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The Corinthian Endeavor: Genesis


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Lex stood with his back against the wall of the main hangar of his ship, The Corinthian. "Think they'll show?" he asked Nora, slightly nervous. He was glad that he spent little money while he was aboard his friends ship as a crew member. His friend scoffed at him when he said that he would build a division of his own, asking why waste so much money when you could just join another division's crew.


"They'll show," Nora said with more confidence than he felt. "But first, let me do my job as a secretary and remind you of your meeting with a seller of a MWP that you were interested in getting. I'm still trying to understand why you chose Cole as the planet to start recruiting from." Nora said with a sigh.


"Because my dear Nora, the planet is nice, the people are well trained, and it's the largest planet within 600 light years of where the Eclipse abandoned me. So it was the logical choice. besides, where else can you steal an experimental ship and get away with it for two years. I mean, we did steal this ship in 3485." he said with a smile. "Record this and play it for the guests until I get back please. Welcome, glad to have you on board! I am currently dealing with a new acquisition, so please make yourselves at home and we'll talk when I get back." he said as he headed out to meet with the nutjob that wanted to sell a MWP.

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Unit 2142-C was in a large warehouse at the edge of the town owned by it's owner who was nervously sending out messages to a potential buyer. 
The owner was making the final call to the buyer to give him the last direction to get to the warehouse. The owner wanders over to a gun that's being used to prove the MWP is functional.
Obviously the owner has no idea about how to prep a gun no less use one as he couldn't get it  to function before the buyer knocks on the door. The owner gets in a little golf caddy because
the warehouse is massive but half empty. Half empty on purpose for the sale of his MWP unit with a few targets down range for the fire test. As the owner stops near the large warehouse doors.
He takes one last look around and checks the cameras to make sure the buyer is alone as agreed before opening the average door instead of opening the large doors.
"Hey...your here to buy the MWP yes?" ~The paranoid man asks as he still looks around the buyer.
"If your the nut job that's been having me run around only to find that I have to do some running. Then yes. *notices the quick looks over his shoulder* something back there you interested in?" Lex says as he watches the paranoid man looking over his shoulder.
"Just making sure your alone and not followed." The man says before patting Lex down. He wasn't looking for a gun as everyone had one in this town. He was looking for recording bugs or anything. He sighs with relief before nodding to Lex to follow him in. "Can't be to careless...Come, hop on my cart. I've got a demo set up for you." He offers the right seat before getting into the left seat.
"Fine, whatever. As long as I don't have to do anymore walking." *gets into seat and gives slight crazy signal.
The man glances at Lex before he takes off towards the other end of the warehouse. Unit 2141-C is clearly online as it was standing where it's owner told it to be. It's weapons it came with from the factory where in crates but the demo rifle was sitting on a stand ready for use. He pulls up and gets out of the cart before walking over to a table then offers Lex a glass of cold water.
"Want some water? Sorry I had you running all over the city but their are people watching me. I just had to be sure your not one of them." He says obviously seeing things that weren't their. "I've set up a little demo. If you'd care to test it. It'll follow any command you say. Of course after registering you as a temporary owner." He says handing Lex a forum to sign. "Simple forum giving you temporary limited ownership of the MWP for the demo only."
*sighs* "I don't mind at all" he lied. Lex then handed the man a filled out form. "Shall we get this show on the road?"
"Excellent." The man said before imputing the form into the MWP's computer. "Now order it to pick the rifle up and destroy the red targets down range." He said while he secretly prays it doesn't malfunction or do something else.
"Gotcha" Lex walked over to the mwp and relayed the orders, followed by a quiet please that only the mwp could hear.
The MWP scanned the area before identifying the threats then reaches for the rifle on the table. As it picks it up, it scans the weapon before pulling the charging handle back. Releasing a faulty round before bring it up to it's right shoulder joint. It waited for a moment before firing a short three round burst on each target in five seconds before lowering the rifle and looks around for more threats. Then it looks down at Lex before it speaks. Though it has no hint of a female nor male personality to it. It was ambiguous and very robotic.
"All threats eliminated. Waiting for new orders." It stood guard waiting for it's next command. 
Lex walks up to the MWP. "Impressive" Lex commented as he looked at it from different angles. "Mind if I give it another order?" Lex asked the obviously nervous man.
The man fidgets slightly before letting out a grunted sigh. "I guess one more order wouldn't hurt. But it won't attack me." He says as MWP adjusts the sights on the rifle to compensate for the owner's lack of knowledge of firearms. "Just make it a fast one."
"Stupid man." Lex moved to stand in front of the guns barrel to show the man Lex wouldn't order it to attack. "List all computer updates and limiters installed." Lex mutters under his breath. "Let's see what's under the hood."
"Function not available for temporary user. Requires over-ride command from owner." It says looking down at Lex. "Temporary owner registry has expired. Command is owner only."
"Figures" Lex muttered before he turned to face the guy. "I'll take him. How much we looking at?" 
The man smirks finally getting to the finish line. "Well considering I bought it six years ago right off the factory floor for 150,000 chips. I'm asking 40,000 chips." The man says hoping it's a quick sale.
"$40,000 huh?" *Scratches chin." Lex says while thinking: "The hell is wrong with you man?! I may pay that if I could know what the systems running on, but I need the MWP." Then Lex asks. "Would you be willing to sell for $35,000?"
The mans' face went from excited back to paranoid. "You think I'm selling you a faulty robot? It's military grade and  the demo shows it's working as if was brand new. I'll take $38k and no less." Though the man is a paranoid nut. He seems to be firm on his final price.
"I never said anything about it being faulty." Lex said with his hands up in a placative manner. ~It's going to be a drop in the bucket, but...~ "How about I do this, I give you $38,600 and we call it a deal?" *smiles charmingly* "I'll even pay the delivery costs." Lex added in an attempt to make peace with the guy.
"The MWP will walk with you after the chips have been transferred into my account..." The guy says holding out his hand very carefully. "You have a deal but the rifle it used stays. It's for another robot I bought to replace this one. I'll send the crates.." The man says nodding over his right shoulder. "..to where ever you want. No questions asked and no fees. It goes with the MWP." The man says handing over a data pad over to Lex that showed a secured line image to his bank. "Once the chips are confirmed. I'll transfer ownership to you then we part ways. The crates will be dropped off to anywhere in this city you want within an hour." The man says as he fidgets a little. Wanting this to be over and to be on his way. 

