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RPG Fallen Angels (Play)

Carren Heart

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Plz Read the Following ? some of you have to change something Please PM me with changes and I'll edit

Okay only the following can post here

Name - Zylik (Carren Heart)
Race- Half-Elf
Age- 65 (17 in human)
Element- Void
Magic- Yes
Notable weapons -
Dragon Fang (Light Blue high lights Deep blue in the middle)
Angel's Wing (Silver high lights and golden in the middle)

Name: Ralvenar (S.S. Trunks)
Race: Elf
Age: 500 (looks 18)
Element: Electric
Magic: Yes
Weapons: Dragon Katana (a golden bladed katana with a black dragon rune engraved in it. It has a green and red handle, and a black hand guard)

Name: Ash (Super Gohan)
Race: Human
Age: 17
Element: Fire
Magic: yes
Weapons: Sword of Pyro.

Name: Xander (Heaven's Cloud)
Race: Elf
Age: thousands of years old, looks 30ish
Element: Wind
Magic: yes
Weapon: Battle sword (think Green Destiny form Crouchin Tiger...) that is a dull crimson color

Name- Samantha (Kool -Aid13)

Race- human
age- 13
Element- water/ice
Magic- Yes
Notable weapons- sword, bow/arrows

Name-Kain (Safer Cloud)
Element- Both are taken plz change
Weapons-Blade of Destiny (think Cloud's buster sword and Green Destiny from Crouching tigger mixed together except they have the color of Cloud's Ultima Weapon)

[Name: Valeigh (Raiha)

Race: Elf/human Hybrid

Age: 17 [actually around150]

Element: Darkness o/ r Metal (Plz Pick one)

Magic: Yes


The Darkblades: Two identical swords, with no hilts, only wrapped with black leather around the handle....

Rue Arience: blast of dark magic from the blades of the swords...takes a good deal of power, and usually
destroys the enemy...

Name: Lupus (Forte)

Race: Elf/human Hybrid

Age: 16

Element: EARTH

Magic: Yes


1: Lavo Sword - He has a sword made from pure lava, he made it himself. It has the seal of rune power so the

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Just a Reminder:)
Name: Xander
Race: elf
Age: He doesn't keep count, thousands of years old, looks 30ish
Element: Wind
Magic: yes
Weapon: battle sword (think Green Destiny form Crouchin Tiger...) that is a dull crimson color


[i]He has seen civilzations rise and crumble. He has watched as the world developed, religions form, gods crumble, and he has seen kingdoms collapse. He watched as famine, plague, and war destroyed the lives of parents and children alike. He has seen all of these things and more...much more, but nothing, nothing has ever disturbed him as much as the present situation.

He has no memory of how he came to be here, this cursed battle field...no not a battlefield, a slaughterhouse. Xander looks around with his ancient eyes, seeing the impaled bodies on the stakes around him. Convulsions rack his body as he glances at the horrors around him. Then he steadies, his fear and sorrow replaced by anger. He is the master of the wind, he will find vengance for these poor lost souls....[/i][/color]
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< A scream echoes across the dead battlefield >

Zylik: < Looks to his Right> What was that?

Valeigh: < Slowly waking > What ?? Were < Sees the battlefield> < Craws backward for a moment>

Zylik: Don't worry .. I won't hurt you !

Ash: The Hell !! < looks around slowly>

Zylik: I don't know ??

Ash: Does anyone know whats going on .. wait ? who are you people?

Samantha: Am ?

Zylik: Samantha ? < Looks over at her> < Looks over at Valeigh> and your Valeigh right ?

Samantha: Y.yes..s I am, but how did you ???? Do I know you?

Zylik: I think so? I know all you names?

Ash: Ooo really whats mine then ??

Zylik: Ash ??

Kain: < Holding his sword up as he leaps from the corner> Who are you ?

Zylik: Kain right ? ease down !

Kain: < Looks over at Zylik> Who the ??

