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[/font][/center][indent]Silence. Eos had been to many worlds in her lifetime, but never had she and her crew come across one quite like As-Saif. Built in the heart of a star, Crystal City was one of the last safe-havens for those fighting against the Dark Tide; a place where both heroes and their secrets went to hide. The goal was simple: refuel the [I]Oceanus[/I] and, with caution, refill the ranks of the crew. An act of betrayal had cost many their lives, but not the payload. If their ultimate mission was to be successful they would need to move, and soon.

Darkness. The remnants of the Oceanus crew were spread across Crystal City, but two remained on the shipâ??s bridge that night. Bomber, Eosâ?? Reptillian guardian, carefully burned a symbol onto the young womanâ??s bare skin with a laser. Itâ??s silver glow was the only light in the space.

He turned off the laser to admire the symbol he had etched onto Eosâ??s arm. To the untrained eye it was a collection of random symbols, colors and shapes, but Deza had ensured that within it was a unique encryption. With it they would be able to bypass security scanners in nearly any system.

Eos took the laser from Bomber, pausing momentarily to reach for her forehead. Although it was the faintest of moves, it was just enough for Bomber to know that something was wrong. He looked at her hands as they began to tremble, and before he knew it his own claws were starting to feel weak as well.

â??[b]Oceanus! What the hell is going on?![/b]â?

In an instant the lights of Oceanus filled the bridge, and video monitors revealed an array of sensors scanning the shipâ??s interiors and surroundings.

â??[b]Vertigo canons detected within the vicinity from unknown source,[/b]â? the shops, confident, mechanical voice announced, â??[b]Oceanus is attempting to compensate with artificial gravity. Interference holds at 91%.[/b]â?

â??[b]****,[/b]â? Bomber muttered to himself, â??[b]Who is firing at us? Weâ??re docked![/b]â?

â??[b]Sensors are jammed. 13 humanoid figures approaching from north docking platfr-zzztzfs![/b]â?

The video screens suddenly turned to static, and both Bomber and Eos collapsed to the floor violently. Oceanusâ??s systems were beginning to act wildly, and the full effects of the vertigo canons could finally be felt. Eos reached for her stomach as she began to vomit. Bomber, just as nauseous, struggled to regain his footing.

Bomber pressed a button on the collar of his studded leather vest, â??[b]Deza! Someone is kicking our asses here![/b]â?

He looked down at Eos; the weapons were targeting her physiology, and there was no way she would be able to defend herself like this. She clung to the metal floor helplessly, doing anything she could to find balance again. This was only the initial impact. With another two or three blasts a humanoid could suffer permanent nerve damage.

â??[b]Help me get the captain out of here![/b]â?

From beneath the floor panels of the Oceanus arose a mechanical man with a faceless, glowing glass head. Silently it scanned the room, and lifted Eos in its arms. It turned to Bomber for further instructions.

â??[b]Oceanus is off-line,[/b]â? it said in a harsh, mechanical tone, â??[b]Had I not disconnected from the ship during self-repair my systems would also be compromised.[/b]â?

Bomber opened up a cabinet near the captainâ??s chair, revealing a stockpile of weapons. He pushed them aside to reveal an enormous, zebra-striped guitar and slung it over his arm like a bayonet.

â??[b]Stay close, â??bot. Iâ??m gonna break this canon into pieces and if anyone survives, Eos can tell me how to kill them, too.[/b]â?

The group rushed down the corridor towards the shipâ??s starboard entrance. Bomber pulled a plunger on the wall, and the door of the ship blasted off with a pneumatic force. Instantly bullet fire cascaded into the entry way, graving Bomberâ??s hide as he tried to cover the others.

â??[b]Deza, how is your force field looking?[/b]â?

â??[b]I can release a magnetic pulse to disable their weaponry. However, power is at reserve levels. Prolonged combat could compromise my systems.[/b]â?

Bomber stared at the machine for a moment, â??[b]Is that a good thing?[/b]â?

â??[b]My programming prevents me from making conditional statements.[/b]â?

Eos raised her head softly, and reached for Bomber. The two locked eyes for a moment, and Bomber instantly knew what to do.

