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How do i know if i am an Otaku.


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Well... in english speaking countries Otaku is usually just a person who likes anime and/or manga.  That describes pretty much everyone here, so you fit right in.


I wouldn't go around Japan using Otaku as an Identity though, since it really just means someone who is so consumed by their hobies they can't function well in society. I doubt anyone here fits that catagory... since jobs are hard to keep that way... and most parents don't allow that sort of stuff.

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I wouldn't care about societal labels unless you want to wear them with pride. So if being an "otaku" means something special to you, fantastic. Otherwise the English language has plenty of perfectly good labels of its own that also don't make it sound like you're trying too hard to identify with surface qualities of a culture you've only had a fractional slice of contact with.

You know. Like weeaboos.



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