post again thats when we'll hunt.)

"Lafiel, do you think pushing them to the limit with new members is too fast?" Wolfie comments in my privit room.

"Research indicates that deployment with unknown friendlies could result in high losses." Lafiel said while walking around in a halogram.

"True but that could also tighten their bonds. I won't through them into the fire just yet. No big timers." Wolfie puting his hand onto his chin.

"I would sugest grade 2 bounties. Their not easy but their not hard. Perfect for having a new squad get to know each other. Should I call them to the bridge?" Lafiel says pinging the coms.

"No, not yet. Plot a course towards the Capital Planet's third moon. Engage at max drive and within overcharge, activate it. It will tak at least 5 hours." Wolfie gathering things.

"More of like 9 hours." Lafiel always quick to have a comeback.

"Oh, you got me. Page them to the bridge at 0700 hours. I got to test something out." Wolfie picking up a computer.

"I really wish you give contacting the Earth Military Command Center up." Lafiel.

"I know but I can't give this up." Wolfie dissapearing into a room.

"I swear, his obsession with finding his past is going to kill him one day." Lafiel shacking her head.
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