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Incoming transmission from Sector Six-Alpha. 

.............Priority one.


Audio only.....

Playing audio.....


                     [Static]....Mayday..M[unkown]ay. Ship has been hit by as[noise level too loud to compensate]. 

                    Lost con[static]ol over tartet pl...[alarms sound off]. Going for emergency landing. I repeat. We are going for..[Loud explosion followed by a distinct sound of decompression]



Audio signal lost.....

Transmission connection has been terminated...


Crew 606 mission....Search and Rescue, recover black boxes priority number one, destroy remains of crew and ship if recover isn't possible.


Planet details from two earlier probes.


Planet is earth-like. Atmosphere is viable for human presence. Planet has remains of cities and plant life seems to be reclaiming smaller less dense cities. Small power and heat sources have

been detected across the planet. Original Crew 102 mission: Observation from low orbit, land and recover samples using robotic drones, test samples to insure flora is none hostile, set up an outpost before Crew 243 arrives to make a more permanent presence on planet for research. Terrain seems to be natural in most areas. Animal life has been detected mostly in the denser nature reclaimed cities and plains. Cities seem to be mega cities. More detail scans needed for accurate surface maps.


Ship complement: 6. One pilot, one co-pilot, Four volunteers drawn from any citizen with level 2 or higher rating. All crew must be well adapted to using weapons if planet's natural creatures are hostile, must be trained in survival techniques, military backgrounds are a benefit to the crew, and any science degree or background will also benefit the crew.


Ship requisitioned from Project Arura: One Mercury class frigate. Atmospheric landing capable. Two shuttles attached to outer haul connected via docking rings for self defense and emergency shelter, six escape pods with six month's worth of supplies each, lightly armed for self defense and asteroid protection. Size: 12000 feet in length, 900 feet in width, 600 feet tall. Hyper-fission reactor powers ship systems, weapons, shields, and eight ion engines as well as the lightspeed generator.


Order of the President of the Sol Union this mission not fail. Crew 102 is sixty-three members. Find and rescue or recover as many as possible. Emergency location beacons implanted into the skulls of all crews activate in case of emergency. Use the Frigate's probes as satellites to form a Global Positioning System for easier searching and communications.


Warning: One large heat source is known to exist on planet within and around the mega cities. Object is unknown and considered dangerous. Do not engage or make contact with it in any way till after primary mission is complete.


Side note: The First Lady requests that, as she says, "If at all possible. Please use holo-cameras to gather as much visual data as possible. Any imagery brought back is very important.".


End of letter.....




The year is 2305. Humanity has somewhat perfected lightspeed engines and has been exploring potential star systems within a 30 lightyear range of the Sol system. These missions are volunteer based and most of the time are met with just planets not capable of supporting humans without heavy terraforming or use of bio-doms. Sector Six-Alpha was considered to be where the "WOW" signal originated from but from probes sent there before Crew 102 where old and only was capable of gathering basic information. Crew 102 have been in orbit on what scientist call the planet, "Wasteland" due to it's abandoned mega cities that, even in current state of decay, would rival the most heavy populated cities on earth by a factor of twenty. It seems who ever created these cities had extensive knowledge of engineering, agricultural, and other areas of civilization far beyond earths as the mega cities are estimated to have less impact on the planet's eco system then earth's cities.


Crew 102's Venus class cruiser was hit by asteroids and had to crash land on the planet. Crew 606 is to be sent to recover survivors, black boxes, blue boxes which contain scientific data, and destroy the remains of the ship and/or crew if they could not be recovered. While avoiding the planet's unknown creatures and the mysterious heat source that dwells in the mega cities of the planet.

Tech has advanced enough for many things we think is either a phantasy or science fiction could be real. Though it's only a physical change to the body. Though gender swapping from male to female is possible. Meaning a male could become a full fledge female with fully functional reproductive organs though offspring will be human. Like wise from female to male.


This planet is eerie as it seemed to be once occupied by humanoids that, from what the buildings look like on the inside, someone least have the same make up to humans. Meaning one head, two arms, and two feet. Though slightly taller then the tallest average human can get. Old pads contain words that seem familiar but have yet been sent back to earth to be decrypted. Tech responds to human presence kind of like auto-advertisements. Though the cities seem to have scars from battles and things are damaged. The air is actually very pleasing to breath even in the mega cities. 