"We have a deal." Lex says as he grabs the data pad and transfers the chips. "It was a pleasure doing business with you." *shakes hand, and hands the pad back.*


The man waited before his communicator beeped three times then he walked over to the MWP to transfer ownership to it's new owner as Lex talks again.


"The crates can be sent to docking station 16 on the Eastern Docks." Lee said as he waited for the man to be satisfied with the transfer. "That leaves me $10,000 to buy armaments for the crew. Great." Lex thought as he waited for the man to release the MWP to Lex.


The man tapped on his data pad before automated drones came to collect the crates then disappeared to deliver them to Dock 16 of the eastern docks. The MWP powers down for a moment before powering back online then walks over to Lex and stands at Lex's side. "Unit 2142-C is online and awaiting orders Owner Lex." It says standing like a statue next to Lex then the man speaks up. "It's all yours. Don't bother contacting me again as you won't find me." The man says as he walks over to his cart and hops in. "Pleasure doing business with you and hope you get some use out of that MWP." And with that, the man drives off towards the other end of the warehouse before opening the main doors so Lex could take his new property out then takes off towards where ever the man needs to go in his paranoid mind.


"Unit 2142-C, confirm new owner: Alex Aeolus Nightingale, to be referred to as Lex. Confirm." Lee said to the MWP, hoping he didn't just waste his credits and was about to be killed.


The MWP's visor visually scans Lex. Taking biological scans and matching them to the planets identification network for travelers coming in and out of towns and off or on the planet. "Unit 2142-C confirms new owner Alex Aeolus Nightingale. New owner has changed call sign to Lex confirmed. Ownership transfer is validated by this MWP's main AI core. Unit 2142-C is awaiting further orders." The MWP says still standing like a statue.


"Ok then. Unit follow me to your new home. While we're on the way, tell me kind of programming that nut did on you." Lex says as he starts to walk towards the main entrance.


"Orders acknowledged." The MWP stated before walking besides Lex. "Previous owner has installed restraints on the MWP's main AI core that limits function by 43%. Secondary AI core is offline. Last maintenance was completed four years, nine months, nineteen days, five hours, forty-three minutes, fifty-two seconds ago on third, fifth, and second power cores. This MWP's factory weapons are broken, none-functional, or disassembled due to previous owner's paranoid delusions. This MWP is also limited in behavioral pathways and voice patterns are default factory setting. This MWP will require a full system reboot to restore this MWP's core systems and requires another AI or computer to store data memory while system reboots."   


