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Hey there you everyone. I just thought of how unfair it is that some of your greatest writing might be in an RP that is only read by a tiny bit of the OB community. I decided it was a wonderful idea to post the work you're proudest of in a certain place for the whole world to see!

Basically, just post anything here ranging from entire RPs to just small quotes or even just an idea you have once had for an RP that was so awesome, you decide you want to share it. It's sort of like a shameless plug really, but I appreciate shameless plugs much.

I liked the invention of tables for RPs and adding music and pictures so ever since I've been abusing them in the few RPs I've been in, and here's examples of two of them:


[b]OCEANUS, BY SHY - [/b]My character Bomber is from the planet Reptillion, that in the next scene is being whiped away by the evil forces of Selene, goddess of Silence. Throughout the RP the crew of the Oceanus is to beat Selene by using music as their main weapon.

Post: [url="http://www.otakuboards.com/index.php?/topic/45029-oceanus/page__view__findpost__p__708102"]Oceanus[/url]

[b]OTAKU SIN CITY, BY KOREY/NOTBOO/AVALONANGEL/T.O.P. - [/b] My character Boo Dutch, a freelance journalist and photographer, just bumped upon something big. There were plenty of people in Otaku Sin City who were going to make sure he'd forget all about his find however.

[url="http://www.otakuboards.com/index.php?/topic/43508-otaku-sin-city-mature-content-warning/page__view__findpost__p__676153"]Otaku Sin City 2[/url]
[url="http://www.otakuboards.com/index.php?/topic/43508-otaku-sin-city-mature-content-warning/page__view__findpost__p__677103"]Otaku Sin City 3[/url] Edited by dark_apocalyps
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This is a neat idea, I guess my biggest question is are you wanting to post individual posts from an RP, links to these posts, or are you going to post every post you've made from an RP that you think is.

Not that I make a whole lot of posts that are good enough to write home to mom about, but I have a few characters I particularly am fond of.
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As I came out of the dust of the old spellbook... haha It would definitely have to be out of the Destiny: Revenge will be Ours series! Well, two of them...

[quote]The world has been at peace for over a millennium now. Thanks to the five warriors that wanted to avenge their families and friends deaths. But now all five lay in eternal slumber deep in their graves, their story forgotten by all, except for their decedents. Now a terrible thing has happened. A powerful evil has been unleashed and has arisen to the mortal plain, to create suffering, agony, and death. The Earth that had been at peace for so long wasn�t prepared for the darkness that has come upon it. The nightmare that had been defeated four thousand years ago is now reoccurring, if not the fiends that did originally did it, then it is another, totally new evil, nobody is certain of that. But with the five of them long since passed on, and nobody strong enough� Or brave enough to take their place and do what they did so long ago. And because of that there is total chaos. Still� there is a glimmer of hope. The young descendants of the five warriors have accidentally discovered items, capable of reviving the dead. The question now is� Will they use the power that has been enthused to them for good purposes? Only time� and time alone, will spell the fate of the Earth�

The room is dark in an old house built atop an old cemetary. There are a few kids sitting around in the dark attic of this old 5th or 6th century house with a book, candles, flowers, a bowl of Blessed Sea Salt Water, and an incense burner on a table. You could hear voices of a few children about 15 or 16 years of age moving stuff around on the table and yelling at eachother in the dark.

Kid 1: Hey! No! Not there! Here!

Kid 2: Would you shut up? I know what I'm doing!

Kid 3: Both of you shut up before mom wakes up and catches us with her old Gaelic spell book!

Kid 1 & 2: Oooooooooh! You're going to be in trouble if she finds out!

Kid 3: She won't find out! Now shut it before I summon a demon to come and take you all away! Mwuhahahahahha!

Kid 1: Vahn, you're nuts.

Vahn: Yes, I know...

Kid 2: Can we just do this? It's almost dawn! If we don't start it now, we'll have to wait another month for the full moon on the first hour before dawn!

Vahn: Yeah, you're right....

Everyone: Let's do it!

