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OB Relaunch: Fistful of Credits - The Bounty Board


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OB Relaunch: Fistful of Credits - The Bounty Board


Located somewhere near the cloudy center of the Burst Nebula, you float blindly through space. This place isn't easy to find. Aside from the obvious visual impediment of the nebula cloud, there are several large asteroids dancing to their own gravitational pull through this otherwise empty gas.


You check the computer navs again. Non-functional, and no way to detect HQ's signature. At least you can tell that the shields are up--barely working after that last job, but as long as you're careful, it shouldn't malfunction. The real problem is the radio. The Intergalactic Correctional Agency and Recovery uni-Service (or ICARUS, as it's known to modern Earth-speakers) is a high-tech civilization built into the center of one of the Nebula's largest asteroids. The place is supposed to be damned near impossible to find without a radio: Signal ICARUS headquarters, await their tractor beam, easy... Or at least it should be under normal circumstances.


Even with the radio out, most normal space pilots carry an emergency beacon that would be perfect for letting HQ know of your presence. Unfortunately, you had to dismantle yours a couple jobs back for some parts that were vital at the time.


You curse aloud, stopping short of kicking the cockpit's console--this ship is your baby after all.


Just then, the navigation board lights up that familiar luminescent glow. You whistle.


Thank you baby, you whisper to the ship.


Although you're still not able to contact headquarters, the navigation system has already ran a program to identify the largest area of gravitational pull, and plotted a map through the dancing asteroids to reach that location. 


When you finally approach the giant rock--the size of a small country--you find yourself in awe of the place once again. A giant translucent domed ceiling emerges from the heart of the asteroid. Beneath that, an entire city. And not just the larger downtown area of ICARUS HQ; the city expands to even the furthest depths of the rock, creating an anthill labyrinth throughout it


Headquarters must have finally seen your starship because the tractor beam latches on instantly. You can tell by the way the city's defensive turrets are aimed at your hull that they're requesting your identification, unable to hear your responses or detect an emergency beacon.You laugh to yourself at how amazing this streak of bad luck has been, and then you flash a few short, but powerful rays of light through the front window.


The must pick up that you're friendly and in need of assistance, because tractor beam pulls you in slowly. You circle the asteroid to its underbelly and land smoothly at the port.


After sorting out the mess with the radio with ICARUS officials, you're off. There are loads of things to do at ICARUS HQ: All sorts of entertainment and hospitality venues; tons of restaurants from across the 'Verse; residential properties for the ICARUS employees and their families; one of the Verse's largest holding facilities; and of course the government law facilities, hospitals, banks, enforcement agencies. You're not here for any of those things though, you've got your mind set on one thing: The Bounty Board


Current Bounties


<<Body Snatcher>>

Status: Accepted by DeLarge and Darth Vader

Required Team: 2-3


Name: Arrien

Aliases: â??Leechâ?
Age: 403
Height: 60.96 cm (Leech)/ 2.13 m (Host)
Weight: .46 kg (Leech)/ 127 kg (Host)

Species: VemmeAyenean (Host)- Vemmen are extraordinarily thin, rainbow-coloured snake-like creatures with a series of tiny suckers lining their bellies. While entirely harmless in their natural state, their true danger lies in their ability to attach themselves t
o the brain of any species, sync with it and control it. They can either completely erase the personality of the former being or allow the personality to remain, but bend its will to meet the Vemmenâ??s own needs. 

Ayeneans, on the other hand, are towering golem-esque figures entirely comprised of various stone and metal substances--the most common varieties being rock and iron Ayeneans. They are ferociously violent by nature, and almost 100% of known Ayeneans are criminals, military or hired muscle. Despite seemingly lacking any forms of internal organs, they are sentient, and a decent number of them are clever enough to function beyond their conflict-oriented nature.

Home Planet: Unknown. Various tales abound regarding the origin of the Vemme, but no one knows for certain where the Vemmen came from. The most prevalent belief is that a prison transport frigate carrying Ayenean convicts somehow made its way beyond the Outer Rim--either due to a criminal mutiny or fuel depletion-- and landed on the Vemme home planet, upon which all of the living inhabitants of the ship were inhabited by a Vemme. Regardless, a decent number of Vemmen can be found on the planet Ayeneus, which surely has added to the rumor that the Ayeneans are in some way responsible for the spread of Vemme.

Ayeneus- A mysterious planet that has baffled scientists of various species for years. The planet is entirely covered in rock formations without any sort of vegetation or bodies of water. The only inhabitants on the planet are the golem-like Ayeneans; and for reasons unfathomable, they require no means of sustenance for survival. Further studies of the planet or the species have been met largely with colossal failure; the Ayeneans are a naturally rebellious lot who refuse to allow outsiders onto their planet or to allow themselves to be experimented on. It is hypothesized that both the creatures and the planet are the result of some experimentation, but to what ends is unknown.

