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So what was the last thing you laughed at just because it was so very stupid?

For me, it was an exchange of comments on a website. There was a drawing of a Shaymin, and these were the comments that made me bang my head against a wall and cackle all at once.

Commenter A: wow that so kawaii

Commenter B: omg u speak japanese to

Commenter A: yeah im learning from my sis

And there you have it. :animedepr
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[SIZE=1]On a past trip to Rome.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]Shopkeeper:[/B] What I assume was "How can I help you?" in German.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]Me:[/B] I'm sorry I don't speak German.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]Shopkeeper:[/B] *Thoughtful expression* I've never heard of a German who doesn't speak German.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]Me:[/B] *Facepalm*[/SIZE]
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I didn't mean to insult you chibi. I haven't really had many stupid funny moments lately...well wait yeah I have...I was getting a tour of my husbands boat and met one of his friends.

My Husband: Hey man.
Friend: Hey, this your sister?
My Husband: No, she's my wife.
friend: Your sister is your wife?

yeah, i suppose you can count that as one. The guys aren't that bright.
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[FONT="Palatino Linotype"]With my friends there is never a dull moment where we don't laugh at something stupid. Earlier I was on the phone with one of my best friends, who's ex boyfriend keeps talking to her. He's annoying, so after her telling him to stop talking to him a few times, he IMs one of our other friends and said this.

[B]Dumb Ex: [/B]What are you wearing?
[B]My friend[/B]: Clothes?
[B]Dumb Ex:[/B] Like what?
[B]My friend:[/B] Like normal people wear?

Really, its WINTER and he's asking what people are wearing? To be an *** I was just like "If I was her I'd say 'Nothing, I'm cold since it's winter, so I decided to run around the house naked to get colder'." What's worse is he tells her not to tell my best friend he's talking to her. It's her best friend, they're girls, of course she'd say something about you talking to her.

You have no clue how dumb some of the people are up here. :animesigh [/FONT]
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Now with respect to Bill Cosby, kids really do say the darndest things...and love pudding.

The saying the darndest things, but they can make even the most intelligent people slip up with their innocence.

My older sister, who carries two master's degrees one in sociology and one in psychology, was trying to teach my 6 year old niece Multiplecation.

[B]Sister: [/B]Okay now what happens when you multiply a number by 0?

[B]Niece: [/B]The answers always 0

[B]Sister:[/B] Now what about when you multiply any number by 1

[B]Niece: [/B]It equals the number

[B]Sister: [/B]Now what's 1 x 0

[B]Niece: [/B]0

[B]Sister:[/B] Good now 2X1

[B]Niece:[/B] Mom what's 0X2

[B]Sister:[/B] Nowyou should be able to figure out that, its 2

[B]Zach(Me):[/B] (Didn't say anything because he fell from the dinner table laughing)
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[color=#9933ff][font=monotype corsiva][size=4] Now I love Chibi #2 as much as the rest of us, but Chibi you know you've said some really crazy stuff. *cough* [B]Cakesters[/B] from under the bed *cough* BUt we still wuv you.

I don't know why, but the questions the boarder guards ask always crack me up. Especially since they're holding your passport which has all the information they're asking. But this was the most recent:

Tuesday my daughter's pre-K class went on a field trip to a pet shop and when I picked her up from school she told me "Julia got bit by a rat" I figured okay yeah- she also said she was going to be "Jofes" in the school Christmas pagent. So then Wednesday I took her to school and one of her teachers was saying she'd loaded the pictures. The mother of the girl who got bit (who was taking it pretty well since obviously it was an accident and her daughter's alright) asked if the picture of the rat was taken before or after it had blood running down it's face. For some reason I found that funny.

Also there was an incident back in September when Lee's cousin told me her mom was worried about having a cook out when I was up in British Columbia because she wasn't sure if they babecued down in the states. I almost fell on the kitchen floor laughing at that.[/color][/size][/font]
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[color=darkred][size=1]When I was hosting my podcast last week, there was a moment like this.

[b]Dave[/b]: Who's that guy? The one that looks just like Matt Damon? He could be the new Jason Bourne, if they go a younger route.

[b]Me[/b]: Who are you talking about?

[b]Dave[/b]: I don't know his name...he was in that movie, with Jude Law? Wore big glasses.

[b]Me[/b]: ...[u]The Talented Mr. Ripley[/u]?

[b]Dave[/b]: That's the one! That guy looked just like Matt Damon, who was that?

[b]Me[/b]: ...Matt Damon.

[b]Dave[/b]: ...

[b]Me[/b]: To your credit, Matt Damon [i]does[/i] look just like Matt Damon.[/color][/size]
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