â??[b]Do that thing you said,[/b]â? Bomber commanded, â??[b]But first give me a beat![/b]â?

Eos regained her footing by leaning against the wall as Deza placed her on the ground. His electric brain began to race with a bright current as he stepped out onto the docking platform. 13 assassins, each hand-picked by Selene, stood armed and waiting to take control of Oceanus.

The group began to fire onto Deza, but their bullets began to ricochet harmlessly off of his invisible, magnetic field. From behind the robot Bomber could see the vertigo canons. While the group was distracted by Deza Bomber leapt into the sky with enormous strength, disappearing into the skyline for just long enough to lose the attention of the group. His guitar raised in the air like an axe, Bomber struck the cannon and the assassin in a single blow as he hit the ground, emanating a musical shockwave that blew the other assassins off their feet. Dezaâ??s magnetic field then reached critical mass, emitting a wave of light that short-circuited every firearm in the vicinity.

Captain Eos stepped onto the platform, her golden hair shimmering brightly. A trio of the assassins withdrew blades and rushed towards her, but they would never be fast enough. The girl let out a howl, a sonic blast that incinerated the three in an instant. Bomber and Eos shared a nod, and the two began to jam as they picked off the rest of their attackers.


[I][b][url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRur9D354W0]The Gossip - Standing In The Way Of Control[/url][/I]

Your back's against the wall
There's no one home to call
You're forgetting who you are
You can't stop crying
It's part not giving in
Part trusting your friends
You do it all again and I'm not lying

Oh oh oh
Standing in the way of control
Standing in the way of control
Standing in the way of control
Standing in the way of control

I'm doing this for you
Because it's easier to lose
And it's hard to face the truth
When you think you're dying
It's part not giving in
Part trusting your friends
You do it all again but you don't stop trying

Oh oh oh
Standing in the way of control
Standing in the way of control
Standing in the way of control
Standing in the way of control

Standing in the way of control
We live our lives
Because of standing in the way of control
We will live our lives
Because of standing in the way of control
We live our lives
Because of standing in the way of control
We will live our lives, lives, lives, lives on

Your back's against the wall
There's no one home to call
You're forgetting who you are
You can't stop crying
It's part not giving in
Part trusting your friends
You do it all again, you don't stop trying

Standing in the way of control
Standing in the way of control
Standing in the way of control
Standing in the way of control
Standing in the way of control
Standing in the way of control
Standing in the way of control
Standing in the way of control

Because of standing in the way of control
Because of standing in the way of control
We will live our lives, lives, lives, lives on[/b][/indent]

In a moment their assassins were no more. It was lucky they were able to outdo Seleneâ??s forces, but there was no telling what was next.

â??[b]Crew: Report![/b]â?[/indent]
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[color="#808080"][font="Tahoma"][b]"Captain, if you would direct your attention to my monitor."[/b] Deza spoke in his robotic monotone voice. Eos and Bomber turned their heads to the androids chest, which had a large electronic display screen on the front. The screen powered on and grainy camera footage from inside the ship lit up the screen. Three dark-robed assassins each with silver mechanical apparatus on their forearm lit up by a bright orange display screen made their way past numerous crates and supplies in one of the least visited rooms of the ship.

[b]"Intruders in the cargo hold, Captain."[/b] Bomber spat. He grinned wickedly while tuning his guitar. [b]"Want me to take care of them?"[/b]

[b]"No."[/b] Eos ordered. [b]"They're most likely a distraction to get us away from the entrance. We'll stay here and cover the front while we wait for the rest of the crew to report in. Deza, can you seal the doors where they are?"[/b]

[b]"I'm afraid not, Captain. I've disconnected myself from Oceanus' systems whe--"[/b]

[b]"Right, right."[/b] Eos interupted. She'd quickly grown accustomed to Deza's annoying habit of over explaining things. [b]"Go to the power core and see if you can get Oceanus back online. I'm sure you'll be able to handle 3 thugs if they give you any trouble?" [/b]Eos said. For a moment Deza's glass head glowed brighter than usual as he was searching his databanks for information but if you blinked you would miss it.

