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Unraveled Destiny

Akieen Cloud

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Etna yawned as the shuttled lurched to a stop, sitting up in her seat she looked around and frowned. The dim lights in the shabby station gave her a glimpse or the area, it was the same as the eastern base, run down and lacking anything that looked like it worked. One the bright side it looked cleaner if nothing else. Sighing she stretched and grabbed her bag as the door slid open to allow her to step out onto the small loading bay. She frowned more as an older man approached her with his arms crossed behind his back. 

"That's me. And you are?"
"I'm the commanding officer of Central base. Good to have you join us. If you'll follow my assistant she'll take you where you need to go."
Etna nodded and looked behind him to where a young woman stood, she had long, unusual white hair and ice blue eyes. Looking more then a little uncomfortable about something. 

"This way if you please."
Etna followed her, noticing that the woman was walking at a quicker pace then was probably necessary.

"I'm sorry to ask, but are you in some kind of rush ma'am?"
"I am actually. I want to get you where your going so I can get back to the loading bay. There's someone who is supposed to be coming that I would like to see."
Etna didn't push the subject, the woman made it clear it was none of her business. Following the woman through the base Etna could see that the Central base was in better condition then most of the other bases. Still shabby and dusty, but in better condition. Rounding the corner Etna blinked as she saw a large set of double doors that looked like they led to a hanger of some sort. 

"The professor will meet you here shortly."
Etna nodded and watched as  the woman walked away, her white hair now swaying back and forth, lifting from her back as she put more speed into her stride. Etna leaned back against the wall and placed her hands behind her head. Her eyes had just started to drift shut when a loud rumble came from behind her startling her. Gaining her balance back she spun around looking at the large doors before her. Frowning she put her ear against the door and jumped back as a growl emitted from the other side. 

"What the hell is back there?"
"You can hear them then."
She started at the statement that came from behind her, turned she came up short as the large man stared down at her. His left arm looked as if it were prosthetic, his shoulders were broad and wide, looking as if he could carry a toddler on each with ease. His eyes were grey in color and the scar that ran from his cheek to chin gave her the impression that he had seen his fair share of battle. She crossed her arms over her chest, blowing a stray strand of hair from her face. 

"Hear who?"
He laughed and leaned on the wall next to her.
"You'll find out soon enough young lady, once the others all get here, you'll see them your self."
Etna hated riddles, and she hated waiting just as much. But just as the large man she leaned back against the wall and shut her eyes once more, opting to wait for 'the others' as he had said to see what was going on.      

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Dakota awoke with a start as the shuttle came to a stop. Rubbing his alcohol bloodshot eyes for a second before polishing off the last swig of the bottle he stood up swaying a little at first before he centered himself. With his bag over his shoulder he dismounted into Central faction which looked a lot like the last one making him think that he was at the wrong place until an older man with a uniform showing who he was began to make his way through the crowd towards him.

Lazily striking a match to light another cigar he waited as the base commanding general stopped in front of him.

"Ssgt Dakota Storm. You were not one I expected to be picked for this" The base CG said with a dry tone.

"And I didn't know dinosaurs still existed sir" Dakota returned with a slight slur.

"Drunk as always still I see. Maybe one day you will be able to put it behind you" Base CG sighed. "But glad to see your still alive Storm" He held out his hand with a soft smile.

"Well I ain't faced the one who's to kill me yet and now I am being thrown into some underground government conspiracy agenda. So what is it?" Dakota inquired shaking his hand.

"I don't catch your meaning"

Dakota let out a puff of smoke. "Genetic mutations, cyber enhancement, clones, chemical injections, some new super soldier pill. I could go for that last one"

The Base CG shook his head with a smile as a girl with long white hair and ice blue eyes came up to them. "Ah you have returned"

"Oh well ain't you a looker" Dakota said throwing his arm around her shoulder. "Please tell me I am lucky enough to get you as an escort" Dakota said cracking a smile when she moved out from under his arm.

"Ssgt Storm please follow me" With that she took off leaving the two men standing there. Dakota gave a shrug and threw a wave over his shoulder. "Later sir. Maybe catch you in the gym later. Hopefully you ain't as frail as you look now"

Within seconds he had lost his guide leaving him to wander the halls alone. Stopping at a small store he purchased himself several bottles. "Might as well stock up as I don't know when my next will be"

He visited shop after shop getting this and that and soon his bag was bulging when his escort found him. "Ssgt Storm! Follow me and don't fall behind" Like before she turned around and began quickly walking away again her hair almost parallel to the ground with her speed until Dakota caught up and grabbed her by the shoulder.

