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Writing Today's Poem [M -- As a Precaution]

Heaven's Cloud

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[color=indigo] Well I am going to post a daily poem in this thread, either one that I write off of the top of my head or one that I find relevant to my current mood. Please use this thread to post in a similar style, and if you comment on a poem, please also post a poem, even if you don't feel that it is good.

Feb. 13, 2001

A depression
A prolonged saddness
An empty void
A plea for maddness

I want an escape
A silent, swift end
A bit of relief
Just one true friend

For I have no love
No star in my sky
I sit alone,
all alone I cry[/color]
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[COLOR=seagreen]I don't want to feel,
I don't want to know,
I don't want to hear,
I don't want to see,

I only want to sleep,
I only want peace,
I only want calm,
I only want quiet.

I need to hear,
I need to understand,
I need to feel,
I need to view.

I pray for an end,
I pray for quiet,
I pray for an end to the chaos,
I pray for peace in this world,
But I know it will never come to past.
Your poem is very interesting, and the flow is there.[/COLOR]
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i agree with Raiha:) couldn't have said it better myself, very nice poem!
well since i have to add one...

i cannot run
i cannot flee
wherever i go
there'll always be me

i look at myself
alone in my tears...
the very worst person
born in years

if i could, i'd run away
hide n seek is no fun to play

noone can hear me its not alright...
under the pillow its dark at night
i'm alone and i'm sad
one day i'll die
...and be glad

my darkened skies
my dullen brown eyes
a small warmth in me grows
its under my nose

striking each key with untaunted nails
the time comes and goes to pace a snails
its so far away
i reach for it each day

one day i'll spread wings
i'll fly away
i'll fly to these things
upon this course i lay

sought out to find my love
i soar like a dove
over the seas
for him i'm to please

one day it'll all come forth
a little to the east and up to the north
a new land lies for me
its clear to see

i'll rest in his arms
feel the warmth of his heart
then ends the story
and we'll never part...
...now i'm not so sad
yet i'll die..
but i'll still be glad
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The clowns will get me
its not alright
the clowns wil get me
at the dark of night

Their kid-ish grins
those funky nose
those eyes of sins
those watergun roses

The squeeky shoes that drive me nuts
maybe i just don't have the guts

Under that mask whats there to hide?
"nothing" they say everyone takes their side...

The goofy colored hair
Devil and Clown, whatta pair
noone seems to notice
noone seems to care...

heh fun to add onto
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Gawd! You lot are GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!! And seeing as I have to add one...


Don't wanna go bed,
Won't rest my head,
But I Feel so tired,
I think my brain expired...-_-

I'm feeling high,
Like a pie, :D
Uh oh my brain just cracked,
I think its too compact...-_-

Struggling to stay awake,
I mUsT eAt CaKe!
Mum'll be up soon,
Tonight its a full moon! :D

I hope you know,
It goes to show,
I'm just picking out ryhmes,
Coz I like wind chimes! :cross:

I wish I could stop,
But my brain has gone POP,
Must stop this post,
Before I'm dead as a ghost! :laugh:
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[COLOR=royalblue]LOL, dead clown? :haha:

I am underneath the moon,
I can hear them slowly breathe,
Filled with the comfort from a million tears,
Filled with sorry from a million years,

Sensing calm, quiet, grace
Sensing your love fill my face,
I can hear them slowly breathe,
I am underneath the moon.[/COLOR]
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Woo! I like ryhming!


I am ryhming,
and I'm timing,
to see how long,
'till-I-make-this-ryhme-WRONG! :cross:

("-" means read it really-fast),
Like its a thing of the PAST! :cross:
If you didn't already know,
I'm feeling GO GO GO! :excited:

I'm hyper today,
So I wanna go play,
Wanna play wit me?
Wait a mo, I gotta go pee...-_-;;
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[color=indigo] Wow,I'm glad you guys decided too post!!! YOur poems are al excellent. I missed yesterday, because I didn't spend much time on the boards but here is one for today.

Feb 15, 2002

I awoke in the morning
to hear the rooster crow.
The stars were still visible
and the sun hung so low.

It is time to go to work now,
time to earn my keep,
I learned once the hard way
what you sow is what you reap.

I'll take a break when noon comes
I'll rest for a short time.
But then its back to work again
to make another dime.

It is time to go to work now,
time to earn my keep,
I learned once the hard way
what you sow is what you reap.

And when I lay in bed tonight,
I know that I will sleep,
happy drems and happy thoughts
for what you sow is what you reap...[/color]
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[COLOR=purple]How can I put this nicely? ...........I HATE MY CHEMISTRY CLASS!!!

Don't hide from me,
Don't run from me,
Don't think I can't see you,
Don't wish that I won't find you.

You ripped my heart from my being,
You killed my pride,
You destroyed my inner soul,
You crushed the hope I had.

I know you have pain too,
I know you suffer like me,
I know that you want to have a future,
I know you pray for an end.

