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[I]Most people think that in the Pokémon World, everything is good and friendly...But that is just a fake world. In the REAL Pokémon World, the Pokémon acually do what the Pokédex says they do...For example: Ghost Pokémon DO acually kill people. Mad Gyarados' destroy cities, killing thousands of people. In this world, you won't just use your Pokémon to fight...You'll have to use them to survive. Welcome to the Pokémon World. The REAL one...[/I]


If you want to sign up, you put your stats like this:

Name: Suzuku

Age: 15

Pokémon: [B]NOTE: You can start with up to 3 Pokémon, all
ranging from L10 to L20[/B]

[COLOR=red]Quilava L17[/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]Staryu L12[/COLOR]
[COLOR=orange]Electabuzz L15[/COLOR]

Appearance: Dark brown hair, brown eyes, pretty tall, wears a dark blue shirt with black jeans.

Hometown: Goldenrod City. (It was once attacked by a massive thunderstorm made by 7 Pikachus. The lighting hit the Radio Tower and made all the PC's overload, blowing them all up. Many people were killed, including Suzuku's best friend. It also started a massive fire, which explains why all the other buildings are wrecked.

Bio: Mother and father were killed in a Tauros stampede. He developed an incredible hate for Tauros because of his parents deaths, and goes crazy whenever he sees one.

Note: The further through the game your chars hometown is, the less-wrecked the city will be. (stronger gym leaders to protect it. Places like Blackthorn City will be in top-shape, but places like Violet City will be completly trashed.)
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Tris screamed a vicious insult at her mother, Clair, then stormed out of the Gym, knocking over Chris at the same time. The Dragonair around her shoulders clung on gamely, then setteled down. She ran fast and hard through the town, and called out her Sicune.[/i]

Sicune: Sii!

Tris: *bows* Will you please carry me to the Dragon's Den? I need to train with you three.

Sicune: *nods*

[i]Without further ado, she leaped onto Sicune's back and the three moved quickly through the water and into the huge black cavern.[/i]

Tris: I hope she doesn't find me here....

Daistar: Draa! *nods*[/COLOR]
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Walking on a thin track in the pouring down rain, Andrew walks along with his coat blowing in the rain. The trail leads him from Ecruteak city towards the lake of rage. His pokeball attached to his necklace falls from his vest and swings freely in front of his face. He looks at it. A small purple G printed on it.

Andrew: *thinks* I hate Ghosts, but at the same time they are my allie..........

He continues walking on in the terrible weather.
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Hiker Andy: GO TAUROS!!

Suzuku: Did you say...Tauros...? Belive me mister...You don't want to send that thing out...I'm trying to keep back my rage as we speak...

H'A': Ooooh scary :rolleyes: GOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Tauros: :demon: TAUR!

Suzuku: :flaming: [I]Have...To...Keep...It....IN!...[/I] *TICK* :angry2: ELECTABUZZ GO!!!!!


Suzuku: Thunderbolt...

Electabuzz: [COLOR=orange]YAAAAARGH[/COLOR]

[B][COLOR=orange]Suddenly, a massive bot of lightning slams down on the Tauros, leaving it on only a little bit of health![/COLOR][/B]


Electabuzz: Bluh?

Suzuku: Kill it. :demon:


[I][COLOR=orangered]Suddenly, before he can return Tauros, Electabuzz shocks the mans hand, sending blood flying everywhere! It then turns round and starts to zap the Tauros non-stop, until it finally stops breathing...[/COLOR][/I]

H'A': N-N-No...P-Please...Don't be dead!!!!!

[COLOR=red]The Hiker crawls up to Tauros and starts crying, and as Suzuku walks off, he feels a small teer roll down his face...[/COLOR]

Suzuku: [I]Why...Why does that always happen...? Whenever I kill a Tauros, I always feel sad...:confused: But I hate them! It just doesn't make sense...[/I]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Inside the Dragon's den..........Tris calls out her Sicune, Dragonair, and Charmeleon.[/i]

Tris: Alright.....I've decided what I'm going to do.

Daistar: Draa? *tits head*

Tris: I'm going to leave Blackthorn Cit.....taking you three with me......and probably my Grandfather's Shiny Gyrados.

Charmeleon: Meleon. :devil:

Tris: You don't want to come?