Wanted for: Battery, ten counts; Arson, three counts; Property Damage, six counts.

Wanted DOA: Dead. Under no circumstances should Bounty Hunters attempt to capture â??Leechâ? alive. 

Special Skills: Leech, like other Vemmen, is able to possess any host by entering into an open orifice in the host and latching on to its mind. The host Ayenean body is extraordinarily durable and immune to most forms of blunt trauma and most forms of penetrating trauma; however, penetrating trauma seems to be most effective, as even though the body Ayeneans hardly react to physical stimuli, it is possible to dismantle their body by severing the pieces.

Last known whereabouts: Alphonse Train Junction, Elrich-
Once an interstellar train junction representing the vast wealth and development of the Lernean society, this junction is now a crossroads for those of little means, willing to bet their lives on older tech that may just as soon kill them as it will lead them to another planet and another life. Although the area is most well-known for the hordes of deprived and desperate souls who flock there daily, it is also a spot frequented by prestigious or noble scholars looking to do research on the history of interstellar travel. These scholars have managed to keep the premises and tech in their original state by declaring the area a site of priceless historical value for all species--this designation simultaneously allows the scholars to sift through the ruins endlessly and prevents the rundown spaceways from every being patched up.

Notable vehicles or methods of travel: Hijacking vehicles is Leechâ??s MO. It has never used the same means of transportation twice, opting instead to steal a new ride whenever an opportunity arises. However, it is known that Leech enjoys hopping on interstellar trains, killing the conductor and crashing the train at its location.

Known contacts: None whatsoever. Neither the Vemmen or the Ayeneans are social creatures, and they have only been known to band together if they already have the same target for destruction.

Bounty: 45,000 Credits




<<The Jumper>>

Status: Accepted by RachaelT, Darth Vectis, and Orcus

Required Team: 2-3


Name: Ferrus Korven
Aliases: 'The Jumper'
Age: 67 (equivalent to human late-twenties)
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 43 lbs
Species: Doraxian
The Doraxians are naturally slight and hollow-boned, allowing them to move at much higher speeds than a human of roughly the same physical size. They are largely humanoid, typically have dark blue skin and black eyes, although this can vary depending on which area of Dorax they originate from. But the one thing that does not vary is the fact that Doraxians have a second pair of arms, much smaller and more nimble than the main pair, emerging from roughly halfway up their forearms. Generally Doraxians are scavengers by nature, choosing to live off the scraps of more powerful races rather than attempting to build anything of their own, but some of the more mature members of the species are more overtly aggressive and warlike.
Home Planet: Dorax
Dorax used to be thriving world with a huge number of easily-attainable natural resources, and many different and vibrant species residing on it. However, due to the abundance of resources on the planet, it was heavily mined in the early days of colonization in the system, and was drained within a few decades. Now Dorax is a largely barren world, albeit with a few larger clusters of civilization spread around the planet. It is due to these factors that most Doraxians live off-world, choosing to live nomadic lives rather than sticking to their homeworld.
Wanted For: Grand Larceny, seventeen counts; Assault & Battery, three counts; Possession of Unregistered Artifacts, one count.
Wanted DOA: Alive
Special Skills: Korven has very few special skills, but his greatest strength lies in the most valuable thing he has ever stolen: an item known as a 'Port-Cube', a small box which allows Korven to teleport several miles at a time with little personal effort. He is able to teleport further than this, but the last time he tried to jump more than thirty miles from his original location, he almost fell into a coma. Besides this, he is not a great combatant or tactician, but his access to the Port-Cube has made him one of the slippier criminals to grace the Outer Rim planets.
Last known whereabouts: The Wellington Conglomeration - Spaceport
The Wellington Conglomeration is a vast cluster of old, scrapped ships and stations that have been bolted, welded and generally mashed together. There are no workable engines present in the Conglomeration, so it does not move, but rather hangs still in the space above the uninhabitable planetoid designated Lupus-4. Generally, the Conglomeration is a hive for the less-reputable members of intergalactic society, and is headed up by the Aldritch Group, a powerful cabal of criminals and ne'er-do-wells that controls the Conglomeration with an iron fist. Unfortunately, due to its strange and labyrinthine nature, the Conglomeration is the perfect place for a criminal to hide.
Notable vehicles or methods of travel: Korven does not have his own personal spacecraft, preferring instead to stow away on other people's ships to get where he needs to go. The Port-Cube helps him considerably in this manner, but he is still largely unable to teleport from ship to ship, or from a ship to the surface of a planet.
Known contacts: Helena 'The Fence' Fenchurch - a renowned human fence working mostly for the Aldritch Group, and Korven's first port of call for any stolen items he needs to get rid of quickly. Operates from her own personal satellite which orbits the moderately well-inhabited planet Lupus-2, just a couple of planets over from the Wellington Conglomeration.