Vahn knelt down in front of the Alter and his friends knelt down around the alter, all holding hands while focusing their energies into the ritual. Vahn lit the first candle. The room slowly lit up with a dim, golden light. There was junk all over the place covered in cobwebs and dust. It was evident that not many people have been up here in the past century.

Vahn continued the ritual. He lit the other three white candles starting with the one at the top, then left, then right. With the added light, he opened the book to the page the spell he wanted to do was on. It was in the ancient language of Gaelia. He chanted the spell as they all held hands focusing on the outcome of the ritual. The chanting got louder and more emotion was put into it. The candle flames started to wave as the energies passed through them.

Suddenly, the flames seemed to jump off of the candles as they were extinguished by the force of their auras. Sitting in the dark, amazed, the kids looked at eachother with the same thought on their minds... "Did it work?"

The floor started to tremble as they felt something pushing up through the floor. The floor seemed to crumble as a tattered and torn body arose from within it. Vahn and the others watched in fright as the dead body arose higher above the floor. There was a light glowing where the corpse's heart would be. The light shot out and retreated back into the body. The corpse fell to the ground with a loud thud.

Vahn went over to the body... slowly... slower... he stopped a few inches before the corpse. He couldn't go any further. He was too frightened.

Kid 2: Vahn...? Is it....?

Vahn: I think so....

???? : Who has awakened thy spirit from thy eternal rest?!

Vahn jumped back.


???? : Vahn, is it?

Vahn: ... Y--Yes...?

???? : Thank you.... But there is a question I must ask thee...

Vahn: W-What is it?

???? : Why did you call upon me?

Vahn: Who are you?

???? : Answer me!

Vahn: Answer me first!

Kid 1: Vahn, obey the dead guy before he gets in a bad mood!

???? : To answer your question, my name is Valen.

All: !!!

Vahn: Is it really you?

Valen: Yeah, you were expecting maybe Merlin?

Vahn: Well, yeah... actually.....

Valen: .................. now, answer my question....


Valen: An old spell book? Vahn, was this spell book in Gaelic?

Vahn: Yeah, why? (!!!) Wait... you're Valen from...... about..... 1381 years ago?

Valen: Wow..... has it really been that long? Heh.... time flies when you're dead....

Valen's body and spirit merge in a bright flash of light. The corpse that was on the floor was now standing, but there was something different.... the clothes weren't tattered, the rotting flesh wasn't rotting anymore... it was... it was real flesh... Valen looked just as he did moments before his death by Lacroix.

Valen: Wow... this feels good... home again... sorta...

Kid 1: Uh... Vahn's friend passes out after what he saw a few seconds ago.

Kid 2: Um... I'm going home now...

As Vahn's other friend ran out the door towards his house, Valen and Vahn got to know eachother a bit better. Valen went to take a bath but found out something weird -- They had HOT water!

Vahn: (Banging on the bathroom door) Hurry up in there! My parents will be up in any minute!

Valen: Alright alright! Hold on! Eesh...

Valen got out wearing what he had on earlier that morning. Vahn and Valen went back up to the attic and dragged Vahn's friend into the bed. Vahn went over behind a crate and picked up his weapons.

They headed out to show Valen around the house when Vahn noticed something. They followed it up to a forest that Vahn has never noticed before in his life. They cautiously walked into the forest... [/quote]

~A New Era, A New Destiny!

A classic RPG series, though it was never really finished... Wow... 2002/2003.... That had to have been 9th grade...
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[quote name='Valen' timestamp='1316501979' post='709514']
As I came out of the dust of the old spellbook... haha It would definitely have to be out of the Destiny: Revenge will be Ours series! Well, two of them...

~A New Era, A New Destiny!

