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RPG The Witches

Akieen Cloud

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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Navy"]Again, this RP will have mature themes AE: nudity, drugs, drinking ect. You have been warned.

January 8, Fuck the date...

Okay so the field exam is today to make sure we're all up to speed and can do whatever we're supposed to do. None of us know what the hell that's supposed to be, what are we fighting crime, gonna be superheros? I highly doubt it. Jensen keeps saying that we're out to save the world, I swear he never grows up and I hope he never does. So many of us are to serious and than there's Malinda who runs around naked. But it's her belief so I can't say anything luckily she keeps herself covered up enough not to distract the guys all that much. Boush just kinda sits there like a bump on a log much like everyone else, though I can't blame any of them, it's not like we have better things to do. Cassen, Bre, and I are usually the conversationalists...at least between ourselves. Bre...it's so hard for him to get close to everyone given his power; we're all SUPPOSED to keep a certain distance from him but I think the goons believe that since we all have powers to we're immune to what ever he really does, they're so stupid everyone of us knows he can control it. As for me...well, there's me. I'm super enhanced I suppose. Oh who am I kidding, I'm a fucking fankenstien wannabe. Oh well, I get my job done well enough I suppose. I just want to know what the hell they're planning on useing us for, I mean there are so many different things that people could do with people like us it's not funny and though I really don't care so long as I have a place to go and food to eat and I'm with my friends they could have me kill baby deer and I'd be happy it's still something to thi-

Shan jumped as her phone sounded off next to her, the ring tone blaring Rob Zombie's Dragula. She looked at the screen and smiled as she answered it.
"Get your team to the lower levels! Can't you guys hear the alarm going off?!"
Before she could snap back the line went dead. Shrugging she opened her door and walked through the hall, her ears twitching this way and that as she knocked on everyone's door. Jensen stuck his head out.
"Lunch already?"
"No something is going down on the lower level, we're supposed to go down and lend some support."
By this time everyone was there and they all nodded. Gathering in the elevator she pressed the button for the lower levels and when the elevator stopped and the doors opened she saw red, literally. The room was covered in it and she blinked as some of it seemed to be moving. What made her blink more was a gigantic wolf the size of a full grown grizzly move through a group of the guards and seem to disappear as a middle aged woman slammed her fist into a man's face with a feral grin that showed inch long fangs. She yelped as some of the blood on the floor by her feet began to flow away from them and manifest into something akin to a spear and pin a man to the wall. She looked around as a voice sounded out.
"Nay! They called them, lets get them out and safe!"
The woman nodded and ran up to Shan.
"You have to come with me, NOW!"
"Why should we?"
"Because they plan on doing to you what they did to us..."
"Make you killers."
Shan blinked as Bre walked forward and nodded as well as Cassen. Shaking her head she to nodded and than looked back at the others who did same.
"Alright, what do we need to do?"
The woman smiled and put her hand to her ear and frowned letting out a growl.
"Would you two knock it off! Get serious would you, yeah they agreed, yes they are in front of me...WOULD YOU JUST GET THEM OUT YOU LITTLE FREAKS!"
Shan blinked as she heard laughter from an earpiece she had her hand over and from the man not far from her who seemed to be controling the blood on the ground. As she was about to open her mouth to ask a question black mist swirled around them and she found her self on the outskirts of the facility grounds infront of two middle aged men rolling around on the ground wrestling. She jumped as the woman's voice barked behind her.
"Damo, Sin! What the hell did I tell you?!"
The had the nerve to blink and look sheepish. Her friends seemed to be as confused as she was and she stepped forward.
"Excuse me, what the hell is going on here?"
The woman shook her head at her comrades and looked over at her.
"I'll explain in a moment once we're safe. I'm Nayomi, just call me Nay."
She found herself surrounded by the black mist again and than in a small penthouse apartment, taking a quick look out the window she blinked as she saw the Eifle tower, they were in Paris France. Feeling slightly lightheaded she put her hand to her forehead and looked up as the man that was in the building as well began to rummage around til her had produced enough food to feed a small army.
"Help yourselves. If your anything like us, you can put food away will a vengeance."
Shan nodded and grabbed an apple out of reflex but stopped before it made it to her mouth.
"You said you would explain when we were safe...are we?"
Nay turned to look at her.
"Yes, and if you'll all take a seat we will explain. My name is Nayomi, I was once part of the organization you were. They made us believe that we were killing our enemies for many years til our youngest member Sin-" She pointed to a young man with red hair "Found files that stated otherwise. They had been brainwashing us as they put us through the simulators, same thing they were doing to you as well."
"Um...simulators? We don't even know what we're supposed to be fighting..."
Nay cocked her head to the side in a dog like fashion making the two men in the corner huddle together and laugh drawing a growl from her.
"We were led to believe that we were supposed to be killing werewolves and the like....uhm. Okay. The organization was once nearly destroyed by the Lykea clan due to the murder of their prince...ordered by Red, the old commander. I'm sure you've heard of him?"
The all nodded.
"Okay, good...um, look long story short they were using you."
Shan put her hand on her chin and pondered on the information given to her til a thought made her look up so fast she nearly go whiplash.
"Your Nayomi Talon, Duke Manson, Damo Jackson, and Sin Finche...your marked traitors in the books there."
"You hear that guys? Traitors...I'll be. No we found out the truth and decided to put in our resignation papers."
The other three smiled and shook their heads.
"Look, we can't stay here long, we have to keep moving cause knowing the successor of Red you all had tracking chips implanted in you when you got there. We cause a good bit of chaos so it'll take some time for them to be able to get together enough to find you a day or two max so we have some time to rest. I know this is alot to take in and I'll explain everything as soon as I can. Til than I'm asking you guys to trust me, we're like you. More than you think. Just please trust us we're not going to-WOULD YOU TWO KNOCK IT OFF!"
Everyone turned to look at Sin and Damo as they looked up from the tangle of limbs they were from wrestling again. Sighing Nayomi pinched the bridge of her nose and shook her head.
"Please get comfortable. We'll be moving again soon so get a bite to eat and relax."
They all nodded, only for lack of words and moved towards the food Duke had lay out for them and hung their heads close together and began to talk.
"What do you guys think?"
Jensen looked up at Shan and smiled.
"Complete nut jobs, I like them!"
Everyone looked at him and shook their heads, guess there was one in everyone group.[/COLOR][/FONT]

Whew! That's done! Hope it's satisfactory!
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[SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Century Gothic]This was a bit much for Malinda to take in, but she did her best. She also tried to find a way to help everyone relax, since they were probably as on edge as she was from all of the random teleporting and the mystery 'rescuers' who could just turn out to be kidnappers, just a test, or who knows what else. Malinda just hoped that she could believe what Nay had told them.

