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Sign Up Your New Heroes: Neither super nor friends


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OOC: I liked the concept of this too much but it never got off the ground, ipso facto I'm trying it again.
Journal Update- 17/03/08

I'm sure that all of the world has heard of those damn SuperFriends... Bloody good guys saving the world from villians like Grodd. Seriously, Grodd is a damn talking Gorilla whose powers were that he could talk. I don't know about anyone else out there but they set the bar low there although they do have Aquaman and Hawkman as members.
God damn, They were quite possibly the stupidest crap that ever crapped itself. You know, because they sucked.

So I bet some mates of mine while we were watching a news report on them last night that I could create a kickass superhero team within a week. Trouble was, I don't know any damn heroes or even have powers. Not to mention that I was drunk as hell and bet 5000 dollars that I didn't have.

I've got some real trouble here...
The following message was found posted around various forums on the internet.

Are you the next Super Hero?

Do you think that you can surpass Superman in all of his Spandex wearing glory?

Do you enjoy beating up people because you think they are supervillians?

If so then email the following form to this address [email]Superass@hotmail.com[/email] and let us decide

Your Superhero name-
Your secret identity-
Your known identity-

Your powers-
Your background-
Why you think Aquaman sucks-
Your Archnemesis-

Your Personality-

Please include an attached image of yourself for... public relations reasons.

OOC: This RPG is a parody of the Super Friends so as such it will be a comedy. With the whole trying to find superheros through the internet, this means that your character will have pathetic powers.
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[I]OOC: I'll finish later..[/I]

[B]Your Superhero name[/B]- Nocturna
[B]Your known identity[/B]- Drusilla Eon

[B]Your powers[/B]- The ability to morph into a Vampire Bat, and control them.

[B]Your background[/B]- [finish later]

[B]Why you think Aquaman sucks[/B]- He is an overestimated fish lover, with horrible fashion sense. Plus he's way too muscular...it's gross.

[B]Your Archnemesis[/B]- [Finish later]

[B]Your Personality[/B]- I am dark and mysterious. I love nature, and despise the immorality of humans. Most people would describe me as a "tree hugging loner with a witchy attitude", but I'm only mean to those who I dislike...which is mostly everyone...unless they love bats, then were cool.

[B][I]Drusilla (Me normal)[/I][/B]: [IMG]http://i154.photobucket.com/albums/s255/jillvalentine24/vampire_girl.jpg?t=1246904480[/IMG]

[B][I]Nocturna (Costume)[/I][/B]: [IMG]http://i273.photobucket.com/albums/jj228/sailor_seaflame/l_1604d2e08d7c7f44b056353ca41e0438.jpg?t=1246906894[/IMG]
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[quote name='Drizzt Do'urden']I'm going to post a sign-up, though I'll have to in a lil bit. One question though...what if I think Aquaman Rules?![/QUOTE]
Wasn't expected that possibility. I suppose I'll let it slide.
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[SIZE="3"][B]Your Superhero name- [/B]Brink
Your known identity-[/B] Drake Ukic

[B]Your powers-[/B] Multi-personalities (based on random characters from books, games, and television)

[B]Your background-[/B] a complete nerd in disguise as a popular kid. Was pretending to be cool at school, church, store, etc but once I was home i would lock myself in my room and just play video games and read comics and graphic novels. After two years of faking as well....my parents divorced and sent me to this reform school where nothing cool was allowed. After awhile the constant put downs and insults finally caused something in my head to snap and I became all the characters I so foundly adored when my life was "normal"

[B]Why you think Aquaman sucks-[/B] He sucks because when the bad guys come to attack in a city or something he is completely useless. Also, everyone is always looking for the lost city of Atlantis and he knows where it is but wont tell anyone....what a loser.

[B]Your Archnemesis-[/B] Those stupid teachers/drill sergeants that cause me to be who I am.

[B]Your Personality-[/B] Always different. Im rarely myself because my powers kick in at random times and I can never control them. So usually what you see is what you're gonna get. I seem to have about 6 different personalities ranging from the calmness of a wise sage to the bravery of a valient warrior to the foolishness of a young kid.[/SIZE]
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These are the pics of my character. I understand that they may be of characters fromother animes but I didnt have a chance to draw my own character.


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