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Summoner's Road

Akieen Cloud

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[font='comic sans ms']Rated M for violence, language, and other adult stuffs. xP[/font]

[font='comic sans ms']Summonerâ??s Road[/font]

[font='comic sans ms'] Long ago, before the Earth was born and life established, this world was a barren wasteland. Nothing grew, nothing lived. Until the Creator took it upon him-self to heal our world, thus the Divine Tree was created. The tree bore roots deep into the Earth, rooting it-self throughout all of the plantâ??s crust and bringing it to life. Lush plant life covered the surface and as the planet became healthy and wondrous the tree bore fruit. These fruit held within them-selves life, all manner of creatures were born of the Divine Tree, hatching and evolving, growing and caring for the world. But with all of creation, there must be destruction.[/font]

[font='comic sans ms'] The God of the Moon had watched the Creator all the while, growing envious, and sickened with all that had been made. He watched as the evolved humans began to taint and tear away at the beauty which had been bestowed upon them and his anger and hatred grew all the more, until; he could no longer stand it. With all his hatred and spite towards mankind The God of the Moon too created, but his was a creation of destruction. He created within him-self a beast or reckoning that would soon come to be called The Black Beast, and once every 500 years; our Blue moon, which hangs in the sky without fail turned Red, and the Black Beast is released to rain down terror and destruction upon all mankind.[/font]
[font='comic sans ms'] Out of the first incident in which the Black Beast was released all but a few were taken, those few therein named the incident the Black Rain. The few left began to recreate their lives, finding that with the first Black Rain came in unexpected development. They became closer with the land they lived on, the elements they shared the land with, and the spirits that were born from this death. They learned that they could use magic, casting fire from their fingertips, or even able to shift the earth and rock at their feet. Some could change the water to ice, or give the crops a helping hand. But some, who grew a relationship with these elements were born into a special ability. Given the special gift to bond and live alongside a spirit of the Earth, a direct child of the Creator. These miraculous few were known, as a Summoner.[/font]

[font='comic sans ms'] The sun hung low in the sky as the young woman wiped sweat from her brow, the pile of rocks in front of her towered neatly and she beamed with pride at her work. Grabbing her robe from the fence post on her left she swung it around and settled it on her shoulders as she gathered her lunch pack and headed back for her village. As she neared the gates a large beast walked from the side woods over to her.[/font]
[font='comic sans ms']â??Youâ??re doing well.â?
â??Thank you Fenrir. Coming from you that means something.â?
He shook his large white head and trotted ahead of her stopping in her path; he was easily the size of a Rhinoceros and gave her no room to move around him. The large wolf bent his head forwards so his large amber eyes met hers.
[font='comic sans ms']â??Iâ??ve gotten a message.â?
She stopped then, her brow coming together in a frown.
[font='comic sans ms']â??What message? From who?â?[/font]
[font='comic sans ms']He sat down then, his haunches coiling with muscle as he looked down at her.[/font]
[font='comic sans ms']â??He is a herald for the Creator, and he has called us to meet with him, and others for something apparently of utmost importance. Itâ??s not every day the Creator calls upon those he birthed.â?[/font]
[font='comic sans ms']The young woman nodded slowly as Fenrir stood and began to walk slowly next to her as she made her way home, her frown still in place.[/font]
[font='comic sans ms']â??What could be so important?â?[/font]
[font='comic sans ms']â??Iâ??m quite sure we will find out when that time comes. But for now, you should pack. I do not think it wise to keep a herald of the Creator waiting.â?[/font]
[font='comic sans ms']She nodded once more before breaking out into a run to gather her things for the journey.[/font]

[font='comic sans ms'] You have been called upon to answer the Creator, you and your summon now embark upon an incredible journey to meet with the Herald and learn more about the hardships you are about to face.[/font]

[font='comic sans ms'] Sign Up:[/font]
[font='comic sans ms'] Name:[/font]

[font='comic sans ms'] Age:[/font]

[font='comic sans ms'] Personality:[/font]

[font='comic sans ms'] Appearance:[/font]

[font='comic sans ms'] Element(You are allowed more than one, no more than three please):[/font]

[font='comic sans ms'] Summon:[/font]