Looking for a way to change the tense mood in the room, Malinda snuck up behind Shan and slowly helped her out of her clothes. As they dropped to the floor, before Shan could ask what was going on, Malinda rubbed her naked body up against Shan's and gently kissed her neck.
"Let's eat, Shan. I don't want your clothes to get messy though." She patted a chair as Shan sat down, both of them now naked. Malinda sat on Shan's lap and feigned helplessness.
"Feed me please, Shan. I'm tired."

Soon, she wanted to explore the town. She had never been to France before. Right now, she was starving. Hopefully her little flirting with Shan had helped ease the tension in the room, or at least replace it with a tension of another kind, when it came to Shan at least. Malinda held back a giggle.
"Isn't anyone else hungry?" She asked, looking around before Shan popped a piece of food into her mouth.

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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Shan sighed and glared gently at Malinda and stood up making Malinda fall into the chair with a slight 'oof' and looked down at her.
"You know I don't hide myself and I don't care that you walk around nude, but I would like a warning next time before you decided to molest me in front of everyone. I'm not shy in the least but I think you just overloaded many of our friends here."
She looked to Jensen who was staring open mouthed at the two woman and laughed as Malinda chuckled and nodded.
"Besides, I think Bre would get the wrong idea and I don't want that now do I?"
She looked at Bre who seemed to be playing everything off as if it didn't happened and rolled her eyes. Getting dressed she gave Malinda an apple and sat down on the table watching the others her eyes drifting to their 'friends' and than to her group. She didn't know what was going on but she was sure that they would explain one way or another.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Bre looked around the apartment on his own analytically. With his trusty note book in hand, he wrote down everything he saw, and sketched some things that were beyond his descriptive skill. After taking note of each new witch he met, writing their name general appearance and a summary of their powers into a chart he quickly drew up, Bre walked over to the apparent leader of the new group Nayomi.

"You said we were micro chipped?" he asked with a sort of all-knowing air about him.
"Yes, we were, it isn't like Red to change his methods on a whim. They'll be using them to track you even now." Nay replied with obvious annoyance coating her unusually serious tone.
"That?s impossible." Bre shot back the instant Nay was finished, triggering a confused look from her and most of the older group. "That method of tracking us is denied effectiveness by my abilities." his oddly technical explanation of his point did little to lower confusion, so Bre reiterated his point as simply as he could. "I am electrokinetic, it isn't immediately noticeable but I give off a low powered electrical field at all times, it's sufficient to scramble most radio waves. I'm fairly curtain the only way your headset worked was because your darkness manipulating friend was within the same building." Bre concluded.

"Well that's just bloody brilliant!" Duke called out walking across the room to join the conversation. "We've now got a Russian roulette style riddle on our hands. Either the organization was tracking you through direct observation only with cameras and stuff, or they had psychics followin' your minds. If it's the cameras we're set, they'll have seen Sin's little rebellion toward the popularity of light shows but nothing else" He paused to chuckle "However, if they had the mind to use your minds against you, they'll be here before we can make your beds." Duke's attire consisted of a sleeveless shirt and black jeans. The look didn't suit him, which led to the assumption of how practical it really was. The other most notable feature of Duke was his half spiked blood red hair. More subtly however, were the scars, both of Duke's arms were nigh covered in scars of all sizes, most appeared to be self inflicted contradicting how on display they were.
"...I see, it seems fitting to send blood hounds after a hemokinetic like Duke...I understand..." whispered Hathfertiti from a completely solitary corner of the room.
"Who is she..?" Duke asked looking over to her as she talked seemingly to herself.
"Quiet!" Bre whispered as loudly as he could without seeming intrusive "Her name is Hathfertiti, she's necromantic. Just let her finish"

Duke raised an eyebrow "Necro- ... Wait you mean she'd dead?" he asked without lowering his voice.
"Does she look dead!?" Bre shot back.
"Have you seen a vampire?" Duke replied with a cocky smirk.
"The organization sent blood hounds, they said you'd know what that meant" Hath said aloud referencing to the empty space in the corner of the room.
"Oh shit!" Duke nearly shouted. , resulting in lost or confused looks from most of the younger group.
"What are blood hounds?" Asked Bre, already prepared to write a word for word explanation in his note book.
"Blood hounds aren't a what, they're a who. The Blood Hounds are a group of elite witch hunters, it consists of at least 2 powerful telepaths and a few werewolves at all times, though the remaining three or four members are always changing. If the organization sent them we can be sure they'll be on us in an hour or two.

As Bre and the others went back into the main room to tell the others, they caught a scene of Shan feeding Malinda food while she sat upon her lap, both of whom were nude. Bre shook his head and jotted something down in his notebook, while Nay frowned at them for being so foolish in such a serious situation and Duke merely put a hand over his mouth to stifle the laughter at the new recruits 'open relationship'. The pause brought on was long enough for Shan to stand up and get dressed, while also giving her enough time to close Jensen's mouth.

After that, Nay explained to the group that the Blood Hounds were after them and explained who they were. "We only have a little time so introduce yourselves and grab something to munch on we gotta be outta here within the hour" Duke concluded.
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As Shan fed Malinda Boush tore his eyes away from the scene figured it might be good to figure out what exactly was going on(as it isn't like he hadn't seen them do that kind of thing before). Wandering up towards Bre and Duke, Boush over heard about the blood hounds coming and that they had to fight soon.