Reflexively she tried to flip him but he locked his arm. "How about you slow the hèll down Lieutenant I don't know what has you all in a rush but I really don't feel like working up a sweat from a walk"

"You should be more respectful to officers as you are just an enlisted infantryman Staff Sergeant"

"You got to show the respect first in order to receive it" He returned with a dangerous tone. "Or else when you do have command you will just watch everyone die"

His morbid words hung in the air as people passed by the silent two. She took a deep breath and smoothed her uniform. "This way Ssgt" She said in a more calm tone.

"Yes ma'am" He followed her until a huge set of double doors came into view with a woman and an older gentleman sitting outside them.

"This is the place"

"Thank you and you have a great day ma'am. Maybe we should hit the pool in a little bit. I am sure a bikini would show off those nice curves you got hiding underneath there." He chuckled as the girl almost ran away her face beet red before stomping out the but of his cigar and making his way over to the duo.

As he approached both just shot him a glance then looked away. "Well ain't yall just a cheerful bunch. Should try yoga it helps with stress and fl...."

"Have a seat Ssgt Storm. We are waiting on the others" The elderly scarred man replied. Giving him a look over Jason immediately wanted to spar with him as his build and stance was one of a seasoned veteran.

"Hey gramps one day you and me need to tussle. Be good practice" He said getting a smirk from the man as he sat down straight across from the woman, the bottles in his bag clinking as he set it down making them both stare at him.

"Hey now don't judge me" He feigned hurt. "I will not be labeled" Digging through his back he produced a pack of wrapped cards he had purchased at one of the stores. "Care for a game love?"

"Love?" Her voice was slightly standoffish as she last up off the wall making him hold up his hands.

"Sorry love. Old habits of an old man die hard." He began to shuffle the cards before dealing out a hand for five card draw. "Go easy on me now my memory isn't the greatest so I suck at go fish"

"Who ever said I was playing?"

He regarded her with his one good eye the other having been taken from him in his first firefight. Long red hair contrasted against her eyes making the blue seem to glow. "Them of course" He said jerking his thumb to the door where multiple growls were coming from. "Besides what else you got to do?"

His red eye flashed as she sighed and picked up her cards. He lit himself another cigar following the puff of smoke with a swish of rum. "Alright strip poker it is"

"Wait what?" Her blues eyes narrowed at him. He guessed her age at least five maybe six years younger then him. "Just a joke love. Just a joke" Edited by Deadpool
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It was a long ride in the shuttle from her home to this undisclosed location in another base. She had her broken rifle apart and attempts to fix it again.

For the hundredth time. Every part is in great condition. Nothing is broken yet the gun still wouldn't function. So she used it to beat the crap out of 

rival gang leaders just to add insult to injury as well as absorbing their clan into hers. It's what she did to the new gang that decided to expand their

territory to the northern. Instead she only took five minutes to get the muzzle of her gun against the head of the leader. Taking his gang out from under

him without even a shot being fired. After absorbing and punishing the new gang for their actions in her region. Military personal swarmed her base

before calling her out. Charlette knew that fighting the military would be just suicide. Even for herself. Instead of routing out her gang. She was given orders

to report to a place and said she was to come alone. She only came if they agreed not to arrest her gang. They agreed....reluctantly though and she gathered

her weapons and a few supplies before heading to this new place.


She had reassembled her rifle but she didn't try to fire it off inside the shuttle. It was strange. No one else was on the shuttle besides the pilots who are secured in the cockpit.

Probably as a security precaution to avoid hijackings. But she had the feeling someone was watching her and not from a camera. She played it cool, acting as if she didn't noticed

anything wrong before picking her weapon up. The rest of her gear is stored in the cargo hold.


The intercom ringed to life. "Attention passenger. We are approaching the station. Please be seated and strapped in till we have landed." The male voice said before the intercom shuts off.


Charlette sits down and straps herself in before the shuttle starts to descend into the underground base. Causing the shuttle to shake due to the turbulence and after a few minutes. They touch down

at the station. As she unstraps herself. The leader of the gang she recently took from him came stumbling out of the cargo bay and into the passenger cabin. After a minute or two. He regains his

balance and pulls a knife out.


