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I make tags sometimes


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sorry if you've seen [s]some[/s] all of these before















last two were for competitions on other forums. have at 'em : )
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tried some new smudging techniques in these two. not really crazy about the first but I do really like the second. like a whole lot.
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Wait, I had an awesome reply for this. Meh, disappeared. Anyway:

I love the link tag as it's kind of simple, but still not, and the colours and effects make the LInk stock seem more eh, fluent than it actually is. I also really like the Muse one, but it kind of... looks like something else than guitar playing. The text on this one and the Sora one are great though. The colours and shapes of the font match the tags really well, contrary to the "hello" and "pandemonium" ones, in which the text is just distracting and does not look really cool. For the "hello" one you could try using the pink that's actually already in the banner, or some shade of that one, with... white. Anyway:

Lens flares and general light around stock are hard to get right, and you did excellent with the two girl banners (the one holding a blanket in the wind, or something, and the one using a bow) as the light amplifies the expression of the stock, and also the action in the latter one. The Riku one has a bit of a redundant flare on the other hand, as it kind of amplifies a cold shoulder and pulls the attention away from his face (eyes) and sword. The Sora one has a pretty cool flare because it looks like he's being all "WHAT?! FLARE!" but I think the flare could've been more to the bottom right, a bit further from his face, and then some extra lighting on his front upper body as if the light radiates from the ball he's looking at.

I think the sprite tags are really cool. You manage to put the focus on them really well, especially in the Kingdom Hearts one.

The one in your last post that you dig least I like a lot, but I think it would be even cooler if the light in the bottom right would be in the top right instead, amplifying the arrow. So if it would amplify the entire arrow. Think it would look really dynamic and POW like that.

In general, I think your stuff's pretty much super cool. Edited by Boo
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