Figuring this all too suspicious Boush walked up to Nayomi and asked "so would they really just send a group of 6-10 men to take you guys out, you did force your way into the base and 'kidnapped' a large group of future workers/killer or what have you, not to mention your badly wanted. Besides the fact that i believe they could have a power to track us that isn't electrical, i'm sorry to say this but it's better this come up now then during the fight but for all we know this could be a trick to get rid of anyone who will rebel against them in the future, maybe those who fight the hunter unit with you will just be stabbed in the back". [I]given I'm sure one of the information gatherers would find this out before hand[/I].
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Nayomi speared Boush with a glare she let out a growl, her inch long fangs showing nicely. Before she could speak Duke was there with his arm wrapped around her shoulders and whispering in her ear to calm her. Duke looked at Boush.
"Try not to get her upset, she's been having problems with her feral side lately."
Nayomi closed her eyes and took a deep breath taking in Duke's scent and sighed as she let the breath out.
"Alright. You wanna know about us? You got it, Damo, Duke, Sin and I were all part of a group that hunted creatures of the dark you could say. Vampires, werewolves, sirens, undead, that sort of thing. I was supposed to be going on a secret mission on my own a few years after we finished our biggest mission. We stopped the gates of hell opening thanks to our little brother Sin." The young man mentioned blushed as Damo elbowed him playfully. "I was to be sent on a secret mission to see the werewolves, alone. During this mission I was supposed to 'die' and come back as a completely different person with new powers and everything. Eventually Duke here wrung it out of me and we ran. We were on the run for a few months when Damo and Sin here caught up with us. We were in contact with the rest of the group but after a time they all just stopped calling back. JB is the only one still there and lets us know what's going on. He's the one who told us about you and when your 'field exam' would be. He should be showing up here within a few moments as a matter of fact."
She looked at Boush and raised an eye brow.
"About this being a trap, you won't know for sure til you choose to believe that you can trust us. For all you know I could have just lied to you about everything."
"I trust them."
Everyone turned to Shan as she stood up and walked away from the counter she was leaning on and put her arm on Bre's arm smiling as a static zap went through her elbow.
"I've read alot of books about the history of that place. All this things she said except where she's blamed the organization, they just said you went rouge."
Nayomi rolled her eyes and let out a short growl.
"Red would. Look, if they really have sent out blood hounds we need to be ready to run into them at any moment. I need to know what you all do and how strong it is."
Shan stepped forward and smiled showing her fangs.
"I'm a genetic freak. They tried fuseing werewolf DNA and venom into my mother, it killed her but changed me. I have all the strengths of them but none of their weakness. I have my own opinion but I want to know if you think their story is sound."
Bre closed his notebook and looked at Shan, his look unreadable as usual and only gave a curt nodd and reopened his book making Shan roll her eyes.
Alright, we'll trust you for now-"
"Shan I don't think-"
"Boush, we don't have any other option. We're in Paris France and I have always been questioning their methods. We'll trust them for now. If they try anything, we'll kill them."
Duke laughed out loud and flopped down on the couch and let his eyes fall as Nayomi lay down and put her head in his lap smiling up at him.
"You think you could kill us? We've been doing this for years. You guys are just-"
"Duke, give them some time to settle in, most of them aren't even sure what is still going on. This has moved so fast."
Duke looked at Sin and nodded leaning back against the couch and letting a smile slip into place as Nayomi got more comfortable. She looked at the group.
"You can ask us anything, we'll answer to our best ability. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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Jensen listened and took everything in, and in truth it was a lot to swallow. He'd been a believer in the things that he'd been taught. They were "different" but would be using their unique skills to help usher in a new world. Bringing peace to the wartorn countries of the world, fighting off the "monsters under the bed", and now to find out it had all been a lie?

He'd been eyeing the ones called Damo and Sin from the get go, he was amazed that through all this team had been through, and the stories of the traitors had been legendary, they still stayed so carefree. Hell in one day Jensen felt like he'd lost his total identity, he felt lost. He stood up, he could feel that his face was a forelorned look that none of his team had ever seen cross his carefree face.

"Okay, so what you're telling me is that all the training, all the fighting, it was all to be trained to kill the same things that are tracking us now?...Well aren't they probably kicking himselves now." The familiar smile creased Jensen's face as a new sense of purpose filled his mind. If they weren't being trained to save the world, well that just means they were trained to save the world from the people who created them.

"So I do have one big question for you Nayomi?" The woman didn't give him the odd look most people do when they first meet Jensen and are trying to figure them out, most likely from dealing with Damo and Sin, "Where can I get a burger and fries? Fighting for your life is meaningless if you're not defending a full stomach."
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Natomi burst out laughing so hard that even Duke was shaking from the tremors of it.
"Your in France my friend, there are SO many better thing to eat here than that, but if that's what you want feel free to go out and get it."
Duke looked down at her and frowned.
"The blood hounds?"
"Oh psh, he'll be fine, if they show up Sin can just bring him back from where ever he is. Sin knows this place better than any of us around here."
Sin blushed lightly and gave them all a winning smile. Nayomi looked back over at Jensen.
"But if your not wanting to go out, our friend JB fitted this place with pretty high tech stuff, i dunno where he got it or how the thing works but there's a device in the kitchen that if you input what ever you want it'll make it for you. He's pretty damn smart."
Jensen smiled and nodded but than blinked as he found Damo and Sin fighting to make it to the kitchen first.
"Blood hell Damo! I said I got to use it first and you agreed!"
Nayomi rolled her eyes and nodded in their direction.
"I never told them he came by and put it in while we were gone to get you guys. They've been dying to use it."
She chuckled as Jensen rushed over to see how the thing worked as the other two young men were gawking at the bowl full of a hot fudge sundae that Damo had put in only to see them pout as Nayomi took it and handed it to Bre.
"The last thing you two need it sugar."
Shan laughed at the face Bre made and took it from him and ate a spoonful smiling happily.
"It's good."
Almost everyone gave a chuckle as the three carefree young men began to play with the machine til the counter tops were covered with even more food than Duke had laid out when they had first arrived.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=3][FONT=Century Gothic]Malinda laughed at the sight of all of the food. It was a very ingenious and useful machine. She would put good use of it soon, but right now she remembered something very important. Even though Malinda was as hungry as the others, it had to wait. She ran off into another room, frantically searching for her bag. Finding it, she ran back after grabbing a jar from the bag and found Nayomi.
"Nayomi, I have a question." Malinda whispered.
Nayomi turned and looked at Malinda, who held up the jar.
"In this jar is supposedly earth from the lair of the first werewolf. Now, if that's true then it could be possible for the Blood Hounds to track it. However, if it is true then it's also possible that this could help power my spells against the werewolves. Well, you said to ask you anything. My question is this, what should I do with it? Can we find out if it is the real thing and protect it from being tracked if it is? Or do we need to dispose of it?"
Malinda looked intently at Nayomi, waiting for her answer.

[B]OOC: Another short one. However, I'm going to be busy this weekend, so I didn't want you guys to think I disappeared on you.[/B]
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“I wasn’t in the mood for a Sundae anyway” Sin pouted looking less convinced by his lie.

“Oh really?” Nay said amusingly, “That’s perfect, then why don’t you escort our hungry friends to that little restaurant you and Damo love so much, it’s just a two blocks away.”

Sin and Damo exchanged looks, “ It would give them a good chance to get some air, but stay low at the first sign of trouble get here at once” Duke said tossing an earpiece to Sin. “Damo, I think you should go too”

Sin made a face, “I’m not saying you’re incapable L’ansiny, I just believe with Damo being psychic and all he’d be able to sense someone with ill intentions before you can.”

“Additionally I’ll be there to make sure you don’t get these guys killed” Damo grabbed Sin’s wrist as he was about to storm off, “You know I’m just kidding” Damo put his around Sin all chum like and began walking towards the door which he opened telekinetically.

“It’s safe to walk on foot there. It’s tourist season so our group being as big wont be out of place in this part of town.” Sin said.


“They appear to be leaving the build as we speak, Instructions sir?”

“Keep on their tail, Be careful Fran we don’t know what these people are capable of.” Fran Checked his twin guns then put them back in his thigh’s hoister. He counted the vials of potions he had in his pocket they could stun a full grow werewolf. In the beginning Fran didn’t know how to use his powers as an offence so he relied on basic witch skills, potion making and incantations which is why he felt prepared and confident.

“Yes sir, I will…” Fran put his earpiece in his shirt pocket and watched the group intently while sticking to the shadows.

