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Well its been a while since I came here. I can't say i didnt miss it..hence why im back heh..well here it is..somethin that has been in my head for a while...


[SIZE="2"] [B]"Good morning everyone. I know that this is a somber moment for everyone. We just lost one of our most valued personell." [/B]The elderly woman sitting behind the desk let out a tired sigh. She was in her eighties, but still had the brainpower to make most people in the country go blank when trying to out think her.[/SIZE]

[SIZE="2"][B]"Ma'am, we have the report on what killed Dr. Duvise." [/B]A younger gentleman, roughly twenty-eight in age, handed his supiriour a manilla folder, bowed, then returned to his original position at the back of the room.[/SIZE]

[SIZE="2"]Mrs. Duvise studied the folder for a few moments, then moved her shaking hand and slowly picked it up, opening it an studying the contents. A few moments passed by as tears started to form around her eyes.[/SIZE]

[SIZE="2"][B]"Ladies, an gentlemen, it seems we have a problem on our hands. They have decided to strike, and hit us first, where it would hurt the most. They took the person who had the most information that we knew."[/B] She slowly removed her glasses and then wiped the tear away from her eye.[/SIZE]

[B][SIZE="2"]"I am quite sure that some of you, the older ones of course, know who I am refering to. For the younger members, the group I am refering to is known only as 'The Zern'. "[/SIZE][/B]

[SIZE="2"]There were a few gasps as a couple of the individuals gave shocked expresions an then became stiff. The older of the group opened an eye or two an raised an eyebrow, obviously expecting the news.[/SIZE]

[SIZE="2"][B]"That is bogus, there is no way the Zern are still around. We destroyed them years ago at Kalif. If was the biggest battle in history, we wipped them out compleatly." [/B]A middle aged man stood, fear racking his face, showing in his eyes as sweat poured down his brow.[/SIZE]

[SIZE="2"][B]"Do you really think you killed them all, boy?"[/B] A woman, roughly the same age as the man, stood an laughed. All eyes turned to her as a dark aura started to surround her. [B]"For one, there were some members that decided to infiltrate your facilty an gather information. I love to say it, but you all have grown soft." [/B]She let out a blood curling howl that seemed to turn into a roar as her body began to change.[/SIZE]

[SIZE="2"]"[B]SOMEONE, QUICKLY, KILL THE ZERN!" [/B]Mrs. Duvise rose quickly from her chair, pointing at the changing woman. As everyone stared, the woman's body began to grow in size, doubling its already large stature. Her skin turned to a scaley black as her face changed to that of a lizards.[/SIZE]

[SIZE="2"][B]"The Zern have returned, an will never fade from the lands of Roakmal." [/B]She let out a blood curling laugh as her change finished, leaving behind a figure that stood roughly eight feet in height. It had the skeletons of wings on its back, an a face that resembled more of a dragon's than a humans. Her black scales refelcted the light from the bulbs overhead as smoke drifted out of her gaping mouth.[/SIZE]

[SIZE="2"][B]"Die, beast." [/B]A man stood up in the front of the room an removed his jacket in a fluid motion. He kept his gaze on the dragon like creature, she never taking her eyes off him. [B]"You do realize that you will not leave this room alive, do you not? Yet you still risk everything reavealing yourself here. What are the Zern's planning?" [/B]He looked set his jacket on an empty chair, an then smiled at the dragon like creature.[/SIZE]

[SIZE="2"][B]"Just who do you think you are, old man?" [/B]The Zern let out a snickering laugh an then charged at the man, tossing bystanders out of the way as she made her way through the room.[/SIZE]

[SIZE="2"]In a quick motion, the man tightened his muscles as his own body changed, slowly taking on the shape of a wolf, yet remaining semi-human. The wolf-man let out a howl, then charged at the Zern. In a quick motion, the female slashed forward with her clawed hand, taking the head off a person in the way, blood pouring from his decapitated body. She never flinched as the wolf-man's claws dug into her chest, peicing her chest cavity. Blood dripped from his claws as her eyes started to go vacant.[/SIZE]

[SIZE="2"][B]"You will all perish. My fellow Zern will slaughter you all." [/B]With her final statement, her knees buckled, and she fell to the ground, lifeless. the man removed his hand then stood, tall, shaking his body as if he had been drenched with water.[/SIZE]