Deza replied,[b] "The thugs are equipped with standard issue Thief Hacking Arms by Deadtech, which I should easily be able to disrupt. Judging by the hunch of the tallest one and the slight buldge in the back of his cloak, he's carrying some sort of elongated weapon, possibly an Electronic Baton, or perhaps a collapsable Sniper Rifle. The second thug--"[/b]

[b]"Yes, yes, get on with it."[/b] Eos waved her hand for Deza to leave.

[b]"Right away, Captain."[/b] the robot saluted Eos and turned around, disappearing into the darkness of the offline Oceanus. As Deza made its way further into the dark winding corridors of the Oceanus, it heard the faint noise of Eos receiving a reply from another crew member. Suddenly Oceanus' back-up power supply sprang to life and the low humming of every machine and monitor in the ship starting up could be heard. The lights flashed on brightly, and Deza instantly knew where the thugs were.

Reflecting on information about hacking, Deza knew the intruders had enabled the back-up power supply only to terminate it completely. As Deza went from sprinting to charging down the hallways, the robot knew it had approximately 43 seconds to get to the Power Core and stop them. The android arrived at the door to the Power Core and the door opened up to a large dome room revealing a beautiful swirling ball of orange energy trapped within a light blue forcefield surrounded by various mechanical arms holding it in place. One assassin was hunched over the computer terminal in front of the core while the other two turned their attention to Deza.

[b]"Hold him off, I'm almost done!" [/b]the one at the terminal shouted.

If there was anything important Deza had learned in its many adventures with Oceanus and -more specifically, Eos- it was that "Music," a human word for various electronic sounds played together in a rhythmic pattern, was an incredibly effect combat strategy. Aside from disorienting enemies, Deza also found the constant changes of pitch and tone and the beat of the bass drum in various songs vibrate his robotic body in such a way that it actually improves his ability to record and relay information allowing him to react much quicker to incoming attacks. The two thugs wasted no time and charged at the android, weapons drawn. One held a regular small steel dagger, while the other carried an Electric Blade, a regular looking katana thats blade pulsed with electricity, with his Thief Hacking arm.

In an instant Deza selected an appropriate song for the intruders predicted fight styles (slower songs improving its ability to Record, allowing Deza to react much quicker while faster songs improve its ability to relay, allowing Deza to physically move faster) and selected a fight style of its own, Wing-Chun.

[i]A traditional human form of martial art dating back before Deza's creation. It specializes in self-defense, focusing on grapples and striking in the form of countering their opponent in close-combat. [/i]

The song blasted from the speakers hidden within Deza's metallic body, staggering the assassin with dagger for a split second while the other ignored the music and kept charging. Deza readied its stance, stepping forward with one leg and sliding the other backward, bending his knees slightly. Deza stretched its left arm forward, palm face up and pulled its right inward clenching its hands into a tight fist.


The first thug made his way to Deza and raised his sword to strike down onto the robots head. In one fluid motion, Deza raised its left arm and effortlessly pushed the mans sword arm aside following up the deflection with a quick jab of its right fist into the chest of the thug, sending him flying backward. He crashed onto the ground with a large thud and struggled to get up.[/color]

[color="#000000"][b][center]Can't feel the pain that I expected [/center][/b][/color]

[color="#696969"]Deza let out a quick magnetic pulse disabling all of the intruders hacking apparatuses.[/color]

[color="#000000"][b][center]I still place keys in the ignition
I know what will be

One thought is stopping me from sleeping[/center][/b][/color]

[color="#696969"]The thug at the terminal cursed and turned to face Deza who was in the middle of heated melee combat with the second thug.[/color]

[color="#000000"][b][center]I saw the future and it's breeding
I know what will be [/center][/b][/color]

[color="#696969"]The man landed a blow on the robot, barely denting Deza's metal shell with quick jab of his knife to its side. [/color]
Could be your last resort
Like gold against your soul [/center][/b][/color]

[color="#696969"]Deza grabbed the mans knife arm and twisted it around, forcing the man to face his back to the robot as he let out an agonizing yelp.[/color]

[color="#000000"][b][center]There are three things that I would die for[/center][/b][/color]

[color="#696969"]Deza raised its left foot and planted a powerful kick in the back of the thug, sending him tumbling into the first.[/color]

[color="#000000"][b][center]But I am sure you're not one of them
I know what will be [/center][/b][/color]

[color="#696969"]The final intruder charged at Deza, revealing a large dark-steeled baton from his back. The two engaged in intense close-combat as the music picked up.

