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RPG Earth 53

Muuh Puar

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[SIZE="1"]Arkham Asylum’s greenhouse:

[B]“Pam, time’s up! Back to your cell.” [/B]The guard yelled down from the doors. She looked up from the plant she was tending and sighed.

[B]“Be right there Saul.”[/B] She called back. She looked down at her plant, gave it a kiss, and made her way to the door. She moved up the to guard and held her hands out for the handcuffs. The guard just looked at her.

[B]“Pam, do I really need to? Are you going to cause trouble?”
[B]“Not at all Saul. Just wanted to help you keep your job.” [/B]They both chuckled a bit and made their way back to her cell. On the way there her and Saul talked about their days. She spoke of the plants she saw thriving and those that she was eager to see grow up. Saul told her how his wife, a former coworker of Pam, was doing. They shared stories all they way back to Pam’s cell, where Saul said his good night, closed the cell door, and left to punch his time card. She sat down to tend the plants she kept as pets. She hadn’t been working on them for two minutes when she felt a small shiver run down her back. She looked up and saw her room had disappeared, aside from the floor and all things touching it. She wasn’t even in Arkham anymore. She was somewhere else.

[B]“Miss Ivy,”[/B] a voice came from her right. She turned her head to see who had just spoken to her. She could only feel wonder when she saw the speaker. It was a very large gorilla standing in a very triumphant stance. She stood and looked at her surroundings. She was in a very large, gray, industrial room. It made her skin crawl to think of such a room, let alone to be in one.

[B]“Don’t worry your pretty head too much Ivy,”[/B] She actually saw the gorilla talk this time, [B]“You will only be here as long as it takes for you, and the others, to pick your destination.”[/B] She saw movement behind the gorilla and looked around him to see what was there.

They were there. She recognized them all. All like her in her hatred for Batman, when he was alive. Killer Croc was adjusting his vest and stretching. Mr. Freeze was sitting in a chair, obviously waiting for this to all be done so he could get to what he needed to do. Clayface was practicing her transformations in a mirror. A young man she recognized from the news a couple of years back named Jason Todd, was waiting for something to happen. Then there was the Riddler, who had made his way to the gorilla’s side.

[B]“Grodd, we really need to be on our way soon. I have so much I want to do.”[/B] Grodd merely waved him off and began to make his way closer to Ivy.

[B]“I am very sorry for the poor introductions, Miss Ivy. I am, as Mr. Nigma has already revealed, Grodd. Gorilla Grodd. I come from Gorilla City and I am here to help you.”[/B] He began to guide her to the other side of the room, where very large machines were rigged to do something. [B]“I’ve broken you out of Arkham, as I have done with Mr. Croc and Miss Clayface. It is apparent that new characters have come up to hinder my plans, plus the plans of my partner. This is where you all come in. All the others have agreed to help me by helping themselves. Here’s my deal: I’ll send you to where ever you want to go in the world. Anywhere. That’s it. No strings attached. So, come along. I think I have where you want to go in mind.”[/B]

After an hour of all the people taking their turns setting their coordinates and going to their destinations, Pam made her way to the teleporting pad, ready to go. She looked up at Grodd and Jason.

[B]“Where are you going kid?”[/B] Ivy asked Jason. Grodd placed his massive hand on the man’s back.

[B]“Him? My partner has a special job for Mr. Todd to do. He’ll be coming with me.”
And with that, he hit the switch, sending her away.

Todd looked up at Grodd. [B]“Who is this guy? And why does he want me?”[/B]

[B]“You will see in time, young man. Tell me, have you ever been to Metropolis?”[/B]


Alrighty then. I apolgize for being late on this post. Writers block attacked and it was a veyry difficult fight. But I won! Yay me!

Okay, this is the beginning. This part is pretty much free roam. Do what you will. Just mind the characters you can't interact with. Other than that, enjoy and let's get this started right![/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]A golden looped cross shines radiantly and a man resembling doctor Fate steps out “[B]King Arthur was a fool[/B]

The crumbling castle walls drift back to their original somber hue. The only light is the torches placed along the walls and the dim purple emitted from the Reclaimers eyes.

“[B]Who Dareth Speak upon thyn lords name in such disrespect[/B]!?” Shining Knight exclaimed, he raises his blade, ”[B]You… you are not Doctor Fate. How did you acquire those vessels impostor[/B]!?”

“[B]I am no impostor, I am the Reclaimer, its your good doctor who has been the impostor all along. I am the only one who deserves these enchantments, and now I have decided to take them back, and as for Fate… he is dead.[/B]” He then starts walking closer to shining knight who steps backwards until he finds himself cornered,

“[B]What you say is a fallacy! Doctor Fate told me just this day to be careful… he is the reason why I hid away here… he was alive and well[/B]!”

“[B]It was not the fate of this universe… one from a different earth traveled to this realm and tried to stop me[/B].”

“[B]Heh… your wits have failed you! Fate cannot go between earths[/B].”

“[B]No, it’s a rare power… but the fate from that realm is stronger than your good doctor, so strong he possessed a power that I do not even have… yet… and I would have had it if I could just read his mind, but he stopped me short[/B],” taps on the broken helm.

[B]"You monster! I shall avenge him[/B]!”

The Reclaimer sidesteps to avoid a thrust, then flies upward, “[B]do you want to duel then? I have not fought against one of Aurther's knights in ages!” [/B]he drops down to the earth,[B] "fight me knight. I will play fair...[/B][B] but if I win, that armor is to be handed over to me[/B].”

“[B]I… accept[/B].” The two face off, swords drawn. Shining knight takes a low defensive position, where as the reclaimer doesn’t seem to have a position. His sword is at his side and he slowly walks to his opponent,

“[B]Do you even remember how to fight[/B]?” Shining knight charges with a quick lunge. Lucid moves slightly to the side to position his buckler in front of the attack, the collision leaves the shining knight directly in the way of Lucid’s sword which he used to sweep upwards, the force launched shining knight into a nearby wall. Lucid then dashes after him. Shining knight falls strait down from the now shattered walls, landing square on his feet seemingly unfazed, Shining knight parries Lucid’s sword then delivers a slash onto his elongated arm. Lucid reaction was that of shock.

“[B]I was careless... But no matter[/B],” Lucid wielding his sword one handed makes a lighting quick downward swipe. Shining knight blocks this attack with a horizontal placement initiating a clash, both men leaning in with all their force.

Shining knight gains some momentum, “[B]You shall not defeat me… I am a Knight of the round[/B]!”

Lucid smirks, “[B]you were one, now your just one of my victims[/B]!” his head cracked upon shining knight's. Stunned from the blow he leaned against the wall. Lucid grabs the dazed hero’s sword and along with his own, pins the knight by the jamming the blades under his arms and into the stone wall. Once pinned, Lucid lays into him with punches. After a brutal assault, Lucid finally removes the swords, dropping the knights on the floor.

“[B]It seems you have lost your resolve to fight Sir Justin[/B]” looking over him now, “[B]I watched your king die you know, a true hero… a fool, but a heroic one. You however, you have nothing to fight for. Behind that armor lies a hollow man[/B].”

[B]Your wrong[/B]” shining knight springs to his feet with, sword at in hand, ”[B]I fight for justice, wherever I am I will always valiantly stand true[/B].”

“[B]Fine, then you will fall for it as well![/B]” The two clash. Shining knight's full force barrage is forcing Lucid back slightly. The Clangs of ancient steel echo through the castle walls, sparks lighting the dim corners. Lucid has now lost much ground and a wall is approaching. Shining Knight sees this and attempts to push Lucid into it with a heavy thrust, but this was exactly what he was waiting for, Lucid flings his sword in a harsh upward parry causing his opponent to stab the wall. The sword pierces the stone, but is jammed deep inside. Lucid now takes advantage of this opening by grabbing shining knight by the neck then slams him to the wall. He then uses his free hand to aim his sword directly in front of his face.

“[B]Say it.[/B]” Lucid mutters…

“[B]I admit defeat... I am vanquished[/B].” Dark purple energy envelopes Shining Knight, then covers the Reclaimer. The armor transfers to him,” [B]what will you do now, kill me[/B]? “

“[B]No. I have striped a knight of his honor. go back to your own time to get it back[/B].” a portal opens in the familiar shape of the Egyptian cross.

“[B]I cannot. I do not meddle with time.[/B]”

“[B]It is where you belong. did you ever wonder why you are mentioned in the knights of the round tales? I know when you died. When I found out you were alive in this age I had a hunch that it was I who would send you back. I confirmed this by visiting your resting place. Your corpse is there as we speak. the only logical explanation is that you return to the past.[/B]"

“[B]You… you play the role of fate well, Reclaimer. I will go[/B].” the beaten hero walks through the portal and fades away as it closes.[/SIZE]
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GAH! It's so boring!" Saio complained, ableit no one was listening. Saio sighed, and continued down the street. His nose was filled with various smells, and to him the city was a new experience everyday.

He yawned, as he had just wooken up. The city streets were buzzing with people, and he wondered why his mother and father had ever wanted to reside in the countryside of Japan anyway.

Being as Saio didn't have school today, he was on his way to the Daily Planet to see if they had any jobs for him to do today. He sighed, as there was nothing of real interest to do at the moment.

His ears picked up the sound of fire engines and ambulances, and to his delicate nose, there came the difting odor of burning oil and paint. A distant explosion came to his ears, and Saio backed into an alleyway, and focused on his other form. Slowly, he could feel himself growing bigger, and much more mucular. His shirt stretched over his form, and his pants grew with him, they had both been specially made for just such occasions. He kicked off his boots, and left them there in the alley.

Saio leaped into the air, catching hold of a fire escape and began to climb, and within a minute he was atop the building, surveying his surroundings.

Thick black smoke loomed over the horizon, and Saio began running torwards it, moving far faster than any human could. He came upon the destruction soon there of, and grimanced. There had been a multicar pile up, and many cars were on fire. But, the biggest problem was an oil tanker amidst the flames.

"Great... that thing's gonna go up and leave a crater!" Saio jumped down, and took a deep breath. He grasped a car door, and ripped it from it's hinges, freeing the panicked woman inside. "RUN!" he growled, and she took off. Looking around again, he saw a minivan full of soccer kids and the mom. The electronic doors had locked and wouldn't open.

Saio bounded over to the van, and grasped the door, if only to be met with blistering heat.

Saio roared, letting go. The kids all looked like they were scared to death more of Saio than anything else. Saio yelled, hoping they would understand him. "Get away from the window!"

Saio pulled back, and punched. The window shattered, and Saio held his clawed hand to a little girl. "Come on, I won't hurt you. I'm here to save you."

The girls took his hand, and Saio pulled her from the van. "Run! Wait for the rest of them at the end of the bridge. GO!"

The little girl ran, running as fast as she could. Saio started pulling out the rest of the girls, and they all started running too. The mother though, was another story.

With the fire growing ever large, heating up the tanker ever more, Saio was getting worried. Anytime that thing could go up.... and they were right next to it. Saiop may have been tough, but even he wasn't sure if he could survive it, let alone this woman.

"Come on!" Saio held out his hand, and the woman shook her head. "I'm stuck!"

Saio went around to the other side of the van, to the driver's side, and saw the woman's foot was caught by the steering column. Saio fgrimanced, and raked his claws on the door, rending the mettal like a hot knife through butter.using this, he ripped the door apart, and pulllede up on the steering column, allowing the woman to escape and run after the children. Coughing, the smoke rising up around him, Saio reverted back, and ran down the bridge as well, barefoot. Behind him, he could hear the metal of the tanker truck swelling and bending, the pressure just too much.

With a BOOM loud enough to deafen him, Saio was sent flying foreward, the blast rocking him. Rolling on the pavement, Saio was immediately converged on, paramedics swarming him to make sure he was alright. News teams were already converging on the incident, and Saio wasn't thrilled about having his face plastered all over the television.

"Excuse me, sir? Can you tell up how you managed to escape?"

Saio snorted. "Dave, get that camera out of my face."

The camera man sighed. "Fine, be a spoil sport. You okay?"

"Yeah... some furry thing saved me.... I was catching a ride with a friend.... next thing I know, KA BOOM!"

"Explains why you're barefoot... Come on, I'll take you to the office..."
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Alyssa heard the loud boom from her standing point in the nearby park. She stood up, looking at the smoke. She began to run, her high heels clacking on the concrete. She gasped in horror on coming onto the scene of devastation.

"Oh god...." she cried, and immediately rushed over to comfort some small children crying, not knowing where their parents were.

"Shush now, it's okay... I'm sure your mommy and daddy are okay..."

The children nodded, their tears drying. "Come on, let's go find them..."

"A big furry thing saved us! He was pretty! He looked like a tiger! But with people hands!"

"Oh? If you see him again you'll have to thank him..." Alyssa smiled warmly, and then there were cameras in her face.

"Miss Miliardo! Were you invoved in the accident?" A news crew was zooming in on her, and she sheilded the children from the limelight. A young, barefoot boy walked over, and shoved his way through the mob of cameras and spotlights. "Jesus Christ, she was in an accident! The last thing she needs is you people! DAVE! I SAID PUT THAT DAMN CAMERA AWAY!"

The boy ushered the crowd, and Alyssa couldn't help but notice how ferocious he was. He crossed his arms, and whipped his head around to look at a woman who was running at the children.

"MOMMY!" two of them cried, and all of the kids went running to the woman.

"If you people want some footage, then shoot that!" The boy said, pointing.

As much as Alyssa was thankful to be out of the spotlight, she was also happy the children were reunited with their mother.

"Miss... um...." the boy started, not sure what to call her, and Alyssa was surprised he didn't know her name. "Whatever your name is..... let's go before they focus back on you."

"Good idea..." The two ran away, the boy pulling out a cell phone and daialing a number. "Hey, I need a pick up on the corner of Broadway and Staten. Be there in thirty seconds. I know you're nearby somewhere."

The two ran to a block away, just as a red BMW pulled up to the curb. The two piled in, and then they took off. Alyssa sighed in releif, sitting back into the seat.
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[SIZE="1"]The bell overhanging the door rang as a customer walked in to sell his goods. Greg looked up from behind the counter with a smile that quickly disappeared to see it was a repeat customer.

[B]"Hello, Robbie, how are you today?"[/B] he asked as pleasently as possible the younger man approached.

[B]"I'm good, Mr. Eisberg," [/B]Robbie scratched vigorously at his neck, "How much for this stereo?"

Greg put on the glasses that were for show only and glimpsed at the stereo. [B]"Isn't that the third stereo you've sold me this month?"[/B]

[B]"Uh, no, Mr. Eisberg, not that I know of,"[/B] Robbie shifted uncomfortably. Greg knew he had him in a lie.

[B]"Robbie, burglarly is a crime and you selling me hot items isn't going to get you far in the world and it can even bring me down too. I will give you ten dollars for the stereo and the address of the people you stole it from. Then I want you to turn yourself in to the police and get help for your drug problems."[/B]

[B]"Man, $#@% you!" [/B] Robbie stormed out of the pawnshop with the stereo in tow.

[B]"Oh, Robbie, I wish you hadn't said that,"[/B] Greg whispered.


It was night time and Xaoc was on the prowl. Already his night had been eventful with the apprehension and mild maiming of some punk named Robbie. The night was still young, though, and there was plenty left to be done in Gotham; The City of Crime never slept and neither did Xaoc.

Xaoc found himself perched on top of a car inside of a parking garage. He was watching a man wonder around, apparently looking for his car and completely oblivious to the group of six LoBoyz following him. Xaoc adjusted his gas mask and started his pursuit of the LoyBoyz.

The man that the street gang was following had apparently found his car and the LoBoyz made their move, as did Xaoc. Coming up behind a straggler Xaoc quickly and quietly snapped the man's neck and allowed him to flop to the ground. As he approached his next target the gang had caught up with the wayward man.

[B]"Please- Please, no!"[/B] Was all the man had managed to get out before being struck in the face with brass knuckles. Xaoc wasted no more time and drew out his 1911 and put bullets into the backs of three of the Loboyz who quickly dropped to the ground crying out in pain. The two remaining thugs spun with their guns drawn and started shooting without even looking.

