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RPG Dragonball: Hell's rage (Play)


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Craig stood on a building top............. looking down upon a ruined and deserted city. He cracked his knuckles, as a gust of wind made the building he was atop creak. Craig stood perfectly still. Suddenly a flash appeared over in the West. It shot past him. Craig recognised this person as Seifer..... he nodded, and Seifer waved, before shooting off again. Craig watched as Seifer flew off into the distance. His power making Craig's hair flutter. Seifer dissapeared as quickly as he had arrived. Suddenly the ground started shaking.......... Craig walked to the end of the building and peered down. The ground started blistering and buckling, as large...... green slimy eggs are forced upto the surface. Craig counted about 50 of the eggs, rising up all over the shambles of a town. Craig leaped off the sky scraper...... falling a few hundred feet, landing softly amongst the eggs. He walked over, stopping a few feet away from an egg. He stood about an inch away.... the egg was as tall as he was.

Craig: Hurry up and hatch........ I'm getting tired of waiting.

As if whatever was inside heard Craig.......... a large crack shot down the egg. All the others followed practically simultaneously. Several smaller cracks break out over the egg. Suddenly.... a large moaning sound can be heard....... and the egg explodes! A tremendous force hurdlues outwards. Craig leans backwards, sheltering his eyes with his arm... his hair being blown violently backwards. After the blast wears off, Craig looks at what was the egg. Other egg's are exploding all around the city. Craig sees the broken egg shattered upon the floor....... and a creature, slimy, and black, now stands where the egg once was. It roared at Craig. Craig just lent his head to one side, and grinned.

Craig: Lets get ready to rumble........... or something like that.

With that, Craig's green aura exploded around him. He stood with his arms bent slightly at his sides, his hair spiking up more than before. The goblin charged at him. Craig raised his hand, and shot a ball of Ki straight through the Goblin's gut. Suddenly, Goblin's started charging at him from all directions, even through the flooor and jumping down from buildings. Craig launched into the air, many Goblin's flying up after him. He raised his arm above his head as he flew upwards, and a blue orb of Ki formed in his hand. Electricity flickered around it, and it steadily grew in size.

Craig: Dragon Orb!

Craig turnes sharply and slung his arm downwards, the ball flying out of his arm with tremendous speed. It passed many Goblins flying after Craig as it went in a curve towards the ground. It went down into the darkness........ Craig couldnot see the ground, as he was so high up. There was silence for a moment, the Goblins persuing Craig had stopped, and were string at the ground just as Craig was. Suddenly the ground started shaking, as a huge blue shockwave flew out in all directions like a lightning bolt. It shot through each Goblin in turn...... all of then screaming in pain before disintegrating into the next dimension.

Craig: Done, done, and done!
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Craig turned round to see another goblin jump at him and Explode. He looks and sees Andrew standing with his arm extended and his index and middle finger facing him.

Andrew: I got your back covered.

Craig: Thanks. Who are you anyway?

Andrew: I'm here to help get rid of these things. They have destroyed my home and forced me from my Jungle.

Craig: These pathetic weaklings?

Andrew: The ones I fought were great in power and number. They almost matched my power and with their number I couldn't hold them off.

Craig: I've noticed they power rising but nothing close to mine or your power.

Andrew: I can sense them all around......everywhere.

They both hear the scream of a woman and fly down to take a look. They see a woman running from several goblin like creatures. they look bigger than the ones Craig destroyed. Both of them attacked.

Andrew: You take those 2 and I'll get these 2.

Craig: Let's go!
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Andrew stands facing both creatures, and just as he is about to attack one of them it explodes. Andrew looks up to see Gohan floating in mid air.

Gohan: Not that you needed help but i like a good fight.

Andrew: Good fight? *disposes of creature with ease* i haven't had agood fight in a while.

Both turn to see Omega leaning against a wall in a classic Vegeta stance.

omega: There was two of you and it still took you twice as long.

Andrew: Show off!:rolleyes: There could still be more of these things around the city. We'd better fly around and take a look.

All three fighters fly off into the distance
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Suzuku: Damnnit!? Where do these things come from?

[I]Kicks one in the head, then grabs another one by the arm and throws it into all the others! Suddenly, one of them appears from above him and bites his arm![/I]

Suzuku: Arrrgh! There's too many of them! :eek:

[I]Starts punching it non-stop, to be pounced on by all the others! For what seemed like hours, Suzuku faught them off, but after he killed 1, 2 more would attack![/I]

Suzuku: I can't...Beat these things!