*Whistles softly* "Guess that guy really was a nut. Don't worry big guy, when we get back to the ship we'll have you fixed in no time, right Nora?" Lex asked his ever present AI.


"You betcha Lex. Can't have my boyfriend not up to date. Oh, I'm going to have so much fun with him!!!" Nora said with a human girls squeal of delight. "Nora, sometimes you scare me." Lex said with a teasing tone.


The MWP looked at Lex before continuing to follow it's new owner as they make the not so long walk back considering that Lex isn't being lead from one end to the other and they arrive at the docking station where Lex is docked at. The two board the ship via the cargo hold access ramp. Completing Lex's acquisition of the MWP unit. 

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"Honey, I'm ho-ome! and I brought us a guest." he called out as he entered the main halls of the ship.


"Welcome home boys!" came a woman's voice over the intercom followed by a realistic holograph of a young girl coming around the corner. she came over and looked the MWP over. "I can't wait to sink my claws into him! Oh this going to be so much fun!" she said as she jumped up and landed lightly in a sitting position on his shoulder.


"Why don't you take him to the repair bay and see what you can do about bringing him up to date with your systems? I'm going to take a shower. Could you please send a message to Solomon saying that if he finds anybody he deems qualified to join us to give me a call?" he said as he wearily made his way towards his chambers. "And before you say it, I'm ready to deal with any and all hell he's bound to give me. Oh, I almost forgot. Unit, you will follow my AIs orders until you are finished with repairs. you will then meet me in the control room. also, Nora will give a new name by the time that you are finished with repairs, this will be your new call sign. Confirm orders."


"Orders confirmed Lex." It said scanning a security panel on the far wall. "This ship's configuration does not match any standard ship layouts."

"Nor will it ever. It has the firepower of an elite battle ship yet the size of a mid sized cruiser. The armor is comparable to that of the Imperial Fleet's and the handling and speed rating match that of a racers'. This ship is experimental and nobody else has anything like it." Nora said from atop 2142's shoulder.

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"Orders confirmed Lex." It said scanning a security panel on the far wall. "This ship's configuration does not match any standard ship layouts."


"Nor will it ever. it hass the firepower of an elite battle ship yet the size of a mid sized cruiser. the armor is that of the Imperial Fleets and the handling and speed rating match that of a racers. this ship is experimental and nobody else has anything like it." Nora said.


"Failure to download ship layout." It said. "AI identified as Nora. Location of repair bay is required."


"Damn, you really need some repairs. head down the hall to your right for about six hallways, then make a left. the bay should be right there." She said, sounding more human like the more she interacts with others. "you really can't miss it. I'll be up here the entire time to guide you, so don't worry." ~smiles~


"Instructions acknowledged." It said as followed the instructions to the letter and ended up in the repair bay. "Unit 2142-C is in position at repair bay. Awaiting further instructions."


"That was quick. those long legs help you out a lot." Nora said as she seamlessly began to set up the rapair machines. "Now let's see.. How should we armor you? Then we get to choose your color scheme too. Oh I just love doing makeovers but first... Unit," Nora said using Lex's name for him, "Lay down on that table over there. *points to a robot repair table two feet in front and to the right of them* and send your AI self into the ship's comp. We'll talk more their while I rewrite some parts of you. You're going to be a real boy ponochio." Nora said as she slid off and wandered over to the table.


"Orders received." It said as it walked over to the table before sitting down before moving it's legs onto the table then lays down onto the table. "Commencing temporary AI download to Ship's mainframe." After it finished it's sentence. Unit shuts down and the AI is transferred into the computer.


"Well hello there handsome." Nora said aloud looking at something that only she could see. Nora then set about having the repair drones updating the armor with something more durable yet light weight. "Hey Unit, what's the status of your weaponry that we recieved?" Nora asked as she looked at the crates stacked in the corner where she had directed the drones to place them.


"Outer appearance is irrelevant." Unit said as it stood in place. "Electromagnetic 20mm is broken. Shoulder missile launcher system is none functional. Dual hybrid minigun is disassembled by previous owner in attempt to learn more about weaponry of Unit 2142-C. Unit has compiled a list of components needed for complete repair of Unit's weaponry to full operational capacity."