Xaoc wasn't there though. He rose up behind the two men and smashed their heads together hard. They, too, fell to the ground in a daze.

[B]"Freeze you bastard!"[/B]

Xaoc slowly turned as he heard the cocking of a revolver and saw the man he had just saved pointing a gun at him with one hand and holding a badge with the other. In a matter of seconds the garage as ablaze with sirens and lights from the GCPD squad cars and SWAT vans.

[B]"You are under arrest for several murders in Gotham City. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can, and will be, used against you in a court of-"[/B]

Xaoc cut off the arresting officer's sentence with a roundhouse kick to the head. As he finished his move he brought out both of his pistols and unleashed their potential on the police force, being careful not to kill, only incapacitate.

Although being caught offguard the police opened fire on Xaoc, who felt several hits dig into his armor. He knew he would have to get out of their soon, the armor wouldn't stop all of the bullets.

He darted for the side of the garage, still firing his gun, and lept over the concrete barricade, leaving several severely wounded police officers in the garage above.

[I]I censored the major cursing in the comic book fashion, didn't know if it was a requirement but I do know it felt right.[/I]
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Saio sighed, and opened the door for the driver and Alyssa to walk in.

"I think introductions are in order." the driver said, sitting down on a rather poofy chair, crossing her long legs and looking over to the other two.

She wore a buisness suit, her long black hair flowing down arounder like an obsidian waterfall.

"Ah... yes. I am Saio Cross, and this is my twin sister, Ayeika."

"I'm Alyssa Miliardo. A pleasure to meet both of you."

Saio opened a cabinet, and pulled out an expensive looking bottle of wine. "Care to have some?"

"It's not plum gekkian, is it?" Ayeika asked.

"Actually, it is." Saio turned so they could see the label. "If there is one thing I will always like about Japan, it's the quality and tastiness of the wine."

Alyssa sat ddown on a sofa. "I'll have a glass. I've never had Japanese wine before..."

Saio chuckled. "Then you're in for a real treat." Saio poured three glasses, and brought them over on a silver platter decorated with tigers.

"You seem to have a real thing for being in tune with your culture..."Alyssa remarked, observing all of the Japanese decor and the tray.

"I am proud of where I come from..." Saio handed each of the girls a glass, and they all smiled.

"To new beginnings... and to new friends..." Saio said, and they all toasted.

Ayeika looked deep into her purple colored wine. "If you're so proud of where you come from, dear brother, then why don't you go back to Japan?"

Saio froze, his golden hued eyes flashing briefly with anger. "I beleive we've already had this conversation, sister."

Alyssa drank of her wine, and remarked, placing her hand on her cheek, which was already flushing. "OH! It's simply WONDERFUL!"

Saio turned, and smiled. "Of course! I wouldn't pay an arm and a leg for it if it wasn't!" Saio and Alyssa laughed, and clinked glasses once more. "I simply must get more of this!"

Saio and Alyssa began to talk exitedly, and Ayeika stood up.

"Leaving so soon, sister?"

"Yes, I beleive that the smells coming in from outside require attention."

Saio sniffed the air, and was immediately met with pungeunt smells usually assiciated with crime.

"I see. Well, Miss Alussa, I'm afraid I have to head out with my sister. Can I call you a cab?"

"No, my apartment building isn't far from here. I can walk. Thank you for the offer."

Saio stood up, and walked over to the cabinet, and pulled out another bottle of wine.

"Here, this is for you. It's not the plum, but instead it's made with honey. I'm sure you'll like it."

Saio handed her the bottle, and scribbled a cell number on the side.

"There, now you have a means to get ahold of me. You're welcome back any time."

The three parted ways, and when Alyssa was out of sight, Saio turned to his sister.

"Well, I must say, it was nice to see you, but I have to go."

Ayeika sighed. "When will you tire of playing hero and come home?"

Saio turned, focusing on his other form. "I'm not playing hero, sister. People need help, and I have the power to give it. Why would I not? All this power, and then to merely squander it? No, sister. I have this power for a reason. Otherwise...."

Saio transformed, and looked back to his sister, now much shorter than he. "Otherwise There is no use for being who and what I am."

Ayeika sighed. "I suppose there's no use talking to you again about all of this. Just be careful, alright?"

"Of course, sister. Tell Mother and Father I love them..."

"Alright. Give me a call later to let me know you're alright."

Saio hugged his sister, and them leaped off into the night.
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[SIZE="1"] Killer Croc was making his way thru the sewers of Gotham City. To him, it was like a safe haven. Away from a world that shunned him for his appearance. He tended to neglect the fact that he had committed countless crimes and dozens of murders. The pungent smell of a concoction of chemicals and other materials filled his nostrils. Fecal matter, dead critters, trash, rotten food, and all the things that made the sewer his. He decided to head to his hangout he had down the pipes. He hadn?t been there since he was sent to Arkham, about six years ago. He still knew the way to the little portion of sewer that only he and some bums knew about. They tended not to bother one another back in the day. If he was there, they would only come back if they needed to. But as he made his way to the little nook, there were some sounds coming from the area. As he came closer, he noticed that it wasn?t bums there this time. It was kids. Teens, at that. They seemed like they were in some kind of gang or something, dressed in similar outfits. He over heard what they were saying a bit.

[B]?Did you see the look on that shopkeeper?s face right before you slugged him? Priceless.?[/B]

[B]?Yep? punks.?[/B] Croc muttered. He truly disliked kids. And these kids weren?t really what he called [I]?tolerable.?[/I]

[B]?Totally, Kane. You terrified him, man.? [/B]A kid in the back corner, farthest from Croc, smoking a cigarette and holding a rather fragile girl with stars and tears drawn on her face. Croc took the time to notice who was in the room. There was a total of nine. There were the two farthest from him, the boy that originally spoke, a boy standing close to where Croc was with a boom box, two girls dancing with one another, and, who appeared to be the leader, Kane, with two women hanging on him. They had really changed the place. Croc didn?t like it at all.

[B]?Hey, he deserved it. Tell me what to do and you get your skull smashed in, ya dig? Now, when?s Pits getting back with the pizzas? I?m hungry here.?[/B] One of the girls leaned further on him.

[B]?Maybe I could take the edge off, hm??[/B] The other girl pulled Kane towards her and kissed him. Croc was now waiting for his time to kick them out. Needed to make it right. Less damage, more scare, the more secure his territory would be later.

[B]?Teal,?[/B] the star-faced girl spoke to her apparent boyfriend, [B]?why do we have to meet down here??[/B]

[B]?There?s no where up on the surface we can get away from the police, babe.?[/B] Teal said, running his hand thru her hair. [B]?Why Star? You think it stinks down here??
Star looked directly at where Croc was standing. She couldn?t see him, due to the heavy shadows he stood in. [B]?No,?[/B] she said,[B] ?not disgusted. Afraid.?[/B]

Kane pried himself from the two women that were almost completely on top of him. [B]?Afraid of what? We messed those bums up, right? Who else would come for a dump like this??[/B] Killer Croc now took his chance. He couldn?t explain how he knew it was the right time, but he didn?t question it.

[B]?Get the hell out, punks.?[/B] Croc was in the doorway way now. The kid closest to him jumped back a bit, looking at a towering figure. The girls stopped dancing everyone but Kane and his ladies were standing. Kane moved the ladies and stood up to meet Croc.

[B]?Well, well, well. What do we have here? Seems like this thug got lost in the wrong part of the sewers. Do you know who we are, idiot? We?re the Riderz. Upcoming gang around these parts. And who might you be, my unfortunate friend? I only ask so we can carve it on your body when we send it down stream.?[/B] Kane came closer, pulling a knife out of his back pocket. He made his way even closer to Croc. Kane made the motion to stab at Croc, but before he could, Croc had gave him a solid jab in the face, knocking him down to his back. Croc walked up right beside Kane, into the light. Kane?s eyes were wide now. He had just realized who he was fighting. Croc lifted his foot, then brought it down with a heavy stomp. Onto Kane?s head, crushing it instantly.

[B]?Croc. Now,?[/B] he lifted his head to the others, [B]?Get out of my hangout.?[/B]

The kids didn?t need to be told twice. Everyone made a scramble towards the other exit on the other side of the room. There was a lot of shoving at the door, and when it was all over, Star was left in the room, on the ground, stunned. Croc made his way towards her to get rid of her. But just before he got to her, a figure came from the door and blocked his path. He stopped walking and looked at the new comer. He couldn?t believe his eyes. It was the Batman. But it couldn?t be.

[B]?I thought you were dead.?[/B] Croc tried to hide the surprise in his voice, but a little came out anyway. At that, the figure opened it?s cape, revealing a very Batman stance. Just, instead of the normal bat suit, this one was darker, with less gray. And it was very apparent that this was a woman. Croc laughed out loud.[B] ?Oh thank the lord. I thought it was actually him. Just another imitator. Like that Todd kid.?[/B] He began to walk forward again, slowly.

The woman spoke. [B]?You must be Killer Croc.?[/B] Croc stopped again. How did this one know who he was? And how did she even know where to look for him? [B]?If your wondering how I found you, it was easy.?[/B] Now he was a little freaked out again. [B]?I?m here to take you back to Arkham, but I need information before that.?[/B] Croc just looked at her confused.

[B]?And how are you going to make me talk? You more persuasive than the old bat??[/B] He ran at her, hurling a right hook at her. Just as quick as the punch came, she caught the fist, halting it completely. Croc?s eyes widened in terror.

[B]?No, not really.?[/B] she said. Then, she threw his fist down and hit him with a spin kick, which launched him thru the wall and back into the sewers. He got up to his knees and regained himself. Just as he did, he noticed that the woman was already right above him. He looked up. [B]?But I hit harder.?[/B] Then, she picked him up by the vest and threw him downstream. As soon as he hit the water, she ran up to him, punched him in the jaw, stomach, and left temple, all one after the other. If not for his incredible resilience, Croc would be out. But, instead, he was just almost out. The woman picked him up and pinned him against the wall. [B]?Now, I want to know two things. First, how did you get out of Arkham??[/B] Croc didn?t say anything. Partly because he didn?t want to, but mainly due to his extremely dazed state. She smashed him up against the wall. [B]?ANSWER ME!?[/B]

[B]?An ape. Some ape guy. Don?t remember his name.?[/B] Croc just wanted this to stop. His tough skin had some pretty big bruises and cuts.

[B]?Secondly, where are the others that broke out, especially this ?Todd? guy??[/B] The woman pressed him into the wall even harder now. Not enough to cut of his breathing. Just hard enough to make his pain worse.

[B]?I DON?T KNOW!?[/B] Croc yelled in pain. She pressed harder. [B]?I went second. The Freeze guy went before me. He went home or something. I really don?t know!?[/B] With that, she let him hit the go. He hit the ground and stumbled into the water. He rose to his hands and knees, then lifted his hands, putting him a kneeling position. [B]?What are you? Who are you??[/B]

The woman looked at him, facing him. All he could see was her dark silhouette. [B]?I?m The Bat.? [/B]She reared up and knocked him out with a punch to the face. She turned to check on the girl what was left behind, but she had already left. She knew that it would only be good for her. Help spread the fear again.


After delivering Croc to the police department, Selena made her way back to the Batcave. Once she got there, May was already down in the cave, ready to help desuit. She was wearing her normal black pantsuit with white apron and a very pleasant smile on her face.

[B]?Welcome back home, Miss Selena. How did it go tonight??[/B] May greeted Selena as she walked up.

Taking off her mask only, she walked up to the rack to hang it up. [B]?It went well, May. Easier than I thought it would be. But I guess Croc would talk as long as I wasn?t nice to him. But he did mention something interesting.?[/B] Selena made her way towards the computer. [B]?He mentioned an ape man. I need to look this up.?[/B] She began to search in the archives of prior villains that her father had logged.

[B]?Do you think such a character would be in the archives, Miss??[/B] May made her way to Selena?s side to help in anyway she could. But just as she did, the screen stopped. A picture of an ape was up, with a full bio. [B]?Gorilla Grodd?[/B] May read.

[B]?Says that he was very frequent enemy of the Justice League. Comes from Ape City.?[/B] Selena was reading aloud, getting the information she needed.

May read as well. [B]?A city full on intelligent apes? Sounds like the opposite of Paradise Island, does it not.?[/B] May had a knack of making a little joke here and there.

Selena rose from the seat, turning the computer off as she did. [B]?This will take further investigation. But I need more information. I need to find Victor Freeze.?[/B]

[B]?Ma?am??[/B] May spoke up.[B] ?I must say, you should be focusing on your public image right now. You have a press conference tomorrow morning at 8:00. I suggest you get some sleep. I will find out what is needed for finding Mr. Freeze.?
[B]?Thank you May.?[/B] Selena took off her costume and put on some pajamas.[B] ?Good night.?[/B] She made her way upstairs to bed.

[B]?Good night, ma?am.?[/B] May called back. And as soon as Selena was out of the cave, May turned the computer back on and began her investigation of Mr. Freeze.[/SIZE]
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Alyssa stood atop a building, not knowing or caring what it was. She looked down to the city streets, at the countless people mindlessly living out their mundane lives.

Her cape fluttered in the wind, but it drew no attention. She looke up at the sky, to the cresent moon.

"Such a beautiful night. A pity it has to be spoiled at one point or another."

She snorted, as she hear a woman crying out. "DEAR GOD SOMEONE HELP ME!"

Alyssa pulled her grappeller out and shot it into the wall adjacent from her. She pulled, making sure it was secure.

She swung, carreening around the building and into the alleyway. In a moment, she had a vivid assessment of what was going on.

A gang of thugs were chasing after some poor woman, brandishing knives and cat calling her. They were wanting to do a whole lot more than just give her a hard time.

Alyssa landed in front of them, causing the brutes to skid to a stop.

"I do beleive you can stop harrassing the woman now. If you wanna go, then go a round with me." Rose swiftly pulled out her 'calling card', a thin metal sheet as sharp as a razor, and deadly when thrown properly. An image of a rose had been stamped onto it, with a black 'V' behind it.

She threw the seemingly innocent 'playing card' shaped objects, causing them men to all let go of their toys.

"Now now, Didn't your mother ever tell you to be careful? Those things could hurt someone!" She said, mocking them.

"And who are you supposed to be?"

Alyssa looked at her finely manicured hand, and smiled sweetly. "Remember my name, you'll be begging me for mercy later."

Rose looked at the men, the top part of her face covered by a white mask. "I am Vendetta Rose, and you three have some bad luck....."

The men all sneered, and they looked her up and down. "A pretty little princess playing hero... Come on boys, let's show her she's-"

A swift kick, and Alyssa planted her high heel straight in his face, sending him down dor the count. "Now, who else wants to play?"

The men seemed taken aback, and then looked at her, just before she smasked their heads together. In the distance, sirens were blaring.

"Well welll. It seems our time together is short. I bid you farewell, gentlemen."

With that, she turned away, walking down the alley, her cape fluttering behind her. With any luck, they'd wake up with headaches, nothing more, aand a possibly a broken nose.

Alyssa grasped the grappeller, and shot upwards, to land on the rooftop. Off in the distance, she could see.... something Staring at her from a few rooftops away. It had a MASSIVE form, and looked rather like a hybrid tiger mixed with human. The wind blew, her cape fluttering in front of her, her hair billowing. It stared at her with golden eyes, which seemed to almost glow in the moonlit night.

Suddenly, it moved, running on the rooftops far quicker than anything she had ever seen. And what ever it is, it was coming right for her. She braced herself, and then, nothing. With a heavy thud, it landed on the rooftop, and stopped, and it seemed to look her up and down, sniffing the air, catching her scent.

"I know you..." It growled. It flashed sharp teeth, in a rather unassuring smile. It reared up onto its hind legs, and Alyssa saw it wasn't human at all, though it was obviously male.