But did you have to rip my trust to shreds?
But did you have to drive the knife upwards?
But are you happy knowing that I cry?
But will you ever find peace of mind?

If I killed you, you won't suffer,
If I cut you open, you wouldn't have a voice,
If I used your words against you, you would cry,
If I taunted youd day and night, you would not find comfort.

I will not do what you have done to me,
I will not use violence to acheive my ends,
I will never try to take your life,
I will live without you inside my heart.

[i]Maybe then you would stop trying to be a antagonist to me............even though you're just a girl, in my class, trying to shoot me down.[/i][/COLOR]
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hm....i'll add on again, heh
Do you love me or do you not?
you told me once, but i forgot...
Tell me now and tell me true,
so i can tell you i love you.

Of all the guys/girls i've ever met,
you are the one i wont forget...
And if i die before you do,
i'll go to heaven and wait for you.

If your not there by judgement day,
i'll know you went the other way...
I'll give the angels back their wings,
and risk the loss of everything.
[I]Just to proove my love i true,
I'll go to hell to be with you[/I]
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[COLOR=darkblue]I'm blind.
I'm naive.
I try
To find meaning for you, for me.
But I mean nothing.
Wrapped around in a noose.
Made up of heavy-duty string.

Can you stop me?
Can you feel me?
Not really.
Could I find the consequences
to make me grow weary?

But I'll never be a fool
and I'll always be the one
who'll be loveless
shameless, like you.

You've taken advantage of me
physically and mentally
screaming nightmares shouting happily
at my broken and choking mind.

If I followed blind, who will be the one
to catch me if I fall, fail, or run?

I've fallen too many times
Gotten lost, but I'm still alive.
But if I stray away...
Would you care if I died?

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[COLOR=seagreen]....I would care.

A burning flame,
A flickering light,
Blacked out.

We are not allowed to shine,
We are not allowed to understand,
We are not allowed to think for ourselves,
We are not allowed to be individuals.

Blacked out.
A flickering light,
A burning flame.

[i]If you have ever read Chinese history, you will understand.[/i][/COLOR]
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[color=indigo]Sorry or double posting but here is my poem of the day...Feb 17, 2002

I apologize
For all the times
that I let you down

I apologize
For all the times
I made you cry
I made you frown

I apologize
for the moment
that I let you go

I apologize
for the moment
I needed space
I needed room to grow

But most of all
I apologize
For being me
And all I put you through
I should have known
I would never be
quite good enough for you[/color]
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[color=deeppink][b]Ack, I gathered this poem together in about 10 minutes, that's why it's so bad. I just felt like writing something...and this [very] random poem came out. Not my best work, but oh well :)[/b]

There's a small, tiny place in my heart
That will always be reserved for you.
You shut me out from the beginning,
Afraid to accept my love,
And if I cried, I cried sliently,
Away from the harsh glare of friends,
Of family,
Of you...
If only you understood how I felt,
How I [i]feel[/i]...
What could have been,
What you're [b]missing[/b]!
Then maybe...
[i]Just maybe[/i]

You'd come back.[/color]
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[COLOR=darkblue]Hey, impromtu poetry...lol j/k

If I lost you
I wouldn't know what to do
Would I mourn?
Or continue on with my life?
Forever, I promise you
That I'll never forget
The happy and sad
moments we've spent.

We're a long ways away,
Surrounded by sorrow and sin.
But I know in my heart
That we can win
Come whatever.
I'll stick with you
Friend or against.

I want to be with you
In my times of need...
In your arms
My tears rain down, my soul bleeds.
I need your comfort
I need your love
I need someone to understand my pain...

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[COLOR=royalblue]....The product of a dreaming mind.

Sunlight dances in my mind,
Starlight glimmers in my body,
Moonlight sings inside my heart,

And I am a queen again,
The crown of 13 stars shimmers on my forhead,
Silver robes cross my body,

Mountains grow from the ground,
Eagles screech their wild cries,
The Mothers smile upon me again,

Then the dream leaves me,
I laugh slightly at the old memories,
And I am just an ordinary girl.

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[color=deeppink]Something I wrote after a long evening with one amazing guy...