A classic RPG series, though it was never really finished... Wow... 2002/2003.... That had to have been 9th grade...
Man, I've just read through most of both of them like a month ago. Our little baby. ;~;
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[quote name='lol' timestamp='1316516952' post='709520']
Man, I've just read through most of both of them like a month ago. Our little baby. ;~;

Man, we should redo a few stories like that with proper grammar and whatnot... they could be best sellers!!! Heck, most of the stories here at OB are amazing. Jaaaaaaaaames! OtakuPublishers? Bwaha!
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[font=palatino linotype]I'm not sure if I'm "proud" of this post as such, but I enjoyed writing it, mostly because it's completely different from anything I would normally write in an RPG. And I don't think anyone has ever considered what an excerpt of [i]Mein Kampf[/i] would look like if it had been written by a racist Link in Hyrule. :sweatdrop: [/font]

<table width="520" border="0" align="center" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="1"><tr><td bgcolor="#7A5832"><table width="100%" border="0" color="#7A5832" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="0"><tr><td valign="top" bgcolor="#7A5832"><table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="15"><tr><td valign="top" bgcolor="#C4A97E"><font color="#392D21" size="2" face="book antiqua">[center][img]http://i228.photobucket.com/albums/ee132/Runaway511/zelda/newlinkavatar.jpg[/img]

[size=3]The Gerudo Campaign[/size]

[i]Journal Entry[/i][/center]

When I was a child, I enjoyed a relatively peaceful life. Back then, we lived in a little house in Kokiri Village, south west of Castle Town. It was a quite life and although I was aware of the rise of Aghanim (and that my father foiled his plot), I do not remember feeling any immediate sense of danger. While my father was running across the countryside doing whatever heroes do, my mother raised me and ensured that our home life was as carefree as possible.

I did miss my father though. At times I rarely saw him, but no matter what, he made sure to return home at the end of every month. He might only stay for a day and, if I was lucky, he might stay for three days. Sometimes when he came home he was slightly distant and he regularly wore the evidence of new bruises and scratches (as well as other, more serious injuries).

Whenever I cried to my mother about him being away, she would sternly tell me that �he is keeping the darkness at bay, so that it may never reach us here.� I was proud of him and I came to understand why Hyrule needed such a hero.

When dad was home, he would always choose one night where we would all sit around a freshly-lit fire and listen to his wild and wonderful stories from abroad. We heard of strange beasts, powerful magic and ancient artefacts. I used to sit on my mother�s knee with a glass of warm Lon Lon milk while I listened intently. She used to stroke my hair, which was bittersweet, because I�d often fall asleep before the end of the story.

Of all the subjects my father mentioned during those nights in front of the fire, it was his encounters with the various races of Hyrule that most interested me.

He first spoke of the powerful, ancient and majestic Zora, who lived in an enormous lagoon (adjoining Lake Hylia) to the far south. When describing the Zora, I could see the look of joy on his face. He discussed their culture in great detail and even recited several legendary Zora ballads (which had been given a fresh coat of paint from an upstart music group in more recent times).

In particular he spoke of Princess Ruto, the Child Princess. Here was a girl with great power thrust upon her at an early age, yet he spoke of her in such adoring terms. She was disciplined in her studies and spoke several languages, including Hylian (which impressed me, as native Hylian is truly the only civilized language in our fair country).

The world of the Zora sounded mysterious and wonderful. It was clear that my father held a deep respect for these people. And, despite the fact that they were clearly not the Chosen People, the Zora managed to live peacefully in Hyrule's south, without impeding on Hylians in any way. Perhaps if they had tried to settle in Castle Town or Kokiri Village, they would have been unwelcome, but few Hylians lived in and around Lake Hylia.

On other occasions he mentioned the Gorons, which were a curious sort, perhaps even more so than the Zora.

The Gorons lived inside Death Mountain. They were, like the Zora, an ancient race with many customs and traditions. My father told stories about his father, who had saved the entire race of Gorons from the great dragon Volvagia. As a result, I thought that the Gorons must surely owe their entire existence to the powerful Hylians. My father told me that the Gorons began fashioning objects from rock, which they gave to the Hylians as a kind of tribute.

The third story that confirmed my faith in the Hylian was related to the Story of Creation and the Three Goddesses. Every single record, every single historical account supported the core truth that Hylians were and are the true Chosen People. The Goddesses intended for Hylians to rule the world and to bring order to it.

To me, this entire account of history was a kind of natural selection. Clearly, the Goddesses protected and cherished Hylians; we are in every way the superior race in Hyrule and beyond. The Zora and Gorons are curiosities of nature, with their funny traditions, curious languages and laughably simple economies. They owe their existence to the power and purity of the Hylian race and it is by our grace that they continue to remain healthy and safe.