"Were-creature..." Alyssa said. "I'd often thought things like you were nothing more than scary stories meant to frighten small children... and the moon isn't full, either, how do appear as such before me?"

"I'm real, and trust me, my claws would prove themselves well enough. Besides, that full moon thing is nothing more than a fairy tale."

"So, are you here to attack me?"

"Why would I do something like that? You've never wronged me, and to my knowledge, you haven't commited any crimes. I could hear what you were doing in that alleyway. I was coming over to handle it myself.... But you wound up there first. So, I just listened." The creature pointed at its ears. "These come in handy far more than I'd like them to."

"Who are you?"

"Well, Which name would you llike to know? I go by two. There is the name I let people know when I assume this form. For now, you may call me Tiger."

"And I am Vendetta Rose."

"I know better, madam Miliardo." At Alyssa's widened eyes, the creature pointed at his nose. "Sensitive. We met earlier today... How was the wine?"

Alyssa now smiled, knowing she hadn't found an enemy. "Well, I was about to retire for the night. Would you care to join me for a glass of said wine?"

"I'd be delighted. After you, miss Rose.
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[SIZE=1]The Reclaimer opened up a new portal. He had heard Gothem wasn't the best city on earth, but when he arrived the sight curled his stomach. Cars, skyscrapers, the people waling around with there cell phones glued to their ears. He hated most forms of technology. not a single person on the crowded street even acknowledged his sudden appearance, all but one man. He was the owner of a secondhand store. [/SIZE][SIZE=1]The owner of Rags'n [/SIZE][SIZE=1]Tatters exclaims.[B] "Fate?"[/B][/SIZE]
[B]"No... but I do like the inevitability in that name,"[/B] Lucid unsheathes his blade and points it directly at Ragman
[B]"Ready yourself. We fight tonight."[/B][/SIZE]

[B][SIZE=1]"I don't know what your deal is... but I wouldn't mind rattling that bucket head of yours. Were is this going on?[/SIZE][/B]"

[SIZE=1][B]"Go where you want. I will be there at midnight."[/B] Lucid knew where he was going. feeling the conversation was as good as over he teleports away, returning to the temple of Nexus to ready for battle. perhaps he knows this is most important artifact. There can be no mistakes.[/SIZE]

[LEFT][SIZE=1]Nightmaster sits on a stool in his Oblivion Bar, staring blankly at his sword.Blue Devil and Midnight Rider were drinking a bottle of whiskey while Ragman was continuing his talk with Detective Chimp and Enchantress about the encounter with the Reclaimer. [B]"He said he would show up wherever i went then vanished."[/B] Ragman's anxious words weighed heavily on the rest of Shadowpact.

[B]"No member outside of Shadowpact knows where we are."[/B] Detective Chimp exerts his typical fact based approach,[B] "he is not showing up Ragman!"[/B]

[B]"That didn't stop the phantom stranger from finding us. Hey... maybe he can help us!"[/B][/SIZE] [SIZE=1]
"You know he only helps when It suits his purpose, and his help is rarely more than just words,"[/B] Enchantress scoffed, [B]"plus I'm still not convinced this fake fate will show."[/B]
[SIZE=1][B]"If he does i will just pummel him till he leaves the way he comes in" [/B]Blue devil interjects.

[B]"I believe you might get your chance"[/B] Nightmaster face now hued with orange light from his sword. [B]"somethings on its way."[/B]
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[SIZE="1"] The press was restless. Today was a big day, the day when the new face of Wayne Enterprise, the daughter of the late Bruce Wayne, would take her place at the head of the company and address the public. The conference room was busy with small talk about what the day would hold. The press had covered Selena Wayne when she landed down at the airport, but she somehow had avoided detection from them for the last two weeks. Then, the most recent holder of the Wayne fortune, May Pennyworth, came out alongside Selena. The cameras started to shutter and flash like crazy. Selena took the podium and signed for everyone to calm down. May took some papers from her briefcase to hand to Selena, but she just whispered something to May, and May put the papers back. Selena then spoke to the crowd of gossip-hungry reporters and business enemies.

[B]?Ladies and Gentlemen of the press, allow me to make this brief. I, Selena Wayne, will be taking control of my father?s share of the business, Wayne Enterprise. This has been a long time coming, as many of the other shareholders have both hoped and feared,?[/B] a small laugh broke out, [B]?and I do hope that I can help Gotham become the titan of a city it should be. A city that more people wish to come to. A city where the children can roam the streets and their parents can feel safe. A city where crime is in control. And, although Wayne Enterprise does not have a direct connection to the Gotham Police Department, I will be donating a very sizable amount to our devoted protectors to further help in their fight against this recent crime spree. Now, I will be taking questions at this time.?[/B]

The entire room began shouting and yelling questions, arms raised in the air begging for attention. Selena was rather shocked at the sudden uproar of voices. But, after a moment of surprise, she calmly looked for someone to answer. She noticed a reporter that she had neglected upon her arrival at the airport and decided to redeem his efforts. She gave him a point and the crowd calmed as the reporter got ready to ask his question.

[B]?Miss Wayne, you were away from Gotham for twelve years. Where were you during that time??[/B] As soon as the reporter stopped, all eyes were on Selena, awaiting an answer. Selena calmly stood in front of the crowd.

[B]?I have been studying abroad and furthering my knowledge of what the world needs. I do believe I now have the resources to help. But, Gotham comes first. I hope it will also cut down on the work load in a way. Leading by example, in a way.?[/B]

[B]?Did you live with your mother for that time??[/B] A reporter shouted out.

Another one, right afterwards,[B] ?Who is your mother??[/B] The room was met with a loud boom of voices again, all demanding to be heard and answered.

Selena had no intention of answering any of these questions. She didn?t want to give her mother away in anyway. She also didn?t want to suggest her father had ties with the former Justice League, which might lead some to investigate into her fathers secret life. She began to shout to get the crowd to quite down. [B]?My mother,?[/B] everyone calmed down enough to listen in. [B]?My mother isn?t a subject I want to talk about. All you need to know is that I have one, Bruce Wayne was my father, and I am here to take his place as the head of this corporation. Now, if you have any other questions, not involving my personal life, ask them.?[/B]

About half the hands went down. One quite young reporter looked rather concerned. Selena decided to give him the floor.[B] ?Miss Wayne, how is the donation to the Gotham PD going to effect your company? Will there be layoffs??[/B]

Selena smiled. This was actually a question she wanted to answer if it came up. [B]?I will not be using the money from the company. I will be donating my own money on the Enterprises behalf. Wayne Enterprise has always wanted to support our boys in blue, but due to some financial issues in the past, it has been rather difficult. Now, however, I will be trying to make some deals to help the police afford better equipment to better fight crime, and those who take it upon themselves to take the law into their own hands.?[/B]

The reporters went into a minor frenzy again. [B]?Does this mean you oppose superhero antics??
[B]?Do approve of the actions of Xaoc??[/B]

[B]?What are your feelings on Batman??[/B] That one stuck with her. All the other voices faded away and she went back to that night. The night the defender of Gotham was gunned down. The night her father was shot. The night her world was changed forever. She quickly snapped out of it, to save face. When she had everyone?s attention, everyone noticed a bit of a scowl.

[B]?Let me tell you this straight. Masked vigilantes are the reason this city is so consumed by crime. Sure they fight crime and we see the common criminal cower in fear every once and a while, but what happens when they?re gone? What happens to us when these [I]?heroes?[/I], as you call them, die or go away? The same thing we see here. Crime rises and the people suffer. When the? Batman died?? [/B]she had a hard time getting that out without a problem, [B]?crime peaked in this city. He did help, but when he left, all his help turned to terror. Though it wasn?t his fault, he was the reason this happened. Besides, I?ve heard reports of Xaoc shooting and injuring several officers of the law just last night. Now, what kind of hero would hinder those who are just trying to keep the peace??[/B] The room was silent. [B]?Now is the time we need to take the city ourselves. Keep these people who are above the law in their own crazy minds from doing a job we need to do ourselves. Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you another time. Good bye.?[/B] She walked back out of the room along with May, as the reporters began to shout out more questions. They hastily made their way to the car. May opened the door for Selena, closed the door for her, and made her way to the driver?s seat. She started the engine and they started on their way back to the mansion.

[B]?Good job in there, ma?am. I do believe you will be taken more seriously by the fellow stockholders.?[/B] May wanted to help reassure Selena on a job well done handling the press. May recognized many of the reporters as very important people in the press world, so from the stance of a new CEO of one of the largest companies in the world, Selena did rather well. But, Selena was not interested in that right now. She decided to look thru the folder that sat in the back. [B]?That is all the information I could gather on Victor Fries from last night. I do believe that Mrs. Nora D?Anjou would be a good lead to start at, even if she does not have any information on him. It?s interesting that he?s been declared dead for all this time.? [/B]May looked in her rearview mirror at Selena, who was almost completely absorbed in reading all the paper work in the folder. May sighed and asked a question. [B]?Ma?am? Do you really believe what you said back there??[/B] Selena stopped reading and looked up.

[B]?May, I do. My father did a great thing, but when he died, this city was flung into chaos.?[/B] She looked out the window. [B]?I want to help this city take control of itself, without the help of heroes. But, until that time, I will be defending those who can?t defend themselves and strike fear into the hearts of those who wish to harm the innocent. Now about Freeze. Do you think you could visit Mrs. D?Anjou for me??[/B]

May was relieved to hear Selena say that. [B]?Of course ma?am. What shall I credit my visit to??
[B]?Tell her you came as my personal assistant to check how she is feeling after her surgery. A check up, if you will.?[/B] Selena was back to the file. [B]?And while you?re there, tell me if you feel anywhere that?s colder than it should be.?[/B]

[B]?I beg your pardon, ma?am??[/B]

[B]?Anywhere colder. Just tell me if you feel anywhere like that. I?ll look into it later.?[/B] Selena didn?t even look up from the folder.

The two arrived at the mansion and Selena got out, as May drove off to see Mrs. D?Anjou. Selena went to get her equipment ready for the night. She needed to be ready incase Victor Fries becomes Mr. Freeze that night.


He was sitting outside the bedroom window, watching her. She was looking for something, calling out for assistance.

[B]?Francis, where were those ear rings??[/B] She was searching for them for about ten minutes now and she was just now calling for assistance. A man?s voice came from the bathroom down the hall.

[B]?I don?t know, honey. I don?t keep track of them. Now hurry up. We?re going to be late for the party.?[/B] He rushed out of the bathroom in a tuxedo and headed straight for the living area. A girl in her late teens came out of another bedroom and leaned against the doorway post of the master bedroom.

Eating an apple, she swallowed what she was chewing and spoke. [B]?Hey, Nor, didn?t you put them in that one box? So you wouldn?t forget where you put them??[/B] Nora looked up at the girl, then sat on the bed, reached down, and pulled out a cardboard box.

[B]?Oh wow, thanks Kelly.?[/B] Nora looked up and smiled. Kelly just nodded and walked back into her room. Nora then opened the box and took the ear rings out. After the second one, though, she paused and looked into the box still. Her back was to the window, so he couldn?t see what she was looking at. She reached in slowly and pulled out a photograph. He looked closer to see what it was. All he could see was the corner of the photo, but it was all he needed. He knew the photo all too well. She hugged the photo, placed it back into the box, and put the box away. She then headed into the living room to head out to the party they were attending. Something about Wayne Enterprise being under new management.

When she left, he turned from the window and pressed his back against the brick wall. The memories of that photo were coming back to him. Of that night. Of the dinner.

[B]?Victor, do you really think cryogenics is the best way to go? I mean, you?re a brilliant man. You could do anything.?[/B]

[B]?It is a very interesting area of science, Nora. I could learn so much from the field. And, once I understand it, I think I could help usher in a new age of healthcare. One where we can stop a disease from running it?s course until we can kill it completely. What is so wrong with wanting to help others??[/B]

[B]?It?s not that. It?s just that you get so involved in your work. You deprive yourself from sleep. From eating. You almost killed yourself on your last project. I? I just don?t want to see you hurt yourself like that again.?[/B]

[B]?That?s another reason I?m taking this job, Nor. I will be close to home, I wont work for many hours, and most of all, the pay is amazing. It?ll be enough to get us started.?[/B]

[B]?Just promise me something.?[/B]


[B]?Just be safe, Victor. If you got hurt in there, I don?t know what I would do. If I lost you-?[/B]

[B]?Nora. You will never lose me. That I promise.?[/B]

[B]?A picture? On behalf of the company.?
He came back to reality. The last thing he saw before coming back to reality was the photograph taken that night. Of him and Nora kissing. Signed by him the next day: [I]?We?ll never be apart. - Your love, Vic.?[/I] Victor slid to the ground, now sitting on the ground.

[B]?My love. I?m sorry. I?m so sorry.?[/B] He would cry if his body could. Just as his emotions were taking over, he noticed something standing on the fire escape on the building adjacent to him. In less than one second, he went from sitting with his arms folded, to standing, drawing his freeze gun, and firing. The person jumped towards the street to avoid the beam of ice. Freeze was one step ahead, already having his gun pointed at where he saw the person was going to land. But, once the person landed, they dived to the side, throwing something as they did. The object hit his gun, knocking it out of his hands and onto the ground. He turned around to retrieve it, but the object, now obviously a Batarang, was lodged in the side, causing the gun to be unusable. Victor turned towards the figure who was now at the entrance of the ally. [B]?So,?[/B] Victor began to speak, in his usual calm, cold voice, [B]?you must be the new Batman figure. The woman. Must say I?m pleased to see your not another Batgirl. The idea of her presence never showed any maturity.?[/B]

[B]?I?m a little surprised you know who I am, seeing as you?ve been inside all day.?[/B] The Bat tried to get to the reason they were there, but not too forcibly.

[B]?When you are a wanted man, Bat, you must keep your head down and your ears out. Years of life have taught me that. Something you know all too well, I would think. The Batman family always had a knack of being able to get what they wanted, information wise. What do you want with me??
[B]?I?m here to ask you turn yourself in, Victor.?[/B]

Victor?s emotionless mouth became a scowl.[B] ?I have no intention of turning myself over to the police of this wretched city.?[/B]

[B]?Not to the police. To Wayne Enterprise.?[/B]

Victor, still scowling a bit, [B]?What do you mean by that??[/B]

The Bat loosened up a bit. [B]?The stature of limitation on all the crimes you?ve committed in this city are all over. And, since you [I]?died,?[/I] I?m guessing they might of wiped your slate clean. If you go to the new head of Wayne Enterprise, name-?[/B]

[B]?Miss Selena Wayne. Yes, I know of her as well. I believe she does not take kindly to your ilk.?[/B]

[B]?True, but she can?t deny you. She will try to help her as best as she can.?[/B]

Victor was now back to his neutral expression. [B]?Why would she do that? What have I done to warrant such help??[/B]

[B]?Victor, everyone in the areas of science has heard of what you did for Nora. With that under your belt, she?ll understand where you?re coming from.?[/B]

Victor?s mouth was a little open, but he quickly regained his composure. [B]?What about legal troubles? If I do such a thing as give myself up for experimentations, the police will no doubt come for me.?
[B]?Don?t worry. I?ve talked to an old friend of yours. Well, not a personal friend, but an old business partner. Harvey Dent. He?s willing to defend you in case of such a problem.?[/B]

He stood there, no emotion on his face. Either he was thinking of the deal very intently, or he was waiting for the deal to get better.

[B]?And what do I give you in return for this generous act??[/B] Mr. Freeze said.

[B]?I want all the information you can give me on Gorilla Grodd, specifically what he?s up to now. And also, what he wanted with Jason Todd.?[/B] Mr. Freeze didn?t even flinch.