The frigate has vehicles to drive on terrain and two shuttles for aerial observation.


Danger lurks in the war scared cities on this planet, the local flora is mostly harmless and edible if barely, and it will rain... a strange color then on earth. It's an alien planet where the entire population once called this planet home all but vanished...or did  they? Can Crew 606 find the surviving members of Crew 102? What will happen after the primary mission is completed? Sadness and happiness await with action and drama. Surprises are everywhere and anywhere. Think you can make the cut of Crew 606?




Sign ups: (Finally!)


Name: First, Last.


Age: No younger then 19. No older then 40. (unless your an AI construct then your limited to 130 years old.)


Gender: Male, Female, or anywhere in-between.


Race: Human or other. (Other includes furries, cyborgs, etc etc.)


Species: Applies only to furries, robots, or cyborgs. (Furries: class of animal. Robots/Cyborgs: Primary structure model.) 


Birth Place: Colony, planet, station, etc. (Basically where did you originate from since humans aren't confined to earth anymore.)


Appearance: Picture would be more viable. If picture is provided but does not represent your character, describe what is different from the picture and your character. If no picture is provided, please describe your height, weight, body build, hair color, hair length, eye color, breast size if female, (yes...I know..), physical attributes like scars, tattoos, body modifications, etc etc.


Personality: Basically how you are around other people.


Bio: A short story about your character before you volunteered for Project Arura. Mainly what caused you to join. Be creative. A more in depth bio can really make or break your character. At least one or two paragraphs would be nice.


Primary skill: What you major in. Basically what is your specialty. Example: Bio-science, weapons expert, pilot, etc etc.

Secondary skill: Things you do when not on duty or preoccupied. Example: A hobby.


All characters have basic survival and military training before being allowed to leave on missions. If your character has prior military training. Then it is based on your current deployment or previous deployments. All training is mandatory but for those who served will have a more easier time then those who don't have combat or military action. 


Weapons are generation 3 electromagnetic and energy based. Meaning they are up to your imagination. Your allowed one primary, a secondary, and a hold out handgun along with a field survival knife. Primaries are assault rifles, shotguns, and sniper rifles. Secondaries are LMGs, smgs, explosives (that includes all explosive launching or explosive devices). Hold out handgun and knife are self explanatory. These weapons are the most advanced in the Sol Union, Sol Union is all colonies and planets in the Sol system functioning as one unified body though several wars have been fought recently to insure it's unification, and these are only given to explorers who are going up against unknowns on extra-terrestrial planets that have ammo regenerative abilities though at the cost of power. Which is provided by your suit's micro-fusion generator. All crew are given a suit that's designed to keep you safe from the elements and space though being extremely light and thin.


Have fun signing up and hope to see many people wanting to get in on this. If we get more then 6 crew. Then the crew roster will be increased. Or maybe they can be something else...

Lets see where this ends up.




Sign up


Name: Vector-Alpha


Age: Unknown (Will be revealed in the rp.)


Gender: Either. Avatar appears to be both male and female. 


Race: AI Mech Construct. (If you ever seen any anime with gundams or human looking machines.)


Species: Unknown. (Will be revealed in the rp.))


Birth Place: Planet Wasteland, place of assembly unknown.


Appearance: Main Mech Body (Ground mode): [attachment=15451:mecha_zone__a_10_mech_screenshot_by_mecha_master-d4t4g3x.png]

Main Mech Body (Aerial Mode): [attachment=15452:A-10SSuperThunderbolt.jpg]

Avatar Mode (Main processing unit. Control unit of the mech body): [attachment=15453:alan-van-ryzin-8.jpg]

(Note: My character does not come in as a playable character for a bit in the rp. I'll be more of an npc that's well you'll find out in the rp till we reach a point we are all are comfortable as our characters. Also, my character is worn. From battle and from age.)


Personality: Hostile towards aliens (You the crew), cold, emotionless  (or is it?), and though interested in the invaders of it's home. Not much is known but much is to be descovered.