"Lets see you cheat now you green bitch!" He says thrusting his knife at her.


Charlette slides just slightly to the right as his knife goes past her open jacket. Char rolled over to the other side of the shuttle as the guy hits the seats before pushing himself off them.

He yells out as he tries to stab her directly again while the shuttle goes through the docking procedures. Being smaller then the guy was. She ducks down before slamming her right fist into

his crown jewels before putting her left fist into his stomach while jumping up. Making his back hit the roof of the shuttle before rolling out of the way when he lands with a thud.


"You bitch!" He yells out in pain as he gets up. Blood leaking from his mouth and nose while he switches hands with the knife. "After I kill you. I'm going to kill every one in your little weak gang

then destroy your region!"


"Silly boys never learn." She says before ramming the butt of the broken rifle into his face as the doors open. Sending him flying out of the shuttle and sliding on the concrete floor.


Security rushes over and puts the guy in cuffs before dragging him off. Her cargo is off loaded and grabs the handle as an old man walks over to her in a white lab coat.


"It seems you had a little problem Maniac Lee." He says with his arms behind his back.


Charlette looks at the old man before letting out a smile. "More like a bug who couldn't take defeat. I assume that by calling me by that name that you know who I am?"


"Of course Charlette Von Lee. Daughter of Victor and Estra Von Lee. Both deceased when you where 5 years old. You spent a year in foster care before running away. By age

7 you where living on the streets begging for food or money. A gang took you by age 8 and by age 9 you where initiated into the gang as a low level servant. It didn't take you long

before you murdered the leader of the gang after attempted rape and murder on you and other girls much younger then you. Since then you controlled that gang and gained a reputation

for being observant before becoming the maniac. By age 16, fourteen different local gangs challenged. All gangs that challenged where absorbed into your gang. As a response to the

local militia being unable to maintain peace in your region due to all the gangs still roaming around at the time. Your gang went on a spree absorbing or destroying any gang that did not 

fly your gang's colors." He says with a calm mono-toned voice. "Since then, your gang has been the only gang in that region for the past 5 years. Till a gang from another region tried a few weeks

ago to take over your region by forcing the locals to pay them protection. I take it that man you knocked out was the former leader of that gang?"


Charlette nods her head. "You are correct. I see that your information was correct. Most of that information is not easy to come by even for the military."


"Yes most of your early records are nearly hard to obtain." He says as a woman walks up behind him. Long white hair and eyes as cold as ice. "Ah, please follow her. I will be with you shortly."


"Please try to keep up. I am in a hurry." The lady says before walking off. 


She follows the lady till they reach an area of the underground base where large double double doors line down. Counting five in all before she leads them into a room. She sees one female playing cards with one male and an older man standing at the edge of the table.


"Please wait here. We are waiting on a few more people before we begin." The lady says before leaving.


Charlette takes the seat farthest from the group and leans back. Though the male who smells of booze seems to be hitting on her. Only opening her eyes just slightly before closing them.

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Etna threw her cards onto the floor with a slight curse, her cheeks slightly flushed as she looked up at the man in front of her. 

"I have no idea what I'm doing."
"I couldn't tell love, you were doing so good. Had me on the ropes there for a good while. Let's give it another try shall we?"

"No thank you. The last five times were enough for me. Although the distraction is welcome from the waiting."

Etna looked up at the man waiting with them and cleared her throat. 

"What exactly are we doing here?"
"Soon enough you lady, soon enough. As soon as Akieen brings the rest of the chosen we'll open those door and show you why you're here."

Etna sighed before looking back at the man in front of her, her gaze shifting to the younger woman who had joined them recently. The girl set Etna off in a way that made her frown, her attitude wasn't really all that great from the first impression, and if they were supposed to be working together, her standoffish personality could clash with that. She looked down at the floor as the man began to shuffle the cards again. The man in front of her looked drunk, and he smelled like an ashtray; albeit an exspensive one. But the vibe she got off of him was no matter how he seemed on the outside, he could be ready for a fight in a matter of moments if something were to come up. Even though she could smell the liquor on him and see that his eyes were bloodshot, he neither wobbled or slurred his words. Something that told Etna not to underestimate him. She placed her cards down and extended her hand with a smug grin. 