[i]The Charmeleon shook his head, and nudged Tris's side, nearly knocking her over.[/i]

Tris: Oh, you do want to come. Good. What about you Siie?

Sicune: :angel: Sii!

Tris: Great....

[i]She walked over to a nearby shelf and pulled out a dark blue pokeball....she shrunk it down and clipped it to her belt. Then she called back all her pokemon except Daistar and walked out of the Den, swinging her backpack on at the same time.[/i]

Cooltrainer Chris: So you're actualy leaveing the city?

Tris: Yeah.

Chris: Then I'll keep your secret for you. But could you do me a favor?

Tris: What?

Chirs: *holds out pokeball* Take my Seadra for me. He'll be better off with you.

[i]Tris nodded, then, with tears misting her eyes, she ran off with Daistar, not looking back......[/i][/COLOR]
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Sadly after many escapaeds to find pokemon Nick finds no more pokeballs and decides to head on the Ilex (sp) Forest and find the one thing that could save him from death Goldenrod city (he doesn't know about pikachu incedent) he figures that if he tries to travel on his new Tauros (ahhh!) he would make it to Goldenrod in a day. As he makes his way through the forest he cathes a oddish,beedrill, and butterfree. When he gets to Goldenrod city he is horrified by the damage and death he sees. He heads for the department store finding many good supplies includings some TM's. As he moves on he sees 2 trainers fighting. One trainer sends out a Tauros and other one kills it. Nick rushes over to the 1st trainer and helps hom then sets off to find the Tauros killer.
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roswell sits a small wood hut she mad a 7 years old after her home was burned by an angry charizard...... she now lives in the mountines all alone exept for her three eevees....she stands up and walks out side the small hut looking out on to the once was newbark toen and forest a tear forms but does not fall.an eevee walks up to her side and nudges her and sqeeks

eevee: preee pree pre ee

ros: i know we should leave the mountines but its my new home

eevee: peeeeee rrrr

ros: dont get mad at me i am not the one who killed my famly and destroyed my home....ever sence that happened i want to live alone exept with the company of you three

two more eevees walk up behind her

ros: *sighs* ever sence i moved up here i have bonded with pokemon i know your strange langage i am no longer like everyone else i am different no one wants different people around

eevee1: eee pree eee

ros: you say that like its a good thing

eevee1:ee :D ee:D *nodds head

ros: why would difference be a good thing??... because every one is uniqe in their own way??

eevee2: eeeee *nods*

ros: i guess you are right lets go eevees return

the three turn into red light and suck up in to their pokeballs
roswell puts the fire out and heads down the hill heading off to the deseted newbark town
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[COLOR=royalblue]Tris: *sigh*

[i]Several miles away from Blackthorn city, Tris walked along a path towards Ecruteak City....calm cool, and collected, but still somewhat upset......Soon, an angry Flaffy blocked her path...[/i]

Tris: :therock: Zaric...come to my aid...

[i]Instantly, Charmeleon leapt from is pokeball.......and stood in front of Tris, protecting her angrily.[/i]

Zaric: :flaming:

Tris: Flamethrower attack...now...[/COLOR]
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Nick begins to sprint to catch up to the tauros killer when he sees a pokemon center. He drops off his pokemon and sees the Tauros killer sitting talking on the phone. After he finshes talking nick approaches him and says.
Why did u kill that Tauros, u were well outmatched."
"It's none of your business."
"U know what i think i will show u what a tauros can do!"
"Allright fine but u are gonna lose your Tauros just like H.A. did."
"H.A.'s was weak it didn't know m secret wepon."
"Ha u can't beat me 1-on-1 after our"
Nick,Suzuku ur pokemon are ready"
"Let's go!"
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as ros aproches the ruined city no one cleaned up

ros steps on a picture frame and pickes it up smeares off the smoke stain with her ratted shirt ... it was a picture of her and her family

she drpes the picture and walks on not even sad at all

ros: what happened... happened no need to be sad over a bunch of rubble

eevee2: preee ???

ros: why are you confused?

