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Gaming Got a Question? Have it answered here! (the random question thread)

Inuyasha Fandom

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[INDENT][FONT=Arial][COLOR=Black]Yes, for the[U][/U] PS2 and released only in Japan. These take the form of rail shooters in which the player controls one of the girls on her missions. The series is composed of four volumes.

[URL="http://www.gamesetwatch.com/2006/06/column_the_gaijin_restoration_12.php"] This guy[/URL] [/COLOR][/FONT][FONT=Arial][COLOR=Black]probably knows a lot more than I do about them.

as for the second question[U][COLOR=Blue] Legend of Zelda a link to the past[/COLOR][/U] fits all three categories.[/COLOR][/FONT] [/INDENT]
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[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="Navy"]Want to know who was the main character was in Final Fantasy 6 (It wasn't Kefka, sorry kids)? Need a suggestion for a couple of good games for your specific system? Need to make a quick call to the Otakuboards Geek Squad? Then this is the thread for you! :catgirl:

No question is too mundane, but there are certain rules:

1) Make sure all questions pertain to the Arcade section (i.e. Gaming, Technology, Computers)

2) Try to be specific as possible when giving a question, to make it easier on the people who are responding to it.

Ask away, Otaku Boarders ;D[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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I found an interesting article, but I'm not sure if I should post it in the Hardwired forum, or in the Lounge. The article is about Pokemon from the view of a very paranoid (if I may say so) Christian man. It's so outrageous that it's hilarious, really. I wanted to share the laughter and get a discussion going about it, but I'd like to know where such an article belongs first.
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I've got a question about the avatar sector in the kingdom hearts re:coded game. I'm not in an area with a lot of ds users, in fact i don't know ANYONE with a ds yet alone this game, but i want to be able to play, if only for the bonus boss. What do i do? Is there some way to play it without having to play against others?

EDIT: I don't own any more than 1 DS and I don't own a Wii Edited by waiting for wings
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