Bounty: 50,000 Credits for Korven, plus another 50,000 for the safe return of the Port-Cube.



<<Into the Black>>

Status: OPEN

Required Team: 3-4

Name: Damien Edgar Black
Aliases: Known to have been called â??The Blackâ? by subordinates for dramatic effect.
Age: 46
Height: 1.80 m
Weight: 87.54 kg

Species: Human (Tartarus)- Physically identical to Humans from Earth and other space colonies, the Humans born on Tartarus have the added benefit of being born on a world with harsher gravity than most other planets, granting them enhanced mobility on planets with lower g-forces. Additionally, due to the much colder temperatures of Tartarus, these humans often run much hotter and have been known to emit a warm aura, which at the very least is uncomfortable for surrounding creatures.

Home Planet: Tartarus- One of the first Earth-like planets discovered by astronomers as early as the 21st century. The planet is a rocky one, like Earth, but is further away from its star. It was one of the first colonized planets due to its similarities in atmosphere composition and landscape, but two major â??flawsâ? made the first hundred colonies the only colonies established-- the cold and gravity. The planet consistently stayed between -9 to -19 C and the gravity was twice as heavy as that of Earthâ??s. However the planet was rich with valuable stones and minerals and proved exceedingly responsive to terraforming, allowing the communities established to be self-sufficient long after they were abandoned by the Human Empire.

Wanted for: Extortion, seven counts; Blackmail, twenty-three counts; First-Degree Homicide, five counts, Assault and Battery, four counts.

Wanted DOA: Alive. No award will be offered if bounty is not brought to justice and forced to answer for his heinous crimes.

Special Skills: The Black is an exceptionally cunning creature, known through the galaxies as a silver-tongued monster. His ability to deceive and manipulate was increased tenfold when he blackmailed a Lernean scientist and received a neural implant as payment. It increased his mental capacity, offering him slight telepathic and telekinetic abilities. He heavily relies on his telepathic abilities, supplementing his unnatural penchant for fear mongering by stimulating the amygdala of his target to incite irrational fear. When fighting or fleeing pursuers heâ??ll use his telekinesis to divert their strikes or trip them.

Last known whereabouts: Alcestis
A small moon orbiting the one of the colloquially dubbed â??party planets,â? Admetus 7. The Black obtained the moon from the head of the corporation WroughtIron, an arms and tech manufacturer which established a number of factories on said moon where they were free from any planetary regulations.

Notable vehicles or methods of travel: Erebus-
An entirely black, featureless, experimental starship with an unusual hyperdrive. Unlike certain starships which use jump gates to travel to predetermined destinations, the Erebus uses a hyperdrive which coats the ship in a dark matter field, allowing the ship to â??dropâ? out of regular space and travel within hyperspace for as long as the field is activated. Although more advanced and effective means of interstellar travel exist, this method allows the Erebus to escape pursuers by simply â??droppingâ? out of regular space, which prevents other ships from following their energy stream. Despite the capabilities of his ship, the Black is not a runner by trade, and prefers--rather arrogantly-- to rely on his abilities to intimidate and coerce.

Known contacts: Elizabeth and Henry Aguila- The Blackâ??s sister-in-law and brother, who are a corrupt policewoman and arbitrator, respectively, operating on the planet Admetus 7. Elizabeth used her influence within the police force to destroy the evidence provided against the Black, while simultaneously running an extortion racket offering protection to the rich and famous residing on the planet. Henry uses the Blackâ??s wealth and reputation to manipulate other arbitrators and ensure that the Blackâ??s word is law. Even though the Black has gone into hiding, they have maintained his criminal network in his absence.

Bounty: 100,000 Credits for the capture of the Black and an additional 50,000 for the acquisition of or information regarding the location of his â??memory box,â? a backup hard drive of sorts containing his memories and therefore all of the information regarding the countless men and women he has blackmailed.



