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Angels: The Final Fallen

Drizzt Do'urden

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[i]The sky cast an ominous red hue that seemed to tell a tale of a heaven bathed in blood...
If only those that saw it had known the truth behind that sky, if only the prophets of old could have warned them of what was to come. Maybe that tiny bit of preparation could have been enough to save them from the coming war.

Unfortunetly nobody knew, nobody had been warned of the impending doom. The war for the souls of mankind had begun, and nobody knew...nobody except those that died in the initial conflict....

Fallen angels were those that gave up their 'holy' blessing in hopes that they may go to earth, not as a harbinger or to sing praise of god's graces. These angels went to earth in search of one thing, to become human.

The first fallen is the most well known of them all, Lucifer. His hatred of humans and refusal of power forced his father's hand, and being sent down into the abyss amassed power over all things evil. He created demons out of fallen souls to serve as his minions in hell, and once in awhile on earth.

This is the way it was to be; that is until a fellow angel, Jeremiah, began digging through the ancient scriptures and discovered the truth that lucifer took with him to hell. A truth that would shatter the loyal followers, and could rightly spark a war in heaven. Jeremiah kept the word of Lucifer to himself, and began preaching to the multitudes that would listen.

He eventually gained enough support to launch a rebellion in heaven that surpassed Lucifer's rising to power. The battles raged on for over a millenia, until finally over the smoke and smoldering ruins of heaven stood only Jeremiah, Michael, and Gabriel. Knowing he himself did not stand a chance in defeating the two arch angels, two of gods original sons, Jeremiah sacrified his 'holy' and thrust himself down to earth to find the only being who could finish Gabriel and Michael and claim heaven for the wicked...Lucifer.

[i]Fallen.....Fallen it is time to awaken. The world is being pulled apart, and only you are able to stop it. [/i][i]

[/i]The message rings in your head over and over again as you go about your daily life. It began a few weeks ago and you can't seem to shake it. Its like a broken record that repeats endlessly with no end in sight. That is, until you finally see the light; a flash and a bang, more blinding and deafening than anything you've ever heard. It isn't until the smoke clears that you see him, a man, or at least you think he is, holding a firey blade. He doesn't move his mouth but his words ring in your soul, he touches you with his blade and you change.....and then you know the truth.

[i]Fallen.....Fallen it is time to awaken. The world is being pulled apart, and only you are able to finish it.[/i][i]

[/i]The message rings in your head over and over again as you go abou your daily life. It began a few weeks ago, and you can't seem to shake it. Its like a broken record that repeats endlessly with no end in sight. That is, until you finally see the light; a flash and a band, more blinding and deafening than anything you've ever heard. It isn't until the smoke clears that you see him, a man, or at least you think he is, holding a firey blade. He doesn't move his mouth but his words ring in your sould, he touches you with his blade and you change.....and then you know the truth.

Which side will you fight for?

The time for the final battle for earth has arrived. It began as a great flash of light that engulfed the earth, killing over 85% of the earth's population in one blast. The remaining governments banned together, claiming an accidental nuclear launch destroyed most of the planet. The remaining population was moved to the United States in an attempt to create a new world head quarters to begin rebuilding.

Unbeknownst to the general population, the minions of satan covered up the battle between Jeremiah's followers and Michael and Gabriel's followers that fell upon the earth as the great "nuclear" blast. They moved the population not to begin recovering, but instead to hide the search for the 7 seals that would free satan.

Before the blast you were a simple human, living your life and surviving like the rest. You were moved to the United States with everybody else and began building again.

The year is 2025, 12 years after the bulk of the earth was destroyed. You just had your vision and you awake with a power and a mission, but the mission is your choice.

Some were visited by Michael, some by Gabriel, and still some by Lucifer. If Michael or Gabriel visited you, you are a descent of a fallen angel of light. An angel who feel to earth to experience and embrace humanity.

If you were visited by Lucifer you are a descendent of a fallen whose goal was to find a way to destroy his father's 'greatest' creation, humanity.




Appearance: (Description or picture)

Personality: Go into detail

Power: Remember we're humans who are descendents of angels so there is no flying around on angel wings, keep you powers simple and remember you've only had a few years to develop it. Leave room for it to grow a bit, If you choose telekeneisis, for example, start off by levitating smaller objects don't jump into dropping a house on a witch.

Weapon: What weapon have you used to survive, are you a master in the use of a firearm? Maybe you prefer the upclose and personal touch melee weapons choose, or you're just old fashoined and love a good bow and pointy arrow.

Holy Weapon: During the course of the story, whether good or evil, all descendents are going to gain a holy weapon. A weapon that has been past down in your family and has been waiting in your blood for a chance to be unleashed

Bio: Who were you before your vision, what did you see in your vision, and what did you do immediately following.

This is intended to be a mature RP that will show the darker side to the holy war. Most of the begining of the story will be both sides gathering, and then the bulk of the story will take place in the wastelands of the eastern hemisphere.