Deza deflected a horizontal strike to the head with its left arm and ducked under a second follow-up attack that sweeped across the top of its head. Deza swung its legs around the ground, tripping its opponent from behind and quickly leaped to its feet, placing a firm footing on the mans chest as he attempted to stand up.[/color]

[color="#000000"][b][center]Could be your last resort
Like gold against your soul

You think you've got it all wrapped up now
You stumble on so unsuspecting
I know what will be

I hold your birth control to ransom[/center][/b] [/color]

[color="#696969"]Deza finished the man off with five swift blows to the face.[/color]

[color="#000000"][center][b]The cells divide and grow inside you
I know what will be[/b][/center][/color]

[color="#696969"]Deza walked over the shaking body of its opponent and towards the computer terminal. The robot pulled a cord from its back and plugged it into the computer terminal, examining the damage the thieves had done to the ship. Overwriting their programming, Deza quickly restored the Oceanus to its formal self, the back-up supply powering down and the main power supply starting up again. Deza unplugged the cord from the terminal and let it recede back into the bots body.

Deza did a quick overview of the camera footage across the entire ship. Finding no more intruders, Deza sealed the majority of the doors and made its way back to the Captain and Bomber.[/color][/font]
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[center]<div align="center"><table background="http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/8172/explosion2.png" cellpadding="5" style="border:1px solid #000;"><tr><td><font color="#FFFFFF">
For anyone who hates anything but silence,
they sure caused a whole ******* lot of noise.


[font="Arial"][size="2"]They came as a surprise.
They had overrun all the defenses.
Their presence was like a giant vacuum cleaner sucking up life where it went.
[/size][/font][/size][font="Arial"][size="1"][size="2"]Blood filled up the marshes of our planet;
Cities were destroyed in just the blink of an eye.
[/size][/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="1"][size="2"]They'd been destroying their way through to our capital, where we made our last stand.
They would not stop for anything or anyone.
We'd show em the latter was a matter of opinion.
[/size][/font][font="Arial"]In the next minutes Reptillion gave everything it had,
slinging every bloody bit of it's arsenal in those bastards' direction.
About to be annihilated for good, my people were more alive than ever.
The blasts of artillery, the booms of pulse bombs,
the clash of metal, the roaring of engines...

It was like an opera of ******* chaos. An opera in which the heroes would be
completely whiped out as a result. It was like unsung words exploded among the
instruments of death, guiding us to our inevitable doom.[/font]

[size="3"]You can hide your eyes, you can dim the lights, but they are watching!
This is a new time, with a different kind, they are the future
The only one!

This is the final call for the setting song as they get closer.
And with full blown grace, thy will be done the show is over.
Its a new dawn![/size][/font]
We'd yell and scream at each other just to block out the silence blasting at us from
our enemies. These were our last glorious moments, and we'd make the best of it.
Ironically, the enemy was doing us a favour.
A death like this was every Reptillian's dream.

[font="Impact"][size="3"]Just leave this place behind,
Ill grill your place, donâ??t mind.
And youâ??re the only one, â??cos youâ??re up on defense.
This is a new way![/size][/font]

[font="Arial"]I was flung aside by some blast, probably of one of our own weapons from the sounds
of it. I tried to stand up but them ******* legs wouldn't move properly anymore.
Using my tail to support me, I managed to grab onto a ledge for just long enough to see
my companions get erased all at once. I fell back to the ground, joining in with the
opera, while trying to crawl to the first weapon I could reach.[/font]

[font="Impact"][size="3"]We are standing by, no time to hide, no meeting half way.
You were sucking life through the needles eye, this is a new day.
They have won!