[font='comic sans ms'] Summon Appearance(normal):[/font]
[font='comic sans ms'] [/font]
[font='comic sans ms'] Summon Personality: [/font]

[font='comic sans ms'] Summon Appearance(travel):[/font]

[font='comic sans ms'] Background:[/font]

[font='comic sans ms']Alright, so I have a few tweaks with the Summons. Each summon as a travel appearance, this is the form they take when not in battle. A smaller, more compact rendition of their actual forms. For instance, Fenrir is supposed to be the general size of a mountain. But when with his summoner his is generally the size of a Rhino, making it easier to communicate and bond with the summons.[/font]
[font='comic sans ms']This being said, Iâ??ll allow for almost any summon from any game, so long as you describe the summon in detail. There are a few exceptions to this though, a few of the summons I feel might be a tad too much so Iâ??ll list them here as unavailable. [/font]
[font='comic sans ms'](These are just the ones I could think of at the moment)
Eden From VIII
Arks from IX
Knights of the Round from VII( Though I have no idea how that would work)
Anima from X
[font='comic sans ms'] If there are any others you think would be a bit 'much' feel free to let me know.[/font]
[font='comic sans ms']Also, if any one cares to use Cerberus from FFVIII, you CAN change how he works. You can make him an elemental summon such as Dark or something along those lines since Iâ??m not bringing spell names into this to keep it a little simpler. [/font]
[font='comic sans ms']Other than that if I feel something isn't right or is a little out of line Iâ??ll PM the person and let them know. [/font]
[font='comic sans ms'] Also, very important. This is set AFTER the Black Beast has already been released once, so technology is pretty much lost at the moment. Everything is pretty basic. Any questions on this PM me and we'll talk. [/font]
[font='comic sans ms'] With that being said, Iâ??ll put mine up as an example.[/font]

[font='comic sans ms'] Name: Emerald Heart (Ema for short)[/font]

[font='comic sans ms'] Age: 25[/font]

[font='comic sans ms'] Personality: Somewhat aloof and carefree she is also very structured and patient. Over protective of those she cares for she is extremely loyal and has been known to have a â??packâ?? mentality. She enjoys nature and would rather be in the country or forest then anywhere near 'civilization'. She has an extreme affinity with nature and can understand it to a point, being able to predict weather, and even take an educated guess on an animal's behavior. [/font]

[font='comic sans ms'] Appearance: anime_girl_elf.jpg[/font]

[font='comic sans ms'] Element(You are allowed more than one, no more than three please): Earth and Healing.[/font]

[font='comic sans ms'] Summon(only one please): Fenrir[/font]

[font='comic sans ms'] Summon Appearance(normal): See attatchment[/font]
[font='comic sans ms']When he takes his true form he sheds the armor and he becomes the size of a large mountain, his fur remains white, but it tinged with a bluish hue. His demeanor turns somewhat nasty and it becomes hard for him to determine friend from foe other then his own summoner. If not handled properly he can go on a rampage very easily, his control over the earth's elements making him very dangerous to deal with. He has often had to be restrained when angered in the past due to his temper, hence to chains. [/font]

[font='comic sans ms'] Summon Personality: Intelligent and some what snooty Fenrir only listens to Ema and hardly talks to any one but her. He is stern with her training and hardly gives her break. Sarcastic and to him-self he has little patience and tends to cause small quakes when he is either impatient of angry. [/font]

[font='comic sans ms'] Summon Appearance(travel):Blackwolf70.jpg[/font]
[font='comic sans ms']Generally the size of a Rhino, Ema is able to ride Fenrir when on long journeys, in this form his fur is snow white instead of the black/grey. His eyes the same wild yellow as his true form. [/font]