Zylik: I am ? I don't know why but I know you all ??

Valeigh: < Looking to the east> Something or some ones heading this way

< All of them prepare for a encounter < Drawing swords and standing still they all pause and wait >
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[color=indigo][i]Xander sees a group of people standing not far from where he is. He heads towards them, only to find them all on gaurd with their weapons drawn[/i]

Xander-Why do you stand ready to fight without knowing who your enemy truly is?

[i]Ash tenses. There is something in Xanders eyes that frightens him...he mistakes it for evil, but if he was older he might have recognized it for what it really is, age almost to a timeless extent.[/i]

Ash-You...you are responsible for this aren't you


[i]But it is to late. Ash leaps at Xander, sword drawn. He slashes at Xander, but only hits air. His attack is paarried with a swift kick in the rear. Ash rises, incredibly angry. He raises one hand and flames leap out at Xander. Xander stands still and concentrates, a burst of wind snuffs the flames before they reach him, but goes no farther then that. Xander thinks, "Incredible, this boy has such power, my gust was cancelled out by his attack..."[/i]

Zylik-Ash, stop, can't you see that he is not an enemy!!!

Ash-Well he sure has a funny way of showing it.

Xander(laughing)- that is a firey temper you have there Ash, it reminds me of, well me....but Zylik is right I'm not here to fight. I hasve a feeling that we are all in the same situation right now... [/color]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Sere Tuscumbia [/i]
[B]:sighs: Ya'll BETTER let me post in this!!! I SAID save me a spot!!! [SIZE=1]I forgot to post my chara. in there . . . I haven't been on too![/SIZE] So you better let me in!!!

I'm gonna get pissed if you don't let me in,

*~*~~`` [/B][/QUOTE]

[color=indigo]OOC: Well it isn't up to me but I would say go ahead and post your charecter and play...Carren Heart can get it erased if she needs too :)[/color]
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Zylik: Xander Right?

Xander: Yes that is I

Ash: What? A dumb name!!

Zylik: Ash clam down okay

Ash: FINE! Whatever

Valeigh: Men

Samantha: < Hearing something else> People

Lupus: < Walks past a corner> ??? What the ???

Zylik: Lupus is your name right?

Lupus: < Rises eyebrow> Yeah ?

Zylik: we are missing two others ? Ralvenar is he ? and what about ..

Ash: We should not stay here

Xander: Agreed

Ash & Xander : < Look at each other >

Zylik: Hey .. do you guys remember anything ????? What happened here ? and what could have done this ??

Xander: Hey wait a minute ? Zylik why is your mark < Points> different then ours

Zylik: < Doesn't even look> We should be going I have a bad feeling

Zylik starts to walk off

The other pause for a moment or two ?..
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[COLOR=royalblue]Valeigh: None of you haa mark identical. See?

[i]She holds up her palm, which has a symbol of two half circles crossed together, and four red dots pointing in all of the compass rose directions.[/i]

Lupus: That is....freaky....we're all sufering from anmesia...

Valeigh: *shrug* I've still got my sword and my skills....if I die, I'm not going down quietly....

Zylik: I vaugely remember you saying something like that before....

Valeigh: *pulls out both swords* Ah well....so?[/COLOR]
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I'll change my elements.I'm gonna change some other stuff too.

Weapon-Blade of Destiny

Lightning Charge-Kain is engulfed in a ball of electricity and he is able to use his ultimate attack electrosphere.

Electrosphere-A huge ball of electricity is made and is thrown at the enemy.It can only be used after Lightning Charge is used.
Kain-What do we do?

Zylik-Have to get out of here first.

Kain-I'm starting ta feel kinda sick......to many impaled bodies......the stench......

Xander-You are right.We should leave.

Samantha-Where to?

Kain-That person!On that stake I-I-I-I.........

Kain lets out a scream of pain as he sees what has happened here in his mind.He was fighting along side his freind in the frontlines.But he blacksout after a few seconds.
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[color=green] Lupus: Dont forget me..