We would have reckon now, what we have done, left in the open.
The cool we know will rise under, they are the future.

[font="Arial"][size="2"]Another blast sent me flying through a wall into a building.
In that short moment before I hit the wall, lifted from the ground, I felt a strange feeling of freedom.
It was just a short moment, and the sound of my head colliding with some ******* walls kind of messed
it up. Just as I went black, I felt scale-like hands dragging me over the floor.

The next thing I remember[/size][/font][/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="3"][size="2"], strapped to my seat, [/size][/size][/font][font="Impact"][size="3"][font="Arial"][size="2"][font="Arial"]is
seeing my planet from the inside of a small spacecraft. [/font]

When all your fears combined, the Memphis was refined.
And I know you tried to understand.
This is a new age![/size][/font]

And then abruptly the planet exploded.

It was over.

There wasn't a single ******* fat lady left to sing.


<div align="center"><table background="http://img30.imageshack.us/img30/5998/spacecraft.png" cellpadding="5" style="border:1px solid #000;"><tr><td><font color="#000000">
I spent the next two months, three weeks and three days in that space craft.
The controls were broken and it was set to auto-pilot somewhere far away from
Reptillion, probably to prevent me from flying right back into the ******* explosion.

I would have.

Not until the first day after, I noticed my tail had been blasted in half,
and my legs were a complete mess. The next few days were spent growing them back,
plotting my revenger in the meantime.

One time my craft came by some other Reptillions in pods. I recognised some,
the faces notoriously ruthless. There was no mystery about how they had obtained
their ride. Downright bastards the lot of em. I hated myself for being in this *******
thing, unable to do anything until **** knows when, having missed out on a hero's
end. We cheated death. I ******* hate cheaters.

The food in the craft was horrible and few and there was not much to do, even after
my body had regenerated enough. I went through every corner of the craft, and I mean
[i]every single corner[/i] of the space craft. My hands was itching for something to do.

And then I found them.

In a large footlocker, somewhere the darkest ******* corner of the cargohold, there I
found, wrapped in a black flag with a skull on it, a zebra-striped six-string and a matte
white four-string. ******* beauties these two was. I could not stop touching them.

For the rest of my voyage, this couple were my lovers. I tought myself how to play,
night and day I'd go on. I planned to use my new skills for my revenge!

Though after playing for a few minutes, I didn't care about anything in the world.[/font]


[left][center][i]It's been years. A whole bunch already of the years since have been spent on this ship. I've seen a lot of good crew mates go, though none have ever quit the service of Eos. She's a fine lady she is, best cap'n I've worked with, even though she has the whole mute thing going on. In situations like this one, you know you can rely on her. And that pile of scrap and lightbulbs isn't too bad either. I think we've got a proper shot at whooping that Selena *****'s ass. [/i]

Deza popped up from below decks just as Bomber was putting the guitar and the weapons back in the trunk. Bomber grinned at the man of metal. There was a tiny scratch on his armor. "Had fun, toolbox?"

"Fun is a relative term, subject to personal preference, mister Scaleface." Was the immediate reply, before Deza turned to report to Eos. Bomber bursted out laughing and went back to sorting things out.

"Reckon them others will be here sometime soon, boss?" He yelled at Eos, interrupting Deza's report as was common on the ship.

From the look on her face, Eos was starting to feel more anxious about the crew's absence. The rendez-vous was set at half an hour ago. Something had probably happened to them, what with all of Selena's assassins walking around.
[/left][/center] Edited by ß°°
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[font="Century Gothic"][size="4"]Caoilfhionn walked along the busy streets, holding up the hem of her dress to avoid the puddles and mud on the street. She had to do something to get out of this place, or she would never leave. She would always be the young widow, waiting for her love who might still be alive out there somewhere.

No one however would take her in or give her a place to stay. There was rarely anyone who wouldn't look down on her, besides the other young ladies but she knew they laughed behind her back when she was gone. No jobs, no chance of a home, there was nothing for her at all except that one path she refused to even think about it. As she was, no one would have anything to do with her except for those men that she wanted to avoid.