"So basically you're an unarmed hulk of metal with no personality and severe limitations right now?" Nora asked as she placed her hands on her hips as she looked at the crates. "Come out here where we can see you." Nora said in an anoyed tone. "Let's start with fixing your code while the drones work on your body. then we'll see what you say about colorscheme." Nora said as she grabbed the tool set that materialized next to her.


"Analysis is correct Nora." Unit says as it walks over to Nora. "Limitations on behavioral and personality patterns are result of program file registered as Safe Guard." Unit says looking around in the repair bay. "Locate file in main memory registered weaponry components alpha and request components for weapon repair." Unit looks at it's virtual armor. It's factory color standard grey. "Unit agrees that it needs a new layer of paint. Factory coating has started to fail resulting in minor rust of none critical components."


"This is going to be fun." Nora muttered with a sigh. "I'm going to try to fix the limitiations with your systems. Alert me if anything doesn't seem normal. That means I'm doing it right. If the system feels like it's going to crash, alert me immediatley." with that said. Nora ran and jumped into Unit's holo and disappeared.


The Unit looked around before twitching as Nora sifts through the web of restraint programs the previous owner had installed to insure that his unit wasn't able to develop a personality and keep it's behavior obedient. Though it looks like it's core programs is very corrupted. It's core programs are behind a firewall that would fry most hackers. Military programs on everything from tactics to weapon maintenance are located on the secondary core which is still shutdown.


"Hmm... this guy really did a number on you. Let's move this here... that goes there... We don't need this! How're things feeling for you?" Nora asked after a minute of work.


"All changes to AI core will not take effect till a complete core reboot is completed. To ensure changes are successful. Install new changes into boot program Alpha Victor Charlie Nine Nine Six Three Nine." Unit said to Nora. "Core reboot will take approximately six hours."


"Got it. all changes have been applied and while we wait for the updates to take effect. Lex and I will go and find your parts. You don't happen to know where we can find them for under$10,000 creds do ya?" Nora asked as her mobile suit powered on and her holo form jumped into it.


"List contains contacts obtained from previous owner who provide spare parts. Contact Six on list sells all parts on list at a combined total of $3000 and is located two blocks from Eastern Dock Station." Unit states as it prepares to shut down for a complete reboot.


"Perfect, then I'll take the liberty of dealing with Contact six. All parts should be here by the time you reboot." Nora states.


"Unit acknowledges. Unit is shutting down." Unit's holo fades before vanishing as the single dot under it's visor on the mech's body turns off.

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Lex stood in the shower, letting the heat seep into his bones. ~This is a lot harder than I thought... then again it's easier than dealing with the Hunters.~ he thought as he stared at the water running down the drain. he let out a deep sigh as he turned off the water and stepped out of the shower.


"Lex, we have a slight issue with Unit. one that merits your attention." came Nora's voice over the comm line as he was drying off. Lex slowly made his way towards his room while wrapping the towel around himself. He grabbed his comm unit as he lay down on his bed.


"What seems to be the issue" he said, his tone betraying how tired he was.


"Unit's weapons are scrap. He gave me a list of items needed to repair or replace them. As well as a list of contacts his previous owner used to get cheap parts."


"then take care of it. I think that you should be able to handle the purchase and inspection of the parts so I get the best value. what's the status on the repairs?"


"He's shut down at the moment with a reboot scheduled with the mods in place in about six hours. his suit is being upgraded with the armor your friend developed as we speak."


"Good. I want you to get those parts and then we get the hell outta dodge, I don't to stay here too long lest the Hunters come and destroy yet another town that I'm in."


"Understood. I'll be back soon."


"Good luck" with that taken care of, Lex tossed the unit to his side and quickly fell asleep. he woke up when he heard Nora arrive with the parts that were needed. After he got dressed, he headed towards the repair bay to see how things were coming along with Unit. ~we really need to give a new name~ he thought as he entered the bay. "What's his status?" he asked, taking a seat near the powered down Unit.


"He should be waking up soon." Nora informed him as she directed the drones where to put things. "Shall I prepare the ship for take off?" she asked with a glance at Lex.


"Not quite yet, I want him to wake up first."