Bio: Vector-Alpha existed when the intelligent beings of the planet existed unknown years ago. Vector has been active for a very long time. It's body is a patchwork of repairs of parts that did not match colors of it's original paint job which on it's main chest frame, very faded. Vector tends to gardens and the mega-cities left behind by it's creators. Though why is unknown and is done alone.

Vector would be blamed for the crash landing of Crew 102's ship due to the evidence found in the black and blue boxes and the ship remains at first when Crew 606 find them and the sabotage of their own ship. Stranding them on the planet with a sabotaged ship. The survivors could repair the ship but would take a few months to complete due to injuries they sustained during crash landing and how delicate they need to work to avoid blowing them up in a fusion based nuclear explosion 900 times stronger then the largest nuclear bomb ever exploded on earth, the Tsar bomb.

Soon Crew 606 and the survivors of Crew 102 realize the truth and try to befriend Vector. Only time will tell if Vector even understands these strange aliens and learns to communicate with them.


Primary Skill: Soldier

Secondary Skill: Gardening (Yes I know weird but their is a reason for it.)


Weapons: While in ground mode, Vector has a weapon that is kind of like it's modern day counter-part A-10. A tri-barrel gauss gatling gun, a high energy pistol, and a rotary blade.

While in aerial mode, Vector sports a wide range of air to ground weapons of unknown types. It's tri-barrel guass gatling gun is it's primary weapon and is suspected of carrying plasma based bombs of unknown designs. In avatar mode, Vector is unarmed save for a hold out pistol.


Vector can not switch between it's three modes constantly and engagements usually leaves Vector low on power. Resulting being stuck in that form for hours to recharge it's power source. While in avatar mode, it's mech body is inert. Meaning it won't move or activate without it's control unit. The mech body is six stories tall and is massive over earth prototypes. Vector doesn't engage unless it's provoked and watches the strange beings from afar. Learning all it can from remotes.



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Name: Arin Yale
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Furry
Species: Class 3 (mostly animal features) Cat
Birth Place: Bio-Gen Station 6, Mars Asteroid Belt
Appearance: [attachment=15454:Costello_by_Edheloth.jpg] His fur is a lighter blue though with Ice blue highlights through it.
Personality: Arin is friendly and helpful, preferring to be laid back and chill, going with the flow. He knows you can't control the future and doesn't want to stress out over it.
Bio: Arin was born and raised on Bio-Gen Station 6, a bio-engineering and research station stationed in the Mars asteroid belt. He spent most of his time in the hangars of the station with his dad, who was a ship mechanic. His mother was a bio-engineer, who spent most of her time at work, only coming home late at night to eat and shower before heading out again. Arin spent most of his preteen and teenage years racing through the asteroid belt and visiting Mars for their underground racing events. A practice encouraged by his father and ignored by his mother. As a result, he has mastered flying every type of vessel that came to the station, from light mining craft to the occasional military scout ship that came by for repairs while the station was inspected. Arin was proud of his piloting skills, and eventually became a pilot for the the station's longer range deliveries and supply runs to earth and other colonies.
It was after his nineteenth birthday that he decided to leave the station and find a new home in the universe. His father sent him to an old military friend of his to teach him basic survival skills and how to shoot. While he doesn't necessarily have any real combat experience, he was trained like the rest of the soldiers that are deployed to date. After he turned twenty, he saw and add asking for skilled pilots to go on a deep space mission and volunteered immediately, showing his skills as a pilot and blowing away his competition.
Primary skill: Pilot
Secondary skill: Cooking
Primary Weapon: Aztec Z-33 Sniper Rifle [attachment=15455:CA_Nano_sniper_by_jimsvanberg.jpg]
Secondary: Dual Razor C3 SMGs [attachment=15456:3407455a.jpg]
Hold Out Handgun: Dessert Eagle
Survival Knife
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It's been awhile. I think I will reappear with this ^^


Name: Zai Renn


Age: 127


Race: Human


Species: Cyborg/ Type Model XZ-00000





Personality: Life doesn't do returns on damaged goods, and Zai is case and point. He can be somewhat of an enigma, what with his wild mood swings, but he is normally bright and bubbly. As unpredictible as he is efficient with his weapons, he is a tactical nightmare, either three steps ahead or just winging it. No one can be sure just how he operates.


