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Writing Life was cruel to you and I know


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I'm not really a poet,(haven't written a poem in like five years) so you'll have to excuse me if this isn't the greatest. It doesn't really have a rhyme scheme or anything. Also, I hope it doesn't creep anyone out as it's very melancholy.

Life was cruel to you and I know
When we were young, we vowed to be friends forever
Someday you and I would build a rocket ship together
And free of sorrow, circumstance and the problems of tomorrow
Dance among the heavens and build a home among the Milky Way

Standing here among the others I do not know how to feel
Among a sea of black veils and slippery cheeks I feel as if I am a phantom
Oh look at how your mother weeps in desperation
Your papa's lips form empty words, as he clasps her hands with
I hope that you have finally found our magic kingdom

I regret that I could never figure you out
You were a Pandora's box of dreams, desires and secret hiding places
Now those precious treasures lie locked within you forever
And still I stand among a sea of solemn faces
I fight to stand strong on trembling knees, yet I know I have lost a part of myself

Optima dies Prima Fugit, eh old friend?
Do you remember the Desiderata?
"You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and stars.
You have a right to be here."
If those words are true, then why are we standing here mourning you?

I know the pain you must have felt when they took your very being away
Standing here, nothing more than an anomaly, unique in my own way
I raise my fist to the heaven's and cuss with venomous rage
I asked God to protect you, what good did it do to pray?

As the last bit of dark soil covers you, the crowd begins to disperse
Carrying away with them dew drops from moist blades of grass
Yet I still stand here alone, wondering at the feeling in the back of my mind
Twittering birds all sing the same song
Life goes on, it's survival for the strong

When you passed my world fell apart
Everything we did; we did together
You were so familiar yet such a stranger
Clutching at thin rays of dancing sunlight I finally see
The person that was just buried was....me.

notes: Optima Dies Prima Fugit: Latin phrase meaning, "In the lives of mortals the best days are the first to flee.

Desiderata: Old poem
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Like good ol' Shinobi said I wish I could've seen this earlier, but oh well.

All I gotta say is Wow. I knew you were a good writer, that much has been obviouse, but this blows away my expextations. I honest to god love it. Its a great poem. I'm normally not a fan of poems that don't rhyme, but this one is one of those few exceptions that I'll have to say are so much better with out the rhyme. Keep up the good work.
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