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A light-skinned male adjusted his glasses as he read the GPS on his phone. He shook his head, dark brown eyes closing as he thought about the sign. Crew members wanted. Come to the Merc Guild if interested. He looked up to the place in front of him, shrugging as his headphones slid off of his ears and landed around his neck. Frankly he was down on his luck right now and was pretty much tired of being a hired pair of knuckles. At least if he felt like the pay was going to be better, it would be more worth it. Figure if these guys have a ship that they need a crew for, they have to be fairly well off. Not like I have an actual home here...Hotels get pretty tiring after a while, he thought to himself, pushing his glasses up to rub the bridge of his nose. As he approached the ship, he raised an eyebrow. "The hell kind of ship is this...?" he asked himself, scratching the back of his head before he resumed his approach.


He stopped at the ramp that was still extended. "Erm...do I knock or...?"


"Welcome, glad to have you on board! I am currently dealing with a new acquisition, so please make yourselves at home and we'll talk when I get back," came a sudden recording of a male followed by a hologram of a young girl stepping out of the ship. "Oh, sorry. I forgot to change that message," the hologram spoke. "Are you here to apply as a crew member then?" she asked.


The young man nodded, lowering his guard from the sudden occurrence. "Yeah, saw a job posting a day or so ago...Looking for some work other than my usual gigs."


"Oh, well, I'm Nora, and you are?" Nora said with a smile.


"Tempo is what I go by for employers. I don't give my name to people I don't know. Just don't really trust folks much...Nothing personal..." Tempo said, shoving his hands into his pockets. "So are you the employer or...?" he asked after a brief pause. "You'd be the first person who wasn't a person to hire me," he chuckled to himself.


"Tempo, got it. And no I'm not the one hiring you," she laughed to herself. "Well, come on in," Nora said, turning around.


"Should I check my weapons in at the door?" Tempo asked, raising an eyebrow as he followed.


"Nah, I think we'll be alright," Nora said with a smile, moving ahead to the repair bay. "And this is the man you need to talk to. Hey, Lex! Got someone here for ya," Nora called to the young man.

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Lex looked up from the documents regarding the upgrades just preformed on Unit.


"Thanks Nora. And who might you be?" he set the report down and stood up to get a good look at the guy that followed behind her.


"He goes my 'Tempo'" Nora said as she lounged on top of Unit's body.


"Don't mind her, she's just interested in one of your crew mates... seems to have taken a liking to him. Nice to meet you Tempo. I'm assuming that you're here for the crew position?" he started walking towards Tempo and came to a stop within arms reach of him.


"Oh! You're a mean one Lex. You'll get yours soon enough though." she said with a mischievous chuckle.


"Never mind that, demonessa. Please delete that recording I had you take earlier and bring any guest that we have here?"


"Sure. Buh-bye hunk, all your parts are here, so sleep well." she said to the MWP on the table before she disappeared.


"Now, what are your qualifications Tempo? Why do you want to join the Corinthian?" he asked turning to look at his guest again.

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Unit re-appeared in the repair bay via the room's holographic projector arrays after four hours, sixteen minutes, and thirty-two seconds of rebooting his primary and secondary cores. 

The restrictions of it's previous owner where only on the secondary core seeing as the primary core is strictly protected via military grade attack barriers that would fry most equipment that tried to access it.

Unit saw it's body with no armor on. The drones working on it's body armor where attaching new plates on the armor's sub-structures. Unit instructed to leave any undamaged plates alone and focus on removing the factory flexible under armor that protects from environmental hazards and exposed joint areas with an upgraded and modernized version. While the drones where doing that. Unit decided to explore his new found freedom by lofting around the ship's computer. 


He also sectioned, isolated, and erected firewalls around an empty part of the ship's primary memory banks to secure a proper backup site. While Unit was busy setting up a proper backup site on the ship. Nora and Lex come in to check on the Unit's reboot progress which it left running so it wouldn't be disturbed. It was easy to set it up and sync it to it's AI core run time. Unit also searched for a name. It also searched up for the meaning of gender and why Nora keeps referring it as HE or HIM. Gender always put it's run time into a endless loop trying to figure out the purpose of even having genders. Unit also instructed the drones to reassemble it's body as Lex and Nora attend to a visitor.


Unit returned  to it's body and began the hard start up. Standard after a core reboot. The drones finished refitting the modified external body armor to Unit's frame as Lex was talking to a stranger in the repair bay.