"Etna Rhodes. Western faction. Nice to meet you."
He smiled, the action raising a few weathered lines on his face. 
"Dakota Storm. Southern Faction."

"You think we'll be working together?"
"You get that feeling too then."

It was a statement, not a question and it gave Etna the impression he was much more observant then he let on. She leaned back against the wall and closed her eyes as she went over what had happened so far. Her normal life had been disrupted, she had been brought here and given instructions to wait for gods knew what and now she was seeing that she wasn't the only one. Picking up her cards she returned back to the card game she had been playing with the man named Dakota. 


Akieen strode back into the loading bay where the chosen soldiers were being dropped off at. She stopped next to the man who was greeting them. He looked down at her as she came up next to him. 

"You heard then, I can tell by the way you keep tensing up when the shuttles come into the station."

She sighed and nodded. 

"His father won't be pleased to hear about this, hell I'm less the happy about it."

The man nodded, his dark violet eyes meeting her ice blue ones.

"How's froggy doing anyway?"

Akieen rolled her eyes at the man's joke.

"Still hating that nickname for one. Other then that, he's out on the field doing recon missions about the terrain to see if there's any hope of vegetation growing any time soon."
The man nodded.  

"Damion. He'll be alright, won't he?"

Damion looked away from her towards the tracks as he waited for the next man or woman to join them. 

"He's a strong boy Akieen. I'm sure he'll be fine. You and Froggy raised him right. We've been friends for a long time and I was there all that boy's life. He's a strong kid and a smart one too. He'll be just fine."

She nodded and folded her hands behind her back and waited as well. 

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Erin took in his surroundings as he slowly pulled up to the station where a bunch of important, and bored looking, people were standing. He stopped a couple of feet from them and leaned out. "I think you're waiting for me? Name's Erin, East. Told to report to central for some transfer or something." he talked to nobody in particular, his eyes staying on the girl with the impatient scowl and icy blue hair. "I assume you're the one in charge." He said it as a statement.


"That would be me, but nobody informed us that you would be using anything else besides the tram." Her face said that she didn't like being caught off guard. She turned and walked over to him. "I'll take you to the rendezvous, if you'll just leave the transport here."


"Not going to happen. I've spent too much time putting this thing together, ain't nobody going to drive it. Hop in and you can be my navigator." he smiled at her, trying to charm her. It didn't work. She started to frown and looked like she was about to say something before a older man came to stand behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder.


"It's alright. Erin Auria, nice to finally meet you in person. I've seen to it that your speeder has been allowed on base." He looked at the girl. "Show him the way, but be sharp. He has a reputation for rubbing command the wrong way." She glanced at Erin before nodding to the man before she got into the passenger side.


"You'll want to go north and follow this street." she said, her tone implying that she didn't like what she was doing.


"Thanks. I'll see you later then, old man." Erin said with a smirk as he gunned the engine and launched down the street, flying past people and vehicles alike with ease. "Where next, or is this a straight shot?"


"Aaah!" she squeeled as she was hit with the sudden acceleration. "You'll want to make a left at the next intersection. Slow Down!" she yelled as he continued his blatant disregard of the speed limit. He smirked as he lifted off the gas slightly and spun the wheel to the left while pushing a button on the controls, sending the speeder onto its side as he made the turn, making a drift onto the street she indicated. he punched it again as the speeder returned to hovering. "Are you trying to kill us?" she said as she grabbed onto anything she could.


"Nope. Keep up with the directions, or else I'll find it on my own." He glanced at her, a mix of fear and seeming joy showed on her face.


"take the next right, and you'll be there."


"Thanks. Hold on..." he warned as he powered through the turn and saw the doors to a hangar. "I'll just park us." he cut the power and let the speeder drift and come to a stop by the doors to a room. "Let's go see what's in store shall we?" he asked as he hopped out.


â??"Who gave you a license?!" She asked as she got on of the speeder on shaky legs. She composed herself as quickly as she could and brushed past him on her way to the door.


"Nobody." He said with a shrug as he followed her into the room and took in the two girls and the drunk. He turned to the man in the corner. "Been waiting long?"

