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RPG Warlock vs SuperSaiyin


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1. No immortality/invunerablity.
2. This is extended, but not masters.
3. Healing, but make it creative.
4. This is a DBZ type SPAR, so no killing, and no KOs.
5. Power-ups(like SSJ, etc.) but only after 5 of your own posts.
6. No sensu beans.
7. No weapons/pets.
8. Custom attacks and power-ups are more powerful than DBZ ones(My Perfect Ultra Super Sayian counts as a custom power-up)
9. No interference/outside help. The split-form technique is fair game, though.
10: Medium Godmodding is allowed, such as making your opponent fire an attack.

As I told you in AIM, I might have to go soon, and I've got a headache, so I'm just going to do some bull-crud
[i]Neil wandered the desolate city, feeling the heat from the smelly, cracked, tar-replaced street. His Sayian tail, whipping back and forth, generating slight air movement. The powerful boy looked around, searching. What was he searching for? Who was he searching for would be more appropriate question. He reached a certain resterant, kicking the door open, making it flig off of it's hinges. He leaped into the air, substaining flight, forcing his ki through him. He lowered himself down to the floor, in the kitchen, through the open area. He snatched a turkey sandwich, then blasted through the roof. He munched on the meaty lunch snack, whilst looking at the damage. As he chewed with the left side of his mouth, his lips twisted into an evil smirk, to the right. The plan worked. It was quite simple, really. fire an energy into the city, scare all the people off, then use the town as the battlefield. The brother of Brolli was a smart one.

Neil even looked like his brother, almost identicle. His hair was the same, face was the same, even voices matched. The only thing that was different was their clothes, aside from the age. While Brolli wore a purple sash around his waist, Neil did not. He wore the same type pants, boots, braclets, earrings, almost everything. Only he wore a black shirt, with slight, slate writting, which read "Live or die, fight all the way!". It was the only thing he had clean left. It was the worst decision of his life to go living on his own. Hard. He sometimes had to steal. Not that he ever got caught.

Neil shook his head viciously, snapping back to reality. He was drifting. He threw the sandwich to the ground. But before it hit the ground, a small ki blast hit it, vaporizing it in a slight discharging sound. Neil could now feel his opponent near him. He smiled evilly, as he floated lower to the ground, only 60 meters above the ground.[/i]

[b]Neil-[/b] Well, well, well. Warlock... We have fough side by side, many-a-times, and I've always wondered how I would fare against you in a spar. Now, we shall find out...[/color][/size]
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I have returned...:devil:

Warlock: Oh, that we shall...

[I]Slowly, Neil turned his head around, until his eyes were focused on Warlock, who was floating several metres above the ground, looking up at him.[/I]

Neil: I have being waiting for this, for a long, long, long time.

[I]Warlock smirked, before floating towards the 'sidelines', and Rahia. Warlock quickly undid his black cape, and handed it to her.[/I]

Warlock: Look after it, will you?

[I]Warlock floated up to Neil, until they were metres apart.[/I]

Warlock: I've come here for a good match...I know you'll answer my wishes...
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Raiha folded the heavy cloak and turned to face the big black cat eagle on her shoulders.[/i]

Raiha: Who's your money on?

Cinoris: *shrug* No idea.....

Raiha: I bet Lock'll win. :D

Cinoris: And if he doesn't?

Raiha: I'll have to heal him.[/COLOR]
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HOW COME OTHERS CAN'T POST!? I mean, these topics are usually considered SPAM, so if it's ok for a Mod to post in it, then everyone else can! And just to let you know, I WAS going to cheer for you but seeing as you don't want me to...:p Buh bye! *Walks off*

P.S: By the way, how come you only want Raiha to post!? That's like saying: Here Raiha have aload of posts while the rest of the ppl just get to watch you get your post count up. :whoops:

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*ahem* *kicks DBZMan to HFIL* Go to Hell, you idiotic bastard. Sorry, Warlock. Comp's on the fritz. Needs some work, so I'll post as soo nas I can. Peace.

PS: Raiha can post, cuz she's funny, and she knows where ppl sleep, so you have to watch yer back... ;)
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[COLOR=royalblue]LOL I am so loved........and yes, I do know where people sleep. :naughty:
[COLOR=seagreen]Raiha: *crosses arms* So....

Cinoris: Are they going to start? Or are they just going to sit around looking at eachother?

Raiha: I think it's the second one.[/COLOR]
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I'm here! :devil:
[i]As Warlock peered at Neil, he suddenly jumped to the side, dodging the small, crisp-white ki blast. It flew harmlessly into space, detonating silently.[/i]

Warlock: Nice one. Wouldn't've detected it except for one thing.

Neil: The light from the blast?

Warlock: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Neil, Neil, Neil... You give me too much credit! No, I saw you looking behind me, focusing on it. THAT'S what gave it away.

Neil: Dang... Oh, well. I was just waking you up. So..... Shall we start?

Warlock: Of course. You or me?

Neil: You......

Warlock: Right...
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:devil: Sorry for the delay. I've just been getting ready for High School...I'm starting tommorow. *Gulp*

[I]Warlock quickly phased out, leaving Neil on the defensive. Seconds later, Warlock appeared behind Neil, and swung his fist at him. Neil phased out himself, appearing to the side of Warlock, and tried to roundhouse him. Warlock phased out just before been hit, and appeared above Neil, trying to punch him from above. This continued for a minute, before both warriors came at each other at the same time, and locked hands, both pushing forward, trying to push the other away. [/I]

Neil: I'm...afriad I'm stronger.

Warlock: Not for long...