When my father retired and eventually passed away, the mantle was passed to me. While I may have been utterly convinced of Hylian superiority and the glory of my country, I wouldn't say that I was keen enough to go out and defend it. Of course, that view quickly changed when Hyrule entered a brief period of political turmoil, which was triggered by an assassination attempt on Queen Zelda.

I was not immediately aware of the nature of this threat. I had always been told that Aghanim was from "a far away land", but had grown up as a citizen of Hyrule. In other words, he was a naturalized Hyrulian. His betrayal was largely no different to the betrayal of any Hyrulian citizen, or so I thought.

After meeting with the Queen at Hyrule Castle, I began to gain a new understanding. I had heard of several strange races from my father, but he had omitted (or simply never encountered) one of them: the Gerudo. "Gerudo" was a word that I would come to hate with every fiber of my being.

The assassination attempt had been made by a Gerudo female. When I first learned the details of the attack, I did not consider there to be anything unusual as such. The Gerudo, I assumed, were perhaps no different to Hylians. They were human, at least. And I naively thought that these Gerudo were simply looking for the same thing as everybody else: power and riches. But I did not know the full extent of their barbarism.

I did not learn the true nature of the Gerudo (and by extension, the true importance of the Hylian) until I was commissioned by the Queen to travel to the Far East, into the Desert of Doubt. My mission was simple: track down the Gerudo capital and gather what information I could. At that stage I was not even required to conduct an assassination or a battle. The Queen's mercy - and the endless mercy of the wonderful Hylian people - knew no bounds. True power, the Queen told me, was not in the killing of others but in the exercise of restraint and mercy.

Shortly following my discussion with the Queen, I set off for the Desert of Doubt. All I had was my trusty steed (who had still been a foal only one spring prior), as well as a small collection of food and items (I carried my father's slingshot, which was not particularly useful but which I cherished nonetheless).

I rode for several days and nights, only stopping briefly for sleep and to wash in streams and creeks that dotted my path. As I continued to move further east, Hyrule's landscape changed. The villages and small towns were spread further apart and the people became increasingly different; I'm not sure how, exactly, to describe this difference except to say that they were less and less like the traditional Hylians I knew from home.

Eventually I came upon a place called the Border Territory. It divides Hyrule Kingdom from the Desert of Doubt, although most Hylians would consider the desert part of Hyrule's sovereign territory. At this stage, I can distinctly remember the oppressive heat. When I looked behind me, I could no longer see the expansive grass plains of Hyrule Kindgom, even though I had only just passed over them. It was as though one became completely enveloped by the stifling heat and endless sands upon entering the desert.

I continued to ride for several more days. At times I was lucky enough to come upon a small oasis, but these became less frequent the deeper I travelled. There were times when I feared that I had become hopelessly lost and panic began to set in. Enormous sandstorms rose from nowhere and covered the sky like a dark, impenetrable cloak. Over time I became convinced that the desert was slowly driving me insane. It was then that I began to write my first journal entries. At that time, I'm sure I began to feel quite different - that is to say, not quite myself. I can't explain it except to say it became increasingly difficult to navigate the desert and I began having conflicting thoughts on a regular basis:

"Why are you here? Do you even remember?"

"You have a job to do, you can't let the Kingdom down!"

[i]"Zelda sent you here to die."[/i]

Despite the setbacks, I eventually stumbled upon the outskirts of a Gerudo encampment. This was clearly not the main Gerudo city, though. It comprised of a thin row of stalls as well as some small houses (which could better be described as shanties, more than anything). There were several merchants and travelers in the encampment and they had tied up their horses and boars at one end of the strip, where several large wooden posts had been erected in the sand. I had not seen any of these people in my travels; where had they all come from? None had encountered me and I had come directly from the Border Territory, along the single Hyrule road that led to the desert. If they hadn't come from Hyrule, then where?

I decided to stop and relax for a moment before pressing on. I tied up my horse and began inspecting the various stalls. Each were very simple and consisted of plain wooden frames covered in cheap fabrics. They were tattered and torn. The goods were simple fare: bland ceramics, exotic spices and odd-looking potions. As I passed these stalls, I noticed that they were all manned by Gerudo.