[B]?So, you grant me safe haven and a chance to live a normal life again in exchange for me telling you the whereabouts of a Batman mockery with a knack for killing off his enemies, a highly intelligent and super strong gorilla, and an unnamed partner that must have some kind of authority to attract men like that. I don?t know if the pull is in my favor.?
[B]?Think about it, Victor. You get into Wayne? You?ll be alive again.?[/B] she paused to let him understand. His mouth opened a little. [B]?Nora will find you.?[/B]

Victor looked down at the ground. [B]?And that is all I?ve ever wanted. For the last twenty years.?[/B] His voice was soft. [B]?Yes. I will do what you ask. I will give myself in for a new life. What is it you wanted to know in specific? You know of both of them already, obviously.?[/B]

[B]?What?s Grodd planning, why would it involve Todd? and who?s this partner Grodd has??[/B]

[B]?I regret to tell you I can not inform you of the first two, but I did hear Grodd speaking of his partner and Metropolis. I can only guess that either Grodd has set up a meeting there, or you might want to speak with Mr. Lex Luthor.?[/B] That name caught The Bat by surprise.

[B]?Luthor has been on the straight and arrow for years. Ever since Superman vanished.?[/B]

Mr. Freeze merely smirked. [B]?Right you are, ma?am. But Lex has never been a philanthropist by nature. He?s only been this way to get what he wants. Something he?s used to doing. But, then again, he might have changed for the better. Still, that?s all I know of such matters.?[/B]

The Bat nodded and left Victor in the ally. Victor looked to the sky and smiled. His cold heart felt like it was on fire. His life might come back to him. He might get his Nora back.


[B]?May, can you read me??[/B] Selena was on top of a apartment building about fifteen blocks from where she spoke with Mr. Freeze. She was trying the built in two-way communicator she had installed into the ears of her suit.

May?s voice replied. [B]?Yes, ma?am, I am here. Did you manage to convince him to come by tomorrow??[/B]

[B]?Yes, I did. He was very willing once I dropped Nora?s name.?[/B]

[B]?He must still love her.?[/B]

[B]?I think she might love him still as well.?
[B]?What did you manage to find out from him??[/B]

[B]?Well, it?s either bad news? or worse news.?[/B]

[B]?How so, ma?am??[/B]

[B]?He said that Grodd has a partner and he may be in Metropolis.?[/B]

[B]?My word. Do you think???[/B]

[B]?I do. Victor certainly did. I hope it?s not true, but if it is, we need to look into it.?[/B]

[B]?How do you propose we do that, ma?am? You?re booked for a very long. Public appearances, meetings, press conferences. It will be hard for you to get to Metropolis and back.?[/B]

[B]?Not hard, May. Impossible. Call Clark. He needs to know. He might be able to investigate.?[/B]

[B]?Of course ma?am. Are you on your way back? The party is waiting for you.?
[B]?On my way. May. Over and out.?[/B]

With that, Selena shot her grapple gun to the tallest building she could find, hooked it, and swung her way back home. All the way home, she hoped that Grodd and Luthor weren?t working together. If they were, the world was going to be in big trouble.[/SIZE]
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[FONT="Book Antiqua"][B]“Come out, come out, wherever you are!”[/B]

Obsidian bolted through the streets of the empty city screaming and looking for his opponent. After a lengthy aerial battle he had been knocked into a convenient store, and subsequently almost drowned in cheap alcohol. When he finally came to, his enemy had fled off into the city. Though the logical plan of action would be to stalk around the city, over power his adversary and emerge victorious, Obsidian had grown too tired of this excursion to act logically or stealthily. Thus, his current plan was to mosey around the city, yelling loudly so his enemy would—


A shot to the face sent Obsidian reeling through the wall next to him and tumbling across the lobby before his body bounced up and collided with an elevator. He managed to recover from the collision fairly quickly, though his vision took a moment to come back. His other senses were apparently working just fine, as his opponent’s voice-- rather, his own voice with an odd robotic ting-- echoed over to him clearly.

[B]“Poor move Obsidian. Perhaps next time you sho—”[/B] Obsidian tossed a giant piece of debris at the figure’s face and knocked him across the street. Admiring his handy work he walked out of the building, dusted his hands off and looked down at his adversary. It was slightly disconcerting to see what he had done to the figure’s face, given that it was a replication of his own face he had busted.

[B]“Poor move my ass.”[/B] Before his replica could respond back, Obsidian placed his left hand over his right in a flat x shape, and fired a stream of magic energy bolts into its face. As he finished his magical onslaught, the city around him began to fade, until Obsidian was left standing alone in a metal room. He put his hands on his side, looked around, and casually walked out of the room. He grinned and inhaled deeply as soon as he was out.

[B]“Aaah. Titan’s Tower. Man do I love it here.”[/B] Obsidian clanked down the hall from the training room, hopped into the elevator, and pressed the button for the first floor. The elevator groaned slightly before revving to life. Obsidian was told the same thing happened whenever Cyborg stepped into the elevator. Only difference was Gabe could turn off the armor and Cyborg was stuck with all the add weight. Gabe never turned off his armor, however, while he was in Titan’s Tower. The other Teen Titans knew his civilian identity of course, but there was always the possibility that someone was monitoring the tower and he wasn’t quite ready to deal with the rigors of his identity being revealed.


Obsidian stepped out of the elevator and approached the front door. He punched in the code need to enter and exit Titan’s Tower, and then stepped out. The mechanical whir of the doors behind him made his right eye twitch slightly, but he just shrugged it off. The sound of machinery always seemed to make him uneasy when he was either living his civilian life or about to jump back into living his civilian life. It reminded him too much of work and heroism; it made him want to leave the armor on and go foil a crime.

But he couldn’t. Not now, at least. He promised Amy a date. A normal date. Well, not [I]the[/I] normal date. Sure, some people might think that a night of playfully chasing his girlfriend around was akin to a date. However, it’s probably fair to say their opinions might change if they knew that his girlfriend was his well known enemy and was wanted by the police, and he was chasing her to put her in jail. He chuckled at the thought and then paused for a moment to gaze into the sky. His smile faded a bit—not that anyone could notice, in costume he always appeared to be snarling—and then jumped into the air, rocketing off towards Amy’s apartment.

Truth be told, he was nervous about his date with her. He wasn’t used to anything of this nature. His costumed persona had progressively been consuming more and more of his life, and he was constantly forced to reexamine whether he was Gabriel playing hero or Obsidian playing civilian. Either way, he was forgetting how to do normal teenage things like simply lounging in front of the tv or taking your ‘girl’ out for a night of fun. What if he couldn’t do it properly anymore? Amy still avidly acted like a ‘teenage girl’; she spent time with her friends, went out to watch movies, etc. She might want more than just his awkward attempt at being normal…


Obsidian hit a wall abruptly and plummeted towards the ground. The force of the blow caused his focus to shatter, which in turn caused his armor to shift and disappear around his body as his brain rattled around his head. He desperately attempted to refocus and reform his armor in entirety, but he only managed to solidify his back armor before crashing into the earth.

[B]“Ragh!”[/B] Despite the intense pain his body was in, he was still in one piece, and nothing was broken. He had fallen from greater heights without his armor before; Falcon was notorious for forcing Gabe to fight him in his depowered state. Subsequently, he usually lost to him. Gabe stood up, depowered, and dusted himself off. No one had noticed his fall, luckily, so he didn’t bother having to make up an excuse for the terrifying drop he’d just underwent. Gabe took a look around to see what street his was on, and scoffed when he figured it out. He had flown, as if on auto-pilot, directly to Amy’s building. Well, directly into Amy’s building.

Gabe took a moment to straighten himself out again, then walked up the stairs to Amy’s apartment. The front door was never locked, so he didn’t have to press the buzzer to wait for him to let her up. He had the feeling that she might still be in the shower, given that she hadn’t rushed down to greet him after the building shook; she usually attributed any ‘natural disasters’ that happened in her neighborhood to Obsidian. Gabe ran up to the elevator at the end of the main lobby, stopped in front of it for a moment, then bolted off to his left, towards the stairs. After all the time he’d spent flying today, good old-fashioned running felt nice. He climbed three flights of stairs and then slowed his pace so that his footsteps wouldn’t echo down the hallway. He pulled out his key and stealthily strode over to apartment 310. Right as he went to put the key in, however, the door burst up and a wet, robed Amy sprang out and on top of Gabe.

[B]“Yay! You’re home!”[/B] Gabe laughed squeezed her tightly.

[B]“I told you I'd be here promptly. I’m pleased to see you’re ready for our date.”[/B] Amy bit him lightly on his neck for his comment and then jumped off of him. Gabe rolled his eyes and sprang up too, then lifted her up in his arms and carried her back into the apartment. As soon as he’d kicked the door closed behind him he kissed her passionately, then pulled away to look into her eyes.

[b]“So does the wardrobe choice indicate that our plans for the evening have been altered?”[/B] Amy’s smiled quickly transformed into a pretend pout as Gabe uttered these words. She quickly averted her gaze from him, pretending to be upset. Gabe grimaced and rubbed his face against hers.

[b]“What? What have I done to upset you?”[/B] In response to his questions, Amy pinched his arm and spoke in a mock child tone that she knew irritated him.

[B]“You’re still speaking like a robot! You’re supposed to stop being Obsidian for tonight, remember?”[/B] Gabe’s heart dropped at her statement. He clenched his teeth together and forcibly gulped, attempting to hide how badly that comment had hurt him by literally ‘swallowing his pain’. He managed to fake a smile quickly, and decided to answer her question jokingly to lighten the air.

[B]“Fine, fine. Does the wet rodent look you’re currently rocking mean that instead of going to eat, we’re just gonna skip to the snogging tonight?”[/B] Amy couldn’t help but burst into laughter at how ridiculous that sentence was. Gabe grinned and shook his head, satisfied with her reaction, then tossed her onto the couch and jumped on top of her. He pinned down her arms, lowered his face directly above hers and grinned.

[B]“Sooooooo? What’re we doing tonight?”[/B] Amy smirked and chuckled light, pretending to struggle against him.

[B]“We’re still going out, loser. There’s no way I’d let you out of this dinner. We can snog later.”[/B] Gabe frowned and rolled off of her and onto the floor.

[B]“Fiiiiiiiine. Hurry up and get dressed then. I’m starving!”[/B] Amy scoffed and rolled off of the couch as well, lending atop of him. She kissed him lightly on the lips and stared into his eyes happily.

[B]“See? It’s not so difficult being Gabe, now is it?”[/B] Amy kissed a surprised Gabe on the lips again, then got up and walked over to her bedroom to get dressed. Gabe grinned as she walked away, then folded up his arms under his head.

[B]“Maybe it’s not so hard after all…”[/B]

[B]“That’s what she said!”[/B] Amy called out from in her bedroom. Gabe mock grimaced and scoffed lightly, then closed his eyes as waited for her to come back out.[/FONT]
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Alyssa sat doen once again on Saio's couch, having removed her mask and top hat.

"So, you're a were-tiger... Now that's something different."

Saio shrugged, still in his hybrid form. "Not many people are even aware that were-creatures even exist, let alone how many different kinds there are."

"I see. Well, it's interesting, to say the least."

"Even when I'm in human form, my senses and abilities are multiplies several times over from a normal human... though in my hybrid form..... Any human before me can become lunch."

Alyssa furrowed her brow. "You know, that's not exactly encouraging..."

Saio shrugged. "But I'm not like that." Saio yawned, and sat down, his size diminishing, and he returned to his human form. "So, Alyssa, I take it neither you nor I had guessed each other's secret...Of course, my advice is that you never know who you'll meet."

"True enough, Saio. However, I must bid you good night, as I am growing tired, and I'm sure you are, too.

"Very well. I guess we'll be seeing more of each other than we thought..."

Alyssa laughed. "I guess so. Good night, Saio."

"Good night, Alyssa."
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[INDENT][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed][B][I]??Everybody wants to be a hero...?[/I][/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed][I][B]
*CRACK* [/B][/I][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed][B]?Everybody wants to be a Superhero.?[/B][B] *Pow* [/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed][I][B]
?I just want to be whole again??[/B][/I][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[/INDENT][B][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]###[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]

[B][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed] When you kill another man, a little piece of you dies with him. As their final breath escapes their lips, it makes its way into your body and burrows into your subconscious, infecting you. Your mind begins to decay away and your soul turns black. The more you kill, the worse it gets, until there is nothing left. I don?t want to be dead inside. I don?t want my soul and body to rot away from the pestilent consequences of murder. I guess that?s why I fight crime. I guess I hope that every staggered breath from someone just saved will suck some of the sickness out of me and kill it. But deep down inside, I know I?m wrong. I know that no matter how much crime I stop, or how much scum I scrape off the streets, I?ll never get back what STEALTH took from me. I?ll never be whole again. But I try, and very night, I will continue to try until my heart stops and Lucifer himself claims my soul. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]
[B][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed] Tonight is no different?[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B][B][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed][I]


?Get that shit in the truck already! I?m not gonna say it again! I should have hired your mothers. God knows they would?ve been better than you punks!? [/I]
[B][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]The angry thug continues to spew insults at the ruffians slaving away at their misdeeds. The shouting bounces off the walls and up to the The Ghosts ears. The Ghost peeks over the top of the roof and through a greasy window. Below, in the recently breached warehouse, several men in black are loading crates into the back of a truck. On the floor are several guards, beaten and mangled by the criminal?s bullets and fists. The Ghost focuses his eyes on each guard, checking for life. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]
[B][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]
[I][B][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed][COLOR=DarkRed]?So disgusting and vile.?[/COLOR][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B][/I]

[LEFT][B][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed] The Ghost thinks to himself as he watches the criminals below. The Ghost discretely positions himself in the rafters of the warehouse and begins to record the criminals and their actions. After only a few minutes, he ceases recording and drops down into the shadows of the warehouse. The Ghost silently moves to the truck. He slides underneath it, and unsheathes his sword. Swiftly slicing through numerous wires, The Ghost disables the truck, eliminating any possibility of the thieves leaving with anything but their lives and some pocket lint. The Ghost replaces his blade in its sheath and waits for the best moment to make his presence known. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]
[B][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]
[B][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed][I]?Jesus Christ, this was supposed to be done 10 minutes ago. If we?re late the boss is gonna fucking kill me! If I die cause of you pricks, I?m gonna haunt every last one of you to the grave!?[/I]

The thug?s voice flies from his mouth and grates on The Ghosts hearing. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B][B][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]The Ghost quickly slides out form under the truck and grabs the shouting man around the neck, robbing his crude brain of its precious blood flow.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]
[B][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]
[B][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed][I]?Why don?t you leave the haunting up to me??[/I]

The Ghost?s voice moves through the air and hits the criminals like a wall of ice. Each one freezing in place, as looks of confusion, horror and shock spread across every face in the room. The Ghosts emotionless face peeks out from behind the unconscious hooligan as the body drops to the floor.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B][B][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed] Suddenly, the criminals erupt into action. Some run for the hole previously cut in the warehouse door, while others grab for the nearest weapon.

Calmly, The Ghost crosses his arms as his fingers work open the small storage spaces in his forearm armor and grasp several small darts. In a flourish of movement The Ghost spins around, launching the darts at those fleeing, while almost simultaneously drawing his sword. Without missing a step, he lunges towards his closest opponent as those fleeing suddenly stiffen and fall to the floor. Blue tendrils of electricity dance across their bodies, hissing and spitting violently.

The Ghost closes the distance between him and the remaining criminals frighteningly fast. His sword makes quick work of the lead pipe in his first targets hands, as a knee rises and does the same to the frightened thief. The sound of cracking ribs and tearing flesh floods The Ghosts ears. As The Ghosts leg descends back towards the ground, his other leg shoots up and connects with one of the ruffians chin. A sickening crack rings through the air. The man?s jaw gives and he falls to the ground, some of his recently displaced teeth closely following. The Ghost continues his onslaught, carefully moving around the dead guards on the floor, broken weapons and criminals rapidly falling to the ground in his wake.

Within minutes, the rest of the gang is on the floor. The Ghost?s emotionless face scans the bodies, looking for any sign of consciousness. Finding none, The Ghost begins to prep the warehouse for the police.