OOC: My hiatus has made me fill so newbie like to everything lol… bare with me guys
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Watching as the small group left, Hathfertiti caught a small glimmer next to Bre?s right side. Giving her full attention to it, Hath realized it was a figure pointing urgently to the door. ?What is it?? Hath asked the shadowy figure.
?Trouble is coming. Someone is waiting for them outside. This will not end well.?
?Do you know who?? Hath asked quickly.
?No?? The spirit replied as it faded away. Looking up to see the rest of the group staring at her, she relayed what the spirit had said to her as clearly as she could.
?It said there?s something bad out there.? Hath warned urgently, running to Bre ?You should go after them.? Bre froze up not knowing how to react.

Realising how she accidentally asked Bre specifically, Hath blushed and backed away. ?I mean?you all?you all should go protect them.? She kept to herself that she felt little harmless electric shocks run up her arm. Bre was careful to document the event into his notebook with a curious look on his face.

?I?m sure they haven?t gone far yet, so there?s still time to reach them.? Hath said hurriedly, making her way to the exit. She looked back to see Duke following close behind her. She stopped suddenly, confused by the stranger?s surprising trust in her.
?Well are we goin? or what? Our friends are in danger right?? Duke questioned.
?It just surprised me is all. Not many people give me their trust right away. Thanks.? Hath answered back, as she took off again.

Sorry it took me so long to reply, I'm a little busy atm with exams this week.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Shan and Nayomi led the way as they ran out of the apartment the two of them having the better senses of smell Nayomi picked up on Damo's scent almost instantly and nodded to Shan who fell back and put a hand on his shoulder making him look at her.
"I want you to do me a favor."
He gave her an odd look but nodded pulling out his notebook to make a note of it and rolled her eyes.
"I want you to lock onto their electrical signal, I'm no genius but I know we all have certain electrical currents going through our bodies to help run everything so I want you to lock onto them and tell me if anything seems off about it or not."
Bre nodded silently and closed his eyes, Shan's hand on his shoulder guieding him on where he needed to go. He opened his eyes and looked at her, the look on his face told her all she needed to know.
"Let's move!"
She doubled her pace and raced past Nayomi who growled and shifted into her wolf form and caught up easily, Duke not far behind her.
"What the hell do you think your doing pup?"
"My friends are in trouble and damnit I'm going to help them!"
"Did you forget, my FAMILY is with your friends, slow the fuck down or your gonna get us all caught."
"Not likely."
She let out a growl of her own and looked back at Bre and nodded giving him a sign that it was time for a fight, the others got the sign as well and they all split up into pairs moving towards Jensen's location. Bre was with Shan, she didn't know who else went with who but she was glad that Bre had decided to stick with her.
"Are they alright Bre?"
He gave a short nod and continued to follow her as they spotted Duke and Nayomi running on the roofs above them giving a look out from above. Shan growled and pushed her self to she was running at her limit not at all shocked to see that Bre was keeping up with her effortlessly. She looked back and gave him a small smile before all hell broke loose. The first thing she noticed was that the area they were heading for was ablaze and the next thing to hit her was the smell of burning flesh, it burned her eyes and made her want to vomit. She stopped and covered her nose, her ears twitching this way and that listening for anything. Spinning around to her left she ducked as something large came flying by their heads to slam into the building behind them and rise growling. She knew what it was just by the smell.
"A Beserker..."
Bre looked at her oddly.
"Besekers are werewolf's that can't control their anger, nothing can stop them except cutting off their heads...What are they doing here?"
She planted a foot and readied herself to fight when Nayomi dropped down on the best from the roof and growled.
"Tell your friend to get rid of that dirt she showed me earlier! It's driving them wild! Then, get your little friends and get the hell out of our way."
Shan growled and smiled as sparks began to emit from Bre's arms.
"We can fight."
Nay sighed and nodded.
"Fine have your fun but if any of you die, it's on you not me."
Nayomi bent down and ripped the throat out of the beast she had pinned and looked up, her long fangs dripping the deep red of the beserkers blood.
"Well, if you can fight get to it pup!"
Shan growled but smiled showing off her own fangs and sprinted in the direction of the others ready for a fight.

OCC: Okay, we're moving! Out first enemies are Beserker werewolves, they can not be talked to at all. They have lost all sense of humanity in them and are nothing but mindless beasts...that are very tough. The only way to kill them is to take off their heads. But, since we're just starting out make it interesting; like I said these things don't go down without a fight.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Shan and Bre sprinted forward, as they turned a corner Shan's eyes widened as Boush came into veiw - his shirt on the right half torn open blood coming down his arm and three large claw marks across his chest and arm. "I beleive france has deemed us a threat, tho i don't quite know how come these beserkers are fighting for them but they are quite tough" Boush said with a slight wince and a smile. Looking at the wounds from a distance Bre perceived while looking quite deep and wide they where already fairly well healed and noted down quickly that Boush's full water augmentation had improved healing rate since last time he had seen it.

(10 minutes earlier)

what had originally been a short walk down town quickly escalated into a full scale battle, he had gone out earlier by himself but on the way back ran into Sin and Damo heading down to some restaurant or the other and decided to follow along. About halfway there was when things turned hectic. It seemed to be an ambush of sorts, tho it could have been a frontal assault as it was hard to miss the large amount of screems as multiple large werewolfs ran straight at them. Damo quickly sent one flying with a blast but there was a large number of them and it wasn't enough as one came diving in at Boush, diving into a side ally Boush quickly used ablast of sound sending the wolf backwards into the street, coming back out of the ally he noticed the rest of the group was nowhere in sight. [I]shit, where did they disappear off to[/I], but quickly 2 berserkers interrupted his thought process as they dived in at him. Boush dove backwards turning up his lightning augmentation, he dashed down the allyway as they ran behind him. As he turned the corner he activated his invisibility and continued dashing.

One of the berserkers ran in his direction as the other ran another way, as Boush's invisibility faded he turned around facing the berserker. [I]damn i can't keep up my invisibility while so augmented towards lightning[/I] looking at the berserker as it lunged at him jaws open Boush quickly ducked under the attack then jumped backwards landing ontop of a car. [I]don't want to get too close to that, i need some sort of weapon[/I], looking down at the car, "hmmm" full fire augmentation, reaching down he grabbed the door of the car and pulled it upwards breaking it's hinges.

holding the door in one hand he jumped towards the wolf swinging it with his strength enhanced body, knocking the wolf's arm out of the way with the first swing then grabbing the door with both hands he put full strength into his swing hitting it squarely in the chest. hearing the sound of the glass inside the door shatter and flying several feet back the wolf lung quickly regained itself and once again jumped towards Boush who was swinging the door towards it. meeting the door with its claws the door was ripped in half as its claws continued towards Boush's chest, pulling back his shoulder the claws caught onto just his shirt ripping it across the right side. [I]shit[/I] 'Ice wall' Boush put out his left hand raising it up, water came rushing upwards from the ground right over top of the wolf before flash freezing encasing it to it's shoulders in ice.