[i] Lupus releases his Lavo Sword [/i]

Lupus: I have a sword, and i also have weird symbols on my palms..

[i] Lupus shows them, what they see is... A circle in blue, with 5 Triangles on the right, left, top, and 2 at the bottom [/i]

Lupus: Ive had it since birth, i always wondered what it is and what it meant...[/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue]Valeigh: Well, mine glows blue when I'm angry.......but usually it's only one side.

Lupus: Maybe it shows both halves of your personality...

Zylik: Like yin and yang?

Kain: Like both sides of the coin.

Valeigh: *shrug* Whatever. It's my mark, I'll keep it.

Samantha: Well, then....let's go.

[i]The group quickly leaves the blood strewn area, and comes to rest besides a large forest.....[/i]

Valeigh: I wonder..........[/COLOR]
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Kain slowly gets up to hear Valeigh say>

Valeigh: ?. What we were doing there , at that battlefield

Kain: I don't know but I have this weird feeling like ?

Zylik: Like you failed something or someone

Kain: Yes

Xander: same here Kain

Samantha: Me too

Lupus: And I

Ash: yeah here too

Zylik: There must be a town near by ? something we were fighting to protect o/r conquer

< The group continues in silent very little is said, after a good half in hour of walking they see a path that may lead to a town>

Zylik: Listen I think only a few of us should go check it out ?. You know to scout the area

Xander: I argee with Zylik

Ash: Fine ! whatever.

Valeigh: I'll not being left out of the action, so I'm coming with you Zylik

Zylik: Alright that's fine with me

Xander: And I too Zylik

Zylik: okay that's all I'll need so the rest of you ? I guess just hang out and to see if you can remember althing okay ?

< Zylik , Xander, and Valeigh begen to travel down the path>
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< While heading down the path>

Zylik: I wanted to talk to you too about something

Xander: Whats that ?

< Zylik slows down a little>

< Xander and Valeigh walk along side him>

Zylik: I feel as though, I know you to best or at least I should , Like a gut feeling

Xander: I see ? I feel you maybe right Zylik

Valeigh: Hmmm It does feel as thought I know you well or should.

Zylik: Xander when I look at you, its like I'm here to follow you .. like maybe I was employed by you and Valeigh when I look at you that feeling as though I failed heightens

Valeigh: Odd ?

Xander: < sees a town ahead> Hey ! a town

< the party comes to a clearing out of the woods to see yet another horrid sight>

<< Women and children hanging from various structures maybe their own homes even while the men seem to have been fighting something wickedly powerful, their armor seemingly was useless to them, their weapons they are impaled by, a dry river of blood seems to have flowed from their bodies to the center of town to form a small pond >>

Xander: My Lord !

Valeigh: < a single tear> I feel ? I think this was my home

<< Zylik yells over to them >>

<< they look >>

<< Zylik waves over to a statue, they walk over>>

(((( The statue has a small alter on its base, where some kind of worship appears to have been done a child lays lifeless against the alter as though he was praying the look on the child face shows nothing but hopelessness, as Xander and Valeigh look up at the statue they see three winged figures, they awe in realization those figures the child's last prayers were too look exactly like them only with the addition of powerful looking wings))))

Zylik: Whats this ?

< gently moves the child's corpse> written in blood on the alter is simply the word ? (((Please))) spelt wrong as if by a child >
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[COLOR=royalblue]Valeigh: Angels....that have failed to be guardians...

Zylik: I can't believe it...

[i]Valeigh bowed her head, and the tears came thick and fast.....two of them fell to the ground, and where they fell, two small purple flowers grew and twined together...[/i]

Xander: Wow...that's weird...

Valeigh: :therock: Somehow, we have to make it up to them.

Zylik: Right.

Valeigh: :demon: And the pain of this place will be avenged...