Moments later, The Ghost slips out of the warehouse and makes his way to a nearby manhole. He pulls it open and drops in, landing next to a motorcycle of sorts. As sirens begin to wale in the distance, The Ghost replaces the manhole cover and mounts the motorcycle. Without hesitation, he starts the engine and shoots down the sewer tunnel.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]
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[SIZE="1"][B]?I don?t think she thinks very highly of you,? [/B]Reggie said as he turned off the television.

[B]?She just doesn?t understand that I was acting in self-defense.?[/B]

[B]?Greg, er, Xaoc, they were trying to arrest you and you aren?t exactly a fluffy kitten when it comes to any type of confrontation.?[/B]

[B]?Yes, but that spoiled brat should not speak of what she doesn?t understand.?[/B]

Reggie sighed heavily knowing that he wasn?t going to get anywhere with Xaoc. [B]?Well, on the bright side you at least got some nice media attention.?[/B]

[B]?Bad media attention.?[/B]

[B]?Hey, bad publicity is still publicity. Maybe you?ll get some more respect at the vigilante clubs.?[/B]

[B]?You?re just too funny,?[/B] Xaoc said without a laugh. [B]?I need a change of armor and a reload of weapons.?[/B]

[B]?All right, you need your mask recalibrated? It looks like it may have taken a few hits.?[/B]

Xaoc thought briefly on it then peeled off his high-tech gas mask, [B]?Very well, it wouldn?t hurt anything.?[/B]

Taking the mask Reggie waved his hand around the room, [B]?Help yourself to whatever you need.? [/B]

As Reggie began working on the mask Greg wandered the room gathering up ammunition and ignoring the guns since there wasn?t anything new around. He the replacement armor was stored and Reggie replied with a grunt and a pointed finger at a closet. Greg opened it up and took out a new set of armor and put it on while he waited for Reggie to finish up.

[B]?All right, man, you?re all set. You looked armed to the teeth, you need anything else??[/B]

Putting the mask back on Greg Eisberg was once again Xaoc. The voice that replied returned to its robotic sound as it passed through the vocal amplifiers, [B]?No, I have everything I need.? [/B]

[B]?Hey, before you go: Scuttlebutt has it that a ?Bat? has been shaking things up with a select few.?[/B]

[B]?Has Scuttlebutt said anything else? Is this Bat an imposter or one of the former partners??[/B]

[B]?Second question first: No one knows. Whoever it is, they?re good. The gender hasn?t even been seen. As for the first question: big Arkham breakout. A bunch of Batman?s old enemies were released, no one knows how, why, or whodunit.? [/B]Reggie said.

Xaoc was paused at the window looking out over the busy city below, [B]?Keep your eyes and ears open and let me know if you hear anything about this. I?ve got a bad feeling about this.?[/B]

Without further farewells Xaoc was out the window, leaving Reggie alone with his thoughts in the high-rise apartment that he afforded because of his gun trade. Xaoc, Reggie thought, was slowly becoming a criminal. It didn?t bother Reggie in the least since his own actions were highly illegal and many of the people that Xaoc fought were customers. Reggie only hoped that Xaoc would come to his senses and either go full criminal or stop his activities altogether. Going full criminal would be the most logical since there was no one that could convince Xaoc to stop his activities. The name Xaoc even reflected the criminal world since it was the Russian word for chaos.

Reggie knew that he would have to start treading lightly. Even though he was great friends with Greg Eisberg he knew that Xaoc was essentially a different person and not one to be crossed by allies. But he also knew that before long one of the two would finally be stopped by the law.

With the police force as fraternal as they were, even with its corruption, they would not stand to see their brethren harmed by Xaoc. The full force of the Gotham PD would bear down on him and if they suspected Reggie in anyway no amount of bribery would protect him. With the eventual influx of cash in the GCPD?s coffers they would be better equipped to deal with people like Xaoc and the other criminals.

All of this reminded Reggie of the days of Batman when the Dark Knight would provide technological help to the police and Bruce Wayne would provide monetary assistance. It didn?t seem strange that the offspring of Bruce Wayne would follow in her father?s footsteps.

Something clicked in Reggie?s mind. [B]?There is no such thing as coincidence??[/B] he muttered to himself. He kicked at the floor and sent himself and his chair scooting across the floor to his computer. He started pulling up several different files most concerning Batman and Bruce Wayne.

Just by skimming through the files he started to see some interesting things. First and foremost was the public knowledge that the two had died at relatively the same time. Reggie began to see that on nights Bruce Wayne was at a public function there was no mention of Batman. It?s not like crime exactly stopped in Gotham and Reggie knew Batman never took unnecessary breaks.

[B]?Bruce Wayne was Batman?? [/B] Other than what he had read he had no further proof. He sincerely wished that Oracle was still around so that he could ask her about this. Of course, he thought, if she were still around she would probably be very unhappy with the life he built upon the reputation as having worked for Oracle at one time.

[I][B]Follow her father?s footsteps... [/B][/I]Reggie?s eyes widened as he looked at the screens in front of him. Years ago Bruce Wayne had returned from a trip that he learned the ways of the world, and he seemed mature and then not long after Batman showed up and the maturity Wayne had shown went away.

Selena Wayne comes back after years of soul searching and then a ?Bat? rumor starts.

Reggie smiled. This would be his ace in the hole if things started going south for him. He wouldn?t even tell Xaoc since this information would be rather upsetting to him.


Xaoc was at a loss. His life of fighting crime had come crumbling down around him with the arrest attempt made by the GCPD. They no longer wanted his help they wanted him in jail. After all the sacrifices he had made, after all of the assisted arrests, he was a wanted man by the law. [I]Perhaps Reggie was right, [/I]Xaoc thought; [I]perhaps my methods are too harsh.[/I]

Xaoc decided it wasn?t his methods. It was the police?s. They were too soft on crime and that is why they were losing this war. Xaoc knew he would have to step up his efforts in order to help them. But if they got in his way again, he would do more than incapacitate them.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]A looped cross shines radiantly and envelopes the bar in bright rays. All members of Shadowpact are ready and waiting, weapons drawn, but what enters the room is not the Reclaimer. In his place is a flaming spell scroll atop a brown pouch. The team had a mere second to brace themselves. for most of the members it was plenty of time to duck for cover, since the group is very knowledgeable in the field of magic, however, blue devil had not stopped to look at his foe and was caught with the full blast launching him into the wooden bar head first, he looses consciousness immediately.
The room is once again engulfed in bright light. [B]"Sorry I'm a little late."[/B] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]Sir Lucid had no intention of playing fair in this fight. He was good, but a team of magic, specialists was no average showdown. This had to be quick and decisive. Immediately shots of magical bullets and magical bursts came at him from behind the now scrap wood jungle of a bar. Instinctively, Lucid shifts his body so that his small shield faced the spray. Upon contact, the magical energy redirects itself back to the caster. As ongoing and incoming magic collides, blinding sparks overtake most of the people in the room; Fortunately for Sir Lucid, he had kept his eyes shut. When the harsh sounds of colliding magic stopped, Lucid rushed to the nearest opponent, Detective Chimp, and grabbed him. while he was struggling with his vision. Detective Chimp lets out a shriek as waves of Dark electricity surges through his body. Using magic as if his hand was an electric chair, Lucid fries the detective unconscious. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]"We need to close the distance!"[/B] Nightmaster shouted, [B]"Enchantress! make me an opening"[/B] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]She gave a nod of confirmation and stepped forward from her position of cover. Lucid notices her and sends a stream of fire at her. The Enchantress, with extreme reflexes cast a water spell that counters the fire. Lucid retaliates by casting a lightening bolt at the water heading towards him. the lighting speeds through the water. Quick to react, the Enchantresses slams her palms to the ground, breaking through the floor in an explosion of energy, knocking dirt into the water, nullifying the charge. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]"Are you going to try to beat me or are you just going to counter me every time?"[/B] Lucid says playfully. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]"She wont need to impostor!"[/B] Ragman and Nightmaster attack from behind. Lucid is struck hard from Nightmaster?s shimmering orange sword, then followed up with a jump kick to the back of the head by ragman. Lucid?s world flips as his head grinds into the wood flooring, splintering it along the way until eventually he slams into the wall upside-down. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]"Press the attack!"[/B] Nightmaster yelled, [B]"don?t give him a chance to-"[/B] a shot of purple energy launched him strait to the other side of the room. Lucid had rolled out of his odd position and lunched an attack in the general vicinity of his enemy. It happened to hit the leader. He decides to press his luck. After avoiding a few more of Midnight Rider's magic bullets, Lucid dives behind an upturned table. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]"Focus on that table!"[/B] Ragman barks. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]The table is lit up with Enchantress" Magical bursts. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]After the lightshow, the spot of interested is completely demolished down to the floorboards, but there is no sign of the Reclaimer. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]Midnight Rider looking puzzled asks, [B]?did he give up?"[/B] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]"Impossible, its not that mans style,"[/B] Ragman answers. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]"Seems your on to something"[/B] Lucid says as he grabs ragman by the back of the neck, [B]"not that it matters."[/B] The Reclaimer sends the malicious current of dark electricity through him. Enchantress and Midnight Rider are about to attack but Lucid raises the unconscious body of ragman in-between them. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]"Spread out!"[/B] Nightmaster runs back to the fray sword raised. Lucid now found himself surrounded again in-between the remaining three members. unable to avoid all the attacks lucid draws his sword and rushes to Nightmaster, who raises to block but has his guard broken by a quick magical shot from Lucid?s free hand. both Enchantress and Midnight Rider let out a flurry of power, Lucid takes the opening he forced, stabing through Nightmaster, skewering him through the stomach. He then drags the helpless hero into his allies fire. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]the magic beams broke the ribs and sternum of Nightmaster, while the bullets petrified him, turning him into a statue. his face frozen in agony. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]"NO!"[/B] Enchantress screams. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]"Not to worry,"[/B] Lucid's tone is a cold, emotionless, [B]"I am just about finished with you." [/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][B]"I'll obliterate you!"[/B] Enchantress' hands glow with immense power. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]"If you can, THEN DO IT!"[/B] right before her spell is released, Lucid creates a bubble of reflective magic around her. There is a muted explosion. and the Enchantress falls to the floor. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]"I suppose its just the two of us now"[/B] Lucid walks towards the Midnight Rider. she is shooting, but the bullets simply bounce off the golden armor. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]"Why? Why are you even-"[/B] Reclaimer puts his hand on her head. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]"You have some things of mine."[/B] She screams as the electricity turns her vision to black. [/SIZE][SIZE=1]The Reclaimer walks over to Nightmasters Statue form. his eyes move to the orange blade. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]"I am going to need that"[/B] Lucid draws his blade and bashes Nightmasters hand, shattering it. He then collects Ragman?s Soul Suit, the Demon sending trident from Blue Devil, and the ghost pistols from Midnight Rider. Lucid charges up a bolt and fires at the back of the bar. the entire back wall comes down it an avalanche of bricks and wood chunks revealing a secret room. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][B]"Now, its time to collect my real prize."[/B] Lucid heads into the room.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE="1"] [B]?Last boarding call for Flight 268, destination San Francisco.?[/B] the woman?s voice echoed in the room. Jason Todd stood up, grabbed his bag, and made his way to the plane. He had his ticket checked and he was clear to get on. It didn?t really surprise him, though. The people of Metropolis really didn?t recognize a man wanted in Gotham. He looked down at his ticket to find his place. It just so happened that he was seated towards the back. Once he got to the row he was in, he noticed there was a handbag in his seat. He looked at the seat next to his, and there sat a rather attractive blonde girl, in her late teens. She didn?t see Todd at first, as she was listening to her mp3 player and texting like a maniac. Todd made a small coughing sound, which, surprising to him, caught her attention. She looked up at him, her mouth opening a bit when she saw him.

[B]?I?m sorry. This you?re seat??[/B] She quickly moved her bag out of the seat without him even responding. ?Here, sit down.? Todd sat down in the seat and placed his bag under the seat in front of him. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that the girl was still looking at him. Sizing him up in a way. He wasn?t to disturbed by this. He remembered that the girls in school always gawked over him for some reason. They said he was almost as attractive as Bruce Wayne. That, however he resented. He always despised the Wayne name for this sole reason. He never wanted to be in the limelight. He wanted to be in the shadows, stopping evil from harming the innocent. He wanted to be Batman. No. He was supposed to be Batman. No matter what the doctors at Arkham said. It was his destiny. [B]?I?m sooo sorry about that. I?ve never really been on a plane before, you know? Like, it?s really new to me, so, like, it?s hard to get used to.?[/B] The girl was obviously trying to start a conversation with him. Just listening to her mannerisms were painful to Todd. But, he knew he had to talk to her. He had to for two reasons: one, he had to keep from being shady. Not talking to her would produce some problems for him if she was too persistent. His second reason was that he had to be able to deal with these kind of people once he gained his rightful place back in Gotham. [B]?I?m Kairi. It?s, like, nice to meet you, uh??[/B]

[B]?Robert Hood.?[/B] Todd said and held out his hand for a hand shake. She shook his hand, giggled, and pulled her hand back. She was taken back by his boldness and sheer maturity, he guessed. Nothing he had gained from the asylum. He?d had it for a while.

She looked down at his bag and gave it a very good scan. [B]?Oh my God.?[/B] She exclaimed softly. [B]?You work for Lexcorp??[/B] She had noticed the small emblem on the bag.

[B]?Why yes I do.?[/B] Todd was very kind to this girl. If this was any other circumstance, she would have been dead before she could have called out ?You.? However, this was his cover for his trip. He was Robert Hood, an employee of Lexcorp, on his way for a seminar in the San Francisco branch. Just like Grodd told him.

[B]?Like, wow! That?s totally awesome! So, like, you?re on your way to a business meeting or something, right??[/B]

Todd closed his eyes and remembered his orders. He smiled a bit. As he did this, the pilot came over the speakers and told them they were getting in line to take off. He looked up at Kairi, smile still on his face, and calmly said, [B]?No. This trip is for pleasure.?[/B] She smiled back.


Back in the city, in a quite suburban home, a woman is making lunch. She is a beauty. Blue eyes, black hair down to the small of her back, wearing a purple tank top and blue jeans, and a very early pregnant belly. Despite this, she still gives the feelings of both authority and kindness all in one. She gets done with four sandwiches and brings them into the dining room. She sets them down in the middle of the table. Her sister, a blonde of the same look, only with shorter hair and darker eyes, sits at the table.

[B]?Thanks Lois. I was starving!?[/B] She takes one of the sandwiches and begins to eat. Her sister just looks at her in disappointment. She goes to the front door, opens it, and calls out.

[B]?Hey, lunch is ready.?[/B] She calls out to her husband and her son. They are playing catch in the front yard. When she yells this, her son drops the ball he was going to throw and darts towards the door. He makes it passed his mother and makes a b-line to the table. Her husband grabs the ball and makes his way to the door. He meets up with his wife at the door frame. They embrace, and he places his hand on her stomach.

[B]?How?s she doing in there??[/B] he asks his wife smiling. She smiles back and puts on hand on the side of her stomach and her other on top of his.

[B]?Just fine. She?s got your strength. I can feel her moving around a bit. Now come on. Let?s eat.?[/B] She takes his hand and leads him to the table. As they get there, the sister and the son are both laughing at each other. As Lois goes to sit down, the phone rings. She begins to get back up, but her husband stops her.

[B]?I?ve got it honey. You just gets some food in you.?[/B] He walks into the living room to pick up the phone. He picks it up. [B]?Kent residence.?[/B]

[B]?Clark??[/B] The voice on the other line is a woman?s.

[B]?Yes, this is him.?[/B]

[B]?This is Selena Wayne.?[/B]

[B]?Selena? Wow, what a surprise. How are you??[/B]

[B]?I?ve been better Clark.?[/B]

[B]?Well that?s a pity.?[/B]

[B]?Look, I?ve called to ask a favor.?[/B]

[B]?Well, I?ll see what I can do. I mean, I would think that you would be able to get what you needed, but if you need my help, I would be happy to help.?[/B]

[B]?You don?t understand. This is ? ?Business.??[/B]

His happy tone became stone cold. ?Oh. I see. What do you need??