placing his hand next to the werewolf in ice he swung the now torn and sharp side of the door into the side of the werewolfs neck in a slashing motion, cutting though alot of the flesh blood squirted out, but as Boush went in for the second swing he heard a loud crack as the werewolfs arm shot out of the ice sending him flying with 3 deep claw marks on his chest[I]damn surprised it didn't break a rib[/I]. looking down he noticed he was loosing alot of blood[I]damn looks like i need some healing to clot this quickly[/I], water augmentation half, looking up now he saw that his earlier blow to the neck was already almost healed, [I]looks like i have to go all out[/I]. Waiting until the werewolf was just about at him Boush raised his arm 'chill', the werewolf stuttered as Boush layed a full strength palm thrust to it's chest sending it onto it's back. 'sun strike - 5 feet infront', then charging forward 'inferno' a branch of flames spread forward from his hand aiming it at the werewolfs face blinding it, at this time his sun strike activated causing a near instant explosion as a spiral flame flew upwards into the sky. Still streaming flames from his hand he grabbed onto the werewolfs neck, it swung its arm up towards boush, who blocked with his arm causing 3 gashes to run its length, "'EMP'" boush shouted as an electrical ball shot from his hand also into it's neck.

getting up he walked awy from the charred corpse behind him as he activated full water augmentation to prepare for his next battle.
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Jensen couldn't pinpoint the exact moment that he knew something was wrong, it could've been intuition, but more then likely it happened the moment Damo thrust his hand at Jensen sending him reeling, and just out of the clawed grasp of a growling werewolf.

His training immediately kicked in as he saw the wolf leap at Damo, who didn't seem to have time to recover from pushing Jensen out of the way. As he rose to his feet he noticed a turned over table, grasping a leg and kicking he freed the leg.

Jensen felt his body melt away, he could literally feel every molecule being disassembled and reassembled right in front of the leaping werewolf. As if in slow motion he dropped to a knee to brace himself and thrust the jagged edge right under the breastbone of the werewolf. The beast yelped and lept backwards, riipping the jagged leg from his chest.

Jensen froze as the wolf lept right back at him, he'd never encountered a beast like this in any simulation. It should've stunnd him for a moment at least, however this beast didn't even miss a step. Just as Jensen felt the first claw on his face something whizzed past both of his ears. Two chakras flew passed Jensen, danced around the werewolf, momentarily mezmorizing him before they dove simultaneously into his neck, severing the head from the beast.

Turning Jensen saw a smiling Damo, the grin couldn't have been more of an "I told you so". That's when the grin changed into a serious look, and Damo spoke for the first time in a way Jensen hadn't expected. "These beserkers need their head severed to stop them, this is too much for you and your friends. Leave NOW." Jensen started to turn until he noticed the blade in the sheath on Damo's back.

Transporting himself behind Damo Jensen grabbed his blade. "Looks like I'm staying." Jensen teleported to the nearest werewolf who had apparently expected him, a claw slashed out with Jensen barley missing the mans face. Teleporting behind him Jensen slashed, but the wolf proved the quicker again. Jensen teleported only to be met with a backhand from the werewolf, he'd let himself become predictable. Hitting the floor hard, the wind knocked out of him Jensen rose to his knees coughing, sputtering for help but couldn'tmake the words appear.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Shan stepped forward and sniffed at Boush who gave her an odd look as she pulled out a syringe from the pack on her hip and injected the light blue liquid into his neck.
"What the hell was that?"
"An antibody to keep the werewolf venmon at bay. I grabbed it a little while ago from Nayomi and Duke's apartment thinking it might come in handy. I don't think you were infected but it's better to be safe than sorry."
Boush nodded as Bre wrote in his notebook and Shan whipped around looking at him.
"Do you ever put that thing down?"
He simply looked at her and began writing again.
"Boush explain to me why he has to document EVERYTHING?"
"It'll be helpful to have as much information during these times as we possibly can."
Shan threw her hands up in defeat and was about to say something else when her left ear twitched and she threw Boush to the side rolling out of the way and kicking Bre in the chest making him stumble back as a large white werewolf landed where Bre was going to be and swiping a lage clawed paw across the clearing where Boush had been.
"Looks like the Alpha."
Boush looked at her and than to the beserker.
"I thought beserker's couldn't think, or feel. So why would they have an Alpha."
The beast infront of them smiled a toothy grin and spoke in a low growl.
"We are not fully beserkers, merely on our way. We search for the daughter. We must have her, she will lead our clan to victory."
Shan tilted her head slightly and tensed as the beast sniffed the air and zeroed in on her.
"You, you are the daughter. You must come with us now."
"Uhm...what the hell are you taling about? Daughter of what?"
"The long awaited daughter of the Lykea. You will lead us to victory."
Shan let out a growl of her own as the Alpha took a step forward and reached out to her.
"I have no idea what your talking about."
"Our soothsayer spoke of a child that was not wolf, but was not human. She was both and yet neither. Not able to choose between the two."
Shan felt a chill run down her spine, that was how she felt, being a test subject for the people at the organization she was tested on over and over again to see why she had fused with the werewolf venom, not the vampire, and yet stayed as human as she was.
"I have a pack, I don't want another one."
"By the end of this night, you will have no pack and you will join us."
He bared his teeth and charged at her, flipping upwards she used her weight and doged over him easily, looking back at Bre she saw him joting down notes in the book and growled.
"Bre no offense, ths is not the time for that!"
"You see your so called pack does not even listen to you now."
She spun around and charged the large Alpha growling as he stepped to the side and caught her on the back, his claws ripping her shirt but not breaking skin.
Taking a deep breath she calmed her nerves and stood straight.
"Alright, if I win, you all leave, if you win...I go with you."
Boush stepped forward and stopped as she held out her hand.
"I said me. Not we. Stay out of it."
Glancing at Bre she saw that he was no longer writing in his notebook but was giving her an unreadable look.
"Listen you two, just watch, if I lose get to the others as fast as possible. Find Duke and Nayomi, they'll know what to do."
Bre looked as if he wanted to say something but nodded instead, Boush remained silent and didn't move. Shan smiled up at the beast.
"Well now, shall we?"
She blinked as before she even finished her sentence the wolf was gone and behind her. Curseing she dropped down and swung her foot out behind her and felt it hit nothing. Her eyes widened as she was lifted off the ground by the back of her shirt and held eye level with the Alpha.
"You have no hope little one. Quit wihile you can."
Growling she kicked out with her right foot and caught him under the jaw making him drop her and as soon as her feet his the pavement she made a move as if to sit down but held her body off the ground with her hands and kicked out with both her feet hitting the large wolf in the shins and making him drop to his knees, she used her weight and swung her body to the right bringing up her foot and catching him in the head he fell to the side but caught himself on a large paw and looked at her smiling that toothy grin, blood stainging his fangs from inside his jaw. Licking his chops and reached out and grabbed her by the throat and merely laughed as she kicked him in the gut.
"Nice try little one."
Growling she blinked as she heard a light snap and looked to where Bre was standing to see his pen snapped in two as he held it in his clenched fist, glancing at Boush she saw that it looked as if he too were having a hard time holding back. It was understandable, no one could possible like seeing someone they grew up with getting hurt. Growling she reached behind her and grabbed the dagger she had strapped there and plundged it into his chest making him howl in pan and drop her. She gained her footing back as he rose to his full height, his eyes now red, the anger taking over making him fully feral. Shaking out her limbs she readied for another attack, this time not willing to get caught.[/FONT][/COLOR]
On the otherside of town...
Nayomi tackled the wolf from behind and held it down as blood ran along to groung to circle around the beasts neck and began to spin forming a blade which effectivly took it's head off spraying Nayomi with blood. She turned and looked at Jensen whoes eyes widened at the sight of her, she let out a low growl and leaped over him to stand infront of him as Duke dropped down beside her, she looked up for a moment spotting Sin.
"Get him out of the way now. I can't protect him well enough considering that these guys don't stop for anything. Damo, get your ass down here and do some actual work for once. Let's see if you've gotten rusty will all those video games you and Sin have been playing."
Damo frowned as he landed on his feet on the other side of her.
"You got them for us ya know."
"Yeah you wouldn't shut up otherwise."
She barked out a laugh as he huffed and pouted childlike.
"Well, enough of that for now, let's get to work."
The others smiled and followed her as she charged into a large group of them coming her way, leaping into the air she felt the push from Damo as she speared the nearest werewolf and bit down into it's neck causeing it to howl in destress before she twisted her head to the side and pulled back effectivly ripping the beasts head clean from it's shoulders. Jesen stood on the roof with Sin who smiled and watched as if entranced.
"What and learn bloke. This is how a real team works."
He had no comment for that cause it was true, they worked perfectly together without a singal word from each other.
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Sin made a hissing noise causing Jensen to jump.