Xander: And we will never lie helpless in defeat again![/COLOR]
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[color=green] [i] Lupus doesnt like to wait around, very impatient [/i]

Lupus: Thats enough waiting, im going

[i] Lupus runs ahead to see the town, he makes a sudden stop. He sees the carnage [/i]

Lupus: O.O I-I can't believe this... The entire town, destroyed.

Valeigh: We cant either, we need to avenge these poor people. They didnt have a chance.

Zylik: Then, lets tell the others about this... And move foward, but we need to be careful, there could still be this beast or whatever this thing or things are. So full alert

Lupus: Right, since im the fastest, ill go

[i] Lupus runs back, tells the group, they follow, and the entire group starts to walking into the heart village, searching for life [/i]

Zylik: If you see something, give a yell

[i] They look for any life [/i][/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue]Valeigh: :demon: YAHAA!!

All: Huh?

[i]In one swift movement, she drew her sword and quickly slashed upwards.....severing the head of a monster...[/i]

Valeigh: :flaming: I'll teach you to screw around with a Fallen Angel!

[i]She tossed both swords into the air, and moving her body quickly, she made both land in their sheaths cleanly...[/i]

Lupus: What was that?

Valeigh: *points* A monster.[/COLOR]
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[color=green] Lupus: Time i took out my sword..

[i] Lupus releases his Ryro Sword of pure rock with rune magic ( change of sword ) [/i]


[i] Lupus charges foward and strike monsters down like crazy [/i]


[i] Lupus continues to clear house [/i]

Lupus: Hmm, too many!

[i] Lupus is getting overwhelmed [/i]

Valeigh: Ill help!

[i] Valeigh strike the monsters with Lupus [/i]

Zylik: Me too!

[i] Zylik, Valeigh, and Lupus strike the hundreds of monsters [/i][/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Valeigh continued to jump and dodge, always using her remembered techniques...then she pulled back, and looked aorund.[/i]

Lupus: They're gone...

Ash: That was quick...

Xander: It's like they were never here.

Valeigh: And their blood disapeared too. My swords are perfectly clean.

Zylik: Oka, this is just weird.

Valeigh: Let's get back to the others.[/COLOR]
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[color=green]Lupus: What the... Mine is clean too

Zylik: Ok, maybe it was just an illusion..

Valeigh: Maybe, or shadow warriors..

[i] They walk [/i][/color]
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[color=indigo][i] Everywhere they go there is death. It seems that the slaughter was unbiased. Women, Men, Children, and the Elderly, all are strewn togther. The death seems so absolute in this town...it seems as if there are no survivors. There are tracks in the dust where families had been drug out of hiding only to be slaughtered like chattle. The effort that the town made to stop these creatures wasn't valiante, just pointless.[/i]

Xander- I am not sure if it was an illusion. Maybe it was a glimmer of a past battle, or a glimpse of things to come.

Ash-Well you seem to have all the awnsers, which was it...huh, I think you know more then you are letting on.

Xander-I know nothing more then you do, I'm only telling you what i feel. Those demons could have been real for all I know.

Ash-Yeah well your boring the hell out of me. I'd cut off your head If I thought it would make you shut up, but I bet your decapitated head would keep boring me.

Xander-It is too bad that your sword isn't as sharp as your tounge, you might have made a decent warrior...but right now i have no time to listen to your whineing we have to figure out what to do now.[/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue]Valeigh: SHUT THE HELL UP BOTH OF YOU!!! I am sick of you two sniping at eachother! :flaming:

Zander: But...

Valeigh: I don't want to hear it. We work as a team, not as individuals....

Lupus: Thank you Valeigh.

Valeigh: *sheaths swords* Certainly.

Samantha: So now what?

Valeigh: We either sit around and yell at eachother, or take a walk...

Zylik: I'm hungry.

Lupus: Me....to...[/COLOR]
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Ash (looking at Valeigh)-whispering to Xander- Who stuck the stick up her rear?

Xander-Looks at Ash and breaks into laughter, laughter that is soon joined by Ash's own

Valeigh-Gosh those two are a couple fools.