[I]In a flash of yellow, Warlock turned Super Saiyin, and threw Neil at the ground, following up with quite a few ki blasts...[/I]
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[i]As the energy shots hummed downwards, they began to explode a distance away from the ground, pushing back even further still. Soon after seeing this, the Hybrid Fighter stopped forcing the Ki blasts out, leaving his hands out. On the ground below, breathing rather heavily, was Neil. His arms were extended, hands open, emitting a brighty, neon-green glow. A shield, Warlock realized.

The Reeling Warrior now looked down. He had gotten a good shot in, but he knew what to do now. Defend. Warlock brought his arms up, criss-crossing his chest. His fingers were stretched out, in crazy angles. The golden glow shone brightly, but soon was pale to the blinding white color below.

Neil stood after a while, pushing up with his right side. His outline glowed a with a faint light. The beginings of a power surge. Neil brought his arms up, above his head, a blur of motion. Rearing his head back, the Legendary Saiyan screamed low, then rising louder, louder, louder by the second. Sweat began to trickle down the Evil One's face, body, soaking his clothes. With a bright flash, Warlock was sent back. He looked down at Neil, in astonishment.

There, the Living Death stood, powered up to Super Saiyan, making a small crater under his feet. His hair had shot out, in sharp spikes. Much like Trunks, when he returned back to his own timeline, only straight out from the roots. The deep blonde color affected Neil's hair, as well as his eyebrows. His eyes, went from black, to a dark green. Neil had finished powering up, letting his auora shoot out, fading away with a loud pulse.

He slowly moved his head upwards, staring coldly at the spooked Warlock[/i]

Warlock- [i](How?! How has he gotten so strong in such a short amount of time?!)[/i]
Neil- So, Warlock, are you ready to play? Or should we fight for real now?
Warlock- [i](§hit! He's not joking around this time!)[/i]
Neil- Very well. Don't blink...

[i]The Super Death raised his hand slowly, aiming directly at Warlock. In a firey flare, a simple white flash rang out. In an instant, a ki bomb exploded around Warlock. But, there was no beam, no ball. This was a very special attack. The Death Flash. It created a devistating energy attack, focused dircetly on the target.

The massive energy storm ensnared Warlock, burning him with raging flames, as well as shreading energy. Warlock fell head-first from the inferno, clothes charred, body smoking. He landed with a great thud, making a hole in the cement below, crashing through a building.

Warlock drunkenly stumbled to his feet, after a few moments of recuperation. He stared hard at the Brother of Brolli, feeling the stinging pain of his burns. Now Warlock had the same amount of cuts, gashes, burns as Neil. Warlock reached up with his right thumb, wipping away some blood from his sliced lip.[/i]

Warlock- Nice... Not too bad at all. Now, Round Two?
Neil- But of course...

[i]Neil shot straight forward, arms curled underneath him, heading for Warlock. Warlock, with his right fist out, ready for the clash of sinew, launched forward, straight for Neil...[/i]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by liamc2 [/i]
[B]*Liam falls out of the sky, landing on the sidelines next to Raiha*

Liam: :toothy: cheering squad :toothy: *pulls out huge banner with 'GO NEIL!!' written on it, pulls out another with 'GO WARLOCK!!' on it* *starts cheering* [/B][/QUOTE][COLOR=royalblue]Raiha: Pick a side you dumb a**.[/COLOR]
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[I]The warrior's clashed, one punch going into Neil's face, and one foot going into Warlock's stomach. Both warrior's began throwing physical attacks at each other, both blocking the other's attemps. [/I]

Rahia: GO LOCKY!!!

Liam: GO NEIL!!!

[I]Warlock quickly flew back, and released a few ki balls at Neil. He phased out as they neared him, appearing behind Warlock, who in turn spun around, blocking a punch from Neil. [/I]

Warlock: ...Very nice...

Neil: Thank you.

[I]Both warriors continued sparring...[/I]
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[i]Slinging a right hook out, catching Warlock's left elbow, a block, Neil whipped his entire body back. With a final flip, the Lone Saiyan flew in the air, dead even with Warlock.

Smirking, Neil stretched out his left arm, fingers spread out. Aiming directly at Warlock's face. Gulping down a huge lump in his throat, the Evil Overlord pulled his body back. A power surge, along with an attack to boot.

Wind now tugging at the skies themselves, a vicious storm brewed, Neil at the center of it all. Energy crackled off of his body, dancing in the darkening air. Yellow vapor trails rocketted off of the Legendary Saiyan's body, clouding the area around him. Suddenly, the trails began to swirl around Neil, twisting about. In a firey flash, Neil changed. A shockwave emitted, carving out buildings within a fifty meter radius, only to reveal Neil...

His hair shot straight up, spiking madly, with a group hanging over his right eye. The dangling clump of hair shot side to side, never stopping, as Neil's aura slashed the air apart, area around hm wavering insanly. Super Saiyan Two...

Warlock had been blown backwards, into the cement graves of the offices, knocked into an apartment complex. He stood suddenly, the errie calm disturbing him. He was right to be disturbed. Appearing soundlessly in front of the Evil Warlord, Neil kept his left arm raised, golden-red ki collecting into his hand itself.[/i]

Neil- I hope you like this, Warlock. It's one I made up, just for you... And Flashy, but that's a different matter.
Warlock- Uuuuugggggghhhhhh........ Whatever..... Take your best shot...

[i]With a crimson-yellow beam hurled towards Warlock, heading dead straight on, crossing the distance in less than a second. Swallowing the Warlord up, the blast tore at his skin, burning his clothes away. In a universe-shattering boom, the beam exploded, incinorating the entire city, leaving flames to scar the skeletons of civilization forever. After an entire ten minutes, Warlock finally came into view, on the ground, beaten down.

With his shirt completely gone, his skin shreaded open, Warlock struggled to get up. This devestaing attack had almost been too much. Luckily, Locky managed to get a shield up in time... But he was still heavily hurt.. Could he continue?[/i]
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