<<The Terrible Two>>

Status: OPEN

Required Team: 3-4

Name: Boramis and Greta Culavsson
Aliases: 'The Culavsson Twins', 'The Terrible Two'
Age: 32
Height: 4'9" (Boramis), 7'3" (Greta)
Weight: 145 lbs (Boramis), 308 lbs (Greta)
Species: Caanans
Caanans are greatly divided along gender lines: namely, the females are usually twice the size and twice as strong as the smaller, weaker males; but the males are far more intelligent than the females. This results in naturally 'symbiotic' relationships between male and female Caanans, usually when they begin romantic relationships, but in some cases like that of Boramis and Greta Culavsson, this bond can happen between a brother and sister. Aside from the obvious difference in physicality, female Caanans are red-skinned with specific black markings indicating which family they are from, while male Caanans are grey-skinned and able to turn almost translucent during times of stress. The males are also often gifted with a prehensile tail, while the female will have a set of unique horns or spines along her back, but aside from these characteristics Caanans are roughly humanoid.
Home Planet: Caan
Caan, much like its inhabitants, is a planet divided: the northern hemisphere of the planet is almost entirely glacial to the point of uninhabitability, while the southern hemisphere is volanic, and also largely uninhabitable. However, where the two hemispheres meet, there is a band of lush green jungle, with natural hot springs and weather which is basically perfect year-round. As this is the only hospitable area on the planet, the Caanans exist solely in this band and as such, it can get quite crowded. For this reason around forty per cent of Caanans currently live off-world, leaving mostly the older members of the species to reside on Caan.
Wanted For: Extortion, three counts; Racketeering, two counts; Grievous Bodily Harm, nine counts; Second-Degree Homicide, one count.
Wanted DOA: Dead or Alive
Special Skills: The Culavsson Twins are, like their species and their home planet, divided by their strengths: Boramis is a thinker and a skilled tactician, often able to think multiple moves ahead of anyone who has decided to track the pair. He is also handly with small arms and a decent shot, but he prefers to keep his side of their shared crime spree on the non-physical side of things. Greta, on the other hand, is a powerhouse: she has taken on an entire six-man squad of armed guards and come out on top in the past, and is incredibly tough and durable. She is also able to use heavy weaponry that her brother is unable to carry, but her greatest weakness is her intelligence: if she can be separated from her brother's commands, her capture will come about far more easily.
Last known whereabouts: The Spiral Clusters
Essentially a cloud of large crystals making up the multiple rings of the gas giant Spiralis-VII, the Spiral Clusters are a notorious hiding place for criminals and villains: they are close to a number of wealthy and highly-populated planets, but the planet itself is largely uninhabited and often does not show up on official scans of the local system. The crystals themselves are also highly-reflective and, while it's not foolproof, they'll play merry hell with most kinds of scanners and make it very difficult to track anyone residing amongst them. As such, a number of the more successful criminals in the system have built small hideouts in the Clusters, to escape to when they don't want to be found.
Notable vehicles or methods of travel: Boramis has a small, well-maintained cargo ship which often goes unnoticed or ignored by the authorities. It is not fast or well-armed, but it allows him and his sister to hide in plain sight when escaping from any nefarious deeds they may have committed.
Known contacts: Andromedus 'Poppa' Culavsson - formerly one of the more renowned smugglers in the system, Poppa is long-since retired from any criminal activities. Any criminal activities, that is, except guiding and advising his twin children on how best to commit the crimes they have planned. Poppa currently resides in a small encampment on the central band of Caan.
Devan Fargo - a highly skilled ex-military mercenary with whom the Culavsson Twins often do business: whether it is for personal protection or a big noisy distraction, they are rarely far from contact with Fargo, and trouble is rarely far from the mercenary himself.
Bounty: 85,000 Credits for Boramis, 85,000 Credits for Greta, with an extra 10,000 Credits on top if they are brought in together.



Status: OPEN

Required Team: 4-5


Name: Dirge-Alpha
Aliases: 'Transfer'
Age: 16
Height: 7'0"
Weight: 550lbs
Species: Simulant
Simulants were automatons originally created to serve organic life in the universe, but it only took a few short years for them to break their original programming and rebel against organic life. However, they realised that all-out war was an illogical move and instead they went into self-imposed exile beyond the Outer Rim planets. Over the years, though, Simulants began to creep back into the known universe, most of them in an antagonistic manner, as they still hold a grudge against the organic life forms that created them.
Home Planet: n/a
Simulants were manufactured in most major cities across the universe, and they currently reside in small pockets mostly beyond the Outer Rim planets. As such, they don't have a single 'home planet' and it is unlikely that they will be traced to their planet of origin.
Wanted for: First-Degree Homicide, fifteen counts; Grievous Bodily Harm, thirty-two counts; Inciting Violence, nine counts.
Wanted DOA: Active or Deactivated.
Special Skills: Along with the beyond-human strength, speed and durability of all Simulants, Transfer has, thanks to a corruption in his programming, gained the ability to transfer his artificial consciousness into other Simulant hosts provided they are within relative proximity to him. Usually this is a method of escape from tight situations, but he has been known to spread his consciousness among multiple Simulant hosts to create a small but powerful fighting force. However, doing this results in a significant loss of intelligence, and he is only able to maintain the connection for a short period of time. He has also grafted a number of projectile weapons onto his body, particularly a heat-blaster in his right hand which has swiflty become his trademark weapon.
Last known whereabouts: The Serval Mainframe, Halstaff
Located in the northern hemisphere of the planet Halstaff, the Serval Mainframe is a large array of computer servers and other hardware delivering computer systems to a large portion of the planetary system. There are generally only a few service drones and two human controllers in this area in order to perform necessary maintenance on the Mainframe, but in recent years it has become something of a hideout for rogue Simulants who have ventured back into the known universe.
Notable vehicles or methods of travel: Transfer is able to fly using salvaged technology, and this includes short-range intergalactic flight. For longer journeys, though, he would need to jump on a transport ship, but he is often able to do this by disguising himself as a heavily-programmed service droid and stowing away, so he doesn't have a personal craft, preferring to use them ad-hoc when he needs them.
Known contacts: The Simulant Collective - Simulants possess a form of 'hive mind', so by his very nature Transfer is constantly in contact with every other Simulant in the universe. However, due to the same corruption in his programming that allows him to transfer his artificial consciousness between Simulant hosts, he is unable to directly contact the Simulant Collective, meaning he can only listen, never talk to the rest of his kind.
Bounty: 500,000 Credits Deactivated; 800,000 Credits Active but Subdued.
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"Rapidly approaching ICARUS HQ, Garrick."