[color=purple]The way you are is amazing to me,
To think,
Someone I?ve never known,
I now open my heart,
My tears,
My wounds,
My smile.
If only I could describe it in words,
To others, to you,
Though I find it quite near impossible,
For I have found something I never thought true,
Never believed real,
Assumed it would never, ever happen to me.
But there you were, across from where I sat,
And you watched me cry.
You listened to me as I rambled,
Something I?m famously known to do,
About myself and my feelings
and exposed my entire soul to you.
I thought maybe I?d scare you away,
Maybe it would be another case of a guy pushed away,
Because I?m too immature to realize the intensity
My mother claims that I carry.
So why do I find that I?m scared?
You?ve offered your life to me,
I should be?satisfied?
Not the right word, but something like that,
Overjoyed that I?ve found a male who can speak,
Who can use words like you,
And you probably don?t even realize how profound you are.
The only trouble I find
Is to look at other relationships and see merely a feeling?
What we?ve uncovered is so much more,
Survives on our deep-feeling hearts,
More concerned with the well-being of others
Than the well-being of our sexual drive.
And I never thought it possible,
Never believed.
I?ve had fantasies that over inflate in my head,
In which my heart gets equally over involved.
How is it I got lucky enough to find something now?
I certainly don?t deserve it,
I don?t deserve the words that you speak with all sincerity.
But to think of what we could have,
It would be something so much deeper than the surface of a feeling,
?Is that what scares me? Is it you? Is it us? Is it me?
For now I don?t know,
It?s too new.
But the fact that it?s there,
That the seeds have been planted and the roots will grow firm.
I think I may have found someone who is
Even more intense than myself.
The way you feel
The way you care,
The way you can look into my eyes and tell me what you see?
I?m almost embarrassed that I cannot do the same.
But with time I hope I can feel the way you do,
See the world at such a perspective,
Such rarity I feel around you?
I believe you have so much to teach me,
I pray that I open myself enough to learn.
I came into this expecting another relationship
That goes like all high school relationships do.
What I have uncovered is something so different,
So incredibly new,
That I?m scared?and that?s what scares me?but
Most of all?
I?m scared of being hurt.
Afraid that what we could have might be ripped away
And that it?ll hurt me more than anything has.
And furthermore,
To hurt you?
That would quite literally be like hurting myself.
I hope I never hurt you,
Or damage your view of the world in any way possible,
Because that scares the hell out of me.
It?s almost like it is too good to be true,
And that scares me.
What if I?ve found something so real,
So incredibly tangible that I simply
Take it for granted?
I want to live,
And experience what connections can mean.
Please do that for me,
That is my one request,
Help me learn about the world and
Everything that you have to offer.
Help me to not take the whole thing for granted,
But to cherish it and realize
What it can mean.
Don?t let me say that you are too good,
For me or for anything else that may happen.
You can offer me the world,
And please,
Don?t allow me to push you away.
No matter how much I may say you are way too good,
Convince me that you are perfectly right,
That you are in no way, too good for me.
Show me the world,
And what real unions truly mean.
I?m so humanly afraid to lose,
To hurt,
To be harmed or shut out,
That you need to convince me that you?ll always be there.
Trust is the most valuable thing you can earn,
And I believe that famous saying to be true.
Now whatever happens,
I will never forget
The night that you changed my life forever.[/color]
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[color=indigo] Wow BG, that poem was great!! That is one lucky guy:) Okay, here is one for today, Feb 18, 2001. I'm glad that a couple of you are posting...please keep it up:)

Sitting on my Cloud
I drop a line
It catches the breeze
and flutters to an fro
It falls into the river of life.

I wonder what
I will catch today?
I lean back and relax
holding the line
from atop my cloud[/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue]Sure no problem.

I arch my back and taste my blood,
Tiger songs fill my ears,
My body ripples with my change,
And fangs curve from my mouth,

Talons slide from my fingertips,
Hands have changed to paws,
My spine has curved,
And I move on all fours,

There is none to stand before me,Mountains and rivers are my world,
I can leap up the slopes,
And never look back for help,

Because I am the tiger,
White body and dark stripes,
Blue eyes and yellow slits,
I am Panthera tigris altaica.

[i]Queen of all I survey.[/i][/COLOR]
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Febuary 19, 2002...erased the second one I wrote today b/c it was horrible.

[b]Lament of a Sightless Man[/b]

I wish I could see
the way you smile
the way you laugh
the way you toss your hair.

I wish I could see
the way you frown
and your mood
when you are angry
lost in rage.

I wish I could see
the way you cry
the way your tears
fall from your face
in intricate streams.

I wish I could see you
just one time
face to face
beath to breath,
to see if my dreams
even come close
to equalling your beauty.

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[COLOR=royalblue]Voila! And yes....it does rhyme this time! :D

On a crest of white and gray,
The Horse of the Sea comes racing,
His body flecked with bluefen spray,
Fetlocks made fast with iron caseing.

Do not stand before his eyes,
Lest you would tame this being,
He would sooner toss you to the skies,
Then let himself be in your keeping.

Glaring, charging, ready to sing,
The Horse of the Sea is the final one,
Raised by Posidon the Ocean King
Watch him pass, for my song is done.[/COLOR]
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inspired by Dream Theater...

[COLOR=darkblue]To whom does your loyalty lie?
Should I spare your life...or let you die.
By the sword or into a slave?
Either I hit you with the hilt or the blade.
A lifetime of questions, tears on your cheek.
I tasted the answers and my body was weak.
What choice do I have? Should I save you?
Do I even have a choice? My options run through...
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