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Art The Art Thread of Me!

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Having a job in art is bloody fantastic, unless like me you end up crippled from all the years of scribbling away for your employer. While I don't have the rights to post SOME of my past professional work (Darn pigs wouldn't part with snot), I will post some of my personal stuff and the work I have done since turning freelance.


First off, I'd like to share my latest commission.


Client: Name Witheld

Price: £23 (New years discount)

Dimensions: 1000 x 1000 Pixels

Subject: Client's son as a superhero.



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Drawn from memory using a HB pencil.

Vodite, an XBox Live friend of mine and Lee's.

I was going to give him a speech bubble cursing over how crap Colonial Marines is, but I felt it was better without. ;)

Art © Me

Xenos etc © Giger & Fox & Other peeps


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Latest Piece





Turbo was sat with his knees up to his chest as he enjoyed his nightly cigarette and surfed the internet in his garage. He had found a huge amount of fanart of himself which made his ego inflate even more, but he even some of himself with people's OCs. His nose wrinkled as he saw image after image of romantic scenes. He sighed, rested his head on his hand and shook his head.

"Do I look f**kin' cuddly to you?"


Just a bit of something I whipped up in 20 mins. I couldn't resist. XD


[Disclaimer: I do not support or condone smoking. This was just used as a character feature.]



Art © Rachel Prince


Turbo © Disney

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