[I]Keeps on fighting, but they keep outnumbering him![/I]

Suzuku: I [B]WON'T[/B] give up!!! :mad:

[I]They slowly start to wear down Suzuku, and eventually, he was unable to block any attacks, and soon, he was beaten...[/I]

Suzuku: No...NO!!!

Creature: Neeeeeehehahahehahaheheehahahaheheeeeeeeahah

Suzuku: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[I]In a burst of rage, Suzuku stood up and started attacking one by one, out of pure adrenaline! But it didn't last for long, and like before, they all started to punch and kick him around easily. When he thought it would be all over though, three other figures killed all of the monsters in a quick blur![/I]

Suzuku: Huh...? :blackeye:

Craig: Hey man...You ok?

Andrew: What does it look like Craig? :rolleyes: His leg's broken! And his head's bleeding all over the floor! And his arm's bleeding like hell too! And his-

Craig: Ok man, I get the point!

Suzuku: Do...You know...Anywhere where I...Can...

Gohan: Get healed?

Suzuku: Y-Yeah...

Andrew: Com'on, we'll show you to Dendes place!

Suzuku: Where...Is it?

[I]All 3 of them pointed upwards[/I]

Suzuku: But...The nearest...Airport is 50 miles...Away!

Craig: [SIZE=1]Andrew, I don't think this guy can fly![/SIZE]

Andrew: [SIZE=1]No problem.[/SIZE]

[I]2 of them grabbed Suzuku and flew to Dendes lookout[/I]

Suzuku: Y-You fl-fl-flew!

Gohan: :D

Andrew: :D

Dende: Eh? Who are you two?

Gohan: This guy needs healing, badly!

Dende: Ok.

[COLOR=green]Dende puts his hands over Suzuku and a small light shone around him, then suddenly, all his wounds were gone![/COLOR]

Suzuku: WHOA! HOW'D YOU DO THAT!? :eek:

Dende: A little talent of mine :D

Craig: So, whats your name?

Suzuku: My name's Suzuku. Thanx for helping me with those monsters. :)
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Ugh....... you got my character like 100% wrong. I'm not cocky..... or a bragger of anything like that... I just get on with things. and I'm not partial to talking all that much
Craig stops suddenly, and lands on a building roof.

Gohan: Why did you stop?

Craig: There are no more creatures...... I killed them all.

Gohan: How do you know that?

Craig glares angrilly at Gohan.

Craig: I know........

Andrew: So why did you stop?

Craig: I have no need to go anywhere...... I will stay here until I need to be elsewhere...... you two go where you want.

Andrew: And why do you need to be here?

Craig: Because this is where the demon's show up........ and I will be here when they come. You can stay if you like, but do not get in my way.

With that, Craig took off, his aura sparking around him, and flew back towards the centre of town.

Craig:*thinking* I'll have to keep an eye on those fighters...... for I will need them soon......... although they are not ready for what is coming.
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Andrew stands still on the building. He stares around at the ground. His eyes appear blank as hey begins to daydream. Gohan flies off to look for more and Andrew doesn't notice him going. He starts to edge towards the end og the building until he falls off completly. He begins to loat just before he touches the ground. He then , while still floating, crosses his legs and folds his arms and begins meditating. He floats there for a few hours and then strange things begins hapening. More eggs begin bursting through the floor. The eggs hatch in seconds and the goblin creatures crawl out and head towars Andrew. Andrew doesn't make a move or any hint that he notices them. 2 of them edge towards Andrew and begin an attack. Andrew, without opening his eyes, lifts his arm and points at the one blowing it's head off with a blast. He does the same to the other. He then gets back on to his feet and watches in amazment as they begin to regenerate. They're heads frow back and they continue their attack.

Andrew:................wha? I guess I'll have to disintergrate them.

He throws his hands up in the air and Energy consumes his hands. He then brings them down infront of him together and a huge beam the size of the street erupts from his hands.

Andrew: Super kenaoso!

It flies through the destroyed street and completly obliterates all of the goblin thingy's. He bring's his hands back to his side and sighs.

Andrew: All in a da-

He stops as all of the goblin's regenerate. They appear out of nowhere growing back to their full size.

Andrew:........agh...........what ........is going on?

He senses their power level's have grown and keeps looking on with amazment. He turns and flies off towards Craig. He flies over many buildings until he reaches the centre were Craig is waiting.