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Kiba's eyes were closed as drool ran down his chin, his shuttle having taken long enough to let him doze off en route. For whatever reason, it needed further inspection before take off and getting a second one would "take longer" even though the inspection took the time of a round trip to Central. With a jolt from the shuttle slowing down, Kiba sat up straight, wiping the slobber from his jaw. "'Cause that's professional... Get it together, Kiba." As the shuttle came to a stop, Kiba grabbed his belongings, slinging them over his shoulders before stepping off of the craft.

"Ah, you must be Lieutenant Cloud. Takahiro has told me much about your progress." A man spoke from his peripheral, dark violet eyes resting on him. "Glad you could make it in one piece. Welcome to Central."

"Thank you, sir," Kiba said, mustering the best salute he could despite still waking up. "The shuttle required some inspection for something or another. I wasn't filled in on the why, at least. Were you the one who requested me here, sir?"

"At ease, lieutenant. And no, I'm just here to welcome the chosen soldiers to Central. You're definitely Frog's boy. You look just like him with different hair when he was younger," the man said with a chuckle.

"Frog...? You mean you know, dad? Oh! You're the Damion he always was muttering 'I'm gonna knock him out next time he calls me that' about, huh?" he said, imitating his father's voice and demeanor.

Damion chuckled to himself. "So that's what he says when I'm not around, huh? That's cold. Real cold."

"You say it like you're surprised, Damion," a voice familiar to Kiba came from behind Damion. "You know for a fact he despises that nickname," came from the blue-eyed woman behind him. "Hey, pup. Was your trip alright?" she asked with a smile.

"Yes, ma..." Kiba said, pinching the bridge of his nose. "This is kinda awkward. Isn't there some kind of policy that this sort of thing shouldn't be handled by family or something?" he asked, looking to Damion pleadingly before the woman stepped in front of him and hugged him crushingly. I remember why I was happy not being in Central now...The embarrassment would kill me before a gunshot ever would... Kiba thought with a sigh before hugging his mother back.

"Afraid not, kiddo," Damion chuckled. "Akieen's directly involved in the same thing you're gonna be."

"Besides, you act like I was just going to let my only son walk onto my base and me not come to see you. I've been pacing a hole in the ground waiting to see you!" Akieen exclaimed, hugging him tighter before letting go finally. "Look at you...growing up and graduating to Lieutenant already!"

"Mom, really?" Kiba groaned.

"Don't you backsass me, pup..." Akieen warned. "Now follow me. Time to meet the others you'll be working with."

"Yes, ma'am..." the young man sighed in defeat before Damion clapped him on the shoulder with a chuckle. Kiba simply shook his head, following his mother's lead before being on the receiving end of 20 questions with him dropping his things off somewhere around thirteen. Kiba was happy to see they had reached their destination, Akieen opening the doors to two women and two men already waiting there. "S-sorry I'm late...the shuttle got held up for a little while. Lt. Kiba Cloud, reporting." Kiba said, saluting the others...before realizing how stupid he was starting to look. "Er...name's Kiba..." he corrected himself, scratching the back of his head.
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Dakota stood up giving a salute back to the young boy. "Well met Lt. Kiba. Staff Sergeant Dakota Storm Southern faction. This love right here is Etna Rhodes from the west though as for her rank I don't know so I could be defiantly overstepping the fratinization bounds. Then we got buttercup and lily pad here as well" He cut the salute after Kiba and jersey his thumb to the young male with the speeder and the girl with a bright green hair.

Kiba looked at the half empty bottle in his left hand making him hold it out. "You want some kid?"

"That won't be necessary" The woman behind him said, the way she was hovering over him defiantly off a parental vibe.

"Well you gotta listen to your mother. She brought you in this world so by all means she can slit your throat whenever she dàmn bloody well feels like it"

"Ssgt I don't think drinking at such a rate is going to be good for what's coming....." One of the males officers started though Dakota help up a finger for him to wait till he finished taking a drink.

"You only live once. I am just waiting to see if that's a tiger in there. Always wanted to pet me a tiger." He sat down off to the side as the others began talking leaving him talking to himself.

"Those sleek black stripes and sharp teeth. Defiantly would make for an epic house cat. Wonder how much you got to feed them. Maybe I can teach it to wrestle and not kill me. Probably have to get it as a youngen. Could probably make a saddle too."