The Gerudo were people I had heard about, but never met. And, truly, they were stranger and more bizarre than any race I'd yet encountered or heard about. There was not a single man among them. Some casually cradled babies in one arm while using the other to handle rupees. There were only a few babies. They looked wiry and malnourished. Among their many unattractive features were tiny black eyes (like little stones), long and slightly hooked noses, exceedingly long fingers (more like claws from what I could tell) and the most awful kind of cry I had ever heard. It wasn't a cry so much as an eerie squeal, like that of a distressed pig. How their mothers could tolerate such noise was beyond my comprehension.

The women themselves were no better than their children. Often tall, wiry, with long matted red hair. All of them. It was as though they were bred from the same shallow gene pool. Their skins were almost unnaturally tanned (from having spent years in the desert, no doubt) and they featured the same small black eyes and angular noses. They had no hips, no shape to their legs, no breasts. They were androgynous and repulsive, with strange accents and awful toothy smiles.

[i]These[/i] were the people who had attacked my beloved Queen? These "people" had ambitions of conquering Hyrule? The thought turned my stomach. At least the other races within the Kingdom had some slight claim to culture and civilization; at least they had some small element of pride and sense of order. But these Gerudo? A race of female nomads, with no culture (other than the sale of cheap pottery and gimmicky potions), no real society or history and certainly no ambition. These "people" were the only ones who could live in the desert, presumably because if they had tried to live elsewhere they would have become extinct long ago. Somehow the desert had shown them mercy. The desert is where they belonged, if they arrogantly insisted on their continued existence as a species.

They were the aimless wanderers of the desert. Even the Goddesses had not bothered further with them (after one famous attempt to wipe them out long ago). They had no past and it was obvious that they had no future. So here they were, trying to [i]create[/i] a future. These Gerudo reminded me of a terrible virus that had to be cured.

I have only vague memories of what followed these revelations. I remember standing in the middle of the thoroughfare and coming to the realization that my role was now clear: it wasn't enough to simply "gather information" on the Gerudo. I had to stop their dreaded progression towards the Kingdom. I had to finish the job that the Goddesses had started long ago. I had to exterminate them all.

I may have failed to carry out this task, but I at least destroyed the encampment. When I began to slowly withdraw my blade, the silly idiots stared blankly in my direction. They were like stupid sheep. Or perhaps they thought I was going to sell my sword to them. I bet they were all counting up the rupees in their mind as soon as they caught a glimpse of that blade.

And then I went into another world, only briefly pausing to survey the damage.

As I write this, I do not feel an ounce of regret. If someone else finds this journal and reads it one day, long after I have passed away, they may wonder how it is that a man can willingly eliminate so many "innocent" people without a care. All I can say, with any degree of certainty, is that if you ever encounter a Gerudo in your life, you will not ask this question. There is no such thing as an "innocent" Gerudo.

Destroying the Gerudo is no different than poisoning the rats in your cellar. If your precious food - and your very home - are being encroached upon by vermin, you would not think twice about killing them all, would you?

And what of their children? The same principle applies. Children grow up. If you destroy only the adults, their offspring will simply replace them. What's worse, they may indeed seek revenge upon you. So it is prudent to dispose of them in the first place.

When I returned to Hyrule I was branded a murderer. They said I committed "crimes" in Hyrule itself, well after the Gerudo Campaign. I do not recall doing such things, at least not to my beloved Hylians. Gerudo, though? Those were not crimes. They were necessary acts of self-preservation. I encountered people in Hyrule who looked strange - they were just like the Gerudo. They were probably Gerudo spies, attempting to blend in with the Chosen People. How could anyone suffer such an offense? They might have cried and pleaded that they were in fact Hylian, but I did not believe this for a moment. A Gerudo would, after all, continue this act of deception even in the face of imminent death. It is the kind of desperate act that dogs, rats and Gerudo have in common.

As long as a single Gerudo is left alive, Hyrule will forever remain threatened. </font></td></tr></table></td></tr></table></td></tr></table>
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