[font='comic sans ms'] Background: Born into a poor family Ema grew up in a small country village. Working in the fields she learned to respect and depend on nature and the land. She learned from her father the importance of establishing a bond with the earth around them, after several years of this she began to realize she had an affinity with the element of earth and was able to help the crops stay healthy for longer periods of time during droughts or floods. At the age of 17 Ema ventured into the woods behind her home to gather mushrooms and roots for medicine for her mother. It was during one of these trips she found a small den of wolves, the mother having been killed by a hunter for her meat and fur the pups had all but withered away. Only a small white pup remained, taking it upon her-self she pulled the pup free from the den and took it home with her at the end of her gathering trip. Nursing it back to health she raised the wolf pup to adulthood, creating a bond with the creature that would exceed expectations. On another gathering trip for her mother Ema found her-self face to face with an dark creature of the woods, itâ??s skin scaly black, itâ??s fangs dripping with venom it attacked. During this attack the white wolf pup in which she had raised came to her defense, his form growing in size and stature until he was the size of a small Hippo. Fighting off the creature he then turned to her and spoke, explaining to her that he was a child of the Creator and he had chosen her to be his protector. He called him-self Fenrir, the Wolf of the Mountains. From then on the two of them were inseparable, he helped her train her magic and learn to fight, he taught her how to read the woods more carefully. [/font] Edited by K.G
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Name: Karthis Steel. Goes by Steel most the time

Age: 31

Personality: Tends to be quite destructive and kinda goes overboard with it. He is brash, sometimes aggressive and blunt though does jokes and likes to keep people off guard. Somewhat of a heavy drinker and a flirt but he is cunning and smart, reading people to find their strengths and weaknesses. Always watching and observant though plays it off like he is lost in his own little world.

Appearance: later

Element: Fire, earth and Darkness

Summon: Cerberus

Summon Appearance: later

Summon Personality: Cerberus bears three distinct personalities, one for each head granted though all seem to be angry and destructive all the time. When facing Cerberus the left head tends to be more mocking and demeaning then the rest, enjoying to cause mental and psychological pain and torment as well. The right head is nothing but rage and hate to the extreme and thinks of nothing but blood, carnage, and death. The middle though is the brains of the three and the one that actually takes command. More often quite but still has a anger burning inside of him.

Travel Appearance: when Cerberus shrinks he actually becomes three separate entities. The middle head named Cerberus becomes the actual beast that travels with Vashon and is large enough to ride. The other two the left being named Scorn and the right being named Wrath become ghostly apparitions of demonic dogs that can appear and disappear though they cannot actually affect anything in the present world expect for be annoying.

Background: Vashon was born into a moderate lifestyle his dad being a military commander and his mom a known fire user. Due to this he was well trained in the way of sword and fire. Everything was perfect in life until one day his mom was arrested and executed for being part of a known cult that dealt in human sacrifices and tortures. His dad and himself was immediately a suspect as well and was tortured for answers. Being only sixteen at this time caused his mind to Edited by Darth Vader
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Name: Ryojin Kayido or Ryo for short.

Age: 34


Appearance: Ryojin

Elements: Light, Wind, and Water

Summon: Leviathan

Summon Appearance(normal): Leviathan

Summon Personality: Leviathan is the lord of all waters, worshipped by Sahagin and other aquatic beasts. While many fishermen also respect Leviathan's power, over confident anglers feel as though the sea serpent is merely a myth. Leviathan is not judgmental, but is able to see the intentions of those who appear before him. He is calm and passive until he finds himself in battle, where his wrath is as violent and more destructive than any natural Tsunami. He doesn't boast his intellect, nor does he consider himself a superior being. He enjoys speaking with others who would approach him with respect, though those who disrespect him or Ryojin often receive a cold greeting.

Summon Appearance(travel): Leviathan is roughly the size of a small python in his travel form, able to conceal himself rather easily.

Background: Ryojin was born the son of a famous fisherman who passed on his skills to his son. The two travelled frequently while Ryo was just a child, and unfortunately got into one too many scuffles in unfriendly waters. Ryojin made a point to keep his father from having to fight for the both of them and end up wounded every time. He trained his strength by moving everything onto and off of the boat without his father's help and practiced swordplay everytime they made shore. As time passed and Ryojin came into adulthood, few humans, let alone sea creatures could handle his formidable skill nor did they challenge it often.