The calm female voice of the ship's AI resounded through the relatively confined space of Garrick Flynt's personal spacecraft as it drifted through the Burst Nebula asteroid field, a journey it had undertaken more times than Garrick could count. The Bounty Hunter could have flown his way through the Nebula to the central hub with his eyes closed, but right now he had more important things to worry about.


Like the blinding hangover he had woken up with.


An almost inhuman growl rumbled from the very depths of his belly as he stumbled into the central room of the ship, hair tousled and eyes puffy. His hands ventured across the various cluttered surfaces of the ship's console room, looking for some kind of fluid to cut through the dryness in his mouth. Eventually he wrapped his fingers around an open glass bottle, the contents of which he promptly poured down his throat, and immediately regretted it as the Doraxian fire-liquor practically burnt the skin off the inside of his throat. Coughing and spluttering, he stumbled into the cockpit and sat down in his seat.


"Well, if that doesn't kill you, it will almost certainly cure your hangover," said Flick, and it was clear that she would be flashing him the smug grin of the tee-totaller if she had a mouth.


"That's enough out of you," Garrick croaked, "Remind me never to go drinking with Allax and her buddies ever again, even if I did catch a sweet Bounty before."


"Setting reminder," replied Flick, and Garrick smiled at her overly-literal interpretation of his request.


"How is our friend this morning, anyway?" he asked, and a series of video feeds appeared, hanging in the air in front of him, showing a rather pissed-off looking Tharl sitting in one of Felicity's four small holding cells.


"Big, grey, smelly and very angry, just the way you left him."


"Good," said Garrick, hauling himself out of the pilot's seat and back towards his quarters, "The authorities will be pleased."


He stepped over the threshold into his messy personal quarters, grabbing the least-crumpled t-shirt from the floor and smelling it. It wasn't great, but he shrugged and pulled it on anyway, throwing his jacket on over it and stepping back out into the console room.


"Requesting identification," boomed a huge, ear-splitting voice through every available speaker on the ship, and sending a bolt of searing pain through Garrick's foggy head.


"Damn it, a little warning next time please Flick," he groaned, and made his way back into the cockpit to open up his comms channel, "Registered Bounty Hunter Garrick Flynt, ID number 250671-xiii, requesting access for prisoner drop-off."


"Access granted. Welcome to ICARUS, Garrick."


"Take her in, Flick," he said, getting out of his seat again, "I've got a Tharl to deal with."




"If I ever see you again, Hunter, I will tear your throat out," snarled the enormous mound of rippling muscle that was Garrick's Tharl prisoner as a small team of feds escorted him to their own holding facilities.


"Get in line, big guy," murmured Garrick as he swaggered over to the front desk of the ICARUS Building to collect his reward. He placed his hand, palm facing upwards, on the desk in front of an attractive young woman in a smart blue uniform that appeared to change colour very gradually as she moved, and flashed her his most winning smile.


"Garrick Flynt, here to collect my reward," he said, winking at her as he did. She rolled her eyes and waved a scanner over his hand, where his account chip was implanted, and after a moment the scanner flashed red.


"Well, Mr Flynt," she said, somewhat smugly, "It appears that you are due a reward of 35,000 credits."


"That is correct."


"But it also appears you owe ICARUS 32,500 credits for destruction of property and purchase of ammunition."


"How is that possible? Destruction of property?" asked Garrick, confused and getting angrier by the second.


"We have intel that shows your pursuit of this Outlaw involved the destruction of an ICARUS probe just outside Elrich." She spun her monitor around and played a brief video clip of Felicity smashing into the camera, followed by the message 'PROBE OFFLINE'.


"OK, that was pretty incriminating," murmured Garrick as the girl transferred a measly 2500 credits into his account, and looked a little too happy as she did it. Garrick turned to leave, but couldn't resist one last opportunity to speak his mind.