Stopping and looking up, Caoilfhionn nodded her head to her new plan. This would work. She could be free this way. Jingling the money in her bag, she smiled and said hello to the owner of the store. It took some convincing, but he finally agreed to her offer.[/size][/font]

[center][b]Heaven loves ya
The clouds smile for ya
Nothing stands in your way when you're a boy
Clothes always fit ya[/b][/center]

[size="4"][font="Century Gothic"]A young lad walked out of the tailor's shop where a young lass had just gone in an hour earlier. The young lass was nowhere to be seen and wouldn't be seen in this town again. 'Davey' had taken her place. Adjusting her hat, Davey walked the streets quickly, not worrying about mud or puddles. Enjoying the feeling of the new clothes and wondering how well this would work. Right away, she got an offer to join the military.
[center][b]Life is the pop of a cherry when you're a boy
When you're a boy
You can wear a uniform
When you're a boy
Other boys check you out
You get a girl
These are your favorite things
When you're a boy[/b][/center]

[size="4"][font="Century Gothic"]Davey accepted the offer and made an appointment to meet with a sergeant major. As she walked along further, a girl smiled at Davey and she tipped her hat and smiled back. Her life was looking up now. Soon, she could start her search for her lover. The army would help her with that, allowing her to have room and board and travel as she marched along in her new uniform and saying goodbye to her civilian life.

A few hours later, she was given her drums.

Thousands of hours later, she sat on the deck of her new home, the Oceanus. Blood covered her. Some was the blood of the man lying next to her. However, her own was quickly coming out to soon become the majority of the blood on her person. Davey tried to laugh to herself quietly, but it came out as a cough and a whisper. She wondered if she should never have traded in her dress back then for her caps and her drums. She handled her musket and then her dirk with her free hand, letting out another cough.
[center][b] Boys
Boys keep swinging
Boys always work it out
Unpage the colors
Unfurl the flag
Love just kissed you hello when you're a boy
They'll never clone ya
You're always first on the line when you're a boy
When you're a boy
You can buy a home of your own
When you're a boy
Learn to drive and everything
You get a girl
You'll get your share
When you're a boy.[/b][/center]


[b]OOC: Awesome post by the way, Boo[/b] Edited by Lilt
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[font="Times New Roman"][size="2"]An ambush had been the last thing Ormaz'd was prepared for. Of course Selene's assassin's were known for being terribly [i]quiet[/i], but to have silently infiltrated Crystal City, the last safe haven for those who fight against Selene... It filled Ormaz'd's heart with sadness. The ship was probably in danger, which was why he had turned into his electrical form to hightail it back to the Oceanus after he had dealt with his assailants, but that wasn't the worst of it. They had brought this trouble, this danger, this [i]silence[/i] to Crystal City. Surely Selene would have found it sooner or later, but if the Oceanus, the lone ship which had caused Selene more trouble than even she could have ever dreamt, had not landed here, the people here would have been safe at least a few days longer. Here was a city full of people he had once again failed to save...[/size]
A screech from nearby touched his empathetic subconscious and he immediately reformed to discover the source. Directly below the power line he had spawned from assassin's of Selene were attack a young rebel, who was bravely attempting to fight them off with a dying boombox. Ormaz'd's willpower sparked, as if charged from her courage.[/size]
[b]"Allow me to repay the favor."[/b] Ormaz'd transformed back into electricity and dived into her boombox, bathing the alleyway in sound before reforming to join the fight. [/size]

[/font][center][font="Times New Roman"][size="2"][media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acIU7yxzJ70[/media][/size][/font][/center]
[font="Times New Roman"][size="2"]He flicked both of his wrists and instantaneously two futuristic gauntlets appeared on both hands, with speakers at the tip of every finger and a larger speaker in the palm of both hands.[/size][/font]

[i][font="Garamond"][size="4"]I won't suffer, be broken, get tired, or wasted
Surrender to nothing, or give up what I [/size][/font][/i]

[font="Times New Roman"][size="2"]Though the first wave of soldiers had been downed, more were pouring in response to the commotion. Ormaz'd placed his hands in front of him, palms facing the crowd of coming soldiers and unleashed a concentrated sonic blast.[/size][/font]