[SIZE="2"][B]"Good job, Damian, and thank you. I have a feeling that she was the one that killed him."[/B] Mrs. Duvise slowly sat back down in her chair, exhausted from the events that had been occuring recently. [B]"Damian, I have a task for you. It will not be easy, and you won't like it."[/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE="2"][B]"What is it, Josline? I'm getting old here, doing nothing but sitting by, waiting for the next events to happen. My fangs are itching to taste the blood of a fresh kill once more."[/B] He snickered as he walked up to her desk.[/SIZE]

[SIZE="2"][B]"Here, this is a list of the personell that you will be responsible for. Train them, teach them how to become what you are, a Xeberth. We need them more than ever." [/B]There were dark patches under hey eyes as she slid the folder in front of him.[/SIZE]

[SIZE="2"][B]"I understand, and yoru right, I don't like this, not one bit. I understand, howerver, so expect it to be done."[/B] He turned away from her, leaving the folder on the desk, walking out of the room, yet still staying in his half wolf-half man state.[/SIZE]


There you have it. Now is is a little information on the events that happened.

The land of Roakmal is broken into 3 main and 3 minor provinces:


- [B]Derg[/B] : This is the first land, as well as the largest. Its capital is named after its county's name, Derg.

- [B]Sloakein[/B] : The polar country to the north of Derg. Its capital, Namul, is known for its frozen homes, made out of blocks of ice.

- [B]Zerg[/B] : The marsh country to the south of Derg. Its capital, Karn, is said to be long since destroyed to nothing but rubble during the previous war. Zerg is also the homeland to the once thought lost race of Zern, which has the ability to change into dragon like creatures.


- [B]Horve[/B] : Located to the east of Derg, it is the smallest of the 3 minor provinces. Its landscape is coverd in nothing but trees, which have horrifying, as well as enchanting stores eminating from its depths.

- [B]Burgos[/B] : Located west of Derg, its baren landscape is covered in nothing but sands and rocks. It is the harshest province in any land, yet still maintains one of the highest population of inhabitants.

- [B]Wudluve[/B] : The largest of the 3 minor provinces, its also the least inhabited. Located between Zerg and Derg, its covered in nothing but marshlands. Deadly creatures luck in its waters, both horrifying in appearance, as well as charming to the eye.

Races :

There are a multitude of races, none being dominant over the other. They range from normal humans, to the most demonic, and horrifying creatures to ever set foot on the land itself. they range from two inches in height, to nearly ten feet.

Now a little information on what a Zern and a Xebirth are.

[B]Zern : [/B]From the land of Zerg, there is 7 levels to them. Depending on their strength, an their abilities depends on their level. It is easy to tell the difference due to the fack that each lever is color oriented-

[B]LVL1[/B] - Blue, concidered a newborn. Extreamly weak, barely stronger than their alter forms.

[B]LVL2 [/B]- Green, slightly stronger that a blue Zern, its skills focas on damaging quickly, and precisely.

[B]LVL3[/B] - Yellow, stronger yet, their skills are based off of psysical damage done to tanking targets with blunt force.

[B]LVL4[/B] - Light blue, sky look to it, their basis is on being able to take damage with no ill effects.

[B]LVL5[/B] - Red, blood look to them, their skills are based around dealing damage to multiple targets at the same time.

[B]LVL6[/B] - White, the healers of the groups.

[B]LVL7[/B] - Black, the strongest of the group by far. Their skills incorperate all of the aboce to one degree or another.

[B]Xebirth[/B] - A group of induvituals with special abilities. They came about roughly the same time as the Zern. Their skills enable them to shift into creatures or animals. They are restricted to one alter form, yet in that form, their skills will vary, depending on the creature they take.

It is also possible that there are Xebirth members that are working for the Zerg. Ones that are not dragon related, yet still work with them. This information has yet to be concluded.


Now for the signup sheet

Note : Noone wil lbe on the side of a Zern. If you wish to be one, and participate on the side of the Xebirth, please describe it in your signup.

[B]Name:[/B] Easy

[B]Age:[/B] can be anything between 10 and 90, bud to remember that your age will refer to your ablilities as well.

[B]Gender:[/B] Again, easy

[B]Race:[/B] This is for you to make up. It can be anything you like, jus give a descrition if it is not known.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Either a nice picture, or a detailed descrition.

[B]Alterform:[/B] What creature, or animal do you take shape.

[B]Alterform skills:[/B] What special skills does your alterform introduce to the team.

[B]Alterform appearance:[/B] Either a nice picture, or a detailed description of what your form looks like.

