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[color=crimson]In the year 2008 the world is a place of distrust, full of crime, civil wars, and unrest. The USA as we've known it has changed drastically, and courruption reigns in the seat of the presidency. War is a constant, and terrorist activites are at an all time high.

During this time, a group called The People's Mercenaries formed. It was a group of mainly freedom fighters and soldiers for hire. They did most dirty jobs for governments that non of their weak soldiers could.

Many crimes/terrorist activities has been traced to this group...

Everday life is a constant thrill ride. Welcome aboard....

What you need is...

Ethnic Group:
Weapons: (nothing too futuristic, this is just 2008... no large mechs or crap....) (4 max)
Special Talent: (Ya know... Like setting up explosives, snipering, hand to hand combat... no DBZ BS...)
Bio: (optional)
Description: (optional)


Name: Ken
Age: 20
Ethnic Group: Mexican
Weapons: M16, AK 47, Desert Eagle, and Bowie Knife
Special Talent: Setting Bombs
Bio: Born in 1988 in San Antonio, TX... He grew up as a normal kid, altho a tad crazy sometimes. He had a thing for explosives ever since he was around 13, and saw a show about nuclear weapons. He turned 18, and the US fell into distrust and the world's peace shattered into pieces. Left in the ashes of Texas after Mexico attacked, He joined TPM to seek revenge, and earn cash.
Description: 6'6, Large Muscles, wears ammo along his belt, and along a black vest. Under the vest he wears a camo shirt with a bullet proof vest underneath, and has long baggy camo Bluejeans. His Desert Eagle is strapped on his right side, and his other guns he keep strapped around his shoulders. Inside his pants are C4, TNT, and other various explosives that change from mission to mission.

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Name: 'Flash'

Age: 21

Ethnic Group: New Zealander

Weapons: Katana x2, Murasame, Flamethrower on wrist.

Special Talent: Samurai skills, (Swordsmanship, Long Sword Combat), Monk training (Martial arts, Staff combat, Meditation)

Bio: Born in October '87, Flash was a funny and friendly child. He was very social, and made friends easily. However, he was sometimes dark, and cold... His obsession for Medievil Weapons grew with age. Then, in 2001, he travelled to Japan, in order to become a follower of the Samurai code... His skill with the Katana and Murasame blades was remarkable, for such a young, seemingly untrained boy... Then, in 2005, when war broke out across the globe, he fled Japan, and rode horseback across China, until he reached Tibet. He scaled the massive rock faces of the Himalayas, until he found what he had searched for... The sacred Barkhang monastery. There, he underwent training as a Monk, learning their Martial arts, and staff/sword combat styles. Finally, in 2008, he made the choice to leave the Monastery, and head for Russia... Upon his arrival in Mosocow, he found the city in Turmoil... Barely able to escape the chaos, Flash found a Soviet Humvee, and drove it like a madman to escape the carnage... He reached the Airport, where a Russian Transport ship was hastily fleeing with survivors... In an amazing feat, He drove the Humvee up the still-closing back ramp, and found himself on the way back to New Zealand, a country still unravished by War... however, they did not count on being shot down over US air space... They went down to the east of New York, and only Flash and a few others survived, though Flash had a minor concussion. He was able to use the Humvee as transport, it was still in working order. On the way through a small, nearly abandoned town, he heard of TPM. He joined, hoping to use the money raised to get a flight to New Zealand, in hopes of being reunited with his family.. But tickets cost a hell of alot these days, $750,000+. and to get to a country like NZ would cost almost twice as much, if not more. But, using his skills as a Samurai and Monk, Flash fights for TPM.

Description: Think 'Grey fox'. He found a suit similar to this in Russia; It is a Soviet Night Recon suit. (The Flamethrower was installed by a rebel gunsmith, on the Transport plane from Moscow. Flash traded him an M16 and a pair of Uzis he had found in the Humvee. Good deal.) Bullet proof, and lightweight. Very durable.
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[b]Name: "Deus" real name- Dan

Age: 19

Ethnic Group: British

Weapons: Stealth Pistol, Mini crossbow ([/b]both from [i]Deus Ex[/i], to see these weapons, go [URL=http://www.eidosinteractive.co.uk/games/embed.html?gmid=50]here[/URL] , then click 'PC', go to 'Art', and click on 'Game Art' [b] ), M40A1 Sniper rifle, combat knife

Special Talent: Stealth, sniper

Bio: Born in England in 1989, Deus seemed like a fairly normal kid, though always quite self dependant, not usually willing to ask for help. He was always inquisitive and one to question why things are the way they are, and to try to correct anything that he knew to be wrong. When the world began to crumble around him, Deus decided to leave the UK, to join the people's mercenaries, as he knew this was his chance to try to figure out why the world had changed, to try as best he could to change things for the better, and to get a lump sum att the end of it :smirk: .
Deus prefers to carry light weapons and either takes his enemies down silently, or long range with his sniper rifle.