eevee2: pree eee vvee prree

ros: ohhhh its not that i dont care but it happened many years ago and i no longer need to worry about it bacuse its the past and i know what your gonna say next..and your wrong i will always remember them and the good times i know you remember my sister and the same for you poppy you remember my brother and its not the bad things you need to worry about its the good things you need to remember

eevee: peee *nodds agreeing with its original trainer*

poppy: prree* agrees*

tails: prrrrrreeeee * shakes head also agreeing*

hour later ros is in the next city(cherry grove i think)
she enters the pokemon center with her eevee trailing behind her

nurse: wow 3 eevees how can you tell them appart

ros: one is dark brown named poppy,one is lighter then normal named tails and one is normal and named eevee

nurse: its strange why you have 3

ros: cause one was my sisters and one was my brothers and they both dies in the newbark town fire

nurse: well look at the celing its no longer there cause of that fire and i am sorry about your family

ros: ohh its ok

nurse: here take this pokemon someone abandonde it here from looking at you i can tell you will be the best trainer for it cause look at those healthy healthy eevees you have there whats your secret

ros:thanks whats in here..my secret was that we all lived in the mounties in the freash air and lots of berries and fruit and food so they are real strong and healthy

nurse: its a charmeleon he likes everyone exept he hates anyone who is to pushy and mean he put his last trainer before the one that abandond him in the hospital ... critical condition

ros: well he will be happy with me then cause i am not like the other trainers so .....eevees return..here can you heal them and i can go to the next city where i can get a badge

nurse: ya sure

after she leaft she travles all the way to the next town hardly any building still standed

ros: wow eevee poppy tails come on out look at this mess

eevee: preeeee

she heads off to the gym ready to take on who ever is in there
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Chris: Ryan ryan!

Ryan: What?

Chris: Didja hear?!

Ryan: Here what?

Chris: Tris..She left Blackthorn without telling anyone but me!

Ryan: he he! Clair chould know..

*Ryan walks up to Clairs castle and knocks on the door. Clair answers and they talk.*

Clair: Like Tris to leave...No problem..Team Rocket Shall deal with this..

Ryan: Of course...

Clair: Ryan..You being the strongest out of Team Rocket I want you to go and bring Tris back, even if you have to kill her pokemon..

Ryan: Right!

Clair: And take this...My strongest pokemon..

*Clair hands Ryan her Kingdra.*

Ryan: Being a member of Team Rocket I will bring Tris back..

*Then Ryan thanked Clair and ran off towards Mahogany Town.*[/size]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Tris quickly disaptched of the Flaffy, and the two Noctowl's that followed. Charmeleon flexed his muscles and returned to his pokeball at Tris's signal. She pulled her backpack on again and continued walking...[/i]

Ryan: Tris!

Tris: [i]If Clair sent him to get me back......I'll kill him......

She turned, and slowly fingered the edge of her slingblade......then pulled it out completely.[/i]

Tris: Something the matter Ryan? Did my mother send you to get me back? The heir to her Gym? And the strongest trainer that she's ever given birth to?[/COLOR]
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ros: this is whats leaft of the gym?? thats nice

eevee: pree *disagreeing*

ros: that was sarcasum

eevee: oee

ros: lets go in

they walk in the door and see nothing but a statue in the farthes corner and someone was behind it...ros walks up to the kid and it was a kid with two pokeballs

ros: are you ok

kid: not really my father had these two pokemon and told me to be the new gym leader i dont even know how to train..psych ya i do and sence your here lets battle pidgey go

ros: so your dad leaft and you are the new pokemon gym leader
kid: yup the names micky
ros: ohhh ok micky....a battle it is.....eevee go

eevee and pidgey hop out ready to battle

ros: eevee take down
kid: pidgy fly up into the air
ros: bad luck ohh well swift

eevee shoots small hairs at pidgys wings and the pidgey hits the ground no longer able to fly

ros: thats better
micky: ahhh pidgy fly fly fly
ros: :demon: :demon: eevee take down

eevee runs and slams into the bird knocking it uncontious

ros: 1 knoke out for me
kid: right...pidgeotto go
ros: eevee swift

eevee does the same thing to pidgeotto but when pidgeotto hit the ground he hops up and used gust nocking eevee out for eevee had used so much enrgy attacking

ros: thats fair enough.....tails go
kid: right....another eevee...ok
ros: take down poppy

poppy ueses take down and hits the bird on the side knocking him in to a wall knocking him out

kid: noooooooo here take the stupid badge and here take the tm too get out of here

ros leaves with no words

off to the next town
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*looking at the sea from Olivine Pier*

Kittsa: *Sigh* Who thought that this could happen?

Watrina: "Croco. Croconaw."

