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I suppose I shoule be asking when the grand opening of the Lair is, Christophe. I'm not known for my patience.

*sits down at a chair and pours herself a glass of blood from one of the many bottles, this one labeled 'musician' *

Mmmmnn... tasty...

Also, do the vampires and other such things have special powers in this RP?
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Now now, ladies.

As for your question, Therese, yes, vampires and demons do have powers. However, the reason I didn't have you put it down on the sign up sheet is that it's a surprise, even for me. However, please be considerate, no powers like auto-kill or anything like that, at least against PC characters.

And Little Erika, I know patience isn't exactly a virtue for the younger ones, but you'll acheive it with time.

I plan on opening the Lair later today, and keeping the sign-ups open. I have possibly a few more clientel, but we'll see.
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