[B]?I?ve been investigating the disappearances of some criminals. I need you to help me with a lead.?[/B]

[B]?I?m no detective but I can see what I can do. Who is it??[/B]

[B]?? Luthor.?[/B]

He knows what this means. He knows all too well.[B] ?I?ll look into it.?[/B]

[B]?Clark. This needs to be done as a civilian. I?ll arrange a meeting with him for you. I?ll contact you later. Good bye Mr. Kent.?[/B]

[B]?Good bye Ms. Wayne.?[/B] He hangs up the phone. All he feels in anger. The name gets his blood boiling. [B]?Lex??[/B]


[B]?Yeah, whatever mom.?[/B] A girl was sitting on a very torn up mattress in a bedroom of a long abandoned apartment, talking on a cell phone. From the room, she could hear her friends messing around in the living area. She was waiting for her boyfriend to come back. She was wearing something that could only be classified as ?slutty.? [B]?No, I?m not coming home tonight.?[/B] Her tone was filled with less respect that it should have been. [B]?I?m hanging out with my friends? I don?t care what you think of them? You couldn?t tell who was committing a crime if they bit you in the ass? Eh, go fall on a knife.?[/B] She hung up and put her phone back in her purse. Just as she did that, her boyfriend came into the room. She turned to him. [B]?Well it took you long enough. You got the stuff??
He raised his left hand. In it was a bag of booze. [B]?Yeah, I got it. I even got to rough up the clerk for it.?[/B] He put the bag on the bed and walked over to the girl. They embraced and fell on the bed.

In the living room, five more kids were drinking, smoking, and breaking things in the house. One of the boys was counting money at a coffee table.[B] ?Man, this was a great idea. I don?t know why I didn?t think of it.?
[B]?Cause Travis is a genius and you?re an idiot.?[/B] A girl met his comment and everyone in the room laughed. The kids continued their activities for about five minutes, then a knock came at the door. Everyone in the living room was silent, with only the sounds coming from the bedroom filling the apartment. The boy at the table put down the money he was counting, picked up a large knife, and made his way to the door. He looked thru to the peephole to see who was there. To his surprise, all he could see was an eye. Looking right back at him.

[B]?What do ya want??[/B] The boy called thru the door.

The figure blinked, but didn?t move from the door. [B]?I?m here to say hello to Stacy.?[/B]

?[B]Yeah? And who the hell are you??[/B]

[B]?Wrong choice of words, Kyle.?[/B] the figure backed up. Kyle was stunned. This guy was wearing a long brown trench coat, a scarecrow hat, and was pale to the point to looking grayish. He was also wearing some kind of make up on his mouth, but Kyle didn?t get a good look at it, for just as he was taking a look at this guy, the freak kicked the door in, breaking the locks and forcing Kyle back about five feet. He hit the ground hard. Everyone in the room was frozen. Kyle looked up at the figure, who now was standing in the door way. The man?s face from his nose up was covered up by the shadow produced by his hat. His mouth looked longer than it should, but Kyle noticed that it was only the makeup he was wearing. It was two black lines starting from the end of his lips, with lines across them. Like stitches. Then, one of the other boys ran at the new guy. He ran at full force, charging with a fist ready. But, before he could strike, the freak stretched his arm out, which was surprisingly long, and, with full force, struck the kid in the throat. The kid hit the ground gasping for breath. Just as the kid hit the ground, the tall man darted into the room, picked up a wooden chair, and, with one fluid motion, broke it over the last boy, who was sitting on a couch. Kyle had seen enough. He wasn?t going to let some crazed cokehead hit his friends like that. He picked up the knife that had fallen with him and got to his feet.

[B]?That?s it freak. Now you?re dead!?[/B] Kyle ran at the man, knife readied into a ramming motion. The man turned to Kyle, lowering while in mid turn. When he rose, he Kyle?s main attack and met him with a piece of the wooden chair in the chest. Then, like the move with the chair, the man made a slick motion of grabbing the knife in Kyle?s hand, a kick to Kyle?s chest, exactly where the wood was lodged, and threw the knife. The kick sent Kyle into the wall. He was dead by the time he hit the wall. The knife met it?s target. One of the girls? legs. The boy that had charged the man and had his throat punched was now motionless on the ground. The last girl ran towards the bedroom where Stacy and her boyfriend were, as the boy that had been hit with the chair was just getting back up. The man made his way to the boy. When he got to the boy, the boy looked up, only to be met with the man?s fist. After a heavy punch, the man lifted the boy up by the collar. The boy, dazed from the punch, looked forward to see who this guy was. What he saw truly shocked him. His eyes were sunken in, but bright enough to be seen thru dim shadows now present on his face. The man was smiling.

[B]?Paul, Paul, Paul? this is not your day.?[/B] The man laughed and put the boy onto his knees. Then, once the boy was up right, the man gave a quick knee to the face, forcing the boy?s nasal cavity to shoot up, killing him instantly. The girl with the knife in her leg looked on in shock. She was too scared to even scream. The man looked in her direction. She almost passed out from fear. The man pointed at her. [B]?Sarah, if I were you, I would stay right there. You don?t want to ruin the fun right??[/B] with a chuckle, he made his way to the bedroom.

Stacy and her boyfriend were getting into it, when suddenly there came a pounding at the door. Stacy just looked up from under the boy and shouted, [B]?Piss off! We?re busy.?[/B] The pounding kept coming. There was a voice, but they couldn?t hear any of the words it was saying. The boy got up. [B]?Damn it, ignore them.?[/B] Stacy told him as he got up.

[B]?Sorry, but if this is my chance for a threesome, I?m not missing it.?[/B] The boy walked up to the door, but just as he went for the handle, the pounding stopped. He stood there for a little longer. Then, from the other side of the door, they hear a shrill cackle. A menacing laugh that brought chills to their spines. Then, thru the door, a head busted thru. The boyfriend jumped back in surprise. The head was the girls and it was obvious that someone was still holding her lifeless body on the other side of the door. She was being shaken. Then a man?s voice imitating a woman?s voice came thru.

[B]?Yo, Stacy and Travis, I know you just started, and I?m going to let you finish, but Kyle and Cathy had one of the best interrupted sex moments of all time!?[/B] Then the laughter came thru again. The body was pulled out of the door, which the man then opened. Still laughing, the man walked in and raised his hat. He exposed his face at full to the two. His eyes had black painted around them, which only heightened the frightful eyes that resided on his face. The boyfriend ran at the man, as Stacy rolled behind the bed to get away from the man. As the boy ran at him, the man whipped back a part of his coat and reached behind him. Just as the boy got to him, the man pulled out a small orb, shoved it in the boy?s mouth, and threw the boy into the hallway. The man then turned to Stacy and made his way to her. As she screamed and kicked at him, he walked up to her, took her head, and moved her face in the direction of her boyfriend. Just as she opened her eyes, the boyfriend?s head exploded. She almost vomited in shock and disgust. The man threw Stacy down on the bed. Stacy closed her eyes and began to silently cry, fearing what this man will do to her.[B] ?Oh wow, I was actually expecting some of the Fear Gas. That was a little more violent than I would have preferred.?[/B] She opened her eyes and saw the man had made his way silently to the door, looking down at the headless remains. He turned back to Stacy and smiled a very sinister smile. [B]?Say hello to Ms. Quinnzel for me. Good bye, Stacy Miller.?[/B] The man left the room and made his way back to the living room. There, Sarah was now standing at the same spot she was sitting in, the knife still in her leg. The man walked over to Sarah. She looked for a way out. The only way she saw was behind her. Thru the window. But there was no escape ladder. The man walked up right in front of Sarah and stood still. She was frozen in fear. [B]?I?m terribly sorry Sarah. It?s nothing personal.?[/B] And with that, he kicked her thru the window, down 5 stories. Then, the man walked out the front door, leaving the screams of Stacy to consume the apartment level.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=black]Lucid felt accustomed to the dirt of an ancient ruin. Meditation in the Temple of Nexus boosted his magical powers and sensitivity, but the light of the outside world just didn’t feel like home anymore. His goal was in reach now, the key to gaining the most powerful magical item of all, Lancea Longini, or more adequately named: the Spear of Destiny. [/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][COLOR=black]Though he had never set foot on these grounds, Lucid knew exactly where to go (though if a stone wall happened to be in his way he removed the optical with a few blasts of purple energy) finding his destination without fail. The holy lance was in the clutches of a statue shaped like a roman soldier, in a room lighted by green flamed candles. [/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][COLOR=black][B]“We have been waiting for you Reclaimer.”[/B] The voice was from behind him, He turned and drew his sword. The man who said this, was Doctor Fate. [/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][COLOR=black][B]“We? I can only see one eager victim.”[/B] Lucid walked confidently, but he could feel something wasn’t right. The room was engulfed in white light, looped crosses lined the room, and from each one Doctor fate emerged. Each seemed slightly different.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][COLOR=black][B]“This world shall not be times play thing Reclaimer.”[/B] There where twenty different Fates, and they had the upper hand. Lucid was smashed by a wave mystical power, the wave then altered to fire scorching the skin under his armor, then finally to electricity paralyzing his body. His mind however remained in tact. He focused on the nexus then teleported away. [/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][COLOR=black]Lucid lay in the main chamber unable to move. His right hand started to glow, he could feel the nexus slowly restoring him. His work was not yet done, and the bar has just been raised.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[SIZE="1"][B]"Aren't they all so insignificant? All so small and meaningless. Don't you think Ms. Amnell?"[/B] He turned ever so slightly to catch her in his sight. She was a beautiful woman, with flowing dark brown hair that was just beyond her shoulders. Her green eyes showed her greatest strengths, her intelligence, cunning and her ruthless nature. She shared views with Richard, ones that lead to a path that often brought either the masses to their knees in submission, or brought the aggressor to their knees before an executioners axe. Her looks had gotten her many places, had taken her high in many organizations, but her intelligence and her dark nature had secured those positions with such a tight grip, that even the most well connected people couldn't hope to break.

He kept her close at all times; he never feared her trying to steal his position of power. She was recklessly in love with him, and he used that to ever advantage he could. He looked to the people out on the streets again; his dark suit with the crimson tie was his normal attire, during business hours of course. She always wore an outfit that made sure the world could see her hourglass figure. Keeping the first few buttons undone so people could admire her cleavage while she slipped the knife into their backs. Figuratively and literally speaking. But, with everything having balance, so did his staff. His other assistant would be around soon, Mr Rahl. Richard grinned to himself at how many people would of killed for Mr. Rahls job. He swiftly turned back to Mrs. Amnell, he hadn't received her answer and knew why he turned back.
"Of course they are, Mr. Atrocitus. They do not yet know that they are soon to be under your command."[/B] His sick smile returned, he put his hands behind his back and turned his head to the sound of the door creaking. The head of man with short brown hair with gray eyes that held a powerful gaze looked at Richard. He bobbed his head in a bow.
"Mr. Atrocitus, the press conference is ready."[/B] Richard nodded his head and Mr. Rahl vanished, the sound of the door closing behind him. He turned to Ms. Amnell and flashed her smile that only she and Mr. Rahl would not flinch from.
"Let?s go meet the public Ms. Amnell."[/B] She only managed a nod before he walked to the doors and flung them open. He walked down the winding staircase with his head held high and his back straight. His red hair shining lightly whenever the light struck him; His calm face, with the distinct smile of his. It put people at ease if it was directed at them, it also made people envy it. He approached the bottom and turned sharply as his first foot touched the floor, and he kept up a steady pace as he finally made his way to the podium. He gently placed his hands on the top of it and looked out at all the cameras, the microphones and the lights in his face. These people were eating out of his hands before he even spoke, they all think they were free people, but the moment the stepped into his sight, they became his. His smile became more gentle and warm, everyone waited patiently, if not buzzing with questions to ask them. He simply raised a hand to silence the crowd, his smile remained and he began to speak in a firm but friendly tone.
?Thank you all for attending this Press conference on such short notice.?[/B] He paused, letting the people wonder at why he would call them here. He loved leaving people in suspense.
?I?ve called you all here today to announce a new direction the Atrocitus Company will be taking. The success of our weapons contracts has allowed us to start investing money into products and industries that will help the general public.?[/B] The cameras flashed and the news reporters went berserk, reaching out with their microphones to ask him a question about his new idea. He simply raised a hand and silence took the room, he fixed his raptor gaze on one female reporter. She wore the usual jacket with the frilly blouse and knee long skirt, all of these weak creatures looked the same to him. He pointed to her and she quickly began her question.
?Mr. Atrocitus, what is it your company will start investing in?? [/B]He grinned to the reporter.
?Perfectly good question, my company will start by investing into the common needs of the people. Both regular and children hospitals, homeless shelters and we will be giving more funding to already open soup kitchens.?[/B] He paused to let the media boil and crave his next words; they started to all blurting out questions, trying to get his attention. He silenced the crowd once again.
?We will also be investing in companies involved with alternate forms of energy that can be mainstreamed. The other companies and industries we will be investing in will be revealed at my discretion as they occur. But, we will be moving forward into many branches, and the rest of the world will share in our success. Thank you all for coming.?[/B] He turned and walked around the mob of reporters, his two assistance walking directly behind in his shadow. The guards keeping the masses away from Richard as he casually walked up the stairs, the crowd behind him becoming a dull rumble as he moved above them. He ran his fingers through his hair, a habit he developed years ago during times of stress or personal frustration. He hardly had those these days, but still did it for no other reason than to do it.

Stepping through the door and walking to his desk he looked out the window briefly before walking around his desk and seating himself in his overpriced office chair and leaned back in it. Mrs. Amnell and Mr. Rahl simply stood at attention, looking at their ?Employer? and waiting for his orders. He waited a few moments as he cleared his head, letting his body relax. He looked to both of his assistance with his piercing gaze, they didn?t flinch but they understood that fear occurred often when taken in by his gaze. [B]

?Bring me my sword, Mr. Rahl.?[/B] He spoke in a low tone, unwilling to waste more words then necessary. Mr. Rahl instantly turned and moved to a side door in Richards?s office, he opened the door and walked into a rather plain looking room. Hardly big enough to fit more than five people at a time, he moved over to another wall and touched it with the palm of his hand. A light emanated from the wall, in the shape of his hand and the wall slide away. Revealing another room that was three times the size of the previous room with several racks of different weapons, and armor collected over time. Each rack and each armor stand was encased in a pressurized chamber, further preserving it in near perfect condition with other items having battle damage done to them.

Hidden in one of the corner of the room, a simple sword made of bone for a blade, with a worn leather handle wrap and a flint spike on the end of the handle. Mr. Rahl casually punched in the code into the digital keypad, and the container hissed as the pressure equalized. He carefully reached into the case and removed the sword, he walked from the room, the door closing behind him and he walked into the main office to see a seven foot tall man with black braided hair handing to his shoulders. Fetishes of bone and of crows and ravens feathers hung from the braids.

His face was slightly scarred, and his expression was unforgiving with his cold eyes staring down Mr. Rahl. Mr. Rahl approached and when he was only a foot away he kneeled down and held the ancient weapon up to his master. The giant being looked from the man to the blade, he reached out and gripped the swords handle in his fist. Holding it up as he felt its familiar weight, twisting it and turning it in his hand. The motion swiftly turned into a deadly show of his renewed prowess as the blade became a blur in his hands. He instantly stopped; he showed a grin that revealed filed down teeth with black markings on each one that formed a complete symbol when his teeth aligned. He looked to his two assistance, both were kneeling now looking up at him for their next orders.
?Mrs. Amnell, would you please open the window.? [/B]She rose and opened the abnormally large window, the high window blowing into the office, scattering papers and other lose objects. He turned back to his two servants.
?You two should go out tonight, enjoy the evening while it?s still young. Go to dinner and a film, make sure you use the company card for all your expenses.?[/B] They both nodded and moved to the door.
?And one final thing.?[/B] he said as they both reached the door, now looking back him. He spoke in a deep tone this time.
?Make sure my look alike is out in public tonight and close this window behind me. But, most of all, make sure to have fun.?[/B] He said in a cold tone as he let a throaty laugh as he rushed the open window and leaped into the night air. Leaping right into the building across from him and digging his hands into the concrete walls as he slide down almost a hundred feet. Once he stopped, he immediately scaled the building until he reached the top. Running quickly and fluidly, he leaped to another building, landing on the roof this time, creating a small crater where he landed.