Lupus-No kidding

[i] The warriors search for food. It looks as though Xander and Ash have made up for now. Both the young man and the Ancient elf are walking around swapping jokes...[/i][/color]
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Kain-This doesn't feel right........war..........

Valeigh-What's wrong?



Kain-Wings flapping......!!Everyone prepare for battle!!!

Everyone takes out their weapon ready to fight.

Xander-There are so many!

Ash-The more the better.

Zylik-I just wanted food.....

Valeigh-We can't possibly win!

Kain-I'll hold them off then i'll catch up.....

Xander-Don't be stupid!How can one person hold off that many monsters?

Kain-He have not even seen my true power.:naughty:

Kain runs off to hold off whatever was coming to attack them and the rest of the group runs the other way.Kain whispers a spell under his breath and is engulfed in a ball of electricity.


Kain let's lose a ball of electricity onto the enemy destroying more than half of them.Kain falls out and gasps for air and luckily Valeigh stayed behind.

Kain-Tol *gasp* d *gasp* you *gasp* to leav *gasp* e......
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<< Valeigh helps Kain up .. As all the creatures fade away as thou never really there >>

Zylik: Odd again they disappear

Valeigh: But why do we keep seeing them

Xander: I still say we all are missing something, I think we should move on

Kain: << See a flash of two winged figures fighting>> Stairs off

Lupus: walks over to Ash ? << Whispers >> somethings not right about all this I feel as if ? well just somethings not right ash

Xander: Okay frist of all I have to ask does everyone have some kind of element they control or have power over, because I've used the power of wind I've seen ash with fire and Kain with energy

Valeigh: << smiles >> Darkness .. I control the darkness

Zylik: << Looks over at Valeigh then at the group >> No I have no power over any element

Samantha: Water I channel water energies

Voice: << all hear it >> the key to your future ? lays in thy past ??. The salvation of this world ?. Known by Oblivion << the echoing voice fades away >>

Zylik: << Face shows no worry >> Oblivion ?????.. << looks down and Whipers >> I know what that means

All: ??????

Valeigh: I know ?. Something of what ? that's means but what ??

Voice: Thy true enemy ? takes the from of a angel

Zylik: << Looks up >>

All: Look at each other

Ash: Its in angel ?. ????

Xander: No that's the from of one ash

Valeigh: Perhaps someone here << Looks around >>

Lupus: Well if you ask me the "angel" of Darkness sounds like the one << Looks at Valeigh >>

<< Lupus and Ash draw there blades >> << Valeigh does the same >>

Xander: Wait guys don't ?.

Lupus: Quiet Xander ?

Samantha: Lupus maybe its you that's why you want to fight

Lupus: You want to be hurt little lady ?

<< Ash runs at Valeigh >> << Lupus swings at Samantha >> << Xander tries to help Samantha >> <<<<<<< A blinding flash of light engulfs the area >>>>>>

Zylik: Whhhaatt ??

ALL : AAAaaaaa !!!!

Valiegh: << slowly being shook >>

Zylik: Wake .. Valiegh .. wake up

Valiegh: << Slowly awakes>> hummmm ??

Zylik: It's the day we've been waiting for Valiegh ? the others await us

Valiegh: << Feeling as thou something important aways>>

Zylik: come on .. my lady I've waited long for this day

Valiegh: << Hears wake Valiegh as she is lightly being shook >> << Opens eyes >>

Zylik: Something happened Valiegh, the others are gone and we're alone in a forest

Valiegh: Looks around < see nothing but woods >

Valiegh: Did you just wake me up before this ?

Zylik: Yes just now

Valiegh: No ! before that ??

Zylik: No you must have had a dream

Valiegh: I guess so << Looks at Zylik oddly >> << Feels like she knows him well all must safe around him >>

<<< Xander and Samantha awake next to each other in a plain area >>

<<< Lupus and Ash awake in a mountainous area >>
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