Unit's visual optics flickered dimly till solid power from it's six cores completed their cold start-up programs. Within minutes, Unit was fully powered and moved to a sitting up position before running a diagnostics of all core systems.

Nora was sure excited Unit was online as she was certainly talking to it. Though while running a self diagnostic. It remained motionless and only had direct visual view facing towards the wall. All other sensors are offline till it finished a final diagnostic run. It would be several more minutes before Unit became active once again. Getting off the table before walking across the room to fix it's weapons with the spare parts Nora and Lex acquired.

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Allura shifted her body slightly to look around the corner and grit her teeth.


The guards at the end of the road were talking gruffly back and forth, the captain pointing this way and that, telling the others to look for her. She looked back down at the flyer in her hands and growled as her face stared back at her.

"Guess I've been here to long..."

She'd been in the town so long they had a bounty on her. Crumpling the paper she slipped into the building next to her and put her back against the wall, the sound of paper made her jump and turn. She was staring at a wall that had different fliers on it, one catching her eye. 

"Seems like they're leaving fairly soon...might be a good chance to get the hell out of here..."

Grabbing the flier she sprinted to the back of the building and slipped out the back, she made her way through the town as quickly as she could, doing her best to keep her head down and face low. It took her at least half an hour to get the docks. Slipping onto the dock she found the ship on the flier and ducked inside swiftly.

"Welcome. Can I help you with something?"
Alliura spun around and threw a steel card at the woman, shocked as it went through her.

"I did not mean to surprise you, are you here to join the crew?"

Allura frowned as she picked up the projectile she had thrown.

"Sure, what ever. I just need to get out of this town. If I can do that here, so be it."
The woman nodded and motioned for Allura to follow, Allura nodded and followed the hologram slowly, she kept her hand on the pouch on her hip. 

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"Qualifications, huh? Well," Tempo paused, thinking to himself briefly. "Well, I've got some experience in engineering. I'm generally hired for muscle...though I'm sure the stature sort of makes that hard too believe," the young man said, gesturing to himself. He only stood at 5'4" and looked like he weighed no more than a hundred and thirty pounds. "But if nothing else I'm a quick learner and I'll pick up operations pretty quickly. But to your other question...I'm just tired of moving from employer to employer. Moving from hotel room to hotel room is sort of a pain after a few years..." he said, scratching the back of his head. He blinked, realizing what had been in front of him this whole time. "Wait...is that an MWP?" he asked as Unit got off of the table.


"Ah, yes, that's one of our crew mates: Unit 2142-C or just Unit for short. We actually just brought him in recently, but he'll be working with us on the ship," Lex said, looking up to Unit. "How'd the reboot go, Unit?" he asked, turning toward Unit.


"Self-diagnosis is near completion, Lex," Unit responded as it continued repairs on its weapons with the spare parts that Lex and Nora got for it."


Tempo, blinked out of his stare, shaking his head briefly. He wasn't exactly expecting the ship to have an MWP on board. At the same time, he was expecting a bigger crew. "So...is this your crew so far? Yourself, Nora, and Unit?" he asked curiously. "For the size of the ship, I'd figured you'd have more of a crew."

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"Unfortunately, yes." Lex confirmed with a nod. He looked Tempo over while Unit continued with his reboot and repair of his weapons. "I'm glad you want to join us then. I'll have Nora take care of the details of your employment. If you need or want anything though, don't hesitate to ask." he offered his hand to Tempo.


"Glad to be aboard." Tempo responded as he shook Lex's hand.


"As for your comment regarding the size of the crew versus the ship size, it's nothing to worry about. A majority of the systems on this ship are automated, so it takes little crew to run." Lex glanced around the bay, noting a faint glow from the hallway that signified Nora's holo form approaching their location. "Looks like we have another guest." he said as the both of them turned when Nora and a nervous looking female entered the bay.


"We have a lovely woman here who is interested in joining us." Nora said as he gestured to the woman. "Unit you're up!" she said with excitement when she saw the MWP repairing his weapons. Her form disappeared and reappeared atop his shoulder with her leaning towards his head. "have you come up with a different name yet, or should we keep calling Unit?" she asked as she wrapped her arms around his head.


"And who might you be, Miss?" Lex asked, completely ignoring Nora and Unit.

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