I'm going to add my signup later this afternoon for anyone who feels they need a template, anybody else can just feel free to sign-up.

(Anybody choosing to fight for lucifer, please pm me after your sign-up. I have some story markers I need you to work your way to early on, though how you get there and how the events unfold are going to be all up to you)

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[font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#000080"]Name: Kayel Relanko

Age: 26

Appearance: See attachments, First is before the dream, the second, minus the wings, is her in her ice armor, though the appearance is different. The armor actually takes on a canine look, her helm looking like the head of a wolf, her gloves shaped as the large clawed paws of an animal, her boots looking like the double jointed legs of a werewolf giving her a very beast like and fearsome look, the sword in the picture is also her holy weapon.

Personality: Kayel is somewhat complex, she is even tempered in most situations, but does have an underlying temper than gets away from her from time to time. Bull headed and strong willed she bends to no one and would rather do things on her own than take help from another. Gentle and loving most of the time she has a sarcastic charm to her that seems to draw people in. Despite the fact that she does have a calm exterior she is quiet the hot head and and does fly off the handle rather easily if it's something she feels is worth it.

Power: Kayel takes on the power of ice, though her manipulation is small at first, only able to summon forth small shards or blocks the size of large hail she eventually gains the ability to create an entire suite of armor of ice that is able to regenerate, but one flaw comes with this power. With it's advancement it takes on a small will of it's own which causes problems for her in battle. If the armor feels the battle is pointless, or her heart is not fully into the attack it will not come to her aid and leaves her completely vulnerable.

Weapon: Kayel prefers to fight hand to hand. She uses a mixed style of street fighting and kick boxing all her own.

Holy Weapon: Kayel gains a blade that reacts to her own emotions, somewhat the same way her ice power does, if her heart is into the battle and it is a battle she can win the sword will become sharp and deadly, but if she is hesitant, and the fight is pointless the sword will be no better in battle than a rusted butter knife.

Bio: Kayel lived in the slums most of her young life, being 14 when the world became what it is now she can clearly remember her life before all of this, she had been born into a loving family, a mother, father, five annoying brothers...but that ended when the bombs hit. Her family having gotten caught in the blast she was the only one left. She did what she had to in order to survive from there, stealing, pick pocketing, even raiding dumpsters for enough food. It was during this time she found her calling, seeing the things that people threw away or took for granted when it came to food she began to experiment with different idea and things. She eventually made a living off of the idea becoming a small names chef of sorts. It was during one of her small catering jobs she met her husband. Him being a businessman she catered one of his events taking him for just being one of the spoiled rich boys she watched him as he talked to the other men around him, all of them seeming to hang off of his every word. Seeing him approach her she lifted her head higher and met his dark eyes, that was the night that seemed to start everything. He confessed later to her that he was curious about her, that he wanted to know more since she seemed to be the only one he was unable to manipulate. Taking an interest in him as well due to the passion he put into his own work she convinced him to spend a day with her, taking him ice skating she could only smile as she watching him awkwardly glide around the rink til he got the hang of it, to that end he turned out to be very graceful. Her hand in his as they simply glided along the ice talking, taking him than to a hot tea stand and than to her own home for dinner. It was a peaceful day and it started their relationship. After that he seemed to sneak away from work as often as he could to find her in her small shop, spending more and more time talking to her, still trying to get her to sign a small contract, the one that started it all, trying to help her small shop expand she had refused him wanting to do it on her own. She only laughed and shook her head, a couple of years passed after that, Desmond being the suave romantic type he took her to a small restaurant where he propose to her. Since than her life had been wonderful, til the night of the dream.
[center][i]She saw her, standing there looking more beautiful than anything she had ever seen in her life, her flowing hair and golden skin drew her in, and her voice was heavenly as she spoke.
"My daughter, how you've grown."
She wanted to ask what was happening, wanted to scream and run, but at the same time wanted to surrender to the warmth the woman was putting off.
"You have been chosen, please forgive me for the pain you will endure. Your world is in danger, there is another attack coming, one worse than the last and if allowed to happen it will end humanity as you know it. You must not allow this to happen."
Kayel found her voice than.
"Who are you?"
"My name is Gabrielle, you are a descendant of my noble blood line. Protect the innocent, do what must be done."
Kayel covered her eyes as a blinding flash of light flared to life in front of her, she took a step back only to feel her foot slip and her weight shift as she fell into an empty abyss of darkness. [/i][/center]
She jolted awake, sweat pouring from her skin as she pushed her bangs from her forehead breathing heavily she looked down at the man laying next to her, her body shivering as she lay back down and pressed her self against him sighing as he wrapped his arm around her making her feel safe; the urge to find the address filtering through her mind lessening as she inhaled her husbands scent and closed her eyes drifting back into sleep.
[/color][/font] Edited by Knuckles' Girl
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[size="1"][b]Name: [/b]Desmond Relanko

[b]Age:[/b] 28

[b]Appearance:[/b] Will edit

[b]Personality:[/b] Desmond is methodical, ambitious and above all he is ruthless in his business practices. He is always in control of his situation; nothing goes unseen if he wishes it. He has a very calm personality in the sense of being able to maintain a steady mind and an unshakable concentration that has always kept him on top. He isnâ??t a cold and emotionless man, just has extreme difficulties expressing anything beyond his normal charm and wit he uses on clients.