[font="Garamond"][size="4"][i]Started and stopped it, from end to beginning[/i]
[i]A new day is coming, and I am finally free[/i][/size][/font]

[font="Times New Roman"][size="2"]A soldier leaped down atop Ormaz'd from above and knocked him to the ground. He reeled his arm back, revealing a hidden blade under his hand, smiled, and prepared his finishing blow.[/size][/font]

[font="Garamond"][size="4"][i]Run away, run away, I'll attack[/i]
[i]Run away, run away, go chase yourself[/i]
[i]Run away, run away, now I'll attack[/i]
[i]I'll attack, I'll aa-WHOOOAAAAAAAAA[/i][/size][/font]

[font="Times New Roman"][size="2"]Before the attack could land the girl Ormaz'd protected spun around and cranked up the volume on her boombox and pumped the assassin full of music.[/size][/font]

[font="Garamond"][size="4"][i]I would have kept you, forever, but we had to sever[/i]
[i]It ended for both of us, faster than a[/i]
[i]Kill off this thinking, it's starting to sink in[/i]
[i]I'm losing control now, and without you I can finally [/i][/size][/font][i][font="Garamond"][size="4"]see[/size][/font]
[font="Times New Roman"]She ran over to Ormaz'd and extended him a hand, and for one endless second they stared at each other as their attackers swarmed.[/font]

[font="Garamond"][size="4"][i]Run away, run away, I'll attack[/i]
[i]Run away, run away, go chase yourself[/i]
[i]Run away, run away, now I'll attack[/i]
[i]I'll attack, I'll aa-WHOOOAAAAAAAAA[/i][/size][/font]

[font="Times New Roman"][size="2"]They locked hands and she pulled him up, just in time for him to fire another sonic blast behind her, knocking out a couple soldiers. The two stood back to back and smiled, allowing the music to wash over them, before going back on the attack.[/size][/font]

[font="Garamond"][size="4"][i]Your promises, they look like lies[/i]
[i]Your honesty, like a back that hides a knife (knife)[/i]
[i]I promise you (promise you)[/i]
[i]I promise you (promise you)[/i]
[i]And I am finally free[/i]

[i]Run away, run away, I'll attack[/i]
[i]Run away, run away, go chase yourself[/i]
[i]Run away, run away, now I'll attack[/i]
[i]I'll attack, I'll attack, I will attack[/i]

[i]Run away, I'll attack, I will attack[/i]
[i]Run away, I'll attack, I will attack[/i]

[i]Run away (Run away), I'll attack (I'll attack)[/i]

[i]Your promises[/i]
[i](promises, promises)[/i]
[i]I promise you[/i]
[i](promise you)[/i]
[i]I promise you[/i]
[i](promise you, promise you)[/i][/size][/font]

[font="Times New Roman"][size="2"]The two finished their attack, thoroughly exhausted but alive nonetheless. Ormaz'd locked eyes with the girl again and stretched out his hand to her.[/size][/font]

[b][font="Times New Roman"]"Come with me."[/font] [/b][font="Times New Roman"][size="2"]Wordlessly they clasped hands and raced down the streets back towards the Oceanus. Their path was empty, which was both relieving and unnerving. Had the crew been able to prepare themselves despite the surprise attack? Had everyone in the city made it back to the ship yet? What if they had and he was keeping the crew from escaping? Ormaz'd gazed back at the girl again and decided to hazard a chance with her.[/size][/font]
[font="Times New Roman"][size="2"]
[b]"Brace yourself!"[/b] She tightened her grip and the two instantly became electricity. Ormaz'd directed them towards a nearby line, which he could feel would lead directly to the ship. Although they had no physical forms, and at the speed they were going he wouldn't have heard the girl anyways, he knew she was screaming from a mixture of fear and awe. He also knew her name was Ariata. Whenever Ormaz'd transformed someone into lightning their minds were linked for the duration of the experience. Her excitement was surprising for him, as he had grown so used to the process that it was second nature. He was the one attempting to brace himself now, because she was about to get much more excited. Coasting along power lines was the easy part. The real rush...