[B]Personality: [/B]I would like it if it were semi-short, so that way during the rp, there is a chance for further character development, as well as a little hint of mystery behind the characters.

[B]History:[/B] How did you come about becoming a Xebirth, or Zern, and how were you found by the group of Zebirth?

Well thats it. If i missed anything I will add it in later. Have fun y'all.

Edit : Thanks for pointing that out. I for got to add that. The age that this is influinced in is modern times. Somewhat slightly in the future, but not terrable advanced.
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I do have a question... what exactly is the technology like? If you give me a good idea, I can incorporate his weapons.

Name: Saio Cross

Age: Unknown, though appears to be quite young.

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Appearance: Saio dresses like a woman, and his heavy make-up and androgynous figure and facial features aide in confusing people as to his gender. He is quite short and his frame sleekly muscled, weighing in at only 127 pounds naked and being 5'7". His lips and eyelids are painted a deep red, and his skin is milk white and flawless. His hair is ankle length and jet black, with a bright, white highlight. He wears a short short kimono, with long billowy sleeves. The kimono itself however is strange in color, hinting at his darker, more animalistic side. The kimono is silver with black tiger stripes running along it, and the right sleeve is deep purple, as is the obi fashioning the outfit together. On his legs, he wears fishnet stockings, which contrast with the rest of the outfit nicely, and pair quite well with the spike heeled boots he wears. Litterally, his boots themselves are lethal weapons. As a means to not flash anyone when fighting, he wears a kind of black, short spanky pants. This entire ensomble however does not hide his inky black and pointed nails, nor his golden cat-like eyes.

Alterform: Tiger

Alterform Skills: Saio is much more flexible than any normal human, even while in human form. His strength, speed, agility, and senses are a hundredfold better than a normal human, and he has no problems using his deadly claws. He is naturally stealthy, thanks to his animal side. He also has a seemingly supernatural gutteral roar able to freeze his enemies in their tracks to better deal with them. Thanks to his feline instincts and demeanor make him an excellent hunter and tracker, though if a bit devilish and playful.

Alterform Appearence: While in his alterform, Saio grows expidentially, becoming over 8" tall and retaining his sleep muscle structure. His weight nearly quadruples, he then weighing in at almost 800 pounds, and being ALL muscle. He of course is covered then in white fur with black strpes, and his ears move to the top of his head, which becomes much more animal-like. His clothing melds into this form, and thankfully so, though leaves behind his spanky pants as so not to flash anyone. In this form, he is definitely masculine in appearence.

Personality: Saio is definitely a strange one, his alterform and personality seemingly intermingled in any form he takes. Usually, he's calm and co-ordinated, content to watch things happen and perform for others, and always playful and friendly. However, his personality can definitely be described as 'catty.'

History: Witness testimonials about Saio are numourus, and can be traced back as far as fourty years. However, none of them ever state his age, and there is no hint at how old he was at the time. There are also no records anywhere about him becoming what he is. When rumors of the man/woman/beast/thing began to spread, Zebirth sought him out to bring him into the fold. Saio has never spoken about his days before being brought into the organization, so no one knows anything about him prior. Since, he has faithfully carried out his objectives of the missions he has been assigned to carry out. His track record remains perfect, and he is considered to be one of the best operatives they have. His motives remain unclear, even to this day. However, he has always remained loyal to Zebirth, so there is no reason to question where his loyalties lie. Usually, he is dispatched alone, as his abilities when it comes to stealth are unmatched. Often, he has played the part of double agent, taking out numourous cells of the Zern on his own. However, with the tides of battle about to change, Saio is facing much change, and has been assigned to a special team to aide in taking out the Zern.
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Hi there! :D
Name:[/B] Veil Krios

[B]Age:[/B] 28

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Race:[/B] Human

[B]Appearance:[/B] Tall for her gender, Veil chimes in at around 5'10". But don't let her height fool you, she's not frail: her legs are of solid muscle, while her arms are of normal tonality. Identified by her naturally unnatural blond hair and deeply shaded green eyes, she's a hard one to miss in a crowd of many, despite her many attempts to simply blend, such as always sporting a pair of sunglasses. A red wolf's paw is tattooed over the left side of her chest.