?Get ready to fight, seems we?re not alone? Sin said as Berserkers appeared on the ledge.
Sin?s eyes turned from green to red, his vampire fangs protruded and so did his nails Jensen stepped back caught off guard.

?You?re a vampire?? Sin heard him say, He turned to Jensen smiling, it was a warm comforting smile despite the fangs. ?Well aren?t you the brightness crayon in the box, keep that smart head on your shoulders and I?m sure you?ll make it through this alive.? Sin winked at him then Jensen noticed the shadows around them dance and contort strangely, they rose from the ground and took the form of a huge canine-like creature, there were 4 in all.

Jensen stared wide-eyed as they rushed off and tackled a few Berserkers chewing through their necks. He looked back at Sin, who had his hands stretching towards to shadow hounds. Sin?s fingers were rapidly but gracefully moving at a face rate like a puppeteer.

Sin closed his hands together and the hounds formed one shadow ball pulsing with dark energy, Sin guided the ball to the head of the last Werewolf and then he snapped his fingers, there was a crunching noise, the shadow ball blew away all wispy-like revealing a headless Berserker.


[COLOR="Navy"]Upon a distant rooftop?

? Mon Dieu!? François said looking at the battle the raged on the streets of his beloved Paris.

?What in god?s name is going on François!? We?re getting reports of a clan of werewolves in your area. I thought we were dealing with rouge witches!?? Fran flinched at his Commander yelling in his ear.

?Monsieur Bleu, I have no idea? But I know it is not the rouges fault, these werewolves began attacking them, Do you think Red man has set them loose in France to apprehend these Witches??

?I do not know, maudire Américains.. ?? Commander Bleu swore. ?I will look into it, but You must aid them in eliminating those hostile werewolves at the same time remain unseen.?

?Yes Sir,?

?I?m depending on you Agent Dublètte?

?I wont let you down sir,?

François began to notice the foreign witches means of deposing of the werewolves? it appears as if they were focusing on decapitating the werewolves.

?This must be Berserker werewolves? but here?? Clans like those resided for from France for them to migrate here was unnatural.

Fran saw a Berserker sneaking around a corner approaching a young woman and two other males, they were distracted. Before the Werewolf could swoop in on them Fran focused on the berserker?s head with a hand gesture he caused it to explode. Fran ducked down as the three witches looked towards the headless werewolf.

Fran chuckled to himself before relocating and picking off incoming berserkers[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Century Gothic]Someone relayed Nayomi's orders to Malinda. She wasn't sure who, because they left soon after, but she quickly followed them out. Breaking the jar of earth, it was taken away from the wind. She could only hope it wasn't too late.

Finding a good hiding spot, Malinda got out another jar of earth, this one wasn't from any sort of werewolf lair, so it shouldn't set off the beserkers that they faced. However, it was still powerful enough to help her fight against them. She put the jar to her body and urinated inside of it to make the mud. Then she spread the mud all over her body and threw the jar to the ground. Cutting herself slightly with the knife, she said a quick chant that caused the chain on her choker to grow. Attaching the knife to the chain, she ran off to help fight.

Soon, she came up on Shan, Boush, and Bre. Bre was taking notes, which was normal for him, even in a time like this. What really surprised Malinda was that Shan was fighting a werewolf and Boush was doing nothing to help her. Malinda ran forward to jump into the fight.
"No, stay back!" Boush yelled.
Malinda stopped suddenly, looking to Boush for an explanation.
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Bre watched as the creature of fur and fangs fought one of his best friends. Boush looked similarly displeased with his inability or rather, lack of permission to aid their friend. Even when Malinda appeared, wearing a suspicious smelling mud, the friends continued to watch in silent rage as their friend was torn into by the vicious wolf like creature.

Finally Bre had enough of the horrible display, and decided to intervene, as subtly as possible. Bre walked over to a nearby car and carefully placed his notebook on the roof. He walked back with his eyes closed, then opened them to reveal his pupil’s had seemingly vanished and his irises had expanded covering the whites of his eyes, and giving them a solid purple colouration. While there were no other visual effects, those who knew Bre well knew he was activating his powers. He focused on the alpha wolf, tapping into the wolf’s eyes, ears, nose and overall nervous system. With his mind weakened by his blinding rage, it would be easy for Bre to control his senses.

The alpha werewolf lunged for Shan yet again aiming to claw at her throat. Shan jumped back and barely avoided the razor sharp claw; she then jumped into a handspring over the wolf’s shoulders, landing behind him. However, to the wolf: [I]Shan tried to leap back from his claw but was too late; the razor sharp tip caught her just barely, leaving a shallow but serious slice across her throat just above her collar bone. She was still well able to fight however and leapt up onto his shoulders; remaining there she clawed at the great beasts face and neck with all her might, leaving many deep gashes all over his snout and cheeks. He felt her weight increase slightly as she attempted to jump off but sensing this he caught her by the ankle and slammed her heavily into the concrete. Shan yelped in pain as her back met with the pavement and probably broke a rib or two. The wolf’s fanged grin appeared once again as he repeatedly lifted the half wolf into the air and continued slamming her into the solid concrete of the road beneath them.[/I]

The wolf was too consumed by rage and his own pride to notice the confused looks on Boush, Malinda, and Shan’s faces, let alone the sinister grin now marking Bre’s usually unreadable facial expressions. The great wolf had stopped clawing at Shan and roar, thrashing about while holding his face for a while, then continued by grabbing something out of the air and shaking in about in his fist over and over. At first it seemed as though he was overcome by madness, but the others soon noticed the grim grin on Bre’s face, and the disturbing colouration of his eyes.