Andrew: HEY! we might have a bit of trouble on our hands! These creature thingys keep regenerating.

Craig: then just........

Craig stops as he sees many of the creatures heading towards them.

Craig: Let me have a turn.

Craig stands infront of them and begins powering up. He throws out his left hand and holds it with his right. A small energy orb appears in his hand as his power increases. The beam emmits from his hands and destroys the creatures again. They instantly begin regenerating And head towards him with a doubled power level.

Andrew: Whether we like it or not we're now partners.

Craig: Agreed
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Guest QuickSilver
there was a blindin flash and then there was dust covering the place. when th dust covered seifer appeared in front of craig.

seifer: did i miss anything

craig: you son of b***h

seifer: :laugh:

he then charges up a small ball in his hand and shouts it at the goblins. once the ball released his hand it spread into millions of balls the same size
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Some where far into the woods Gojin is in the middle of the lake just playin around.He jumps up into the air then comes down makin himself into a Cannonball like shape.Makes a big splash then comes up to the top of the water.

"Man this is fun.To bad i don't have any one to play with."

Then his stomach started to grail.He then get's out of the water goes to look for something to eat. He later found himself a apples tree.

"Oh yea i guess it's lunch time."

He then jumped up into the air then kicked the tree causing it to shack cause of the force.Then all the apple started to fall he then Gojin then vanished into the air.Then as every apple was about to fall down to the ground they all just disappeared.Gojin was behind a rock with his shirt open just eating all the apple's.Then once he was done eating he was about to fall sleep intill he heard some one sream for help.

"Oh man what was that?Someone must need some help. I should go and apple then.But then my apple's i don't want to just leave them here."

He then grabed all his apple's then took off to the area were he heard the women sream.As he was flying he saw that the lady was surrounded by nothing but some monster looking creatures. He then finished off his apples then landed right in front of the lady.

Lady: Young boy what are you doing here get out for you get hurt they well kill you.

Gojin:Lady don't worry i been fighting this guy for i don't know how long.I'll take care of them for you so quick you won't believe it

Gojin then raised his hand then he started to forum a ki blast then shot a straight throw some a line of monster's.

Gojin: Lady there you go hurry throw quick befor they come back.

Then the ladys then ran right throw the line that Gojin made. GOjin then looked at the monster's as they then all surround him he just stoud there waiting for them.All of them got realy close to him then a big burst of his arua then surround him he took off. Flow right pasted one monster then the second one he kneed into the stomach then upper cuted him then as the monster was flying up into the air cause of the impact Gojin grabed him by the legs then throw him to the other's.They all surrounded that one hurt creature.

Gojin: YOu'r all just like the other's dum. Worried about the hurt one's like all the time.Now it's time to end this.

Gojin jumps into the air then both of his hands he started to forum a ki blast. He then focused the two ki balls into one.He then released it the blast at the monster once he it the ground it forum into a big ball on the ground then convered up up the monster then exploded killing them all.He then landed on the ground

Gojin: I knew you guys where to weak butter luck next time.

Then as he was walking away one appeared in front of him but this one was different he was more bigger and uglier.

Gojin: What make you think your not going to turn out like the same way as your friend.

He then punched the monster into the stomach but then nothing happened.He then jumped kicked it into the face and there was no reaction.The monster then grabed him by the leg throw him down to the ground then slashed him on his chest.Gojin then jumped back.

Gojin:Man this is nothing a lil kid should have to go throw.Lucky there's only one of you.

Then as soon as he said that alot lot more then started to come out then surrounded him and all was about to attack him at the same time.
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*Up atop of Dende's Tower, Dende stands looking down on the world, Suzuku stands beind him, unable to get down withou being able to fly. As they stand waiting, a door slowly opens in the temple. Suzuku and Dende both turn to see a large Namekian walking out of the temple, wiping sweat from his brow.*

Namek - Dende, why didn't you tell me we had guests.

Dende - Oh, Master Shomu, I'm sorry, I didn't know you where done traiing.

Shomu - Dont worry about it Dende, and please, stop calling me master, Its embarasing.

Dende - Of cource Shomu. Here, let me introduce ourguest. Shomu, this is Suzuku, Suzuku, Shomu.

Shomu - Nice to meet you Suzuku.

Suzuku - Likewise. But.....don't you think we sould get back to the battle?

Shomu - Exactly. Can you fly Suzuku?

Suzuku - Uh....no

Shomu - Hey, don't worry about it. Come, I'll carry you.