Description: Looks a lot like J.C.Denton from Deus Ex only younger(lol I like that game :smirk: (see attachment)) [/b]
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Sounds interesting...

Name: Andrew "John boy" Curtis
Age: 22
Ethnic Group: Brittish.
Weapons: Light weight pulse rifle with explosive charges, sawed off Shotgun, Desert Eagle and an Uzi.
Special Talent: Great with weapons and hand to hand combat. very sneaky and stealth like.

Bio: In 2004 Andrew left school and joined the army. He become a top class officer in no time with his great skill. He gained his nick name because his middle name was John and the officers always said that he was the boy for the job. After the world became corupt Andrew's family was lost in a gang war and he oined the group to get revenge on every scum around.....and to get a bit of cash and women on the side.

Description: Quite a tall man with a very big and muscular build. Blonde spikey hair and brown eyes. Mostly wears his stealth suit on missions but sometimes wears regular clothes, Jeans, vest, trainers etc..
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Name: Craig
Age: 15
Ethnic group: Welsh (you all know it's true, only a Welsh person could steal Ken's hat and survive)
Weapons: Dragon Scimitar, M-16, Sawn- off shotgun, Tear Gas Grenades.
Special talent: Swordsmanship
Bio: Craig left school.... and joined the Military. His love of the ocean pushed him to become part of the navy. His fleet commander quickly took a liking to him, and he became a navy seal. He is now very skilled in all forms of weaponry and explosive (especially his Scimitar), and also learned martial arts. However, Tedium set in as is usual for Craig, and he left with an honorable discharge.... and a cool medal.
Description: For missions and such he has a suit like Solid snake...... but otherwise he wears a sleeveless demin coat, a black muscle vest and black trousers.
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[COLOR=skyblue]Behold.....I am the only girl....again. :D
[COLOR=seagreen]Name: Sabirsing, or just...Sabir Guandan

Age: 15

Ethnic Group: .5 Chinese .5 Japanese

Weapons: Slingblade...9mm (2)....and a daggar...

Special Talent: Stealth, martial arts, slipping a knife between the ribs...

Bio: Born in Taiwan, Sabir was separated from her family and tossed onto the streets because she was a girl. She was raised by members of a secret cult, and initiated in their ways of battle and stealth......but she's not a very nice person...

Description: Tall, thick black hair, green blue eyes, very pale skin, Red Chinese character reading: "Beauty" over her left eye....triple perirced ears....black trench coat, black "hooker" boots, a silver grey body suit.....and black gloves.[/COLOR]
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Name: Mike " The Myth " Bolts
Age: 16
Ethnic Group: ITALIAN!
Weapons: 2 Uzi, one on the left and the other on the right, at the waist. 2 ammos straps Xing on around his chest. A Shotgun, and a sniper rifle
Special Talent: Sniping, and Accurate Shooting with other guns.
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SWEET! Kinda like your Anarcy Prime story. Only not 300+ years in the future. AHEM. KEN, YOU WILL WAIT FOR ME!!!!! :D

[b]Name:[/b] Neil "Blank" Levia

[b]Age:[/b] 21

[b]Ethnic Group:[/b] Mexican/White(IRL, it's true...along with Italian, Russian, South American, English/British, Some other crap)

[b]Weapons:[/b] [color=teal]Large mech and crap... LOL. j/k[/color]---------Two HK-3s(from Syphone Filter), and the infamous .45 automatic, and a two foot long machette, which is sharpened to no end.

[b]Special Talent:[/b] [color=teal]Ki blasts, flying, etc. J/K!!![/color]----------Hand-to-Hand Combat, along with gun fights

[b]Bio:[/b] A formitable opponent, best bros with Ken. Neil, or Blank, is a genious when it comes to fights. He is best with hand-to-hand fights, but is also a master gun-fighter.

