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RPG Last Chance. (Rpg sign up)


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ok here is the deal. ive had this idea in my head for awhile. here is the first few senteces.it takes place in 2099.

Worlds. To us there is only one world, ours. Earth is ours as we say. We live on it, battle on it, and live off of it.
But what if we were being used? Used to work for someone or somthing else without knowing it? What if we found out about them? What if they made us pay of finding out?
What would you do to escape your enemy? What if your enemy was Earth?

now with this rpg we take i need only a few, a FEW people. i will decide how to start. in this section i will tell you a little more about the rpg as people sign up.

be leneant with me my first rpg. -_-
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since you all got here first put a little info in about yourselves.

Home place
1 friend(real life or made up. doesnt matter. no one who has already signed up)
what subjet are you pretty good at(can be made up. no sports. ex. math, science, english)

this is where i tell everyone a little about this rpg.
every one has to meet some where. on earth or a space station.
(2099 what do you expect) since earth wants to destroy us now
they have decided to launch a ship with 1000, with a few families,
and seprate people. we are testing cryo-chambers that can kill or keep us.

that is all for now. well make it up as we go. if any of you got ideas im open for suggestions.
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name: tom red (zame as the zoids rpg)
home place: argintia south,amercia
good subjiect:athletic abilities surpass normal human limitations.

is this like where we fight with guns and wepons instead of like magic and summons or something i'm still in eaither way
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i think thats enough. but i still need info on a few. this can do with magic or any thing but here is a little more info.

when we get ready to leave earth decides that she has had enough. she blows herself up just when we get out of range. we go into cryo sleep for a few years and suddenly crash land jarring us out of cryo sleep. we are on this alien world where these creatures try to kill us.

when this starts and when we get to this point you make up the rest.
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Gouf, didn't you know I was going to join?

Name: Axel (Ax) Dash
Age: as if it mattered... 17
Home: ... Kyoto, Japan
Subject: What the heck??? What do you need this for??? Writing, art, and computers
Friend: Tom Red

... Weird questions...:confused: :confuse2: :huh: :nope: :nope: :all: :shifty: :shifty:
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