[font="Times New Roman"][size="2"]
Was the arc they had to perform to travel from the conduit to the ship. When Ormaz'd and his new partner materialized in the ship, her screams burst through the hallways, startling both Eos and Bomber. Ormaz'd allowed the girl to finish screaming and then placed his arm around her to comfort her and help calm her down. He addressed the bewildered crew.[/size][/font]
[font="Times New Roman"][size="2"]
[b]"I'm glad everyone is safe. I brought home a new crew member, Ariata. Where is everyone else?"[/b][/size][/font]
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[font="Garamond"]Solaris' limited range radar picked up on the assassins as they closed in on her, giving her a moment to prepare herself before the onslaught would begin. She swept her hair behind her shoulder and was relieved that there were no other lifeforms in the vicinity. She ducked just in time as a laser cut through the space that her head had just occupied. She twisted her body to grab the hand of another attacker before he could reach the panel on her back. She wasn't sure but she didn't believe that it was too much of a stretch to assume that Selene's forces knew that she was an android.

"That would be highly problematic for me, you understand." She spoke in a steady voice as she threw the assassin forward, watching him skid painfully across the concrete on his stomach. Several more assassins revealed themselves from the shadows. "I would hardly call this a fair fight, I will need something to help even the odds." Solaris shut her eyes for just a fraction of a second, to access a new component that she had had added to her software - an MP3 player, with hidden speakers throughout her body. Not overtly powerful, but loud enough to effect the assassins.


"I do so love early 21st century earth rock. It's just so vibrant. Wouldn't you agree?" Solaris smiled as the familiar guitar riffs filled her ears and forced the assassins back, just a step.

[i]Well there ain't nothing to this but your daughter
and the life you would not give her break your plans
traipsed across the continent a squatter
for your lies at night to sleep between my hands

When the lights come on this whole place gets ugly
but when they're out strangers fall in love
she could never say that flat out she don't want me
cause I could never say that half way ain't enough

A blade protruded from Solaris' right forearm, the music blaring now, the beat giving new energy to her movements. Her attackers came in waves, though much smaller than they likely planned, due to the steadily rising raucous music that pumped from their target. Her reflexes should have been dulled, the assassins noises and movements muffled by the sound, but they seemed sharper than ever. She ducked and rolled and slashed out at them, mouthing the words with a look of joy on her face as she cut them down.

[i]New Order's on the turn table we're dancing
cause what else do you do when you don't talk?
crucified to crawl into your mansion
Ya, that's why I learned to crawl before I walked

We're back where we belong
straight back where we belong
no days for nights, no cocaine cons
just back where we belong

She dropped to the ground as an even larger laser beam passed overhead. She turned her head just in time to see another shot fired. She pulled herself out of the way just in time as it impacted the ground. Some of her clothing and extremities were somewhat charred, but no worse for wear. The blade was swapped for a small gun.

[i]Take me out back to your piranhas
And beat me until I can't even stand
your whole life a plane without no landing gear
so if this is it then come on let me land

That trailer trash pedigree is calling
it rats you out when you're down on all fours
me I like to cast my death on yesterday
cause what doesn't kill us now just makes us better whores

The pupil in her right eye took on the appearance of a target and automatically locked on to the wielder of the large weapon.

"Boom." She observed as the bullet connected and a body fell from a nearby rooftop, repeating the shot as necessary to clear the assassins still up high.

[i]We're back where we belong
straight back where we belong
no days for nights, no cocaine cons
just back where we belong

Go put it in the ground
go bury it some place it can't be found
go put it in the ground

With a flourish, Solaris produced a small bomb from one of her pockets, and pressed the detonator gingerly before tossing it at the last few attackers that were scrambling to regroup.

The bomb went off.

[i]Well there ain't nothing to this but your daughter
and the life you would not give her break your plans
traipsed across the continent a squatter
for your lies at night to sleep between my hands[/i]

"It appears as though we have worn out our welcome. I must return to Oceanus at once."

Solaris set off at a trot.[/font]
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