Originally from Louisiana, born on December 29, 1987, he moved to Texas, to meet his good friend Ken for the first time in real life. This seemingly happy day, was cut short, for it was the begining of the wars(Dunno exact date, so I can't exactly put a time on it). In an instant, his world collapsed. Mexico attacked, leaving the entire South/Southwest as dust. His rage bolied greatly, filling him with almost no compassion for others. Only beatuiful women can calm him, as well as a swift right hook from Ken.

Neil gets his nickname for his eyes. In the inital attacks from Mexico, a horrible explosion blasted near him, olny three feet away. Now, his eyes are totally blank.

[b]Description:[/b] A thin, yet bulletproof, fluffy-feeling grey Reebok vest, with a black and red Fila shirt, black work-out shorts, black tennis shoes.

6' 3", toned, muscular as USSJ Brolli, black hair, rather deep voice, street tough, trash talkin bastard.

Think USSJ Brolli's body and eyes, with Vegito's black hair.
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Weapons:Beretta, M4 A1 Assault Rifle, HE grenades, small combat knife

Speciality:Hand to hand combat

Bio:Born in Canada, he moved to the USA after all his imediate family died when he was ten. Now 19, Marth has joined TPM for the simple reason that he wants to get back at those who killed his family.

Descript:Flame tattoo going up his right fore arm, black tank top, camo pants, skate shoes. He wears his M4A1 over his right shoulder on a strap.
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Name: Jose Serrano
Age: 25
Ethnic Group: Hispanic
Weapons: 9mm, M-16 Assualt Rifle, Poison Set, Throwing Knife
Special Talent: Assasination involving poisons, computer hacking
Bio: An assassin. Anyone else who knows more is dead.
Description: A blue-eyed, lean man. He always wears sunglasses and a trenchcoat.
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Name: 'Warlock'

Age: 19

Ethnic Group: Australian

Weapons: P-90, Sniper Rifle (I can't remember any names of good sniper rifles...), 'Night Eagle' 2.11 pistol (custom made), large combat knife.

Special Talent: Snipering, hand-to-hand, and leadership.

Bio: Born in May '89, Warlock grew up in a family of soldiers, marines and policeman. So naturaly, even before the war broke out he knew a few things about guns, tactics and such. When the wars broke out, Warlock was on holiday, camping in the middle of the wilderness. He traveled back home, and joined the army, futhering his knowledge and skill. In '07, the army disbanded, and Warlock and his already shortened family gathered supplies, managed to get a plane, and began a flight out to the Pacific, hopefully to some peaceful island where they could relax for a while. However, tradegy struck. A forigen cruise ship shot the plane down, and then captured the survivors from the floating wreak. After a month in slave labor, Warlock lead the other slaves in a revolt, gathered guns, and rebelled. After hours of skirmish, a gas pipe was hit, and a few gun sparks blew the boat to ashes. Diving overboard just in time, Warlock was knocked out by the explosion, only to awaken on a fishing boat, on a dock in the U.S. Finding no owners, Warlock fled inland, and eventually joined TPM...

Description: Advanced kevlar suit, which is bullet broof, light weight, and extremely durable.
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i woulden't go that far raiha...i'm always here...Name:
Age: 15
Ethnic Group: brittish
Weapons: long sword(bite me if you don't like it!) shurikens(:demon:) 9mm:D
Special Talent: hand to hand combat, swordmans ship

Description: black/blue hair black baggy pants,blood red tank top saphire eyes
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Name: Ash
Ethnic group: American
weapons: Two rapid firing custom made pistols, a sawed off shotgun and a large sword
Special talent: Is a great aim with his guns, a master swordsman and an expert hand to hand fighter.
Description: Black Leather trousers, a armoured plat on his chest and a long black trenchcoat (think blade). Is tall and muscular. He has blonde hair with a flicked up fringe and he has blue eyes.
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My new character.

Name: Carlina Serrano
Age: 24
Ethnic Group: Peruvian
Weapons: 3x Shurikens, Her Body
Special Talents: Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Jiujitsu, Karate
Bio: Carlina is Jose's sister. She is a member of the elite Jendou (Zhen-dow) Martial Arts group. She is skilled in five different forms of martial arts and her favorite weapons are her shurikens.
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