He ran faster this time and leaped once more, this time landing in the street. The force of his drop ripped apart the concrete and the street, several cars rolling away and even more activated their obnoxious alarms. He sprinted down the street, tearing up asphalt and street paint with each step. He smiled the whole time, the rushing feeling of being able to leap like he did, to be able to run like he did. But, even more so, to destroy like he did.

But, he need to find and old accomplice, one that he has associated with for many years. Years that sometimes he pushed from his mind since it was during his time as a meaningless and insignificant gnat on the ass of the society he now was taking control of. He needed to move fast, because his accomplice never stayed in the same place for long, always moving out of pure boredom really. He raced off into the darkness, laughing with dark intent as night enclosed around the world. His laughter, drowned out by the screaming masses, but not in his mind.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][B][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=1]“Son!”
James’s father is inches away. His eyes flash with a mixture of sadness and pure joy.
“My god, I thought you had been killed in duty!”
James felt is eyes grow hot as tears swelled in his usually dead eyes. He reached out for his father, but as soon as his arms moved numbers appeared in his fathers eyes and a sickeningly wide grin contorted his face. Before James could say another word, his father detonated.

James jolted awake, writhing in agony, his body burned as if it was on fire.
“Fuck!” shrieked James, rolling in his bed trying to put out the imaginary flames. After awhile the pain disappeared and James lay motionless. Though the pain had subsided, James could not shake the image of his father from his minds eye. The sickening grin seemed to taunt James. James had had his fair share of nightmares but this one felt different.


[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]When you’re running from something, you rarely pay attention to where you’re running too. You spend your whole life running, and you might just find yourself in your pursuers den.[/COLOR]


“Wha’da we got?” bellowed the man crossing the yellow police line. He was 6’ exactly, and in excellent shape for someone his age. His hair was still jet black but he carried a grey beard and years of wrinkles collected from busting the worst of the worst criminals over the years.

“Commissioner Freeman sir.” Answered a young detective.

“Enough with the formalities, Charles, just tell me what we’re looking at.”

“It’s defiantly him sir. Everything matches perfectly. Thought I still don’t believe one man could do all this.” The detective had moved to intercept the commissioner and was now standing right in front of him. “We got two dead guards; night watch. Everyone else is still alive, though some just barely. I swear it’s like a team of highly trained operatives hit this place. No way one guy could do this. I mean, maybe if he had 8 arms or somethi-.”

“Get back on track Charles.” Ordered the commissioner gruffly.

“Sorry, sir. Like I said, we got two dead guards, both with arms crossed, like they’ve been laid to rest. Then we got 12 guys bound with zip ties and gagged with cloth torn from their own shirts. Some of them had to get carted off to the hospital, on account of serious injury. It looks like they were attempting to make off with some serious loot. The boxes contain military grade micro chips and were supposed to be shipped off today. ”
The detective began walking towards the truck, the Commissioner close on his heels.
“We got one guy in the truck, he looks to be the head of this heist but he aint talking. Forensics took a look at the truck. It’s been disabled.

“What about his calling card?” Asked the commissioner.

“Got right here, boss. No prints or nothing.” Replied the detective as he handed the commissioner a pristine white envelope.

“Inside is the laser disk. We’ve had the techies take a look at it. As always, it’s got short video and pictures on it; enough to put these guys away for a bit.”

“Good work detective. Go ahead and finish up here. Get all those scum balls loaded up and take ‘em to be processed. I’ll finish up here.”

“You got it sir.”
The detective headed off towards two uniformed officers and had them load the thugs into a van parked out behind the police line.

“Who the fuck are you? You sure as hell got it right when you called yourself the ghost.” Whispered the commissioner, to himself.

James wasn’t used to being outside during the day. Most of the time, James was only up for a few hours of sunlight, and he spent that time inside keeping his body up to par with what his duties demanded. However, today James couldn’t get any more sleep after awakening from his nightmare. His watch read 11:00 which was absurdly early, considering what time James had gotten to sleep. Unable to sleep, James began his workout regime. Halfway through however, he still couldn’t shake the images from his dream. He decided that a walk and a hot breakfast would do him good, so he showered, dressed and headed out into the world.

The sun was bright, but luckily James aviators blocked out the worst of it. Dressed in one if his few civilian get ups, he fit right in with the people in the run down neighborhood James was living in. Tango made his way down the street, heading for an old run down diner that locals collected at. He loved the morning, and missed walking up with the sun. He decided he’d make the most of being up and try to forget his dream for the time being. He made his way to the diner and grabbed a paper along the way. Upon arriving, he was escorted to a booth in the back by an older lady. He didn’t doubt that the woman had worked at this diner for the greater part of her life.

“What can I get you hun?” asked the waitress, with a cliché gruff voice.

“What’s the special today?” responded James.

“We got two eggs, however you want, two pancakes, two bacon strips, and two sausages.” It sounded as if this was the three millionth time she had listed off the special. She topped all off by pointing behind her at a chalk board, enumerating the special.

“Sounds good. Can I get double of everything and two biscuits on the side, with a tall glass of milk please?” Asked James, his voice emotionless.

“Sure thing. That’s a lot of food for someone who looks like they don’t eat. I swear you’d seen a ghost, your face is so white.” Responded the waitress as she jotted down his order. “I’ll be back in a bit with your milk.” She said, moving behind the counter, as she yelled his order to the chefs.

James busied himself with reading his paper, paying no attention to the waitress as she practically threw his milk on the table. He was scanning for any mention of his work last night, but found none. This wasn’t unusual. He usually tried to break up crimes that the police wouldn’t want the public catching wind of. A few booths away James picked up the hushed whisper of two men leaning in over their coffee. The conversation was clear as day to James augmented sense.

“I told you I don’t what this guy is planning, but he pisses me off. I don’t ever want to work for him.” One of the men whispered.

“I hear he pays great though. I could use the money, get my girl something nice.” Replied his friend.

“Please Jimmy, that girl of yours is under some other guy right now screaming somebody elses name. Trust me, she aint no good, and this new boss guy aint any good either. Stay away from both of them”

“Fuck you.” His friend retorted.
James scowled as he listened to the two men. He hated the type of men that the two guys embodied.
The sound of plates clacking together brought James back to his own table. The waitress was laying out a number of dishes in front of James. Everything he asked for was there. He didn’t hesitate to start his meal once the waitress had finished putting dishes down. “If there’s anything else you want, I don’t care.” The waitress headed off to another table of guests. He hoped the food was good, as he saw no other reason for people to come here. It was. James proceeded to divide his attention between eating his meal, and monitoring the conversation between the two patrons he had previously heard. Soon all the dishes in front of James were clean. In this time, he had also found out several things from the not so private exchange between the two men. Somebody new was in town, and planning something huge. No dates, but a few associates James might be able to spy on to get a lead. James stood and tossed a few bills on the table and exited the establishment. James ran through what he had just learned and waited around the corner for the two guys to exit the diner. He didn’t have to wait long. As the two men passed by James, standing in the alley behind the diner, he grabbed their collars and yanked them into the alley, where he incapacitated one and questioned the other.

“Shout and I’ll snap your neck.” The words flowed smoothly from James, as his potential informant squirmed, to no avail, in James grip. James quickly dragged the man deeper into the alley.

“Shit! Who the fuck are you?” The man sputtered, running out of breath.

James loosened his grip so the man could talk a little better.

“Keep it down, or I’ll have to kill you.”

“Fuck, Joe sent you didn’t he?! I told that fucker I’d have is money! I still got one more day!” The man continued to stammer.

“Stop talking and listen,” said James, with a calm authoritative voice. “I want to know everything you know about the new guy in town.”

“I don’t know shit. All I know is that my boss wants the guy dead!”

“I think you know a little more than that.”
James calmly snatched the guys flailing arm and dislocated a finger, wrenching it at very bad angle. He didn’t want to break anything, as that might end in a hospital visit, and hospitals ask questions. James didn’t want this guy to talk to anyone legit. The guy screamed under James hand which was now clenched over the mans mouth. James moved onto another finger, repeating the process until the guy decided to talk a little more. Soon his breathing became staggered and the man was defeated.

“Alright, alright. The guy doesn’t have a name but he’s planning something big. Word is he’s teaming up with the Doc. That’s all I know, fuck.”

The mans information could be bad, but it was enough for James to start investigating.

“Thank you,” said James, as he calmly proceeded to take the mans wallet, and relieve it off all it’s cash. “I suggest you get a real job and stay out of crime for awhile. Otherwise, I’ll be seeing you.” James vice like grip closed around the mans neck and the man was soon unconscious.

James didn’t like to steal, but if the target was someone like this man, James considered it more of a donation towards The Ghosts work. The guy would no doubt run to his higher ups and tell them about James, but he was a nobody to the crime families; Just another punk trying to get ahead in the crime world. Furthermore, the man never got a look at James, he was careful of that. There was nothing to lead back to him specifically. As far as anyone was concerned, he was a Ghost.[/SIZE][/FONT][/B][/COLOR]
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[FONT="Book Antiqua"][b]?Nightwing, seriously? Why??[/b] Amy could barely get the sentence out between snickers. They had been sitting at the restaurant for maybe two hours now playing this odd trivia game that frequented ?super? conversation, regarding the rest of the ?super community?. Gabe clenched his jaw and shoved her lightly before offering his explanation.

[b]?Why!? Haven?t you ever seen footage of him? He?s nigh unstoppable, and he doesn?t even possess powers like Superman or Wonder Woman.?[/b] Amy gave an acknowledging shrug for her response, but she didn?t stop chuckling. Gabe simply sighed and slouched back into his seat.

[b]?Alright, alright. I think we can proceed to the next question,?[/b] he muttered, pretending to be irritated. Amy quit laughing and put on a coy face and rubbed her leg against his apologetically. Gabe?s face contorted as he attempted to refrain from smiling, but it was obvious to Amy that she had already ?won? that round, so she drew her leg back in and grinned with contentment.

[b]?Hmmm? Next question? Favorite super villain??[/b] Gabe grinned reflexively. [i]She?s not going to be pleased with my answer?[/i] He opened his mouth to offer his response, but her hand quickly shot up to silence him.

[B]?If your answer is either Poison Ivy or Catwoman? So help me??[/B] Gabe feigned offense and clutched his heart dramatically.

[b]?Threats?! Well when you put it that way, what if I said? a combination of the two??[/b] Amy smiled sweetly and shot a tiny bolt of lightning at Gabe?s leg under the table, causing him to spring up out of his seat and yelp.

[b]?Mr. Freeze then!?[/b] A couple of people sitting at nearby tables turned curiously to stare at the two of them. It wasn?t anything out of the ordinary though; whenever they ?went out? they would inevitably garner the attention of at least one or two bystanders. And, as was the case in this instance, the bystanders were rarely ever amused by their antics. Seeing that the two had settled down, the crowd turned their attention back to their meals and muttered nasty comments under their breath. Amy frowned and voiced her disapproval of the onlookers, entirely ignoring the pained expression on her boyfriend?s face.

[b]?You know, they?re a right ungrateful bunch. If they knew half of the things you did for this city they?d show a great deal more of respect??[/b] Amy ended her sentence abruptly and stared solemnly down at the table. It was easy to tell why she was upset. Obsidian was the hero of the city?and Relic was nothing more than a thorn in the city?s side. But what other choice did she have? Her parents had been villains and she had been given her powers with the hope that one day she too would turn to a life of crime. It was commendable that she had restricted her ?evil streak? to playful non-violent thefts. The life of a hero was something that she felt would never be within her grasp.

Gabe knew the feeling as well. Though his parents had only been thieves at a time in the city?s history where it would be impossible to survive legitimately, his father had eventually succumbed to evil and became a serial killer, even going so far as to murder his mother. The difference was that he had been given his powers with the intent of rectifying his parent?s mistakes, not to maintain them. Gabe reached across the table and cupped his hands around hers, and then simply smiled. She smiled back sadly.

[b]?Thank you.?[/b] Gabe nodded and held her hands up to his lips so he could kiss them lightly.

[b]?Let?s get out of here, okay? We can go flying around town.?[/b] Gabe ended his sentence with an overemphasized wink, which Amy giggled at. Gabe reached into his wallet and threw down the money for the bill plus tip onto the table, and the two made for the exit. Before they left, however, Gabe looked back at their table despondently. [i]Is this the closest we?ll ever have? to a normal life?[/i] Fearing that he may receive an answer should he remain any longer, he spun on his heel and fled into the night air.[/FONT]
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name: Ryan, monodramon
details: looks like a guy with a black shirt and green pants. he has messy brown hair.
character weight: 133 lbs.
age: 16
history: older brother died when i was five, parents divorced when 10, moved to new york when 10.
height: as tall as a regular monodramon.
weight: 19 lbs, 12 g.
characters eye color: dark blue.
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[size="1"]9:27 P.M. in the Titan Tower in San Francisco, all the Titans were winding down from a busy day of training and study. The Titans were all in the main hall, which was a very sizeable room. It had just about everything they could need. A kitchen, a dining area, and an entertainment center, with the latest and greatest tech. At the entertainment area, Cyborg and Changeling sat on a blue, denim couch, playing X-Men VS Street Fighter. Falcon was at the dinner table head, reading a detective story. It was a series he had enjoyed since he was a kid. [i]â??The Adventures of Question.â??[/i] He had read them all, but that didnâ??t stop him from enjoying the suspenseful tales of one of the worlds greatest detectives. Miss Martian and Wonder Girl were at the other end of the table, reading the latest gossip magazine. It was another good day at the Titan Tower.

Then, the alarm goes off. The warning screen took over the game taking place on the television. [b]â??Crap!â?[/b] Changeling yelled. The other three had put their literature down to see what was the matter. Falcon rushed to the console in the kitchen area. [b]â??I was just about to take you down!â?[/b]

Cyborg scoffed a bit. [b]â??Yeah, in your dreams, B. Yo, Falcon, whatâ??s the deal?â?[/b] Miss Martian was now floating above her chair. Wonder Girl had her hand on her lasso, ready for whatever was about to transpire. Falcon hit three buttons and a small counter with 02:00 on it popped up.

[b]â??Thereâ??s a bomb in the tower!â?[/b] Falcon yelled, backing away from the console a bit. [b]â??Weâ??ve been sabotaged.â?[/b]

[b]â??Is there no way to disarm it?â?[/b] Miss Martian asked as she made her way next to Falcon.

[b]â??No time. We need to get out of here. Now!â?[/b] Falcon ran back to his chair to retrieve his staff. [b]â??Titans, evacuate!â?[/b] With that, they all made their way out. Miss Martian lead the way. Wonder Girl, Falcon, and Cyborg followed closely, while Changeling turned into a raven and caught up with the Martian. They finally got to the front door after about thirty seconds of running. When Changeling got to the door console, he typed the code in, but nothing happened.

[b]â??Well,â?[/b] Changeling began, [b]â??unless someone changed the code without me knowing, weâ??re locked in here.â?[/b] Everyone but Falcon stopped as Falcon went to the console to make sure.

[b]â??Heâ??s right. Itâ??s jammed.â?[/b] Everyone looked at Cyborg, the house tech, for his advice. He just raised his right arm and turned it into a cannon.