Kittsa: "What do you mean 'We should leave.'?"

Watrina: "Croc! Croconaw-croc!"

Kittsa: "You're right. We should find those dragons and kick they're *****. In fact, let's go now. Bolter! Scoutette! We're leaving!"

Bolter: "Pika?"

Kittsa: "Never mind why. Let's go. Return Watrina, return Scoutette."

*the Croconaw and Sentret glowed red, and went in their Pokéballs. The Pikachu gets on Kittsa's shoulder and they walk towards Ecruteak City.*
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A teenage boy walks through Saffron city, towards the Magnet Train. He walks on confidently, as if he has just accomplished some amazing feat. He continues down the path...... and suddenly something leaps out on him.

Craig: A Raichu...... how quiant.

Raichu: Chu..... Rai???

Craig unclips a pokeball from his belt. He holds it up, and it increases in size.

Craig: Go....... Rocky!

The pokeball cracked open, and an Onix came out...... it roared mightily at the Raichu....... which was about the size of Onix's eye.

Craig: Tackle!

Rocky slammed into Raichu with his head first...... Raichu went flying into a wall. Craig unclipped an empty pokeball from his belt, and threw it at Raichu. It swallowed him......... and wabbled a few times, before shutting tightly. Craig walked over and picked up the pokeball.... he smiled, and called Rocky back. He walked on. He opened the door to the magnet train station. He looked around.... and saw the ticket booth. He approached the terminal.

Craig: One please........

Attendant: Standard...... first class..... or cabin?

Craig pulls out all his money from his front pocket. He counts it.... and chuckles.

Craig: Better make it a standard.

Attendant: Okay young sir......... going to Johto eh?

Craig: Yeah..........

Attendant: Personal reasons....... or what?

Craig: Just continuing my pokemon journey.

Attendant: Ah cool........ how many badges do you have there?

Craig pulls out a long wallet from his back pocket. He clips it open...... there were about 5 badges in there.

Attendant: Oh.... that's not a bad collection there..... but why don't you collect the rest here in Kanto....... and then compete in the Pokemon league?

Craig looks down at his third pokeball along...... it had a Golden eye imprinted on it. He smiled and looked back up.

Craig: Lets just say something persuaded me to go.

Attendant: Well sir, Good luck to ya'. Hope you do well...... here's your ticket.

Craig takes the ticket off the man.

Craig: Thank you..... nice to speak to you.

Craig walks off to the left, and up a set of stairs. He walks onto a platform.... and the magnet train waits before him. It was the most spectacular thing he had ever seen, it shone a beautiful silver colour, and stretched almost the entire length of the platform. A guard stands at each door...... all with a batton in their right hands, and a small pistol in a holster at their sides. Several people were already on in each carriage. A few of the carriages had small rooms in them, with beds and ensuites, but most of the carriages were all double backed seats, with tables between each set of seats. Some of the windows also had curtains covering them, so he couldn't see inside. He approached a door, and the guard held out his hand.

Guard: Ticket please Sir.

Craig held his ticket out firmly with his left hand. The "Metallica" on Craig's shirt shine in the light. The Guard checked the ticket, but then noticed Craig's pokeballs.

Guard: Please present all your pokemon.....

Craig hesitated, then slowly reached down, and drew the pokeball containing Rocky (Onix), Sparky (Raichu), and Flame (Ninetales), leaving the pokeball with the golden eye on his belt.... praying that the guard wouldn't confront him about it. Craig released the three pokemon....... Onix's appearence causing a small disturbance among the crowd.

Guard: These all seem it order........ very good.

Craig called back his pokemon. He clipped the pokeballs back onto his belt, and then the Guard saw it.

Guard: What's in there Sir?

Craig: Nothing....... it's empty.

Guard: Hmm........ it seems strange that you would keep an empty pokeball attatched to your belt....... let me see it.

Craig reluctantly unclipped the pokeball from his belt, and handed it to the man. He stared at it, and was about to hold it out, as if to release whatever was inside.... when the Golden eye flashed all rainbow colours. He suddenly gave the pokeball back to Craig.

Guard: Yes, thats fine. You may board...... enjoy your journey.

Craig snatched the pokeball back from the man very hastily, and clipped it to his belt. He got on the train........ and handed the ticket to a stewardess.

Stewardess: This was please sir.

