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Gaming DS game suggestions...


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[B]Trackmania DS:[/B]One of the only two racing games you need for the DS. And if you think you don't need any, then you haven't played these.

[B]Mario Kart DS:[/B] The other racing game you need.

[B]Geometry Wars Galaxies:[/B] It may seem like a tired, "retro" shoot-'em-up if you're cynical or something, but this game has [I]the[/I] best use of combined button and stylus gameplay I've played on the DS. It was one of the first DS games I ever bought, and it simply never gets old. I've gotten more of my money's worth out of this baby than any other game I have for the system. Just make sure you get a screen protector for the touchscreen, because you'll be scratchin' that mofo up something fierce.

[B]Advance Wars:[/B] There are two Advance Wars for the DS, [B]Dual Strike[/B] and [B]Days of Ruin[/B]. I've been playing through the former and haven't gotten to the latter yet. It's a really fun tactical game where young children squander the lives of their loyal troops for recreational purposes.

[B]Animal Crossing: Wild World:[/B] I never really played it that much, but everyone frickin' loves it.

[B]Castlevania:[/B] Two Castlevania games on the DS, [B]Dawn of Sorrow[/B] and [B]Portrait of Ruin[/B]. The former is the only Castlevania I've ever played, and the things I hated about it--grinding and overwhelmingly bad anime characters--nearly made me quit before beating it, despite all the fun I was otherwise having. Haven't given Portrait a chance because of this. I assume you're not a grump like me and can get past that stuff, so you'll love it wholesale.

[B]Contact:[/B] An RPG that I've only played a little of. It in no way copies Earthbound in style, but it's clearly influenced by it. The premise is pretty charming and hinges on a severly broken fourth wall. People say the gameplay gets repetitive. You decide.

[B]Lock's Quest:[/B] Sort of a tower defense type game, and another one I've spent little time with. Not to say it wasn't fun and inventive, but I've been busy with other games. It's still good.

[B]Scribblenauts:[/B] From the makers of Lock's Quest. It isn't out yet, but keep your eye on the release date. It seems most people didn't know about it before E3 this year, but I suspect it'll be a huge hit, especially from the valuable in-game impressions journalists have given us. Basically, you write anything--ANYTHING--and it'll pop into the game for you to use in solving puzzles.

[B]Rune Factory:[/B] Like Harvest Moon? Like swords? Like grinding? This is Harvest Moon with swords and grinding. It's totally awesome. Except for the grinding. The Harvest Moon and swords are great though.

[B]The World Ends With You:[/B] I think I'm utterly alone here, but I could not [I]stand[/I] this game. The dialogue was so abysmal, and there was so much of it, and the ****ing game took so long to get up and running, probably because there was [I]so much dialogue in the way[/I], that I barely got into what fans of the game would call "the good stuff". It's from the Kingdom Hearts folks. Like Kingdom Hearts? Though so. You'll like this too.

[B]Trauma Center:[/B] Another game that was supposed to be great but which deterred me with stupid, extraneous writing. Just don't listen to my opinions on these sorts of things, ok?

[B]GTA: Chinatown Wars:[/B] Haven't played it. It's a top-down GTA that apparently bombed in sales but got pretty nice reviews, so don't be scared. Unless it's the fear of killing hookers and trafficking drugs, in which case now would be a great time to be scared.

[B]Retro Game Challenge:[/B] A sort of minigame collection, but so much more than that. You'd have to play to see, really.

There's more, but I'm either too lazy to list them or too lazy to go find my stack of DS games. This is good for now.
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Allow me to echo Ace by suggesting [I]Pokemon[/I] (Platinum, preferrably) and [I]Elite Beat Agents[/I]. The latter is a fun sort of touch-beat game with [i]heavy[/i] reliance on the stylus. It's a lot of fun. If you get into that enough, there's also the Japanese cousins of EBA, [I]Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan![/I] and the sequel, [I]Ouendan 2[/I].
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[COLOR=#35160f][SIZE="1"][FONT="Trebuchet MS"]psst.


I'd also add Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor which is coming out on the 23rd possibly[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=deeppink]John is right about Trauma Center. The dialogue is atrocious. However, this is easily fixable because most of the dialogue is skippable. Well, it's more like you can fast forward through it. After that, it's a wonderful game.

I would also recommend Disgaea, because I am a total tactics RPG fanboy. The dialogue isn't great, but it's not trying to be great for the most part; it's just trying to be silly and campy. Again, most of the dialogue is skippable if you end up hating the story.

Mario Kart is Mario Kart.

I'm a little hesitant about suggesting Phoenix Wright games to anybody, simply because everyone I've recommended it to has not enjoyed it. It's really a niche game.

Elite Beat Agents is roughly three monkey barrels worth of fun, but some of those covers are terrible.

Finally, get Professor Layton. Naow.[/color]
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You should try out [b]Riviera : The Promised Land.[/b] It's an RPG for GBA that's a great game in my opinion. The battle system is pretty unique, although it does hold true to the turn based RPG style. The moving system is unique as well, but you might not like it all that much. It's kinda hard to explain too. It's got a lot of "traits" I guess most Japanese RPG's do, humor and quirkiness included!
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