[b]â??Good thing Iâ??ve got the secondary password.â?[/b] He pointed the cannon at the door and everyone backed away from it. The cannon whined as it charged. [b]â??BOOYA!â?[/b] Cyborg yelled and unleashed the energy in the cannon, blasting a massive hole in the door. The Titans made their way out of the tower and got into the street. The tower was on the outskirts of San Fran, so they didnâ??t really have to worry about the explosion doing much damage except disturbing the peace. They made it about one hundred meters from the building before if finally exploded. They all turned to see their home burn. They all had a different idea going thru their heads. Falcon began to figure out who could have done this, while Wonder Girl did the same, but with a bit more [i]â??phyicalsâ??[/i] results to ensue. Cyborg had an expression that could only be described as sad on his face as he watched the tower fall to pieces, along with his newly upgraded room and the car he had spent months reworking after a run in with Dr. Light. Changeling had grown more serious in nature as he tried to snap Mâ??gann out of her fear instilled trance as she gazed into the fire.

Wonder Girl was the first to speak up. [b]â??Alright, who in Hades did this!?â?[/b] This caught everyone but Falcon off guard and they all came back to reality.

[b]â??I honestly have no clue.â?[/b] Falcon stated, still looking down at the ground in wonderment, [b]â??but two things are sure. First off, whoever this was, they must have been very good. They got in without triggering our alarm system. And secondly, this was too easy to escape from.â?[/b] The others looked at Falcon with bewilderment. [b]â??If they were really trying to kill us, the timer would have been in the seconds, leaving us the only options of out the window or staying in, either of which would end badly for us.â?[/b] He looked up at the flames with a look of realization. [b]â??But if they didnâ??t want to kill us, they must want something else from us.â?
[b]â??You got that right, little birdie.â?[/b] A womanâ??s voice came from behind the Titans. They all turned to face whoever this newcomer was. When they turned, however, they were met with a small explosion, knocking them all back a bit. Falcon, Wonder Girl, and Changeling all got back to their feet in a fighting stance, while Miss Martian floated two feet from the ground, and Cyborg kept one knee down and his right arm at the ready. When the dust cleared, they saw two figures. One was still surrounded by smoke, but the other was walking forward, exposing themselves. It was a girl, about seventeen or eighteen in age, with blonde hair, light blue eyes, a slender and fit build, a tank top, and jean shorts on. She wore a grin of guilty pleasure on her face. Falcon extended his staff and raised it to point at the girl.

[b]â??Listen, I donâ??t know who you are or who you work for, but Iâ??ll tell you this much: We will take you down if need be.â?[/b]

Wonder Girl intruded in the conversation. [b]â??Need be? By Hera, Iâ??ll smack this bimbo across the county for blowing up my house!â?[/b] and with that, She charged. Wonder Girl was at the girl, ready to strike, when the girl caught her fist and quickly overpowered her.

[b]â??Allow me to introduce myself. Iâ??m called Powergirl.â?[/b] She raised her leg, let go of Wonder Girlâ??s fist, and gave a swift kick to the stomach, sending Cassandra flying backwards. Powergirl grounded herself again and brushed some hair out of her face. [b]â??And this is someone who I know youâ??ve heard of. Heâ??s a recent friend of mine.â?[/b] She mockingly leaned closer and shielded her mouth in the direction of her partner. [b]â??Heâ??s not very social, but heâ??s fun when you get to know him.â?[/b] With that said, the other figure ran at the Titans. When he broke the dust barrier, the Titans could see who this man was. And they couldnâ??t believe it. It was someone in the Red X suit that Nightwing had donned back in the first Titan team, when he had some emotional issue going on. The suit was stashed in the archive room of the tower. This Red X made a b-line towards Falcon, throwing a small red X-star at him. Falcon dodged the ninja star and went in to strike. As he did, Red jumped up, kicked Falcon in the back, propelling both lads in the opposite direction. While in mid air, Red threw another X, this time, at Cyborg. This X hit Cyborgâ??s arm and soon let out a small electrical shock, incapacitating him. As he tried to struggle against the X, Cassie and Gar went for Powergirl. Wonder Girl, now enraged, was yelling at the top of her lungs. Changeling took the form of a triceratops and continued his charge. Powergirl rushed to Changeling and grabbed him by the horns and raised him to slam him down again. Changeling, who knew this tactic, had this planned out. When Powergirl had him vertically above her, Gar changed into a squirrel, slipping thru Powergirls arms, and then he jumped off her back. Powergirl, caught off guard by this, had little time to react as Wonder Girl charged at her and landed a harsh left hook to the cheek. The impact sent Powergirl flying, but while still in mid air, she stopped herself. Changeling had changed back into himself and was right beside Cassie, looking in shock.

[b]â??She can fly!? Manâ?¦â?[/b] Powergirl, visually now angered, let out a small laser blast from her eyes, which Wonder Girl barely reflected the shot, almost hitting Gar in the process. [b]â??LASERS!? What is she, Superman!?â?[/b]

Falcon had been combating Red X while the other two were fighting and Miss Martian was helping Cyborg. Once she had taken the X off his arm, Cyborg was back up and ready to fight. He stood up again, only to be hit by Falcon as he went flying into him. As they both stood up, Falcon looked at Mâ??gann while Cyborg went to fight Red X. [b]â??Mâ??gann, go get help. We need back up. We can hold them off for now, but we canâ??t beat them without help.â?[/b] Miss Martian nodded and took off towards the city to get back up. Her only thought was Obsidian. He was the only one in town that could stand a chance. Falcon watched as she flew off, then focused back on the battle at hand.


The intersection of 3rd and Greene in Metropolis. An ambulance is tending to six people caught in a traffic accident, the police are taking statements, and everyone else is congratulating Static on a crisis averted. Static had prevented two of the cars from hitting each other head on at 50 mph, while pulling one away from a crash course into a building. Everyone was cheering as he finally landed from his metal disk to check the damage done.

[b]â??Thanks kid. Ya did good.â?[/b] a cop patted Virgil on the back. [b]â??Now let us handle the rest of this.â?[/b] The cop went to his car to get a notepad, but Static decided he wouldnâ??t take the officerâ??s advice, just cause he called him [i]â??kid.â??[/i] Virgil knew he was just a teen, but he was still one of the most active heroes in Metropolis in the last two years. He decided to check out one of the stores next to the crash site. He walked in to praise from the other customers. It was a simple Ma-&-Pa convenience store, with fun little products here and there. Static made his way to the back where the soda was. He was browsing the selection when two girls came up to him. He recognized them from his school. They always gave him crap in class.

[b]â??Hi.â?[/b] one of them pitched in. The two girls were pretty popular at school. The one who spoke kind of acted as the voice of the other. Both, however, tended to use Virgil as the butt of a joke. [b]â??That was pretty awesome out there. I mean, itâ??s nothing really new, butâ?¦ uh, wellâ?¦â?[/b] She was being awkward. Made Virgil feel a little more powerful than usual, and he could defy gravity. He could easily abuse his hero allure right now, but he thought it wasnâ??t worth anything but self satisfaction. [b]â??Nice work out there.â?[/b] the girl continued. [b]â??I mean, like wow. Iâ??m a big fan of yours. I was- we were wondering ifâ?¦â?[/b]

Virgil went for a Coke, and turned to the girls. [b]â??Sorry ladies, but Iâ??ve got stuff to do.â?[/b] He headed to the front counter, bought his Coke and with a [b]â??See ya,â?[/b] he left the store. He couldnâ??t wipe a smile from his face as opened his soda to take a sip. But, just as he was about to take the first drink of a fresh soda, from across the street, a person was flung thru a store window into the street. Static put the top on his soda and ran to check on the person. When he got to the person in the street, he recognized them of the bat. It was the Red Arrow. The once Teen Titan by the name of Speedy, Red Arrow was all that was left of the Green Arrow legacy. What he was doing in Metropolis was beyond Static, but that could wait. [b]â??Speedy, you okay?â?[/b] Static went to help up the archer.

Speedy groaned and got to his knees. [b]â??Yes and no.â?[/b] He got to his feet and strung an arrow, pointing at the window he was just thrown from. Static turned to face the assailant, but beyond a foot behind the windowâ??s opening, all he could see was shadow.

[b]â??What happened?â?[/b] Virgil tried to see if he could get some insight before more trouble could stir itself up, but he was too late. From the shadowâ??s came a voice. A strong one, slow but booming.

[b]â??My apologies, Static, is it? But I really canâ??t have you interfere. Iâ??ve some business with this archer, so I suggest you move along.â?[/b]

Red Arrow pulled the string back a bit further. [b]â??Who are you? What do you want with me?â?[/b]

[b]â??And what makes you think Iâ??ll let you get away with it?â?[/b] Static pitched in. Then footsteps from the store. Static could feel each impact of the enemies foot with the ground. This was a big man. The footsteps grew louder as a figure made itâ??s way into the light. It was a man. A mammoth of a man. Almost 8 foot.

The figure made his way into the light, threw the window, and onto the street. The man was wearing a extremely nice suit with some holes in the chest. His skin was a sickly grey in color. In his right hand, an arrow. [b]â??I apologize for not introducing myself to you before hand. How rude of me. Your predecessor knew me, as did your mentor, Static. Black Lightning.â?[/b] The man stood up straight and cracked his neck. [b]â??I am Solomon Grundy. I am here on request of my current employer and partner. He feels that he may need someâ?¦ [i]â??financial backingâ??[/i] for his plans. His first thought was Mr. Richard Atrocitus to help supply us, but we thought we might need to earn his trust. And thatâ??s where our friend Speedy comes in.â?[/b]

Red Arrow let his arrow go, right in between Grundyâ??s eyes. Static couldnâ??t believe what he just saw. And what shocked him even more is what happened next. Grundy reached up, pulled the arrow out of his head, and threw the arrow down, not wincing once. [b]â??They call me Red Arrow, Grundy.â?[/b]

[b]â??Red Arrow. Thatâ??s why Iâ??m here. Youâ??re the last â??Arrowâ?? left in the quiver. And Iâ??m sure the man that is running your predecessorâ??s company would like to see you gone.â?[/b] Grundy began to take off his jacket. [b]â??As for you, Static, I donâ??t wish to conflict with you, but if you get in my way, I will not hesitate to smash you into a fine pulp.â?[/b] Grundy then began towards Red Arrow. Red Arrow loaded up another arrow and launched it at Grundyâ??s face, all while backing up. Grundy managed to block the arrow with his for arm, preventing another head shot. When he lowered his arm, Static was right in front of him.

[b]â??Letâ??s see you block this, grey man!â?[/b] Static launched a bolt of static electricity, knocking Grundy onto his back. [b]â??Hell yeah!â?[/b] Static shouted. He sent out an impulse to bring his hover plate to him and hopped on once it got there. Grundy got back up, looked up at Static, then at Red Arrow, who was now holding three arrows back, and made a dash down the street. [b]â??Hey, ugly, did you think we were done here?â?[/b] Static shouted at Grundy as he ran.

Red Arrow lowered his bow to get a better idea on what Grundy was doing. It only took him a second or two, but when he did, he began to back away. [b]â??Uh, Static. Heâ??s not running from us.â?[/b]

[b]â??Then whatâ??s he doing.â?[/b] Static couldnâ??t understand what had an Arrow frightened. Then he saw it. Grundy had made his way to a parked car. He then proceeded to lift it with ease and chuck it at Static. [b]â??Aw man.â?[/b] Static rose above the car as it passed under him, but just as he was regaining his footing, Grundy was already there, airborne and ready to strike. With a swift punch, he sent Static back a good fifteen feet. Red Arrow ran to Static.

[b]â??You okay?â?[/b] He pulled back his arrows as Static got back up.

[b]â??Yeah, Iâ??m good.â?[/b] Virgil saw the behemoth of a man walking towards them, cracking his knuckles. [b]â??This is going to take a while.â?[/b]


Two inmates at Blackgate Correctional Facility were lying in their bunks. It was lights out for about an hour, but that didnâ??t stop the inmates from discussing business.

[b]â??You really think so?â?[/b] The inmate on the lower bunk said softly, as to not alert anyone else.

The one on the top bunk adjusted himself a bit. [b]â??Hell yeah. Gamble has been taking Dentâ??s old territory ever since he quit the races. I donâ??t think the Penguinâ??s really digginâ?? it. Could be a new street war.â?[/b]

[b]â??What about Riddler?â?[/b] The lower inmate asked. [b]â??You think heâ??ll come back? Heâ??s been out for a while.â?[/b]

[b]â??Nah, heâ??s out of the runningâ??s too.â?[/b] The upper inmate said. [b]â??I hear heâ??s been in the underground, making strange shows, betting in Rouletteâ??s Meta-brawls, that kind of stuff. Heâ??s keeping it low key. Most of the old school guys are. Itâ??s best thing to do, what with Gordon taking them on at full force.â?[/b]

The lower inmate laughed. [b]â??Good thing heâ??s retired. Thingsâ??ll cool down soon. Go back to the old days.â?[/b]

The upper inmate turned over the edge of the bunk and looked down at the lower inmate. [b]â??He may be gone, but the new commissioner is bound to keep his policy. It worked too well. This, whatâ??s his name, Paul Turmen, may not be brave, but heâ??s smart.â?[/b] He rolled back over. [b]â??Keep a working slogan so you donâ??t look like a fool for making a failing one. Now shut up. I need to get my sleep. My kidsâ?? are coming by tomorrow.â?[/b]

As he finished, a loud noise came from the observation center, located above the cells. Then a loud crash, and a guard came flying thru the window and into the middle of the cell block. All the inmates were now very much awake and alert. They made their way to the bars to catch a glimpse of what happened. Out of the hole created by the flying guard came a blue man, wearing nothing but some baggy cargo pants jumped thru and landed in a crouching position. He immediately sprang up and flung his hands out above his head.

[b]â??Ladies of Blackgate Correctional Facility!â?[/b] the blue man shouted. Just as he finished, all the cell doors were unlocked and opened. [b]â??I am Jack Frost, here to bring you good news. Due to over crowding in the prison system from the pesky crackdown on the age old traditions of theft, murder, rape, extortion, and who knows what else, lord knows I donâ??t, you have all received a pardon! Now, they really didnâ??t know what else you wanted, so I thought I would just come down here and let you go find it yourself. The way out is clear and I doubt the guards will care if you leave in an orderly manner, â??cause theyâ??re dead. Now, go and do what you do best: Show Gotham itâ??s true colors!â?[/b] With that, the inmates cheered and made a mad dash to the exit. The inmate on the lower bunk was almost about to run off too, but then noticed that the one on the upper bunk wasnâ??t looking too happy about their timely escape.

[b]â??Hey, whatâ??s up? You get to leave, man.â?[/b] The lower bunkmate said. [b]â??Whatâ??s wrong with that?â?[/b]

[b]â??I get to leave. So does everyone else.â?[/b] The upper bunkmate replied coldly. [b]â??I need to get to my family. I need to keep them safe from this riot.â?[/b] And with that, he ran past the lower bunk mate, who followed close behind.

Jack, however, was still standing in the middle of the cell block. At his right, a purple cloud appeared and out of it a tall woman appeared.

[b]â??That was fun.â?[/b] Jack said, rather proud of himself. [b]â??A lot easier than I thought it would be. Then again, Iâ??m used to fighting meta-humans. I guess the normal ones just donâ??t cut it. So, what do you wanna do now?â?[/b]

The woman put a finger on her lips and thought to herself. [b]â??Hmmm, I really donâ??t know. We could always go to Arkham early.â?[/b] She said in a soft voice.

[b]â??Whoa!â?[/b] Frost was taken aback.[b] â??Grodd told us to wait for his cue. I donâ??t wanna mess with that ape when heâ??s pissed off.â?
The woman walked up to Jack and put her arm around him. [b]â??Oh Frost, you need to take some initiative. Besides you can always say I did it. Of course, if you do, Iâ??ll have to kill you. Besides, we need to get some bigger bait out if we want to hunt big game.â?[/b]

Frost asked, [b]â??Bigger game? Like what, Tala?â?[/b]

[b]â??Oh, I donâ??t know.â?[/b] Tala said, walking away shyly. [b]â??Crocodiles, penguinsâ?¦ bats.â?[/b] That was all she had to say.

[b]â??Iâ??m sold. Letâ??s do it. And besides, you know what they say about the night time.â?[/b] Jack said as Tala opened a portal. [b]â??Itâ??s when all the crazies come out.â?[/b][/size]
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