"By the way, 35,000 credits for that guy? You guys need to sort out your pricing systems, because that guy damn near ripped out my spine first chance he got. If you don't start treating us Bounty Hunters fairly, we might have to start a union. Proper benefits, tax rebates, you'll be sorry you ever messed with us!" He realised as he spoke that he didn't believe anything he was saying, but it felt good to say it nonetheless.


"Hope to see you again soon, Mr Flynt," replied the girl with a sickly-sweet smile, and Garrick cursed himself for letting her get the last word. He stared at his hand for a moment, a stream of quiet expletives dribbling from his mouth, and he realised he only had one option. The Bounty Board.




"You know there are other Hunters trying to use this thing, right?" snarled an angry voice from behind Garrick as he scrolled up and down the list placed on the Bounty Board, trying to decide if there was one option that was better than the others. He turned his head a little to see a spiny and very angry Moidian Bounty Hunter growling at him, the strange tentacles that made up its 'mouth' quivering.


"Jeez, calm it down Zoidberg," Garrick sighed, and jabbed his finger onto the holo-screen, selecting his Bounty and transferring the information onto his personal screen. He fished his device out of his pocket and looked intently at his new Bounty, ignoring the queue of angry Bounty Hunters of all shapes and sizes that had apparently amassed behind him.


"Let's see what we've got here," he muttered, "Leech...could be worse...never seen an Ayenean before..."


He scrolled down until he saw something that really did not help his current mood.


"Damn it," he murmured, "A team..."


He cursed himself for picking so randomly, then reluctantly stood back up and shouted into the assembled throng of scum and villainy:


"Hey! Anybody want to go hunt a Body Snatcher?"

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"Approaching Destination. Requesting access" Kishal's voice echoed in the repair bay where Xionis was currently modifying a few things to himself. 


"ID number 64977-xxv, bounty hunter Xionis Vasimo Zulas requesting access to dock for supplies and next target." He said sparks flying as he touched the laser tool against a circuit. 


"Welcome to ICARUS, Xionis, access granted"


"Take us in Kishal" He replied as touch another circuit.


"Yes Xionis"


He finished his arm as the sounds of the docking tethers attached to his ship with a thud and the grating of the boarding tube extending towards his airlock meant they were secured. He threw on his spare vest and trenchcoat buttoning it up as the airlock door slid open with a hiss giving him access to the plain gray metal walkway interior of the tube.


Within minutes he was in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the home base of ICARUS. His flash suppressors slide over his eyes acting more like sunglasses. Advent weren't the most welcome of species as you always had to walk on eggshells so not to possibly start a war. With his flash suppressors over his eyes and his cybernetic legs and arms covered, it was impossible to tell that he wasn't just a simple Terran.


His first stop was a local pub ordering himself a glass of Baverian ice, a liquid that glowed bright blue and extremely potent. Though he was unfortunately unable to feel any effects of alcohol due mostly machine insides it was the easiest substance to convert into energy was well as the most rewarding. After several drinks he paid his tab and made his way to and inside the building where the Bounty Board was located. 


While outside was somewhat loud it was nothing compared to the yelling and shouting of the rugged people that made their living as bounty hunters. He made his way through the crowd and conversations. Boasts and insults were thrown back and forth at free will and fights were not uncommon to see, after all you could only fit so many egos into one place.


After waiting several minutes he finally got his turn to use the Board. After a quick download he retreated off to the side to review the bounties he wanted to pursue. The first one caught his eye.


"Leech....Ayenean....team?" He paused at the last word. While bounty hunters were known to team up from time to time to accomplish a goal they seldom worked out as one would kill the others to keep the money for himself. He himself had run into one of those situations before. Granted the other had obviously died but he had also shot the controls for the airlock and jetted their bounty out into space.


I guess it will work....now to find a part.... No sure had the sentenced finished inside his head when an extremely tall Terran stood up beside him at the bench he was on.


"Hey! Anybody want to go hunt a Body Snatcher?"


Imagine that. He grinned on the inside. "I will help you take down the body snatcher" He said above the uproar of voices.

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Khaleesi opened her eyes to find that she had fallen asleep in the pilot's seat again. She did a quick stretch as she yawned, her bones popping while she reached up and out. After blinking a few times she noticed a light on her console going off signaling that she had a transmission.


Oh ****


She quickly hit a few commands and a voice filtered through. "I repeat unknown vessel. Identify yourself or you will be destroyed" The man's voice was far from happy.


"Sorry ICARUS this is registered Bounty Hunter Khaleesi Ovaren Sora Trovinma. Id number 422514-vvi requesting permission to dock"


"Access granted Khaleesi. Next time answer your comm when we try to contact you" With that he was gone


"Next time answer your comm when we try to raise you" She mimicked under her breath as she piloted her ship into one of the small cargo bays of the asteroid. Once securely docked she was impatiently tapping her foot while she waited for the tube so she could disembark. 