He leaned back lighting another cigar. "Need to get me more of these defiantly. Some fine tobacco here in Central. Hey sir think I can get a constant supply of these things brought to me. Been awhile since I ran the ole strip here."

He waited patiently for an answer but got none. "Well looks like Stormy already been forgotten" He continued musing to himself as his fingers unconsciously pulled a small wad of plastic explosive along with other odds and ends from his pocket.

Without even thinking about it he began making a tiny charge while he muttered to himself.

With a hum he rolled the malleable explosive into an extremely thin line and placed it in the letters ssgt on his now empty bottle. "Fire in the hole"

The 'explosion' was nothing more then a tiny flash of light and a wisp of smoke with a barely audible crack. "Ain't it beautiful" He remembered to himself holding up the bottle that now had the letters ssgt roughly cracked into it though the bottle remained intact everywhere else. "I claim this bottle"

Suddenly a faint roar caught his attention. "Woah hey p'ffessor what the hell ya got hidin inside there? That's defiantly not what was growling at the door before?"

The man just smiled. "In due time soldier in due time"

To this Dakota just groaned. "I be about to in due time your face if I don't find out what is behind door number one" Edited by Deadpool
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Etna stood as she realized that they were all there, looking up at the older man he gave her a crooked smile before turning and swiping a key card on the wall. The large doors began to slowly open to show a large, dark hanger on the other side. She frowned as she began to see the glint of lights on what looked like giant eyes. The older man flipped on the light and Etna felt her breath catch as she looked up at 5 large, metallic animals. 

"These are your new partners. If you'll all line up right here." He gestured to the middle of the hanger. "You will meet your partner by they're choosing."

Etna stood where he had gestured, her eyes scanning over the large creatures, the small white fox stood under the black wolf, the little black nose twitched this way and that taking in their scents. Etna's eyes locked with the wolf who stood over the fox, the piecing eyes boring into her, with a slow step the animal took a step forward, the soft metallic click of it's claws on the cement floor echoed around them. Bending down it met it's eyes with her's levelly and took a deep breath taking in her scent before letting out blowing her hair back away from her shoulders and back. A voice suddenly resounded within her head. 

'Young one, who are you?'

"Etna Rhodes, I've been chosen-"

'I did not ask what you're here for, I only asked your name.'

She stiffened slightly before nodding. She could tell the others were starting to go through the same thing she was at the moment but dared not break eye contact with the wolf before her. He pulled his lips back in a large, gleaming wolfish grin before laying down in front of her. A loud hiss resounded throughout the hanger and Etna watched as his chest seemed to break apart and open widely. 

'Enter if you have the courage young one. I think you and I shall make a good pair. If you have what it takes.'

Taking a deep breath Etna stalked forward and entered the cockpit of the wolf in a fluid motion watching as it closed in around her leaving her in a dark closed in space. Taking a deep break she closed her eye and let it out trying to keep her nerves together. All though suddenly fled her as a sharp pain invaded her from all around, mainly at the base of her skull. When it subsided she opened her eyes and had to keep her self from choking on her breath. She could see everything outside of the animal she currently sat in. 

'This is a system link. I have linked my senses with yours. You can now, see, hear, smell and feel everything I can. Enjoy it young one.' 

Etna took a deep breath and found the wolf was right, she could smell grease and oil in the hanger, the metallic scents of the other animals and the scents of the pilots. 

"This is amazing. You have my name, am I allowed to have yours?"

'In due time young one. Once I see your worthy of it, then you shall have it.'

"And til that time comes?"

'Whatever your please.'

"Alright partner."

Etna reclined back within the plush seat as she waited for whatever was next to come. 

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Erin glanced at the man who was going to lose his hand in the card game. "Buttercup? You say that now, but we'll see about later." He then turned his attention to the newcomer and his mother. "Erin Auria, East. I have a rank, but never bothered to remember it. Nice to meet you." he stood up and turned to watch the doors open. He took in everything in a sweeping glance, identifying the interesting details with ease. His eyes kept being drawn to the white fox that liked to lay under the black wolf. Yin and Yang he thought as he observed their positions and colors. He lined up with the others like they were asked. The fox just lay there looking at him as the wolf moved towards one of the girls. He sensed that the fox was evaluating him, although he didn't know for what.


"Who are you?" he heard a voice say softly, although he couldn't identify from where. The fox continued to remain motionless as Erin tried to find the source.


