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The other day I was catching a train home and ended up talking to this girl. We hit it off (I'm actively recruiting friends in the London region, btw), and so I asked for details. The conversation went thusly: 


Me: So do you have facebook? I can add you!
Her: No, I don't really use it...I'm one of those people. 

Me: Oh okay, what about a phone number? 

Her: I do have a number! But I only have an old-school Nokia and I don't really use it. Do you have twitter? 

Me: Shit, I don't have one sorry. Instagram?

Her: No, phone doesn't take photos so no real use for it. How about e-mail?

Me: Oh, sure! I have a gmail -- we could chat? 

Her: Here's my hotmail account. 


In conclusion, the world is super connected but weirdly not these days, and each time I come back to these boards lately I have a little freak out about the fact that I lost all of these friends that probably have no idea how much I miss them or reminisce. SoI now have a twitter! Because it seems like the most public and least dodgy way to maintain contact? I thought about posting my snapchat name on the internet but was worried I'd end up with an inbox full of dicks -- not from you guys but trolls, mostly. 


So I am at @katalilundone , which was originally katalilondon but I entertain myself with silly words. 


If I know you from le past and you would like to catch up, please feel free to send me a message either via OB or twitter and I can provide any of the following details: 


a) E-mail

b) Snapchat

c) What's app

d) Instagram (which is boring because my local cafe will give you a free Bloody Mary if you instagram pictures of their menu, which is the entire purpose of my instagram) 

e) Facebook

f) LinkedIn (Although why would you?)

g) Skype



I would love to know how to contact all of you, as well, so that I don't have to try to stalk someone like Charlie or Juu to see if they ever cough up contact details! 

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