Bio: Zai is the sole survivor of the Star Ocean, a massive vessel known as a 'space liner' that had by all accounts simply vanished over a century earlier. At the tender age of ten years old, he was aboard the vessel with his entire family. By the time of that fateful and final voyage, the Star Ocean was an aging vessel, though still fully operational and still in all her beauty. All was normal until a week into the voyage. The Star Ocean was viciously overcome by an unknown group. The locator device for the Star Ocean was disabled, as well as all communications systems before anyone knew what happened. Then the passengers and crew were all slaughtered.The attack seemed to be purely for the enjoyment of killing. Zai himself was forced to endure the rape and murder of his entire family, and then countless thousands of people, all the while being savagely abused and tortured. While enduring untold punishment, Zai was able to overhear the discussions of what to do with the crippled Star Ocean. She was capable of only operating at 35% efficiency, due to the 'fun' the pirates had wrought upon her and her passengers and crew. The Star Ocean was far too large to be destroyed beyond recognition, and she was too incriminating to just be left drifting. She was too high profile. It was decided the ship should be scuttled on the Wasteland Planet, which just happened to be nearby. The pirates then disembarked, having set the badly limping Star Ocean on a course to crash land on the planet. They left Zai to die, figuring the impact would kill him if he hadn't already died by then from his wounds. However, after the pirated had abandoned the Star Ocean, a medical droid was somehow activated by the vessel, and it found Zai and began to stabilize his condition. Zai was able to watch as the Wasteland planet drew near, thinking it was his last hours. The Star Ocean, and its cargo of corpses would crash and be incinerated by flame. To this day, Zai is unsure of what transpired. Zai could feel the ship enter atmosphere bow first, ready to piledrive herself into the surface. The Star Ocean then initiated planetside landing procedures, albeit not without difficulties due to damage to her systems. In all, it was a hard and loud, echoing thud that accompanied the Star Ocean coming to her final resting place on the Wasteland planet's surface. Largely intact, but never to lift off again.  Due to her composition as a Space liner, she would be perfectly camouflaged by her surroundings in the urban environment in which she had landed. Soon after landing, the Star Ocean brought her single Cryo-statis pod online, reserved for dire medical emergencies, and Zai was loaded into it and launched into space once more. However, due to system malfunctions and glitches, while Zai was able to be kept alive, the identity of the ship the pod belonged to was lost. To this day, Zai has never spoken of it.


Zai survived that nightmare, though forever scarred in mind and now in a body not his own. His body is fully prosthetic, though organically based and still operating by the same basic principles as an actual human body, but with far fewer limitations. His prosthetic body is also how he has survived so long. "Body swapping" as it were. He has consistently upgraded to the newest models every couple of years, and also when his bodies get damaged. During his extraordinarily long lifetime, he has managed to procure a name for himself as a weapons designer, crafter, and bounty hunter, as well as partake in combat training and survival training. Upon hearing of the rescue mission to the Wasteland Planet, he decides to join up, not only to face his inner demons, but also to visit the massive grave that is the Star Ocean and pay his respects to his family for the first time in over a century.


Primary skill: Weapons expert


Secondary skill: Artist


Primary weapon: "Red Rose"

A fully customized weapon of Zai's own design and unavailable on the market, this highly transformable weapon utilizes dual functionality as both a high caliber assault rifle, and a large scythe capable of slicing most wood and metals with ease, due to its polymer alloy construction. However, there are still materials Zai is not capable of slicing apart with this weapon, and to this day it remains untested fully. The weapon is colored to resemble the red roses Zai is so fond of. Because of the size, kick, and weight of the weapon, it is unwieldy for most, but due to the strength of Zai's prosthetic body, it is perfectly suited for him. Weapon is capable of compacting into a holster, though at its most compact is 14" by 6" with a depth of 3"


Included is captured video footage of Zai while operating in a female chassis.



Secondary Weapon: "Some Love"

This weapon is designed to shoot lasers shaped like pink hearts. Amusing but no less deadly, and one of Zai's more whimsical designs to market to the ladies. Utilizing microrail technology, it is essentially a laser based SMG.


Holdout weapon: Magnum .45

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