"Erin Auria, although I assume that you already knew that." He responded after a short pause as he focused on the fox.


"Oh? What makes you say that?" the voice said, the fox moving to lay it's head on it's paws. Erin got the sense that the fox had an amused smile on it's face.


"The fact that you're only speaking to me, and that you haven't looked away from me even though your companions have began what I'm assuming is a testing process."


"My, aren't you the observant one?" the was a sense of sly mocking in the comment. The fox stood up and walked over to him, it's tail swishing in an amused manner, as if the fox knew more than he let on. "You've peaked my interest. Very well, we shall see just what you're capable of, Erin Auria." the then knelt down in front of him, his chest opening up to reveal an dark space. "Enter if you think you are worthy of the gifts I have to offer."


"Being worthy, and the intentions for your gifts are two different things. If you are to test me, be sure to test my intentions as well." Erin said with a sigh as he entered and sat down on what he guessed to be the floor and began to calm his mind and body as the fox closed up.


"You are an interesting one. We are going to have an amusing partnership if you survive this. Don't let me down." the fox said. Erin smirked as he felt the air shift about him. "Let us begin" he replied as he felt a sharp pain shoot from the base of his skull down his spine and spread through his body. He opened his eyes as he felt the pain subside, sweat from holding the urge to scream in ran down his face. He gasped as he realized that he was looking through the eyes of the fox, seeing the room that he had waited in before him. "We are connected. I hope that your new senses don't prove to too much for you to handle." the voice said in his head.


"Nothing for you to worry about. I'm already used to them." Erin replied as he inhaled, taking the various scents around him in. "Although, the feeling of a tail is a new one for me." he added as he tried to get a sense of his new state.


"This is a sensory link. we are now of one body. You and I share every sensation as one."


Erin took a deep breath, relaxing his body. "I assume there is more testing to be done before we see if I am worthy of your gifts, of you."


"That is correct."


"I have to ask, what is your name?"


"My name is earned, not given. For now, you may call me as you wish."


"Very well, then I will call you Guardian."


"Oh? why such an ambiguous name?"


"Because, it feels as if you are a guardian of secrets, so it makes sense that you would have a name that is fitting of your role."


"My, my. You are an interesting one. I do wish you well in your trials to come. I would like to see how well we work together."


"Very well then."

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Charlette looks at her weapon before sighing. Putting it back together before placing it against the wall before getting up.

She sees one guy who is drunk. Another who is a loose cannon. The third guy who's mother is in the same room and the other girl

seems to hate her. Everyone else is taller then she is and she hopes no one brings it up. Since everyone else has introduced themselves.

She will have to.


"My name is Charlette Von Lee...Northern sector." Charlette says quietly as the old man opens the large hanger with the metal beasts inside.


She watched as Etna and Erin stand in front of their animal machine. She heard a voice call to her. She looks around and sees the green eyes

staring at her. She slowly walks over to the giant machine before looking at it. She felt a pulse run down her spin and felt like this was calling her.

The tiger machine gets up and gets to eye level with Charlette. Charlette reached out and touched the cold black metal nose.


A voice speaks to her: "I've been waiting for you for a long time Charlette Von Lee."


"I feel like this is what I've been waiting for." Charlette says softly.


"You and I know that nothing in this world is as it seems Charlette. What used to be no longer exists. Survival is what humans crave but somehow you managed to bring an entire region 

into order." The tigress says.


"Order keeps us from destroying ourselves completely. It's what they want. To see us scramble around in our pathetic attempt for survival. Our planet may be doomed to wither and die but it doesn't mean 

the human race has to." Charlette says looking into the emerald eyes of the metal tigress. 


"I agree Charlette. Hop in and we will see how it plays out." The tigress says. 


The tigress lays down as the chest area opens up. Hissing as it vents air. Charlette looks over at the others who are getting into their animal machines. Charlette takes a deep breath before

getting into the dark space. The hatch closes before searing pain comes from the back of her neck. Just as the pain peaks. It stops before she opens her eyes. Seeing the world through the tigress's eyes.


"It seems you've survived the neural sync. I'm impressed. Now you see the world, smell the world, feel the world through me." The Tigress says.


"We are one now." Charlette says looking at the others. "I will estimate that your name isn't given."


"You are correct. In time maybe I will tell you my name." The Tigress says.

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