“Bre I told you not to interfere!” Shan growled angrily, her pride clearly hurt both by Bre’s insubordination and his lack of trust in her own abilities. Bre ignored her too focussed on his mental assault on the werewolf. By now: [I]Shan was next to dead her body lay crumpled in a heap in front of the mighty werewolf lord, his task complete he chose to attack the others. His ears caught the she-wolf’s voice berating her comrade, but before he could turn to check on the body he felt the vicious sting of a blade entering his flesh. He turned to see Bre standing next to him pulling a long thin knife out of his side, in an instant Bre was gone, and the sting came from his leg on the opposite side. The werewolf growled in pain and slashed at his attacker. No use, Bre was gone yet again, and yet again the horrid sting shot through the wolf’s body, this time it was his lower back. This time Bre was gone before the wolf could turn, the sting came faster as well, drawing a crimson line down his right arm, then his left, his heel was sliced also. The cuts and stabs came faster and faster, he could clearly hear the attackers’ sinister laughter as he carved each new line, as he jabbed each new hole. The wolf was overcome with pain, his rage did well to mask the first few attacks, but this onslaught was not to be ignored.[/I]

Bre laughed aloud, an extremely unusual act for him surely. His hands danced with sparks and his grin grew more sadistic and dark. The wolf was all but destroyed, his body was fully intact, barely a scratch on him and only from where Shan had nicked him here and there. Still he roared in pain, he twisted every which way trying to snare an invisible assailant. Shan and the others watched in horror, unable to contact Bre verbally and not wanting to touch the lightning covered man, they had no way to break him from his trance. The wolf fell to his knees, grasping both heels in pain. Bre began walking toward his prey. Next were its arms, the wolf howled loudly and did his best to comfort both his biceps, appearing to cause himself great anguish by trying to move them. Bre came closer. The wolf let out one last growl and he laid down on the road, his back apparently wracked with pain as well. It took a long time, but the electricity wielding Bre had brought the alpha wolf down to a point of coup de grace. The wolf laid on the ground whimpering between growls as his body remained in Bre’s ring of pain. Bre now standing over the creature lifted his leg. A jolt of electricity could be seen snaking across his body as Bre’s hands ceased to spark but his leg pulsed with a powerful electric currant. Bre was unable to maintain his domination of the wolf’s senses while also focusing on increasing his own limbs, so the stasis was broken. But it was too late; Bre’s leg came down with all the fury and destructive power of a lightning bolt, the first strike let loose a resounding crack from the wolf’s skull, Bre was quick to bring his leg up again, and again. Over and over Bre’s leg came down on the wolf’s head, each strike pulverising bone and grinding flesh to paste. It had been 6 strikes in total before Shan’s call to him finally broke through.
“Bre stop! It’s dead!” she cried out. Bre’s leg froze above the mushy remains of his targets head. He closed his eyes for a moment, and opened them back to their normal state. Without a word to his friends Bre walked over to his book, opened it to a fresh page, and hurriedly began writing with his broken pen.
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Jensen was mesmorized watching the three teamates go to work. Sin, Damo, and Nayomi could do more work then his whole team it seemed. Movement out of the corner of his eye drew his gaze downwards, he watched Bre dispatch the huge wolf they were fighting with a look Jensen had never seen...even from a block away it seemed a horrific look of pleasure from killing that thing.

It was then that Jensen realized what must've happened, as many of the wolves in the pack around Damo and Nayomi turned their heads as if the death of their alpha they bolted. It all made complete sense even to the inexperienced young man, not all the wolves were beserkers. There were more things at work here then met the eye...and now those more intelligent wolves were closing in on his friends.

Luckily the distance wasn't too great for Jensen, he gripped the blade he borrowed from Damo, and in the blink of an eye he was standing beside Malinda. Glancing at the girl he grinned, "You smell like pee." He knew many of her spells required sacrifices of one kind or another.

Walking up to Shan he grabbed her shoulder, she turned with a look of feral rage that almost knocked Jensen down.

"What is it Jensen? I don't have time for this!" Jensen reeled back for a moment but remembering the repour the others had, it was something that had to be worked on. Standing tall he took all the humor that normally graced his words, and replaced them with a fury that matched Shan's. "Listen to me mutt, there's a pack of intelligent wolves barring down on us, apparently that big brute was there alpha and there coming fast. So get over whatever happened here and give us some orders."

Jensen turned away, waited a second and turned his back on her, "I'd like to live long enough to taste some of the food Paris has to offer. An exotic cheeseburger sounds so good to me."
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Shan blinked and than growled.
"Mutt? Did you just call me Mu-"
Boush's voice cut through to her before she could continue.
"He's right though, you need to tell us what to do."
"Why me?"
Jensen turned around and glared at her.
"Because your our leader."
Shan took a step back looking between her friends, her eyes settled on Bre who was still writing.
"Who decided that? I-Who am I to choose your fate?"
Shan jumped as Nayomi dropped down beside her and clamped her teeth around Shan's arm and threw her into the building busting the brick and causeing dust to rise.
"What the hell!?"
Jesen made a move to help Shan but stopped as Duke put a hand on his shoulder.
"Trust me, you don't want to get in the middle of that."
Jensen shook Duke's hand off and tried to get to Shan but stopped again as Nayomi whirled around on him growling dangerously.
"Look, she's not ready or fit to do anything right now. She's barely embraced the fact that she's part werewolf, she can't do anything, for now you listen to me and I say we-"
Shan's low growl cam from the rubble as she stood and shook of the debris of the wall she was thrown through.
"I don't think so. This is my team."
Nayomi smiled at Duke and nodded.
"Well than, if it's your team, shape up and do your fucking job!"
Shan stepped forward but stopped as a howl sounded across the street. Squareing her shoulders she growled and nodded to the others.
"Boush, Bre, you two make a circle around us since both of you have the ablilty to use electricity it should work prertty well, Bre while they're caught see if you can cut off their senses, Jensen, Mailinda and I will take them down from there."
She looked back at Nayomi, her eyes yellow, her fangs longer as well as her claws.
"You think we're not ready for this? Just watch."
Nayomi shifted and leaned against a scrap car and smiled as Duke, Damo, and Sin joined her, all smiling their own smiles as they watched the other team ready themselves. Nayomi leaned on Duke's shoulder and kissed his cheek.
"I think they might just be able to pull this off, she has sound theory."
The others nodded and watched as the first wave of werewolves rushed forward, Shan's body coiled and ready to spring as soon as the chance came.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Bre spread his arms wide and quickly closed them hitting his palms together, a second later a powerful cone of electricity blasted forth from his outstretched palms. The werewolves in front of him were blown away, covered in arching lightning. Bre ran between them dashing down the street.
"Bre where are you going?!" Shan yelled after him.
?Well it was a good plan, want to fill in?? Nay asked Duke. Who nodded and ran over to where Bre was standing, his arms were bleeding heavily from two long cuts from his elbows to his wrists. With a pool of blood at his feet Duke waved his arms in large circles, causing the blood to flow and twist into large streams. Each stream hammered a werewolf whenever one wandered into his range.

