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Gaming What Consoles Do You Own?


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[FONT="Trebuchet MS"]Hey there jackprw1,

Since this is about games I'm going to move this over to our section for that.

As for the topic, I don't have a lot of consoles since I'm not a huge gamer. But I do have the N64, GameCube and a Playstation2. And though I wouldn't consider it a console, I do use my computer for gaming from time to time. [/FONT]
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-Super Nintendo
-Gameboy Color
-Gameboy Advance
-Playstation 2
-original DS (although it's literally falling apart so I don't use it for much other than transferring Pokemon from one game to another)
-DS Lite
-Playstation 3

...and I'm pretty sure I have an Atari laying around somewhere. And I guess my computer counts although I don't use it much- it fails at playing most games anyway >_>
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[size=1][color=darkred]I remember there was a time when I used to try to own all the consoles. Now days I just get what I can afford / what interest me the most. I don't have have all the consoles I used to have anymore because I either gave them to my sister or they don't work anymore.

PS2 (Man I need some money so I can buy some more games)
Xbox 360 (temporarily)
Gamecube (it's my brother's)
Saturn is still floating around the house somewhere
Nintendo 64

Dreamcast don't work anymore, and I only play my ps2 and 360 these days. (Only game I want to play on the GC is Twilight Princess) Hopefully I can get my hands on a PS3 someday as well. (MGS4 is calling my name)[/size][/color]
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[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="Navy"]Hmmmm, this is the thread where I brag and everyone hates on me....lol

Currently I have in my possession:

DS Lite
My Laptop (with hoards of emulated games)

Right now I believe the PSP is getting the most play, since our stuff hasn't arrived from shipping yet. Well, the PS2 has, but we don't have a house to deliver our stuff to, so it's just sitting in storage right now, heh. But I can't wait to have my own TV and play all the wonderful fighting games I own (Guilty Gear <3) . Can't wait to get my PS3 back either. I've been missing Blazblue, SFIV and Modern Warefare 2 so much since I could play online for all three of those games.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[COLOR=Indigo][FONT=Arial]Simple enough.

Next Gen- Ps3 And Xbox 360

Old Gen- Nitendo.
Super Nitendo
Sega Saturn
Sega Cd
Sega (Sonic Blue) Master System


Ds(Collecting Dust Sadly)
Neo Geo Pocket
GBA Light
Gameboy Color
Sega Gamegear(Forever A God in my book)
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I didn't realize that handhelds counted as consoles...
Well, anywho, my family and I have been buyin' various consoles and handhelds since the SNES and Game Boy days. With that in mind, here's what we own right now:

SNES (doesn't work anymore :/)
Xbox 360

Game Boy (my brother owns it, not I; but it still counts)
GBA SP (there is a difference, so I'm making it count)

So uhh... yeah. :V Right now I'm using my DS and GCN the most, the former for obvious reasons (yay portability!) and the latter since I actually have it conveniently in my room. Not so much luck with the 360 and Wii, which are downstairs and which tend to get used by older brother #1 most of the time. I [i]would[/i] be making use of the PS2 if my brother wasn't hiding it from me. I swear that's what he's doing, the little jerk. -_-
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[FONT="Microsoft Sans Serif"][SIZE="1"]Being a Nintendo girl, the overwhelming majority of these are indeed Nintendo...although I do branch out, as you'll see.

[B]Formerly owned[/B]
Game Boy [sold off]
DS "phat" [given to a friend once I obtained a Lite]
Gamecube [given to a friend once I obtained a Wii, since it's backwards-compatible]

Game Boy Color
Game Boy Advance
Game Boy Advance SP
DS Lite
PSP [Two of them. One is broken entirely. The other has a giant blotch in the corner of the screen, even though I didn't touch it for over a month. :|]

[B]Home consoles[/B]
Super NES [I'm not sure it works anymore...]
Virtual Boy [yes, I own one, and yes, I liked it when I was younger. It was cheap, so hey.]
Nintendo 64
Playstation 2
Xbox 360

Right now I'm using the Wii most often, since the majority of what I've been playing lately has either been for the Wii, the GCN, or off the Virtual Console. I do plan on dusting off my PS2 before long, though.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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[FONT="Arial"][COLOR="Indigo"]I had a N64 but it died on me. Nathan has one though so at least I can still play the games if I want. He also has the SNES, which still works. Then there is the Gamecube, PS2, the PS1 died as well but since the other plays the old stuff it doesn't matter. And then last but not least, my computer.

I want to get a 360 but right now I'm looking into getting a car so that will have to come first.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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NES, SNES, n64, wii, gameboy, gameboy advance, nintendo ds, ps1, broken genesis, xbox 360. I've had other consoles that have come and gone.

My favorites at the moment are Xbox 360 and WII. The 360 has proven to have some great RPGs and some other stuff like the space shooter Ikaruga, not to mention old school games.

Gradius Rebirth on the wii has been amazing, and with a little hacking the wii has so many more possibilities it's awesome. *COUGH* xeem pong wii *cough* Looking forward to the day I upgrade my DS. I'll either get a DSI-XL (who wants a smaller screen?) or whatever the new 3D one is when that comes out.
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Consoles in the order that I play the most:

XBOX360 (Fallout 3, Gears 1 & 2, FF13)
PS3 (for my Blu-Rays)
Dreamcast (Powerstone & Soul Caliber 2)
Laptop (Various)
3DO (yes I still play it)
Wii (my wife plays it)

Consoles that I play occasionally:

XBOX (KOTOR, Halo 1 & 2)
PS2 (God of War 1 & 2)
Gamecube (Wind Waker & F-Zero GX)
N64 (Goldeneye & Ocarina of Time)

Consoles that are dust collectors:

Sega Master System
Atari 2600


IPhone (does this count?)
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- Intellivision
- Sega Genesis (2 of them)
[b]*[/b] the 32x expansion for Gensis
- Nintendo 64 (2)
- GameCube
- Wii
- Playstation
- DreamCast

- Gameboy
- Gameboy Pocket
- Gameboy Color
- Gameboy Advance
- DS lite (2)

I may have forgotten something in there somewhere. Everything still works, but having the time to play them is the problem. XD[/size] Edited by SaiyanPrincessX
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[font="Garamond"][size="2"][color="#2f4f4f"]I love my consoles and wish I had some of my old generation consoles. How I miss them. -shakes fist at momsy-
Ones that I do own currently and proud of are:

Nintendo Power
PS2 Slim
PS3 80g
XBox 360
DS Lite

Gotta love the video games and the consoles that we use to play them.[/color][/size][/font]
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[color="#808080"][font="Tahoma"]Oh boy, I've got lots.

Super NES, currently what I'm playing the most right now (Turtles in Time).
Sega Genesis and Sega CD
Virtual Boy, an absolutely horrid gaming experience. It hurts your eyes and your neck simultaneously.
Sega Dreamcast
Playstation 1
XBOX 360
Playstation 3
Nintendo Wii

Original Gameboy (the fat gray one)
Gameboy Pocket
Gameboy Colour
Gameboy Advance
Gameboy SP (x2)
Nintendo DS Lite

Like I said, I'm playing my SNES the most right now for nostalgic value and fun times with drunk friends. My gaming time is always eaten up by World of Warcraft so I haven't really touched anything else in a while. :P [/font][/color] Edited by White
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