The Stewardess led Craig through a few carriages, and into a carriage near the middle of the train. She pointed him at a seat next to the window. He threw his bag into the overhead compartment, and sat down. He put his head back against the seat....... and took a deep breath. He tilted his head to the side, and looked out of his window... at the crowd bustling on the platform. After a few seconds he turned back... and looked down at the ground. A man in a suit then sat in the seat opposits him, only hiswas in the isle, not a window seat. He put a breifcase on his lap, and looked across at Craig.

???: Hello, I'm Peter, Peter Thompson. A business man.

The man held his hand out, and Craig shook it.

Craig: I'm Craig Kensindan..... a pokemon trainer.

Peter: Yeah, I saw the display on the platform.... that's a nice Onix. He looked very strong... he looked quite diamondy.

Craig: Yeah........ I try and train him as best I can.

Suddenly, the Engine starts up, and the train starts moving.

Craig: Finally........

Peter: Can't wait to get to Johto huh?

Craig: Nope....... I wanna compete in the Johto league! Since all me badges are valid in Johto, I only need three more badges.

Peter: Good luck to ya kid, I'll be rootin for ya.

Craig: Thanks.

And so the train speeds off towards Goldenrod....... away into the night.

Damn, that is one long post.
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Andrew's rod begins to pull. He stands with his feet apart firmmly on the ground. He begins to reel the rod in and a Staryu jumps up on to the bank.

Andrew: I thought this place was famous for Gyrados? Either way this Staryu will do fine.

He takes a :ball: from inside his coat and throws it to the floor. Ivysaur pops out and Andrew moves his hand. Ivysaur responds to his hand with a vine whip. He constantly whips the Staryu until it faints.

Andrew: *with no enthusyasum or change in his voice* Well done Ivysaur. return.

He throws an empty pokeball and catches the Staryu. He puts it inside his coat with his others and continues walking. He eventually reaches Mahogany town and goes straight to the gym.
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Suzuku: Are you sure you want to go through with this? Because if some kind of miracle happens and I beat your Tauros, I don't think I'll be able to control myself...:demon:

Nick: We're ready for ya!

Suzuku: So be it. But don't say I didn't warn ya...

[COLOR=red]Nick and Suzuku walk outside...[/COLOR]

Nick: One on one, right?

Suzuku: Sure...


Suzuku: Go Quilava...

Tauros: TAUR!!

Quilava: :flaming:

Nick: Alright 'Suzuku', we're gonna teach you a lesson about killing Tauros!

Suzuku: Oh yeah!? Well how come no one gave THEM a lesson when they killed my family!?!?!? HUH!? :mad:

Nick: Whatever...Tauros, tackle attack!

Suzuku: Quilava, tackle it back!

[B][I]Quilava and Tauros both run up to each other and slam their bodies into each other! Quilava, being the lighter one, is knocked back a few metres![/B][/I]

Nick: Good, at least we know that your stronger than that thing Tauros, now try a Stomp attack!!!

[B]As Quilava is getting it's breath back, Tauros runs upto it and slams it's foot down, but Quilava dodges with Quick Attack and hits Tauros in the leg![/B]

Nick: Damn!

Suzuku: Quilava, you've got it just where you want it. (It's foot is stuck in the ground) Now use Flamethrower...

Quilava: :flaming: QUIL!!! :flaming:

[B][I][SIZE=5][COLOR=red]Suddenly, millions of flames burst out of it's mouth, and quickly advance upto Tauros!![/SIZE][/COLOR][/I][/B]
Hint hint :rolleyes: *COUGH*Specialattack!*COUGH*
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Tauros is hit by the attack and seriously wounded.
"Yes" Nick thought "Now i will try my plan.
"Tauros return"
"No Quilava use ember on Nick."
"STOP don't u dare do tha..."
The ember attack hits nurse joy and she falls.
"Quilava stop."
Tauros return"
"what have i done??"
"Sazuku see what your anger has caused."
"Nick go get help now!
The ambulance couldn't make so Nurse Joy dies due to severe burns.
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ros and eevees are in the woods and a boy leaps out at them
he is wearing a hat and has two pokemon on his belt

kid: the names Jiky and i am battleing you now
ros: ohhh ok
Jiky: magcargo go
ros: poppy go
jiky: ok your a loser whats new
ros: eevee swift