His wife was able to pull that side out of him, she couldnâ??t completely make him understand the emotional aspect of peopleâ??s minds, but she did help him understand how it is to feel something for someone.

[b]Power:[/b] Desmondâ??s power is influence, more specifically it stems from his voice. His words are able to push into the deep parts of the mind and pull them towards him, however, the words are just suggestions that most follow. Not everyone is affected the same, some fall into his charm with minimal effort, others take time and convincing words along with his powers. But everyone, except his wife, gets pulled in eventually buy his powers.

With time and development, his powers will become more than just suggestion; they will become the core beliefs of a person and spread like an infectious disease from one mind to the next.

[b]Weapon:[/b] Desmond relies on his voice and his charisma to get his out of situations, been when that fails and he is met with confrontation, he carries a scoped police baton that with a flick of his wrist it extends out. He isnâ??t the most proficient, but he is quick enough that he can hit key body parts to end a fight as quickly as possible.

[b]Holy Weapon:[/b] Mace of Dementia, this weapon comes from Lucifer, forged for a demon prince Astaroth it is passed down to Desmond. The mace itself holds its own consciousness, but the mind is more animal in the words it whispers to Desmond, itâ??s forger crafted it to desire only one thing, blood. And the need grows stronger and stronger as it becomes starved of the death it needs.

[b]Bio:[/b] Will Edit[/size] Edited by Dassem Ultor
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Name: Darius Johnston

Age: 28

Appearance: [url="http://http://www.freewebs.com/phoenixdcr/AnimeBoy4.jpg"]My link[/url]

Darius stands at just over six feet tall and has a solid build, he tends to dress a little more 'upper class'.

Personality: Darius grew up in one of the few remaining 'well-to-do' families left. He was raised to view the slums as a world of evil, rather than a world of people struggling to just get by. Darius managed to block out the 'better than you' attitude and instead developed one of pitty for those who have had to struggle. He takes his personal vow to help rebuild from the bottom up to heart, this has consequently given him a gulible nature and is easy to take advantage of.

Power: [u]Telekenesis:[/u] Darius awoke from his vision to find he has the ability to levitate small objects. His power will evolve with larger, and multiple objects.

Weapon: Darius knew the slums couldn't be what he thought, but to prepare for a life away from the protection of his family he purchased and praticed with his .45Colt revolver. He has a small background in fencing, but not real combat experience.

Holy Weapon: Darius will be given Gabriel's own blade in the future.

Bio: Darius' family was a wealthy family who had been at the top of the 'food chain' for generations. This continued after the great battle. Darius never bought into the role of being better than anyone, and choose to take a large amount of his furture inheritance and leave for 'mission' work. His goal was to find himself, and a way to help even a few less fortunate people.

[i]Darius awoke to a light so blinding he had to sheild his eyes, though they were still closed.

Risking a peek he found himself not in the hotel room he feel asleep in, instead he was in a great white room with a decor that reminded him of ancient rome. In front of him stood a giant of a man, a long flowing robe who held a sword that seemed to burn with a flame so intense it was almost white.

The man didn't move his lips, but spoke to him through his mind. "Darius, I am Gabriel, archangel of peace. It is time for you awaken my son, for you are a desendent of an angel. An angel who came to earth to experience humanity, the same humanity you must now protect."

Darius found himself trying to speak, but was unable to move his mouth.

"An angel named Jeremiah is preparing a second assault, my brother Lucifer is planning on aiding him in order to rise, while my brother Michael is raising his own army with a sole goal to stop Jeremiah at any cost. You must stop Lucifer and Jeremiah before the second wave of battle destroys what little remains of humanity."

With out another word the angel touched his blade to Darius' shoulder, the white hot pain lept through his body causing him to jump back....

[/i]Darius awoke on the floor of his hotel room after falling out of bed. The pain in his shoulder still lingered. The one thought of his head was not of the dream, it was the name and address of a cafe in New York. He'd never been there, but he knew he had to go.

OOC: Sorry again for the delay, here's my sign-up for an example.

I've had a couple questions asked of me that I thought I'd address here,

The remainder of the world was moved to the United States to rebuild, since 12 years has past there has been a lot of progress. The populated cities don't show much if any damage, but the general population lives in near inpovershed conditions and as such the crime rate is outlandish.

There are no 'mutants' but Satan's major demons roam the land in that guise. As of now none of our characters know that or know what truley has happened. There is no residual radiaiton, but everybody believes the fallout is so severe in the rest of the world there is not travel outside the U.S.

I'm going to start a backstage once we get everybodies characters up

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