*And with that, Shomu picked up the healed Suzuku and they headed for the city.*
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Guest BulmaVegeta1
Nikki gets home from a hard day of college, and throws her books down on the ground. Hey, sweetie. Pan told Nikki. Hey, mom. Nikki answered coldly. What's wrong? Pan asked. Nothin. Where's dad? Nikki asked quickly. I think he's outside. He's been acting weird all day. Pan answered her daughter. I don't blame him. I can sense the weird powers, and I'm pretty sure dad's felling the powers too. Nikki said. Nikki walked outside to find her dad leaning against a wall. Hey, dad. Nikki mumbled. Trunks nodded in return. You feel it too? Nikki questioned her father. Yep. It dosen't feel good. Trunks answed. Great! I'll go get ready! We haven't had a battle in years!! Nikki said happily. Not so fast. Her dad exclaimed. Huh? Nikki thought. We don't know who or what this power is and it might be too tough for you. Trunks explained. So! Who cares! I'll fight anyway! Nikki shouted. Trunks turned and looked at his daughter who looked like she was about to do something hasty. We don't even know how strong it is. It might not even be an enemy. Trunks explained. I don't care! Let's just go! Nikki said excitelidy. She ran inside and left her father feeling bad. Figures...girls never listen... Trunks thought. Nikki came out a few minutes later dressed in a tight spandex suit. Are you actually going to wear that? Trunks asked his daughter. Well, of course! Why else would I have put it on in the first place! she exclaimed. She took off flying into the air, following the power she sensed. Wait! Trunks shouted as he took off into the air after his daughter. Pan ran outside and saw them in the sky. Wait! Where are you both going! Pan screamed. Pan ran inside the house, fuming. Meanwhile, Trunks was zooming through the air after his battle-excited daughter. Slow down, Nikki! You need to save your energy! Trunks said. It's about time you joined me! I was wondering what was taking you so long! Nikki explained. Trunks frowned at the comment and he and Nikki took off towards the powers. But they knew that they weren't the only ones going there....:naughty:
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Borry had been having a really, REALLY bad day. For starters, it was the start of the school year, and his first period had been maths of all things. Secondly, he'd been putting on weight quicker than you could say "two-all-beef-patties-special-sauce-lettuce-pickles-onions-on-a-sesame-seed-bun"! And to top it all off, his ute had just died on him, meaning he had to walk to school every day from now into the concievable future. And off course, it was raining.

In spite of all the crap that had been happening to him, he'd been coping as well as could be expected under the circumstances, and was walking home thinking about the hot chocolate and crossaints he was about to have. He pulled out his keys to open the front door....and realised he didn't actually have a front door. Or a house. Or indeed a neighbourhood.

"What in the hell-oh man...that means i gotta walk all the way to the supermarket to get my hot chocolate...wait a second...the supermarket was burnt down as well! And so was the corner store, milkbar, and..and...oh sweet and merciful lord!!! MCDONALD'S!!!!!"

Borry ran like he had never run before, but sadly, was confronted by a fate worse than death...McDonald's...no longer existed...
"Oh for the love of Pete!!!" he wailed
"I'll get you you spawn of hell, wherever you are! This time you went TOO FAR!!! Nobody, but NOBODY screws with MY MCDONALD'S"

With that promise he hoped into the nearest car (it's owner now little more than a very well done all-beef-patty) and sped of towards the flashes of light...
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Gohan is flying over a group of mountains. He stops suddenly

gohan: *thinks* This is boring i wonder what the other guys are doing.

He flies off at top speed to where Andrew, Seifer and Craig. He reaches them in minutes.

Gohan: SO what's happening now guys?
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Guest QuickSilver
craig: what does it look like you fool

seifer: we are killing more of these scum

raises is arm an blasts one to peices

gohan: looks like fun

andrew: it is:laugh:
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Craig approaches the aliens....... calmly. His vision is focused on them alone.... he pays no attention to anyone else. He walks calmly towards the aliens. He breaks into a run........ and rears his hand back. He reaches an alien and throws his fist forward. HIs fist goes straight through the gut of the alien.......... it belches forward, coughing up masses of blood..... before falling to his knees....... and then onto his face. He then disintegrates...... onto the next dimension.

Seifer: How the hell did he do that?

The other creatures looked on in horror. Craig stood there..... the same non descript look on his face. Suddenly he dissapears.......... the creatures looked around terrified. Craig suddenly appears above a creature, his left hand has an orb of Ki surrounding it. Craif punches the alien right in the forehead.... his face concaving............ and his eyes turning inwards, before he too fell to the floor and disintegrated.