eevee sends a swift swift at magcargo and he flys back then shoots fire at eevee but eevee dodges the attack and rams into the fire pokemos side almost knoking him out

jiky: go go go nowwww fire blast

ros: reflect

eevee puts up a shield and the fire goes back and hits the fire poke and knockes him out

jiky: nooo fine then return.....ahh now go blastois go

blasotis hit eevee so hard she fell down not to move for a while the same with the other two they were no match for blastois

ros: all i have leaft is you charmeleon go
jiky: dude loser choise

ros: i know you dont know who i am or what i am like but i want you to trust me charmeleon i know you can do this

charmeleon looks at ros and nodds
turns to blastois and growls
jiky: blastois kill it its a fire type it to weak to just knock it out so finish it with a hydro pump

charmeleon turns abnormaly red and glows and shoots a rage at the blastoise and jiky and knockes out the blastois out of angr and throws the kid back into a tree suvere head injury

ros: charmeleon i am sooo sorry about that i did not mean to let yoiu out with that kid i am soo sorry

charmeleon: rrr char meee lee on
ros: charmeleon return

ros picks up her cell phone and then calls the ambulance when they arived the boy had gotten amnesia

emt: uhh i dont think this kid will be training again and he has no i dentity and family so here take these*hands 3 pokeballs to ros

ros: he only had two in the battle
emt: it was hidden in his pocket
ros: ohh and you are givving them to me because??
emt: because you seem to be a good trainer and he was a kid with no family his real name is rockey but after he ran away from home he changed it now his family is gone and he wont remember anything and its for the better

20 mins later ros was alone in the woods again
pokeballs go

magcargo and blastoise came out

ros: ok guys i am your new trainer is that ok with you

the two look at each other then nodd ros returns them and fingers the other pokeball and then enlarges it

ros: pokeball go

the pokeball opens and a red beam flashe out and forms in to the perfect shape of aq pokemon a big pokemon

ros sits there wide eyed and stares at the huge powerfull pokemon

nope not snorlax if someone wants to post the next thing for me i would appreciate it
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[color=darkblue]I would just like to say that I hate you Craig, for stealing my wonderful Mew! :D J/k dog.
[i]Neil launched his own self forward. The stupid Weedle had stung him enough times already. He had enough. He swung the metal pipe hard. In an instant, the Weedle was on the near-by trees. As well as on the ferns across the make-shift road. And in a pile on the trail.[/i]

Flash:.........Has anyone ever told you that you're way too violent? -_-
Neil: Bwah! Hush it! I'll say it... I will say that word.
Demon: Uuuuuuuum-BREON!
Neil: -_^ Fine. Now where?, Mr. I-know-where-everything-is-and-I-don't-need-a-map?
BTW, YES I DID post in the sign-up! :D[/color]
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"Mew?" Rouk asked as she floated around Wrin's head.
"No. We have to go to a pokecenter."
"Char?" They little Charmander in her arms asked.
"Because if I don't then it will take you longer to heal."
Being with the two pokemon was quite intresting. The languages were quite easy to learn and understand. Wrin just hoped that her friend would hold out just a little longer.
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Ryan: You shouldn't of left Blackthorn.

Tris: You aren't one to tell me what to do..

Ryan: No, but Clair is..

Tris: Bring it on!

*Tris lets out Charmeleon.*

Ryan: Fine!

*Ryan lets out Clair's strongest pokemon Kingdra.*

Tris: How dare she!

Ryan: She said to bring you back to Blackthorn and that i will!

*Kingdra phases out and phases back in behind Charmeleon and shoots water on his tail knocking him out.*

Tris: Zaric!!!!

*Charmeleon returns to his pokeball.*

Tris: Ooooh! Now you will pay!!!!!

*Tris sends out Sicune and Daistar.*

Ryan: Have it your way..

*Ryan lets out Umbreon and Aerodactyl.*

Tris: Sicune: Ice Beam that Umbreon! Daistar Bubblebeam that Aerodactyl.

Ryan: Umbreon Agility! Then Rollout! Aerodactyl fly up then Elemental Blast!

*Umbreon dodges the attack and hits the Sicune bringing it down to half health. Aerodactyl flies up and then shoots Daistar knocking it out.*

Tris: NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DAISTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Tris brings back her pokemon.*

Tris: I can't believe you Ryan!!!!!!!!!!!

*Tris runs off.*[/size]
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