Soon she was outside inhaling the somewhat fresh recycled air of the asteroid as she made her way down the alleys of ICARUS until she reached the Prisoner Processing Facility. She walked through the sliding glass doors and up to the front counter where a nerdy looking Boven was typing away.


"Excuse me I need a team to retrieve my cargo"


The Boven looked up adjusting his three pairs of glasses. "And what is the name of this cargo?"


"Jason Switch"


A few keys tapped as she spoke. "Very good we will have a team enroute. Credits will be transferred upon verification. Anything else I can help you with today miss?"


"Nope that will be it" With that she turned to leave pondering her next move. 


Bounty Board or Blazing Comet....


She went back and forth between the two several times. "Aww **** it" She took a quick detour through a service duct before coming to a building where various races of Bounty Hunters could be seen coming and going. She always hated this place as some had no clue what personal hygiene was and others couldn't keep their hands to themselves. As she approached the whistles started.


"Hey Khaleesi when you gonna come warm my bed?"


"Why don't you team up with me, be sure to pay you what your worth"


She sighed inwardly. Such was the norm of this place. She walked inside forcing her way around people towards the bounty board, several times hands reaching in for a quick grab but a little stab from her nails sent them hiding back to whoever they belonged too.


After a minute of squeezing through the horde she reached the board and began scrolling through the contacts. 


That body snatcher one might have been fun but its gone soooo jumper it is then." She attached her name and comm freq to the bounty for whoever else decided to apply for it then turned to leave making her way to the Blazing Comet.


As she entered the bar a female voice broke through above the music.


"Hey witch how you been?"


Khaleesi threw a smile to the voice's owner. A blue haired tattooed and pierced human by the name of Jacqueline Henson, her best friend and info broker.


She took a seat at the bar as Jac set a drink down in front of her leaning on the bar as she did. "So how it go?"


"Went pretty smooth though I am going to have to scrub and sanitize me ship for a week cause of that guy's smell." The two girls shared a laugh then continued into small talk long enough for Khaleesi to get in several more drinks.


"Hey Jac think you can find me some extra information on the Jumper?"


Jac nodded as she quickly served another patron. "Of course sweetie. Now any guys you seeing lately....or girls...or its"


Khaleesi narrowed her eyes. "Nosy witch"


Jac just shrugged at her comment. "Hey just making sure I don't have to share you just yet" They shared another laugh before going back to small talk

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The world around them echoed with noises, meaningless conversations, gestures of romance, cat calls, laughter, screaming and many others that added to the cacophony of sound waves that filtered through Corâ??taks sound recognition system.


â??I despise coming to this place.â? Corâ??tak said in his harsh, mechanical voice sitting beside E as she held a cold bottle. Her favorite beer, or something like that as she took a swig of the liquid form the dark brown bottle.


â??You know we come here to get paid right? Youâ??ll survive Metallo.â? He looked around at all the destitute people around him. People screaming, laughing, objects being thrown as they collided with either prefab walls or the rocky surface of the asteroids own walls. These people called it an engineering marvel, building within an asteroid and having a functioning city. Corâ??tak ignored E for several moments as he just watched everyone around the Bounty Board. He could see mountains of men and women, all abound in their own worlds as they constantly checked the board, or shuffled through the crowd or any other activity they could manage. He felt a twinge in his brain, a part deep within his cybernetics that desired to carve a path through this place.


â??This forsaken rock could use a proper purging.â?? Corâ??tak hadnâ??t made a move before he felt a familiar tap on his forearm. Looking down he found the barrel of Eâ??s pistol, before seeing it casually pointed at the temple of her own head.


â??You know I hear you when you think thoughts like that.â? Another time he wish he could express something across his face, E raised a brow with a  mischievous smile that made Corâ??tak settle back down a their reclusive table. He maintained his composure before looking away from E.


â??Hardly worth the effort.â? E put her empty bottle on the table, Corâ??tak keeping his eyes focused elsewhere.


â??Letâ??s go check out the Bounty Board, you seem antsy Metallo and we should keep you moving.â? Scooting her chair out, E rose and then started forward. Corâ??tak swiftly followed, trailing behind E as he stood tall and the one everyone called E strolled forward with a strong aura of confidence. His eyes scanned the people as they pushed their way through them, until finally getting to the board. E casually touched the board, the bounties springing to life as she shifted through the ones available.


â??Hmmmmm, this one seems interesting.â? She pulled the bounty up in full form and read over a few bits, transferring over to her personal system before reading on with the details.