Andrew: There's something we don't know about this guy...........

Gohan: Impossible.........

Craig turned...... and drove his elbow into the final creatures gut. It explodes almost instantly.

Andrew: But how......... I could have sworn those things were invincible..... they kept regenerating!!! How did he manage that.....

Craig suddenly apears infront of Andrew.

Craig: Those creatures are impervious to Ki beams. Give them a punch......... and they'll soon die.

With that, Craig took off to the top of a nearby building. He telepathically spoke to them all.

Craig:*telepathically* To all strong warriors...... gather your things...... and come to the ruins of South City. Come soon........ I have something to tell you................ and come prepared to die.

With that, Craig sat down on top of the building and closed his eyes. Seifer flew up and stood before him.
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Gohan: I'll be back soon.

Andrew: Where are you going?

Gohan: *leaves the ground with tremendous speed, kicking up a lot of dust and making Andrew's hair blow* To get some senze beans.

He flies off, again at top speed, and is at Kami's lookout in a matter of seconds.

He stops hlfway up to go to see Korin.

Korin: Ah, Gohan my friend. What can i do for you?

Gohan: Hey Korin, could i have some senzu beans?

Korin. Yes of course.

He hands Gohan quite a bag with 25 senzu beans in. Gohan attaches the beans to his belt and flies off back to where the others are.

Gohan: Got them
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Guest QuickSilver
seifer: craig

craig: *opens his eyes* wot

seifer: i know everything about you except that source of power. how do you have it. you were always strong back when we were younger

craig: i dont know i know nothing of my farther

seifer: mmmmm. i am guessing that your great power comes from him.

then a lot of energy powers could be senced. everyone had arrived. they all stoud eagerly awiating to what craig had to said

craig said everyone who signed up is there
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Gruffy's right. Everyone who has signed up is here now, because the action is about to begin.
The warriors all look about each other....... all looking edgy. One warrior in particular stands out...... a shady character standing in the background....... there is something strange about him, something almost demonic (that's Neil for all the remedials). Craig lands infront of all the warriors.... and all goes quiet.

Gojin: Why do you want us here?

Shomu: Is it about the demons?

Craig: This is about more than just demons. I assume by all your arrivals that you are prepared to do whatever it is that I'm about to say....... well I garuntee that you are not prepared.

Seifer: What are you talking about Craig?

Craig: No doubt you have all encountered some of the creatures that are invading the planet........... well these creatues are from hell. I have found the entrance from which they come...... and I am going in after them. Whomever wishes to come with me step forward, otherwise leave now........ in the spirit of a coward.

Borry: You want us to go into hell?

Craig: It is entirely upto you........... but the world could well be doomed if all of you do not come.

Seifer: I for one will come with you Craig.

Andrew: Count me in.....

Gohan: Sign me up......

The guy in the back stepped forward, revealing himself to the others.

Neil: I'm in............

One by one all the others agreed to it. For the first time (to everyone's eyes except Seifers) Craig smiled.

Craig: We will split up into teams of two......... if there is an odd man, he'll join another group.

Shomu: Why must we split up?

Craig: Because hell splits up into many pathways........ I do not know which one is the right path.

Seifer: I will go with you Craig.

Craig: Very well............. the rest of you get a partner....... we leave shortly.
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All the people divide into teams of two. (you can post who your partner is later) Craig closes his eyes..... and takes a deep breath. The others can feel his power surging. Suddenly his green aura explodes around him. He took of into the air with tremendous speed, sending a force out which knocks nearly everyone over. Seifer quickly powers up and chases after Craig. The others all followed in their teams.

Seifer: Are we there yet?

Craig: No

Seifer: Are we there yet?

Craig: No

Seifer: Are we there yet?

Craig: No

Seifer: Are we there yet?

Craig: No....................... oh wait............ now we are.

Craig comes to a sudden and abrupt stop......... he stands perfectly motionlessely........ lowering his power. His aura dissapears...... as he starts descending to the ground. Seifer follows in his example, as do all the warriors as they arrive. They all stand around behind Craig. Neil storms upto Craig..... and gets right in his face.

Neil: How do you know of this place?

Craig:*grins* A somewhat similar way to the way you know about it.

With that, Craig brushes past Neil, and walks over to a small ridge. He looks over the ridge...... and sees a cave, gguarded by two huge black winged creatures. Craig turns, and beckons Seifer. Seifer walks up next to him....... and looks over.

