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Anime Otakuboards Top 25 anime nominations


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[color=navy][strike]More topic thievery.[/strike]

A neat little idea I got from another forum.

I thought this might be a little fun thing to do for the OB since this year is coming to a close fairly quick, might I add. What you do is list your top 10 favorites in order (I know, it's going to be pretty hard since it's only ten). When it comes to tallying points, #1 gets 10 points, #2 gets 9, and so forth. Two to three weeks should be enough right or should it be 3-4 weeks? Extention if not enough nominations. Friday, January 15 is where I'm thinking about a cut off date at the moment.

To keep this from being a "list" thread just give a sentence or 2 explaining what you like about it.

Should I have posted this in the convention center?[/color]
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Ok, so my top ten...
2)The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
4)Lucky Star
5)Skip Beat
6)Azumanga Daioh
8)Tsubasa Reservior chronicle
9)Angelic Layer
10)Fruits Basket
this was really hard, I keep wanting to switch around a few of them, I had such a hard time listing these because I enjoyed each show for different things. :catgirl:
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[FONT="Microsoft Sans Serif"][SIZE="1"]I think this'll be fine here for the time being Magus, since it's exclusive to one niche of the site, and not the entire thing.

[B]demon39536[/B], as Magus requested, could you please give an explanation for each of those selections? It doesn't have to be some gigantic five-paragraph essay, just a couple sentences saying why you like each of those series. :) Plain lists tend to be spammy and generate little conversation.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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1 One piece- Every character that is added to the crew has an amazing history. From Skypia to Break in of Imperal Down awesome storylines unbelieveable characters.

2 Naruto/ Naruto Shippuden- once agian in depth characters all with thier own motivations to achieve goals and ultimately get stronger to help each other protect what is important them.

3 Hunter x Hunter- I'm rating this series really high because it made you stop and think about situtations that u normally wouldn't otherwise think about. Plus Gon is just a great main character.

4 Beck- This anime about the forming of a band in the Tokyo underground surpassed my expectations and delivered a story of rock legends and how they are made.

5 Air Master- Amazon chick with crazy flying kicks that is into street fighting. Do I need to say more?

6 Inital D- racing is always fun to watch. Add in the experience of a kid that just got his lience (even though he's been driving for years...) beating seasoned veterns of the downhill in his "hunk of junk". You can't help but root for the underdog.

7 Soul Eater- Once again love the characters Black Star, Soul, Mako, Death the kid and the rest are all fun to watch and see in action.

8 Black Lagoon- I swear they are just a delivery company.. with rockets a gunboat and a ton of additude

9 Cowboy Bebop- I'm sad to see this anime so far down on my list but one of the best to be sure. Spike, Fran, and Ed hunting down bad guys. Plus the music for the series was great.

10 Toradora- ok I got suckered into putting a romantic anime or "slice of life" on the list. This is definatly on of the best of it's kind.

Honorable Mentions

Bleach- I have so big problems with how they just added in certain Filler series.... and some of the filler series itself....

Claymore- loved the series but ended up getting cut from the list..

Air Gear- once again great series loved the concept of them but it just didn't make the cut. I still want the swallow.....

Love Hina- came close but just couldn't get it on the list...
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1) Big O
Most complete anime ever made in almost every aspect but the fact that it is really incomplete LMAO

2) s-CRY-ed
action packed

3) Dragon Ball Z
over 400 episodes for a reason!

4) Yu Yu Hakusho
nice atmosphere in setting and steady plot pace

5) Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket
nice atmosphere in plot

6) Eureka Seven
nice atmosphere, cool music, love story, action, cool effects.

7) Fooly Cooly

8) Inuyasha
no lie, repetitive plot that never got old!

9) Bleach

10) Blood +

will edit later
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1) Gurren Lagann- Great plot and characters, not to mention the amount of fanservice was always just right and never overwhelming.

2) Bleach- Big swords, and small girls with big swords. That is awesome.

3) Skip Beat- This anime has never failed to make my day.

4) Pokemon Kanto, Indigo League- As much as some of the art made me cringe (along with Ash's voice), I will always be a die-hard Pokemon nerd at heart.

5) Black Cat- Sven forever!!! It successfully pulls off both whimsical and serious elements at the same time, and that is something to admire.

Will add more later!:catgirl:
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Oh, why not?