[B]Alterform:[/B] Wolf

[B]Alterform skills:[/B] Naturally analytical, she's a troubleshooter with a frighteningly accurate sense of direction and instinct. She can detect the heartbeats in others; know if someone is afraid, if they're lying, easily manipulated, and occasionally can see into another's mind - but only if they've been weakened first. She has the unncanny ability to negotiate out of (or into, in most cases) any situation. She herself, is a grand master of manipulation and deceit. With each of these skills, she is keen on an enemy's physical and emotional weaknesses, and can track an individual through almost any kind of weather or terrian. And, in many cases, can memorize muscle patterns during a fight, in order to better predict her opponents next move.

[B]Alterform appearance:[/B] As a wolf, her fur is pearl white. Her tail's fur is longer than normal, the tip darkening to a dark grey. She stands a couple hands taller than the normal wolf, about 4' 6", with oddly wider eyes and thicker neck muscles.

[B]Personality: [/B]Critical by nature, Veil isn't one for wasting her breath. She hasn't had a close friend in double-digit years, and comes across as a kurt and cynical person.

[B]History:[/B] Veil's past is a checkered one; she's not one for allegiances, or at least, until now. Her former acquaintances each had their own interpretation of her intentions, but it mostly boiled down to money; if someone was going to pay her to kill, to steal, to investigate, infiltrate, or expose - it was to the highest bidder. Morals were scarce. ... For a while. When her older brother, a Xebirth recruit, was killed during an attack on the Zerg, she swore to avenge him, and quickly decided to request an audience with the Xebirth. And by request, really, meant slipping in under their noses during a meeting and literally asking for involvement from over the shoulder of a head officer. Needless to say, there was much speculation concerning her loyalty, but when her brother's record was brought into question, it was more than obvious that her hapless bounty days were long over.
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Man, sweet idea! Count me in!!

[B]Name:[/B] Bequlu Oplia

[B]Age:[/B] 63

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Race:[/B] Mizuhito. (Translates to 'water human'. I hope this is cool and if not tell meh.)

[B]Appearance:[/B] Bequlu, being a Mizuhito has rather unique and some would say captivating features. His long hair is an icy cerulean and is usually always down adorned with many brilliant sea shells. The eyes, unique to Mizuhito's are a light shade of pink and rather fox-like with slitted pupils, but the main feature that distinguishes him is his ears which resemble fishes fins. They, like his hair are the same shade of cerulean. Bearing no facial hair at all he has the look of a human half his age. Bequlu's physic is well toned and balanced and he stands 5' 11, weighting about 180 plus pounds. His usual clothing would--at first site--be considered a normal white tunic except the lower half reaches the ground. He also has black armlets decorated with sea shells. Preferring to not wear shoes he wears anklet-like protectors that are as white as snow and just as soft to the touch.

[B]Alterform:[/B] Thresher Shark. (It's just a fancy name for 'slashes while attacking' shark.)

[B]Alterform Skill: [/B]As a shark, Bequlu is not one to be trifled with when in bodies of water. Attacking with brutal slashes from sheer momentum gathered while swimming. He hardly ever uses his horribly keen teeth except when going for an immediate kill. His sense of smell while underwater is incredible, but just seemingly a touch above normal while on land. The down side of this incredible form being his eye sight fails him every now and then even while he's in his normal form.

[B]Alterform Appearance:[/B] The form of shark that Bequlu takes on in appearance resembles your normal shark. His soft leather-like skin is as dark as coal. His eyes give the impression that he is blind as a shark which is deadly wrong. Besides that, Bequlu looks like your average great white with the most eye catching feature being the slight slits on the ends of each of his fins.

[B]Personality:[/B] Bequlu values wisdom above all else and is always ready to share a few words even if those words are harsh to the ear. After so many years of living in the harsh environment of Wudluve his mind and heart are as icy as the deep seas, but if he sees something in you, a glimmer of something special, he may just warm up to you if only a little.

[B]History:[/B] Bequlu Oplia was born above the icy sea's of Wudluve. Orphaned as a child he learned quickly that only the strong as well as the cunning survive after witnessing death each and every single day. He over time learned that it is better to be alone then in the company of someone so for years he has been secluded from any form of life--except for the occasional tiny fish--focusing only on perfecting his natural abilities. It is only recently that he has decided to venture the world to learn more about his connections with the Xebirth.
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Name: 'Dizzy' Rogers

Gender: Female

Age: 80

Race: Cyborg (appears human)

Appearance: Standing in at an unimpressive 5'5" she has a rather voluptuous frame. She appears to be 100% functional, despite the age of the ghost of the person inside her robotic shell. Her eyes show her intelligence, being a beautiful opalescent blue. Her hair is shoulder length and dark brown in color, framing her face nicely. She usually wears a simple black, skin tight body suit, over which is a short, feminine white leather vest. Her feet are clad in tight, tall, high heeled boots, as she like to keep in touch with her feminine body. However, when weighed, she is exactly 240 lbs, especially with all of her bonus weaponry installed.