Seifer: Thats the entrance?

Craig: Yes........ we're going to have to kill those guards. You up for a fight?

Seifer: I think you know the answer to that!

Craig smirks....... then the two warriors aura's explode around them.

Craig: Neil........ keep them in check until we dispose of the sentries.

Craig and Seifer shot down like lightning bolts, and appear infront of the guards.
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Guest QuickSilver
seifer: i am going to make this quick and painless

guard: :devil: :laugh:

seifer: you dont believe me

with that seifer powered up. his red aura covered his body then he exploded with pwer. the guard then powered himself up the same way but the guards aura was black. siefer flew up into the air looking down at the guard never taking his eye off him. when he stoped he put his two arms together and charged up a ki orb

guard: just bring it* doing the thing that the rock does*

seifer: you asked for it

seifer then went upside down and started to do a nose dive at the guard. all the way down his ki ball was increasing in power. as he got near the guard quickly dodged it and seifer blasted the floor. with that seifer quickly went to his feet and started to fly at the guard at full speed, and took one quick punch to its face. the guard withdrew its head and gead butted seifer in the face. sending seifer to the ground but before he hit the ground seifer kneed the guard in the face sending the guard back a few meters. the guard got to his feet before seifer and ran towards seifer boting him in the air. while in the air seifer stoped and put his arms together like before.

seifer: i am ending this know. OMNIBLAST

seifer charged up a beam and shot it at the guard. the beam split into eight different beams all the same size and power.


all eight beams hit the guard who quickly vanished back to where it cam from.

seifer: *turning towards the others*that was to easy
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Craig landed infront of the other guard......... and his aura sparked out. He tilted his head slightly........ the guard was terrified at what Seifer had just done to the other guard. Craig smirked.... before chraging at the guard, driving his elbow into the guards gut. He then kicked the guard in the side of the neck, boefore uppercutting him in the chin. The guard flew into the air. Craig gave chase, his green aura exploding around him again.

Guard: Gah!!! Rienshou!!!!!!

The guard fired a beam from his finger, which Craig deflected with ease. The guard looked on in horrow at this, and Craig grinned. He raised his hands........... and a red orb formed in his hands.

Craig: When you get to hell........ tell 'um Craig's comin'! PHOENIX BEAM!!!

A huge fire orb in the shape of an elegant bird shot out of Craig's hands, and nose dived straight at the guard. It struck him, burning him fiercly........ before exploding, completely obliterating the guards.

Craig: Seconds out........... round 2. Lets go people!!!!

With that, Craig and Seifer walked into the entrance to hell.
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Suzuku: [I]Man...These guys are all so strong...Even though Shomu taught me how to fly (lets say he did), I'm still no match for these guys![/I]

Craig: Come on you lot! Hurry up!

[I]With that, everyone else ran in...What would await them there, they didn't know, but they were ready...[/I]

Andrew: Look at this place...

Craig: Just as I thought it would be...


Someone else can say what hell looks like...:D
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seifer: there is no fire here like i expected

he looked around that the dark place. very little light shon in but it wasnt totally dark, it was quite clear.

seifer: its just red everywhere and the gravity down here is stronger than earths. but we can still handle it cant we craig.

craig: ha

andrew: look the is a few passages the same number as there is groups

gohan: lets split up in our groups

the all went off in groups seifer and craig taking the far right passage way
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Andrew: I guess I'll take this one. *points to the most middle ish one*

Gohan: Hold on!

Andrew: Hurry up, let's go.

Andrew walks into the passage way and it begins getting smaller. Andrew begins to duck as the height of the passage gets lower and the sides become narrower. Water drops begin dripping from above on to the 2 as they continue walking. Thye evetually reach a room. The room has 2 passage ways in it and a monster guarding each one.

Andrew: I'll take the left and you take the right.

Gohan: I hear ya.

Andrew walks forward towards the left passage way stares at the demon as they come face to face. Gohan approaches the other one. Andrew looks at the creature with a smirk and jumps backwards into the air as the demon attacks with his stick thingy. Andrew throws his leg out catching the demon in the jaw adn throws him off balance. Andrew then flies straight at the demon and uts his hand the demons chest.

Andrew: Say good night! ENERGON BOMB!

A huge ball is emmited from Andrew's hand which instantly destroys the creature. Andrew drops to the floor and enters the passage way leaving Gohan with the creature.
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