Bre ran down an alley and closed his eyes, focussing on Hath?s electric signature. ?Hath?!? he called out ?Hath where are you?? in a few moments he had found the signal and was running toward her. She was a few streets over. She was surrounded by werewolves, most of whom had no heads. Some of The wounds looked to be self contained, as if the wolves heads exploded on their own from an inside source, Bre habitually scratched this new observation down in his notebook. There were about six wolves all around her, one of which still retaining it?s head. Bre went to help but was too late. The remaining wolf lunged at Hath, only to be swarmed by his five fallen brothers. While their movements were obviously not their own, they were accurate enough to shred the remaining wolf?s head from it?s body.

The wolf fell half way to the ground before awkwardly catching itself and stumbling to a fully upright position again. Bre grinned and made a quick note. ?Where are the others?? she asked. Bre gestured her to follow and took off again, this time back toward the group. When he returned the fight had become an all our battle. Shan noticed him first and responded as such.
?Bre where did you-?? she stopped herself upon seeing Hath coming up behind him, with six oddly shuffling headless werewolves. ?Fetching reinforcements I see.? Shan concluded with a wry grin. Bre nodded with a smirk and took his place beside Duke.

Using the blood soaked battlefield (covered mostly in Duke?s blood) Bre took advantage of the ultimate conduit. He focussed his electricity through the blood, funnelling it around his allies and into the wolves. With the entire field covered, Bre was easily able to spread his power to attack several targets, as opposed to concentrating on one enemy at a time.
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"Shan pay attention" Jensen called to the she-wolf who was eyeing Bre with a look that he could only describe as a part disdain, a part anger, and a part shock at Bre's powers.

Seeing their "perfect" formation was now broken thanks to Bre's move Jensen took advantage of the momentary pause and lunged at the closest werewolf. As he closed in he went into a spin, the wolf ducked naturally. Jensen was prepared and adjusted his weight so his weight shifted and brought his blade in a downward slice, severing its head in a smooth motion.

As he rose he spotted somebody watching the battle from a nearby rooftop. Jensen closed his eyes, opened them and was behind the man. As he whirled around Jensen pointed the blade at his throat, "Now who might you be?" Jensen eyed the man's gun, there was something peculiar about it.

"I'm the reason some of your companions are alive."
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Jensen?s eyed Fran suspiciously, ?And what does that mean??? Jensen said with the blade still pointing at Fran?s throat who just smiled coyly at him.

?l'ami, je ne vous destine aucun mal.?

Jensen looked at him strangly, ?English buddy.?

?I said,? Fran slowly brought his hands up in a surrendering gesture. ?I mean you no harm, friend?But? He open his palms freezing Jensen. Fran walked behind him then decided that he should step back a few feet, he made a back handing motion and unfroze Jensen.

?You really shouldn?t aim pointing things at someone you?re just meeting? that?s rude? Fran said his hands casually in his pockets.

Jensen whirled around, ?How?d you do that?! Did.. did? you teleport??

??Maybe? Fran said amused.

?Who are you and what do you want?? Jensen said angrily gripping his sword tighter.

?? I am Agent François Dublètte, of Sanctuary, We?re a organization much like yours but? different.?

?Different?? How?? Jensen said eyebrow cocked.

?Different as in murder is the last option we resort to when dealing with abnormal creatures?. Not saying that it?s your fault directly?

?That?s fine and dandy but what are you doing here?? Jensen looked as if he were getting impatient? was it due to Fran?s causal tone or what he was saying.. Fran had no idea.

?You seem to have brought chaos on our soil? which is my job to prevent?. So I think I should be asking you the same question.? There was a crash behind them Fran turned around and jump in time to dive out the way of a wolf, his arms bent when he made contact with the ground and Fran pushed off hard flipping into the air and in a swift motion firing off his twin guns.

?How rude,? Fran said as he landed gracefully.

Jensen got in a battle stance. ?Guess we?ll have to get to the Q and A later?

?I look forward to it, Mon cherie? Fran winked at Jensen before running to engage the Berserkers.
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Shan growled and knelt down slamming her fist into teh concrete making it crack.
"Damnit! Jensen, Bre get your asses back into formation!"
she growled out more when they didn't listen and took it out on the werewolf nearest to her grabbing it by the throat and lifting it off the ground bareing her teeth as it snapped at her face, squezzing the throat in her hand she let a sadistic smile spread on her face as the sound of the neck bone crunching under her hand reached her ears. She felt her claws extened and her fangs grow longer as she looked up into the beasts eyes and saw a glimmer of fear flash through them. Squeezing harder she smiled more as the throat of the monster bust in her hand from the pressure she was putting on it and looked over at the others, the werewolf's blood splattered across her face.
"I think we can take them without a formation, what do you think?"
gripping the ears of the beast she pulled roughly and ripped the head of the thing clean off, throwing it across the alley she threw the body down and stomped down on itcaving the ribcage in. She crouched down into a sprinting crouch and took off through the hoarde of wolves not waiting to see if the others were following her.[COLOR="Navy"][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Century Gothic]Malinda kept in formation, with Shan, as Bre ran off. However, there was still nothing she could do with her blade thanks to the formation. If she danced now, she would cut her allies and the knife was very sharp. However, there was something else she could do. Grabbing the hilt, Malinda lopped off one of her fingers and cried out in pain. This was dangerous, considering the hunger of the werewolves, but she quickly snatched the finger back up.

Malinda crouched down, and started to begin a chant. However, Bre returned and then Jensen disappeared, before she could finish. Healing her finger for now, Malinda followed behind Shan. This was going to be extremely difficult, but she had to place an anti-hex on her leader.

Malinda gritted her teeth. It would have to be a random anti-hex, since she couldn't concentrate. The only good news is, it wouldn't be a normal hex, so Shan wouldn't end up cursed accidentally. As she ran, Malinda plunged the dagger into her side and yelled out a chant in a strange tongue. It was a success. Shan glowed with a strange light as she ran, before it slowly faded.

[B]OOC: I'll leave you to decide what the anti-hex is, KG.[/B]
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