Alterform: Mobile Weapon

Alterform abilities: She has no unique abilities while in this form, though her clothing is usually ruined when in this mode. Her abilities lift off, and it is almost as if her combat mode limiter is lifted, if only for a short time. She becomes that much stronger, faster, and merciless. Her body becomes super heated, hence the ruined clothing. Her central cooling system abandons all functions, and works only to keep her brain cool, which it is only able to do so for five minutes, before her body all but completely shuts down, in an attempt to save itself from destroying itself.

Alterform Appearence: She radiates immense heat, hence a ripple effect in the air around her. Always, any clothing on her back melts away, as does her skin in several areas. Several circuits on her legs and arms also superheat in such a manner. These superheated circuits give off a reddish glow that seemingly surrounds her. Her eyes also become the color of superheated precious stones, giving her a more menacing appearence.

Personality: She's quite a handful, though not crazy. He leans back and listens, though isn't afraid to voice her opinions and ideasfrom both a learned perspective and the wisdom of her true age. She's an infiltrator, a machine made for combat in high pressure zones. She may have her robot body, but she's ALL woman.

History: Suffering a terrible injury as a small child, Dizzy was forced into prosthetic bodies all through her childhood. As such, she is a master of her bodily abilities and functions, and has been for quite some time. In her time, she's been a decorated military officer, standing out not just for her inhuman body, but also her ability to handle fire and missions at the same time. Each of her prosthetic upgrades has been better than the last, and now her bodies are nearing perfection, especially with his fast she can operate mentally.
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Well, I was thinkin that this thing was gonna flop but im glad to see pple postin in here. Well here goes mine. ^.^


Name: Sven Kitan

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Race: Feral (A race of desert type animals in the secluded regions of Burgos)

Appearance: Feral's appearance is looks to be like a normal mortals. Sven stands at 6 feet even, weighing in at 175. He has long blond hair that goes down to the middle of the back. It normally hangs loosly over his black, leather trench cloak. His bangs hang over his midnight black eyes, giving him the appearance that he does not focus on multiple things. He wears bluejeans an a pair of black boots on his feet.

He has a lean build that when fully cloathed, he appears to be under weight and nothing but skin and bones. Yet, when his jacket comes off, it is appearant that he is nothing of the sort.

Alterform: Fox

Alterform skills: Due to his ability to become a fox, this gives Sven a higher state of agility. He has increadable hearing and sense of smell, and reflexes to boot. He has a decent degree of stealth so he is harder to spot at night. Because he is a fox, he does not have much more strength than a normal human, but he does have enought to make a difference when the time comes.

Alterform appearance: When he shifts to his fox form, its a sight to behold. His fox stands much larger than a normal one would. Due to his weight and height, which transfers over when he shifts, his fox stands at 4 feet at the shoulders an weighs the same as him in his mortal form. Its a deep black colored fur, with it fading to deep gray on the tips of his tails. His eyes are black as night, never reflecting any light that seems to touch them.

Because he is a Feral, their bodies, shifted form, grow as time passes. At birth, he was only half a foot in height, weighing only 10 pounds. Since he has aged, his fox has grown, shifting in both size and shape. Instead of a fox's normal singular tail, he has grown a total of three. Each one splitting off after roughly ten years. Each one gaining the similar gray tip on them.

Personality: Sven is very talkative and chatty. He hates silence, except when in shifted form. While human, he can barely go ten minutes without talking. He likes to joke around, yet at first appearance, it would seem that it would be impossible. His smile is very suttle, and it difficult situations, his joking personality will mask out his fear to the best of his ability.

History: Sven grew up in the remote regions of Burgos, near the southern border, closer to Berg than anything else. His community is small, yet extreamly to one another, and their homeland.

Due to the hazardous region he grew up in, Sven learned to deal with severity and had to learn to be cunning to survive on his "scampers" out into the baren wastelands on his own.

Noting this while on jobs, Xebirth took him in, teaching him more and training him to be prepared for anything that may arise. So for the past seven years, he has lived at the Xebirth headquarters, training for the next time that the Zern to show themselves.
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