1. [b]Revolutionary Girl Utena[/b]: A great story that somehow succeeds while 1) Begging you to not take it seriously at all, and 2) Being presented in such a way that the only thing you can really be sure of is that 99 percent of what happens onscreen is not meant to be taken literally. In theory I should hate this, because so much of it is ******** symbolism, but all that is counteracted by the series being totally out there and going all the way with its themes and motifs and whatnot. Plus, it has some of the funniest "LOL STALLING" comedy episodes ever.

2. [b]Monster[/b]: Come for the thrilling plot, stay for the amazing way the series effortlessly makes you think about the actions of just about every character (including the near-saintly Dr. Tenma). Tons of memorable characters (including my favorite protagonist and antagonist in anime), great stories and the willingness to let the plot unfold at its own pace. (Seriously, what are the chances this would [i]ever[/i] get made today?? And it has only been about six years or so since [b]Monster[/b] came out, mind.)

3. [b]Eureka Seven[/b]: For my money, the best mecha series I've ever seen (though I am still sort of a mecha n00b, so that doesn't mean [i]too[/i] much). Sure, the characters are almost uniformly annoying and/or complete a-holes at the beginning of the series, but the series in the beginning survives on the fun and adventure of Renton discovering the world, and later, the harshness of his discovering reality. When the characters are able to mature at the halfway point, the series really takes off.

4. [b]Kaleido Star[/b]: HARD WORK AND GUTS meets the circus. In the wrong hands, main character Sora could be an annoying doof, but instead she is the most shining, endearing example of her character type I've seen -- the relentlessly positive, "work until my hands are bleeding" go-getter who won't stop until she accomplishes her goal. Seriously, she is like the Terminator, if the Terminator were a trapeze artist instead of a deadly cyborg. Almost as awesome is Layla Hamilton, who comes off like the Ice Queen, except that she is perfectly willing to lend anyone her respect and admiration -- they just have to earn it, is all.

5. [b]RahXephon[/b]: Confusing and confounding because it takes the "show, don't tell" mantra to the extreme, but I'd rather have to think too much to understand a plot than not at all. Plus, Ayato Kamina is a main character with whom I can really identify -- someone who has ties to two worlds and isn't really sure which he wants to make "his" since they both have positives and negatives. Tying into that, I think [b]RahXephon[/b] has one of the more thoughtful, mature depictions of racism and prejudice I've seen in anime. Also, Haruka is kind of awesome.

6. [b]Gankutsuou[/b]: If there is one thing anime does exceptionally, it's melodrama, and [b]Gankutsuou[/b] is just about the perfect melodrama (not surprising, considering it is adapted from [b]The Count of Monte Cristo[/b]). Vengeance never looked so great on the screen -- people tend to be mixed on [b]Gankutsuou[/b]'s visual style, but I think it's brilliant, lively and fresh. A great departure from Generic Harem Series No. 87. Jouji Nakata's vocal performance as The Count of Monte Cristo may be my favorite ever seiyuu performance. He hits every right note.

7. [b]Rose of Versailles[/b]: Oscar is the GARest character in the universe, but also emotionally complex and, a rarity in anime, a fully-realized woman. What a triple threat! Oscar's struggles with roles and identities is fascinating and fantastic to watch unfold because she carries herself with such grace and dignity, never afraid to go where her heart says she must go. And the backdrop of the French Revolution is of course the perfect place for tragedy to unfold. Still holds up more than 30 years after its initial release because of its complex characters and storytelling, and because of its influential visual style.

8. [b]Planetes[/b]: A recent addition to my top 10! [b]Planetes[/b] takes a hard science-fiction concept (the realities of garbage collecting in space), and with it weaves a very human tale about ambition, human relationships and our duties and responsibilities to the world as a whole. It's a superbly intelligent series with characters you can really get behind. And despite how serious it may sound, the show rarely loses its sense of fun.

9. [b]Cowboy Bebop[/b]: I find that this series slips further down by top 10 as I watch more series, but I don't know if I could ever bear to have it leave completely. Objectively, I would not say it is one of the best 10 anime series of all time; however, as with many other people, it holds a great deal of personal meaning to me as the show that really ignited by anime fandom. That definitely counts for something, and it's a fantastic show to boot.

10. [b]Honey and Clover[/b]: A rare romantic comedy with brains, perhaps because it focuses just as much on the complexities of a group of people at a crossroads in their lives as it does on the budding romantic feelings between certain characters. [b]Honey and Clover[/b] is often hilarious, pleasant and charming, and will probably hit many a college student where it hurts the most with its depiction of several art school students standing on the brink of entering the world. Along with that, [b]Honey and Clover[/b] is also a thoughtful depiction of talent and the differences between those who possess talent and those who do not.
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