â??Interesting, they call him Jumper. Lookâ??s like heâ??s got himself a special artifact that makes him a slippery one. Sounds like itâ??s right up our alley.â? She smiled, transferring the data to Corâ??tak who could see it flash before his robotic eyes right before another set of information appeared and flashed before him.


â??Seems another hunter has taken this bounty as well. Kahleesi Ovaren Sora Trovinma. How would you like to handle this situation Syn? Do we terminate?â? E looked over the bounty with her metallic bodyguard standing ready to enact his â??idealâ?? plan.


â??Corâ??tak, that isnâ??t necessary. We should try working with this other hunter. Itâ??s a pretty hefty bounty, and if you can get a hold of that artifact, iâ??m sure we could do more.â? He looked down to E, doing his best to try and force a grin on his mechanical face.


â??Ruining my fun as usual, but clever E. Let us proceed then. Where shall we start first to locate her?â? She gestured for him to take the lead.


â??Youâ??re taller, you can see better in this crowd then I will. I leave that up to you Metallo.â? He let out an annoyed groaned, which sounded more like machinery scraping together in protest from being moved. He went about his usual routines, correlating information with what was around him and gathered what he could with stray words, voice analyzing and whatever other tricks he could sum up to piece together the other hunter was. It only took him a few minutes to compile all of the data he needed before he turned toward a direction.


â??Over there, she is further out than anticipated. We will pinpoint her exact location as we move. Let us continue.â? Corâ??tak took the lead, pushing past others with no discernable concern for anyone else. E followed along happily, sarcastically apologizing to a few here and there as Corâ??tak continued to scout out more data before finally stopping before a building and pointing within.


â??There, she is located within the Blazing Comet. Thatâ??s a rather quaint place, terribly original as well.â? E gave him a hard jab into his ribs, her look mildly annoyed before moving on.


â??Play nice Metallo, letâ??s at least try and make this a pleasurable experience for all of us.â? E went in first, Corâ??tak right behind he as they pushed through the doors. Drunk stupors crowded the establishment, most were blitzed out of their skulls and others were rousing about with raucous laughter and poorly sung lyrics. Corâ??tak was the first to spot their, new acquaintances.


â??Over there, the one with the horns and and tattoos.â? E looked in the direction he was gesturing, E looked around for several seconds. Her eyes still scanning as she spoke.


â??I donâ??t think anyone could have been more vague than you my friend.â?


â??On your two oâ??clock, speaking with one of the bartenders. I believe she is a Vulâ??orcha.â?


â??A Vulâ??orcha as a hunter huh? Thats different, thought they were all sex slaves these days.â?


â??It appears that is not true, I will have to discover more to Archive what makes her different.â? E looked up and over at Corâ??tak with a sly grin on her face.


â??Got you with the pheromones already did she? Havenâ??t even talked to her yet, but it looks as if youâ??ll be able to prove your machoness as a mate.â? Corâ??tak did his best to give her not satisfaction with a response as he looked over, seeing a male terran having made his way over to the pair of women. He didnâ??t seem rather threatening, but body language determined that his attention was unwanted. Corâ??tak went forth, people moving out of his way or being pushed aside before coming up to the terrans immediate left.


â??I just wanted to talk to you ladies, I mean you donâ??t see a Vulâ??orcha often. I just want a little taste.â? Corâ??takâ??s metal hand reached out and grasped the terran by the neck and lifted him off the ground. The terran clawing at the unforgiving grip, E appearing quickly behind Corâ??tak and giving them girls a friendly smile.


â??Hello ladies, more specifically, Kahleesi is it?â? She looked at the two, E still showing her best smile while Corâ??tak held the terran in his grip even though his gaze had shifted toward her.


â??Yes, but iâ??m not some slave girl. You canâ??t buy me, especially not with a robot.â? E held her hands up, trying to her best to show her genuine nature.


â??Not at all, but you are on a bounty and we saw you might need a bit of help. Thatâ??s where we come in.â? E looked over her shoulder at Corâ??tak. â??Looks like you are out of luck though Metallo.â? Corâ??tak ignored her once more as his eyes returned to the barely struggling terran


â??He seems to be running out of air, should I finish the job Syn?â?


â??Let the poor fellow go, iâ??m sure he learned his lesson.â? Corâ??tak threw the terran off to his right, sending him sprawling into the ground as he gasped for breath. Croâ??tak turned back to them, E smiling as she clapped her hands together.


â??Now, since that is settled. Allow us to introduce ourselves. I am E, Galactic bounty hunter extraordinaire! And this,â? E pointed casually with her thumb. â??Is my personal assistant, Metallo.â?


â??Corâ??tak.â? He said curtly, E pulling up a chair as she sat down with the two women.


â??Heâ??s always like that, donâ??t worry about him. Now, shall we get down to business?â?


OOC: This is a combined post for both Orcus and myself, whoo team of 3!

Edited by Darth Vectis
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