He and his father found themselves making a large shipment from their catches during a single day and Ryojin was forced to take a rest that day since he had done all of the work for his old man. Unfortunately, he had a rude awakening, finding their ship having been attacked by a crew of sea creatures with human qualities. The deck had been destroyed for the most part by the time Ryo made his way up. His father was nowhere to be found and only rage filled the young man's blood. He drew the broadsword from his back, charging the enemy without hesitation. He struck the majority of them down before they began their retreat to the water. Only to find a much larger threat as the waters grew violent. Rows of teeth surrounded the ship and a set of tentacles slammed on the deck and in that instant, Ryo spotted his father. He rushed toward the unconscious body, praying that his father still drew breath. As a tentacle separated the two, Ryo clenched his teeth and with a mighty stroke, his blade sliced straight through the flesh of the beast beneath him and a gale of wind blasted the tentacle clear off of the deck. Ryo hesitated briefly, unsure of where that came from, before he came to his senses, grabbing his father quickly and hoisting him over his shoulder before realizing the rows of teeth he saw around the ship were above his view now. "No....this can't be it. I won't let you take my father's ship!"


And neither shall I... a voice rang in Ryojin's head. The water around the ship rose up from the jaws of the beast, lifting the ship out of the monster's maw and setting down outside of its reach before the water seemed to come to life, striking the beast violently and sinking it under the water. Silence fell upon the deck as confusion filled Ryojin's mind before he realized something: his father wasn't breathing. The creatures took him away, leaving Ryojin to mourn his father alone. Fear not, young man. You have a strong heart and yet you remain calm despite the size of your foe, the voice spoke again before a mass of water began to form a winding shape and finally the voice had a face. It was a massive sea serpent and he was staring down at the blonde. You may call me, Leviathan. Our meeting was not by chance, and you have much to learn. In little time I'm afraid. With a nod, Ryojin bowed his head, offering a prayer for his departed father before giving him a burial at sea with the aid of Leviathan to keep his body safe. Leviathan explained Ryojin's role as a child of the Creator and the powers that came along with it and in time he helped him to master his powers as well as refine his skill as a swordsman.

Edited by Kayin Cloud
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 Sign Up:

                Name: Xander Sakujii


                Age: 19


                Personality: Xander is very kindhearted and loyal, though he is standoffish and shy. He will fight to the death to protect his friends, risking all to save the few. He has very little experience with the rest of the world, so he sees it through the eyes of a VERY optimistic child.


                Appearance: [attachment=15383:IMG_7789986328781.jpeg]


                       Element: Darkness, Space ,and Time


                      Summon: Obsidian, "Sidi" for short


                      Summon Appearance(normal): [attachment=15385:astonishing-white-gryphon-fantasy-wallpaper.jpg]


                      Summon Personality: Sidi is very protective of her cub, as she refers to Xander. She is extremely loyal and trusting, and is very friendly to those that pose no threat to Xander. She is extremely popular amongst the children, and glad to see the joy on their faces just by her sitting with them.


                     Summon Appearance(travel): [attachment=15384:c4eabda6fa8c91b4e6bc6c56edbde026-d5k2js8.png]


                  Background: Xander was always protected from the rest of the world by an over protective father. This does not mean that he is unaware of how to fight, he just isn't used to interacting with other people. He spent much of his childhood training in every conceivable fighting style his father knew. When he wasn't training, he spent his time in the forest near his village, learning how to survive on his own with limited supplies. As he was foraging for food one night, looking for the sweet berries he knew only grew at night, he was attacked by a pack of Night Mares, who chased him into a cave. He soon found that he was trapped inside with no weapons as that was part of this particular training. As he resigned himself to his fate, he felt something inside him blossom. He opened his eyes to find that he was suddenly outside the cave. He took as little time as he could trying to understand how that happened before he ran away before  the Mares had his scent again. As he ran across a clearing filled with moonlight, he stopped in the center as he felt something in the back of his mind tell him he was surrounded again. "Looks like this is the end then", he said as he prepared himself to try to fight as best as he could through the sudden fear that filled his veins. °Not if I can help it° said a soft and musical voice in his mind. Suddenly what looked a large falcon dropped out of the sky and tore open one of the Mares as it swooped low before returning to the sky. After a few more swooping attacks the Mares fled, preferring prey that didn't fight back so much. The falcon then landed softly near Xander, showing itself to be a beautifully white Griffin. °I am Obsidian. You may call me Sidi. I am your guardian. The Creator sent me to get you° said that musical voice again. *that was last week* thought Xander as he said goodbye to his father and headed down the path that led out of the village and into his as of yet unknown destiny, Sidi swooping overhead before coming to a landing and, after Xander got on, taking to the sky again in a mighty and graceful leap.

Edited by Nyxian
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